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Re: Wrestler A should have had Wrestler Bís push.

Bit different but:

Wade Barrett should have won the WWE title during his nexus push.

That is the recent big one that comes to mind that was mind-numbingly stupid.

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Re: Wrestler A should have had Wrestler Bís push.

Booker T over HHH in 03
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Re: Wrestler A should have had Wrestler Bís push.

John Morrison should have had Miz push.

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Re: Wrestler A should have had Wrestler Bís push.

Guys, anyone saying recent things, this is Classic Westling Discussion, only pre-2001 stuff here.

Adding to the topic, the Rock should have gotten Rikishi's push of running over Austin.

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Re: Wrestler A should have had Wrestler Bís push.

Christian should have gotten Matt's push of taking out Jeff Hardy.
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Re: Wrestler A should have had Wrestler Bís push.

Mr. Perfect should have got Yokozuna's push. Instead of Yoko winning the Rumble, they should've given it to Mr. Perfect - meaning that he would go on to face Bret Hart for the gold at Wrestlemania. They could've built a really good face vs face angle on the fact that Perfect wanted retribution for Hart injuring his back at Summerslam 1991. A title win at this time would've been a great idea for Perfect, who was already a pretty hot ticket as a babyface after his brilliant feud with Ric Flair culminated in the 'Loser Leaves Town Match' on Raw. Over the course of the year, they could've had Perfect slowly turning heel - first by cheating to retain the title against Hulk Hogan at King of the Ring, then by turning on his old buddy Randy Savage at Summerslam and aligning himself with Bobby Heenan again. If they used 1993 to build Bret up, they could've booked a great Perfect vs Hart rematch for Wrestlemania X, where Hart would take back the title from the heel champion.

Owen Hart should've got Diesel's push in 1994/1995. Owen should've taken the title from Backlund and held it until Wrestlemania XI, where they could've finally closed their feud in epic style with Royal Rumble winner Bret Hart taking the belt from his mischevious brother. I never thought that Diesel deserved a title win in WWF. He was the drizzling shits.

King Mabel's push should've gone to Shawn Michaels. He could've feuded with Diesel in late 1994/1995, and then (having turnedd face against the gigantic heel) he should've won the King Of The Ring and battled with Bret Hart for the title throughout 1995, face vs face. I'd have booked it so that Shawn always just fell short of winning the gold. I'd have booked him to win the 1996 Royal Rumble and then turn heel on Bret to win back the gold (he was always so much better as a heel champ) having been unable to do it as a face.

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Re: Wrestler A should have had Wrestler Bís push.

Literally anyone who was popular in WCW's midcard in 97/98 should've gotten a spot in the top ten over the seniors, namely Raven (could've had a great run against Sting), Jericho(world's biggest mark for himself Goldberg didn't want to work with him), and Benoit (surprised they waited so long to put the title on him, even with the heat him and Sullivan had Sullivan admits he was the top workhorse and deserved a world title run).
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Re: Wrestler A should have had Wrestler Bís push.

^^ Raven probably wouldíve ended up with Vampiroís part in the feud with Sting had he stayed in WCW.

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