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The Official Sting Appreciation Thread

Big Sting mark here, up there with all my faves like Bret Hart, Undertaker etc, by browsing the forums i know there are also a few other 'Stingers' on here too, and some haters but they can stay out if they want,

I just wish he was used a LOT better in WCW when Bischoff was 'in charge', esp. after the NWO/Hogan thing
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Re: The Official Sting Apprectiation Thread

Sting is definitely in the all the GOATs list. I would place him in my Top 5 along with Rock, Hogan, Taker and Flair
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Re: The Official Sting Apprectiation Thread

He was set to be propelled into even greater heights, but typical WCW politics/nonsense killed his momentum at Starrcade '97. Going over Hogan clean without controversy would have pushed Sting to immense stardom and would have put NWO back in its strong point, trying to work their way back into power. That feud could have been even bigger than it was and lasted, but Hogan couldn't have himself outside of the spotlight.
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Re: The Official Sting Apprectiation Thread

Loved the Sting - Flair match ups in the early 90s ...

I've been in the Danger Zone! He's got a Bicycle! Minus! Five! Stars! FAT ASSES! Mongo! Huh? Yappapi! WE COMING FOR YOU .....! Super Dragon! (CZW Airhorn) Oh shi- Jeff Harvey. How Much Does This Guy Weigh? Hahaha! Play! Wanna Play 21? FAKKEN!

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Re: The Official Sting Apprectiation Thread

First wrestler I remember ever watching on TV and have been a big fan every since. The GREATEST American wrestler to never have joined WWE.

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Re: The Official Sting Apprectiation Thread

Surfer Sting had truck loads of charisma just oozing out of him and his character just shined in so many big match situations. In contrast, Crow Sting in the beginning was almost devoid of a soul. Many of his performances when he donned the black and white come off as cold and I'm going to assume he was told to or chose to play his character that way. The complete opposite of the highly energetic and colorful Stinger that was full of life. I'm not going to argue with anyone who says his consistent in-ring workrate level dropped from 1997 on because it did even though he still had gems with Paige, Benoit, and Goldberg. Still, that period in the late 90s was probably the hottest Sting had ever been as a star. His wars with the nWo so good.

In the late 80-mid 90s (my favorite era of Sting), he was perfect as the powerful superman who took down Ric Flair and Rick Rude, the hero fighting the monster Vader from the bottom up and reminding everyone when Sting lost he was indeed human. Sting feud with Cactus Jack also forced him to change his game, roughen it up a bit to fight the deranged brawler. Sting was pretty much one of the greatest top babyface of his time; ultra-charismatic, could light up an old NWA or WCW crowd to molten levels, his hulking presence and cool appearance made him a great attraction, and his huge feuds and matches are legendary.

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Re: The Official Sting Appreciation Thread

Okay Sting fans ready for some real history?

I was watching the morning that Sting and Warrior appeared on my television as Power Team USA.....and then their susequent heel turn and fued with....wait for it....wait for it.....Phil Hickerson and Billy Travis. Yep I was at the fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee watching the future Sting and Ultimate Warrior put guys named Phil, and Billy over

Okay, Okay, so Hickerson was a southern territory mid card guy for about 30 years who had a couple of runs with Dennis Condrey (of Midnight Expess fame),a decent fued with Lawler in Memphis. His biggest career highlight was when he actually passed himself of as P.Y. Chu Hi in the World Class vs USWA fued.

Billy Travis was actually a very talented young star who teamed with Jeff Jarrett most of his career....he had a good fued with Lawler doing a Brian Pillman (before Brian Pillman) gimmick which in the middle of the gimmick he was actually arrested in studio on live television for not paying child can't make this stuff up. (this was legit)

Amyways Sting went on to get his big break when Warrior deserted him for World Class to become "Dingo Warrior". Sting went to UWF joined Eddie Gilbert's stable and the rest is history.

I actually hated Sting back then, the whole Road Warrior knockoff thing pissed me off. Of course I was like 15 years old at the time. I did not really appreciate Sting until Crow Sting....Just was not a fan of neon.
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Re: The Official Sting Appreciation Thread

Sting is a true legend in everyway and you can count on one hand, the wrestlers who were more over than he was at his peak. He was the heart and soul of WCW and did it in two different personas for over 10 years. Had some of the best matches of all time and one of the most iconic feuds of all time with the nWo. I'm not going to argue if someone wants to put it in the number 1 spot. Strong contender. In general he was and still is a respectful leader in his locker room.

Hopefully we get to see his WWE debut one day and a big documentary DVD on his entire career.
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Re: The Official Sting Appreciation Thread

I've said on here many times that Sting was the first wrestler i ever marked for and i grew up an NWA/JCP fan as a kid and only watched WWE through videos that were bought for me by family members. Sting was so different to any other wrestler i had ever seen before and i was emotionally invested into his character immediately with very little else actually being important on screen to me.

When we talk about the greatest feuds of all time people throw out Austin/Rock, Michaels/Hart, Austin/McMahon, Rock/Triple H, Sting/Hogan and Undertaker/Foley but Sting/Flair is up there with any of them and ran on and off from 1988 at the first ever Clash Of Champions through to 1999 and then their match was the final ever match in Nitro history. I'll never forget how upset i was when Big Van Vader came out and absolutely destroyed Sting in 1992 thus kicking of their great feud that went through to 1994 but Sting also had great feuds with Rick Rude, Lex Luger and The Great Muta in between epic feuds with Ric Flair and Big Van Vader.

I would argue with anyone that no one is more associated with an American wrestling company than Sting is with WCW and i include Ric Flair in NWA/JCP, Hulk Hogan in WWE, Jerry Lawler in Memphis and Nick Bockwinkel in AWA when i say that. When people called Sting "the franchise" of WCW they really meant it as he basically was WCW regardless of who else was around and even when Hulk Hogan was booked as the top babyface for a couple of years he still wasn't seen as the face of the company. I just pray that WWE eventually get around to doing a proper DVD on Sting from his UWF days through NWA/JCP and then WCW as he has had one of the most epic careers, feuded with and beaten all the biggest stars to have ever worked in a company with him and still to this day remains a major draw.

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Re: The Official Sting Appreciation Thread

What is everyone's opinion on his career since WCW went under, his TNA stint and his Joker image turn.
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