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Forgotten Legends2: Scott Hall

Of course, he cannot be forgotten but whenever we talk about GOAT or a favorite or a complete wrestler, his name rarely pops up. He is more notorious for his exploits and personal problems than his skills. He had great potential but never quite reached his level.

Why do you think he is specifically not considered at the level of say a Savage?

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Re: Forgotten Legends2: Scott Hall

I think his current drug problems totally eclipse everything he has done in his career. Not as much as Chris Benoit, though. That's why no one talks about him as GOAT.

I accept rep.

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Re: Forgotten Legends2: Scott Hall

I don't see how Hall is forgotten, everybody knows that he was one of the most charismatic performers of all time and one of the biggest "cool figures" in the greatest period in the history of the business. Huge star, total package performer, great athlete, major part in the greatest stable of all time and will never be forgotten.

He had the potential to be top 5 GOAT, but he never wanted to do it, he saw this business as a way to have fun with his friends on the road and get big money. And don't get me wrong, that was part of why he was so good because you can tell how the person on TV is so natural, only a few were more natural than Hall. But at the same time, at some point it was impossible for him to work with his demons. He's still up there but not top 10. He's top 10 in a lot of aspects, like total package, charisma, mic, look etc. The Outsiders/Wolfpack/nWo were rock stars at their peak and will always be iconic.

Hopefully he gets better before it's too late, I don't want to see another guy who was a big deal to me and millions of other people goes in this condition.

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Re: Forgotten Legends2: Scott Hall

Scott Hall is the biggest waste of talent in wrestling history, If it wasn't for his drug problems he could have been one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, he had everything you needed to be a big time player, he had in ring skills, great mic skills,charisma and he nows what to do to get himself over.

As Razor he was great, played his gimmick perfectly as the cool,shady Cuban character. and no one will ever forget the ladder matches with Shawn. but it wasn't until he went to wcw where he really found his place, with the outsiders and the nwo. The nwo wouldn't have worked if it was anyone else but, Hall, Hash and Hogan.

I hate to see whats become of Hall he really is a man who needs help but just doesn't want it, every time theres a story about him, I always think this is the one where he's going to be dead. its really a sad story for a man who could have been in the top 10 greatest of all time.

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Re: Forgotten Legends2: Scott Hall

Never really a huge fan of the Razor character and I especially disliked him as a face. The promos were always kinda a joke to me and the in-ring stuff was always just serviceable. I find the Ladder Matches with Michaels to be vastly overrated, but he rarely had a horrible performance, all-in-all. He certainly wasn't WWF Champion material, and after the first few shocking appearances in WCW he was really just another guy in the "pecking order". So I can't really take him serious as a contender for GOAT, nor do I see him as a "total package" performer.

There were, however, some really great moments in his career, mainly the big loss to Waltman on RAW and his first appearance on Nitro. Crucifix Bomb is also an awesome finisher, obviously.
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Re: Forgotten Legends2: Scott Hall

Scott Hall was the shit back in the day. I remember that Kurt Angle said in an interview that Hall could have been in top 5 right there if it wasn't for his lifestyle.
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Re: Forgotten Legends2: Scott Hall

This was one of the greatest programs of all time IMO:

Outsiders 1-1 first time ever. It was reality based angle because of Hall's real life problems but they both did a great job. WCW also invested so much here with all the bar skits and segments on the road. Nash was also an awesome believable performer. There was a parking lot brawl on a Nitro before Havoc that year and I will never forget Hall throwing himself into the garage door outside the arena . The Outsiders' swagger is almost unmatched.
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Re: Forgotten Legends2: Scott Hall

Hall's one of the bigger tragedies in wrestling history. The guy could have been a multi-time world champ IMO. Shame he had so many demons.

Courtesy of yours truly
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Re: Forgotten Legends2: Scott Hall

The reason he isn't seen as one of the GOATs is because he pissed away all of his potential and never had the motivation to be anything more than an upper mid carder. Hell, I remember after his two ladder matches with Shawn Michaels, he was on the same trajectory as HBK to becoming a world champion and one of the faces of the company. Once he joined WCW, the company let him spiral out of control.


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Re: Forgotten Legends2: Scott Hall

I loved Hall when he was actually around and not suspended or fired for one reason or another. He had a lot of talent but his demons get the best of him. Every time I think of hall I also think of the line from the movie " a tale from the broncs" or whatever its called being that "there is nothing worse in life then wasted talent".

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