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WM3 - Savage vs Steamboat

This is often cited as the best match on the card, and one of the best matches of all time. Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat were both about the same size, and were both highly skilled in the ring. They both were in their primes too. Savage would go on to win the both the WWF and WCW titles more than once, and Steamboat would be in a massive war with Ric Flair in which the NWA title changed back and forth. Two future world champions and legends going at it. God, how I miss this era.

Classic commentary from Gorilla and Jesse the Body.

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Re: WM3 - Savage vs Steamboat

I showed this match to my girlfriend the other day. She loved it.

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Re: WM3 - Savage vs Steamboat

Funny Story: I think it was Al Snow who said this was NOT match of the night...it was Hogan/Andre...
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Re: WM3 - Savage vs Steamboat

It was indeed a fantastic match. At the time it was highlight reel material, it was a great era. This was before TV & PPVs would be saturated with death defying high spots and the heavy usage of blood that populate highlight reels now.

The 80s & mid-90s was for the most part the time of the athletic wrestler, this was a great showcase of that style.
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Re: WM3 - Savage vs Steamboat

It is a match that changed wrestling forever. I can see the fingerprints of this match all over modern day wrestling and it took that fast paced/high flying style and made it accessible for mainstream audiences. It was no coincidence that Savage was main eventing the next year.


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Re: WM3 - Savage vs Steamboat

Originally Posted by OldschoolHero View Post
Funny Story: I think it was Al Snow who said this was NOT match of the night...it was Hogan/Andre...
I'm sure he had his reasons... I've not heard this quote directly but I imagine (and hope) that he was thinking more of the occasion and the excitement than the actual quality of the match.

I can't believe anyone who is or has been a wrestler ever thinking Andre vs Hogan was technically a great match.

I've seen it a million times because I had a Hogan tape when I was really young which contained it and I can tell you from experience that the match boils down to Hogan failing to bodyslam Andre - getting beat up for a while - goes to the outside, Andre missed a headbutt onto the ringpost - small resurgence from Hogan who somehow thinks he can piledrive Andre onto the exposed floor - Andre stands up sending Hogan to the floor. More beating from Andre - a bearhug that felt like it lasted forever - Hogan punches out of it, Hulks up - finally knocks the big man down with a clothesline - bodyslam - leg drop - 123.

Technically speaking I'm sure Andre could have walked me through that match (ok maybe I couldn't have slammed the guy, kudos to Hogan for that).

But in terms of a grand occasion it was a "great" match. But yeah, on topic, Savage vs Steamboat is a masterpiece. What more can you say?
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Re: WM3 - Savage vs Steamboat

It was definitely a great match and arguably the best match as far as match quality goes in WWE for the entire decade of the 80's and it is a match that hasn't lost that much with age like a lot of matches do now due to there being so many PPV's and tv specials now. I remember the first time i watched it on vhs as a young kid and it overshadowed everything else for me as being a kid who grew up as an NWA/WCW fan i was more into great match quality instead of over the top characters and storylines.

That isn't to say the storyline between Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat wasn't a good one because for it's time it had a real heated and intense storyline behind it which made the match much more anticipated than had it just been thrown together and rely on the in ring abilities of each man. I find Ricky Steamboat to be probably the most underrated in ring performer in history and the ultimate babyface character who could cut a great babyface promo, was always loved by the fans, was a brilliant in ring worker and had a good look and his son has a lot of the same qualities so maybe he could be great as well.

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Re: WM3 - Savage vs Steamboat

LOVE this match.Classic and one of the best matches ever.

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Re: WM3 - Savage vs Steamboat

Savage and Steamboat is one of the biggest

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