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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

There's really two different WCWs : pre-1996 and post.

Where you start really depends on what kind of wrestling you're looking for. The NWA esque Arn Anderson, Ric Flair and surfer Sting stuff, with the Four Horsemen going on in the background, or the cruiserweight/technical flair of Chris Jericho, Juventud Guerrero, Eddie, Benoit, etc, with the soap opera nWo/Flock shenanigans going on in the background.

I was personally always in it for the Ayatollah Of RockNRolla - everyone else was just his supporting cast. Monday Night Jericho 4 Life.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

Start with the first Nitro in 95, that's when the revolution started, from Eric Bischoff's innovative TV concept to the slow build and takeover of the nWo. Nitro 96-99 is the best wrestling TV of all time along with WWF 98-01 IMO.
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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

Watch from the first Nitro in 1995 up to mid-1999 for good quality stuff.

Drink plenty of booze and watch from mid-1999 until the demise because WCW in that era is absolutely hilarious when hammered. Especially all the stuff when Russo is booking in spring 2000, it gets funnier with each swerve or worked shoot.

Disclaimer: that second one probably works better with some friends. Otherwise it might just get depressing

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WCW hit its stride in 1996 leading into spring/summer once the NWO started it was running on all engines.

Hell go back. 1992 and 1993 was a good year. 1994 was blah but yeah 95 onward is a good time.

Any JCP of the 1980s is good stuff.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

you should start watching from 89 till 1993 and then from 1996 till 1999
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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

1993-1998. WCW was actually pretty good back in the day then the fingerpoke of doom happened and it wasn't the same again.

Courtesy of a google WWE meme search
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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

WCW was the first wrestling I began watching and was a big fan until the end, thru the good and bad.

But, IMO, the best time to start watching is mid 1989, after Flair got the title back from Steamboat. IMO, it sets the tone for WCW for years to come, as it led to the classic Flair/Funk I Quit match and more importantly, the rise of Sting, who became WCW's franchise.

But honestly OP, if you start from mid 1996, you'll be depriving yourself of some classic moments in wrestling. IMO, a year that is rather passable is 1994. For me, that was the deadest year of WCW, as the Hogan debut nearly overshadowed everything else. But to see some early WCW work of the Horsemen, the Dangerous Alliance, some great War Games matches, the rise of Vader and some flat out damn good wrestling from guys like Pillman, Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson and even some greatness from Luger, start from 1989 and work your way to the finish.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

1996 to mid 1998, that era WCW was probably the peak of it's existence, specifically Nitro which in my opinion were the greatest televised wrestling shows ever produced.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post
1989-1994 is the best run in company history to me, with 1992 not even coming close to being bettered from an in ring standpoint. You have the wonderful Dangerous Alliance vs WCW/Sting's Squadron feud which produced some amazing tags, Steamboat vs Rude Beach Blast 1992 for the US Title is one of the greatest matches in US history, WarGames 1992 is hand's down the best WarGames of all time and an all time classic match. The Flair/Steamboat series of matches in 1989 leading into the Funk/Flair GAB and I Quit classics, Steamboat's return post WWF in the classic Steamboat/Rhodes vs Arn Anderson/Zbyszko tag match. Sting/Flair, Flair/Luger, Flair/Sting vs Slater/Muta, Sting/Vader series, Dustin Rhodes vs Vader feud, Dustin Rhodes vs Bunkhouse Buck feud leading into WarGames 1994 with maniacal Terry Funk etc. Just an incredible consistency of quality wrestling mixed with brilliant feuds and angles.

Tag Team wrestling was at a premium with the Rock n Roll Express vs Midnight Express, and Midnight Express vs Southern Boys tags from 1990 both being all time classics, the Dangerous Alliance was one of the finest stables in wrestling history who's entire run led to some brilliant matches similar to Evolution in 2004.

1995 and afterwards just cannot come close to replicating that period of quality old school wrestling, though the Sting-Hogan build leading into Starrcade 1997 as well as Eddie Guerrero's entire 1997 heel run being one of the best years for a professional wrestler ever did help to produce some quality in WCW's later years.

But aye, 1989-1994 was never topped. Just a shockingly consistent period of wrestling with NWA/WCW having one of the most stacked rosters in history, Flair, Funk, Sting, Vader, Windham, Rude, Steamboat, Arn Anderson, Heyman, Cornette, Bobby Eaton, Midnight Express, Steve Austin, Brian Pillman, Dustin Rhodes, Lord Steven Regal, Larry Zbyszko, Shane Douglas, Rock n Roll Express etc.

To reinforce my point, I took part in a 'Top 100 WCW matches poll' covering 1989-2001, and 68 of my 100 matches came from the 89-94 period. 1992 WCW is up there with 85 Mid South, 1997 CMLL and 2000 WWF as far as greatest years in a promotion go.
Damn you for stealing my post!

Yeah what he said pretty much, I took part in said poll too, watched a shit ton of WCW and 89-94 is outstanding. In fact off the top of my head my top 3 matches in 90s America happened there (Steamboat/Rude 30 Minute Ironman match, Vader Vs Flair at Starrcade 1993 and the Eddie/Rey match from Halloween Havoc 97).

The serious depth of quality all the way down the card in early WCW can't be overhyped, your main eventers were your Stings, Flair and Vaders (For god sake watch all the Vader/Sting matches (And actually watch all Vader main events 92-94, Flair too, yes even the two 94 Hogan matches, Halloween Havoc cage match might be the most fun I've had watching wrestling), then you had your Arn Andersons, Steve Austins and Cactus Jacks beneath, hell even a horrid gimmick like Arachnaman was decent thanks to the wrestler under the mask.

People say 94 is bad but 95 was the real bad year, 94 had Dustin Rhodes in awesome matches monthly, Hogan only appearing a few times and bringing his A-game, Vader still dominating bitches, The Big Bossman of all people having good matches and some crazy Terry Funk too.

I mean 96-01 WCW is good but it just can't match the early stuff.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

I'll label specific era's of WCW and include the rather bigger happenings of those periods

88-91---Era of Ric Flair, epic feuds with Terry Funk & Ricky Steamboat; rise of Lex Luger; strong tag team division headlined by the Steiners; classic War Games matches; Sting as a Horseman and elevation to main event status; departure of Flair

91-94---The era of Sting; Vader; Rick Rude's debut; Austin/Pillman; return of Ric Flair; excellent mid card roster, including Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson, Dustin Rhodes, Barry Windham, etc; several top Japanese talents arrive, including Jushin Liger, Hiroshi Hase, Shinya Hashimoto & Tatsumi Fujinami; rebirth of 4 Horsemen

94-96---Hogan's arrival; Flair's brief retirement; debut of The Giant & Dungeon of Doom; debut of Macho Man; return of Lex Luger; arrival of Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio; initial start of Brian Pillman's "Loose Cannon" character

96-98---NWO era, Hogan turns heel, continues feud with Piper; strong cruiserweight division; rebirth of Sting; epic Benoit/Sullivan feud; arrival of Chris Jericho; debut of Goldberg; rise of DDP; debut of Bret Hart & Ultimate Warrior

98-late 99---The era of Goldberg; return of 4 Horsemen & Ric Flair; Rey Mysterio "the giant killer"; Ric Flair gains control of WCW & turns heel; lots of celebrity involvement; Vince Russo joins WCW

late 99-01---New Blood era, Vince Russo takes over; Goldberg is out with an injury; Bret Hart's career ends; several WCW stars jump ship; rise of DDP, Booker T, Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner; debut of Jeff Jarrett; still strong cruiserweight division; Vince Russo shoots on Hogan; NWO reincarnation

I know I might have left some out but IMO, those are key moments from each of WCW's defining eras. Only thing I'd really say is passable is the year of 1994 but everything else is key to watch, as you witness the growth of WCW, the direction they were headed in, when they were at the top and lastly, their downfall.

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