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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: ChainGangRed
Name & Age: Nick, 20
Live: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia
My Favourite Threads: Being the Booker, EWF: Extreme Wrestling Federation, JLA Puroresu, NWF: The Return, WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership
What I Like Most About Booking: Reading creative stuff from other people.
My Favourite Promotions & Wrestlers (Non BTB): All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (defunct) and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2005-2006). Manami Toyota, The Great Muta, Shawn Michaels, Sting, Ayako Hamada, Rey Mysterio Jr., Ricky Marvin, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, John Cena, Christian

"Acquire a peaceful spirit, and around you thousands will be saved." + Saint Seraphim of Sarov

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: hebtheeagle
Name & Age: Harry B. I am 27.
Live: Ohio, USA
My Thread: Not yet created. Will be edited accordingly.
My Favourite Thread: Just arrived, so having to look things over. I did look through the Mania XX thread a little, and saw some good stuff, so may do some looking into that.
What I Like Most About Booking: The ability to make characters my own. I like taking people that have name value and putting my own spin on the character.

Contact me: hebtheeagle on AIM. I'm always up to discussing the crazy world of fantasy booking with people. Just let me know who you are, and that you are from WresForum, please.
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB):
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: realslimshady4545 (yeah.. I don't even remember making the account almost a decade ago..)
Name & Age: Jeremy, 24
Live: Indianapolis, IN
My Thread: Can't link, it's the one labeled "World Championship Wrestling Alliance"
My Favourite Thread:
What I Like Most About Booking: An outlet to show that I CAN do this better, that I DO know more than the people in charge of the crap on TV these days
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB): Anarchy Championship Wrestling. "My favorite wrestler" is a question I absolutely hate, because I don't have one favorite wrestler. I have about 30 that I love watching, and probably will always love watching. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga, Tracy Smothers, Jun Kasai, Sick Nick Mondo, JC Bailey, Bruiser Brody, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Terry Gordy, Demolition, and others are among my "all time favorites". Danny Havoc, Drake Younger, Masashi Takeda, Robert Evans/RD Evans/Archibald Peck, The Canadian Ninjas, Jessica James, & Eddie Kingston are among my favorites to watch now. I try to watch pretty much everything that exists, and can almost always find likeable elements in any federation
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: LegendofBaseball
Name & Age: Alex, 24
Live: Laval, Qc, Canada
My Thread: I haven't posted my new thread, it's coming soon... (by the time you read this, the link should be at the bottom of the signature)
My Favourite Thread: Road to WrestleMania XX by Kintaro
What I Like Most About Booking: The crazy thing and the most unlikely would be to have someone from the wrestling business actually read one of my threads and say, wow, this guy can book!! But, for the most part, it's to make all those what ifs moments come true.
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB): ECW & Shawn Michaels

WWWF is Coming...
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Still Real To Me, Dammit!
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: deandean
Name & Age: dean NO!
Live: Boston
My Thread: July 1998- The Biggest war from a small view.
My Favourite Thread: WWE- the sitcom!
What I Like Most About Booking: To control everything.
Contact me: NO! Leave me the heck alone
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB): Zach Ryder! Also, WCW.
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Username: Coolquip
Name & Age: Joey, 18
Live: Lodi; CA
My Thread: WWE 2011: The Summer of Punk; Seasons Change
My Favourite Thread: Legend Presents: WWE Stop Your Grinnin' and Drop Your Linen
What I Like Most About Booking: I like to see feedback from people who read my ideas be it negative or positive.
Contact me: PM
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB): WWE & Mick Foley
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No worries, I'll dance myself sober.
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username MrMykalz™
Name & Age Ron & 21
Live Dalian, China
My Thread WWE: Power, Prestige & Passion!
My Favourite Thread Nige's "A Strong Response"
What I Like Most About Booking I love writing. I love wrestling. It's a hell of a release to mix the two and get feedback for it.
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB): World Wrestling Entertainment & Randy Orton or Kane

I'm Back To Booking! Check Out My New BTB:
WWE: Power, Prestige, PASSION.
(Click The Text, Budd.)
"It's A PUNK Party!!"
(Click "Summerslam" To See The SHOW!)
In case you haven't noticed, I'm a total mark for the Georgia font.

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Little Poppa Pump
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: N-Zone
Name & Age: Nick, 21
Live: Bristol, England / Cardiff, Wales (depends on time of year)
My Thread: WWE 2012 - Crash TV Is Back
My Favourite Threads: WWE: The Sitcom, World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy
What I Like Most About Booking: It's a good outlet for my wrestling-based creativity
My Favourite Promotions & Wrestlers (Non BTB): At the moment I'd say TNA and Christopher Daniels. The second part can change fairly often though.

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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: Frakkles (It's a nickname, just go with it.)
Name & Age: Luke, 20.
Live: London, England.
My Thread: TNA 2013: A Revolution.
My Favourite Thread: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed (iMac is probably my favourite booker from what I've seen so far. Love the shit out of that thread.)
What I Like Most About Booking: The opportunity to play with ideas and storylines with characters that you've developed an emotional attachment. I hate it when my favourite wrestlers are getting jobbed out or made to look stupid when I know they could be doing something far better. Fantasy booking allows me the opportunity to try and fix that.
Contact me: New here so I'm guessing nobody cares. That and I don't know anyone here!
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB): WWE & Dolph Ziggler.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: TigerBoy979
Name & Age: Damon, 22
Live: Latrobe, Australia
My Thread: WWE 2010
My Favourite Thread: Nige's WWE: A Strong Response
What I Like About Booking: The freedom to attempt to right the wrongs made at different points in time by WWE Creative.
Contact Me: PM
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non-BTB): WWE and Wade Barrett
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