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Golden Era 14 23.73%
Attitude Era 42 71.19%
I don't care. Current WWE is the best! 3 5.08%
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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era

Attitude Era. I didn't grow up during the Golden Era, and have tried to go back and watch matches/shows/etc from that time period, but I just can't enjoy pretty much anything. It doesn't appeal to me.

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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era

like what other people have said, i grew up/1st started watching wrestling in the AE so that would probs have to be part of why i have voted for that.
plus based on watching wrestling before and after AE, i really do find it the best

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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era

The New Generation Era FTW

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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era

Obviously, most of the people on this board were either born during the Golden Era, or slightly after it, so it's hard for us to pick that over Attitude because we're bias.

It's funny how the people on this board and the people you see in the comments under Golden Era vids on YouTube are too completely different demographics...those guys aren't even the 'IWC' for the most part. You can learn a lot about wrestling history watching those vids and reading what those older guys have to say about the match, the wrestlers, the culture of the period, etc.

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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era

I hated "Attitude Era" WWF. I was a WCW guy, if anything. I mean, Stone Cold & The Rock were cool but the rest of the show sucked and the top heel was fucking Vince McMahon. I hated it. I was mostly into ECW at the time, honestly, but I voted for "Golden Era" because even the mid-card was stacked & jacked back then. Rick Rude, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect, Ted's a no-brainer for me.
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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era

I like the current product the most and now let the hate begin.
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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era

When talking about best eras in WWE, I think we should have a poll WITHOUT attitude era or ruthless aggression era, cause those are 2 leaders all the time in polls(attitude era obviously leading of any era).

I think results would actually be surprising/close if we didn't include those 2 eras in polls

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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era

Attitude but I think the one that comes a close 2nd for me was the Ruthless Aggression era circa 2002-2003 which I consider a highly underrated time, especially SmackDown with Brock Lesnar.

Genuinely am underwhelmed by the Golden Era, it looks really boring from watching the videos.
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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era

I was around and watching during the golden era but I still choose the attitude era.

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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era

I didn't get started until late 1990, so obviously I'll say the AE. I've seen plenty of 80's WWF, but honestly, I think it blows. The only people who were wrestling in the 80's who I found interesting to even the smallest degree were Flair, Savage, Dibiase and to a very small degree, Roberts, everybody else can go piss up a rope. I have absolutely hated Hulk Hogan from literally the moment I saw him, the thought of watching him control an era literally frightens me to no end. I know kids are supposed to love Hogan but he did not work on me at all, I cheered when Taker Tombstoned him, lol.

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