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Nitemare 10-11-2006 07:11 PM

I posted this in the staff section a minute ago, and figured I'd post it here as well. No telling what will happen, and I don't particularly care anymore.

Frankly, looking at this forum right now pisses me off. To see those who are staff, unbanned, and quite basically...it's just annoying. You don't do what I ask, VerticalScope.

I have spoken to Rob and he seems to be on my side as far as what should be done, and that I should have my original 'power' back. But you do nothing.

It's been a long time in coming, but I'm going to go ahead and say it, and whatever consequences might come, I don't give a fuck. Fuck you. You suck at what you do, the server sucks, you don't listen, and you're about as intelligent as one of my own admins as far as technical shit goes. You are worthless, and have no business trying to run these forums in my absense, and you shouldn't even be a tech support worker. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAINTAIN A SERVER.

Go ahead, do as you please. The forums have gotten more popular, but with spam, unwanted posts, and people who won't make you much money anyway. I am disgusted by this. Amish screwed me over, but fuck you: I won't waste my time on your bullshit.

If you don't get who that's directed to, it's whoever is in VerticalScope who is controlling these forums. I don't care who you are, whatever. You've done nothing I've suggested, you've lied (as has Rob).

Where's our new design? Domain? Where's my FTP?

Fuck off. Seriously. I'm bored of this. You could have made things right, but you've procrastinated way too long, have done nothing to solve the problems these forums face. Rather sad since I've been here almost 5 years and have ran the place successfully.

.Air Hendrix. 10-11-2006 07:17 PM

Re: WEForums
It must suck to see something you worked so hard for turn into this. Not saying I don't like this place, but I firmly believe that when you promise something, you get it done.

HxC Rev 10-11-2006 07:17 PM

Re: WEForums
Well, about time we had another good, heartfelt rant.

I'm not fully aware on the situation at hand, but from what I have heard, I agree with you completely. They need to give you back your power; I think this place would run a lot better because of it. Lately all I really see is a bunch of mindless morons posting--something that this place really doesn't need.

But then again, I haven't been here that long, what do I know? Oh well. You have my support either way.

O'Haire 10-11-2006 07:20 PM

Re: WEForums
What you say is right I must say, granted you and I failed to agree much in the past, but you really have been getting the short end of the stick after all the work you put into WEF over the years.

A promise is a promise, I support you on this one.

Josh 10-11-2006 07:22 PM

Re: WEForums
I'm not really sure on what to say, but I guess I agree. Giving your power back would help the Forums run better.

Sir Patrick Stewart 10-11-2006 07:23 PM

Re: WEForums
You have the right to a opinion and you are saying what is on your mind. I was gone when the ownership of this place changed. So I have no imput into who the runs this place. You were promised something, and they never came though. This place does need to be updated. It's been the same for a few years now. But welcome to life. You will get screwed over once in a while.

Role Model 10-11-2006 07:25 PM

Re: WEForums
Honestly I can't believe you're still hanging around, you've been screwed over so much in the past few months what with the hassle with Amish and now this. Every member knows this place has suffered without you at the helm. This place just needs some proper management and attention from the people who are in control.

After all the effort you have put into making this place what it is, for you to be in the place you are, just isn't right.

Infamous Canibus 10-11-2006 07:25 PM

Re: WEForums
That shit is fucked, NM. You should be granted your old power back, after all you've done for this place, they treat you like this? It's bullshit. You've been here five years and don't deserve to receive the shorter end of the stick.

Tnarocks 10-11-2006 07:26 PM

Re: WEForums
Finally i meet the almighty Nitemare, the pleasure is myne.

I like these forums allot but there is way too much spamming.

Having mod experience in many forums i think the staff around here needs to step up their game.

With that being said, i support your rant!

Caligula 10-11-2006 07:26 PM

Re: WEForums
Yeah, is verticalscope controlling the forum now?

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