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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Originally Posted by Strikin. View Post
Can somebody please make this
Give them time. It's only been a couple of days. Being pushy won't help you get any graphics done.
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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Spam: Okies!

Originally Posted by Kaiju View Post
Let Me explain something to you.......................No one cares about TNA. TNA is a glorified indy promotion that was able to take some of the WWE's aging and broken stars and give them a home. They dont have good ratings, ppv buyrates or advertising. The reason its not sold out is simple. TNA is not the WWE and never will be. Have a nice day. Changing their time slot and day will not change this nor will taking them out of Orlando since its obvious even when they do leave Orlando people do not come to the show
Obviously this guy knows what other people like.

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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

400x200 - Simple WWE one - With Mr McMahon, Vickie Guerrero and Teddy Long on it please.
Quite large - Raw - Cena, Edge, Big Show, JBL, Kane, Jericho, Benjamin, Dykstra.
Quite large - SD - Michaels, Orton, Hunter, Batista, Undertaker, Hardys, Punk, MVP.

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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

I got two banners I need


Last Request: None

Type: Banner

Size: Normal Banner size, I don't have photoshop I am unaware of the exact numbers

Wrestlers: Chris Benoit, Edge, Batista, Triple H

Raw Logo somewhere on it (not the current one, the one with the steel bars if you know what i mean the former one)


(Size & Type same as above)

Wrestlers: John Cena, John BRadshaw Layfeild, Booker T, Big Show

Smackdown logo somewhere on it, again not the current one the former one pre wrestle mania 22 please

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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Looking for someone to do me a WrestleMania 24 banner. Long way in advance? Sure. But I did the same for the last one, and it gives me something to aim for.

100million points up for grabs to the best design.

Similar in size to this;

Colours; Black and Gold

Need the logo to be this one though;

Or indeed, if you wish, use this one, and switch the 'V' and 'I' around;

Any of Edge, Christian, Cena, Orton and Kennedy on the banner would be great. As many and as few as you like.

Other details for the banner (text etc)
March 30 2008 - Phoenix, Arizona
"The Desert Classic"

Again, 100mil to the best banner. PM me any attempts.

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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Last Request: None

Type: I want one like when your watching raw and they talk about an upcoming match

Size: Dont know the size but like the normal ones people put for their matches

Wrestlers: CM Punk/Maryse face to face against Jigsaw from Saw/Gail Kim

I need a Raw Logo in the middle

Please Please Please Please Please and Thank You

Coming Soon JNH will be introducing his new BTB
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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

I need some banners made. Not willing to divulge all in here. If you're an artist and want to earn $10 Million, send me a PM and we'll talk.
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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Last Request: As far as I can remember, this is my first request.

Details: Red, with some gold if it works. I'd like it the same size as the graphics WCW_Rules has in his BTB.

Text: Font can be anything that works. I'd like the text "Shane McMahon's Championship Wrestling Alliance" with "Shane McMahon being above "Championship Wrestling Alliance" in a slightly smaller size. Use the sizes you think will be best for the graphic, though.

Pics: I'd like Shane McMahon in a suit as the main, central picture. Possibly Rob Van Dam and Mister Kennedy faded into the background if you can do that.

Preferred Artist: I like the graphics WCW_Rules has made, but I'm not really fussed on who does the graphic.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

Last Request: 28th July

Details: A main banner for my new thread- ICW

Text: Icon Championship Wrestling- The Revolution Has Begun

Pics: Eric Bischoff, Ken Kennedy {must be in the middle} and Hulk Hogan

Preferred Artist: Anyone

Banner #2:

Details: For my first PPV, Uprising.

Text: Once the Uprising starts where is there to hide?

Pics: A castle or some other dark themed picture in the background, possibly with a medieval war theme.
Samoa Joe, Ken Kennedy, Hulk Hogan and Rob Van Dam all in the poster.

Preferred Artist: Anyone

3rd Request
Uprising Match Banners
If you are willing to fufil my request please PM me so I can send you the PPV card.

<a href=,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>,00.jpg</a>
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Re: BTB Graphics Request Thread

I had a go.
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