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Cinderella Man
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JOY~! & PLH now known as the last gimmick rant hopefully

It has come to my attention that this section is nothing but a bunch of people bickering about dumb shit. I'm here to put an end to that for the 1 minute I know it will last.

I'm all about the JOY~! and PLH. We need to stop this senseless bickering about "looks" and "attitude" and bullshit like that and get along. We need to welcome the "noobs" and show them the ropes. WE NEED TO UNITE~! Stop the stupid ass bickering and be intelligent. If you resort to name calling because you were called a name, you're just as petty as them. In the end, we're all the same. No one is better than me and I am better than no one. If America can elect a black president, Wrestling Forum can come together and be a place of happiness instead of a place where people are afraid to post because of how they'll be looked at or a place where people don't even bother reading posts because they know it's shit. Stop the shitty bickering posting and use your brain and heart.

Since I'm leading the JOY~! & PLH movement, I will start:

I apologize to everyone I've ever offended on this site. I apologize to anyone I've talked to on MSN where I've brought up stupid shit like "forum politics" or w/e. I apologize for taking things far too serious in the past. I apologize if I've ever called you a name. I truly am sorry.

Spread the JOY~! Spread the PLH. Everyone here is good people whether you think so or not. Together we can get along and create a place of fun.


JOY~! & PLH 4 Ever.

I love you all. <3

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Re: JOY~! & PLH

I agree. Peace, love, happiness AMP.
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Jim Morrison
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Re: JOY~! & PLH

180% agree. I love you all even if you hate me. King of the Forums has started a change.

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Re: JOY~! & PLH


This rant is beautiful, AMP, couldn't agree with you more.

I'm guilty of this myself, so i apologise also ;D.

Last edited by Hanz; 05-03-2009 at 01:10 PM. Reason: Jimmy pointing out my typos.
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Re: JOY~! & PLH

For a better world.

Gentlemen, if you lose today you will continue to be the best in the world but if you win today you will be eternal.
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Re: JOY~! & PLH


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Cutting a Shoot Promo To Get Over
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Re: JOY~! & PLH

dunno if this is sarcasm, but u need to balance love with some hate to make things interesting.
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Re: JOY~! & PLH

I approve of JOY.

This section is miles away from changing. I say we start by banning the first person to post a random meaningless pic in here.

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Re: JOY~! & PLH

The following were online when I posted, so are lucky enough to receive my love.

-PHANTASY-, 123bigdave, akilla, Alim, AllStarsRKO, aragorn_18, AYSTER, bailyphil, beantownboy76, Beermonkeyv1, Bert0923, blash, bme, Bogey, Boiler, breaksilence, brethart2, Brettles, Bruze, Cartman55, Celtic_Ballah24, Certs, Chain Gang, Chiller88, choyster, Colsworl, Cool_Dude90, Crono_Biom, dalearato, dan_marino, dav, DavidM080698, Derek Lethal, diorama, dj4ever, ECW fan, Edgehead2000, EGame, eggs44, Ex64, eXcellence [EG], ExTrEmE Sabu, eyebrow2007, Foreshadowed, Funkyd, GD™, Gin, Godsmacked, gorrao, guruofgreatness, Gusto2.0, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Hannah Laree, Hardyholic, havoctrain, Hbk96rRko09, HBKBretHart, HeartBreak&Triumph, HeatWave, helgey7212, howlingmadhowie, Hybrid Wrestling, icechris, insane_assclown, Invenshun, iRKOi, jaffakeksi, jarroud, Jerichoholic-xo., JoHnNy^NiTrO, JSL, Kazz, kdskamal, KiNgoFKiNgS23, Knockout_Show™, Lee_TheLAW, Legend, LethalWeapon000, liveforever, lk_sidestep, lord zordrak, M.S.I.I., macho_man1080, Magsimus, MandoodnaM, Manelpirolito, markbdk, matt2xtreme, Mattitude333, MAVSFAN, mcgrath, Messiah, Mister Hands, MitsuharuMisawax9, mixman, Motor Head 7, Mr Malenko, mrchrisieclass, Muchister, Myst, Nameless, New School Fire, Nige™, Niklas, One Man Legacy, paska, PatMan, Phil Buster, pippi, Platt, prashantnew, RatedAJD, Ratedr4life, RatedREra., rawesjericho, rey33, riseroom13, Rjmadness, RKO Legend 24, robinkiller, rude awakening, Ryan Smith, s4ms, sbuch, sc4, scorpio11011, Scotland = Rated R, Self Explanatory, shutupchico, Simmo™, simonitro, Sinthoras, skinny10, SM28, Sorrow Hill, Swagg, swbabes, Terry333, The Ace, The Rated R One, the-guru, Thebigshow47, TheHighwayMan, TheUnholyDragon, The_Main_Event, THNC, Tipped, TKOW, TorrieFan, trip, Turner999, U Cant See Me 123, Ultimoron, umaga_rulz, vivalabrave, W.4.E, walls, Waylon Mercy, will7291, WWEkoms, WWE_TNA, wych, Xiphias, † TPO †

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Re: JOY~! & PLH

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