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Re: Shoot

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
So I've had a bit to drink and i've had cocoiane that would blow your fucking head off

i want to say a few things i dont give a fuck if you dont listen or whatever

first of all, there's a only a few people i respect in this section

moast of you suck bags of duciks

people i respect: scrilla although he dont post much. cat because she calls a spade a spade. anark. hes entertaining as hell, we share a similiar sense of humour. snowmamn. hes good at exp[osing people. magic. he dfoesnt take any prisoners. the lady killer. he fdoesnt have anything to prove. but ive seen glimpses of him being agressive he knows when to turn it on. noyk. you used to be a dick ridier but these days youre a lot better although camille punk still thinks yourte a faGGOT. froot. youre very articyulate. your tasttes are questionabl;e. champ you make great graphics there seems to be some hostality between you and i, but i think youre a cool dude and there seems to be romance between you and nety ney. shutupchico i wenjoy your commebnts but if you hate me thaTS COOL, JUST KNOW I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST YOU. mowst of my family aRE DEAD and i am single now, i can only catch up wityh my mates on the weekend, i work from home. so i spenfd more time on here than i should. I know some of yupou older emmbers resent me because i made the jobbers thread and won the end of year awards theres nothing i can do about that so whategves.

a lot of people are just cunts and ive been carryijg the rants section for the past few months. if there was more creativity this section would be better. legend maker2 you are the worst. therock11 you are an embarrasment. i sday again. if you post, put some effort in. myu posts may dsuck but at least i try. rayfu you cant even type nortmal english even drunk i make more sense than you you fucking dcunt

also in sick of the videogames section where most of you are call of durtty faggots. call of duty sucks ajnhd so does your mom. plsay some qual.ioty games. doom and goldeneye owns your life. wonderboty 3 ios one of the greatest games ever made. fuck you. also mario. back in the day games was baout gamepolay and not graphics and movies.

as far as mucisc is concerned, listen to pantyera, the beatles, led zeppelin, slayer, cat. black metal sucks. i dont care what you say. there is no good black metal. but thats just my opinion i guess.

a lot of you dont know how to fitght let me tell you some tips. first. throw straight punches. second. aim for the chin. keep ypur herad moving. if they move grab the shitrt. then punch them in the nose or chin. just keep your amrm,s up so they dont get a punch in. never back down. always be ready to fightattack id sthe best form of defence. if you attack youre lest chance of losing a fight

ive helped a lot of epoplke in the tech szxection and in others. im not a complete cunt. so whatever. hate me all you want. some of you i just want to toughen up and prepare for the worlsd. i hate this be a star program. youre basiaclly training a bunch of pussys. fuck wwe. and fuck be a star./

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Re: Shoot

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Re: Shoot

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
hey dunk its good to see you back.i meiiiseed you no really. magic. im going out shrotly i just cfeelt some things haver to be siad
nearly 50 minutes later.

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Re: Shoot



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Re: Shoot

edit: drunken nonsense

Last edited by BULLY; 05-10-2013 at 06:37 AM.
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Re: Shoot



Ah, the memories. I really need to go and get off my face again. It's been a while.

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Re: Shoot

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
Froot. you're very attractive.

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Re: Shoot

Take a minute to spell check you may be high but have some fucking dignity mate.
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Re: Shoot

I suppose it's already friday evening where you live at bul. You choose WF over Pussy? GO.

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Re: Shoot


Credit: CHAMPviaDQ
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