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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

EDIT: Request fulfilled.

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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
You're the man Starbuck, perfect. Thank you very much.
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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

I got two.

Last Post: A long time ago.

Details: A dark blue background. I'm not too good with sizes, so whatever is the norm for the banners at the start of shows.

Text: None.

Pics: Smackdown logo from 2003 with Brock Lesnar on the left side, Kurt Angle with the Undisputed WWE Title belt in the center and John Cena on the right.

Preferred Artist: Anyone.

Banner 2

Details: Elimination Chamber style chain over a black background.

Text: Survival of the Fittest along the top and then the date 19 October 2003 wrote across the bottom in small print.

Pics: Brock Lesnar (Behind the chain) and the No Mercy logo in the center just over the date.

If someone makes these for me (Which would be awesome) then PM me.

This is the Cult of Personality

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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Hey graphic makers! wondering if any of yaul can make a few graphics for my BTB

Request one: RAW banner

pretty simple, the RAW symbol with John Cena, the rock, and CM Punk on it. Not picky

Request two: Smackdown banner.

Smackdown symbol, Wade barrett, Sheamus, Mark Henry

Request three: New PPV: WWE ROADBLOCK

This PPV is a new PPV i invented that comes before Wrestlemania. Something with CM Punk. standing in front of a roadblock on a highway and police lines and pylons with two Toronto police cars on either side. the date of the event is March 4th 2012

I would totally appreciate it!!
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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Hi guys,

could anybody make a "21st Century Wrestling" logo, very much in the vein and style of this Skrillex logo? Much thanks in advance, if possible.

I can't yet post links, so if you type "Skrillex logo" into Google Images, it is the first image that appears. Thank you!
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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Last request a while ago xxx

If someone would be as king as to make me a poster, I would be more than grateful. It's a PPV post for Hrd Justice (NOT HARDCORE JUSTICE, HARD JUSTICE!)

I would like pictures of Austin Aries, Mr Anderson and Bobby Roode please. Other than them three, the logo and a tagline saying "Highway To Hell or a Stairway To Heaven?" then the rest is up to you. Do as you please with it, they're the only three things I require. I would love you forever and will reward you with rep/credits whatever.

There's no rush - obviously the sooner the better, but anytime will do, tbh. Anybody feel free to have a go, I'll be grateful for any attempts, as I'm no whizzkid on Photoshop or GIMP or whatever you guys use. Thanks in advance, broskis.


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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Edit: I lost all my work for this inparticual thread, and I don't think I will be restarting it. I apologise for any inconvinience.

Thanks again.

A New Be The Booker
..Coming Soon...
I Promise..

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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Last Request: Over a month ago

I need a Backlash poster and a few match banners made for my thread. If anybody feels generous enough to help me out, PM me for the details. Thanks in advance.

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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Never requested before........hopefully someone can help me out

Looking for a PPV banner

What I wanted was a side view of John Morrison (the heel) on one side and Daniel Bryan (the face)on the other facing one another, also the Summerslam logo should be prominent

Rep to anyone who can help me out, PM me if you get the chance to
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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Last request was years ago. Just looking for a company logo with the initials PPW in an edgy ECWesque design, with Premier Pro Wrestling under the Initials in smaller writing. Ideally the size should be 300 pixals width and 150 pixals Length. Not to bothered about colours etc. Also it would be great if you could do the exact same design with the initials only at 75 pix width and 45th pix length. Rep to any attempts.
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