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I do agree with those who say that from the spring of 96 to the winter of 97, Nitro was arguably the greatest wrestling show ever produce (in the United States, I almost have zero knowledge of promotions that are not based in my home country, unfortunately I wish I was interested). They had everything you wanted in a wrestling show every week. Which is probably why their pay per views sucked major ass, but that is not what I am talking about right now. But summarily I would say this was the verdict of every year of the war:

Late 1995- Tie. Nitro was just getting off the ground and Raw was just going through the motions until the road to Wrestlemania XII.

1996- Nitro. Raw was not necessarily bad that year but the NWO angle was so groundbreaking at the time (at least for those who did not watch the angle from Japan). But Raw would pick up steam again by Survivor Series. Nitro still wins the year though.

1997- Nitro barely wins in my opinion. The ONLY reason I give Nitro the nod here is because they were still on a ratings winning streak at the time. But creatively, both shows were on fire that year. This is why I consider 1997 to be the greatest year of my wrestling fandom from a creative standpoint. All three promotions that I knew of (WWE, WCW, ECW) were just putting out some great shit. This was the year that the WWE gave the maturing Hulkamaniacs the product they were ready to see as they were becoming teenagers. (I can't wait for this to happen for the kids wearing Cena shirts today)

1998- Tie. Austin was hitting his stride as the man and so was Goldberg in WCW. The new Austin/Mcmahon feud made the WWF main event scene pretty hot. While WCW's mid card saved Nitro despite the lackluster main events. I could be wrong but I think guys like Hogan were still closing Nitro while Goldberg played mid card World Champion until the fall. This is why they should have waited to do Hogan/Goldberg at Starrcade instead of some episode of Nitro. It showed that Mcmahon had a more leveled head than Bischoff. Eric started panicking way too soon and wasted a money maker on free TV.

1999- Raw regains it's number one status in my opinion. The reason is due to the fact that WWE was living in the present while WCW was living in the past. We saw a brand new WWE while seeing all this potential on Nitro being wasted for god knows what reason. Both shows were overbooked all year, but WCW did it on a whole other level. Just swerving for the sake of swerving. That being said, Raw wins though.

2000- early 2001- Raw. WCW started getting so desperate that Vince Russo and his kayfabe breaking self was one step away from going on live TV and asking his audience "why do you watch this fake stuff"? Meanwhile the WWE was so deep in terms of their roster that their face of the company Stone Cold Steve Austin was able to take a year off to rehab his injuries.

So basically the wars ended up being tied with the WWE being lucky enough to win the final battle. WCW should have never died. But when you have a monumental $62 million loss in one year and bad morale behind the scenes, it gives AOL/Time Warner all the ammo they need to pull the trigger. The inmates ended up running the asylum in WCW which is something you would never see in a company owned by Vince Mcmahon. You guys complain about Vince being to much of a control freak, but it is because has to be. And if an inmate(s) wants to test Vince's authority, then something like the Montreal Screwjob (if it wasn't a work) will show you how a man takes charge in a business full of egomaniacs. On that night, Vince basically told Bret "This is my fucking company". And I am a Bret mark.
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Re: WCW vs WWE

1997 was a good year in the wwf too me Austin, Hart, Taker, Michaels, Vader, Sid I know im leaving out some I just really enjoyed that year.

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Re: WCW vs WWE

1995: Can't really rate that, because it was only three months of Nitro opposed to a full year of Raw. Neither were necessarily great, but I guess it's a tie in my book, for the reason I mentioned first.

1996: WCW, by far. WWF was hurting, badly, especially in Bret Hart's absence. WCW had insane momentum going with the New World Order. The WCW roster at the time was absolutely sensational, and boy did those roster members deliver. The cruiserweight division was something that not many American wrestling fans had seen, be it the style of wrestling and the wrestlers themselves. Outstanding.

1997: WCW for the same reasons I listed above. They were still going strong, and in my opinion, WCW was much better in 1997. But so was the WWF. The WWF was picking up and getting things together, with heel turns for Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, the emergence of Steve Austin, etc. Only thing, most of the WWF in 1997 just seemed so poorly produced and a lot of finishes seem so sloppy and screwed up. Like wrestlers just moving slowly and out of place, it looks awkward. Still though, WCW was such a hot product at the time (which I regrettably still watched WWF 95% of the time...sigh)

1998: WWF. Sure, WCW had found a star in Goldberg, but hell, I never cared for the guy. Just my opinion, but Goldberg's best stuff was equal to Austin's worst stuff as Champion. WWF was beginning to kick huge ass while WCW was falling apart slowly but surely.

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Re: WCW vs WWE

as much as i love 98-99 i think 1997 probably is my the best year

right before it really blew up in 98, 97 was awesome with nitro at its peak with the whole nwo vs crow sting, fresh cruiserweight action

wwe was dawning the attitude era with new edgy stuff but still had the old school bret hart, so many important things happened that would pave the way for the future years like the birth of dx, screwjob, debut of kane, austins rise, etc

most fans jumped on board in 98 and ratings blew up, but 97 was the better year imo
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Re: WCW vs WWE

Latter 1995 Nitro was better than Raw
1996 Nitro was better than Raw
1997 Raw was better than Nitro
1998 Raw was better than Nitro
1999 Raw was better than Nitro
2000 Raw was better than Nitro
Up until mid 2001 Raw was better than Nitro

I don't care what the ratings say 1997 was probably the best year WWE ever had in my opinion as Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were on fire all year, Stone Cold Steve Austin had began his build to being one of the biggest stars ever. The Undertaker was at his best as a babyface character and his storyline with Kane was arguably the best in WWE history, Mick Foley evolved his character as Mankind whilst The Rock and Triple H broke through. Feuds like Michaels/Hart, Michaels/Undertaker, Austin/Hart, Undertaker/Hart, Mankind/Triple H, Road Warriors/New Age Outlaws and the origins of Austin/McMahon were better than anything WCW did outside of Sting/Hogan and Savage/DDP.

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Re: WCW vs WWE

I started watching wrestling in late 1997 so I can't say much about 1997 and previous years. As a kid I watched WCW until it's end and 1998 along with 1999 for me were very enjoyable. Sometime in 2000 it went a little downhill for me but as I said I was a kid and I still enjoyed it and for me WCW will always be the best.

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Re: WCW vs WWE

For me...

1996: WCW was much better than WWE
1997: Still liked WCW better, but WWE was quickly catching up with Austin getting big and the whole thing with Hart/HBK
1998: My favorite year of wrestling. Loved both companies. Loved Austin, loved Goldberg. Then WCW completely fucked up Goldberg with the taser thing. Never like WCW much after that.
1999: With the Ministry of Darkness, DX, Austin, and the Rock in full swing, I was watching WCW less and less.
2000: Basically didn't watch WCW at all
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Re: WCW vs WWE

I look at 1996 Nitro as almost two different shows split between the year. January 96- May 96(right before the hall arrival) and the nWo from May 96 on. The first half of 1996 was almost the same every week with Savage and Flair(very good but got stale) and the Dungeon Of Doom vs Hogan. But once Scott Hall arrived and changed the history of pro wrestling Nitro got very good and they started pushing the cruiser weights
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