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Re: Vader's WWF run

Yeah, Vader was mis-used in the WWE. They should of had him go over Michaels at Summerslam 1996 and had a great feud ala the Vader/Sting feud in WCW in 1993.

Courtesy of a google WWE meme search
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Re: Vader's WWF run

I liked Vader but always felt that he was mishandled in WWF. He was a monster!
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Re: Vader's WWF run

My favorite big man ever. I heard a story that Shawn Michaels changed his mind DURING their SummerSlam title match, and decided not to job, lulz.
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Re: Vader's WWF run

Originally Posted by vanderhevel View Post
I always thought wwf was at a shortage for legit heels back then, and a guy like vader who was a believable beast should have certainly have had at least one beastly ass title reign.

I would have had him beat shawn michaels for sure, go on a rampage for a long time, only to have him lose to shawn eventually. He was totally squandered in wwe and never really accomplished much in the company, i think he is one of the top 10 wasted talents in wwf history. how about you? would you have had him beat shawn or win the title in another fashion. or do you feel he wasnt wasted.
These are exactly my thoughts on Vader in the WWF. Shawn, however, fucked it up (and took money out of his own pocket, really). As other ppl have already said, Shawn didn't like Vader because of his stiffness, and probably also because he wasn't politicking with him backstage. It's sad, because I am a huge fan of HBK the wrestler/entertainer, but not a fan of the person.
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Re: Vader's WWF run

good thing he went to japan and dominated over there. atleast the japanese respected the big man.

vader once said that shawn michaels was like a teddybeer in the ring. fuck man most stories I red about the kliq make them out for total pussies backstage.

Also vader vs shamrock is a must see, 2 stiff workers.

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Re: Vader's WWF run

Why did he leave WCW?

Vader vs Goldberg
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Re: Vader's WWF run

He left WCW after the Paul Orndorff fight. I believe Bischoff was going to fine him for the fight, or cut his pay(it's been awhile since I've watched the Vader shoot). And Vader decided to go elsewhere because of it.

If memory serves me correct Vader said ultimately he made less by leaving than he would have by staying in WCW and accepting being reprimanded for the Orndorff fight.
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Re: Vader's WWF run

I remember by the end he jobbed to Hawk fuckin' Bradshaw. Fuckin idiots
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Re: WWF Vader

Originally Posted by Phil_Mc_90 View Post
When you see Vader for the first time you think unstoppable monster and that's how they should have booked him during his run imo, him beating Michaels for the title then dominating the company before building to a long anticipated rematch with Michaels where he would finally lose would have drawn a lot of money
I agree. That is exactly what should've happened, and it's unfortunate that it didn't.
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