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Learning to break kayfabe
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BTB Yellow Pages

BTB Yellow Pages

amrocky25 - AMRocky25 Presents: WWE – The Future
Andy362 - Total Nonstop Knockouts: An All-Women’s BTB
Apostle Lukes - CM Punk: A Destiny Changes
ASCS Shock - ASCS Shock Presents: TNA 2010 – The Revolution
BambiKiller - WWE: Smacked Down
Barry_Champlain - WCW 2000: New Blood Rising
Bartman - WWE: Era of Awesome
BauerFan - WWF 1998: What if Bret had Stayed?
BigMoney2323 - BigMoney2323 presents “2010: The Year of Change”
BkB Hulk - The World Wrestling Entertainment
calum132 – World Wrestling Entertainment 2005 - The Future’s Bright
captaincharisma2k5 - WWE: Dawn Of The Nexus
CoRyP2008 - TNA: It’s On Brother!
Crazian - Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem
DH - WWE: A New Year’s Revolution
douba-douba-e1013 - WWE: NXT Gen
Eazy C - Elite Wrestling Society
extremecharisma - WWE2008; Wasted Opportunities
FlyinStyles - WWE 2008: Bringin’ the Pain!!
greenchad1 - Diva Chaos: A Women’s Wrestling BTB Revolution
HarlemHeat - World Wrestling Federation ™
hello (: - Indy Circuit Pro Wrestling League
iMac - WWE: The Evolution Of Greed
Jae Jae - Golden State Wrestling: The Revolution Begins
JDawgWWE - WWE 2010 – Making The Best of a Bad Situation
JuulDK - Changes Are Gonna Come
Kamikaze™ - Total Nonstop Action – A New Regime
kid o mac - WWE 2010: The Return of Excellence
King Kames - World Wrestling Alliance
KOB - Global Wrestling Federation - Raw vs Thunder
KOP - WWE NXT: Season One
Legend - Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Now Stop Your Grinnin’ And Drop Your Linen
MattCharles - UWE: Universal Wrestling Empire
Melvisboy - Melvisboy’s WWE: The Comeback
Mizaniac - WWE 2010: It’s A New Day, It’s A New Generation
mj.s2005 - WWE: The End Of PG, And The Dawn Of A New ‘Era’
MyDeerHunter – WWE: A New Dawn
new_year_new_start - WWE 2010: Settle For Nothing!
Nige™ - WWE: A Strong Response
Nitro_4_Life - TNA 2010: Bischoff/Heyman Era
OML & leeroy-riz - OML & Leeroy Riz Present: WWE 2010: A New Beginning
PatMan - PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
Perfect Poster - WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption
RatedRKO31 - RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution
rhysus2006 - WWE ~ The Future Today
Shotokai - Shotokai presents: NWA Reborn
Sion316 - Sion316; WWE Rewritten
Stojy - Stojy Presents WWE 2004
Sykova - Pro Wrestling Association: The Future
thapeepshow - World Wrestling Entertainment: The Future Begins NOW!
The Absolute - How To Rebuild Pro Wrestling… From Scratch
The Analyst - The Analyst presents WWE Austin v Layfield
The Apple Pie - WWE: The Future Draws Near
The Storm - WWE 2006: “The Golden Era”
TheLoneShark - WCW 2007: Don’t Call It A Comeback…
the_enforcer4 - XPW: The Decade of Heyman
unholy profit - Inside The Mind Of The Viper - A Randy Orton Diary
Whiterhyno333 - Whiterhyno333 presents- The WWF 1986
Wolf Beast - Being The Booker

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Be the Booker Yellow Pages

World Wrestling Entertainment - Current (2008 - present)
*AJ1992 Presents: WWE Doing Things Differently! by Aj1992
*Heroes & Kid Comet Present WWE New Age by kid comet and Heroes
*JDawgWWE Presents...ECW 2009 by JDawgWWE
*My First be the booker by Laugh_king
*rKo presents WWE: A New Start by rKo
*The Death of a Legacy by ATW
*The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence" by LaurinaitisOSU and leoreriven
*PSVR Presents---WWE: The Comeback by PSVR
*TheRockIsCookin presents - WWE AS ONE! by TheRockIsCookin
*TKOW and WCW Rules Present WWE by TKOW and WCW Rules
*WWE: 2009 The Furture Is Here! by hadoboy
*WWE 2009- The New era begins by SCUK07
*WWE : A Jewel In The Rough by -$ohail-
*WWE: A Strong Response by Nige™
*WWE: After WrestleMania 25! by Bobby Lashley23
*WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy by Rock. and sbuch
*WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy by ~LetItRock
*WWE - Change Happens by Richard Flair
*WWE - GET IT! - SUMMER 2008 by sc2004, King Rated-R™ and A-Dust
*WWE, No Bull by JHardy99
*WWE: Reimagined by Rated-R Champ
*WWE: Return of Glory by Grendrill and Juvy
*WWE: The Acquisition of TNA by Coolquip
*WWE: The Afterlife by The_Showstopper
*WWE: The Draft Changes Everything! by craguuscool
*WWE: The Experience by Mr.English
*WWE: The Passing of the Torch by Cpt. Charisma
*WWE: The Start Of A Revolution by JohnBush2009, Jake Dauenhauer and Jacob McKinley
*WWE: The Unpredictable Age by y2j__legend
*X-Power presents WWE Raw 2009 by X-Power

World Wrestling Entertainment - Past (before 2008)
*2004 Was The Year - A Kanefan4e Production by Kanefan4E
*Being The Booker by Wolf Beast
*BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006 by BKB Star.
*ECW: An Alternative Path For The New Breed by ChainGangRed
*Edgehead2000 Presents- World Wrestling Entertainment: 2007 by Edgehead2000
*GardsJr Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007 by GardsJr7529
*Profit Presents: WWF 1997 by unholy profit
*Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006 by Renegade™ and PARANoIR
*Stojy Freak Presents: WWF by Stojy Freak
*The Fall and Rise of World Wrestling Entertainment by PatMan
*WWE 2003: Divide and Conquer by TheShaman
*WWE 2004: Aftermath Of Wrestlemania XX by calum132
*WWE 2005- Aftermath of Vengeance 2005 and Draft Lottery by Comedy Inc
*WWE 2005: The Rebuilding Process by J-Coke
*WWE 2007: The Aftermath and Legacy of WrestleMania by kid o mac
*WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption by Perfect Poster
*WWE Brand Extension (2002) by Lethal 619
*WWE: Cheaper By The Dozen by JD
*WWE: Revitalized - Keep Your Promises by 619indahouse
*WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury by The Notorious K.O.P
*Whiterhyno333 presents- The WWF 1986 by Whiterhyno333
*WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era by JBWinner
*WWF, WCW & ECW 2001: Aftermath Of The Invasion by TheLoneShark
*y2j__legend presents- WWE 2006 by y2j__legend

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling - Current (2008 - present)
*D-K-L Presents: TNA - Putting things right by D-K-L
*TNA 2.0 - Re-Inventing the iMPACT! (A Washington Redskins Production) by Washington Redskin
*TNA: A Change Cometh by ExtremeLeeClassic
*TNA - A New Era by Andy362
*Tna; my style (: by Mikoo92
*TNA My Way by JHardy99
*TNA : Never Cross Back by wheresthelove
*TNA NEW DIRECTION 2009 by MitsuharuMisawax9
*TNA Wrestling 2009 - A Competent Alternative by InstantClassic92
*Total Nonstop Action Wrestling by JayDeeSpur

Other Companies
*-Shoot Wrestling Federation- by SCSA101
*Bill Gates Presents the Gates Fighting Corporation by Cradle Shock
*Diva Chaos by greenchad1
*ECW - Politically Incorrect and Damn Proud Of It! by The Dolphin Master
*Exclusive Presents: International Women's Wrestling by Exclusive
*Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001- To Survive and Prosper by ruderrocket
*FCW-Future Superstars by WGW
*FWA - Future Wrestling Association by JuulDK
*GWE: Global Wrestling Entertainment by Alcoholic
*How To Rebuild Pro Wrestling... From Scratch by The Absolute
*Jman presents: Nature Boy Wrestling... WOO! by jman619hbk
*Last Man Standing: Season 1 by CM Punk'd
*Mad Wrestling by millar13
*Mr.King and Ryan Smith present ABWrestling by Mr.King and Ryan Smith
*MWW by bob2
*OW! Old-School Wrestling Roster - The Heels by ItsHotInYuma
*Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling! by Power
*Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition by 10mikebibby10
*Reborn: WCW 2009 by Denny Crane
*Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff Present: Elite Wrestling League by CM Crunk
*Ring of Honor by Smarties
*WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership by Szumi Horror
*WCW: Against All Odds! by Stewingum
*World Wrestling Order 2010 - A Young Businessman's Big Dream by Rockoff
*Worlds Bloodiest Wrestling by Nabz23
*WWL: The World Wrestling League by Patriot

*February 2009 Edition
*March/April/May 2009 Edition

Previous Threads
This section is designed to help people looking to improve by linking back to some of the forums top past threads, so nominate new threads.
*2004 Was The Year: A KF4E Production! by Kanefan4E
*2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death by DDMac
*Bradley presents - WWE: History Rewritten by Bradley
*Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001- Civil War, Fighting a Revolution, and Mediocrity by Szumi Horror
*JayDeeSpur Presents - World Wrestling Entertainment by JayDeeSpur
*Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen by Legend (formerly by Deadman_016)
*LLW - Legacy of Legends Wrestling by The BoogeyMan
*New Generation Wrestling! by JarMac
*PatMan Presents: WWE 2006 Revisited by PatMan
*Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling. by PARANoIR
*Renegade Presents: WWE 2003 - Now Go Home And Get Your Fucking Shinebox by Renegade™
*The Diary - Life After Death by NatureBoy™
*The WWE Chronicles by Emperor DC
*WWE 2008: No Turning Back Now by JBWinner
*WWE - "Get It!" by sc2004
*WWE: A New Year Revolution by DH.
*WWE: Now KF4E Is In Charge by Kanefan4E

Hall of Fame Inductees
This, as above, is just a link to the Hall of Fame inductees so people can better locate threads for certain people, especially for the first years inductees (like BERD88, F-5 and pcwcubs1).
*Big Evil Red Devil88
*Forever Delayed
*Hollywood Event
*Jushin Liger
*kid o mac
*Szumi Horror
*The Notorious K.O.P
*Wolf Beast


Grand Theft Wiki

"The wiki is pretty good. For some of the older games, where I just want to remember a particular person's name or a particular brand or something, it's probably in our records, but some of the detailed stuff from the wiki is amazing and we love it." - Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games.

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