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Re: Year By Year: Nitro or Raw?!

Originally Posted by Fid View Post
Well... it's been a slow day today, so I decided to watch "The Rise and Fall of WCW" again. When they got to the part of Bischoff coming into the company and the start of Monday Nitro. It got me thinking of which company was overall better in that year. My thoughts are as followed:

1995: WCW Nitro
1996: WCW Nitro
1997: WWF Raw
1998: WCW Nitro
1999: WWF Raw
2000: WWF Raw
2001: WWF Raw

What about you? What was your preference from 1995-2001?
I'd say you pretty much nailed it as even though Nitro was only on for a few months in 1995 they blew WWE away in my opinion with Sting/Flair, The Giant when he mattered, the newest incarnation of The Four Horsemen with Brian Pillman and Chris Benoit, Randy Savage being on fire in everything he did. In comparison WWE did nothing of note in the same time frame outside of Shawn Michaels/Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels "career ending injury" against Owen Hart and Bret Hart having good matches.

At the start of 1996 up until the debut of Scott Hall on Nitro i'd say WWE were better as the Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart/Undertaker/Diesel thing from The Royal Rumble through to Good Friends, Better Enemies was great to watch as was Razor Ramon/Goldust and Vader destroying everyone and everything. Once Scott Hall debuted though it was arguably the biggest game changer in wrestling history as WCW went from strength to strength with the debut of Kevin Nash, the heel turn for Hulk Hogan, the heel turn for The Giant, the debut of Ted DiBiase and Sean Waltman, fake Sting, Sting turning dark crow character, the rise of Diamond Dallas Page and a great Cruiserweight division.

I'd argue with absolutely anyone though that WWE was better than WCW in 1997 regardless of what the ratings say as WWE just had it all in 1997 with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart from the very start of the year through to the end, the HUGE rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin, D-Generation X, The Hart Foundation, the start of the rise for The Rock and Triple H, Vince McMahon becoming more of an on screen character, ECW invading Raw, The Undertaker/Kane storyline, the first ever Hell In A Cell, two offical five star matches and Mick Foley showing his versatility. In comparison WCW whilst still great relied on Sting coming down from the rafters which did recieve the biggest pops of the year by far but outside of that they didn't have as much going on as WWE nor was it as great.

I don't think there is too much to compare from 1998 onwards as WWE simply destroyed WCW more and more every year from 1998 onwards with Austin/McMahon setting the business on fire, The Rock becoming a main event star by the end of the year with The Undertaker turning heel at the end of it and becoming the best character he has ever been. From 1998 through to mid 2001 almost everything just clicked in WWE whilst by mid 1998 when Sting dropped the World title to Randy Savage and The New World Order split into two seperate groups everything began to go wrong for WCW. I don't think i even need to go into 1999, 2000 or half of 2001 because i would be pissing on the memory of the company that made me a fan in the first place back in the very late 80's in WCW or NWA/JCP as it was known then.

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Re: Year By Year: Nitro or Raw?!

1995 WCW Monday Nitro: Raw was still shitty at the end of 1995.
1996 WCW Monday Nitro: Hard to chose Raw got good after the summer but NWO at the start was awesome
1997 WWF Raw Is War: Arguably the best year for Raw
1998 WWF Raw Is War: Great year for both shows but Raw edges it out
1999 WWF Raw Is War: Some people hate 1999 Raw but it was a lot better than WCW was
2000 WWF Raw Is War: Need I Say More awesome year
2001 WWF Raw Is War: Yeah Nitro was nothing but Raw wasnt that hot in 01 either

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Re: Year By Year: Nitro or Raw?!

Honestly don't think Nitro was ever better than Raw overall for any year. 95 was bad for both years, but Nitro only had a couple of months at the end and wasn't really anything special. 96 imo is an underrated year for WWF. WCW wasn't special for the most part aside from the NWO angle, but I'd take the Austin/Bret angle over it. 97 WWF imo is the second greatest year ever, was never fond of WCW outside of the mid/lower card. Main event scene was awful and the NWO angle got old quickly for me. 98... both years sucked, but WCW went to hell and WWF managed to have a couple first few months. 99... both sucked again but WCW was dead in the water at this time. 2000 WWF = GOAT for me. WCW 2000 tried some different things and failed. 01 WWF was great, third best year for me, while WCW lasted 3 months and died .
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Re: Year By Year: Nitro or Raw?!

1995 - Nitro
1996 - Nitro
1997 - Nitro
1998 - Raw
1999 - Raw (the best year in wrestling history)
2000 - Raw
2001 - Raw
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Re: Year By Year: Nitro or Raw?!

1995: WCW Nitro
1996: WCW Nitro
1997: WWF Raw
1998: WWF Raw
1999: WWF Raw
2000: WWF Raw
2001: WWF Raw

I accept rep.

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Re: Year By Year: Nitro or Raw?!

1997 is my favorite year in WWF. Hart Foundation storyline, Austin's rise, The Nation of Domination, concluding with DX. Just a fantastic year. Nitro should probably get the nod for 1996, but honestly, I still prefer WWF. Clearly all years after 97 should go to WWF as well. Not really familiar with '95 for Nitro. I know Raw wasn't too good that year.

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Re: Year By Year: Nitro or Raw?!

I'm going to say Nitro beat Raw in 96 and 97, but Raw won every other year.

I don't think anybody really won in 1995. WCW had the cruiserweights, but almost everything going on in each company was just plain horrible.

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Re: Year By Year: Nitro or Raw?!

So I'm the only person that enjoyed Nitro in 2000 and I loved it in 2001, WWF at the time was too McMahon heavy.
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Re: Year By Year: Nitro or Raw?!

1995: Nitro
1996: Nitro by miles
1997: Nitro but its close
1998: Tie, it was the most competitive year of the MNWs imo.
1999: Raw by a big margin
2000: Raw by a gigantic margin
2001: Raw by far again
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Re: Year By Year: Nitro or Raw?!

1995 - Neither, ECW
1996 - Nitro
1997- Nitro
1998 - Tie
1999 - RAW
2000 - RAW
2001 - RAW

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