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Re: JOY~! & PLH

King AMP the Wicked

All you need is love.

"... and all the pieces matter."

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Re: JOY~! & PLH

So, can we go back to the 60's, AMP. Peace and Love For All.

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Re: JOY~! & PLH

This is the forum that LOVE built.

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"Hollywood" Dwayne Johnson
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Re: JOY~! & PLH

Touching rant IMO.

Top 10
1. Dwayne Johnson
2. Stone Cold
3. Brock Lesnar
4. Heel Shawn Michaels
5. Goldberg
6. Chris Jericho
7. Masked Kane
8. Kurt Angle
9. MVP
10.Christian Cage

Now Known As

"Hollywood" Dwayne Johnson
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Re: JOY~! & PLH

The useless hate rants generally suck cocker spaniel. If a decent rant pops up, there's usually a six hour peak where it remains worthwhile, then it implodes in a ball of nonsense when it turns into a converasation about some guy supposedly being a retard or some other guy supposedly being a faggot or, if we're really lucky, a group of guys trying to screw some chick over the internet. Of course, there's always the possibility this in fact doesn't go on and this has somehow formulated in my head in a drunken stupor, so if that's the case I apologise.

Spread the joy.
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Re: JOY~! & PLH

posting in a joyous thread
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Re: JOY~! & PLH

Originally Posted by AMPLine4Life View Post
It has come to my attention that this section is nothing but a bunch of people bickering about dumb shit. I'm here to put an end to that for the 1 minute I know it will last.
So you start and instantly give up on your prime goals?

Well played.

Originally Posted by AMPLine4Life View Post
I'm all about the JOY~! and PLH. We need to stop this senseless bickering about "looks" and "attitude" and bullshit like that and get along. We need to welcome the "noobs" and show them the ropes. WE NEED TO UNITE~! Stop the stupid ass bickering and be intelligent. If you resort to name calling because you were called a name, you're just as petty as them. In the end, we're all the same. No one is better than me and I am better than no one. If America can elect a black president, Wrestling Forum can come together and be a place of happiness instead of a place where people are afraid to post because of how they'll be looked at or a place where people don't even bother reading posts because they know it's shit. Stop the shitty bickering posting and use your brain and heart.
I like the internet, because it actually is pretty tolerant and objective. People don't call themselves names because they are racists or sexists, but because they are idiots. That's a step in the right direction. Real weakness are mostly ignored. They actually are. Many posters just act different, because they've learned to use as a weapon what isn't naturally there. Of course pacificm itself would be preferable, but - lets be serious - it even annoys most people in situations where it is necessary. Using pacifism also in unnecessary areas of our lifes would drive the "good" rest of us insane, too.

Speaking with the words of the great Roger: "We need to let our bitchiness out."

Originally Posted by AMPLine4Life View Post
I apologize to everyone I've ever offended on this site. I apologize to anyone I've talked to on MSN where I've brought up stupid shit like "forum politics" or w/e. I apologize for taking things far too serious in the past. I apologize if I've ever called you a name. I truly am sorry.
People don't like to get apologies, when they are not entirely focused on them. That's why not apologizing at all gets far more social sympathy and respect than being self-critical and sorry for one's mistakes. True strenght however lies in apologizing anyway. But you generally apologizing give the apology a bad name. Won't do anyone good but your ego. You should rather lead by example and become a beacon of integrity. -- I could invite you to our club meeting?!

Originally Posted by AMPLine4Life View Post
Spread the JOY~! Spread the PLH. Everyone here is good people whether you think so or not. Together we can get along and create a place of fun.


JOY~! & PLH 4 Ever.

I love you all. <3
...Michael? O_O

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Re: JOY~! & PLH

I tried to make a thread in the Entertainment section with a bunch of different people from around the world singing Stand By Me but I screwed the YouTube link up and Derek had no choice but to close it. It would have brought joy and hope to the entire forum if I hadn't screwed it up.

I'm sorry about that.

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It's Not Paranoia....
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Re: JOY~! & PLH

How gay. How really gay. I don't even know what PLH, but I thought this joy stuff died after Christmas.

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Sexual Wankpheasant
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Re: JOY~! & PLH

JOY~! will never die.

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