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Re: Bob Backlund 1994

I enjoyed heel Bob Backlund, and I didn't mind so much his very short reign as traditional champion. Backlund losing to Diesel in 15 seconds (or was it 8 seconds) on an non-televised event was just sad. I mean sure it was to Diesel more over, but that was a helluva long and boring title reign.
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Re: Bob Backlund 1994

It makes me wonder if Bret did not want to drop the belt to Diesel so they had Backlund do the transitional thing.
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Re: Bob Backlund 1994

I put my sixth grade social studies teacher in the Crossface Chickenwing during recess. True story. Got that detention, son! :-)
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Re: Bob Backlund 1994

I remember being completely shocked when Backlund beat Bret and not really in a good way. Now I look back on it I can see the entertainment value in the Backlund character at the time, but back then as a naive 10 year old kid I was just thinking 'why the fuck is this guy the champ?!'

I like the Backlund dropping the belt to Owen who then faces Bret at WM XI idea. Primarily because it would have meant that Owen would have got a title reign.

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Re: Bob Backlund 1994

I have never understood his reign as champion in 1994. If they wanted someone to transition the belt from one wrestler to another, I dont think Backlund was anymore worthy than anyone else. His history was terrific, but at the time he didn't need to come in and be the champion. Losing in seconds was ridiculous though. Diesel could have got much more from a back and forth match than a straight up kick in the stomach, powerbomb finish.

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Re: Bob Backlund 1994

I never understood why they gave Backlund the belt in 94. I saw a shoot interview with Bob Backlund and Terry Funk and I dont think the man is playing with a full deck.
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Re: Bob Backlund 1994

Originally Posted by DavidAnthony View Post
I never understood why they gave Backlund the belt in 94. I saw a shoot interview with Bob Backlund and Terry Funk and I dont think the man is playing with a full deck.
I thought he could've been pretty entertaining as the champion. Couldn't have been any worse than that train wreck of a run that we had to suffer, with Diesel. As for the Backlund shoot and not playing with a full deck, well, it's still real to him, dammit?
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Re: Bob Backlund 1994

The WWF was into that whole "New Generation" kick at the time, so I don't think the plan was for Bob to have a long Title run. I think it was more about protecting Bret and Diesel and any future matches they were to have. If Diesel out of nowhere pinned Bret for the belt, that would've kept him heel, and Vince's plans were for Nash to be a top babyface.

In the end, Bob was just a scapegoat, like how the Iron Sheik was when Bob didn't wanna drop the gold to Hogan in '84.

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Re: Bob Backlund 1994

Vince McMahon wanted to put the WWE title on Kevin Nash but didn't want to make Bret Hart look weak and lose it to him so they simply used Bob Backlund as a transitional champion to bridge the title but also provided Bob Backlund with possibly the biggest match of his career at Survivor Series in 1994. Outside of Hart/Backlund i don't really remember any other storyline or proper feud prior so it worked out well for all involved as Bob Backlund had a proper feud and a major match on PPV which saw him win the WWE title, Bret Hart lost the WWE title but looked strong as it was a cheap loss and Kevin Nash won the WWE title.

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