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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

I'd say 1996 and 1997 were the best years to check out. nWo before it got horribly stupid, rise of the cruiserweights, Sting's transformation.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

I'd watch from about 1993 onwards until it's demise, with some bits and peices of pre-1993, mainly the huge main event matches to get a feel of what was happening.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

I say start in the year 1996. Spring-time.

I remember watching back in the day as a kid. I watched every Monday night from spring of 1996 to January of 1998. I did flip back and forth between WCW and the WWF through much of late 97 (predominantly still watching Nitro) but that's really here nor there.

Whatever you do, don't watch anything from the year 2000. That year, I dare say, was worse than the cluster fuck that 1999 was.

You know how pissed I am I finally had to remove my "Think WWE sucks, Where were you in 1995?" sig picture. God damn ratings decline.
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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

There are some really enjoyable PPVs from the early 1990s; I remember really enjoying the team of Steve Austin & Brian Pilman (The Hollywood Blonds) in 1993. They had some pretty good matches with Arn Anderson & Ric Flair.
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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

I watched from about '93 and stuck it out until the bitter, bitter end. The first couple years didn't do much for me. It picked up in '96 and I thought it remained good until late '98, early '99. After that, the drop-off came real quick.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

There is some good hidden stuff in the early 90s but if your gonna start watching from a certain time go from the start of Nitro until Spring 1999. After that it dies very quickly and gets very bad.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

Originally Posted by Brodus Clay View Post
Like the name of the thread said I didn't have the chance to enjoy WCW, so I want suggestions, tell me what year is good to start watching it
Start watching May 27th 1996 (Halls debut, first two hour Nitro) and stop watching January 10th 2000 (last Nitro before Sullivan took over).

Then maybe check out the first couple shows under Bischoff and Russo.
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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

"Never watched WCW..."

You lucky, lucky man!

I'm a Brock Lesnar Guy.

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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

I've been thinking about watching the 96-99 period just to see the cruiserweight action, specifically becoming more familiar with Chris Benoit's work there and Dean Malenko.
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Re: Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?

1989-1994 is the best run in company history to me, with 1992 not even coming close to being bettered from an in ring standpoint. You have the wonderful Dangerous Alliance vs WCW/Sting's Squadron feud which produced some amazing tags, Steamboat vs Rude Beach Blast 1992 for the US Title is one of the greatest matches in US history, WarGames 1992 is hand's down the best WarGames of all time and an all time classic match. The Flair/Steamboat series of matches in 1989 leading into the Funk/Flair GAB and I Quit classics, Steamboat's return post WWF in the classic Steamboat/Rhodes vs Arn Anderson/Zbyszko tag match. Sting/Flair, Flair/Luger, Flair/Sting vs Slater/Muta, Sting/Vader series, Dustin Rhodes vs Vader feud, Dustin Rhodes vs Bunkhouse Buck feud leading into WarGames 1994 with maniacal Terry Funk etc. Just an incredible consistency of quality wrestling mixed with brilliant feuds and angles.

Tag Team wrestling was at a premium with the Rock n Roll Express vs Midnight Express, and Midnight Express vs Southern Boys tags from 1990 both being all time classics, the Dangerous Alliance was one of the finest stables in wrestling history who's entire run led to some brilliant matches similar to Evolution in 2004.

1995 and afterwards just cannot come close to replicating that period of quality old school wrestling, though the Sting-Hogan build leading into Starrcade 1997 as well as Eddie Guerrero's entire 1997 heel run being one of the best years for a professional wrestler ever did help to produce some quality in WCW's later years.

But aye, 1989-1994 was never topped. Just a shockingly consistent period of wrestling with NWA/WCW having one of the most stacked rosters in history, Flair, Funk, Sting, Vader, Windham, Rude, Steamboat, Arn Anderson, Heyman, Cornette, Bobby Eaton, Midnight Express, Steve Austin, Brian Pillman, Dustin Rhodes, Lord Steven Regal, Larry Zbyszko, Shane Douglas, Rock n Roll Express etc.

To reinforce my point, I took part in a 'Top 100 WCW matches poll' covering 1989-2001, and 68 of my 100 matches came from the 89-94 period. 1992 WCW is up there with 85 Mid South, 1997 CMLL and 2000 WWF as far as greatest years in a promotion go.

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