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Re: Starrcade would you have booked the ending and Bret Hart?

I would've booked it right is what I'd have done.

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Re: Starrcade would you have booked the ending and Bret Hart?

Sting goes over Hogan clean, no interferences and all that jazz. It should have been the start of the destruction of the nWo. They could have had a rematch, Sting wins clean again. nWo members start to doubt Hogan etc.

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Re: Starrcade would you have booked the ending and Bret Hart?

Hogan should have remained the cowardly heel, not switch gears into a dominant heel during the match. Sting should have won clean, in the middle, with his finish. Bret should not have been involved at all. Hogan can cheat to get the upper hand and some offense but eventually back racks, low blows and eye pokes are overcome by the babyface comeback.

It should have been the end of the nWo too. No Wolfpack. No Silver and Black.
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Re: Starrcade would you have booked the ending and Bret Hart?

Originally Posted by Quasi Juice View Post
Sting goes over Hogan clean, no interferences and all that jazz. It should have been the start of the destruction of the nWo. They could have had a rematch, Sting wins clean again. nWo members start to doubt Hogan etc.
Agreed. That would have been such a better follow up to it all. Instead, we all know what happened next in the years that followed...

In a way, I can kind of see this match and ending as being the downfall of WCW rather than Russo coming in and all that. This kind of solidified that the backstage was just the boys looking out for their fellow boys, whoever wasn't boys; good luck finding a spot to fit in, and all that bullshit.

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Re: Starrcade would you have booked the ending and Bret Hart?

It's sad because the truth is Sting was massively over. He should have won clean and that would have been that. No more nWo, no Wolfpack, no none of that. It was time to move on and launch a new crop of stars, which they had plenty of.

Have Sting carry the the title for the entire year. Why not? Like I said, he was over. Then after spending all of 1998 building up Goldberg, you set the stage for the epic face/face encounter at Starrcade for the title. Goldberg goes over and you set yourself up in a huge fuckin way to compete with WWF for years to come.
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Re: Starrcade would you have booked the ending and Bret Hart?

The fact that Hogan's ego couldn't take someone going over him clean in basically the biggest match in WCW ever was the real problem in all this. Had we got a clean, no bullshit finish with Sting winning and no Bret Hart restarting the match, that would have been great. It was so simple to book, but they really screwed it up anyway, which is why its so sad.

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Re: Starrcade would you have booked the ending and Bret Hart?

Hogan still had PLENTY of money in him, losing clean was the best option but it wasn't life and death, the problem was the horrible execution of the finish with the ref.

Promoting Bret's first ever appearance for the PPV. Sting dominating Hogan, then the nWo come out, WCW come out to save Sting, brawl to the back and then Bret comes out, Hogan doing the leg drop, Sting kicks out, another exchange until Sting wins with the SDL and celebrates in the ring with WCW.
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Re: Starrcade would you have booked the ending and Bret Hart?

i posted on this storyline many times in the past, i was a huge nwo fan at that time, i really wanted the nwo to take over nitro for good, at the time i never got how big of a clustermess it really was

anyways bare with me, this will get long but i spent alot of time on this, i think if this happened 1998 would of been the year wcw buried wwe, remember wwe at the time was not what it is now, hbk said they were very close to death, more close than fans understand

starrcade 97-hype up bret's return as the "real champ", he does a in ring promo at starrcade talking about how he is the real champ and he is gunning for the champ, really make them go hard about the screwjob stuff, bret was there biggest name coming off this huge screwjob thing

sting wins clean, no wcw wrestlers come out, he descends into the rafters

next night-hogan comes storming out at the very start, no nitro intro at all, he's in full panic mode, nash and the rest of the nwo come out and start to argue, remember the title is what kept hogan happy, that was the power, but these guys have there ego's and its always dicey
hogan demands a rematch TONIGHT

hogan/sting goes for 20 min, back and fourth, sting starts to get the advantage, nash comes down and by accident hits hogan, he looks angry/shocked and sting takes advantage and wins, this would be similiar to the great booking of the summerslam 97 main event match

this sets up sting/bret champ vs champ, they should of really hyped up bret as the man, because he was, he was the biggest name of the rival promotion who never lost the title, and everybody knew it, this would feel like the real championship fued of the two promotions which would kick off at superbrawl 98

then the nwo would have there own main event storyline, the leaders battling for control, nash vs hogan, macho man vs hogan, and the rest of the group for the next 6 months

so you have 2 main event storylines going on for 6 months, wcw had so many big names this was the only way to go, not everybody could battle for the title, sting after coming out on top of the hart fued would keep hanging on to the title much like hogan did in 97, they could also push the likes of ddp/raven/etc to battle sting throughout the year

bash at the beach 98-the final battle, nwo finally gets together for one last stand against wcw, also at this time goldberg is emerging as the force he was, it comes down to sting/goldberg on wcw's side, with a little tease between the two men, they beat hogan after hogan really puts up a noble fight thus ending nwo, nash gets pinned quick into the match

next night or maybe a week or two later hyping hogans reponse to all this
hogan comes out plain cloths, saying he is lost, doesn't know where to turn, nash comes out with maybe a friend or two, saying he dropped the ball and hogan is the reason why the nwo is dead, he really beats down hogan, thus staying heel and starting the hogan redemption storyline

this would lead to a hogan face turn where he starts to win back the fans week by week

meantime goldberg is emerging as a force, a possible main event force, he was a big match at havoc, against any of the big names, maybe nash, they really start the hype for his title run around sept-oct

then he wins world war 3, does his typical running threw guys, what better way to get him title shot by spearing his way through 59 men, hype it up as "we know the monster has beat everybody in his path but this might by more than even goldberg can handle"

he wins thus setting up the sting/goldberg at starrcade 98
crow sting vs goldberg, face vs face, i know this type of match does not happen much but in this case fans would eat it up, it would have this big match feel and the ending would be not so easy to predict as both men are faces

sting the guy who is the face of the company, the man who brought down the nwo, and the man who is unbeatable young monster

hogan could do battle with a newly formed bret hart stable, a canadian stable with the likes of jericho/benoit/etc, american hero vs canadian hero, much like the hart foundation in 1997

goldberg wins passing the torch, wcw has there man, goldberg would have atleast 6 big ppv buyrates coming his way in 1999, rematch with sting, hogan, other big names
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Re: Starrcade would you have booked the ending and Bret Hart?

Bret cuts a big promo mid card about being the best, the uncrowned champion, challenging to prove he's the best in the world. He targets Hogan especially saying Hogan is scared of Bret.

Sting beats the crap out of a scared cowardly Hogan for the whole match about 15 minutes. At every turn when Hogan tries to cheat, Sting overcomes and gets stronger.

Ref gets bumped when Hogan pulls the ref in the way of the Stinger Splash, then Sting hits the Death drop but there's no one to count. NWO Hall and Nash run out to help, but they get cut off and beaten by guys like Luger, DDP who come out of the crowd etc.

As Sting is waking trying to wake the ref, Hall is able to make it back and passes Hogan a pipe, Hogan brains Sting.

Hogan then stalls for a bit while crowd goes apeshit, then goes for the big legdrop. Sting moves out of the way and synches in the Scorpion deathlock while the ref slowly starts to stir.

Hall freaks when he sees after being groggy, and starts to move, but then the crowd explodes again when Bret hart runs through the crowd, jumps the guard rail, smashes Hall in the back with a chair..... a few seconds later the ref crawls over to see Hogan tapping.
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Re: Starrcade would you have booked the ending and Bret Hart?

Sting goes over clean. None of that cheap referee botched fast count bull crap. Sting wins. End of story.

The nWo storms down to the ring to attack Sting and get the last word, but the WCW roster comes out to even the odds. The bodies spill out of the ring and brawl all over the place, but two nWo stooges & Hogan remain to beat down Sting. Then suddenly BRET FUCKING HART (who in my world would not have even been mentioned prior to his appearance at this PPV to add to the surprise) shows up and helps Sting to fight them off. Bret Hart then locks Hogan in the Sharpshooter. The nWo retreats and Bret presents the WCW Title to Sting as the WCW Roster comes down to celebrate the moment with Sting.

Sting is champion and goes on a dominant streak as champion that concludes when he faces the Undefeated Goldberg at a major PPV (possibly Starrcade 1998), the dissolve of the nWo is put into motion, and so is a year long build up to Hogan Vs. Bret at Starrcade 1998.


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