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the modern myth 05-20-2012 05:59 AM

Why Mabel?
1995 was a pretty bullshit year for WWF. Despite having legendary performers on the roster (Bret Hart, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, British Bulldog, Lex Luger, Owen Hart) they seemed incapable of producing quality programming. They made a lot of mistakes that year (the 35 minute Royal Rumble match, the entire Wrestlemania 11 card, Diesel's boring championship reign) but - by far - the shittest part of the year was Mabel winning the King Of The Ring tournament.

Does anybody know why Mabel (of all people) won the King of the Ring instead of far better (and more deserving) performers like Shawn Michaels, British Bulldog, Bam Bam Bigelow, Razor Ramon, Undertaker etc. It always seemed like an odd decision. It also made the worst Summerslam main event I've ever seen - Diesel vs Mabel. What did WWF see in Mabel?

Punkhead 05-20-2012 06:03 AM

Re: Why Mabel?
It was a big mistake. Like they wanted to make something, out of nothing.

sxsonar 05-20-2012 06:07 AM

Re: Why Mabel?
Only Vince McMahon could tell you . . . my best guess is that he was pushed solely based on his size.

That Guy 05-20-2012 06:25 AM

Re: Why Mabel?
I guess it was just part of Vince's love for the huge guys back than, it wouldn't be the only time he pushed an undeserving super heavyweight which got him nowhere.

I got 2 words 4 ya 05-20-2012 06:25 AM

Re: Why Mabel?
It's called Tryin too create NEW stars...Something WWE gets lambasted for now a days!

the modern myth 05-20-2012 06:30 AM

Re: Why Mabel?

Originally Posted by I got 2 words 4 ya (Post 11472541)
It's called Tryin too create NEW stars...Something WWE gets lambasted for now a days!

I understand that they wanted to create a 'new star' but, what I'll never understand, is why did they choose Mabel?

On the roster at the time they had some really talented guys who, with just a little push like the KOTR'95, could've been really big: Hakushi was really talented and had a brilliant look; Bam Bam Bigelow was flirting with the main event and a KOTR win could have propelled him into the top tier; Razor Ramon was hugely popular and, with a win like this, could have been a brilliant main event staple. There were countless more talented people than Mabel.

I got 2 words 4 ya 05-20-2012 06:33 AM

Re: Why Mabel?
I cant recall ALL they storys from back tho (tho i did watch it live on Sky and i was like 12) but id imagine it was a swerve!Werent Men On a Mission very over prior too this?

tducey 05-20-2012 09:33 AM

Re: Why Mabel?
Yeah, Mabel winning the KOTR was a questionable move. I wonder if Mabel was a last minute win as Razor Ramon had a rib injury at the time and could have been a believable King.

dave 1981 05-20-2012 09:34 AM

Re: Why Mabel?
It was because there wasn't many heels in WWE really in 1995 once Shawn Michaels turned face and WWE wanted to build some new ones although in hindsight King Mabel wasn't and was never going to be the way forward. Look at the roster back then and you can see WWE had Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Diesel and Razor Ramon all as faces whilst the only heels were Sid Vicious whilst he was around, Owen Hart, Yokozuna, Tatanka and IRS.

jonoaries 05-20-2012 10:19 AM

Re: Why Mabel?
95 was a year where all the money that could be made for Vince was in face vs face matches. The Fed had no credible heel characters at all so there's no surprising he scraped the bottom of the barrel for Mabel.

I wouldn't be surprised if Vince was thinking that he needed a large challenger because the champion himself was large besides Diesel had beaten Bulldog, Owen, and Jarrett in matches on Raw so he had limited his pool to work with.

In my mind Mabel never generated enough heat to ever main event anything or even be considered a main event player (and I believe that continues even to him pushing this guy in the 2000s). He must have been just one of Vince's guys.

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