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I think a lot of people felt the same way, Don.

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I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!
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Originally Posted by Sheik View Post
I turned this place into Jersey Shore for real.
All we need now is for you and Lc to fake make up, even though it will be clear you guys can't stand each other, then fight again.

You guys would be WF's Ronnie and Sam.

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Now THAT is a shared moment...
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Glad to see you're not negging on your apology shiek... Jesus christ.

When do the lulz start, cuz this thread is just.. difficult.
My first show, crappy video, maybe if I get a chance to tape another show I'll put a new one up.

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Heel Turn on James Ellsworth
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Yakko, Wakko and Dot.

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Hunter of Invisible Game
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Originally Posted by Jupiter View Post
Me and McQueen like Linda Cardellini concluding only fags don't.
Have to agree.

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Originally Posted by Sheik View Post
Yo Cerbs, keep going man. I can make one comment that could completely ruin you, but I'm going to choose not to.
Originally Posted by Sheik View Post

I'm done with all this shit. Gone wayyy too far, and at this point it's making everyone look pathetic.

Cerbs can holla at me when he's ready to man up and tell me what got his pussy wet. Other than that, I'm hoping this shit is DONE.
Originally Posted by Sheik View Post
I didn't? You might want to check again because I've asked more than once in this thread.

He already deleted me like the little coward he is, so does it matter at this point?
Oh go fuck yourself, pussy ass bitch. Go ahead and whine some more about how I DELETED YOU from Facebook, as if I did it to be mean to you or whatever. You're so naive and fucking clueless, but I would expect nothing less from someone who spits on people then whines about getting his ass kicked and robbed (lol @ that btw).

I deleted you because I didn't appreciate you sharing personal details from my profile on this forum. Maybe that will help narrow down which post I was referring to. It was damage control. It's weird enough I have morons like ES trying to add me with fake accounts, but I don't need douchebags like you trying to sound "cool" by citing things you learned about a more-popular poster than you on Facebook. If I knew all this time you were a childish little faggot with some idiotic desire to be a forum bad boy, I never would have even bothered with your pathetic little ass. You've really become one of the very worst kind of internet junkies in recent months.

I'm dead serious. I am actually embarrassed I once thought of you as somewhat of a friend. I would have addressed my issue with you privately, but right after I read your post I immediately found this thread and decided you really weren't worth the effort. I sincerely couldn't give a shit less about you tbh. If you got hit by a truck tomorrow, I wouldn't even blink. I thought you at least deserved to know that, but I'm pretty much done with you from now on. No hard feelings. Take care, retard.
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you never responded to ESPN in the thread your mom made ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Yeah, that would piss me off.
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women sense my power and they seek the life essence
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this threads giving me a migraine
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it was damage control
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