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Why did the Ultimate Warrior leave in 1991,1992 and 1996?

in 1991 after Summerslam, I think it was a money dispute or the steroid scandal, which is why he came back at WM8 skinnier

1992: Why did he leave before the Ultimate Maniacs vs Flair/Razor tag match at Survivor Series

1996: I read he no showed an event to go to his dad's funeral and Vince fired him coz Warrior never liked his dad

What were plans for the Warrior from 96? I heard Sid replaced him in a 6 man tag. Were there any Shawn Michaels vs Warrior WWF title match at a PPV it would've drawn good
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Re: Why did the Ultimate Warrior leave in 1991,1992 and 1996?

in 1991 he demanded money from Vince McMahon for Wrestlemania 7 and threatened to no show the Summerslam main event where he teamed up with Hulk Hogan against Sgt. Slaughter, General Adnan, and Colonel Mustafa. Vince fired him after he got back to the dressing room

in 1992 he tested positive for steroids

in 1996 he no showed dates and had told Vince his dad died but Vince said he had absolutely no relationship with his father and hated him
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Re: Why did the Ultimate Warrior leave in 1991,1992 and 1996?

Also from Cornette (who was the head of creative at the time)

HBK was supposed to drop the belt at Survivor Series to Vader and then regain the belt at the Royal Rumble. Shawn was pissy about how Vader was too stiff in the ring and convinced Vince to have him work with his buddy Sid instead.

IMO HBK was too over as a babyface to face The Warrior.

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Re: Why did the Ultimate Warrior leave in 1991,1992 and 1996?

1991: Vince screwed Warrior out of a big payday from WM 7 and paid Hogan most of the Money for the PPV. Warrior only got a fraction. Considering Warrior-Savage was the best match on the card and drew at least as much as Hogan-Slaughter, Warrior felt Vince should pay him what would rightfully owned him. Warrior tried to talk about it to Vince for months, Vince made promises but never Went thru with them, and since Warrior hates bullshit and does not accept to be bullied around, he confronted Vince by claiming he would not appear at Summer Slam. Vince had it comming a long time Before Summer Slam, but tried to bullshit Warrior, Warrior would have none of it and realized his market value.

1992: The upcoming steroid trial made McMahon and Titan sports panic and change direction, trying to get rid of everyone using steroids since McMahon could face a 10 years prison sentence for disturbing steorids to his Wrestlers. Warrior grew a lot during the summer of 1992 in body mass, there is no secret he did it with the help of Steriods. Since Warrior was the Face of the Company at the time, Vince set an example by firing him and later Bulldog. He also released Warlord earlier in the year due to this.

1996: Vince started to sell Warrior merchendise with Warriors slogan and Catch phrase (Always believe)with out telling Warrior and not giving him money for it, so it was a breach of a verbal agreement contract despite the fact that Warrior had trade marked all this. This pissed Warrior out starting to argue with Vince. Then Warriors dad died, sure Warrior did not like his dad, never denied this, but it was his DAD, no matter what, a son lost his father, and Warrior attended his funeral. He even called Vince about it (Maybe on short notice, but he still called Vince to inform him)


What a horrible night to have a curse

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Originally Posted by Mr Shadow View Post
l1996: I read he no showed an event to go to his dad's funeral and Vince fired him coz Warrior never liked his dad
The way this is worded had me laughing really hard at the idea of that conversation.

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Re: Why did the Ultimate Warrior leave in 1991,1992 and 1996?


Vince: Fired Warrior for holding him up for more money out of greed.

Warrior: Did it because Vince lowballed him on his WrestleMania VII payoff, but quit out of protest rather than be suspended. Threatened to no show SummerSlam 1991 one month prior to the show, not the day of.

Vince: Fired Warrior for failing a drug test.

Warrior: Denies this as there was no drug test and was fired as a scapegoat along with Davey Smith because of the federal government's steroid investigation.


Vince: Fired Warrior for missing house shows due to him grieving the death of his father, which McMahon did not believe as Warrior didn't seem to care for his estranged dad.

Warrior: It was a legitimate request, but he was pissed at the breach of contract by McMahon who was selling Warrior's merchandise without giving him a percentage.

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Re: Why did the Ultimate Warrior leave in 1991,1992 and 1996?

1991 is pretty well known. 1992 and 1996, not so much.

As for 1992, the actual reason (at least from what I've heard) is that Warrior's name had came up in purchasing steroids, which was during the steroid scandal. Can't remember what shoot I've heard this in and don't quote me on it, because it might have actually been Bulldog but I don't think either firing was over failing a drug test, since Sid failed for steroids a few months prior and wasn't fired, only suspended. However, Sid chose to leave instead of serving the suspension.

And I also think it had something to do with Warrior's slogan being used by WWE without his permission, as he later sued them over it. But based on what Warrior & Meltzer both have said, I don't think it was due to a failed drug test and could have possibly been, borderline, the same reason he was let go a year prior, his demands had become outrageous.

As for 1996, the story is that he had no showed events due to the passing of his father, who Warrior supposedly hadn't seen since he was 3 years old. What people don't know is that Warrior had no showed events BEFORE his father even passed away. So, he was already in hot water.

All in all, 1992 was the only time I felt Warrior got fucked over. Especially if it was due to the steroid scandal, since they brought Hogan back 2 months later and his name had been heavily tossed around since '91.

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