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Nige™ 04-22-2009 07:54 AM

Pay Per View Time Guide
Pay Per View Time Guide

There are a lot of people in BTB who put a lot of effort into doing the longest matches they possibly can, whilst the work is admirable and we aren’t taking anything away from the people who do that, some matches lack psychology and go way overboard in length, as do their entire event.

This is a new way that will allow you to keep an accurate measure of the time of your matches so that your PPV events are kept to an appropriate length.

200 words = 1 minute of ring time (excluding commentary)

This means the following:

3 Hour PPV = 36000 words
4 Hour PPV = 48000 words
5 Hour PPV = 60000 words

Note: Please don't use this as on "official thing" I know many people go off of 150 words equals a minute, 100 words equals a minute, etc. It's just a guideline to give you a general idea as to how many words, etc. should be in a match. Once again this is NOT ANYTHING OFFICIAL.

Wrestlemania 24

JBL/Finlay – 8.35
MITB – 13.55
Batista/Umaga – 7.06
Kane/Chavo – 0.08
Michaels/Flair – 20.23
Melina/Beth – 5.56
HHH/Cena/Orton – 14.09
Show/Mayweather – 11.36
Taker/Edge – 23.50

Total Match Time excluding entrances and the post match – 105.63 = 1hr, 45mins & 38secs.

TTMH 01-25-2014 04:18 PM

Re: Pay Per View Time Guide
This will help people who are just starting out,

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