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Re: Wrestlemania VII's main event: What if...

Originally Posted by tducey View Post
I think it could have been Hogan/Earthquake for the world title, Earthquake seemed to be a big foe of Hogan's during that time.
Man, that sounds horrible, haha.

What if they signed Flair? That would have been epic.

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Re: Wrestlemania VII's main event: What if...

Originally Posted by 2 Ton 21 View Post
I remember reading that Vince exaggerated the death threats to cover up the real reason for the change of venue. The real reason allegedly was because of poor ticket sales. So they moved from the stadium to the arena.

I think security was a legit concern, but I think it was due to poor ticket sales. They did decide to have it at the coliseum originally and they made that annuoncement back at Wrestlemania 6.

Originally Posted by new_guy View Post
People complain about newer talent not getting over, but what they mean is that their favourite isn't getting over, everyone else can go to hell. I'm for as many people getting over as possible, it would improve the show and the more over people there are, the more avenues there are to push new talent, yes, your favourites are more likely to get pushed if there are more over people to feud with.
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Re: Wrestlemania VII's main event: What if...

Apparently they wanted to do Warrior/Hogan 2 at 7 but they decided to get on the Gulf War bandwagon and turn Slaughter heel. It killed a lot of their business as well doing that whole thing with the war.

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Re: Wrestlemania VII's main event: What if...

They wouldn't have done savage/warrior as the main event. Even without the title hogan still had the main event in wrestlemania 8

A warrior/savage/hogan triple threat would have been awesome but they didn't do triple threats back then
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Re: Wrestlemania VII's main event: What if...

Originally Posted by Phil5991 View Post
The Gulf War never happened and thus giving Slaughter no convenient reason for turning coat?

Would have Slaughter turned heel anyway and everything would have been the same minus maybe the Iraki managers?

Maybe, I can't remember any big heels at the time that Warrior didn't defeat already...

Or would we have seen the "Ultimate Rematch"? That seems unlikely since the whole point of the program was to put the title on Hogan without making Warrior look too weak.
Slaughter's turning heel didn't have the same effect without the Gulf War, so you most likely would have seen just a bad-ass drill sarge, like he was in the days before Hulkamania. I remember seeing Slaughter as a heel many years ago. In fact, on the card where Hogan beat the Iron Sheik, Slaughter faced Ivan Putski on the undercard and Slaughter was the heel.

You would have most likely seen the Ultimate Rematch at Wrestlemania VII, Hogan going over on Warrior, then probably see Slaughter challenge Hogan and they would have squared off at Summerslam.

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Re: Wrestlemania VII's main event: What if...

If the Gulf War never happened, Slaughter would probably have been nowhere near the main event.

As for the alternate main event, mmm a tough one. I actually think Warrior v Savage would have been for the title with Hogan facing a 'monster heel' in the other main event kind of similar to what happened at WM VIII.

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Re: Wrestlemania VII's main event: What if...

It should have been Ultimate Warrior (Champion) vs 'Macho Man' Randy Savage for the title, with Hulk Hogan vs The Undertaker further down the card, as far as I'm concerned.

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Re: Wrestlemania VII's main event: What if...

If they had done Hogan/Warrior II at Wrestlemania VII (assuming Hogan went over), I wonder what would have happened if they had a third match...
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Re: Wrestlemania VII's main event: What if...

I can remember I was hoping for Hogan vs Warrior 2 right after WM VI ended. I can also remember that during one of the update segments that they had Jack Tunney saying that Hogan vs Warrior 2 would never happen for the safety of both men.
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