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Macho Man Randy Savage?

Was he the most underrated and overlooked in that era? I mean, he was an amazing in ring performer and his promos were amazing (dig it!). Should he have been much bigger in WWE?
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Re: Macho Man Randy Savage?

oooh yeah!!!!
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Re: Macho Man Randy Savage?

I've always seen Randy Savage as one of the very best all round in ring performers of the 80's and also the 90's and was never outside of the top ten all round in ring performers at any point in between 1986 and 1999. No one was better in WWE as an all round in ring performer outside of Ric Flair for his brief run for his whole run there in my opinion and he was the first smaller wrestler to break through into the main event scene and be WWE champion.

A lot of people have always said Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels broke all the boundaries for smaller wrestlers to be the top guy in WWE and to an extent that is true because Randy Savage was never the top guy even as WWE champion as Hulk Hogan was around but he was the first to be WWE champion once WWE had moved into the mainstream. Before Shawn Michaels became Mr WrestleMania due to his unbelievable match quality at the premier PPV that was a title that Randy Savage had as he had the best match at WrestleMania 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 and managed to give Dusty Rhodes and Crush their best ever WWE matches at 6 and 10.

Anyone who thinks of Randy Savage as anything other than one of the top ten all round in ring performers of all time doesn't know or understand exactly what an all round in ring performer is and an argument could be made for him being top five. Of the top of my head my top three all round in ring performers in what i call my "Golden Trinity" are Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Kurt Angle and after that Randy Savage could seriously be seen as only behind them as an all round in ring performer. Randy Savage wasn't as big a draw as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan or The Rock was much better in the ring than they were nor was he as great in the ring as Bret Hart but was a bigger draw and a much better mic worker and was the type of wrestler you could put in any feud or match and he would always shine whilst making his opponent also look gold.

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Re: Macho Man Randy Savage?

IMO he definitely was/is underrated. The bad thing about wrestling is not always the biggest talents get the spotlight they deserve.

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Re: Macho Man Randy Savage?

WWF Championship (2 times)
WCW World Heavyweight Championship (4 times)

Not bad as he was practically always in the same company as Hogan was. We all know only few people got the spotlight in the Hulkamania era. He was also one of the biggest draws in the Hulkamania era alongside of course Hogan, Andre and Warrior.
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Re: Macho Man Randy Savage?

Loved the guy as a kid, grew up watching him and think that he is genuinely one of the greatest of all time. He's obviously an amazing performer. I always thought that he was criminally misused in the last 18 months of his WWF run. He should have been a main eventer throughout 1993 and 1994 as he was still massively over, physically able and always a well respected professional.
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Re: Macho Man Randy Savage?

Randy Savage can never and will never be underrated or overlooked. He was one of the best complete well rounded wrestler ever to enter the squared circle undeniably. No one even comes a close second other than say Mr Perfect to him when it comes to personality, in-ring skill, technical ability, mic skill, promo and most importantly CHARISMA which Mr Perfect gets clearly beaten when compared with the MADNESS.

He is simply being ignored by WWE which unfortunately or fortunately ended up being the only BIG organization left for whatever reasons that Vince alone is privy to. Fans all over the world can never get over the fact that he was and is the best when it comes to being an ALL ROUNDER if I can call him that when it comes to Pro Wrestling.

Anyone who has a clue about wrestling, when they hear OOOOOOOOOH YEAH! would immediately recollect the man, macho man. I have never seen anyone switch between Heel and Face so smoothly, remember the day when he lost to Warrior and got reunited with Elizabeth in a emotional anti-climax turning face? I was not born then, but watching the built up, the match and post match in youtube was good enough to convert me to his fan.

In his own words, He was the Cream of the Crop and he rose to the top. Ooooh Yeah!

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Re: Macho Man Randy Savage?

He was also an underrated commentator. Listen to him do color on the Hogan/Yoko match - he sold it !
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Re: Macho Man Randy Savage?

Underrated performer and overlooked? Hell no. That's not saying he's overrated before I get flamed. A lot of people know Randy Savage is my favourite wrestler of all time and to say he was underrated and overlooked is pretty insane to be honest. Savage had everything, in ring ability, charisma, microphone ability, the look, the gimmick, you name it, he had it and he got the recognition he deserved and won the titles he deserved. Sure, it would have been nice for him to maybe have won the WWF Championship a bit more but lets remember that Hulkamania was around with Savage at that point too and even the biggest Savage fan has to come out and say that Hulkamania was always going to be picked over the 'Macho Man'

Savage was, and still is one of the greatest wrestlers in the business and he was one of very few men in the WWF who could take Hogan to have a really, really good match during that era. I've said it before that Hogan has had a heap of great matches but none really compare to his ones against Savage at any time.

So to put it simply, no, Randy Savage wasn't underrated or overlooked, he just happened to be around during the Hulkamania era. The Attitude Era had Austin as #1 & Rock as #2, the 80's had Hogan #1 & Savage #2. Bare in mind those are two different eras and Rock achieved a lot more in terms of title wins than Savage but, it was probably the best way to compare the two, or saying that Ric Flair was #1 & Dusty Rhodes was #2 during their NWA era. Take it however you will.

Wrote a bit more than intended but think I got my point across.
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Re: Macho Man Randy Savage?

I don't know how he is underrated. He's pretty much consistently acknowledged as one of the all-time legends of wrestling. I guess some wished he had done better than Hogan but not even Macho Man could connect with the audience like Hogan could.

With that aside, I consider Macho Man to be the first true total package of the WWE. He could draw inside and outside of the ring, great wrestler, very charismatic, great mic skills, and had a very unique voice/personality.


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