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Best "Big Man" In History?

So, I'm doing a podcast on Wednesday, and the topic of discussion is on who the best big man in the history of the business is, and would like some feedback and suggestions from you guys to read on the show (and I'll credit you by name as well).

I think it's an interesting topic, and the ambiguity of what constitutes a "big man" is an issue in some ways, but part of the show will be justifying our own choices in the roundtable discussion and debating the others that get suggested, so that's part and parcel of it.

And hell, even what qualifies somebody as the best is subjective and an interesting part of the discussion - a guy who was agile and an amazing worker for a guy his size, or somebody who played the role to perfection and was completely effective.

But yeh, who is your own personal pick for the ONE guy you think is the best Big Man ever, and why?

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Re: Best "Big Man" In History?

Vader made a good point regarding this on Austin's podcast recently. in that the term 'big man' can be organized in different categories, i.e super heavyweight (like Vader), big man (like Taker), and another section for guys like Andre etc.
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Re: Best "Big Man" In History?

"Big man" in wrestling to me is a wrestler who is really big at least like 280 pounds, whether it's muscle (like Ryback), fat/size (like Vader), or height (like Undertaker, Test).

With that being said, it's pretty well known the greatest big man wrestler ever is The Undertaker.

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Re: Best "Big Man" In History?

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Re: Best "Big Man" In History?

He wasnt the best worker but I think the guy with the most presence and "wow" factor will always be Andre.
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Re: Best "Big Man" In History?

Definitely, Taker.

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Re: Best "Big Man" In History?

Hulk Hogan, if we're going that route.

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Re: Best "Big Man" In History?

To me its easily Andre. You can't truly appreciate him fully unless you actually saw him in person which i was fortunate to do.

As far as big as in girth wise the mobility and agility of Vader, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Yokozuna to me was unmatched by others of their stature.
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Re: Best "Big Man" In History?


Also Diesel (Kevin Nash), Malice (The Wall), Wrath (Adam Bomb, Bryan Clarke) and Yokozuna gets a mention also.


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Re: Best "Big Man" In History?

If you mean "super heavyweight" i.e. Guys who were legit over 350lbs, then the answer is most definitely Leon White, aka Big Van Vader. He's the best, hands down.

If you just mean "big man" as in a guy 6'8 or more, 300lbs or more, then the answer is Taker of course.

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