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Re: Fuck you mods

Well, my view. It's just like in life. Be yourself, and the one's who you'll acctualy benefit from growing a bond with will notice ya. Over do it, and you'll be hated instantly.

I agree, with the plethora of members we have now, it's deffinately hard to shine through. But just cuz our tongues ain't up your asses all the time doesn't mean we don't like havin ya along for the ride.

The point here is to make one. If it gets beyond that and you become a friendly face, brownie points for you! But that's not the reason this place was created. It's FOR us...not ABOUT us.

But I concur. Post counts do speak to people's views. Just to a limited extent. I'll be teeterin the 1500 mark pretty soon. (That's over 2 years time...where as people are beyond that, and have been here for 3 months. Not really that effective a tool to use if ya ask me) But that's not why people respect (for the most part) my posts. I entertain ya's, but I make ya's think. I also stick to my beliefs. Where as some people, in the name of acceptance, plate cate others. Either cuz they're new, or lack posts/rep. But that's my measuring stick when it comes to how I view someone. If you can stay true to what you write, you'll rate highly in my book. But if you're just posting for the shit's and giggles. Well you get the idea.


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Re: Fuck you mods

I am not one to make decisions, or even to suggest since I dont have any authority or anything, but maybe there should be a few more MODs because many have left or been inactive latley. For instance, the sports forum. Octacon MODs it but hasnt been on in quite some time, November something and A-Dust hasnt posted there in months. It seems like it is an unmoderated forum. Rajah left, Nitemare is currently gone and the only Admin is Cody and Flash is the only good super mod, A-Dust doesnt really do much. (they do a good job).

Crunch seems to keep the womens forums in check pretty good, and BTB really has no one looking after it. I dont visit the wrestling forums too much anymore so I dont know how things are there but what I am trying to say it seems as there has been a lack of staff latley and possibly getting a few more may help? Just my opinion.
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Re: Fuck you mods

Flash isn't admin.
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Re: Fuck you mods

Super mod*....Cody is the only active one then.
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Re: Fuck you mods

You don't have to capitalize mod.
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Re: Fuck you mods

Felt like it, k?
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Re: Fuck you mods

I personally don't think we need any more mods. I have yet to see any major problems with any of the outside forums (outside of Anything) and I think they're doing a pretty good job. Topics are closed when they need to be, and they get the job done.

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Re: Fuck you mods

Originally Posted by I_AM_SlaM
One I can list is Jake_p53. Kid's not even 100 posts in and I've yet to see a shitty/nOOb-ish one yet. If he keeps it up he'll be a respected poster in no time. (Think he's only 14, but his maturity is far beyond that. Shows in his posts)
Thanks a lot, I've mentioned before that I'm interested in writing and the feedback is appreciated. You were right, I am posting here. I was a bit slow to find this, but sure enough I've found it. LOL, BTW, sorry to dissapoint dude but I'm not Hankey...

Anyway, I obviously haven't been around this place to long, but I do find some threads disinterest me. Others are good though, and there are people around who know what they're talking about and make good points. Others however, are quite the opposite. Leave the Adminstrators etc. alone too, I can see how damn hard it can be to try and run this place along with a social life, job, and all the other things. You would have to get on here every day. Spending all that time cleaning up this place and closing threads etc. just to make a few people happy. They sacrifice their time, and they shouldn't be bashed and pushed around about a few annoying threads. If the threads are that bad, don't read them.

I also agree with Cody I think it was. This place should be loose and carefree, not full of people being banned for saying one swear word. You don't want to be going over your post with spellcheck or something in order to not be banned.

That's my say.


The End

Responding to the 'Umaga's mum passes away' thread

Originally Posted by RiCkeH View Post
Umaga used to be Rikishi??..

Damn, I dont see it really...


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Re: Fuck you mods

I think that if people are posting in a thread, no matter how stupid it sounds, it shows that there is interest and it should be allowed on that merit.

Plus, really, some of them have been kinda funny in their own way. Don't you feel sorry for the kid who obviously had nowhere else to turn to but a bunch of wrestling fans to ask a question that's obviousy bothering him about his penis?!

And regardless of the origin of the penis/breast size question, it got people talking. And again, it was funny reading about how almost everyone on this site has an enormous cock... it could be the only time they can pretend. Okay, I know that's a stupid comment, but still. It wasn't doing any harm.

There's nothing forcing anyone to enter all the threads. If something looks like crap, it's easy enough to ignore it... And if people want to reply to something that they find interesting, or amusing or just plain stupid, they should be able to do that.
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Re: Fuck you mods

i agree with allie
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