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Re: Who should have ended Goldberg's Streak?

Gillberg from help by someone else. That would stick in the mind like a sore thumb and would've been hilarious. With the help it would've been understandable, realistic and could have started a huge feud.
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Re: Who should have ended Goldberg's Streak?

Raven. Before Goldberg won the U.S Title. Streak should have never been a big thing. 47-0 was enough.

Or Jericho.

WCW would probably be still in business if they let Jericho get a win over Goldberg.. Kept Jericho and pushed him up using a win over Goldberg as his launch pad. He was already amazingly over for a midcarder.

Wrestlemania 30 was awesome

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DDP would have been a great choice.

Hogan's the man though!

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Re: Who should have ended Goldberg's Streak?

I actually think nobody should have ended it, goldberg just had to lose his smile and forfeit the title.

But if so:

any upcoming star in WCW at the time who would be one of the future stars.

Scott Steiner, Booker T for example.

Not Sting. Sting didn't need it as he was aleady an established face. DDP wasn't the future, since he was already passed 40 at the time but I would have loved him to end the streak. Definely one of my favorites of WCW.
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Re: Who should have ended Goldberg's Streak?

Originally Posted by just1988 View Post
I think having Nash break the streak was a good idea, the problem I had with it was the way that they did it and the aftermath. They could of had Nash beat him dirty but by having him do it was a tazer with the help of Scott Hall was bizarre and then to drop the title straight to Hogan the next night was absolutely ridiculous and pretty much ruined WCW.

I agree, Nash winning was perfectly fine. Hell, he couldve feuded with Hogan after to. They couldve had Hall interfere and Goldberg feuds with him. Hall/Hogan couldve said that Nash planned it and couldve let to Goldberg/Nash vs Hall/Hogan at Souled Out. At superbrawl you get Nash vs Hogan, Hall vs Goldberg. Uncensored you do the rematches with stipulations since that was what the show was about.

Down the line, I still have Hogan win the title from Nash. You then have Goldberg make it his mission to destroy every single of the nwo, then Hogans left. Hogan vs Goldberg II happens, I think it would be a huge gate at Starrcade. Then at Superbrawl 2000 you can do Goldberg vs Nash II, then you slowly build towards Goldberg vs Bret and Bret can beat him, causing Goldbergs second loss.
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Re: Who should have ended Goldberg's Streak?

After booking him so strong, it should not have ended the way it did. They should have had the complete NWO come in and interfere with a bribed ref to end the streak like they played with Undertaker/Yokozuna in his death angle making him an avenging angel against nWo OR they should have brought in a well known legit MMA/martial arts guy who beats him fair and square like the later Brock Lesnar or Dan Severn where they put a submission hold on him and he passes out on a choke breaking the streak and then he can be booked in a strong but human manner OR they could have built a young talent like Jericho trying to break the streak weeks after weeks getting better and stronger taking the fans behind him and finally breaking the streak after months to the fans applause for his hardwork.

Any of the then current WCW roster beating him with a simple cheat would and did come pretty weak.

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Re: Who should have ended Goldberg's Streak?


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Re: Who should have ended Goldberg's Streak?

David Arquette.

Seriously though, they're lucky they ended the streak before Russo arrived, or else it probably really WOULD have been David Arquette.
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Re: Who should have ended Goldberg's Streak?

Kevin Nash.

Seriously, the guy split the crowd in the match. And that was against GOLDBERG, the only one in WCW who could've treat Stone Cold. Nash was the second most popular guy in the company back then.
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Re: Who should have ended Goldberg's Streak?

Whoever had to break the streak should have broken it after 98.they broke the streak in 98 when Goldberg Was a huge Star.

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