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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread


Tajiri’s last televised match in a WWE ring occurred during the December 2005 edition of Sunday Night Heat in a match pitting him against Gregory Helms. Tajiri was outshined by Helms that night as he fell victim to Helms’ Shining Wizard. After the match, Tajiri delivered a touching farewell speech announcing that he would be returning to Japan. Tajiri received a standing ovation from the appreciative crowd as he gave thanks to both WWE and ECW. For the next few years Tajiri wrestled in the Orient, savoring his return back to his home country.

Shortly after his match with Tajiri, Gregory Helms returned to the Smackdown brand by capturing the Cruiserweight Championship at the 2006 Royal Rumble. Helms had a long tenure with the Cruiserweight Championship, holding on to it for over a year, breaking the previous record of 162 days which coincidentally belonged to Tajiri. In May 2007, Gregory Helms broke two vertebrae in his neck and the need for surgery put him on the shelf indefinitely.

In September 2008, Helms made his surprise return to WWE television. But because he was still 2 months away from being medically cleared to wrestle, Helms took a spot in the commentary booth alongside Tazz and Jim Ross. Reverting back to his arrogant tendencies, Helms dished out insults week in and week out to what he liked to call “lower-tier, second-rate wrestlers”. Helms hinted that when he finally returned back to the ring, Smackdown would be receiving a much-needed boost.

November 7, 2008 marked the night Helms was finally eligible to wrestle again. On this Friday night, Smackdown opened up with both Vickie Guerrero and Gregory Helms standing beside a mysterious pedestal; its contents hidden away by a black cloth. Vickie Guerrero announces to those in attendance that Gregory Helms has convinced her to reinstate the Cruiserweight Championship, a title that has been vacated since September 28, 2007. Gregory Helms rubs his hands in glee when Vickie removes the black cloth revealing the title that was once wrapped around Helms’ waist for 385 consecutive days.

When Helms reaches out for the title, Vickie stops him. She declares that in the spirit of competition it wouldn’t be fair to outright hand to belt back to Gregory Helms. Helms looks at Vickie in outrage. He asserts that he is the most deserving cruiserweight in the world, and that there is no reason why he shouldn’t be remade champion. Vickie smiles at Helms and reveals to him that in order to become Cruiserweight Champion for the 4th time of his career he would have to earn it. Vickie tells Helms that she has already booked Helms in a match tonight to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion. And his opponent would be another returning WWE superstar. Making his return from the Land of the Rising Sun, “The Japanese Buzzsaw” Tajiri.

Gregory Helms .vs. Tajiri

Tajiri steps out through the curtain and walks to the ring with a gigantic smile on his face, seemingly very happy to be back in the WWE. In complete contrast, the look on Helms’ face displays an entirely different emotion. Helms is visibly upset that the match is even happening in the first place. Helms tries to follow Vickie out of the ring to convince her to change her mind, but she ignores him and makes her way backstage.

Tajiri steps through the ring ropes and reacquaints himself with the aesthetics of the WWE ring by circling it a few times. With Vickie now out of sight, Helms realizes that he has no other choice but to take part in the match if he stands any chance to regain the Cruiserweight Championship. Helms hesitantly slides back in as the ref goes through the usual routine of showing the belt to both competitors before title matches. The ref hands the belt to the timeskeeper and asks for the bell to be rung.

The match gets underway and right from the get-go, Tajiri attacks Helms with a hail storm of his patented lethal kicks. As a result of Tajiri’s kicks, Helms stumbles backwards until he reaches the relative safety of the ring ropes for a rope break. Helms’ decision pays off because it prompts the ref to stop Tajiri from going after Helms for at least a count of 5. Helms orders the ref to back Tajiri further away. Tajiri obliges and takes a few steps backwards. Tajiri readjusts his wrist tape and smirks at Helms because he knows he got the best of him in that exchange.

Helms cautiously moves himself away from the ring ropes and heads back towards the middle of the ring where he tries to create a more methodical pace by locking up with Tajiri in an elbow-and-collar tie-up. Helms transitions the lock-up into a headlock and sends Tajiri off the ropes. Tajiri rebounds off the ropes and ducks under a leap frog from Helms. Tajiri bounces off the other sides’ ropes but this time gets tossed into the air with a back body drop from Helms. Tajiri’s back smacks against the canvas and Helms follows up immediately by synching in a surfboard stretch. Helms is now dictating the tempo of the match as he yanks Tajiri’s arms backwards while sticking his knee into Tajiri’s spine. With his mouth just inches apart from Tajiri’s ear, Helms begins to heckle Tajiri with obnoxious remarks. The ref asks Tajiri if he wants to give up but he shakes his head “no” in response.

Tajiri lifts his right leg and pounds the mat over and over again, trying to pump up the crowd in his favor. The crowd bursts into cheers trying to rally Tajiri back up. Tajiri uses the crowd’s response as a boost and gets back up to a vertical basis but he still has his arms tied back by Helms. Tajiri flips forward and escapes Helms’ grasp with an incredible dropkick to the sternum. Upon the sudden blow, Helms instinctively releases Tajiri’s arms and bowls over holding his stomach in pain. Tajiri quickly gets back to his feet and delivers a roundhouse kick to Helms’ chest. Helms doubles over from the hit. However, as Tajiri tries to follow it up with a spinning sole kick, Helms manages to capture Tajiri’s leg. Helms pushes Tajiri forward and backs off the ropes for some extra momentum before clubbing Tajiri in the back of his head with a diving forearm. They both rise up from the mats at the same time but Helms is the first to attack. Tajiri ducks a clothesline by Helms and trips him up with a double-leg takedown from behind. Tajiri sits on top of Helms’ back and begins to playfully massage Helms’ head by rubbing his hands in Helms’ hair. Tajiri’s creation of an artificial bad hair day infuriates Helms. Helms covers his head with his hands to try to stop Tajiri from prolonging the embarrassment. Tajiri stands back up, runs off the ropes and jumps on top of Helms’ prone back with a double stomp. On impulse, Helms’ reaches towards his back with his left hand to try to soothe the pain.

Helms is still grimacing from the pain caused by Tajiri’s double stomp when he gets pulled back up. Tajiri leans him against the ropes and launches him towards the other side with an Irish whip. But instead of rebounding off of them, Helms stops himself by holding onto the ropes. Helms flicks his hand forward as if to say he has had enough and exits the ring. Helms gathers his wits on the outside of the ring as Tajiri taunts him from the inside with a Japanese chicken dance. Helms is enraged at Tajiri’s antics. He stares at the crowd in disbelief as they applaud Tajiri’s hysterics with laughter. Helms tries to tell everybody that what Tajiri is doing is not funny but his words fall on deaf ears. Helms climbs back up to the apron. As soon as Tajiri goes after him, Helms jumps back to the arena floor and grabs hold of Tajiri’s feet. Helms yanks Tajiri off balance which causes him to fall to the mat. This gives Helms the opportunity to reenter the ring. Helms slithers back into the ring and drops a well-calculated elbow to Tajiri’s midsection. Helms gets right back up and puts a well-placed boot on top of Tajiri’s throat. Helms uses the ring ropes for added leverage as he steps on top of Tajiri’s throat as if it were a stepping stool. At the count of 5, the ref rips Helms away from the ropes. Helms holds his hands up into the air as if to plead innocent to any wrongdoing. Helms latches onto Tajiri’s leg and drags him to the center of the ring. Helms targets Tajiri’s abdomen with the point of his elbow before dropping down with an elbow drop. Helms hooks Tajiri’s leg for a pin cover…



Tajiri kicks out. Helms pulls Tajiri up and goes for an Irish whip but Tajiri counters with one of his own. Upon Helms’ arrival back to the center of the ring, Tajiri connects with a kick to the thigh. The sound reverberates throughout the entire arena. Tajiri extends the punishment with a combo of stiff kicks before he runs off the ropes. Helms tries to catch him off guard with a clothesline but Tajiri slides through his legs. Tajiri gets up to a vertical stance and strives for another roundhouse kick. Helms sweeps Tajiri’s foot away before it is able to make impact and captures Tajiri in a small package…



Tajiri kicks out. They both regain footing at the same time but Helms is the first to move. He takes a stab at knocking Tajiri down with a forearm but Tajiri reverses it into a backslide…



Helms kicks out. Tajiri runs off the ropes and attaches himself to Helms’ shoulders with a modified crucifix pin…



Helms kicks out again. Helms sits up and is a little dizzy from the fast paced pin attempts. Tajiri approaches Helms from the rear and knocks the pus out of him with a kick to the spine. The pain caused by the kick is smeared all over Helms’ face. Tajiri lifts Helms up and sends him off the ropes with an Irish whip. Tajiri drops down to the floor as Helms leaps over him and rebounds off the ropes again. Helms rejoins Tajiri back in the center of the ring but ducks under Tajiri’s clothesline. Helms runs off the ropes once again but sees Tajiri’s back hook kick coming and slides underneath Tajiri all the way out of the ring. Tajiri leans over the ropes to go after him but Helms seizes him in a modified headlock. Helms makes his way back up to the apron with Tajiri’s head still locked in a modified headlock. Helms scrunches up his fist and delivers a devastating strike to Tajiri’s face that sends him tumbling back into the ring. Helms steps back into the ring and simply stomps Tajiri in the face a couple of times to inflict more damage. He stands over Tajiri’s body and grabs hold of Tajiri’s face with both hands. He begins to wildly shake Tajiri by the head while shouting vile words at him. Helms roughly lets go of him but stomps him in the face again for good measure.

Helms makes his way to the turnbuckle corner to cool down before directing his attention back to Tajiri. Helms walks over to Tajiri and bends down to pick him up. Tajiri uses this opportunity to surprise Helms. Tajiri slides to his stomach and heaves his legs into the air, snaring Helms’ head with a headscissors. Tajiri holds on tight as he uses his arms to push up and add some leverage. Helms appears to be lassoed in tight as Tajiri squeezes his legs around Helms’ head with the headscissors. Helms doesn’t even seem to be able to put on a fight as the pressure builds from position he’s in, caught in between Tajiri’s strong leg muscles. Helms’ stamina appears to be fading as his body slowly droops down to the mat. Tajiri gets into a more comfortable position on the canvas but still remains affixed to Helms with the headscissors. Helms is now flat on his stomach still secured in Tajiri’s hold. The ref lifts Helms’ arm and lets it fall limp to the mat. He does it a second time and the same thing happens with Helms’ arm falling limp to the ring’s floor. The ref signals that he’ll be doing it for a third time and if the same equation occurs, he’ll have no choice but to call the match in Tajiri’s favor. However, as the ref tries to grab Helms hand, Helms brushes the ref’s hand away and drapes his left leg over the bottom rope for a rope break. The crowd groans in disappointment but Tajiri rises back to his feet and tells the crowd not to worry because it’ll all be finished when he connects with the Buzzsaw kick. Tajiri gets into his stance and waits for Helms to get back up so that he could execute his finishing maneuver. Helms uses the ropes to slowly get back up. He has his back turned to Tajiri so he has no clue what’s about to hit him. Helms turns around but immediately drops to the ground when he sees Tajiri’s leg flash in front of his eyes. Helms barely dodges Tajiri’s kick as he crawls out of the ring as if a grenade was about to explode.

The crowd erupts in boos. They are not pleased with Helms’ cowardly ways. Helms slowly backpedals up the entrance aisle to gather some time to regroup. But Tajiri is not going to allow it. He exits the ring in pursuit of Helms. Helms holds out his hands and urges Tajiri to give him a break. Tajiri ignores him and goes after him despite his request for mercy. Helms takes a few clumsy steps backwards but still manages to gain the advantage over Tajiri by thrusting his right leg forward with a kick to the sternum. Helms corrals Tajiri into his arms for a scoop slam but before he could slam him down into the entrance ramp’s cold hard steel, Tajiri breaks loose. Tajiri falls to his feet behind Helms but swings and misses with a kick. Helms dodges out of the way of Tajiri’s kick and retreats backs to the ring. Tajiri follows Helms and snags one of his legs before he could slide his whole body back into the ring. Tajiri tugs Helms out of the ring but finds one of Helms’ thumbs wedged into his eye. After his cheap shot, Helms quickly scurries back into the ring as Tajiri rubs his eye with the back of his hand trying to regain his vision. Helms inches his way back up to his feet in the ring before running off the ropes. Helms takes aim at Tajiri on the outside of the ring and knocks him for a loop with a baseball slide. Helms stands up after the move but finds the referee insisting that he let Tajiri get back into the ring. Helms bypasses the referee and grabs onto the top rope before rocketing himself out of the ring with a suicide plancha. Unfortunately for Helms, Tajiri regains enough of his vision in time to see Helms descending upon him from the inside of the ring. Tajiri shifts his body out of the way and crushes Helms’ midriff with a vicious kick. After feeling the brunt of Tajiri’s kick, Helms ends up on all fours as if he were about ready to puke into a bucket. Tajiri slips back into the ring and waits for Helms to get back in the ring so that he could finish the match once and for all. The ref starts to count Helms out…

At the count of 7, Helms hobbles up to his feet and uses the ropes to climb back onto the apron. Helms asks the ref to make Tajiri back away before getting back inside of the ring. Helms staggers back into the ring but falls to one knee still feeling the effects of Tajiri’s kick. Tajiri looms over Helms but receives an elbow to the stomach from Helms in the process. Helms grabs hold of Tajiri’s head and spins him around, looking to execute a neckbreaker. Helms drops down to the canvas but instead of planting Tajiri down with him like he should have, he ends up being hitting the canvas empty-handed. Tajiri managed to slip out of Helms’ grasp like a wet bar of soap by holding tightly to the top rope. Helms caresses the back of his head in agony as Tajiri pulls him up to a standing position. Tajiri anchors him over to the turnbuckle corner. Tajiri wrenches Helms’ arm before sending him to the opposite coast with an Irish whip. Helms crashes backfirst into the corner before Tajiri charges after him. However, before Tajiri can lay a hand on Helms, Helms hoists his boot right into Tajiri’s face. Helms switches position with Tajiri and lays into him with right hands. Helms hooks his arm and sends him careening to the opposite corner. Helms charges after him but is unable to react in time to Tajiri vaulting in the air. Tajiri hovers over Helms and lands on his feet as Helms collides with the turnbuckle pads. Tajiri grabs Helms’ hand but fails to Irish whip him back to the opposite corner again because Helms counters it. While midway across the ring, Helms counters the Irish whip and kicks Tajiri in the midsection. Instead of Irish whipping Tajiri to the corner, Helms decides to send him off of the ring ropes. Tajiri ducks under Helms’ clothesline and rearranges Helms’ face with his trademark handspring back elbow. Tajiri goes for a cover…



Helms gets his shoulder up. Tajiri backs Helms into the corner before shooting him off to the opposite corner. Tajiri rushes after him but is hurled into the air by Helms with a back body as he reached the corner. But instead of crashing to the outside Tajiri manages to land on the apron. He nabs Helms by the head before ramming him into the turnbuckle. Tajiri slingshots himself back into the ring and pelts Helms’ in the corner with a spinning back elbow. Tajiri kicks Helms in the abdomen before firing him to the opposite corner with an Irish whip. Helms cranes his boot into the air hoping to thwart off Tajiri’s running attack but Tajiri stops himself and foils Helms’ plan. Tajiri holds onto Helms’ foot which forces him to hobble on one foot. However, since Helms is in the corner he is able to use the ropes to keep himself from falling. Helms uses his positioning to his advantage. He uses the ropes to steady himself and kicks Tajiri in the face with his free leg. Helms grabs Tajiri by his hair and tights and sends him barreling through the ropes to the outside.

Helms gathers his bearings on the inside of the ring before heading outside. Helms snatches Tajiri by the hair and bashes Tajiri’s face off the apron before rolling him back inside. Helms pulls Tajiri up and locks in an inverted facelock. Helms gestures for his finishing move, the Nightmare on Helms Street. Helms twists his body around looking to drop Tajiri with his high speed spinning headlock elbow drop but Tajiri counters it by transitioning into a waistlock. Tajiri rolls Helms up with the O’Connor roll and turns it into a pinning predicament…



Helms kicks out. Tajiri runs off the ropes looking to continue the attack but runs right into a drop toe hold off the ropes by Helms. Helms rises up and sees Tajiri sprawled against the middle rope, a prime opportunity for a leapfrog body guillotine. Helms runs off the opposite side’s ropes and then runs full speed ahead at Tajiri before sandwiching Tajiri with the second rope with a body guillotine. Helms stays in this position, applying pressure to Tajiri’s throat against the rope. At the count of 5 he’s forced to break the hold by the referee. Helms has a huge grin on his face, satisfied to be in control of the match once again. Helms asks the crowd if they want to see him pull off the move again but does not receive a warm response. Helms pays no attention to the crowd’s boos and goes ahead and repeats the move a second time. After the move, Helms cockily circles the ring with his arms in the air as if he thought a spotlight was on him. The arena echos with boos because the crowd does not appreciate Helms’ piss-poor attitude.

Helms drags Tajiri back to the center of the ring with a handful of hair and acts as if he had just reeled in a fish and was showing it off. With Tajiri in this weakened state, Helms scrunches up his fist and simply punches him in the face with a straight right hand. Tajiri falls to the canvas and Helms hooks his leg with a lazy cover…



Tajiri kicks out. Helms shrugs his shoulders as if it were no big deal and pulls Tajiri up to a vertical basis. Helms hooks Tajiri into an inverted facelock and gestures for the move he was unable to pull off earlier in the match, the Nightmare on Helms Street. Helms playfully wipes his forehead as if he had broken into a sweat before planting Tajiri into the canvas with the high speed spinning headlock elbow drop. Helms hooks Tajiri’s leg…



Tajiri kicks out and Helms can’t believe it. Helms looks at the ref in shock as he claps his hands together thinking it had to have been a 3 count. Helms violently lifts Tajiri up and locks in a tight headlock. The recent nearfall has evidently riled Helms up. Helms roughly wrenches at Tajiri’s head, his mood turned sour. Helms crams his fingers into a ball and lays into Tajiri‘s head with a series of hard right hands. Helms liberates Tajiri from the headlock and runs off the ropes. Helms ascends into the air but overshoots Tajiri, missing his diving clothesline. Helms picks himself up but walks right into a boot from Tajiri to the gut. Tajiri pilots Helms over to the ropes and Irish whips him across the ring. Tajiri seeks a roundhouse kick but Helms skirts out of the way and bounces off the ropes again before knocking Tajiri down with a shoulder block. Helms changes direction and runs off the ropes to his right. Tajiri rolls over to his stomach but Helms easily hops over him. Helms rebounds off the ropes and ducks under a leap frog from Tajiri. Helms springs off the ropes again as Tajiri rolls backwards hoping to catch him off guard with a modified monkey flip. However, Helms sees it coming and intercepts Tajiri by pulling him up to his feet. Helms links hands with Tajiri and Irish whips him across the ring. Helms bends over in preparation for a back body drop but gets his face smattered by a kick from Tajiri. Helms lurches backwards from the kick but wards off a second kick from Tajiri. Helms slings Tajiri’s leg away and goes for a forearm strike but Tajiri reverses it into a backslide.

But Helms doesn’t allow Tajiri to take him down for the pin. Helms implements a counter of his own. Helms has Tajiri in position for an inverted double underhook mat slam but Tajiri slips out. Tajiri hitches onto Helms’ right arm and kicks him in the chest with a succession of roundhouse kicks. Tajiri goes for an Irish whip on Helms but Helms reverses it. Helms waits for Tajiri in the center of the ring so that he could execute a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Helms twirls Tajiri like a baton with the tilt-a-whirl but instead of slamming Tajiri over his knee, Helms is reversed by Tajiri and is tossed into the air with a jaw-dropping monkey flip.

Helms holds onto his lower back in pain from his awkward fall to the canvas after the monkey flip. Tajiri lifts Helms up and puts him in a front face lock. Tajiri grabs onto the side of Helms’ tights and carries him into the air looking for a brainbuster but Helms frees himself out of the move and lands back on his feet behind Tajiri. Helms drops down to the mat and pulls Tajiri with him with a school boy…



Tajiri kicks out and crawls back to the ropes. Helms goes for another school boy but Tajiri latches onto the ropes to block it. Tajiri spins around and sits on top of Helms for a pinning combination…



Helms heaves his legs and hooks Tajiri’s arm to reverse the pin with a roll-up of his own…



Tajiri kicks out. Helms falls to his back exhausted, needing a momentary recess. Helms uses the ropes to pull himself back up and waits for Tajiri to stand back up. Helms seems to be buying his time as he waits for Tajiri to rise up. Tajiri staggers to his feet and turns around… Superkick!

But Tajiri goes for a kick of his own at the very same time. This results in an ill-fated moment for Helms as the point of Tajiri’s boot collides with Helms’ groin in an unintentional low blow. However, both Helms and Tajiri are laid out on the floor as Tajiri did not get by unscathed. Even though it happened at the very same time Tajiri kicked him where the sun don’t shine, Helms was still able to drive his boot into Tajiri’s jaw with the superkick. The ref decides not to disqualify Tajiri for the low blow because he concludes that it was done accidentally. Instead, the ref begins a countout.

At the count of 7 Helms stumbles up to his feet and confronts the ref over the low blow. The ref explains to Helms that he ruled the low blow an accident. This infuriates Helms as he continues to argue with the referee over the incident. Helms’ verbal dispute with the referee gives Tajiri a little extra time to get back up. When Tajiri finally does get back up he sees that Helms’ attention is diverted. Tajiri races after Helms and climbs on top of his back before locking in his signature submission move, the Tarantula. Helms bellows out in pain as his limbs get stretched by Tajiri’s hanging Boston crab. Tajiri releases the move before the count of 5 and lingers over Helms waiting for him to get back up to finish him off. Helms uses the corner turnbuckles to pick himself back up but backs right into Tajiri’s arms. Tajiri locks Helms in a full nelson and appears to be going for a dragon suplex. Helms shoves his left elbow backwards and it catches Tajiri in the face. Helms escapes and drops down to his knees. He takes Tajiri down with a fireman’s carry takeover and snares Tajiri’s right leg. Helms tows Tajiri to the center of the ring and twists Tajiri’s leg as if going for a spinning toe hold. But Tajiri finds a way out of it by using his free leg to thrust Helms forward into the ropes. Tajiri gets back up and strolls over to Helms. Tajiri secures him with a waistlock looking for a possible German suplex. But Helms utilizes a stand and switch and has Tajiri in his own version of a waistlock. Helms makes use of his remaining strength and sends Tajiri over his head into the canvas with a German suplex. But Helms doesn’t release his hold on Tajiri as he gets right back up and plants Tajiri with yet another one. Helms still isn’t through yet as he gets back up and launches Tajiri with a 3rd consecutive German suplex. However, the weight of the match has taken its toll on Helms’ body as he is unable to hold onto a bridge in order to get the pin over Tajiri. Helms has expensed all of his energy in that last German suplex as he is unable to continue the offense. Once again, the ref starts a double countout but Helms shows signs of life at the count of 4. Helms crawls at a snail’s pace over to where Tajiri is but finally drapes his arm over Tajiri for a cover.



Tajiri gets his shoulder up. Helms dips his head in frustration. Helms digs into the last remnants of his energy supply and slowly staggers up to his feet. He looks down at Tajiri and then looks at the top rope. Helms seems to have a top rope move mapped in his head as he marches over to the nearest corner. Helms leaves the inside of the ring to get to the apron where he begins his ascent to the top rope. Helms makes it to the top rope and glares at Tajiri, urging him to get back up. When Tajiri finally finds his footing, Helms flies through the air with a diving crossbody. But Tajiri promptly reacts to Helms’ towering shadow and sidesteps out of the way. Tajiri watches as Helms crashes and burns into the canvas.

Helms ends up on his knees clutching the front of his body in misery; the ideal setup for Tajiri’s finishing move. Tajiri gets into his stance and slaps the mat with his hands before setting in motion for the Buzzsaw Kick. Tajiri swings his leg at Helms like a boomerang but Helms somehow finds the inner strength to escape the trajectory of Tajiri’s lethal kick. Helms shoves Tajiri towards the corner and strolls after him. Step-up enziguiri! Helms absolutely levels Tajiri with the kick. Tajiri slumps to his knees. Helms gets to a vertical basis but saunters away from Tajiri instead of towards him. Helms finds his target again and charges at Tajiri, using the newly acquired distance to pick up speed. Shining Wizard! Helms cracks Tajiri in the side of his head with his finishing move. Helms hooks Tajiri’s leg for the cover…




Gregory Helms defeats Tajiri to become the new Cruiserweight Champion to the chagrin of the Smackdown fans. The grueling match appears to have drained the energy of both competitors. Helms can barely find enough energy to celebrate his victory as he sits up on the canvas in a visibly fatigued state. Tajiri is sprawled on the canvas blinking into the arena’s lights overhead, the effects of Helms’ Shining Wizard still raining down on him. Tajiri’s goal of recapturing Cruiserweight gold has been shattered by the hands of the newly crowned Cruiserweight Champion and winner of the match, Gregory Helms.

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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Quick Royal Rumble match I made to check my skillz. Rate, Hate and Debate.


The Winner will receive a World Championship Title Shot at WWE’s 23rd annual Wrestlemania!

ENTRANT #1: Kurt Angle
The arena sits down in disrespect, singing the lines of angles song with "You suck" as they always do and did. Kurt Angle - Entering at the worst possible Entrant no. Kurt Angle seems extremely paranoid as he is drawn #1, but enters the ring with one objective: Winning.

Styles: Well here comes the Olympic Gold Medalist, Looking to win the opportunity for the gold!

Cole: Yes, and he has been given the worst position in the entire match to deal with. If he is going to go to WrestleMania for his first time ever, I'm sure he'd love to do it this way.

Styles: You’re absolutely Right Cole, and you have to remember, He is the only Olympic Gold Medalist in the entire business of the WWE!

Cole: You are correct, let’s see who his first opponent will be in this grueling match.

ENTRANT #2: John Bradshaw Layfield
Mounds of Heat is piled on the second entrant of the contest also, as everything has high expectations with the two Main Eventers starting things off for the 2007 Royal Rumble Match. JBL isn't too happy about being one of the first two inside the thirty man match that could go on for hours

Cole: Well here comes JBL, definitely one of the favorites to win the match, But not at #2.

Styles: Yes, and we all know that you would like a JBL victory tonight

Cole: Indeed I would, an old friend and broadcast partner.

Styles: Okay, Back to the match. If you look at these two you pick up that Angle is a Gold medalist in the Olympics and JBL is a self proclaimed Wrestling God who is also the longest reining United States Champion in WWE History! How does that sum this up Cole?

Cole: It serves it up very well to be Honest with you Joey, I mean you've seen both of these men in action in recent weeks, You’ve seen there potential.


the two men stand in their respective corners, Stretching there legs and prompting one another. They then meet in the middle of the squared circle, Angle wants to go for a test of strength but Bradshaw hesitates and looks away. He turns and Nails Angle in the side of the head, knocking him to the mat to open the match.

Angle starts crawling backwards as he looks surprised at how great the punch from Bradshaw was. JBL waits for him to get up as they lock arms in the center of the ring. Bradshaw then shifts the move into a side headlock, wrenching it in on the Gold Medalist. Angle eventually Countered by pushing Bradshaw out of it with his right arm, causing Layfield to bounce off the ropes. As he shot at angle he dove and nailed the gold Medalist in the stomach. The crowd had no reaction as they hated both of the chosen superstars; JBL bounced himself off the ropes as Angle dove under Bradshaw who hopped over him, Angle got up as JBL bounced of the other rope. Angle Ran toward the charging JBL and nailed him with a clothesline. Angle then tried to wrench the Ankle lock but Bradshaw Countered with a kick to the sternum, sending Angle into the Turnbuckle.

Angle regrouped in the corner as Bradshaw kept the attack going. He bombed into the corner stomping all over the Olympic Gold Medalist as the referees on the outside attempted to break it up. JBL then lifted Angle and started pounding away at him, sending his body to lie across the turnbuckle. He was awake but lifeless. JBL climbed to the second Rope and started to pound away more...



ENTRANT #3: Rey Mysterio
Rey waists no time, Not making his normal entrance where he butts heads with Fans with masks, He sprints down to the ring, Quickly to get into the match up.

Styles: Here comes some San Diego Fight for you!

Cole: Yes, Certainly looking to mess these two up and win this coveted contest here.

Rey enters while Bradshaw gets off of Angle and Runs after Mysterio, Mysterio ducks under Bradshaw and Runs over and Hops onto Kurt Angle, Angle Pushed Mysterio off and he Nailed Bradshaw as Mysterio and JBL crash to the mat with a thud. Angle then charges over and Picks up Bradshaw, And Irish Whipped him into the ropes sending him onto the apron. Angle tries to eliminate Layfield as Mysterio Chimed in to eliminate him also. They were now both pushing on JBL! JBL gave Angle a right hand sending him into the ring and pushed Rey Mysterio in the head causing him to loosen his grasp. Layfield then head butted Mysterio causing him to turn around while backing up and was hit With THE ANGLE SLAM! Bradshaw climbed in the ring, under the second rope and Got into a Fist fight with Angle, Mysterio still lying on the mat.

JBL and Kurt Angle exchanged and Traded punches, Angle Then got 3 Right hands in on Layfield, Knocking Him to the Ground! Angle Ran over and was drop toe held by JBL in to a Boston Crab Maneuver! Mysterio Got up soon and broke up the Submission, and was Grabbing Bradshaw and Irish whipping him into the corner. Angle was Holding His Ankle and Mysterio saw that and Capitalized on it by having a Boston crab leg lock of his own! Bradshaw Charged over and nailed Mysterio in the head as the next entrant was about to come in....



CM Punk Enters the Arena to a large pop as he pulls of His T-Shirt as he runs down the ramp and Into the Match.

Styles: Well here comes one of the new-breed wrestlers, and boy I have seen this man wrestle before, And I like his chances.

Cole: You’re right Joey, He as just a unique style to get the victory, He mainly loves to use his feet as weapons Styles!

JBL was up, Angle was in excruciating pain, Holding his ankle and Mysterio was trying pull himself up off the ropes while Punk entered the ring. CM Punk first went after Layfield as He clotheslines him into the Ropes, Sending Him Flipping onto the Apron. CM Punk was hit with a Left hand and then a right from JBL, Knocking His grip off of The Wrestling God as Angle Came and Hit CM Punk from Behind, Sending him flying into the ropes, knocking JBL Onto The Announce Table, Following by him falling off behind it, Eliminated.


Bradshaw was really looking bad, not moving at all after being eliminated. CM Punk turned around and was hit with the Angle slam as well! Mysterio soon ran after Angle and Hit him in the back, Causing him to crash into the ropes, in perfect Posture for the 619! Rey Bounced off the opposite rope, Ready for his finisher when Angle Slithered under the bottom Rope and out of the Ring, Not being eliminated. CM Punk Got up and Charged after Mysterio who hit Mysterio in the back, sending Him to bounce off of the ropes As Rey hopped into the air upside down and hit him flipped making Punk do a Front flip and Landing on The Canvas.

Angle Got in the ring and nailed Rey in the back, causing him to fly On top of CM Punk. Angle Screamed in Anger and stomped on Rey Mysterio who was lying On the Legs of the Straight Edge Superstar. Kurt Angle gets onto the Top Turnbuckle and Hops over nailing the currently Standing CM Punk. CM Punk was knocked to the mat, as Rey Mysterio got up and teamed with Punk going After Angle. They bounced off of the ropes and Nailed Angle with a double Clothesline. They Then cam over to him and gave him an elbow. Mysterio then turned on Punk and Hopped and Kicked him in the back of the head, knocking him to the Floor. Mysterio got onto the top rope and Jumped for the Frog Splash but was CAUGHT IN MID AIR BY ANGLE! Angle carried Him towards the ropes and tossed him onto the apron, And tried to push him off but Rey slithered under the rope, and into the ring as the buzzer ticked down to the next entrant...



*SWAGGER*ENTRANT #5: Jack Swagger
The All American-American walks out and raises his arms with a cocky smile. He then walks with his own swagger down to the Ring. He doesn't Hustle, He just walks down the ramp, not "cool" enough to run.

And here comes the All American-American Jack...Swagger!

Yes and he is sure bound for a victory, after al this is his first ever Royal Rumble, Let alone his first Pay Per View!

Swagger Stands on The apron and hops into the ring and nails CM Punk with a devastating clothesline, then moving on to Kurt Angle. He picked Kurt Angle off the ropes and Irish whipped him into the turnbuckle. Swagger ran after Angle and tried to dive and hit him with a spear type maneuver but that missed as Swagger went flying through the Ropes, into the steel Ring post. Rey Mysterio Ran after CM Punk and CM Punk hit a cross body. Angle Pulled Swagger off he ring post and Irish whipped him into the second rope, Followed by Swagger hitting The Gut Wrench Power Bomb on Angle. CM Punk got off of Mysterio as Mysterio nailed Punk with a handful of kicks to the hamstring, trying to take him down. Swagger saw that and since Angle was down, He ran after Mysterio and grabbed his kicks to him, and Rey hopped around but CM Punk nailed Rey with a clothesline.

CM Punk and Jack Swagger were the last ones standing! CM Punk and Swagger got into a grapple in the Center of the ring as Mysterio started to get to his feet. CM Punk Irish Whipped Swagger across The ring and over the ropes sending his feet off the apron. CM Punk turned around Thinking that Swagger had been eliminated but he wasn't, He pulled himself back up! CM Punk went after Rey Mysterio who was now on his feet. Swagger was leaning against the ropes, holding on To the Ropes starting to melt down more and more. CM Punk Jumped Onto Rey and started to pound away, pumping his arm up and down like a piston. Jack Swagger was now in the ring and He ran after CM Punk. Swagger hopped up and Slammed Punk and Mysterio to the ground.

Both Men were down as Swagger got onto the top rope, waiting for one to Rise. CM Punk arose and Swagger Jumped attempting a flying Clothesline but Punk flew up, Drop kicking Swagger right square in the jaw, He was sent to the ground as CM Punk turned around to attempt to hit Mysterio, But was soon Right-Handed By Kurt Angle who was Finally Up!

Kurt continued the onslaught as he hammered away at the head of the straightedge superstar, completely dominating him as Mysterio Went over to destroy Swagger when the buzzer ticked down to the next entry…




ENTRANT #6: Finlay

The Fighting Irishman wastes no time after making his entrance to become a part of this match. Finlay Hustle to the ring, Accompanied by his dangerous Shillelagh. He carried that all the way into the match up!

Styles: Here Comes The Fighting Irishman Finlay!

Cole: Yes and I hope to god that we don’t see that little disgrace Hornswoggle

Finlay Came into the match up with Shillelagh, Which was knocked out of his hand as he swung it by Kurt Angle who finally let off of CM Punk and started hammering Finlay with Clotheslines as he tried to counter out of them, Which he did once when he finally hit an arm drag into an Arm bar. Mysterio was attacking the likes of Jack Swagger. Jack Swagger was getting beat down with kicks to just about every place on his body. CM Punk sprinted after Swagger as Mysterio Kicked him Punk lifted Swagger up for the GTS but that failed as Mysterio Kicked Punk in the leg.

That allowed Swagger to fall on CM Punk’s torso, driving the wind out of his lungs.

Meanwhile, Finlay was making his mark on Kurt Angle as he tried to tap but it was to no avail because the only way to be eliminated was to be thrown over the top. Angle soon countered out of it by Rolling Finlay into a side Headlock. Meanwhile, CM Punk was Still Down but Rey and Swagger were still up and active. Rey Mysterio pulled off a sunset flip on Swagger, as Punk started to get up.

Finlay broke out of the side headlock and flopped around on the ground. He soon picked his Irish Weapon up and he hit Angle with his Shillelagh. Angle fell backwards, bouncing off the top rope and Finlay hit Him with the Celtic cross! Meanwhile, Punk and Mysterio were exchanging Kicks when Mysterio hopped up onto CM Punk and used his legs to send him to the outside apron, And Rey Mysterio was Hit from behind by Swagger, Sending him into the ropes, Nearly Eliminating CM Punk, But he kept his grip on the ropes as he tried to enter the ring by pulling himself all the way over the ropes in a back flip-Motion. While Punk was upside down in that Motion Jack Swagger came up to push him over, but CM Punk Put his legs around Swagger’s Head and Moved Them forwards, Sending Swagger out of the ring, flipping onto the floor.

ELIMINATION #2: Jack Swagger by CM Punk

CM Punk then quickly flipped himself back into the ring as swagger tried to cheat his way to eliminating Punk. Mysterio was now pushing CM Punk who had turned around and CM Punk suddenly caught one punch and spun Mysterio in a 360 and lifted him up and Hit a GTS ON MYSTERIO! CM Punk then turned around as Finlay had the Shillelagh, He lifted it up into the air and struck FINLAY WITH A GTS! Angle ran after Punk, attempting to stop the charade of CM Punk Finishers, But as you all guessed, he fell victim to a GTS ON ANGLE! CM Punk yells in astonishment that he has hit the Go to sleep on all the men in this match so far! Entrant #7 is ticking down…




ENTRANT #7: The Great Khali

The Great Khali makes his way to the ring accompanied by Ranjin Sing, Who apparently wanted to watch the match from ringside.


Cole:Here comes The Great Khali! He has been on a path of destruction the whole time he has been here in the WWE

The Great Khali entered the ring and CM Punk was still the only one standing. CM Punk looked around the ring for an escape route but it was no use, he had no where to go. CM Punk ran after The Great Khali and Tried to Clothesline him but Khali stood still and reached his hand out and pushed on CM Punks Head, Who couldn’t go anywhere still. It was a very funny scene. Now Finlay started to arise from the mat, along with Rey Mysterio. CM Punk ducked and grabbed Finlay’s Shillelagh and smashed it over The Great Khali’s Leg!

Meanwhile, Finlay was in the corner, up and Dazed along with Mysterio. Finlay was lifting Mysterio up and over in the Corner, but Rey of course was hanging onto the ropes, stretched across the Turnbuckle. He wouldn’t Budge as Kurt Angle staggered to reach his feat. Finlay kept trying as Rey Mysterio amazingly was still down on the turnbuckle and fatigued. Finlay kept the pressure on as Kurt Angle reached his feat. Kurt Angle charged over to Mysterio and attempted to eliminate him along with Finlay. Finlay and Angle PUSHED HIM OFF THE TURNBUCKLE…..BUT ONTO THE APRON! Mysterio was teetering….holding onto the bottom rope now! THEY STOMPED ON HIS FINGERS! Mysterio’s grasp was untied with the likes of Finlay and Kurt Angle stomping on the hands of The Biggest Little Man! Mysterio lifted his legs up! MYSTERIO KICKED ANGLE AND FINLAY….HE SLID UNDER THE ROPE…INTO THE RING….SAVING HIS LIFE IN THE MATCH!

CM Punk was in the grasps of the Giant’s hands, looking for a Khali Bomb! CM Punk kicked him in the gut and kept kicking. Khali got angry and Chopped Punk over the Head! He ran over to the others trying to Eliminate Each other as we get down to Entrant #8…




ENTRANT #8: Batista

Batista enters the arena to large pops and a standing ovation for The Animal. Batista runs down to the ring and slaps hands with the fans on one side of the walk ramp, not having time to go to the other one.

Cole:Yes and here comes The Animal!

Styles:Wow, Batista won’t be happy with this spot

Batista entered the ring and immediately ran over to CM Punk and Khali. Batista hit Cm Punk with a Double-A Spine buster; he then stood face to face with the Great Khali. Khali towered over Batista, and it wasn’t like Batista was a small guy, either. Batista soon took a step back and Hit Khali in the face multiple times with lefts and Rights, Taking Khali to the corner. Batista soon let up on the fists of fury. He then Kicked Khali before running over to the tired three other men; Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and Finlay. Batista just charged over and slammed Kurt Angle in the back so hard that he went flying over the top rope. ANGLE WENT CRASHING TO THE FLOOR!

ELIMINATION #3: Kurt Angle by Batista

Kurt Angle soon gets to his feet not hurt at all. He gets real ticked and stares at Batista who is staring right at him also, screaming at him. While he screams, Khali ran over to the man on a roll that is Batista, and Chops him in the back. Finlay soon turns around and smacks the falling animal right in the ribs with the Shillelagh, Knocking the Animal to the ground harder. CM Punk chased Finlay into the corner and Knees him in the face while climbing the turnbuckle, knocking the Irish weapon out of the ring. He then pulls him out and attempts a bulldog but Finlay Throws him fast into Mysterio who Dropkicked Punk in the face. CM Punk soon went teetering over about to fall, walking backwards into The Fighting Irishman Yet again. Finlay Clotheslines CM Punk in the back, knocking him over the top rope, but landing on the canvas. Finlay Charges after him, Trying o crash into him with a shoulder but CM Punk Jumps up and onto the top rope, springs out and over Finlay who bounces off the ropes only to be hit by Batista with a Spear! Finlay rolled to the corners and Khali came in from behind and Batista realized and HIT KHALI WITH A SPINEBUSTER! Batista Screams, and gets pumped by hit the ropes and stalking an opponent for a Batista Bomb.

CM Punk Ran after Batista who ducked and CM Punk went flying into the corner and shouldered the now standing Irishman, Finlay, and knocked him to the apron. Finlay was teetering on the edge of the ring, holding on with one hand. Batista ran over and Hit CM Punk who went soaring over the turnbuckle and hit his head on the top of the steel Ring post! Punk didn’t get up as Finlay was the one to light him up from the outside as Batista Drove his shoulder into Finlay who threw CM Punk up, but HE LANDED ON THE APRON! Batista was now getting angry as he ran after the Great Khali and speared him! Batista ran after CM Punk but Punk kicked him in the skull, sending him flying backwards, holding his Jaw which allowed Finlay and CM Punk to enter the ring once more. They pounded away at Batista as the clock tick-tocked…




ENTRANT #9: Kofi Kingston

Kofi Enters the arena, not seeming to down at being in the single digit slots for this contest. He goes to the ring with a “boosh, boosh” and slaps the hands of the fans on the right side of the Entrance Ramp, Letting them get some Jamaican Juice.

Cole:Well he comes than man that’s Jamaican Everyone Crazy so I have been told Joey.

Styles:Yes and he has just such an unorthodox way of wrestling, I’ve never seen anything like it!

Kingston got into the ring and he hit Batista with a Shoulder in the back while Punk and Finlay kept hammering away at him also. This knocked Batista in between Punk and Finlay. He has taken many blows already in this match up, and this didn’t help. Khali ran after Finlay and OWNED him by pushing him in the back with a clothesline, Sending Finlay toppling over the rope….but onto the apron…. But Batista got up and ran after him…He grabbed his head….And he speared Finlay off the Apron, Crashing to the ground.

ELIMINATION #4: Finlay by Batista

Batista turned around to be hit with possibly the hardest GTS BY CM PUNK! Kofi then got face to face with Punk as they were the only ones up as Khali battled Mysterio in the corner and Batista was still out. The Great Khali was hitting The Great Khali in the stomach, as The Great Khali had no reaction as Mysterio couldn’t possibly take him down. Khali Screamed as he Grabbed Mysterio by the neck and Lifted him up for the Khali Bomb! Mysterio got his Legs around the neck of Khali and Mysterio smashed his legs together as Khali let go and Mysterio flew forward causing The Great Khali to flip over the Top Rope and onto the floor.

ELIMINTAION #5: The Great Khali by Rey Mysterio

Mysterio turns around talking trash at Khali and CM Punk nailed Rey in the Gut with a slap as Kofi hit Punk with a Kick to the Right Calf muscle. Both Punk and Rey fall as Kofi Hopped onto Rey Mysterio and started pounding away as we headed for Entrant #10…




ENTRANT #10: Matt Morgan

Camera shows Matt Morgan making his first appearance in WWE History as he sprints down to the ring

Cole: And here comes the debuting Matt Morgan!

Styles: Yes and lets see what he is made of.

Batista now on his feet runs after Matt Morgan but Morgan ducks and Morgan hits a Clothesline on the back of the head on Batista. Morgan tries to lift Batista up over the turnbuckle as Rey Mysterio was Punching the daylights out of Kofi Kingston and CM Punk went over to Help Morgan eliminate Batista. Kofi Kingston caught one of Rey’s punches and turns Rey over into an arm bar! Batista is flipped over the top rope but lands on the apron and gives Morgan a mouthful of fist as he tries to force Batista to be exiled from the matchup. Batista reached over the ropes and Grabbed Punk by the hair and pulled him over the top rope and crashing to the cement.

ELIMINATION #6: CM Punk by Batista

Batista doesn’t smile or anything since he knows Morgan is still on him, so Morgan runs at him but Batista grab the top rope and use it in a swinging motion to catapult Morgan to the outside!

ELIMINATION #7: Matt Morgan by Batista

Batista then hops back into the ring, safe and secure and dashes over to Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston who are now the only competitors left. Batista ran over and delivered a spine buster on Mysterio, and Took Kingston and threw him headfirst into the steel ring post! Batista went over to Mysterio and planted him with a Batista Bomb and we head to the next entrant!





Masters enters the scene and gets an astonishing amount of boos from the stands for his Surprise entry and his enviable return to the WWE as he runs down the ramp to attack the 2 opponents in the ring.

Cole: The return of Chris Masters is upon us now Joey!

Styles: Yes and I am loving his com back already!

Masters gets in the ring and runs after Kofi Kingston who is now standing, and hits a devastating clothesline. Batista and masters get face to face and they are interrupted by Mysterio hitting Masters in the back, sending masters into Batista who falls to the mat and Masters gets strung up on the ropes in 619 Position! Mysterio bounces off the ropes and launches himself…INTO BATISTA WHO PUTS HIS HEAD BETWEEN HIS LEGS AND STRIKES A BATISTA BOMB! Kofi Kingston runs from behind and hits Masters with a spinning heel kick maneuver, knocking him down for good.

Kingston hops onto the top rope and gets ready for a huge leg drop when Batista hits him in the shin, knocking him off the turnbuckle and smashing his groin into the Turnbuckle as he falls to the floor.

ELIMINATION #8: Kofi Kingston by Batista

Batista turns around and is struck with a low blow by Chris Masters! Batista falls to the floor and Now Masters runs out of the ring, under the 2nd rope not being eliminated and GRABS A STEEL CHAIR! He hops back into the ring and swings it at Batista who is now standing after the absence of The Masterpiece, but Batista ducks and Batista kicks him in the stomach as he sees an opportunity for a Batista bomb -- But from behind Masters Mysterio grabs the chair and Batista shakes his head in discomfort trying to stop the Mexican warrior but it is no use as Rey Mysterio LIGHTS BATISTA UP BY SMASHING HIS SKULL WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!

Batista falls to the ground as Masters gets down on his knees and awaits the potential further Pain. Mysterio by now has the steel chair out of hand and he climbs to the top rope, setting his eyes out on Batista as he delivers some statements and then Jumps… BUT IS CAUGHT BY MASTERS! Masters takes Mysterio and tosses him out of the ring like a rag doll!

ELIMINATION #9: Rey Mysterio by Chris Masters

Masters turns around and looks at the fallen animal in a cocky sense as he has to face one on one with the almost lifeless, beaten human being that is Batista.

Masters runs over to Batista and hits him with multiple punches, battering the huge bull that is Batista. Masters stands up and showboats, shaking the ropes like the animal does, which drew volcanoes of heat. Masters gets ready to sink Batista as he awaits the standing point of him.

Batista stands and Masters kicks him in the gut and launches him under his legs. Masters makes the thumbs down signal and gets a scared look as Batista Backdrops him! Huge Pop as Batista gets back from that massive move, and we head to the next entrant.




ENTRANT #12: Carlito

Carlito makes his way out to the action from backstage as he brings along his apple, takes a bite and throws it on the ground and runs out to the ring

Cole: Carlito has pulled a decent draw here Joey; let’s see if he can capitalize

Carlito quickly hops in the ring as Batista stumbles over to him and Carlito delivers a sinister and dirty spin in the face of Batista as he hit him in the face with many particles of the white fruit that he had brought to the ring. Batista was now bent over trying to clear his eyes of the distraction used by Carlito, and Carlito kicks him in the chest, mailing Batista’s back a one way ticket to the canvas.

Carlito then picked up the chair and waited for Masters to reach his feet. Masters was still down from before Carlito even entered the match up when Batista nailed him with a backdrop. Once Masters reaches a standing vertical basis, Carlito swings the chair but Masters Ducks and puts the Master Lock on Carlito!

Batista soon gets up and grabs the steel chair and Smashes Carlito over the head, who is still in the submission predicament applied by Masters. Batista keeps smashing and smashing until Masters lets go and completely hurls Carlito head over heals as Batista runs over to masters and they exchange blows.

Masters with a left, Batista with a left, Masters with a right, Batista with a left that sends Masters staggering backwards a couple of steps, but smashes back with a clothesline that turns Batista inside out as he once again crashes to the mat. Masters then sets his Eyes on the chair and hustles over to grab it, Carlito is still just barely moving.

Masters calmly grabs the steel chair and lifts it over his head to hit Batista with it but is literally stabbed in the back as CARLITO HIT THE BACKSTABBER….Masters sent straight to the canvas as Batista is on his knees.

Carlito grabs the steel chair and runs after Batista and Batista delivers a Spine buster on the man that is Carlito, smashing him into the canvas, tangling his spine into pretzels. Batista soon runs over to the ropes and taunts his opponent as he stalks Carlito for the Batista Bomb. We then head to the next entree….




ENTRANT #13: John Morrison

Morrison swiftly runs down to the ring as he hits the old fashioned slow motion entrance before he sprints down.

Cole: Have you see the destruction that this man has done the last few weeks on Monday Nights?

Styles: Are you talking to me? If you are, I haven’t since we announce Smack Down.

Morrison enters the ring and Batista immediately KICKS CARLITO IN THE STOMACH—LIFTS HIM UP—PLANTS HIM WITH A BATISTA BOMB!

Batista immediately turns around and in rage stares at Morrison. Morrison looks at Batista and Charges after him and smashed him in the face with a DROP KICK – That sends Batista staggering backwards into the turnbuckle, where Morrison runs and tries to drive his shoulder into the animal but HE SLIDES OUT OF THE WAY – MORRISON BASHES HIS SHOULDER INTO THE STEEL RING POST!

Slight Batista chants are heard around San Antonio, Batista charges across the ring—AND NAILES THE MASTERPIECE WITH A SPEAR! The adrenaline keeps pouring on top of Chris Masters as he has been hit with two finishers in a sequence, indeed by two different people.

Batista then glides over to Morrison who gives him a forearm to the chin, standing Batista up straight and he goes for a punch but Morrison Ducks, and slides his heel into the calf of the animal, taking him down to his knees. Morrison bounces off the ropes and dashes after the woozy animal and knees him in the jaw, sending him onto his back for what seems like the billionth time in the match up.

Morrison then dashes over to Masters who is now standing and put’s his arm around the neck of Masters in a DDT position the hits the Corkscrew DDT and that is now the 3rd finisher in a row that he is faced here tonight in this match.

Carlito is now up and he is over in the corner trying to heal, not looking to get into an altercation yet as he wishes to reboot and increase his stamina and endurance by pacing himself.

So now we have a Resting Carlito, a Laid out Masters, a now vertically standing Batista and a Pumped up Morrison.

Batista still staggered toward Morrison and hit a clothesline and Morison got straight back up and ran and bounced off of the ropes, avoiding the other clothesline by Batista, and hit a drop toe hold on Batista, into a Boston crab submission.

Morrison kept it wrenched in! He kept it stuffed in the face of The Animal and was completely denominating him as Carlito rested and Masters was still laid out and we headed to the next entrant…




Entrant #14: Chavo Guererro

Chavo enters the arena to some heat as he swiftly runs down the ramp for a quick momentum as he slides into the ring with speed.

Cole:And here comes Chavo Guererro!

Styles:And think of the impact he has had on Friday nights!

Cole:What are you talking about Joey?

Cole and Styles keep arguing as Chavo gets in the ring runs at Chris Masters who is now up and Masters Grabs his arm pits and dramatically tosses him over the top rope and onto the floor!

ELIMINATION #10: Chavo Guererro by Chris Masters

The crowd actually gives some feed as they saw one of there least favorite superstars get in and out of the match in around 3 seconds!

Masters runs over to Morrison and grabs him by the neck and slams him to the mat by pushing him with impact. He then runs over to Batista and stalks him for the Master Lock! Carlito runs over to Morrison and starts whopping on him with punches, packing some brute force. Batista stands and Masters gets one arm into the lock but Batista lifts him over his back and slams him to the ground but he lands on his feet! Masters then takes Batista by the head and tosses him out of the ring and onto the apron. He then backs up and elbows him it the sternum, sending him to the outside gradually!

ELIMINATION #11: Batista by Chris Masters

Batista was out of it and mad about it! Batista tried to grab Masters Leg as he left but couldn’t eliminate his past opponent. As short as it seemed, we were down to 3 before the next entrant; Carlito, Masters and John Morrison. As quick as everything went it is time for the next entrant!




ENTRANT #15: Mike Knox

Monstrous Mike Knox makes his way to the ring and takes a lot of time to do so.

Cole: Well, Here comes The Bully here!

Mike Knox heads into the ring and Clotheslines John Morrison with huge impact and then Carlito enters the picture by hitting Knox in the back with very little effort. Mike Knox just turns around with comfort as Carlito gets a little nervous. Knox then jumps out into Carlito like a wild dog sending him backwards into Masters who flips his former partner over the top rope…But he lands on the apron! Masters and Mike Knox try and force him over the edge by pushing him, but Carlito slides under the bottom rope and back into the ring.

Mike Knox looks over his head at Masters and they get into a pushing battle which was interrupted with a kick to the head of Chris Masters by John Morrison. Masters fell right to the ground as Mike Knox kicked Morrison in the stomach and carried him over to the corner of the ring and slammed his head hard on the top of the turnbuckle. Knox lifted him up and walked over to the ropes, about to throw him over the top rope but Morison battled out after a series of elbows. Carlito got back at Knox with a long rein of punches to the back of the head which got Knox infuriated and turned around and hit a leg sweep out of nowhere which was an absolutely new move from Knox.

Morrison, still in the picture, ran after Knox and hit a diving kick to the back of the leg and he then dove with a chop block to the calf of the bully, knocking him to the canvas. Morrison walked backwards, mouthing off to the Monster that is Mike Knox, and he walked right into a Backstabber by Carlito! Masters then looks at Carlito from behind and gets him into the Master lock and we head to the next entrant!


ENTRANT #16: Val Venis

Val hails to the ring with speed as he makes an appearance with some thunder, while other super stars are glad that he is the one entering and not Kane or Umaga. Val takes off his towel but brigs it all the way up to the ring with him.

Styles: Here comes “The Ladies Man” Val Venis. What do you think of this superstar, Cole?

Styles: Well, I’m not sure, he is a cocky super star, but he will not let us down in this one. And I had an interview with him earlier, he said he is going to play it slow and stay out of the main picture. I certainly believe he will indeed do that.

Venis enters over the top rope and into the ring, towel in hand, and throws the towel on an approaching Mike Knox who was running at full velocity, and completely distracted him because it sent him flying over the top rope, as a result of not being able to see.

ELIMINATION #12: Mike Knox by Val Venis’s Towel

Val thought nothing of it as he ran after the fallen Morrison and tried to catapult him over the top rope, but he couldn’t lock his legs and Morrison grabbed his leg and took him down. Morrison then showed off for the crowd as he bedazzled his abs for all to see. He was then proceeding to attack Chris Masters, who had Carlito drenched in the Master lock! Masters then saw Morrison and Pushed his weekend opponent, Carlito, into the Guru of Greatness and he hit a neck breaker on Carlito!

Morrison got up and he ran after Masters attempting a Clothesline but Masters ducked and Morrison bounced off the ropes and dove into Masters with a cross body splash which took him down. Morrison then was hit in the back by Val Venis who attempted a flying spear type maneuver sent Morrison to the canvas hard. Val was then tripped up by Masters who pulled his leg and got him into a position of a sharpshooter and it connected as he synched it in!

Carlito then went over to John Morrison and he hit an elbow drop from the canvas. Carlito then got entirely high risk and got on to the top turnbuckle, attempting a highly impactful maneuver. He looked at Morrison looking to jump and hit him, but then pulled a fake and jumped off of the turnbuckle and smashed Masters in the face with his boot! This sent Masters out of his submission maneuver he had held on Val Venis, who crawled over to the corner and stayed there with out anyone trying to attack him.

Carlito then ran over to Chris Masters with pursuit as he started throwing punches like a mad man. It resulted in John Morrison coming over there and dumping Carlito off by his trunks, crashing him in to the turnbuckle (Not the same one that Venis was rested at). Morrison then started moving around Masters Body and stomping on each and every part of his body while we head to Entrant #17…




ENTRANT #17: Shad

Shad Gaspard makes his way to the ring and he does it with some speed as he can’t wait to enter this match up.

Styles: And here comes RAW talent at its finest!

Cole: Are we looking at the same person, Joey?

Shad got into the ring with a huge down fall as Morrison hit him with a Drop Kick, but that didn’t take him down. Morrison then threw various punches but only to be hit with a low blow from behind in Carlito! Jo Mo fell to the mat in pain as the announcers comment on how dirty Carlito is. Carlito then battles Shad, sending him off the ropes in a fight of the Biggest, which Shad dominated with a shoulder to Carlito, sending him down hard to the canvas, rattling the entire ring. Shad then bounces off the ropes again and attempts an elbow, but Carlito moves out of the way and Shad crashes to the canvas hard, shattering the normal humans elbow, but not his.

Now we have a Mowed Morrison, a Resting Val, a Hurt Shad, an Opportunistic Carlito and a just getting up Masters. Carlito then sprung backwards into Chris Masters with an Irish whip that denominated both competitors, because they both bounced off of the ropes and hit a double cross body. Val Venis went over to shad and tried to throw him over the top rope, but he landed on the apron. Val Venis and now John Morrison were trying to eliminate him as Masters and Carlito tried to reach there feet. Masters and Carlito showed no signs of getting up anytime soon and Shad stayed on the apron for the remaining time until the next entrant…





JTG sprints his way down to the ring at a rather fast pace, looking to get into the match.

Cole: And here comes the other half of Cryme Tyme in the young JTG

Styles: Yes and he may be a little bit on the smaller side, but a notch up on the bigger side.

Cole: Yes and you have to wonder what mindset he is in, I mean does he want to go and help his partner, or go and try to eliminate him?

JTG sprints under the rope right next to Shad, and runs across the ring fast as he has high intensions to put someone away, hopping over the fallen Carlito and Chris Masters, and hit the ropes of the area where his partner Shad was and Shad flipped Morrison and Venis over the top rope and onto the floor!

ELIMINATIONS #’s 13 & 14: Val Venis AND John Morrison by Shad

John Morrison looks mad as he stares into the eyes of Val Venis. Morrison slaps Venis across the face and then hits his twisted finisher on the poor man. Morrison then heads over and grabs a LADDER from under the ring! He then takes it to the head of Val…Again…Then Another! Val now isn’t looking too great because he was entirely unconscious from the shots of Morrison. Morrison runs and goes to grab a Mic, and brings it back to by Val.

John Morrison: If you think the beatings are through, then you aren’t going to be prepared for what will happen later…..

Morrison leaves by will, although he was also tried to be persuaded by the referees who called for medical attention for poor Val Venis. A stretcher arrives and Val Venis is carried out of the arena by medical staff and faculty.

Meanwhile, Shad enters the ring and looks at his tag team partner and they both do the handshake thing that all the gangsters do, and then they try and beat both Carlito and Chris Masters; who are now standing, To a bloody pulp as they charge after them in rage! Carlito and Masters duck and all 4 men bounce off of the ropes and charge after the opposing team and Masters hits a Clothesline on Shad and JTG hits a drop kick on Carlito, which leaves Masters and JTG standing!

Masters goes to try and attack JTG in the game of bullying and pushes poor little JTG out of the way and he retaliates by pushing Masters back. Masters looks into the crowd and looks cocky while he’s at it. Masters then goes for a quick running right hand but he is then over shot because JTG ducked under it and he bounced off of the ropes and was tripped up by Carlito! Carlito then pulled him into some converted version of an Indian death lock! Masters tries to get Shad up as we head to entrant #19!




ENTRANT #19: Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy starts to walk down the ramp and he makes it to about the end of went he stops and looks astonished by what he has to compete with.

Cole: There is Mr. Kennedy, coming out to enter the…OH MY GOD!

As you heard from Michael Cole’s expression, something bad had happened, and yes, something bad did happen. Booker T came out of No where and hit Kennedy in the back of the head and started gaping him with punches and such, as referees tried to separate him. Booker T punched all of the 3 referees that tried to attend to Kennedy, and Booker just started the rain of punches all over again. Booker finally got off and ran over to the ladder that John Morrison had introduced moments ago, and Drilled Kennedy with it. Booker T kept saying “Don’t cost me mah title, Man!” Booker kept the beet down coming as other superstars just kept doing what they were doing. Booker T hit him with ladder after ladder to the head, not busting him open though, as though they were going pretty hard core. Booker T then lifted his head off the ground and carried him from the bottom of the ramp to the corner of the outside of the ring and continued to destroy his foe, mashing and bashing his skull in with the ladder. He then hit him in the head with some forearms as he then proceeded to CRASH his head into the steel ring post, CUTTNG HIM OPEN! Booker T then grabbed Kennedy…And threw him into the ring!

Booker T then said “Get Ehm” as Masters and Carlito went over to him and lifted him up and threw him over the ropes and setting him on the apron. They then bounced off the ropes and then Carlito hit a running leg sweep on his partner and Carlito ran over, and Smashed into the gut of Mr. Kennedy, Knocking him to the pavement below.

ELIMINATION #15: Mr. Kennedy by Carlito

Kennedy lie on the ground lifeless and he was unable to move, not even showing an effort to get up. Members of the medical team came to the ring to assist him.

Carlito then turned around to tend to his other opponents who were Shad & JTG. JTG went in on Carlito, along with Shad who followed up, ready to concave the throat of the man that is Carlito, and they didn’t fail as JTG and Shad ran and crashed into Carlito with a harsh clothesline, laying him out. Cryme Tyme was now applauded by the fans as they were the only two standing. When Shad turned to lift Carlito back up, JTG came up flying as he hit a bulldog ON HIS OWN PARTNER….Rupturing the arena with heat. This was a despicable act. JTG Lifted Shad onto his knees and he grabbed his mouth and started murmuring stuff to him and then slapped him across the face as we headed to the 20th Entrant!




ENTRANT #20: Santino Marella

Santino Marella makes his way to the ring, No one by his side, no one at his accompany, bringing in much heat from the fans.

Cole: Oh, Great and here comes the Italian Idiot, Santino Marella.

Styles:I don’t understand why you are so negative Cole; all you do is complain about all the superstars entering the match.

Santino enters this huge distortion of men, Ready to make a boom as he runs over to JTG and Shad. JTG and Marella worked to together to lift him up and throw him over the top rope and onto the apron. They both attempted to push him out but that didn’t work as they kept trying.

Meanwhile, Masters and Carlito were now toughing it out with the striking on each other, bashing each other with Fists. Masters won the battle by Irish whipping Carlito into the ropes and he bounced back and slid under a missing boot by the Masterpiece. Masters then turned around and attempted to attack the standing Carlito but he was first to the punch with a kick to the gut…and another…then another… and the planted Masters with a brutally devastating DDT! This kept him down as Carlito ran over to JTG and Marella.

Marella and JTG were interrupted by Carlito who threw them aside and tried to eliminate him himself. JTG and Marella took acceptation as the hit him with multiple punches and kicks, wearing him down and down. That in which, gave Shad the time to enter the ring under the bottom rope and slide into the corner.

JTG kept stomping and smashing as Marella let off and JTG looked at him and jumped up and hit him with a textbook standing dropkick. Marella fell to the mat and squirmed over to a corner, which was not the same as Shad. Masters also squirmed over into a corner as JTG kept punching Carlito, harder and harder as we head to the next entrant…




ENTRANT #21: Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner was extremely pumped up as he makes his first appearance in the WWE in what seemed like forever. He gets a mixed reaction as some are glad to see Big Papa Pump in action, but some people still hate on him.

Cole: And there is a standing ovation for the man that is Scott Steiner!

Styles: I have no idea what you are talking about Michael; it looks like the crowd absolutely hates this superstar!

Steiner makes his return with a clash as he runs over to JTG and hits him with a backdrop suplex which takes him out of the technical equation as he starts stomping on Carlito as hard as he can with kicks and stomps. He then he got him into a side head lock to stir him up!

JTG ran after his ‘partner’ and started to talk to him and trying to team up with him. Shad had a long and brief decision, while getting up. Shad took him up and they got up and in to the action as they broke up Scott Steiner’s submission maneuver as Shad Smashed his head down with his knee cap, as JTG went to work on Carlito as he started to elbow him several times, working his stomach. Shad then proceeded to run over to the turnbuckle and start to climb it. Shad then jumped off and bombed up Scott Steiner with an elbow. Shad then stood up and celebrated as he just took Scott Steiner almost out of this match.

Steiner was still laid out in the middle of the ring and JTG now locked in the camel clutch on Carlito, keeping him completely isolated. Masters then sprung out of the corner and nailed Shad in the back as he kept hammering away at him. He smashed his neck and shad fell to one knee. Masters then kicked him in the head which sent him down. Masters then ran over to Carlito and JTG and he Hit JTG in the face, standing him up, and he took him over to the corner and started to try to make JTG’s exit from the match for him. He slams JTG against the turnbuckle and let’s go and lifts him by his legs and tries to throw him overboard, but he holds on.

Scott Steiner now rolls to the side of the ring and heals along with Carlito and Shad, leaving JTG and Masters, and Santino was now making his way to his feet, being the only people left standing as we head to the next entrant….




ENTRANT #22: ???

Both members of the red neck wrecking crew enter the arena as WWE fans jeer in disappointment. But how are there two people out here? They set up to play rock paper scissors and they did. Cade won by using rock and Murdoch used Scissors. Cade sprinted down the ramp and hopped into the ring.

Cole: Well, What a game plan, play a child’s game to decide who will enter the match.

Styles: Yes, what a strategy it is Cole!

Cade enters the match fiercely as he immediately runs over to Santino and started to nail him with kicks and punches. Cade then took him over to the ropes and threw him over the top rope but he landed on the apron. Cade took him by the head and smashed his head on the steel ring post, knocking him to the floor!

ELIMINATION #16: Santino Marella by Lance Cade

Cade then hustled to the likes of JTG and Masters, and Cade hits JTG in the back, the grabs his neck from behind, and hits a backbreaker! He sacks Masters and he falls to the mat hard with impact. They both sit, laid out by Cade and then Cade hops onto the top turnbuckle, climbs up it, but before he can jump, the resourceful Scott Steiner came over and grasped his foot and pulled it, and Cade fell to SMASH HIS GROIN ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE…BUT FELL INTO THE RING, NOT ELIMINATED!

Cade laid in the middle of the ring, grabbing his grapefruits after Scott Steiner’s Crotch crumbling hit just moments ago. Masters then comes out of nowhere and nails Steiner in the back with a fist, taking him to a knee. Steiner then is hit with a boot of Masters to the head and gets knocked to the canvas. Masters then runs over and lifts him off of the ground and Irish whips him into the ropes, and attempts a fist, but STEINER DUCKS…AND HITS MASTERS WITH AN ELECTRIC CHAIR TYPE SUPLEX! Now everyone except Masters is up and waiting for the next entrance.




ENTRANT #23: Kane

Kane hails to the ring to his normal entrance, walking slow with a bit of a swagger. Only this time, he brought a STEEL CHAIR AND A GARBAGE CAN! He walks to the ring and tosses then in as he enters the match. He receives a mixed reaction, because he is entering some hardcore Weapons into the mach, but yet he is entering the mach.

Cole: I think that business has just picked up! Look at those weapons!

Styles: I would not want to be in this match right now, I mean just look at the brute strength of Kane!

Now everyone is up and staring at The Big Red Machine except for Masters, who is still down by the chair drop from Steiner. Kane charges in and hits Carlito with a devastating right, knocking him to the floor. He then scrambles over to Steiner and hits him with a Left, taking him down, Then hits a Double Clothesline on JTG and Shad who try and double team, and runs over to Cade who is now standing, and hits him over the head with a boot to the face! Carlito, being the first one down, is the first back up and runs in after Kane, ready to attack but Kane GRASPS HIM BY THE THROAT….AND HITS A CHOKESLAM! Then Steiner reaches his feet and Kane ALSO GRASPS HIS HAND AROUND HIS THRAOAT….AND DRIVES THE AIR OUT OF HIM WITH A SECOND CHOKESLAM! JTG and Shad both get up and Kane GRASPS THEM BY THEIR THROATS….BUT THAT IS BROKEN UP BY MASTERS!

Masters hits Kane in the back sending him foreword and all three of them start slamming on Kane, mugging him to the floor. This is broke up By Cade who comes in and hit JTG with a LOW BLOW! This draws Shads attention, and Cade hits him with an elbow that sends him stumbling backwards, and he settles down in the corner. Cade then focuses on Kane and attempts to hit a Clothesline on Kane, but he ducks. Kane then hits Cade, and since Cades shoulders were on the ropes, this takes him over. Cade holds onto the ropes and Kane tries to eliminate him. Carlito and Steiner are now on the side of the ring, healing also. Masters then charges into Steiner and hits him with a couple of Shots to the chest with his knee….




ENTRANT #24: Matt Hardy

Hardy makes a quick appearance that shake up the crowd with a pop. Matt Hardy quickly charges down to the ring as he is anxious to enter this match.

Cole: Here comes the apparent crowd favorite, at Hardy, and boy he has had some problems with John Morrison in recent weeks.

Styles: Yes but that was a long while ago actually, I believe that was around 3 to 4 weeks ago.

Matt Hardy enters the match quickly under the bottom rope and immediately runs over to the bigger man out of Cryme Tyme, Shad, and starts wailing on him with kicks. But meanwhile, JTG makes his way to the corner as he and Carlito are the only ones not in action right now with Kane and Cade scrambling to eliminate each other in one corner, Masters choking out Steiner in another corner, and now Matt Hardy stomping on Shad in another Corner!

Kane is about to be eliminated, but he finds a way out by elbowing the red neck in the head, allowing him to escape his clutches. Cade stumbled backwards and held his eye, that being where he was just hit with the train sized elbow of Kane. Kane then charges after Cade ands smashed him in the mouth with a monstrous uppercut! This sends Cade back a few steps and Kane then tackles him with a diving clothesline!

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy is now using the ropes for leverage to choke Shad with his boot. But shad makes it to his knees and is able to power out by lifting Hardy into the air and throwing him up. Hardy landed on the turnbuckle in perfect leaping position, and Shad looked up to see Matt Hardy hit a cross body on him, laying them both out.

Masters doesn’t let up on the choking, but now Kane enters the picture. HE GRABS THE STEEL CHAIR….AND SMASHES MASTERS IN THE BACK! Masters immediately falls to the ground and winces around the ring in pain, holding his back thoroughly as we head off to the next entrant….




ENTRANT #25: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold viciously runs out to the ring, ready to attack Kane and slides into the ring, and gets a rather large pop from the fans.


Styles: What do you think Kane is thinking?

Cole: I don’t know Joey; I think he is ready to engage with The Rattlesnake after what happened two nights ago on SmackDown!

Now with Hardy and Shad both down, Masters practically broken in half, Steiner winded, JTG, Cade and Carlito to the side resting, and Kane awaiting the Texas Rattlesnake, Austin enters the ring. Kane and Austin charge after each other and Kane attempts to hit a grand slam with the steel chair, Austin ducks and Kane Misses. Austin turns to Kane and Hits THE STONE COLD STUNNER! The crowd pops to that fact and now Kane is down in the middle of the ring. Austin walks over to him and bends over, signaling a rather inappropriate hand gesture to the Big Red Machine, and out of no where at all, Kane reaches his hand up and grasped Stone Cold around his throat! Kane now stands up and lifts Austin up for a choke slam but Austin counters out by hitting a DDT on Kane!

Hardy and Shad are now on the side of the ring, and Steiner enters the action by hitting Stone Cold Steve Austin in the back…then another…then again…and this takes him to one knee and Steiner gets Austin into an arm bar nerve clutch maneuver! Meanwhile, Now Kane gets up and charges over to his Chair and grabs it. He then runs over to Steiner and hits him OVER THE HEAD WITH THE STEEL!

Steiner falls to the mat hard, releasing Austin. Austin slowly but surely turns around and Kane hits him in the FACE WITH THE CHAIR! Austin falls over, and Kane then goes wild by running over to Hardy and hitting his skull with the chair, then delivers again to Masters, then JTG then Shad, Then Carlito, Then Cade! Everyone is knocked down and beaten as Kane awaits his next opponent…or victim rather…




ENTRANT #26: John Cena

‘Superman’ John Cena makes his way to the ring to a huge pop from the fans as they await his entrance. Cena makes his way out to his normal entrance and he runs over to the ring and enters with a high impact here at the 2007 Royal Rumble.

Cole: And now here comes the doctor, John Cena!

Styles: Yes, and I think he is more of a threat to Kane than Stone Cold!

Cole: That’s impossible; Stone Cold Steve Austin is a future hall of famer and a Wrestling Legend. John Cena is just some wannabe rapper that salutes children across America for no reason at all.

John Cena slides into the ring and runs over to Kane, the only man standing, and Kane attempts to hit him with the chair, which was déjà vu to what he did to Steve Austin because he missed. John Cena went and bounced off of the ropes, and ran back into Kane who hit a boot to the face on Cena! Cena fell down and Kane kept walking foreword into the ropes taunting the fans. He turned around and Cena was standing up. Cena let out his charge voice and sprinted at Kane. He hit him in the face with a right fist, knocking the monster to the canvas below them.

Cena then bounced off the ropes and Kane ducks under Cena and Cena charges across the ring again and he bounced off of those ropes, and bounced back at Kane with a diving takedown! Cena just looked at Kane, but Kane sat up. Cena, not scrambling, bounced off of the ropes and dove over Kane, grabbing his neck in the process and slamming it to the mat with huge impact! Cena then stands up, the last and only man standing at the moment, and sticks his hand high in the air! The crowd new what was coming as John Cena bent over and signaled that Kane can’t see him. Cena then stood up straight and WAS SMASHED IN THE HEAD WITH A STEEL CHAIR BY STEVE AUSTIN!

Austin then lifted up the chair and smashed it on Kane in the back, and then did it 3 more times, making sure to keep him down. Austin then charges after Cena who is laid out across the ring as we head to the next entrant...




ENTRANT #27: Randy Orton

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and gets massive heat from the crowd while doing so. Orton quickly makes his appearance heard as he sprints rather quickly into this match!

Cole: Randy Orton is now entering, hoping to be exiting knowing he will go to Wrestle Mania, The winner.

Styles: Thank you captain Obvious!

Austin runs over to Cena and hits a rare baseball slide type maneuver, which sends Cena rolling to the side in pain as Orton enters the Match. Orton runs over to Stone Cold and hits him with a right hand….then another…then another. Austin then hits TLK with an upper cut…Then Orton with a forearm to the chin that sends Austin stumbling into the corner. Orton then climbs up to the second turnbuckle, Austin in front of him and is facing the fans. Orton then starts pounding on the legend that is Stone Cold Steve Austin. He hits around 7 punches and then Austin grabs him by the tights and lifts Orton onto the apron. Stone Cold tries to eliminate him, but Orton seems to be holding onto the ropes, and he then flipped Austin onto the apron also!

Meanwhile, Carlito now is exchanging punches with Cade in the corner. Carlito then turns over and smashes hit in the face with an uppercut that sends him into the middle of the ring. Then out of nowhere from behind, Masters gets him into the Master Lock!

Cena is now standing, but has a little bit of fatigue in him. He stumbles over to Austin and hits him in the head with a right, then Orton hits him with a right, the Cena hits Orton with a Right and Orton replies with the same thing to Cena. Cena stumbles backwards and is hit from behind by Matt Hardy and Matt Hardy hits THE TWIST OF FAIT ON CENA! Cena falls to the mat as we welcome our next entrant into the bout!




ENTRANT #28: Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring to a massive cheer as we await the Dominator’s entrance at this extremely good number he has drawn. Bobby Lashley sprints down to the ring fast as he is about ready to attempt to kill Randy Orton.

Cole: Things are not looking up for Randy Orton, because HERE COMES THE DOMINATOR!

Styles: Yes and will he attempt to eliminate the others first? That is what I am contemplating!

Lashley runs into the ring and he immediately goes to work on Orton. He charges after Orton and he grabs his skull and slams it to the ropes, and Orton FLINGS BACKWARDS…BUT STILL HOLDS ON! Orton then kicks Lashley in the stomach sending him into Masters, breaking the master lock and allowing stone cold to enter the ring, and off of the apron. Masters turns around and argues with Bobby Lashley, and Out of nowhere, Carlito hits the backstabber on Masters which sends him into Lashley who grasps him by the head and throws over the ropes and to the floor, eliminated!

ELIMINATION #17: Chris Masters by Bobby Lashley

Masters then gets into a verbal fight with Bobby Lashley and Stone Cold Steve Austin from behind LIFTS LASHLEY OVER HIS HEAD…BUT LASHLEY GRABS THE ROPES BY THE TURNBUCKLE. Austin holds the dominator high in the air and keeps trying to gain leverage and throw him over the ropes, but that is interrupted by Kane who Grabs Austin by the neck and gets him ready for a choke slam, and Austin is still holding Lashley, but he isn’t holding onto the ropes anymore! Kane bends down for maximum lifting ability and this knocks Lashley off and too the canvas. KANE LIFTS AUSTIN UP AND HITS HIS PATTENTED CHOKESLAM! But it was no ordinary Choke slam because it made two superstars weep, because Austin landed right on Lashley’s Stomach as we head to the next entrant!




ENTRANT #29: Triple H

Triple H enters the arena to a mixed reaction that was turning into a pop, because they knew Triple H would be entering the match!

Cole: Well it’s time to…Oh My God!

Out of absolutely no where, Vince McMahon comes out from under the ring with a sledge hammer and hits Triple H with it! He starts hammering away as Umaga comes out also, but he comes out from the back! Umaga continues he beat down on Triple H as he stomps on him, along with Vince, mugging him empty. Vince then gets a mic and smashes it over the head of the Game, knocking him down completely. Vince then has the liberty to say something

Mr. McMahon: And entering at #29, Umaga!

ENTRANT #29: Umaga

(The announcers are now speechless after what has just happened)

Umaga takes the hammer from Vince and charges into the ring with a lot of courage!

Now as we know the real 29th Entrant, Umaga makes a wild entrance as he runs over to Matt Hardy who is now up and smashes the sledge hammer over his head, and sends him over the top rope and to the hard cold floor below.

ELIMINATION #18: Matt Hardy by Umaga

Umaga then steams over to Carlito and lifts him off of the ground, by the throat and sets him on the turnbuckle. Umaga then hustles over to Shad and JTG who are right next to each other and Umaga CLOTHESLINES THEM OVER THE TOP ROPES…BUT THEY BOTH HANG ON TO THE ROPES! Meanwhile, Scott Steiner rushes over to Carlito who is perched on the top rope and starts hammering away at him, and eventually he climbs to the top and SUPERPLEXES HIM TO THE MAT…TAKING THEM BOTH OUT!

Umaga is now interrupted by Kane who hits him over the head with a right and then rushes over to get the sledgehammer and connects to the skull of Umaga. Umaga falls hard as Kane picks up the sledgehammer and looks at Shad and JTG. He then drops the sledge hammer and runs over to Shad and smashes him with a right, the opposite hand that he holds the sledgehammer with, now laying him out…but still on the apron! JTG connects on Kane with a couple kicks, and then steps into the ring and kicks Kane again which makes him drop the sledgehammer. JTG then grabs the hammer and rushes toward the ropes and after Kane and HE DUCKS…AND JTG CONNECTS WITH A HAMMER TO THE HEAD OF SHAD….AND HE FALLS TO THE FLOOR!


JTG drops the hammer and grabs his head in agony as to where he has just eliminated his partner! He turns around and Kane runs at him and connects with a Clothesline, sending JTG TO THE FLOOR….ELIMINTED!


We are down to the final 10 as JTG crashes to the floor and runs over to attend his tag team partner, But Shad gets angry and gets mad at his partner, barely conscious after the beaten brought on by JTG. Now we have everyone laid out Except for Kane, Umaga who reaches his feet along with Austin, Orton and Lashley. Orton runs after Umaga and hits him in the back, and Umaga turns around and Orton runs away by turning around and wobbling into a Lifting POSITION FOR BOBBY LASHLEY’S DOMINATOR…But Orton Counters out by Hitting a DDT on Lashley as we head to the FINAL ENTRANT!!!!!





Chris Jericho arrives to an extreme pop as he has returned after 3 years of being banished by Bischoff back in 2004. Jericho also sports a new hair cut that is shorter than it used to be back then. He hustles down to the ring at an awesome number, drawing #30.


Cole: IT…IT…IT…


Chris Jericho enters the ring to an odd expression from the other superstars as he crashes into Orton with an Elbow that puts him in the corner as he takes a while to rest. Jericho then rushes into Kane and hits a running drop kick to the head that sends Kane into the turnbuckle. Umaga then runs over and Clotheslines Kane, taking him down. Now Cena is up and Jericho runs over to Cena and he hits a Right, and Cena hits a right, and they exchange punches Until Umaga lunges at Jericho who ducks and hits Cena, which sends him over the top rope, and onto the apron. Umaga then hits Jericho with a right…then another…then a third…And then Irish whips Jericho into the Turnbuckle. Jericho bounces back and pushes him, making him completely returns to Jericho’s attention. Umaga charges and leaps at Jericho and he moves out of the way as Umaga smashes his head on the turnbuckle! Umaga bounces back in and out of no where, CODEBREAKER ON UMAGA BY JERICHO…and He stands him straight back up to Randy Orton and HE HITS AN RKO ON THE SAMOAN NIGHTMARE!

Umaga is planted and now Stone Cold Steve Austin enters against Randy Orton and hits him with a couple rights, and then lefts, and then rights, and then lefts eventually powering him into the corner, where Austin starts stomping away at his chest area, weakening The Legend Killer a lot in the process. Meanwhile, Lance Cade runs over to Lashley and attempts a Back breaker, but Lashley hits him in the gut and lifts him up for the dominator…but Cade squirms out and pushes Lashley into the ropes near him and LASHLEY LIFTS CADE UP FOR THE DOMINATOR….BUT SETS HIM DOWN OVER ON THE APRON! Lashley then keeps hitting blissful right hands weakening Cade. All of a Sudden, Umaga runs over with his last bit of strength and GRABS CADE BY THE NECK…AND HITS THE SAMOAN SPIKE…AND CADE FALLS TO THE FLOOR!

ELIMINATION #21: Lance Cade by Umaga

Lance Cade falls to the mat as he just got the Samoan finisher and Umaga turns around to Lashley lifting him over the top rope and onto the apron. Umaga then smashes him over the head with a right…then another which sends Lashley backwards…Into Carlito who attempted a backstabber but was caught by Lashley, and CONVERTED INTO A POSSITION FOR A DOMINATOR…BUT OUT OF NO WHERE, CENA KICKS LASHLEY! Lashley drops Cade and CENA LIFTS BOTH OF THEM UP FOR THE FU! He walks over to the ropes and flips Cade off of his back, and onto the floor!

ELIMINATION #22: Carlito by John Cena

Carlito looks angry as Cena carries Lashley over to the ropes and attempts to knock him off… BUT LASHLEY GRABS THE ROPES! Cena keeps trying to gain leverage as we head back to Orton and Austin who are Now exchanging rights and lefts when Austin takes Orton by the arm and Irish whips him into Scott Steiner and Orton delivers a big boot to the skull that takes out Steiner as he falls to the ropes, about to tip over. Orton then runs after Steiner AND HE LIFTS ORTON OVER THE ROPES…BUT ORTON LANDS…ON THE TURNBUCKLE? Orton then grabs Steiner by his short hair and hammers away with punches as he pulls him over to the Turnbuckle. All of a sudden Steiner hits a high low blow, Sending Orton into the ring!

Austin now runs over to Cena and Lashley who are still in the eliminating predicament and Austin grabs Cena’s leg and he flops over the ropes next to Lashley and they trade punches. Then flying out of no where comes Scott Steiner and tries to hit them both, but Lashley and Cena work together and grab Steiner’s arms and throw him over the top rope!

ELIMINATION #23: Scott Steiner by John Cena and Bobby Lashley

Cena and Lashley now enter the ring and they go straight to work on Jericho who is now in the middle of the ring. They go in and Lashley stays behind while Cena goes in and hit Jericho with a right, then a left, but then out of no where comes Randy Orton and hits a standing drop kick to Cena as Jericho stumbles into the ropes. Orton stands in the center of the ring as he rests, and then stampedes over t Jericho AND DELIVERS A VISCOUS CLOTHESLINE THAT SENDS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE….BUT HE HANGS ON! Jericho holds the ropes as Orton tries to lessen his grip. Lashley then stampedes in and throws Orton over the top rope…BUT HE LANDS ON THE APRON! Orton and Jericho are now on the apron! They are now exchanging kicks and elbows with some punches as Matt Hardy charges after Austin and Austin hits a Stunner, which sends Matt into the ropes….AND ONTO THE APRON AND FALLS TO THE FLOOR!

ELIMINATION #24: Matt Hardy by Stone Cold Steve Austin

Just like that, we are at the last 6 remaining! The final Six are here!!! Everyone is standing in the ring with Orton and Jericho now in the center. Austin, Kane, Cena and Lashley are now left in the match up! They all stand in separate corners as Orton and Jericho both charge into different corners after a few seconds of everyone resting. Orton charges in after Kane and hits an elbow which sends Kane toward the center of the ring. Orton then taps Kane and gets his attention and ATTEMPTS AN RKO…AND IS CAUGHT BY KANE! Kane somehow tangles and mixes it up into TOMBESTONE POSSITION…BUT ORTON SQUIRMS OUT! Orton falls under the legs of Kane now on his knees. Orton then hit a low blow on Kane which send him to the mat!

Meanwhile, now Orton is resting in the corner holding his head. And back to the other corner, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Chris Jericho are tangled up by kicks as Jericho delivers one…then another...Then another. But out of no where, Stone Cold grabs another kick and spins Jericho around. Jericho faces the other way as Austin lift Jericho up from behind and SLAMS HIM TO THE MAT WITH A HUGE BACKDROP SUPLEX! Austin then makes the hand gesture at Jericho and looks up to be LIFTED INTO THE POSSITION FOR THE DOMINATOR…But Squirms out and attempts a stunner….But that is broken up by Umaga who Chop blocks Lashley! Austin then hustles over to Kane and Clotheslines him over the rope and onto the Apron…But he brought himself also! The out of no where, Jericho hits a dropkick on Austin and Kane boots him, knocking him off the canvas and to the floor, but Austin held the Kick and brought Kane to the floor with him!

ELIMINATIONS #25 and 26: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kane by Themselves

Kane looks at Austin and chases after him and they start brawling. Kane grabs Austin by the hair and smashes him on a barricade by the ramp way. Then Austin falls on a knee as Kane drags him backstage and out of the picture.

We zoom back into the ring as Cena, Lashley, Orton and Jericho are all in separate corners as they are the final people left! The final four!! Orton is the man to start things off as he charges across the ring into Cena and hits a high knee and Cena falls to two knees. Orton then sees an opportunity as he backs up and is stalking to kick Cena in the skull just as he did to Jeff Hardy a few weeks ago on Raw! He gets ready and runs after Cena who stands and locks Orton’s toe and trips him up…and into the STFU! HE HAS IT LOCKED IN!

Lashley heads over to Jericho and hits a right…then a left…then a forearm sending Jericho back into the turnbuckle. But Jericho soon finds some will as he throws Lashley off and runs over and hits a Code Breaker on the dominator! Lashley falls but soon gets up to one knee and Jericho charges in and hits a shining wizard type kick! This laid Bobby Lashley out and Jericho saw that and ran over to the ropes and everyone new what was next…Spring board Moon salt on Bobby Lashley!

Back to Cena and Orton, Cena still has the STFU wrenched in on Orton when Orton grabs the ropes! The referees tell him no because it is a no disqualification match up, but out of No where, Jericho grabs the trash can that Kane had brought out earlier and smashes it over Cena’s head! Cena fell to the mat as Orton was now free from the traitorous Submission. Orton got up and Jericho looked at him as Orton started clapping. Jericho then looked at the garbage can, and then looked into the camera with a cocky smile and reached his hand out for a second to shake Orton’s who had his out and then JERICHO BLASTED HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH THE GARBAGE CAN…KNOCKING HIM THROUGH THE SECOND ROPE AND TO THE FLOOR!

Now Lashley yet again runs over to Jericho and hits him with a forearm and then an elbow…then a kick to the knee and pushes on his shoulders, but then gets him into an Irish Whip and WHIPS HIM INTO THE ROPES…AND JERICHO FLIES OVER THE TOP ROPE…BUT HE LANDS ON THE APRON..AND LASHLEY FLINGS HIMSELF AT JERICHO…AND CONNECTS WITH A SHOULDER…KNOCKING JERICHO’S FEET OFF OF THE APRON…BUT JERICHO STILL HOLDS ON! Now the camera pans over to John Cena who is now, Bloody beaten and bruised from the shots of Jericho with the Garbage Can. Orton is still knocked out of the ring, not moving an inch. Then Lashley runs over and gets the garbage can, allowing Jericho to make it back inside the ring.

Lashley grabs the garbage can and runs after Jericho, but Jericho kicks Lashley in the gut, causing him to drop the garbage can. Jericho grabs Lashley by the head and picks up the garbage can with the other and throws it out of the ring. Now Orton makes it to his feet and stumbles into the apron and rolls into the ring. Meanwhile Jericho takes Lashley over to the ropes and Jericho puts Lashley in a side headlock as Orton is now standing, along with John Cena who is barely up and running. Cena then stumbles over to Orton and Orton grabs him by the mouth and Cena with no life left in him falls to his knees. Orton the kicks him in the forehead with the bottom of one of his class a wrestling boots and Cena falls dead. Orton then grabs him and utters out a large “Your gone, Cena!” Orton grabs Cena by his short little hair and pulls him up and Orton then attempts an RKO, but Cena counters the devastating finishing maneuver…and throw Orton onto the ropes…crushing Orton’s jewels. Cena then walks over to the ropes and tries to push Orton out when out of no where Bobby Lashley charges in….catching Cena off balance…THROWS HIM OUT OF THE RING …AND ONTO THE FLOOR!

ELIMINATION #27: John Cena by Bobby Lashley

Cena collapses to the floor, bloody, bruised and tired as he rests up as he won’t be in any more action here this evening. Ad now we are down to the final 3! The last 3 remaining in 3 people who entered late in this match up with Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, and the surprise of Chris Jericho! Bobby Lashley runs across the apron (Him on the inside, Orton on the outside) AND HITS A CLOTHESLINE….KNOCKING ORTON OFF OF HIS FEET…BUT LANDS ON THE APRON! Lashley thinks that he has eliminated Orton, and turns around and runs after Jericho who is sitting against the turnbuckle a little winded. Lashley then tries to Kick Jericho, but Jericho reverses out by tripping up Lashley and he smashes his face on the turnbuckle! Jericho still holds his legs and brings Lashley to the center of the ring and grabs the other leg. Jericho then flips Lashley over and INTO THE WALLS OF JERICHO! He wrenches it in!

Orton is now up and He charges into the ring and grabs Jericho by the hair and throws him backwards onto the head of Lashley. They are both down and incapacitated as Orton does his signature pose in the center of the ring. Then a few seconds later after a bad fan reaction to him, Orton heads to the ground and stalks either Jericho or Lashley for his RKO. Around 10 seconds or so later, Jericho makes it to his feet and Orton JUMPS UP INTO THE AIR...AND HITS JERICHO WITH THE RKO! Orton walks backwards and into Bobby Lashley who lifts TLK up AMD HITS A VISCOUS POWERSLAM! Now Orton is down as Lashley is the last one standing. Lashley then grabs Jericho who is dazed and out of it after the RKO and Lashley LIFTS HIM UP FOR THE DOMINATOR…AND JERICHO SQUIRMS OUT AND DDT’S LASHLEY!

Now both Jericho and Lashley are isolated as Orton gets up. Orton then runs to the corner and gets ready to hit the RKO…but Lashley gets on his knees and Orton then realizes what he truly wants…To Punt Lashley! Orton runs after Lashley and Lashley drops to the canvas and Orton swings and misses. Then while Orton’s foot is still up, LASHLEY SLASHES ORTON IN THE GNARDS!

Orton falls hard as Lashley turns around and looks at Jericho. They are now up and going as Orton is still down. Jericho then walks into Lashley and they go face to face. Jericho is the first to move by hitting a right…then a left from Lashley…then a right from Jericho…Then a left from Lashley, taking Jericho to the mat. Jericho springs up and bounces off of the ropes. He bounces back at Lashley who springboards up and over Jericho showing great athleticism. Jericho bounces off of that rope and charges after Lashley who ducks and Jericho DIVES OVER LASHLEY…OVER THE TOP ROPE…BUT YET AGAIN HOLDS ON! Now Lashley starts to hit Jericho with WILD rights getting a bit frustrated. But now Orton is up and on the top turnbuckle. HE JUMPS OFF THE TURNBUCKLE ATT LASHLEY…AND LASHLEY GLIMPSES OVER AND CATCHES TLK…HE THEN CARRIES HIM OVER TO THE ROPES AND DUMPS HIM OVER….AND ORTON CRASHES TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

ELIMINATION #28: Randy Orton by Bobby Lashley

Orton falls to the floor and is a little winded and doesn’t move an inch. But now we are down to two as we see Jericho and Lashley square up in the center of the ring after an anticipated wait. The crowd goes wild as we are down to two! The Final Two! Jericho and Lashley get into an arm hold on each other as most wrestlers do at the start of there match. Lashley gets the best of Jericho by turning the Arm lock into a side headlock which he tweaks a couple times before Jericho elbowed out and Irish Whipped Lashley into the ropes and Jericho jumped up and attempted to hit the code breaker, but Lashley rejected him by throwing him down hard to the canvas.

Lashley then went after Jericho with some combat fighting antics by kicking and punching Jericho. Jericho then got out of the fighting from Lashley by connecting with a single punch to the face of the dominator. Jericho then climbed to the top rope and attempted to knock Lashley to the floor with a drop kick but Lashley moved out of the way and hit a straightened kick on Jericho, Sending them both down.

Now Lashley was the first to get up relatively to Jericho though who followed right after. Jericho again with his agility and quickness got to the punch first as he dove on to Lashley, but Lashley caught him in mid air and threw him over the tope rope, but Jericho hung on! Jericho then tried to hit Lashley while holding on the ropes and Lashley blasted him one to the face, as Jericho was sent backwards a little more, but soon regained position. Now Jericho sprung his legs over the top rope and clutched Lashley by the head in a leg scissors and brought Lashley over onto the apron with him. They both fought to the bone with rights and lefts and rights and lefts as they were both hanging from a thread. Lashley then hopped onto the top rope quickly and Jumped off, nailing Jericho with a kick but it wasn’t enough to take Jericho down as Jericho quickly shook it off and entered the ring.

Lashley took no wait as he charged after Jericho and hit a high knee and then ran over to the ropes and bounced off and steamed over to Jericho and Jericho was against the ropes. Jericho then took the ropes down sending Lashley to the outside…But he still holds on! Jericho then hits five or so rights, then lefts…and now we have Chris Jericho standing and he jumps and attempts the code breaker, but Lashley catches him. Jericho holds on and kicks Lashley in the face to squirm out and he is now lying in the ring as Lashley enters the ring with him.

Lashley is now a little tired but that is nothing compared to Jericho after the lots he has sustained in this match up. Jericho ran over to Lashley this time and Lashley slides under a boot and comes up and hits Jericho with a running clothesline. Jericho and Lashley are still in it while the dominator bounces off of the ropes and Jericho dives under him and Lashley bounces off of those ropes and runs after Jericho ho is up and Bobby Lashley hits Jericho with a boot, but Jericho stumbles over to the ropes. Bobby Lashley then runs over to the ropes ad JERICHO LIFTS HIM UP…AND OVER THE TOP ROPE…BUT HE LANDS ON THE APRON! Jericho then hits him with several kicks and then out of no where JERICHO ATTEMPTS A CODE BREAKER…AND CONNECTS LASHLEYS FACE WITH THE ROPES…SENDING HIM TO THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ELIMINATION #29: Bobby Lashley by Chris Jericho


He has accomplished something that no man has done tonight: Outlast 29 men in a seemingly never ending match! Chris Jericho, the iatola of Rock and Rolla, the Code Breaker, Chris Jericho has WON the 2007 ROYAL RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The crowd bursts out a huge pop as the returning Chris Jericho has won the Royal Rumble! He storms around the ring in celebration as he has won! He climbs on the top turnbuckle to millions of Camera flashes as many people in attendance and around he world have just witnessed history!

Michael Cole: OH DEAR GOD! CHRIS JERICHO HAS WON IT! What a record breaking night we have just had this evening, having a Smack Down returning Superstar win the 2007 Royal Rumble!

Joey Styles: Yes and just look at all the athletics we saw shown by him tonight.

Michael Cole: I still can’t get over the fact that Jericho has won and is going to Wrestlemania!

Joey Styles: And look at all the pain that Bobby Lashley has gone through to get here!

Michael Cole: Lashley is a bull Joey, But Jericho is the winner, and that is all that counts in the WWE.

The camera pans back to Jericho who is now pointing at the WM23 Logo hanging high in the rafters, as Fireworks go off and confetti pours!

Joey Styles: Ladies and Gentleman, Tonight was a record breaking night having 2 returning superstars and many weird happenings, Jericho winning surely shocked millions, and will leave many in approval. Congratulations to our 2007 RR winner: CHRIS JERICHO!

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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

This is part of an oppening promo for my first show in an ECW 2001 Thread i was going to post on another forum but didn't get round to finishing it so i thought i might as well post it here basically ECW Didnt die after Guilty as Charged and after a month of no shows ECW Arranged a new deal on Wednesday nights with NBC

ECW Hardcore TV
February, 13 2002
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York

Guilty as Charged Highlight Video

** Pyro **
** **

Joey Styles: OH MYY GODD! THAT IS ALL I CAN SAY LADIES AND GENTLEMAN ECW LIVES! i have to thank whoever the mystery invester is for giving us this second chance in life and NBC For giving us a chance to show what we can really do

*** This is Extreme ***

HUGE POP As Paul Heyman makes his way to the ring with a huge smile on his face

Joey Styles: PAUL HEYMAN! Paul Heyman is here! I Wonder if he's here to reveal the identity of the Mystery Investor





Paul Heyman: But as im sure you all know ECW Would not be alive if it was not for the ' mystery ' financial backer!

Pop for the Backer

Paul Heyman: and i'm sure you all want to find out his identity!

Big Pop

Paul Heyman: And his name is....

Long Pause...

Paul Heyman: Larry Zbyszko!

*** Living Legend ***

HUGE POP And a Massive Thank You Larry chant breaks out as Larry Zbyszko walks down to the ring and shakes hands with Heyman
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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Since I'm new here and in the process of getting my BTB operational I thought this would be a good way to show people what I can do.

BTB Match Writing Tournament
Round Two-No Holds Barred

For over a year Jimmy Jacobs and Lacey were the power couple in Ring of Honor. With Jimmy Jacobs at the helm the Age of the Fall dominated Ring of Honor for the better part of a year. Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black even managed to win the tag team titles on two occasions. Jimmy Jacobs was looking to expand his group by adding the services of Austin Aries. After several recruiting attempts, including one by Lacey herself, Austin still refused to join the Age of the Fall. In a surprising turn of events Lacey left Jimmy Jacobs to be with Austin Aries. Jimmy Jacobs, already mentally unstable as it is, began to show signs of a full mental breakdown. At Return Engagement Jimmy repeatedly spiked himself in the head and even sat out the main event match against the Vulture Squad.

Several weeks later Jimmy Jacobs and the Age of the Fall ambushed Lacey leading to her departure from Ring Of Honor. Austin Aries tried on several occasions to exact revenge against Jimmy Jacobs but Jimmy constantly ducked the challenge or made it tag team matches. Eventually Austin Aries won matches against Necro Butcher and Tyler Black on back to back shows despite heavy interference to finally get a match against Jimmy Jacobs at Death Before Dishonor 6. Gabe Sapolsky, knowing the intense hatred these two men share and knowing that the match probably wouldn’t end cleanly, took it a step farther and made the match a Fight without Honor. How far will each man go to win the match? How much blood will be shed?

Ring of Honor presents Death before Dishonor 6

The Touch by Stan Bush plays as Jimmy Jacobs makes his way to the ring with his signature cane. Jimmy Jacobs enters the ring and points the cane at the four corners of the ring and at the crowd which is booing him unmercilessly.

Dave Prazak: Jimmy Jacobs coming out here alone for this match.

Jimmy Bower: Yeah but you know the other members of the Age of the Fall are watching in the back.

Born of a Broken Man by Rage against the Machine plays in the arena as Austin Aries makes his way to the ring to the cheers of the crowd.

Dave Prazak: If any of you folks are expecting to see a display of technical wrestling this isn’t going to be the match for you.

Jimmy Bower: Yeah this match is going to be nothing but sheer brutality.

Austin Aries enters the ring and we send it to Bobby Cruise for the introductions.

Bobby Cruise: The following contest is a Fight without Honor match scheduled for one fall. In this contest there are no disqualifications, no count outs and no time limit. Introducing first in the corner to my right he stands five feet seven inches tall and weighs in at 173 pounds. From Grand Rapids, Michigan this is Jimmy Jacobs.

Jimmy Jacobs raises his cane in the air to the loud boos of the crowd.

Bobby Cruise: And his opponent in the corner to my left he stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs in at 205 pounds. From Milwaukee, Wisconsin this is Austin Aries.

Austin Aries raises his arms to the cheers of the crowd. Bobby Cruise exits the ring, the referee enters the ring and calls for the bell and gets out of the way.

Fight without Honor

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Austin Aries

The bell rings

Jimmy Jacobs and Austin Aries meet in the middle of the ring and exchange words. Jimmy gives a shove to Austin Aries staggering him back a little. Austin gets right back in Jimmy’s face and shoves him right back. Jimmy takes a swing at Austin and connects, Austin connects with a right of his own and Jimmy connects right back. Now both men are exchanging punches in the middle of the ring. Jimmy gets the better of it and backs Austin against the turnbuckles. Jimmy goes to Irish whip Austin out of the corner but Austin reverses it and Irish whips Jimmy into a double leg takedown and mounts Jimmy and pounds on him with repeatedly strikes. Austin gets back to his feet and pulls Jimmy up and throws him out of the ring to the arena floor. Austin follows him out and looks under the ring for a weapon and gets a kendo stick. Austin stalks Jimmy with the stick and moves in but Jimmy climbs back in the ring. Austin climbs in the ring with the kendo stick but Jimmy clubs him in the back as soon as he gets in the ring and follows it up with several more shots to the back forcing Austin to drop the Kendo stick. Jimmy pulls Austin back to his feet and sends him out of the ring to the floor. Jimmy grabs the kendo stick and climbs to the top rope. Austin Aries staggering around on the outside and Jimmy jumps off the top rope and cracks Austin in the head with the kendo stick knocking him down on the outside. Jimmy gets back to his feet and cracks the stick over the back of Aries on the outside. Austin screams in pain and holds his back as Jimmy cracks him again across the back.

Jimmy picks Austin up and tosses him over the guardrail into the crowd and follows him with the kendo stick into the crowd. Austin grabs a chair and launches it at the head of Jacobs knocking him down. Austin grabs another chair and slams it on top of Jimmy, and another, and another. Austin burying Jimmy in chairs now as the crowd cheers him on. Austin walks all over the chair pile with Jimmy buried somewhere in there. Jimmy starts crawling out from under the pile of chairs and Austin waits on him. Jimmy finally crawls out from under the pile and Austin grabs him by the head and clubs him in the back as he tries to get up. Austin backs Jimmy up into the crowd more and Irish whips him into the guardrail knee first sending him over the top back to the ringside area. Jimmy Jacobs holding his knee in pain as Austin climbs over the guardrail with the kendo stick. Jimmy tries standing up but Austin cracks him in the leg with the kendo stick causing Jimmy to scream in agony. Austin tosses the stick back in the ring and picks Jimmy up who is essentially dead weight and gets him back in the ring. Austin follows him in and grabs the leg of Jacobs and drops down with the elbow on the knee. Austin gets back up and drops another elbow on the knee of Jacobs. Austin holds onto it and pulls on the foot of Jimmy with his elbow acting as a brace against the knee of Jimmy. Jimmy screams in pain but refuses to give up when the referee asks him. Austin Aries releases the hold and grabs the kendo stick and grapevines it within the leg of Jimmy, runs off the ropes and delivers a dropkick to the leg of Jacobs.

Jimmy in sheer agony as Austin kicks the stick again sending Jimmy rolling around the ring in pain. Jimmy Jacobs tries crawling out of the ring to the floor but Austin stops him by stepping on his ankle and stomping on his knee. Austin pulls Jimmy back to the middle of the ring and drops down with the pendulum elbow. Goes for the cover, hooks the leg 1…2…Jimmy gets the shoulder up. Austin gets back to his feet and waits on Jimmy to get up to his feet. Jimmy crawling towards the ropes near the Kendo stick. Jimmy gets near the ropes and Austin goes to attack but Jimmy uses the ropes to pull himself up and kick him away. Austin goes back to attack but Jimmy kicks him away again. Jimmy grabs the kendo stick and holds it ready to strike Austin who wisely backs off. Jimmy starts walking gingerly towards Austin with the stick but Austin easily stays away from him with two good legs. Jimmy tosses the kendo stick to Austin and flips him off daring him to attack. Austin charges at him but Jimmy moves out of the way and Austin ends up with his arms tied up in the top and middle rope. Jimmy walks over to Austin and slaps him in the face knowing he can’t do anything about it. Jimmy grabs the kendo stick and smacks Austin hard in the head with it. The referee asking Austin if wants to give up but Austin refuses and Jimmy hits him again. Austin busted open hardway now and Jimmy hits him again with the stick further opening him up. Blood now dripping down the face of Austin Aries as Jimmy hits him in the ribs with the kendo stick. Jimmy takes his finger and runs it across the bloody forehead of Austin Aries and licks his fingers to the loud groans of the crowd. Jimmy runs his fingers across the bloody forehead of Austin Aries and uses it to spell out Lacey’s name across his own chest.

Dave Prazak: I am absolutely disgusted by what I am witnessing. First Jimmy tastes the blood of Austin Aries, now he’s using it to write Lacey on his chest.

Jimmy Bower: We said this one wouldn’t be for the faint of heart.

Jimmy grabs the kendo stick again and runs off the opposite rope and charges full force at Austin and cracks him in the head with a kendo stick shot that can be heard down the street. Austin looks to be nearly out on his feet. Jimmy again runs his finger through the blood of Aries and uses it to write out AOTF on Austin’s chest. Jimmy backs off and goes for another running strike with the kendo stick but Austin gets his legs up and wraps them around the head of Jacobs and pulls him over the top rope to the floor causing both men to crash to the floor. Austin and Jimmy both trying to get the oxygen flowing and recover from this very brutal match. Austin uses the bottom rope to pull himself up and Jimmy uses the ring post. Both men up now and Austin kicks at Jimmy but Jimmy is too far away. Austin moves closer and Jimmy kicks him back. Jimmy moves closer to Austin and kicks him again. Jimmy gets next to Austin and delivers an elbow strike to the side of the head. Jimmy pounds down on the side of the head of Austin Aries. Jimmy stops for a brief moment and Austin catches him below the belt. Jimmy Jacobs drops to his knees holding his crotch. Austin grabs Jimmy and whips him headfirst into the steel ring post causing him to bounce off and fall to the floor. Jimmy Jacobs is busted open now as Austin grabs the kendo stick and goes after him. Austin approaches Jimmy and cracks him with the kendo stick causing blood to splatter in all different directions and Jimmy to stagger away barely staying on his feet. Austin backs Jimmy up against the ring post and backs away. Austin charges at Jimmy and goes for another hard shot with the kendo stick but Jimmy barely moves out of the way and Austin hits the ring post hard with the kendo stick almost shattering it.

Austin moves towards Jimmy Jacobs who gets a steel chair from the crowd. Austin swings the kendo stick at Jimmy who blocks it with the steel chair and connects with another swing of the chair to the head of Aries knocking him down. Jimmy Jacobs sets the chair up and pulls Austin back to his feet and sits him in the chair. Jimmy climbs back in the ring and climbs to the top rope and dives off with a flip senton crashing into Austin Aries and collapsing the chair underneath their weight. Jimmy slowly gets back to his feet and pulls Austin back up and tosses him in the ring. Jimmy grabs another steel chair and throws it in the ring. Austin barely able to get up and Jimmy grabs the steel chair and prepares to swing it but Austin was playing a little possum and catches Jimmy with a desperation spear forcing him to drop the chair. Austin falls on top of Jimmy for a cover 1…2…Jimmy gets the shoulder up at 2 and 7/8ths! Austin gets back to his feet and grabs the steel chair and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Austin picks Jimmy up and drops him knee first on the steel chair causing him to drop to the mat in anguish. Austin picks the chair up and places it on the leg of Jacobs. Austin bounces off the ropes and drops down on the chair with a slow motion knee drop. Austin moves the chair out of the way and grabs the leg of Jimmy Jacobs and locks him in the figure four! Jimmy screaming in pain but refusing to tap out. Austin has it locked in tight but Jimmy still refuses to tap out. Jimmy’s shoulders are on the mat, 1…2…Jimmy gets the shoulder up. Jimmy lays back down on the mat 1…2…Jimmy gets his shoulder up. Jimmy lays back down to relieve the pressure 1…2…Jimmy sits up again. Jimmy tries turning over to reverse the pressure but Austin blocks it and Jimmy is back in the submission hold. Jimmy tries pulling himself to the ropes but Austin doesn’t cooperate and keeps him in the middle of the ring. Jimmy tries going one way to reverse it, Aries blocks it and Jimmy goes back the other way and Austin is unable to prevent and Jimmy turns it over reversing the pressure of the hold back onto Aries who quickly releases the leg of Jimmy and breaks out of the hold.

Jimmy Jacobs is laid out on the mat after being in that punishing submission hold. Austin Aries climbs out of the ring and looks underneath the ring and pulls out a ladder. Austin tosses the ladder in the ring and looks underneath the ring again. This time he pulls out a table and tosses it in the ring. Jimmy still holding his knee in pain as Austin climbs in the ring and sets up the table in the corner and the ladder in the ring. Austin goes over to Jimmy and picks him and Jimmy stabs him in the forehead with a spike he had hidden in his boot. Austin drops to the mat holding his head and Jimmy goes for the cover 1…2…Austin gets the shoulder up at 2 and 15/16ths! Jimmy Jacobs is absolutely stunned. He, along with everyone else in the building, can’t believe Austin kicked out after that spike shot to the head. Jimmy Jacobs waits on Austin to get back to his feet. Austin back up to one knee and Jimmy goes over to him with the spike but Austin jabs him with a spike of his own he had stored in his boot. Jimmy down on the mat and Austin goes for the cover 1…2…Jimmy gets the shoulder up at 2 and 15/16ths! Austin Aries falls off Jimmy Jacobs and lays on the mat. Both men down in the middle of the ring. Jimmy Jacobs pulls himself up on one side; Austin does the same on the other side. Both men back to their feet with spikes in their hands. Both men charge at each other with spikes raised but Austin delivers a dropkick to the legs of Jimmy at the last moment causing Jimmy to hit the mat in pain holding his leg. Austin Aries gets back to his feet holding the spike and bounces off the ropes and drives the spike down on the head of Jacobs. Austin goes for the cover, hooks the leg 1…2…Jimmy gets the shoulder up.

Austin Aries gets back to his feet and grabs the leg of Jimmy and goes for another figure four but Jimmy punches him in the head repeatedly and lifts his other leg up to kick Aries away. Austin gets back to his feet and goes back to the legs of Jimmy and tries hooking him in a sharpshooter but Jimmy again raises his leg up and kicks Aries away. Austin gets up frustrated and stomps away at the leg and chest of Jacobs and goes back to the legs and goes for the figure four again but Jimmy rolls him into a cradle 1…2…Austin kicks out. Austin gets back to his feet, Jimmy does the same and Austin charges at Jimmy with the spike drawn and Jimmy ducks under it and kicks Austin in the stomach and hits him with a DDT and transitions right into the End Time guillotine choke. The referee right there asking Austin if he wants to submit. Austin fighting it and Jimmy squeezes it even tighter. Austin fights back to his feet with Jimmy wrapped around his waist and neck and takes him over with a Northern Lights bridge 1…2…Jimmy rolls over and holds onto the guillotine. The referee asking him if gives up and Austin still refuses. Austin fights his way back to his feet and runs towards the turnbuckle and slams Jimmy back first into the turnbuckle but Jimmy still refuses to release the hold. Austin backs away from the ropes and runs towards the ladder slamming Jimmy back first into it knocking the ladder down but Jimmy still has the hold locked in. Austin turns towards the corner with the table in it and drives Jimmy into it breaking it along with the hold. Austin Aries desperately gasping for oxygen after being in that guillotine. Jimmy trying to recover as well. Austin pulls himself up to his feet and rests against the ropes and the turnbuckle. Jimmy rolls out to the arena floor to create some distance and buy himself some recovery time.

Dave Prazak: Do they have anything left?

Jimmy Bower: I think at this point it’s going to come down to one wrestler falling on top of the other for three seconds.

Jimmy gets back to his feet on the outside. Austin climbs out of the ring and Jimmy elbows him. Austin retaliates with an elbow of his own. Jimmy responds with a knife edge chop, Austin delivers a chop right back that echoes through the arena. Jimmy grabs Austin by the head and delivers a huge headbutt. Austin grabs Jimmy by the head and delivers a huge headbutt right back. Jimmy delivers three rapid headbutts to Austin Aries. Austin responds by delivers four quick headbutts to Jimmy Jacobs temporarily dazing both men. Austin and Jimmy both grab each others heads and start trying to knock each other out with dueling rapid fire headbutts. Austin starts to get the advantage but Jimmy hits him below the belt. Jimmy kicks Austin in the head knocking him all the way down. Jimmy looks underneath the ring and pulls out another table and tosses it in the ring. Jimmy turns his attention back to Aries and delivers repeated kicks to the head. Jimmy climbs in the ring and sets the table up in the middle of the ring. Jimmy then grabs the ladder and sets it up right next to the table. Jimmy climbs out of the ring and grabs Austin and throws him back in the ring. Jimmy climbs back in the ring and picks Austin up and tries positioning him on the table but Austin fights it. Jimmy delivers a dozen stiff elbows to the side of Austin’s head and positions him on the table. Jimmy goes over to the ladder and starts to climb up but Austin manages to roll himself off the table forcing Jimmy to stop climbing and get back down. Jimmy goes over to Austin and starts to lift him up to put him back on the ladder but Austin surprises him with a double leg takedown. Austin stands up holding Jimmy’s legs and locks him in the figure four. Jimmy quickly pulls himself over to where his cane is and pulls out the spike hidden in the top and jabs it into Austin’s head breaking the hold.

Both men very slowly pulling themselves up little by little using the ring ropes. Both men’s faces are covered in blood. Jimmy puts the spike back in his boot and elbows Austin in the face. Jimmy drags Austin over to the table and slams his head into it with the blood splattering all over the table. Jimmy puts Austin on the table and delivers several more rights and headbutts to keep him stunned on the table. Jimmy climbs up the ladder. Austin gets off the table and kicks the ladder temporarily stunning Jimmy at the top of the ladder. Austin grabs the other spike and climbs up the ladder on the other side of Jacobs. Jimmy reaches in his boot and grabs the other spike and has it ready for when Austin gets to the top. Austin reaches the top where Jimmy is and both men have the spikes ready for attack. Both men reach back and jab the other in the head with the spike nearly knocking the other man off. Both men hanging on with one hand with the spike in the other hand. Both men regain their balance, reach back and jab each other with the spike a second time as the crowd chants “please don’t die” Both men jab each other with the spike and are now repeatedly jabbing each other with the spikes as if they were trading blows. Jimmy Jacobs starts to get the better of it. Austin about ready to drop and Jimmy slams his head into the top of the ladder. Jimmy climbs up higher on the ladder. Could be looking for a sunset flip. Jimmy starts to go for it but Austin catches him with a low blow. Austin puts the spike back in his boot. Austin slams Jimmy’s head into the top of the ladder repeatedly. Austin pulls Jimmy with his head between his legs and drops him with a piledriver from the top of the ladder through the table! The crowd becomes even more unglued chanting holy shit holy shit. Austin falls on top of Jimmy Jacobs 1…2…Tyler Black jumps in the ring and breaks it up!

Dave Prazak: Now it’s a two on one match. Austin Aries in deep trouble now.

Jimmy Bower: In more ways than one because Tyler Black is fresh.

Tyler Black pulls Austin back to his feet and pounds him against the ropes with rights and lefts. Tyler Irish whips Austin into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Austin ducks under it and in one motion grabs the spike out of his boot and bounces off the ropes and jabs Tyler Black with the spike causing him to drop to the mat and roll out in pain. Joey Matthews jumps on the apron but Austin knocks him off with a spike shot to the head. Jimmy Jacobs slowly starts getting back to his feet. Austin Aries grabs the ladder and drops it over the top rope onto Tyler and Joey knocking them down. Jimmy finally gets back to his feet behind Austin. Austin turns around and Jimmy kicks him in the midsection and hooks him for the contra code but Austin blocks it and sends Jimmy chest first into the turnbuckle. Jimmy bounces off and Austin takes him down the mat with a front chancery and locks in the Horns of Aries. Jimmy Jacobs very close to tapping and Tyler Black gets in the ring forcing Austin to break the hold and deal with him. Joey Matthews uses the distraction provided by Tyler Black to sneak in the ring behind Austin and knock him down from behind.

Dave Prazak: This is not right. Now it’s a handicap match.

Tyler Black joins Joey Matthews in putting the boots to Austin Aries on the mat. Jimmy Jacobs slowly gets back to his feet and grabs his spike and tells Tyler and Joey to hold him spread out. Jimmy holds the spike and drops down with a spike shot to the head. Jimmy stands up and taunts the crowd saying this is the end of Austin Aries and the Age of The Fall rules the ring. Jimmy climbs to the top rope while Tyler and Joey are holding Austin prone on the mat. Jimmy is ready to attack when suddenly Roderick Strong and Davey Richards hit the ring and knock Jimmy off the top rope and start brawling with Joey and Tyler. Joey, Tyler, Roderick and Davey brawl to the outside and up the ramp exchanging blows. Austin slowly gets back to his feet and Jimmy turns around kicks Austin in the midsection dropping him to one knee. Jimmy grabs a hold of the spike and waits on Austin to get back to his feet. Austin finally gets back to his feet and Jimmy charges at him with the spike drawn but Austin ducks underneath it and locks Jimmy in a cobra clutch with the spike being almost pushed into the head of Jimmy Jacobs. Austin drops to the mat with the hold and locks Jimmy in a body scissors so he can’t go anywhere. Austin slowly starts pushing the spike towards the head of Jimmy Jacobs while he still has the cobra clutch locked in. Austin gets the spike so that it’s grinding against the head of Jacobs. Jimmy finally can’t take anymore and taps out. Austin Aries finally picks up the victory in this brutal match.

The bell rings signaling the end of the match

Winner: Austin Aries

Crowd: That was awesome! Clap clap clap clap clap That was awesome! Clap clap clap clap clap

After the match Austin Aries can barely stand on his feet. Both men are bloody messes. Jimmy finally slowly gets back to his feet and asks for a microphone as Austin and Jimmy stare at each other in the middle of the ring.

Jimmy Jacobs: I only have one thing to say to you. I hate you for stealing Lacey from me and refusing to join the Age of the Fall. But I can honestly say in front of all these people and in front of the world that I respect the shit out of you.

Jimmy extends his hand to Austin who hesitates for a second and shakes it finally. Jimmy raises the hand of Austin Aries to the cheers of the crowd and exits the ring to give Austin his time in the spotlight.

Dave Prazak: What a show of respect by these two men who just beat each other within an inch of each other’s lives. What a match we just witnessed.

Jimmy Bower: Unbelievable is the only way to describe it. There were so many times I thought the match should have been over. How they kept going after some of the things they went through is beyond me.

Dave Prazak: Don’t forget to pick this up our web site in a few days. Ring of Honor returns to the ring in Chicago September 6th. Good night.
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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Extreme Championship Wrestling: February 23rd, 2010
“The End?”

...Winner of the 15-Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal and still the ECW Champion: Christian.

“Just Close Your Eyes” plays on the PA system as Christian collapses to the mat, exhausted from outlasting fourteen other ECW superstars to successfully retain his ECW Championship. A referee climbs into the ring and lifts Christian’s arm off of the mat, raising it in the air as a symbol of the champion’s victory.

Josh Mathews:
What a win for Christian and what a final match for ECW!

Matt Striker:
Christian, for all ages, has retained the ECW Championship! I couldn’t think of a better way to close ECW than with every single ECW superstar getting a shot at the championship, and in the end, Christian walks away still the ECW Champion.


What? The audience deliver a strong pop as the camera turns to the entrance stage to reveal...yes...the ECW original and former ECW Champion, Tommy Dreamer! Dreamer slaps his chest, yelling out “E - C - W!” before making his way to the ring. Christian looks baffled as Dreamer approaches the squared circle...dressed in his wrestling gear and an ECW t-shirt!

Matt Striker:
I cannot believe this! ECW original Tommy Dreamer, the man who was retired a month ago by Zack Ryder, has returned to the Land of the Extreme!

Josh Mathews:
A shocking turn of events to say the least. What does this appearance mean, Matt?

Inside the ring, Dreamer is now face-to-face with Christian as the two men share expressions of both intensity and confusion all mixed into one. A few hardcore fans are chanting “ECDub, ECDub!” as the two men stand centre-stage, eye-to-eye. Dreamer has been given a microphone.

Tommy Dreamer:
So...this is it, huh? This is it? This is “the end” of ECW? This is the final chapter in the history of Extreme Championship Wrestling?

Dreamer pauses, obviously very emotional in this moment of time. But as his friend Christian puts a hand on his shoulder, Dreamer suddenly swipes it away. Christian looks confused as Dreamer’s emotion morphs into an expression of seriousness.

Tommy Dreamer:
No it’s not. This isn’t “it””. This isn’t “the end” of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Because the truth is, Extreme Championship Wrestling died on January 7th, 2001. Extreme Championship Wrestling died with the last-ever Extreme Championship Wrestling pay-per-view, Guilty As Charged. This? This isn’t ECW. This pathetic excuse for a show is nowhere NEAR being E - C - Dub!

The true ECW fans in the crowd cheer whilst everybody else, including Christian, stay silent and continue to stare at Dreamer in surprise and confusion. Meanwhile, Dreamer himself is starting to get more and more riled up.

Tommy Dreamer:
For nine years, I gave everything to Extreme Championship Wrestling! Blood, sweat, tears, my heart, my soul, EVERYTHING! I took lashes with Singapore canes, I went through burning tables, I got bloodied by chairs, and I - LOVED IT!! I LOVED PUTTING MY BODY ON THE LINE, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, BECAUSE I KNEW I WAS A PART OF SOMETHING UNIQUE, SOMETHING INNOVATIVE, SOMETHING THAT COULD NEVER BE DUPLICATED EVER AGAIN!!

Dreamer is now shaking with anger, frustration, but even more so...passion. All the while Christian stays silent, listening intently to the ECW original.

Tommy Dreamer:
We didn’t have the big sold-out arenas. We didn’t have the corporate powers, we didn’t have the endless bank of resources, we didn’t have the worldwide names like the Hulk Hogan’s, the Shawn Michaels’, The Rock’s. But damn it, we - didn’t - need them! You know why?? BECAUSE WE HAD THE ROB VAN DAM’S, THE RAVEN’S, THE RHYNO’S, THE SANDMAN’S, AND DARE I SAY IT, THE TOMMY DREAMER’S!! WE HAD THE GUYS WHO WOULD BREAK THEIR FRIGGIN’ NECKS, WHO WOULD TASTE THEIR OWN BLOOD, AND THEY WOULD RELISH IN IT!! THAT’S WHAT WE DID!! WE LIVED ECW!! WE BREATHED ECW!! WE WERE AND WILL ALWAYS BE E - C - W!!!

As some fans continue to cheer him on with loud and audible “E-C-Dub!” chants, Dreamer takes a second to calm down and quite frankly get his breath back.

Tommy Dreamer:
There is not a day, not one - my life, where I regret ever being a part of Extreme - Championship - Wrestling. But this company right here? This company, which takes what Paul Heyman, what ALL of us did in the Hammerstein Ballroom, in what I truly believe is the greatest arena in the world, and MOCKS it...this company would be NOTHING without ECW!!

The crowd is now split; some booing Dreamer’s anti-WWE nature and some applauding it, but the “Innovator of Violence” doesn’t stop just yet.

Tommy Dreamer:
A long time before there was “Attitude” and “Hardcore”, there was ECW. A long time before Stone Cold and Mankind, there was Superstar Steve Austin and Cactus Jack. Those guys came to this company, they became WWE “superstars”, but deep down they will always - be - EXTREMISTS!!

Another pause from Dreamer, who seems to have let most of his anger go, but still has more to say. Surprisingly, Dreamer stares Christian square in the eye...and smirks. An uncomfortable, untrusting smirk.

Tommy Dreamer:
Let me ask you something. You think that when the years go by, people are going to associate ECW with names like, Zack Ryder? William Regal? You think people are going to associate ECW with the name...Christian?

Dreamer pauses again, giving Christian a moment to think, but not enough time to react.

Tommy Dreamer:
...You wouldn’t be a second thought when people remember ECW.

The crowd let out an “Ooh!” as Christian stares back at Dreamer, stone-faced, whilst the crazed Dreamer, eyes wide open, sadistic grin on his face, continues to focus on the ECW Champion.

Tommy Dreamer:
You are the champion of a brand which has absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with ECW. You are the champion of a brand which is a cheap, third-rate WWE rip-off show. I mean...look at that belt. Look at it. It makes me SICK!

The boos are starting to get louder as Dreamer focuses more on ripping WWE than praising the original ECW. Dreamer is now pointing at the championship belt, Christian is looking down at it on his shoulder.

Tommy Dreamer: NOT...the E - C - W championship. a cheap imitation of the true ECW Championship. But just like everything else about this’s - FAKE!

Christian now looks back at Dreamer, a look of annoyance, finally showing on his face, and Dreamer looks happy to see he has gotten to the champ. Seemingly gotten what he aimed for, Dreamer takes a step back, the craziness somewhat fading out of his face.

Tommy Dreamer:
This is the end alright. But it’s not the end of Extreme - Championship - Wrestling. This is the end of the biggest mockery in the history of professional wrestling. This is the end of Vince McMahon’s pathetic attempt to take an idea that wasn’t even his and adapt it in his image. Heart...and Soul...of Extreme - Championship - Wrestling...I want to say...


Thank you.
Thank you for finally ridding us ALL of this nightmare. Thank you for taking this horrid piece of programming and flushing it down the toilet. Thank you for putting the final nail in the coffin of a brand that I regret ever working for. But most of all, thank you...for taking this brand so far away from what the original ECW was...that it’s now impossible for us to be associated with it.

Silence. After a few moments, “Man in the Box” plays again as Dreamer smirks again at Christian, having ranted and made a point on this, the last ever broadcast of ECW (?) on Sci-Fi. Christian continues to stand in the ring, staring at Dreamer, silent. Dreamer finally turns to the crowd and salutes those that were cheering him along, pounding his chest with a flurry of hard fists and yelling out, one more time, “E - C - W!”. Having saluted those loyal supporters of ECW, Dreamer turns to leave the ring-


Dreamer falls to the mat in an absolute heap as Christian stands over him, looking more serious than he has ever looked before. A mixed reaction is heard throughout the arena, leaning mostly toward boos, as the ECW Champion stands tall over Dreamer, looking down at him with zero emotion. Alas...there is more to come. Suddenly, Christian grabs a hold of the top rope and unleashes his right foot on Dreamer’s face, POUNDING Dreamer’s forehead with vicious shots! Christian has gone completely BERSERK as he continues to assault Dreamer, trying to tear Dreamer open!! His foot not working, Christian angrily pulls Dreamer up to his knees. Still not saying a word, Christian picks up the ECW Championship belt from the mat and looks down at the exhausted Innovator of Violence. Taking one last moment to pause, Christian sneers at Dreamer...and blasts the ECW original with yet another shot to the face!! Dreamer collapses around and onto his stomach, completely knocked out from the shot. After a moment of zooming in on the serious expression still fixated upon the face of Christian, it turns to Dreamer, who is now shown to have drawn blood. Satisfied with his hideous actions and with an audience now united in booing this turn of events, the last-ever ECW Champion leaves the ring, not looking back once at Dreamer. With no commentary, no entrance music, but an arena full of fans booing him out of the building, Christian walks through the curtain, never to be seen again on Sci-Fi. With no champion left to focus on, the camera now turn back to the ring, where Tommy Dreamer lies in a pool of his own blood. The final image of ‘ECW (?) on Sci-Fi’ sees Tommy Dreamer, the Innovator of Violence, the heart and soul of Extreme Championship Wrestling, unconscious inside the ring.

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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

This was a match I wrote for an older thread, same thread as the match I posted on the last page. Quite fond of this match and think it's the best single's match I ever wrote for any event.

Justin Roberts walks back up the entrance ramp as this match shows the tale of the tape’.

Joey Styles: “This is the tale of the tape’ let’s take a look at it and see which one has the possible advantage coming into this matchup.”

(Tale’ of the tape was shown on the tron)

"Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe
Born: March 17, 1979
Home Town: American Samoa
Height and Weight Status: 6'3" - 280 lbs
Debut: September 1999
Finishing Maneuvers: The Muscle Buster, Modified Tazmission & a Choke Sleeper
Career Highlights: One Time SWF Heavyweight Champion (3 Month reign), One Time ROH World Champion. Comes from a long line of wrestling family heritage with the infamous Samoan Wrestling family
Joey Styles: “Impressive, and now let’s take a look at CM Punk.”

C.M. Punk
Born: October 26, 1978
Home Town: Chicago, ILLINOIS
Height and Weight Status: 6'1" - 220 lbs
Debut: 1999
Finishing Maneuvers: Pepsi Plunge (Top-Rope Pedigree), GTS ‘Go to sleep’ & The Anaconda Vice.
Career Highlights: SWF US Champion (2), ROH Tag Team Champion (2).
Joey Styles: “Looks to me like Samoa Joe comes in this match as the aggressor with the advantage with not only having a height and weight advantage but quite possibly equal with Punk in the speed department as well. Samoa Joe has also held the big one’ the world title before and CM Punk never has tasted heavyweight championship and he could be getting butterflies right about now.”

Samoa Joe’s music hits and the crowd goes wild for the champion as he steps into the ring and gives the referee his title.

Joey Styles: “There is the current champion of SWF.”

Moments later CM Punk’s music hits and the crowd give him a deafening roar as he makes his way down to the ring.

Joey Styles: “Here comes the challenger but I can barely hear myself talk with the crowd so much behind Punk.”

Samoa Joe © vs. CM Punk

*Bell rings*

CM Punk and Samoa Joe shake hands in the middle of the ring as these two best of friends circle the ring multiple times before walking up to each other and trying to psyche each other out. They eventually lock up in a collar-elbow-tie up. Samoa Joe goes down to one knee before coming back up to his feet again and hitting a few elbow shots to the side of the head, onto Punk. Punk then retaliates with a few of his own as they continue to lock onto each other in the middle of the ring like two bulls neither man looks to be moving or budging any time soon. CM Punk goes for an early kick to the mid section trying to wear his opponent down with a hard arsenal of martial arts kicks backing Samoa Joe against the ropes but Samoa Joe just pushes CM Punk back a few steps to the middle of the ring giving him a chance to catch his breath as Punk runs back at him only to get kneed in the lower abdomen. Samoa Joe punches and kicks his way back to the middle of the ring and then gets into a grapple position with Punk and hits a vertical back suplex holding him in the air for quite a few seconds showing his strength. As CM Punk’s back hits the canvas mat Samoa Joe moves on top of him for a pin fall hooking the inside leg for the count. The referee slides down to the mat to make the cover though CM Punk had kicked out literally as soon as it started. Samoa Joe grabbed the hair of CM Punk and yanked’ him up to his feet as he then threw him at the ropes and leant forward on the rebound in hope for a back body drop on CM Punk. While Punk was running at the ropes he then put the brakes on and held onto them. He then walked up to Samoa Joe who hasn’t realized this yet and kicked him hard in the shoulder as he leant forward. Joe just stood up straight and CM Punk ran at the ropes behind him where on the rebound CM Punk went for a flying cross body but only to get hit with a hard power slam to the center of the ring.

Samoa Joe at this time had instead of going for a casual pin fall had sat CM Punk up right’ and had gone behind him and locked him into a rear naked chin hold having his arm and elbow wrapped around CM Punk’s head and throat area in the center of the ring. CM Punk reaches his arm out desperately for the ropes but he is clearly too far away and tries to stand up and move from side to side but Samoa Joe just lays CM Punk down on the mat on his side and wraps his legs around his chest and gets him locked tightly into it. As CM Punk laid on his side grasping for air, he went for the ropes once again though to no avail he was once again too far away to reach it for a rope break. CM Punk refusing to tap though there are not many options he can do as Samoa Joe squeezes his ribs and chest area tight as he holds his head in a sleeper hold position. The referee walks up to CM Punk and raises his hand and then drops it down to the mat to check if there is any life signs in him. The referee then went for a second time though CM Punk’s hand stayed up as he was showing signs of life; CM Punk quickly moved onto his knees with Samoa Joe standing up and holding onto his head with a continuous sleeper hold. CM Punk then grabs Samoa Joe by the head and throws him over head with a snap mare take down putting Samoa Joe on the mat as CM Punk groggily stands back up onto his feet.

CM Punk doesn’t want Samoa Joe to get back up onto his feet and get back into this matchup as he sees Samoa Joe on one knee in the center of the ring. CM Punk runs at him and goes for martial arts hard kick to the chest but Samoa Joe ducks underneath it and then with his head in between CM Punk’s legs he stands up for an electric chair position. As Samoa Joe held CM Punk on his shoulders CM Punk squirmed down Joe’s back and rolled him up with a sunset flip but CM Punk had then gotten reversed and Samoa Joe had put his legs on CM Punk’s shoulders covering him on the mat for the pin fall kicking back on Punk. As the referee is about to make the count CM Punk rolls backwards and as Samoa Joe sat there on the mat CM Punk jumped up onto his feet and then within a blink of an eye had kicked Joe hard in the chest putting his back on the mat and then covering him for yet another pin fall attempt though only getting a one and a half count as Joe had kicked out with authority. CM Punk had stood back up on his feet taking Samoa Joe to a vertical base with him and kicking him in the gut before backing at the ropes and running at him going for a running knee lift but Samoa Joe moved his head out of the way and then had pushed CM Punk from behind at the opposite ropes, on the rebound CM Punk was caught and slammed down to the canvas mat below with belly to belly back suplex. Samoa Joe had gone for the pin fall but the suplex had sent Punk to the corner of the ring and Punk was able to get his leg on the bottom rope to break up the pin fall at the count of one. Samoa Joe stood up and had ran at the ropes behind him on the rebound had dropkicked CM Punk in the side of the head taking him out of the ring through the middle rope as CM Punk was on his knees.

Joey Styles: “This match is coming right in front of my table here folks.”

Samoa Joe had left the ring through the middle rope and had gone out after Punk. Punk then on one knee slowly getting up to his feet was grabbed by Joe and hoisted up to a vertical base though Punk began to fight back with all he got delivering multiple European Uppercuts and Elbow shots to the champion Samoa Joe. Joe was groggy for a moment as Punk grabbed Joe’s arm and went to throw him at the ring steps though Joe was not able to reverse it and Punk hit the big man on the steel steps which almost gave way when Joe made contact with them and tipped over. Punk then grabbed Joe by the head and rolled him into the ring under the bottom rope as Punk a few seconds later went into the ring himself and had hooked the outside leg for the pin fall on Samoa Joe. The referee had made the count; 1…….2. But Samoa Joe had kicked out. When CM Punk had gotten back up to his feet he then had left Samoa Joe there lying near the ropes as he ran at the opposite ropes and on the rebound went for a leg drop. As he went up in the air and was about to drop the legs into the throat of Samoa Joe, Samoa Joe had moved out of the ring back under the bottom rope and to the outside as Punk landed on his ass near the ropes in a whole lot of pain. Joe rolled back into the ring and lifted Punk back onto his feet and took him to the middle of the ring as he then hit a scoop slam on him putting him back down onto the mat before stomping on him for a couple of moments.

Samoa Joe then grabs the leg of CM Punk and goes to lock him into an ankle lock and insert another submission attempt onto Punk though Punk had rolled onto his back and then had kicked Samoa Joe a few feet back against the turnbuckles. Punk then sprang up onto his feet and looked around before running at the turnbuckles where Samoa Joe was standing against and went for a knee to jaw shot on Joe and managed to hit the move taking Joe’s lights out. CM Punk then grabbed onto Joe’s head and moved him to the middle of the ring and jumped up on his feet and attempted to take him down with a bulldog’ though once up in the air Samoa Joe put one hand underneath Punk and drove him down to the mat and Joe put his knee in the way. CM Punk’s lower back went crashing into Samoa Joe’s knee as Punk was in a lot of pain. Punk was then covered for another pin fall as Joe put his elbow across Punk’s face to insert disrespect as the referee went down for the count. 1…………2…. But CM Punk had kicked out barely before the three count was made. Samoa Joe grabbed Punk by the hair and pulled him to one knee before running at the ropes behind him to try and take him down on the rebound. Samoa Joe went for a clothesline though CM Punk had ducked underneath it and had hit a few standing martial art like kicks to the jaw on Joe before lifting him up onto his shoulders and going for the GTS the Go to Sleep.

Joey Styles: “This could all be over right here if he hits this one very devastating move.”

With Joe on Punk’s shoulders Joe had tried frantically to do whatever he could to get away from the GTS as he knew that the end was near. Samoa Joe had then raked the eyes of CM Punk and had slid down the back of Punk and when he had turned around Joe had kicked him in the gut, and had gone for one of his patented maneuvers the Death Valley Bomb with a Cradle. Samoa Joe lifts CM Punk up onto his shoulders and holds him in place for the move and forward a few steps and dives CM Punk’s head and shoulders area into the canvas mat with a hard impact. Samoa Joe hooks the leg for the pin fall as the referee makes the count. 1……….2…… NO! Samoa Joe can’t believe it but CM Punk kicked out of it. The crowd had gone nuts but Samoa Joe is banging his fists on the mat as he seriously is running out of ideas. Samoa Joe stands up for a few moments with his hands against his hips thinking and plotting on what to do next as he looks at Punk on his knees holding onto Joe’s knee pads trying to pull himself up to his feet. Samoa Joe helps him out and grabs him by the arm and then throws him into the turnbuckles, though CM Punk stops half way and reverses it and throws Joe’s back against the turnbuckles. Punk takes a deep breath and runs at the turnbuckles going to clothesline him against them though Joe moves out of the way and as he has his back to Punk in the corner he takes a step forward. And then amazingly hits a CCS Enzi-guri to the side of Punk’s head a jumping version of a Pele’ kick as Punk falls down stomach first into the mat.

Samoa Joe grabs CM Punk by the arm and drags him to the middle of the ring as he then lays against him in exhaustion and has his arm over him in another pin fall attempt to pick up the win and as the referee makes the count CM Punk grabs the arm of Joe and turns him over for a pin fall catching Samoa Joe off guard switching positions for a backslide pin fall but Joe stands up from it after the two count and as does Punk but Joe was waiting for him and runs at him and hits a lariat clothesline take down. CM Punk went spinning in the air doing a 360’ as he gets slammed back down to the mat below. Samoa Joe had went on CM Punk and had gone straight for the attack, sitting in him and pummeling him with numerous jabs to the face as CM Punk covered up boxing style. CM Punk pushes Samoa Joe off of him as CM Punk races up to his feet and Joe runs at him trying to continue to assault on him only to get kicked in the gut and then hit with a hard face planting DDT in the center of the ring. CM Punk then had then picked Samoa Joe up to his feet slowly and had began to take him to school so to speak’ with lots of punches and kicks to Joe’s upper body coming from all directions and making Samoa Joe stand there on spaghetti legs groggy and rocking back and forth. Punk had then kicked his opponent in the gut and had throws him at the ropes where on the rebound he hit an arm drag take down to put him on his side on the mat. CM Punk then holding that left arm of Samoa Joe, Punk had moved on top of him and locked Joe in for an anaconda vice submission hold where Joe refused to tap for a couple of seconds. Samoa Joe had reversed it amazingly and had put his legs over Punk’s head and pulled him down with a head scissors Punk and Joe then had each gotten up to their feet at the same time, Joe was standing in the corner all exhausted and tired out as was Punk as Punk ran at him in the corner going for another knee to the jaw attempt but Joe had ducked underneath it and had grabbed Punk on the second rope in a ‘rock bottom’ position and slammed his head down to the mat with a move which he likes to call the STJOE! Samoa Joe on his knees rolled CM Punk up with both legs for the pin fall and the referee made the count. 1………2……….3!!!!!!


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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

We go to the back for the last time of the night, as we see John Cena standing with Todd Grisham. Grisham asks what John’s thoughts are as he is about to go into a war with four former world champions all for the NAW Championship. Cena answers as usual, saying how he isn’t worried about anything, and how he is the true champ. Grisham is about to ask another question until Cena cuts him off, and tells the four other men if they want some to come get some.

We go to a video package of the past four weeks to recap the events leading to this match. We see the qualifying matches, the announcement, and the superstars.

NAW Championship | Five Man Challenge
Edge versus John Cena versus Brock Lesnar versus Randy Orton versus Chris Jericho

The bell rings, as all five men give each other the look. Tentatively thinking about who to attack, eventually, the ice is broken as Randy Orton threatens Cena causing him to square up facing Orton, but from behind, Edge gives Cena a boot to the knees making him buckle down, as Rated RKO stomp away on the Chain Gang Commander. The two kick Cena out of the ring, and follow him outside, as its just Chris Jericho, and Brock Lesnar in the ring. The fans begin to realize the amazing confrontation as they begin to applaud, Jericho points at the crowd then at Lesnar with a huge smirk. Lesnar looks on ruthlessly, as he beats his chest. The fireworks are about to begin, the two turn away, and both run to the ropes behind them. Lesnar, with size advantage, is just as fast as the slender Y2J. They rebound off the ropes, and Jericho sees his head coming off so he ducks on oncoming clothesline. Lesnar uses sheer strength to stop right when he passes Jericho, and Jericho tries to hit him with a spinning heel kick, but Lesnar catches him. Jericho boot is being held up, while his other foot, and hands are on the mat. Jericho rolls forward, and causes Lesnar to roll downwards too. Jericho doesn’t hesitate to capitalize on Brock’s position, as he mounts him, and begins to hammer away. Lesnar catches his forearm by Jericho’s fourth punch, as he pushes Y2J off, and gets up to his feet. Now the two hammer away at each other until Jericho snaps on a side headlock. Lesnar does some classic wrestling, as he overpowers Y2J, and pushes him running into the ropes. Jericho bounces off, as Lesnar sets up for probably a spine buster, to bad we never find out as Jericho slid under, and in between Brock’s legs. Brock surprised by this turns around, and gets kicked in the face as he tries to pick Y2J up. Jericho gets up now, and flaunts some HBK tributes by jumping off the ropes with a forearm smash.

The camera goes outside as Cena is being double teamed. Orton, and Edge take turns giving him uppercuts as he is against the fan barricade. The screen divides into two showing Orton Irish Whip Cena face first into the turnbuckle post, and Edge driving Cena’s kidneys into the ring apron. Edge sets up for a suplex onto the steel steps, but calls for Randy’s help. Randy locks in the front-face lock as well, as they measure for the double suplex onto the steel steps. They try lifting, but Cena resists. They try again, but Cena kicks Edge in the gut, and nails Randy with an upper cut. John Cena grabs Randy by the neck, and throws him into the fan barricade, right before running, and delivering Edge face first to the floor with his one handed face buster. John Cena gets up to see the Viper leaning against the fan barricade, facing the fans. He turns around as Cena sends him over with a clothesline into the fan zone. The action is getting hot, as the fans slap Orton on the back, and Cena taunts his arch nemesis from ringside. John Cena looks into the ring as Chris Jericho is running rounds with Lesnar, kicking a mud hole in him while he’s at the corner. Cena slides in the ring, and stalks Y2J from behind. Taunting the crowd, “adjusting their attitudes”. Y2J turns around and see’s Cena. Y2J runs at him for a forearm attack, but Cena hits him with a punch to the gut. Jericho holds his gut, and staggers past Cena, as Cena sets up for his finisher. Jericho turns around to get hoisted up in the air by John Cena in a fireman’s carry. John Cena tries locking in Jericho, as he tries squirming off of his shoulder. Cena eventually gets him under control, but unexpectedly, and amazingly, Edge rolls into the ring, runs to the ropes in front of Cena, bounces off, and spears Cena into the depths of hell. Cena drops Y2J, and falls back, as Edge roars in victory. Edge climbs over Y2J, and hooks the leg, 1...2... Randy Orton breaks the count!

Edge looks at Orton upset, and begins to yell at him. Randy Orton shakes his head, as he gets up to his feet yelling back. The two now begin to shove each other, as the crowd boos the two. Brock Lesnar finishes recovering, and runs at the tandem. The two use some amazing team work, and duck Brock’s forearms. Then at the same time, they grab Brock’s arms from behind, and pull him to the floor, and on his back. The two immediately begin to kick Brock, and stomp on him, double teaming the master of the F-5. Edge picks Brock up, and locks him at his side with a overhead headlock in DDT position. Edge points at Randy, and smiles, as he goes for the Edge-ecution, but Lesnar shows his strength as he picks Edge up, and hit’s a back body drop. Randy Orton see’s Lesnar with a chance of retaliation, but kills it with a shot to his knees, downing Lesnar, then he doubles over, and locks Lesnar in with one of the famous rest locks. While Randy Orton keeps the beast tamed with a rest hold, Edge gets back up, and slaps a restrained Lesnar in the face a couple of times. Edge tells Orton they’re going to neuter the bull, as he rolls outside, and goes to the infamous time keeper’s table, where he shoves our beautiful female announcer to the floor, and picks up the chair. Edge folds it up, and starts for the ring until Chris Jericho attacks him with forearms to the face. Chris Jericho seems to have a surge of energy, as he grabs Edge by the hair & pants, and throws him into the steel steps shoulder first. The steps break into two, as the crowd cheers Y2J on. Chris Jericho tells the commentators to make sure the announcer is okay, and gets back to work on his former partner. Jericho picks up the chair Edge dropped, and considers sliding in the ring, but instead changes his mind after shoving the chair in. Jericho grabs Edge, and sets him up on the barricade as he delivers knife edge chops to the heart of the Rated R Superstar. Jericho begins to taunt Edge, as he pulls him off only to slam him face first into the post. Edge is getting beat, as Jericho sets him up for what seems to be a Codebreaker. Instead, Edge turns around, and pokes Y2J straight in the eyes. Edge in a deadly motion, grabs Jericho by the hair, tucks him in a side headlock, and delivers an Edge-ecution onto the bottom half of the stairs!

In the ring, John Cena pulled Orton off of Lesnar, and began to beat on his arch nemesis. Pounding the former WWE Champion with lefts, and rights, each as hard as the last one. Cena picks Orton up, and tosses him towards the ropes. Orton bounces off into a flying shoulder from the Doctor of Thuganomics! The crowd pops, as Cena sets up for another Attitude Adjustment, this time, he’s delivering the package, as he hoists up Orton, and delivers the F-U! Edge slides in a little too late, but still inflicts damage regardless as he picks up the chair, and delivers a bone shattering shot to the back of the only rapper in the ring. Cena falls to his knees, and right next to Orton, as the crowd boos. Edge see’s the two downed wrestlers, and see’s Jericho climbing the apron, he delivers a spear-like shoulder knocking Jericho off the apron and back into the barricade! Edge checks the ring, and see’s something missing. Edge flips when he notices its Lesnar, who is behind him, ready for war. Edge turns around, and is hammered down by Lesnar, who showers with lefts. Lesnar backs Edge onto the ropes, and then grabs him by the neck, and literally throws him into the corner. Lesnar delivers stomach turning kicks, as he uses the top rope for leverage. Lesnar yells out to the crowd as he lifts Edge up onto the top turnbuckle as if he weighs nothing. Lesnar climbs the second turnbuckle, and starts hammering onto Edge’s forehead for good measure. The human tank, Lesnar, gets ready for the Super-plex, which coming from him, means big trouble for Edge. Lesnar sets up for the move, but Orton saves Edge’s ass, and nails Lesnar with the chair right in the kidneys! Brock Lesnar stays on the second turnbuckle, holding onto Edge. The crowd goes pretty wild with heat, as Orton is damaged goods, as he drops the chair out of his lack of strength. Orton eventually, (very slowly) reaches up, and grabs Lesnar’s trunks. He begins to pull downwards, but Brock as aforementioned is holding onto Edge, whom his holding onto the top rope. Chris Jericho rolls into the ring, and hops into the action fast. He turns Orton around, and throws him over the ropes, then works on Lesnar. Jericho delivers a low blow on Brock Lesnar, which sets Brock up for a easy, and ugly power bomb from the Lionhearted Warrior.

An alignment change seems to be going on, as Jericho is getting popped now by the crowd. Jericho loves it, but stays serious as he grabs Edge by the neck, and tosses some rights at him. Jericho climbs the turnbuckles all the way to no mans land, where he sets up for a gutsy maneuver, the bounce off the ropes hurricanranna! Jericho contests the idea, but it seems that everything’s going to fall down, as John Cena slides into the ring, and hits Y2J in the back. Y2J shares a seat with Edge, as he slowly turns into Cena who is on the second turnbuckle now, but his intentions are clear to be the spot of the night. Cena starts setting Edge up on Jericho, so now the two are in a very awkward postion, as Edge looks like he’s hugging Y2J from behind. Cena pulls the two onto his shoulders at the same time as the crowd just erupts. “CENA” chants blur out, as the Champ is about to possibly become the Champ, like literally. John Cena, makes a huge spot in NAW history as he delivers an F-U from the second turnbuckle to not one, but two people! The crowd goes wild as Cena looks to have lost a lot from the maneuver himself. Cena breathes heavily as he crawls over to Y2J. This seems to be the longest crawl ever, as eventually Cena gets an arm over Chris to get the 1...2...!

NO! ZOMFG, the crowd is mad, as Jericho kicks out! Cena slowly rises his head in shock, as more people begin to boo, and cheer all at the same time. John Cena reaches for the ropes to help get up, as he is too surprised to have any sudden movements. Cena walks over to the fallen Edge, as he teases for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He tells Edge he cant be seen, and runs to the ropes, he bounces off only to get tripped by Randy Orton, who stood outside. Cena falls on his face, as Orton drags him outside. Randy Orton crotches him from behind, and slides into the ring where Edge is trying to push himself up, but just cant, and Chris Jericho is stirring very slowly. Randy Orton sees Brock Lesnar getting up, as he quickly downs him with a punt to the head! The crowd grows menacing now, as Randy Orton’s attack on Lesnar continues, but he has an ace up his sleeve as he climbs out after Lesnar who rolled outside. Randy Orton walks over towards the steel stairs that are still together, as he kicks the top half off. Then, laying there on the bottom half is a burlap sack. The contents of this bag must be diabolical as Randy Orton looks on with a sinister smile. Randy Orton reaches in the bag, as the front row fans yell curses at him. Orton pulls out a pair of handcuffs, as he turns back to Lesnar. He grabs Lesnar by the neck, and starts hitting him with the handcuffs in the forehead just for some good measure. Orton grabs Lesnar’s forearm, and locks it into the first handcuff, as Lesnar is still unconscious. Randy Orton makes being evil look way to easy, as he snaps on the other cuff onto the bottom rope of the ring! Trapping Lesnar for possibly the rest of the match! Lesnar begins to realize what is going on, as he starts manically pulling away, but not going nowhere, as Randy Orton keeps a safe distance from him.

Randy Orton walks around the ring, and slides in through another side. In the ring, Jericho is pulling himself up, as John Cena comes back into the ring. This match is now a fatal four way, as Edge rushes Cena only to clothesline a whole bunch of air, and get nailed by back body drop! Cena is on fire, as he turns around, and meets Chris Jericho with a tremendous clothesline of his own into the turnbuckles. Jericho stumbles out of the corner, and is planted on the mat with a running one handed bulldog, a signature move these two foes share. John Cena now, realizes that both Edge, and Y2J are parallel on the mat, and Cena goes for the double Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena does his usual theatrics before running to his left side, and rebounding off the ropes, only to run across the ring, and bounce off the opposite ropes as well. This time, Cena nails the move, and the crowd erupts! John Cena put the hammer down on both nails, as he bounces up ecstatic. Not knowing what to do with himself, and overwhelmed with possibilities. Randy Orton slides into the ring now, as he tightens a pair of brass knuckles on his fist, as he measures John Cena’s cranium. John Cena, with a sixth sense, turns around, and ducks a huge haymaker from Randy Orton, and hoists him up into the air again! Cena looks to make it twice tonight, as he’s going to rearrange Randy Orton’s vertebrate’s with an F-U/Attitude Adjustment. John Cena slams Orton onto the mat with the second F-U of the night!

Orton bounces off the mat due to the tremendous impact, and rolls over on his back. John Cena just has the championship destined for him it seems, as he picks Orton’s leg up by the ankle, and sets up for the STF-U! He locks in the maneuver on Orton, as the crowd goes wild! Randy Orton shrieks in pain, as he is about to crack, but Brock Lesnar is able to reach Cena’s boot, as he pulls Cena off of Orton to interfere with the hold. Cena turns around, and see’s Lesnar’s predicament, and instead of taking it to the former UFC fighter, he drags Orton away from the ropes, and locks in the STF-U once again, but while this was occurring, Lesnar inadvertently gave Y2J a huge window of opportunity, as he picked Edge’s legs up, and locked in his own devastating hold, the Walls of Jericho! Now, two submission holds are being pulled as both superstars are clueless of each others presence, and only have their eyes on the prize waiting outside. Randy Orton shakes as he is about to tap, and Edge pulls his hairs, redder than a tomato. The camera zooms into Orton’s face, as he is about to tapout. He lifts his hand ready to slam the mat, and just as it is coming down, the bell rings early, as Cena lets out a huge breath of exhaustion, and rolls off of Randy Orton. Though the outcome of the match seems to be misunderstood, as John Cena’s arm isn’t raised by a referee, nor is he helped by a referee. All the attention is around one man, and that is the winner of the match, Chris Jericho. The commentators are just as confused, as the announcer gets on the microphone, and makes the call.

Result: Chris Jericho wins via submission

“Break the Walls” by Fozzy hit’s the speakers, as some fans cheer, others boo, and John Cena is speechless. Chris Jericho is awarded the NAW Championship, as he hugs it with all the energy he has left. Chris Jericho climbs the turnbuckles, and poses as he restrains the water works. He climbs down, and passes the very upset Brock Lesnar, and goes up the ramp, wobbly on his feet, and on cloud nine as he victorious. Its madness, as fans begin to leave, and the commentators argue about who really won. The confetti falls from the roof truly making it a night to remember for the NAW Champion, Chris Jericho, as he exits to the back, leaving John Cena in complete shock, Lesnar still cuffed to the ring, and Rated RKO hurt outside the ring. The pay per view ends marking the beginning of NAW.[/FONT]

Not Removing Until ….

· Randy Orton &/Or John Cena move to Smackdown!

· Drew ‘Crowd Killer’ McIntyre drops the Intercontinental Championship.

· Undertaker runs a program with Chris Jericho;

· CM Punk & Randy Orton both recapture a world championship!

· The Miz gets pushed to the Main Event.

· Kofi Kingston’s Jamaican-ness is dropped completely!

· I buy ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’ Album.

· I find out what really happens on LOST

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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

2nd Match - Trios Tag Team Match
Jushin Liger, Akira Raijin, & CIMA w/Masa Chono Vs. Ultimo Dragon, Dragon Kid, & Tiger Mask IV
Jushin Liger informs his team that he'll be initiating the bout, while Dragon Kid jumps into the ring and prepares himself for the forthcoming encounter with the legend that is Liger. A stalemate occurs, with both men encircling one another, seeking a vulnerable spot. Assessing the situation, Liger remains stoic while anticipating a slip-up from Dragon Kid. The Kid, firm and balanced, attempts a lock up with the legend, but Liger counters and wrenches his arm, twisting it as Kid jumps about in a frantic bid to rid himself of the hold. He performs a front flip with ease and attempts to trip Liger off his feet, but the legend jumps and proceeds to trip Kid instead. Evading, the lil' dragon backflips and is able to escape his opponent's grasp, but the two attempt to one-up each other with a lightning-quick succession of leg trips and pinfalls. The failure of each attempt does nothing to deter either man, however. Dragon Kid rushes forth once more in a final effort to lead the momentum for his team, but Liger catches him off guard with a swift takedown! The Kid stumbles onto the mat, allowing Liger the chance to go for a more methodical approach. A kick to the shin precedes a more potent submission - the indian deathlock.

Keeping Dragon Kid off his feet and on his back - where he's more susceptible to punishment - is the name of the game, as Liger keeps the legs of Dragon Kid in a contorted and uncomfortable position while pulling on them ever so. The legend himself eggs Dragon Kid on, pounding on the mat to encourage him to endure, all the while keeping the hold intact. It's none the more strange, but within moments, he relieves Kid of the anguish. The fans clap as he shows some middling respect, extending his hand for Dragon Kid to grasp. The moment Kid does, however, Liger kicks him in the midsection for good measure and locks his arms around the kid's waist, lifting him up for a gutwrench suplex onto the mat! Such nature compels the audience to boo as Liger keeps his wits about him while Kid rolls out of the ring in humiliation, leaving the spot open for one of his allies. On the outside, Chono shouts in japanese and instructs Liger to keep cool once Tiger Mask IV rushes into the ring. It's quite clear that their prior engagements have not taught Tiger Mask well, for the moment he charges towards Liger, the legend lifts him and pivots him some degrees, slamming his opponent's back onto his knee in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

Chono smirks on the outside, knowing full well Liger has hindered Team Ultimo Dragon's momentum single-handed. Mr. Black Jack instructs Liger to take Tiger Mask apart, and Liger does so without a hint of hesitation, unleashing a rear naked choke on the fourth incarnation of Tiger Mask. Unforgiving, Liger applies pressure while Tiger Mask gasps for some air. Desperate, he rolls Liger over and reaches for the ropes, but Liger attempts to roll him back. Such a futile attempt does not deter Tiger Mask's spirit, and in time, he does indeed grab a hold of the ropes, in which case the referee implores Liger to stop the submission. Having no choice in the matter, Liger heeds the referee's words, but before leaving Tiger Mask alone, he stomps on his head several times, receiving even more boos for such lack of sportsmanship. Backing up, Liger exchanges glances with Ultimo Dragon, and mocks the Dragon for being so idle. He motions for his rival to strike him from his position on the apron, but the Dragon ignores him. Such refusal causes the temperamental Liger to nail him with a right hand, forcing Dragon to take a stand and enter the ring!

The fans cheer as Liger backs up in some false sense of fear as Dragon motions to Liger to come and get some. Shaking his head, the legend rolls out of the ring, allowing CIMA to jump into the ring with great fervor and tussle with the Ultimo Dragon, one-on-one. Fresh and fired up for some action, he performs a superkick out of left field, but is caught within the Dragon's serpentine grasp. Clutching CIMA's leg parellel to the mat, Dragon spins and twists CIMA's captured leg in a dragon screw, causing the former Dragon Gate ace to fall off balance onto the mat. Once his opponent has fallen, Dragon locks in an inverted facelock while hooking his abled arm around CIMA's, pulling back on the neck with a patented dragon sleeper. Again, much like Liger did with Dragon Kid, Ultimo Dragon's wiles compel him to keep CIMA off his feet, as that is where he is most dangerous. Ensnared within the veteran's cold clutches, CIMA endeavors in escaping the hold; he pushes his legs forward and through this position, is curled up atop Ultimo Dragon while the hold is still applied. However, his feet are not aligned with the ropes, so it is to no avail... until Chono rushes over and aids in pulling CIMA's feet towards the ropes. As a result of Ultimo Dragon's elbows being on the mat, the referee sees this as a pinfall, but Dragon Kid comes in and interrupts, breaking up both the hold and the pin.

CIMA rolls out of the ring, his neck suffering from considerable pain. Chono alleviates his suffering with some reassuring, but Dragon Kid richochets off the springboard and lands on both men with a suicide dive, taking them both out! The pace quickens and chaos ensues as Akira Raijin gives it a go and upon entering the ring, releases an asian mist onto Ultimo Dragon's face! The fans jeer as the Dragon is blindsided, his sight obstructed. Laughing, Raijin mongolian chops his opponent in the back of the shoulders and the side of the neck, sending him falling down to a kneeling position. With such an opportune moment presenting itself, the protege of the Great Muta runs towards the opposite ropes and upon rebounding, he nails the Dragon with a high speed roundhouse kick to the side of the head! You'd think the Dragon was given a concussion, as he slumps onto the mat, lifeless and unmoving. Raijin takes advantage and hooks the legs - just a two-count! The fans cheer as Dragon shows an intense determination to see this match through, but Raijin lifts him up and irishwhips him towards the ropes, giving him no time to rest whatsoever. Upon the Dragon's return, Raijin wraps his arms around his torso and lifts him up, chucking him over his head with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex!

Merciless, Raijin continues his assault, unleashing a plethora of stiff kicks to the center of Dragon's spine. Such raw force causes him to retreat to the outside, whereupon Tiger Mask IV comes back into the foreground, refreshed and recharged. As the fourth incarnation of the legend encircles Raijin, the protege of the Great Muta brushes him off and turns his attention to Liger, motioning to tag him in. However, Liger shakes his head in refusal and alerts him to turn around - Raijin is clocked in the shin with a stiff kick from Tiger Mask upon returning his focus. A forearm to the back, a knee to the midsection, an elbow to the shoulder, and a final powerslam, with the head driven to the mat, silences Raijin's arrogance for the time being. A cover is made, but a two-count does not give Tiger Mask the response he wanted. A quick cut-throat gesture to the crowd gives them a signal of what's to come, and once Tiger Mask has lifted Raijin off the mat, he nails him with a pumphandle Tiger Suplex! Cheering can be heard as Raijin is bridged over for the pinfall attempt... Liger comes in and interrupts the pinfall! Booing can be discerned as Liger proceeds to throw Tiger Mask out of the ring via the tights. Leaning against the ropes, he points at the fallen Tiger Mask and shakes his head in disapproval, but is soon thwarted and done in. The perpetrator? Dragon Kid. Learning from his rather short encounter with Liger in the beginning stages of the match, he jumps up and wraps his legs around Liger's head, and with some effort, propels him off the ropes with a headscissors takedown.

Liger drops off the apron and lands head first onto the flooring outside of the ring, where Tiger Mask awaits. However, no amount of pain can keep him down, as he soon regains his footing and his composure. Alas, such recovery is a waste, as Dragon Kid, using the momentum of the ring ropes, slingshots off the top rope and corkscrews in the air, colliding with Liger on the outside with a corkscrew senton! The fans cheer as the Kid rolls off of Liger upon impact and stands back on his feet, unscathed. Raising his arms, he basks in the cheers of the crowd, but is knocked off his feet due to a shoulder block to the back from an irritated Masa Chono! In japanese, he lambasts and curses Dragon Kid before stomping on him with no hint of reservation. Tiger Mask sees this as a blatant cheap shot and takes no prisoners, clocking him with a stiff forearm smash, sending him down to the hard surface. Meanwhile, on the inside, CIMA and Ultimo Dragon become the legal men, squaring off once again. Seeing this as a chance to right his previous mistake against the Dragon, CIMA waits for him to strike instead of doing so himself. Such a method becomes clear to the Dragon, and thus he encircles his protege, ever confusing him with multiple 360° movements. Fortune, however, does not favor CIMA, as once the two lock horns in a collar-and-elbow tie up, the Dragon traps him in a side headlock.

CIMA attempts to break the hold, and does so in throwing his former mentor against the ropes, but the tried and true vigor within Dragon begins to swell; after he jumps and rolls over CIMA upon return, he shoot kicks him in the shin and follows up with a spinning heel kick to the side of the head. Once his former student has landed on the mat, he kips up, but CIMA imitates this and does so as well! In a stand still, the fans cheer for both men's lack of abandon. CIMA and Ultimo Dragon exchange glances with one another; an aura of mutual respect consumes the student as he stands across, reposed and idle, from his former master. The respect, however, soon dissipates in favor of contempt as CIMA charges, but his momentum backfires as Dragon evades, forcing CIMA to collide with the turnbuckle! Having impeded his former student, Ultimo Dragon stiff kicks him several times before lifting him atop the top turnbuckle. After doing so, he climbs the turnbuckle himself and stands behind CIMA before twisting around and drilling him to the mat with a Dragonsteiner! The fans cheer as neither man can stand after such an impact from the top rope. Dragon Kid and Tiger Mask IV encourage and clap for Ultimo Dragon from the apron and implore the audience to do the same, and indeed, the audience chants, "Let's go Dragon!"

Upon hearing such overwhelming support, Dragon closes in on CIMA and covers him... a kick out at two! Surprised and dumbfounded, he questions the referee's count, but instead of procastinating and complaining, he persists in keeping CIMA parellel to the mat, following up with a figure four necklock, again exasperating the damaged neck of his former student. From the apron, Liger urges CIMA to endure, and endure he does, even if the aggravation is overbearing. As Ultimo Dragon compresses the air flow in CIMA's neck, the former Dragon Gate ace attempts to fight it off, but can't seem to find the drive to do so. He doesn't capitulate, however, and instead grabs Dragon's legs and tries to keep them at a distance from his neck. With effort and patience, he relieves himself of the hold and counters with a submission of his own - an inverted cloverleaf! Shouting in japanese, CIMA applies pressure to the spine of the Dragon as he attempts to avenge his prior mishap. The hold, however, doesn't last long, as his victim finds solace in grasping the ropes, in which case the referee warns CIMA to halt his actions. The referee begins counting for a disqualification as the warning is disregarded in favor of pursuing more punishment. Once the count reaches three, CIMA releases the hold, which causes the Dragon to roll out of the ring in discomfort, giving Tiger Mask the chance to avenge him.

Upon entering the ring, the fourth incarnation of the legend bombards CIMA with stiff shoot kicks to the knees and follows up with a thrust kick to the torso with the sole of his foot. CIMA stumbles onto his knees, but is given no reprieve, as Tiger Mask succeeds with an immediate spinning heel kick to the head, sending his opponent down unto the canvas. A pinfall follows, but CIMA kicks out at two! The former Dragon Gate ace, through all the headshots, still has a bit of fight in him, but the Tiger prowls in the background, like a predator in wait. As CIMA comes to, the fourth incarnation of the legend places him right hand on CIMA's back and nails him with rapid fire kicks to the side of the head, each subsequent shot more potent than the last. With so much force behind the final kick, CIMA is sent rolling across the mat, his head throbbing and compulsing. Before Tiger Mask could finish the job, however, CIMA rolls out of the ring. Masa Chono, tired of remaining on the sidelines, climbs up on the apron and heckles Tiger Mask, which prompts the referee to deal with him. This distraction leaves Tiger Mask susceptible to a vicious running boot to the side of the head, thanks to Akira Raijin!

The red ghost's teeth seethe, his maniacal smile hinting no doubt as to his demented nature. The master has taught the student well. Wasting no time, he goes for the pinfall, but the Tiger kicks out at two! Without hesitation, the protege of the Great Muta lifts up the fourth incarnation of the legend and strikes him with a stiff forearm shot to the head, following up with an open palm chop, and another, until the Tiger becomes disillusioned and staggers to the side. In such a state, the Tiger is irishwhipped towards the ropes, but upon return, he is elevated and pummeled with a blunt chop to the head while descending! The fans make some noise as Tiger Mask crashes down onto the mat, but the red assailant continues to attack him, choking him with his thumbs pressed against his neck. A twisted delight consumes Raijin, his windows of vision ever widening and his mouth salivating as he deprives his victim of air. The referee attempts to break up the chokehold, but Raijin continues on, possessed. As a result, the referee begins counting to five, but a call from Liger compels the red ghost to stop the illegal maneuver and take a breather. The match reaches its climax here...

Finale: The brisk pace of the earlier engagements prove to be nothing more than warm-up for the finale. Yet again, as if due to divine intervention, both Liger and Dragon Kid are standing opposite each other. Liger slaps his shoulders and motions for Dragon Kid to bring it. Such provocation does not go unnoticed, for the Kid is eager to show this insidious legend a thing or two about respect. He rushes towards him in a frenetic bid to silence him, but Liger goes for a lariat! It's a no go, as the Kid ducks and rebounds off the opposite ropes, but Liger himself evades with a quick fall to the mat, which causes the Kid to jump over him and rebound again off the ropes, but upon return, he jumps on Liger, wrapping his legs around his neck in a headscissors position, but instead of one revolution, there are several, and on the final one, he somehow reaches over and maneuvers around Liger's head with his arms and plants him with a vicious tornado DDT onto the mat! The fans cheer as Liger's head connects with the mat, leaving Dragon Kid to afterwards roll and flip back up to a vertical base.

Such athleticism leaves the fans wanting more, but he soon comes undone as Akira Raijin enters the ring and dispatches him via an unexpecting running reverse STO, driving his face onto the mat! Booing ensues as Raijin hisses and stomps on his fallen opponent in aggression like a vehement viper, but the snake soon comes to fear the ferocious tiger, for the fourth incarnation of the legend sweeps into the ring, intent on cleaning house. Out of impulse, Raijin backs up against the turnbuckle, but out of nowhere comes CIMA for the rescue; he jumps off the springboard, looking to hit Tiger Mask with a leg lariat, but the resourceful tiger catches him in mid-air, latching onto his right leg and arm! In succession, he locks his left arm around CIMA's right arm in a chickenwing and wraps his right arm around CIMA's head and lifts him up, falling backwards in order to drill the top of his opponent's head onto the mat with a crossface chickenwing suplex, which garners a cheer from the crowd!

Following this hellacious maneuver, CIMA rolls out of the ring, incapacitated for the time being. Meanwhile, Raijin attempts a clothesline to take out Tiger Mask, but the tiger ducks and instead, dropkicks the protege of the Great Muta, which sends him over the ropes and out of the ring! Undeterred, Akira Raijin regains a degree of footing upon landing, but Tiger Mask is quick to action; with catlike reflexes, he slingshots off the ropes upon sensing Raijin's return to a vertical position, and collides on top of him with a slingshot somersault plancha! The fans pop as both men crash on the ringside floor. As the chaos subsides, one man enters the ring to combat Jushin Liger - his longtime rival, Ultimo Dragon. The planets align for this one moment, as this is the first time the two have crossed paths in the match since. Liger cracks his knuckles and encircles the awakened Dragon with patience and precision, calculating his movements down to each individual joint movement. The once sleeping Dragon, however, remains ever calm, cool, and collected; he is but still, himself attempting to find a vulnerable spot in Liger's movements.

After some deliberation, the two lock up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, but Liger outmaneuvers the Dragon and wraps his arms around his opponent's torso. With some momentum, he pushes the Dragon towards the ropes, but as he attempts to roll him up, his rival grabs onto the ropes, leaving Liger to stumble, but not for long. The ultimate Dragon rebounds off the ropes, but Liger falls to his stomach, allowing Dragon to jump over him and once again rebound off the opposite ropes. Upon return, however, Liger grabs a hold of his arms and lifts him up with his legs, resulting in a sunset flip. The Dragon is propelled into the air and rolls over Liger, but lands on his feet! Both men continue to have their hands clutched together, however, and both men are bent backwards with their spines parellel to the mat, neither supine. In such an awkward position, both men proceed to stand up, still within each other's grasp. Once the rivals are in a vertical position, the hold is released! Liger makes the first move, nailing Ultimo Dragon with a chop across the chest, following up with a subsequent irishwhip towards the ropes.

Their encounter quickens pace as the Dragon makes a surprising backflip leap off the springboard and connects with an inverted facelock upon reaching Liger, driving his head back-first down onto the unforgiving mat with a modified Asai DDT! Such precision garners a roaring cheer from the crowd! Not a moment too soon, he hooks Liger's legs for the pinfall, but obtains just a two-count as a result of interference from Akira Raijin! The crowd boos as Raijin lifts the Dragon up, locks in a standing armbar and finishes with a lariat takedown for good measure! The referee tries to control the situation, but Raijin just shakes his head and smiles in a demented fashion. Not all hope is lost, however, for Dragon Kid enters and takes justice into his own hands, running towards Raijin and jumping forth, locking in a headscissors before taking him down with an armdrag! Rolling out of the ring, the protege of the Great Muta does not escape Dragon Kid's advances, as the Kid launches himself off the top rope and lands on Raijin with a moonsault!

The crowd eats up the action as Jushin Liger recuperates and takes notice on a fallen Ultimo Dragon. Ever encroaching, he signals a quick cut-throat gesture, receiving a mixed reaction from the fans. He places his rival between his legs, lifts him up high, and slams his back hard upon the mat with a patented Liger Bomb, or a sitout powerbomb! The Dragon is pinned!

1............................ 2............................ NO!

Through a stroke of luck or perhaps karma, Ultimo Dragon kicks out! Stunned, Liger pounds on the mat like a spoiled child in anger and frustration. The crowd cheers and chants "Let's go Dragon," as Liger's penultimate rival, with painful effort, crawls towards redemption. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Liger wallows in disbelief as he attempts to ascertain the meaning behind this foul-up. Shaking his head, he rushes towards the Dragon in a blind rage, but is subdued with a unsuspecting small package!

1............................ 2............................ Liger uses Dragon's own momentum against him and rolls him over for his own roll-up!

1............................ 2............................ 3! Liger and his team steals it!

Winners: Jushin Liger, Akira Raijin, & CIMA @21:41

Author's Note: IMO, this tops what I've done thus far. I applied what I know of puro and lucha libre, and meshed it together for this match. I had fun writing it, and I hope it's well received. It's the first full match I've written in quite some time. You'll have noticed some homages and allusions to past puro matches involving the combatants in the match, so I hope no accusations of "OMG plagiarism" come up because it's intentional. Hope it was a good match - I tried to make it as meaningful as I could without too much reliance on spots, but I did want it fast paced throughout with little slow moments. Could that have hurt the match's structure? Sure, but I like it how it is.
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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Wrote this portion of a PPV a few months back for a former BTB I was in but never got around to posting this, which I think it was actually pretty OK, although never finished entirely. :P


We cut to the ring where Tony Chimel is standing by as the bell tolls.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen … the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Women’s Championship!

“Glamazon” hits the speakers as ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix steps out onto the stage to a small amount of booing. Phoenix taunts and then heads down towards the ring.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first … from Buffalo, New York … she is the challenger … ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix!!!

Phoenix grabs the bottom rope and pulls herself onto the ring apron before taunting and then entering the ring. She circles the ring, awaiting the Women’s Champion. “Paparazzi” hits and the crowd begin cheering as the Women’s Champion, along with the numerous paparazzi photographers, steps out onto the stage.

Tony Chimel: And her opponent … from Los Angeles, California … she is the WWE Women’s Champion … Melina!!!

Melina continues to make her way down towards the ring, adoring the fans cheering and the photographers, taunting with her Women’s Championship as Phoenix looks on. Melina reaches the ringside area, makes her way up the steel steps, and onto the ring apron. She turns her back towards Phoenix as she taunts for the paparazzi one last time before she does her signature split but PHOENIX RUNS TOWARDS MELINA AND FORCEFULLY THROWS HER OFF THE APRON~!!

The crowd’s excitement turns into boos as Melina falls face first onto the arena floor as Phoenix hurriedly exits the ring. Phoenix stomps down on Melina repetitively as the little kids at ringside scream at Phoenix while the paparazzi people run away. Phoenix lifts Melina up and crashes her into the fan barricade, with her ribs taking the damage. Phoenix continues to stomp away at Melina as the referee tries to intervene and stop the brutal attack as he screams for her to get in the ring and start the match.

Phoenix forces Melina to her feet by pulling her hair. She throws Melina right into the steel ring post on the outside before pulling her by the hair over towards the announce tables. Phoenix rams Melina’s head into the RAW announce table and then shoves her into the ring. The referee has no choice but to call for the bell.

Match Three
Women’s Championship
Melina © vs. Beth Phoenix
Phoenix enters the ring and we are finally underway. Melina is still lying on the ring mat, with her extra entrance fur jacket still on, recovering from Phoenix’s brutal pre-match attack. Phoenix stands above Melina, taunting her, and proceeds to literally rip her fur jacket off of her. Phoenix then grabs hold of the Women’s Championship and gazes at it before laying it in the ring corner.

Phoenix lifts Melina up and shoves her into the nearby ring corner. Phoenix proceeds to ram Melina’s ribs into the ring post over and over until the referee warns her to back off. Phoenix backs away from Melina but Melina just falls to the ring mat. Phoenix gets out of the ring, grabs a microphone, and then re-enters the ring. She stands over Melina and raises the microphone to her lips…

Beth Phoenix: Is this what you wanted, Melina!? I gave you a warning two weeks ago to not cross my bad side! And last week, I gave you one more chance but you decided to attack me! And tonight Melina, I’m gonna make you pay for it!

Phoenix throws the microphone on the mat and then goes for the pin. 1 … … 2 … … Melina actually kicked out!! Phoenix cannot believe it! Phoenix lifts Melina up and locks her into the overhead Gutwrench backbreaker rack! Melina is screaming out in pain as loud as she ever has! Phoenix finally let’s go of Melina and throws her down to the mat. Phoenix has a twisted look in her eye and then proceeds to ram her foot right into Melina’s ribs, the force of the kick flipped Melina over onto her belly! The referee gets in Phoenix’s way and tells her to back away, the referee checks on Melina and then quickly gets to his feet and yells for medics.

Numerous medics come running out from the backstage area as the referee screams for the timekeeper to ring the bell.
No Contest

Phoenix stares on with that twisted look still across her face as a few medics roll out a stretcher. A few noticeable road agents such as Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, and Pat Patterson run out towards the ring and aid the medics by putting Melina onto the stretcher. The referee tells Phoenix to stay away from Melina as the medics strap Melina onto the stretcher. After a moment of all the medics and the road agents talking amongst themselves they begin rolling Melina up the ramp as the crowd applauds her.

Jim Ross: This is just wrong on all levels, folks. Melina could be seriously injured right now and Beth Phoenix doesn’t give a damn. She could have broken ribs for Gods sake.

Todd Grisham: Nobody said the WWE would be easy, J.R.-

Jim Ross: To hell with that, Todd, that woman is injured and Beth Phoenix had full responsibility.


We cut away as a video package begins.

We see footage of Zack Ryder knocking Yoshi Tatsu out with a punch.

Narrator: He has ran through the competition on ECW.

The footage continues with Ryder hitting the Zack Attack to William Regal.

Narrator: He has competed for the ECW Heavyweight Championship.

Clips of Christian Vs Ryder play. After which the screen turns black.

Narrator: Zack Ryder coming to RAW!

The scene opens with Ryder standing in front of a camera, the background still black.

Zack Ryder: You know it!


We return to Bragging Rights in Team SmackDown’s backstage locker room. Batista and Rey Mysterio are talking amongst themselves while Kane stands across from them, trying to be his usual menacing self. Suddenly, Big Show and Chris Jericho walk into the room and everything becomes silent as Mysterio, Kane, and Batista stare on at the Unified Tag Team Champions.

Chris Jericho: Gentlemen, tonight is the night. It’s the night that we’re going to prove that SmackDown is the superior brand within the WWE and the most dominate force in sports entertainment thanks to yours truly. I built this team from the ground over the last few weeks and I am proud to say that I have a team worthy of standing by my side. All of those degenerates and leach worms on Team RAW will know that we mean business when we beat them tonight. Let me just tell all of you one thing, if you get in my way tonight, you will pay. I am the best this team has to offer alongside ‘Show and we will be the ones to lead this team to victory.

Batista laughs to himself as Jericho turns his attention to him.

Chris Jericho: What are you laughing at?

Batista: You. I’ve been stuck listening to you say the same stuff week in and week out. Lemme tell ya’, ‘captain’, I really don’t give a damn if anybody on Team RAW eliminates you because they’ll be doing us a favor … but, if it needs to be, I’ll be the sole survivor tonight and I will lead this team to victory, and I’ll prove that SmackDown is better than RAW.

Jericho stares intently at ‘The Animal’ with a look of anger in his eyes until Kane steps in front of Batista and locks eyes with him.

Kane: You’re funny, Batista. There’s an old saying that I know … “actions speak louder than words”. And I don’t think you can do that because all of us know that I’m the most dominate force on SmackDown. I crush and demolish everything standing in my way … and if that includes you, so be it. You won’t be leading this team to victory … because I will.

Batista and Kane continue to stare at each other very closely, both men breathing hard due to their increasing anger. Rey Mysterio tries to get in between Batista and Kane and begins to speak…

Rey Mysterio: Dave, Kane, c’mon guys, no need to argue right now. We need ta’ be focused on ‘da match ta’ night because I’m gonna be ‘da one to beat Team RAW.

Kane, Mysterio, and Batista begin to argue, rather loudly, amongst one another as Jericho and Big Show look on, not knowing what to do. Total chaos erupts in the Team SmackDown locker room as Batista, Kane, and Mysterio continue to argue while Jericho screams at everybody and Big Show just stands there doing nothing. Suddenly, we hear the door leading to the arena hallway open and everyone becomes silent. All five men stare at something, or someone, out of the camera’s view. Suddenly, the person’s boots come into the camera’s view. It’s a basic black pair of wrestling boots, with “AD” in white text engraved in the side of the boots. The camera then focuses on the members of Team SmackDown as Jericho begins to speak…

Chris Jericho: Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you the sixth member of Team SmackDown.


We cut away as another video package begins.

The screen is black. Suddenly, white italic text reading “Summerslam | 8.23.09” pops up before we see a clip of Jeff Hardy, the World Heavyweight Champion at the time, standing across from the challenger at that time CM Punk.

Narrator: Summerslam…

We fast-forward to the ending of the match where CM Punk is celebrating with his newly-won World Heavyweight Championship as his music blares in the background. Suddenly, we are taken back to that very moment as we see the lights cut off.

Narrator: ...It was the night…

We see a clip where the lights had cut back on to see THE UNDERTAKER lying in the spot that Jeff Hardy had been lying in as Punk stares on.

Narrator: …That he returned.

We see a clip of The Undertaker nailing a Chokeslam to the new World Heavyweight Champion. The screen returns to it’s black setting when italic white text pops up again, this time saying “SmackDown | 8.28.09”. We fast-forward and see clips of various hot moments during the Steel Cage Match between CM Punk and Jeff Hardy before we see a short clip of Hardy saying his ‘goodbye to the WWE Universe for now’.

Narrator: …It was … time … for the Demon of Death Valley … to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship…

The screen is black once again as “Breaking Point | 9.13.09” pops up into view. We see a clip of CM Punk and The Undertaker standing across the ring from one another before we see fast-paced clips all throughout the match. Finally, we see Theodore Long come out onto the stage and declare the match to be restarted before we see what is now known as ‘The 2nd Screwjob’. We see Undertaker staring intently at the fleeing CM Punk as the screen fades to black again. We return with a clip of The Undertaker abducting Theodore Long on the SmackDown after Breaking Point before the screen fades to black again…

Narrator: He was ‘screwed’ out of the World Heavyweight Championship … but the Demon of Death Valley continued the pursue…

“Hell in a Cell | 10.4.09” pops up on the screen before we see a clip of The Undertaker taunting with the World Heavyweight Championship after his victory over CM Punk.

Narrator: At Hell in a Cell … The Phenom returned to his throne…

We then see various clips of the various ‘mind games’ The Undertaker played on the former champion in a fast-paced manner as a church-type production theme plays in the background.

Narrator: Tonight … it is all on the line. The Demon of Death Valley … The Straightedge Superstar … … … who will … walk out … champion.


We cut to the arena where we see RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff and SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long sitting at ringside. We see a trophy sitting in between them.

Jim Ross: It is finally time, folks! Both General Managers are sitting here at ringside to see which brand will have the ‘bragging rights’ once it’s all said and done! And as you can see, folks, a trophy will be given to the winning team as they leave with the ‘bragging rights’.

Jerry Lawler: No offense towards you J.R., but RAW is the A-show and Team RAW will prove it right now! And tonight, Theodore Long is gonna lose his job!

Jim Ross: It’s in your dreams, King; Team SmackDown is going home tonight victorious. Let’s take it to Howard Finkel for the introductions…

We cut to the ring where WWE Hall of Famer and former ring announcer Howard Finkel is standing in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand.

Howard Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen … it is now time for the first ever six on six RAW versus SmackDown Elimination Tag Team Match!!! Now in this match, it will continue until one team has been entirely eliminated and the winning team will leave tonight with the ‘bragging rights’! If Team SmackDown loses, General Manager Theodore Long will be fired!

“Break It Down” blasts through the PA system as the crowd hysterically jump to their feet and go wild!! Team RAW comes running out onto the stage, playing to the crowd and living up the moment, except for Jack Swagger, who has a sour look spread across his face. Kingston, MVP, and DX continue to play to the crowd while Swagger just walks down the ramp with the sour look still across his face.

Howard Finkel: Introducing first … making their way to the ring … representing Monday Night RAW … the team of D-Generation X, Kofi Kingston, ‘The All American American’ Jack Swagger, and M – V – P!!!

The members of Team RAW, except the bitter Jack Swagger, continue to head down the ramp, high-fiving fans at ringside before entering the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Look at Team RAW, Michael! The crappy team SmackDown put together doesn’t even measure up to ‘em!

D-Generation X’s music dies down but the crowd is still red hot! The crowd continues to chant “DX! DX! DX!” while Team RAW taunt. The crowd finally calms down as Triple H and Shawn Michaels both receive microphones.

Triple H: Pittsburgh … … are you ready?

The crowd pops for DX.

Triple H: I know you can do better than that, c’mon! Pittsburgh … … … I said ARE YOU RRRREEEEAAAADDDYYYYY!?!?!?

The crowd erupts into cheers while DX continue to play to the crowd.

Triple H: We are finally here! We are finally at Bragging Rights! I mean, this whole RAW versus SmackDown vendetta has been going on week in and week out … well … three weeks actually, but that’s not the point! We’ve seen Qualifying Matches, we’ve seen Chris Jericho talking trash every chance he gets, we’ve seen us get the upper hand, we’ve seen SmackDown get the upper hand, we’ve seen Kane and Batista forming an “I’m a big man hear me roar” alliance, we’ve seen Swagger be the All American Loser, we’ve seen brawls, we’ve seen fights, we’ve seen me getting powerbombed on top of a car, we’ve seen Shawn putting Jericho through a table, we’ve seen everything for the past three weeks! And it comes down to this match here tonight because we know it, you know it, ‘Vintage’ Michael Cole knows it … we are leaving tonight with the ‘bragging rights’!

The crowd pops for Team RAW. Hunter grins and then begins to speak again…

Triple H: Moving on … everybody has been asking us all the way up to now who our mystery partner is. They’ve asked who we have in store. Who could possibly be a part of Team RAW? Ladies and gentlemen … children of all ages … our partner is here tonight … and please allow me to introduce him to all of you. Ladies and gentlemen … the sixth member of Team RAW…


“Badass” by Shiftkit hits the PA system as the debuting Nigel McGuinness, wearing a leather coat and a pair of red trunks, heads out of the curtain and onto the stage to a small face reaction from the crowd. Nigel raises his left arm in the air as some form of taunt before heading down the ramp and into the ring. The music dies down as Nigel stands alongside the other members of Team RAW. Shawn walks over to him and gives him a microphone.

Nigel McGuinness: You may not know me yet but you shall soon. My name is Nigel McGuinness. Although you may not know this, I’ve worked all throughout the world for eleven years to make it to tha’ WWE. I worked in every promotion that was around. I’ve been a World Champion numerous times. I’ve held gold around my waist more than you can imagine. And it’s because I’m that damn good. You see; I’ve finally made it to tha’ WWE after years of being the best everywhere else. And tonight starts a new chapter in my life. Tonight starts my reign at the top of the industry. And my first step is to destroy the pukes that are on Team SmackDown. And after I accomplish that, it will only be a matter of time until I become the World Champion…

The crowd pops for McGuinness as he hands the microphone back to Shawn. Triple H smirks and then begins to speak…

Triple H: Well with that in mind, I think we should wrap this promo up … everybody get in position. Nigel, you don’t have to because you’re new around here.

Hunter, Shawn, Kingston, and MVP crouch down into position while McGuinness stares on. Swagger just stands there, doing nothing but sulking.

Triple H: Now … for the thousands in attendance … for the millions watching at home only on pay-per-view … and for Team SmackDown because, well, we’re about to kick their asses … … … LLLLEEEEETTTTTT’SSS GEEEETTT REAAADDDYYY TO SUCK ITTTTTTT!!!

The crowd goes wild and cheer along with Triple H. Hunter looks over at Swagger and points towards him. Swagger notices Hunter pointing at him and he doesn’t look happy. Shawn walks over to him and gives him the microphone. Team RAW waits but Swagger doesn’t do anything. Shawn walks back up to Swagger and whispers in his ear but Swagger tosses the microphone back into Shawn’s hand. Shawn shrugs and starts speaking…

Shawn Michaels: … And if you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for ya’!!!

Right when the crowd gets their cue “Crank The Walls Down” interrupts them as it blasts through the PA system. The Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and Big Show head out onto the stage alongside Rey Mysterio, Batista, and Kane while Team RAW look on.

Howard Finkel: And their opponents … representing Friday Night SmackDown … the team of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and the Big Show, Rey Mysterio, ‘The Animal’ Batista, and ‘The Big Red Monster’ Kane!!!

The members of Team SmackDown continue to make their way down the ramp before entering the ring and coming face to face with Team RAW as JeriShow’s music dies down.

Chris Jericho: You know what, DX!? I’m tired of this idiotic nonsense! Your entire team consists of hypocrites, degenerates, and leach worms! I’ve got two words of my own for ya’ … … RAW SUCKS!!!

The pro-RAW fans boo Jericho while all the members of Team RAW, except Jack Swagger, grin at Jericho’s words.

Chris Jericho: And ya’ know what else I have, DX, not only do I already have a team worthy of standing by my side but my mystery partner is a thousand times better than that little punk. My mystery partner is also a former World Champion, he holds gold wherever he goes, and maybe one day he’ll leave this ring with the legacy that yours truly holds. Now that I think about it, both Nigel and Shawn know this man very closely. So allow me to introduce the sixth member of Team SmackDown…


“Love and War” by Drowning Pool hits the speakers in the arena as the debuting Bryan Danielson, wearing the same boots as earlier with a more semi-colored pair of trunks, steps out through the curtain and onto the stage. The camera spots the other newcomer McGuinness staring directly at Danielson with a mere look of anger in his eyes but we cut away back to Danielson as he makes his way down the ramp.

Jim Ross: That—that’s Bryan Danielson … ‘The American Dragon’! That young man is one of the best in the world today!

Jerry Lawler: And if I’m correct J.R., he has battled Nigel McGuinness all over the world for the past few years! And Shawn Michaels trained him!

Jim Ross: I thought I would never say this, folks, but this match just went up another level! This match is even more personal! It’s gonna be trainer versus trainee, enemy versus enemy!

Jerry Lawler: It sure did, J.R., but Team RAW also has a sixth member and his name is Nigel McGuinness! Don’t think that he’s going to go down without a fight, J.R.!

Danielson high-fives some fans at ringside and then enters the ring and stands alongside Team SmackDown. Danielson and McGuinness lock eyes and both step face-to-face as the music dies down. Danielson and McGuinness trade words until both men’s team captains bring them towards their respective corners. Danielson and McGuinness continue to gaze at one another as they exit the ring and get on the outside.

Match Five
RAW Vs SmackDown – 6 Vs 6 Team RAW Vs Team SmackDown Elimination Tag Match
Team RAW (DX, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Jack Swagger, & Nigel McGuinness) Vs Team SmackDown (Chris Jericho, Big Show, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Kane, & Bryan Danielson)
The referee calls for the bell and we are underway! Chris Jericho is starting the match off for Team SmackDown while DX, and the rest of Team RAW, excluding Swagger and McGuinness, play rock-paper-scissors to decide who will start off the match. Kofi Kingston enters the ring and we are set!

Jericho and Kingston circle the ring and trade words, waiting for the other to make the first move. Kingston tries to dropkick Jericho but he ducks, Kingston falls to the mat and Jericho takes the advantage, throwing punch after punch to Kingston’s upper back and neck area. The referee warns Jericho and he proceeds to back away from Kingston. The referee argues with Jericho for a moment but Jericho ignores him and runs towards Kingston, ramming his foot straight into Kingston’s ribs.

Kingston sells the kick and rolls around the ring until Jericho goes for the pin, 1 … … 2 … … Kingston kicks out! Jericho screams at the referee before locking Kingston in a tight sleeper hold. Kingston’s eyes widen as he tries to break free from Jericho’s grip. Kingston jabs his elbow into Jericho, but too little effect. Kingston with another elbow, Jericho is forced to loosen some of his grip and Kingston is on his knees now. Kingston continues to jab at Jericho as the crowd, along with his teammates, excluding Swagger of course, cheers him on. Kingston with an elbow to Jericho’s face and he frees himself from the sleeper hold. Kingston runs to the ropes and runs back towards Jericho; he connects with a nice clothesline. Both men quickly get back to their feet and Kingston connects with yet another clothesline!

Kingston takes the opportunity and taunts for the crowd before connecting with the Boom Drop on Jericho! Jericho rolls towards the ropes and uses the ropes to pull himself up. Kingston comes running towards him and tosses him to the nearby ring corner, where neither mans team is located. Kingston jumps to the middle turnbuckle and proceeds to punch Jericho in the face repeatedly but Jericho finally reverses, slips out of Kingston’s reach, and Kingston’s face rams straight into the top turnbuckle! Jericho gets to his feet and spots Kingston recovering from his face’s run in with the turnbuckle. Jericho connects with the Codebreaker! He goes for the pin. 1 … … 2 … … 3!

Kofi Kingston Eliminated by Chris Jericho; 5 Vs 6

Jericho gets to his feet and taunts to the crowds dismay as MVP enters the ring to replace the eliminated Kingston. Jericho and MVP lock eyes whilst beginning to circle the ring. MVP and Jericho get face-to-face before talking some trash to each other. Jericho slaps MVP before taking him down with a vertical suplex! Jericho begins to stomp away at MVP until the referee warns him to stop. Jericho lifts MVP up and shoves him into the nearby ring corner. He proceeds to back away from MVP with a smirk across his face. Jericho runs towards MVP but MVP moves out of Jericho’s path, which sends Jericho into the turnbuckle!

MVP spins Jericho around and connects with a snap overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Jericho quickly gets to his feet and gets hit with a clothesline! MVP connects with another clothesline. MVP does the “Ballin’” taunt for the crowd before going for the Ballin’ Elbow but Jericho moves out the way just in time as MVP hits the mat!

Jericho quickly takes the advantage and goes for the pin. 1 … … 2 … … KICKOUT! Jericho yells at the referee before locking MVP in a headlock. The crowd, along with DX, begins cheering and rooting for MVP as Jericho continues to hold him in a headlock. MVP begins to show signs of life as he gets onto his left knee before throwing his elbow into Jericho’s ribs. Jericho screams out in pain before throwing MVP to the mat and letting go of the lock on him. Jericho gets to his feet and begins to stomp away at MVP again.

Jericho taunts, with a smirk across his face. Once again, he goes for a pin attempt. 1 … … 2 … … KICKOUT! Jericho’s eyes look like they’re about to bulge out of their sockets as he gets to his feet once again. He circles MVP for a moment whilst listening to the crowds boos. Jericho goes towards the ring ropes and goes for the Lionsault when MVP rolls himself out of Jericho’s path, sending Jericho slamming down onto the mat! Jericho screams out in pain as the crowd cheers.

The referee begins a ten count as both men remain still whilst lying on the mat. 1…2…3…4… MVP begins to show movement as he begins to crawl towards his teammates ring corner while Jericho remains still. 5…6…7… MVP continues to crawl over towards his teammates while Jericho begins to come back to reality. Jericho quickly crawls over to his teammates corner and tags in REY MYSTERIO as MVP tags in NIGEL MCGUINNESS at the same time!

Mysterio and McGuinness both enter the ring as the crowd goes wild! Mysterio runs towards McGuinness and connects with a hurricanrana! Mysterio and McGuinness both jump to their feet as Mysterio connects with another one! Mysterio jumps to the top rope as McGuinness gets to his feet. Mysterio jumps from the top rope and goes for a diving crossbody but McGuinness moves out of the way and Mysterio goes crashing to the ring mat! Mysterio screams out in pain as McGuinness takes the opportunity and locks in the London Dungeon! Mysterio continues to scream out in pain before tapping!

Rey Mysterio Eliminated by Nigel McGuinness; 5 Vs 5

McGuinness lets go of the hold as the referee helps Mysterio out of the ring. He taunts for a moment. Suddenly, Jericho runs up from behind him and hits him, but to no avail! Jericho stares eye-to-eye with McGuinness, with the latter not looking too happy. Jericho begins to back away from McGuinness but McGuinness continues to move towards him. Jericho tries to hit McGuinness again but McGuinness ducks before nailing a front powerslam to Jericho! The crowd cheers as Jericho takes in all of the carnage from McGuinness’ powerslam.

McGuinness stares down at Jericho for a moment before tagging in MVP as the crowd continues to cheer. MVP jumps into the ring and taunts for a few moments to the crowds delight. MVP does the “Ballin’” taunt before running towards the ropes, preparing for the Ballin’ Elbow, which he successfully connects with onto Jericho! Jericho scrambles to his feet as MVP shoves him into the nearby ring corner. MVP runs to the opposite side of the ring and goes for the Drive-By Kick but Jericho moves out of the way, sending MVP’s leg straight into the top turnbuckle! Jericho quickly heads behind MVP before spinning him around and connecting with a Codebreaker!! Jericho crawls over towards MVP and hooks the leg. 1 … … 2 … … 3!

MVP Eliminated by Chris Jericho; 4 Vs 5

The crowd boos as Jericho proceeds to get onto his knees and mock MVP’s “Ballin’” taunt with a cocky smirk spread across his face. A referee at ringside aids MVP out of the ring as Shawn Michaels enters! Jericho gets to his feet and stares across at Shawn Michaels before running towards Michaels. Michaels nails Jericho with an inverted atomic drop and proceeds to hit him with a backhand chop as the arena echoes with “Woooo!”. Michaels hits another backhand chop! Michaels hits Jericho with a back body drop to the crowd’s amusement before climbing onto the top turnbuckle on a ring corner nearby. Suddenly, Big Show, unbeknownst to the referee as he is attending to Jericho, knocks Michaels off of the top turnbuckle! Michaels crashes to the ring mat as the referee looks over at the fallen Michaels.

Jericho slowly, but surely, gets to his feet before grinning at what Big Show caused. Jericho cockily marches over to his teammates corner and tags in Batista! ‘The Animal’ proceeds to enter the ring but Kane grabs hold of his arm. Batista and Kane lock eyes intently as they begin to trade some words. Batista mouths “Watch this.” to Kane as he slowly heads towards the recovering Shawn Michaels when MICHAELS NAILS A SWEET CHIN MUSIC OUT OF NOWHERE~!! The crowd pops loudly as Michaels goes for the pin! 1 … … 2 … … 3!!!

Batista Eliminated by Shawn Michaels; 4 Vs 4

The crowd continues to cheer as Michaels flops around the ring while a referee begins to help Batista get out of the ring. Kane enters the ring with a grin across his face as he stares on at Batista, not paying attention to Michaels, who remains on the ring mat. Kane mockingly waves goodbye towards Batista. ‘The Animal’ shoves the referee to the arena floor and marches back down towards the ring. Batista enters the ring and begins throwing punches towards Kane! ‘The Animal’ nails a spinebuster to ‘The Big Red Monster’ as the crowd pops! Batista stares down at Kane before exiting the ring and heading backstage, high-fiving fans at ringside in the process.

Kane grabs hold of the middle ring rope and uses it to pull himself up as he stares grimly at Batista as he heads backstage. Suddenly, we see Shawn Michaels tag in TRIPLE H~! ‘The Game’ grins as he stands behind ‘The Big Red Monster’, waiting for him to turn around. After a moment, Kane turns around and gets nailed with a devastating Pedigree~! Triple H goes for the pinfall! 1 … … 2 … … 3!

Kane Eliminated by Triple H; 4 Vs 3

The crowd goes nuts as ‘The Game’ jumps to his feet. Kane gets to his feet and begins throwing punches at ‘The Game’! Kane nails a sick looking Chokeslam to Triple H! The crowd boos as Kane gets out of the ring and begins to attack the referees as he makes his way backstage.

Suddenly, BRYAN DANIELSON enters the ring and stares at the fallen Triple H before hooking the leg! 1 … … 2 … … 3! DANIELSON HAS PINNED TRIPLE H~!

Triple H Eliminated by Bryan Danielson; 3 Vs 3

Danielson jumps to his feet and taunts as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. ‘The Game’ slowly sits up as the camera focuses in on him, showing the extremely shocked, yet confusing, look spread across his face. Suddenly, Jack Swagger runs into the ring and takes Danielson down to the mat with a sick-looking clothesline! Swagger goes for a quick rollup on Danielson as Triple H heads backstage finally. 1 … … 2 … … KICKOUT! Swagger looks over towards the ref for a moment before going for yet another pinfall! 1 ... … KICKOUT!

Swagger gets to his feet and lifts Danielson up, only to send him crashing into the nearby ring corner! Swagger backs away from Danielson and comes flying towards him before nailing a Running Knee Lift! Danielson falls to the mat as Swagger taunts. Swagger lifts Danielson up again but gets nailed with a snap suplex! Danielson jumps to his feet, as does Swagger. Danielson collides with Swagger and connects with a Running Big Boot!

Danielson taunts for the crowd before jumping to the nearby top turnbuckle as an unsteady Swagger makes his way back onto his feet. Swagger finally gets back onto his feet and turns towards Danielson’s direction and gets nailed with a Springboard suicide senton!! Both men crash into the mat as the crowd cheers with excitement! After a few moments, Danielson begins to come back to his senses and begins to crawl towards his teammate’s corner and he finally tags in BIG SHOW!

Big Show enters the ring and stares down at the fallen Swagger before stepping onto Swagger’s back! Big Show lifts Swagger to his feet and sends him into the ring corner. He walks towards Swagger but Swagger immediately slaps him across the face as the crowd “OOOH’s” Swagger’s action. Big Show stares intently at Swagger before hitting with a few punches from The All-American American. Swagger continues to punch away at Big Show to little effect. Suddenly, Big Show nails Swagger with a sick head-butt which sends Swagger to the mat!

Big Show circles Swagger for a moment while Shawn Michaels and Nigel McGuinness edge for the tag. Big Show walks towards Team RAW’s corner and begins to trash talk to Michaels before going back over to Swagger when Michaels enters the ring unbeknownst to Big Show! Shawn Michaels goes for Sweet Chin Music when suddenly Big Show moves out of the way! Michaels accidentally nails Sweet Chin Music to the referee! Michaels stares down at the referee, finally realizing what he’s done, when Big Show nails a Chokeslam to Michaels!

Big Show smirks whilst staring down at the fallen Michaels. Suddenly, we see Jack Swagger, who is back onto his feet with a steel chair in hand, and he’s behind Big Show! Big Show slowly turns around towards Swagger and gets nailed in the gut with the steel chair by Swagger! Swagger tosses the chair onto the mat and lifts Big Show up! Swagger nails a devastating Gutwrench Powerbomb onto the steel chair! He hooks the leg as the referee suddenly comes back to his senses. 1 … … 2 … … 3!

Big Show Eliminated by Jack Swagger; 3 Vs 2

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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Backstory: This promo is from a WWE BTB I started working on out of boredom that never made it to anything past a document on my computer. The story is WWE merged with TNA in 2008, building to a stacked Wrestlemania 25 card. The Royal Rumble winner, Samoa Joe, had defeated the mega heel World Champion Triple H at Wrestlemania, even after being roughed up at the beginning of the show by Triple H's new Evolution crew, CM Punk and Chris Masters. "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton lived up to his moniker by beating "The Icon" Sting in his first Wrestlemania appearance. The TNA head booker at the time of the merger, Paul Heyman, is the General Manager of Raw.

Joe: Last night… (He pauses to soak in his big accomplishment as he talks about it) last night was the single greatest night of my career.

(Pop; small Joe chant break out, which Joe lets die down before he continues)

Joe: Last night, I got the opportunity to do what I love to do on the grandest, most extravagant stage in this business. I got to headline Wrestlemania!


Joe: Not only that, but I got to show all the doubters, all the naysayer, that I can win the big one. I climbed the mountain, and I pulled out all the stops to become your new World Heavyweight Champion.

(More cheers as Joe proudly holds his newly won title over his head)

Joe: And when I won this title, when I pinned Triple H right in the middle of the ring, I started a new era here on Monday night Raw. No longer will you have a champion who relies on gang assaults and underhanded tactics. No longer will you have a champion who has his boys wear down his challengers for him. No longer will you have a champion who uses his family connections to keep the title around his waist!


Joe: As long as I am WWE Champion, this title will be defended with the honor and dignity that a true champion should have!

(Big Pop)

Joe: Triple H was not a champion; Triple H was nothing more than a man with a belt.


Joe: See it’s high time for guys like Triple H, guys who work harder backstage than they do in the ring, to MOVE OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT!IT'S TIME FOR YOUNG, HUNGRY GUYS TO TAKE CENTER STAGE!

(Yet another huge pope)

Joe: Triple H, like it or not, you got beat fair and square.


Joe: The cheating didn’t work, the corner-cutting didn’t work, Punk and Masters trying to take me out DIDN'T WORK!

(Pop; the fans are loving this guy!)

Joe: You did every dirty trick in the book, but in the end, when the dust settled and the smoke cleared…you lost.

(More big cheers)

Joe: But Triple H, I’m not out here to rub it in your face. No no no. I’m out here to put you and the entire Raw locker room on notice. I showed what I can do last night against Triple H. I showed what I can do when I scratched and clawed my way through 29 other men at the Royal Rumble, I showed that I AM THE REAL DEAL!

(Yet another huge pop)

Joe: And for Triple H, or any other guy in the back who thinks he can take this title from me –


The so-called viper Randy Orton strolls down to the ring with Rhodes and DiBiase close behind. All are in their Legacy t-shirts and wrestling trunks as they arrogantly stroll down the ramp to massive boos from the live audience. Joe, clearly not pleased with being interrupted watches the trio get in the ring, and their legend killing leader take a mic.

Orton: Joe… (Pauses for the audience’s heat to die down) I was watching backstage and I thought I heard you say something about putting the locker room on notice.

Joe:(Clearly wondering the meaning of this interruption) Yeah…

Orton: I thought that’s what I heard, and you were about to say something about the guys in the back who think they can take your title.

Joe: Look Orton, we don’t have all night. Get to the point.

Orton: But Joe, that is my point. You were out here talking about guys who want to take your WWE Title, so I thought I’d come out here and get a front row seat for whatever it is you had to say because I want my shot!


Orton: Whether you'd like to admit it or not, you and all these people know that there is no one in that locker room who deserves it more than I do! I don’t know if saw what I did to the so-called "Icon” Sting last night, but it wasn’t pretty.


Orton: Not only did I beat Sting in his first, and maybe only, Wrestlemania appearance, but I punted his skull in!


Orton: I killed the legend of Sting, and I sent Steve Borden home with a concussion that he may never recover from!

(Huge heat)

Orton: And tonight you wanna come out here and talk about guys taking the limelight…well Joe…I’m here to take the limelight from you!

Joe: (Intensity building) You really want your shot Orton? Well…(starts unbuttoning his shirt) that can be QUICKLY ARRANGED!

Joe drops his title as Orton sheds his Legacy tee. The commentators ponder on whether or not we may see Joe’s first title defense right now. When all of a sudden –


The former WWE Champion Triple H, joined by his Evolution sidekicks, CM Punk and Chris Masters, appears on the ramp dressed in a suit and sarcastically applauding. The fans boo the top heel stable as Legacy and Joe look up to the ramp wondering what they want.

Triple H: Bravo Joe, bravo. You’ve said everything a new champion is supposed to say. The whole honor and dignity speech was something, it really was, but this is a competition. This is about being the best, and Joe, I am STILL the best.


Triple H: Yeah, you won the big one. You took my title. You got your moment to shine on the grandest stage of 'em all.

(Joe nods to Triple H as if to say "You're darned right I did")

Triple H: But do you honestly think everything’s gonna change just because you’re the champion?


Triple H: Joe, this is still MY show, and there’s nothing you, Orton, or any of these fans can do about it.

(Big Heat)

Triple H: The fact is Joe, this whole fantasy world you’re livin' in, this whole honor and dignity idea that’s in your head, it sounds nice, but it’s all crap!


Triple H: It’s a fairy tale Joe, and there will be no happy ending. Ya see, I’m getting my rematch Joe –

Orton: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Triple H, you can get in line because Joe just granted ME the first shot at the WWE Championship!

Triple H: (a smirk comes on his face as he shakes his head) Oh Randy, Randy, Randy…so naive. You honestly thought that I would walk into a World Championship match without my rematch clause?

(Big heat; Suddenly Punk, tired of the heat, grabs the mic from Triple H.

Punk: (To the fans) SHUT UP AND LET THE MAN TALK!

(Bigger heat as Triple H gives his Straight Edge comrade a funny look before continuing to speak)

Triple H: I WILL get my rematch Joe, and I WILL get my title back!


(Huge pop for the intense Joe as he dares Triple H to come into the ring.)

The audience is enthralled, wondering what will happen next. Suddenly Raw General Manager Paul Heyman appears on the Titantron screen. The audience dies down as he begins to speak.

Heyman: Joe, Triple H, Randy Orton…while I appreciate you guys and your fighting spirit, I think you all need to remember that I am the one in charge here.


Heyman: Now, Triple H has already approached me and said that he will invoke his rematch clause in 3 weeks at Backlash. So as of right now, the man next in line for a title shot is Triple H.

(Heat for the mention of Triple H as the former champion arrogantly grins from ear to ear while Orton looks angry in the ring.)

Heyman: However…Mr. Orton, since you were so eager to come out here and make your case known, and since you did defeat Sting, quite impressively I might add, last night at Wrestlemania, I won’t let you walk away empty handed.

All the superstars in the arena look at the screen anxiously; hanging on Heyman’s every word.

Heyman: So tonight, in that very ring, our main event will be…the former WWE Champion, Triple H…


Heyman: …against “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton!

(Some heat for the two involved, some pop for the match)

Heyman: But that’s not all! Not only will two of the top superstars in WWE go head to head here tonight, but there is a lot riding on this match. Ya see, if Triple H beats Randy Orton tonight, he will earn the right to choose the stipulation for his title match against Samoa Joe at Backlash. However, if Randy Orton wins, the title match at Backlash will become a Triple Threat Match!

(Pop from the crowd for the main event tonight)

Heyman: Gentlemen, have a great night, and good luck.

Heyman goes off the screen as Triple H and Orton have an intense staredown. Joe looks at both of his possible challengers as we fade to commercial.

All my unrealistic expectations of WWE and TNA are met...or I can actually get the ball rolling on a BTB project whichever comes first!
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