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Re: WEForums

Well, no matter how much Nitemare is being held back by the new administration, atleast he has the confidence in his veteran posters to be behind him and take the matter seriously for the betterment of the boards.

*looks at last three pages*

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Re: WEForums

Personally, I think the skin is great. Other forums look sloppy, but this one pretty clean cut.
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Re: WEForums

What happened to that notice about updating the server or something like that about a week ago? The forums seem just the same.
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Re: WEForums

Originally Posted by Powerhouse™
What happened to that notice about updating the server or something like that about a week ago? The forums seem just the same.
I'm pretty sure they gave us a new server.

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Re: WEForums

^^ yeah the top of the page now says verticalslope communities which I don't believe it did before. Either this new owner needs to actually make his presence known or give Nitemare his power back because he was very good at what he did.

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Re: WEForums

Originally Posted by Spartanlax
Mods cannot ban, at all. Only Super Mods and Admins.

If I could ban, the member count would drop significantly. I shouldn't have that power.
Somebody give this man more power...& quickly!

I was only talking to Cody about you last night Leesus...sorry it went this way.

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Re: WEForums

Originally Posted by Nitemare
I posted this in the staff section a minute ago, and figured I'd post it here as well. No telling what will happen, and I don't particularly care anymore.

Frankly, looking at this forum right now pisses me off. To see those who are staff, unbanned, and quite basically...it's just annoying. You don't do what I ask, VerticalScope.

I have spoken to Rob and he seems to be on my side as far as what should be done, and that I should have my original 'power' back. But you do nothing.

It's been a long time in coming, but I'm going to go ahead and say it, and whatever consequences might come, I don't give a fuck. Fuck you. You suck at what you do, the server sucks, you don't listen, and you're about as intelligent as one of my own admins as far as technical shit goes. You are worthless, and have no business trying to run these forums in my absense, and you shouldn't even be a tech support worker. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAINTAIN A SERVER.

Go ahead, do as you please. The forums have gotten more popular, but with spam, unwanted posts, and people who won't make you much money anyway. I am disgusted by this. Amish screwed me over, but fuck you: I won't waste my time on your bullshit.

If you don't get who that's directed to, it's whoever is in VerticalScope who is controlling these forums. I don't care who you are, whatever. You've done nothing I've suggested, you've lied (as has Rob).

Where's our new design? Domain? Where's my FTP?

Fuck off. Seriously. I'm bored of this. You could have made things right, but you've procrastinated way too long, have done nothing to solve the problems these forums face. Rather sad since I've been here almost 5 years and have ran the place successfully.
Although I haven't seen it, but heard it, you probably did run the place well. I'm not going to bash the owners, but they should give you more power. You need the FTP access, and we aren't affiliated with Wrestling-Edge anymore, so why are the owners waiting? New skin? Well I couldn't care less. But Nitemare, I hope all goes well with you, and I hope you get your Administration Abilites back to the fullest.

Shady is a mastermind^
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Re: WEForums

I understand your frustration, it would be no fun for anyone to see their own creation undone and misused by others, while having no power to change such. I agree that a promise should be enough for action, especially as you still hold a staff position within the forum, but sadly in the business world promises mean little without contracts. I hope for the forum's sake that you regain your previous position, and for what little its worth I support you on this.
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Re: WEForums

Trigger, Nitemare banned a guy for talking to him on AIM once (and being a total n00b).

And as for you Nitemare, I'm backing Ghetto Anthony on this one. Why? Because he beat me to it. I've always liked you but I don't get what you are asking. I'm still 100% sure you can IP ban and close topics, do you really need the ability to change a skin to save WEF? You talk about getting screwed but I don't understand, you never expected any money from this place. So what if Amish is a liar, so what if these new owners suck. I can still navigate these forums with great speeds as can everyone else. You got the power to ban don't you? I say use it.

Edit: And if you change our skin, we can no longer have white text.

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Re: WEForums

It was promised when the forum changed hands it would improve. Has it????

Nitemare, don't worry about it. Let them dig their own hole.

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