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Re: Fallout: TG Tournament Match - invincible vs. gmkhercules vs. Austin101

Here goes:

Note: Not expecting a "W", just want to be put forth a bit of effort out of respect for my opponent (Vince) and the league that's being run. Even though I'm obvously not a fan of this topic and might not sound convincing, it's still something...


No justification for a new match type will be needed. For years the be all-end all match in previous decades was the Hell in a Cell for settling the score, or to add extra drama if need be, the old use of the Cage was evident in Flair matches in the NWA, Savage matches in Memphis or Hogan mathces in the WWF in the 1980's.

In the late 1990's, the Federation was desperate for a new concept since the WCW had there War Games, World War 3 type matches and the WWF introduced the HIAC at Bad Blood. As others have stated, it was a mind-blowing success and only was taken to further heights by the Spring of 98 in perhaps the most infamous match in Wrestling history.

For years this tool (match) has been utilized as a career-shortening match which helps sells PPV's. Not only does it make or end a feud, but it's perhaps the greatest gimmick match in history. I'm getting word they might be changing a whole PPV to the theme of nothing but a Cell-Match based event which says enough.

Truely, there can be a disaster inside the Cell if the wrong opponents at the wrong time are put in there. Bossman-Taker, springs to mind. But more often then not, they will succeed and if used in moderation (like most things) the good will outshine the bad, and the positives will be to hard to ignore.

The idea of Wrestling inside of a structure like a Cage seems so natural, because you can keep all the Wrestling fundamentals there, it's a wrestling match...just with a fence. Bret and Owen showed at Summerslam you didn't need blood. Brock and Taker showed at No Mercy 02, you didn't need to leave the Cell, different tandems keep innovating the structure in different ways. If it isn't broke, don't fix it.
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Re: Fallout: TG Tournament Match - invincible vs. gmkhercules vs. Austin101

Hopefully eveyone will stop crying now.

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Re: Fallout: TG Tournament Match - invincible vs. gmkhercules vs. Austin101

There was no "crying" as you put it.

Thank you Austin, I appreciate it. Now that's all sorted out can we just stick with the debate topic in this thread please. Anymore spamming or trolling and I'm going to start issuing infractions.

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Re: Fallout: TG Tournament Match - invincible vs. gmkhercules vs. Austin101

The topic is clearly mentioned in bold and so, I think it is best that I present my debate, sticking to the topic.

Create and justify a new match type to replace the Hell in a Cell match.

As everyone knows well, The Hell In A Cell (HIAC) structure was originally designed for the match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker at Bad Blood, 1997 to prevent Michaels from escaping and more importantly, obstruct outside interference by the members of the Degeneration X. It was just a fence that kept trespassers away. As years passed by, that purpose was long forgotten and the HIAC match became a way to end intense feuds. It became, in the words of Jim Ross, "The demonic structure". But when we remove the hype and strong storylines adorning it, it is just another wrestling match inside a cage.

Over the time, we have seen 14 HIAC matches and I am sure most of the sane minds will agree that the action is very much predictable now. What is the point in witnessing a boring match after listening to a month of hype and the past history of the cell? The fact is that the success behind the HIAC match lies with the wrestling that the competitors show and not the towering confines surrounding them. One should not forget that some of the best matches in the WWE were not conducted inside the cell.

Keeping this in mind, I came across a new match type, which could replace the HIAC match and could be successful if the right men participate.

This match is based on the "Out of 5 points" system. The person who wins 3 out of 5 points wins the match. The only way to score a point is to have a victory over the opponent. The interesting part of the match is that its rules change throughout the match after each point has been scored. When a person scores a point, that winner is asked to select one out of four closed envelopes, held by an official. This contains any of the following match types.

1. No Disqualification, No countouts match
2. Submission match
3. Tables match
4. Over the Top Rope challenge

At the beginning, it is a normal singles match with DQs and countouts. But this, as mentioned, changes after a win by pinfall. The rules again change after the next win and pick by the winner, and so on.

The match ends only when there is a winner who has scored 3 out of 5 points.

So, this match is a real test of stamina to withstand the punishment and also it brings a fitting end to prolonging rivalries, just like the HIAC match.

Unlike the HIAC match, it provides for the audience, a variety of match types to keep them hooked onto the match without getting bored. There is also a factor that the next match type after a point, is unpredictable which makes it even more exciting.

In conclusion, I would say that I am sure it would provide the "Entertainment" the fans are looking for, which is also definitely the last word in the WWE.

Sources from which the match type idea is conceived

The 5 point system from

and also inspired by the

The Napolean's Revenge match


Thanks a lot for the extension!

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