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Re: Booker Profiles

Usernamer: BambiKiller
Name & Age: Anthony, 21
Live: Birmingham, England
My Thread: WWE: Smacked Down
My Favourite Thread: I tend to just read bits of everything, can't say I have a particular favourite.
What I Like Most About Booking: Getting, to write something I enjoy, and hopefully people enjoy reading it.
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler: Never really have a favourite promotion, as I'll watch anthing when it is on. Mainly stick to WWE though, TNA since 07. WCW, ECW, Older OVW stuff, Shimmer, etc.

My favourite wrestlers, always been a fan of Kane, Undertaker and Raven. Gangrel back in the day, and Beautiful Poison obviously.
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Getting ignored by SCOTT STEINER
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: new_year_new_start

Name & Age: Paul, 18

Live: Essex, England

My Thread: WWE 2010: Settle For Nothing

My Favourite Thread: I don't really have one at the moment, there are a few threads that I like to check back on regularly though.

What I Like Most About Booking: Burying Matt Hardy

My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB): WWE - Paul London

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: greasy_chip_butty
Name & Age: Andy (29)
Live: South Yorkshire, UK
My Thread: Not started yet but am preparing for one - I've done one on another forum that doesn't get many views
My Favourite Thread: WWE: A Strong Response
What I Like Most About Booking: Building up the anticipation for the reader
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB): WWE - favourite ever is Bret Hart, favourite now is The Miz
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: bob2
Name & Age: Brock, Undisclosed
Live: Metro Vancouver, BC.
My Thread: WWE Draft - The Return
My Favourite Thread: WWE - A strong response by Nige
What I Like Most About Booking: Not being limited at all. The ability to do anything without being limited by select angles, eg. EWR, 5GWS and PW.
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB): WWE and AJ Styles/Kane/Christian/The Rock/Bischoff/JBL/Suicide/Homicide/Alex Shelly/Chris Sabin/Rob Van Damn/Chris Benoit/Kurt Angle/Shawn Micheals/Sandman/Tommy Dreamer/Gregory Helms/Diamond Dallas Page/Hardcore Holly/Kenny Dykstra/Hot Rod/X-Pac/Randy Orton/Edge
Yeah, I have a hell of a lot. But I can't ever list em' without going on and on

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Getting over in the mid-card
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Re: Booker Profiles

Usernamer: ToddTheBod
Name & Age: Todd, 22
Live: The home of Shane Douglas and Kurt Angle : Pittsburgh, PA
My Thread: TNA : Learn To Love It
My Favourite Thread: In the past few weeks since starting my thread, I've read generally a lot of BTBs. A little of this and a little of that. A lot talented writers on the boards.
What I Like Most About Booking: Getting people hyped up for my bookings, as much as I am.
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler: Currently TNA. But I've watched wrestling since the debut of Monday Night RAW, so a lot of Promotions interested me. TNA, WWE, ROH, AAA, currently. I was into WCW a ton when it was around. I was into ECW as well. For all Time Favorites, I'll go : Chris Jericho, William (Lord Steven) Regal, Steve Corino and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
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You are being watched
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: FluxCapacitor

Name & Age: Robbie, 15.. "/

Live: Derby, England

My Thread: WWE 2004: ?#!@ Realism! -

My Favourite Thread: Wolf Beast's Being The Booker, But I also love Shock's TNA thread.

What I Like Most About Booking: Being able to right the wrongs, of real life? Pushing myself to better my product based on others opinions as well as my own. Pushing the younger talent while maintaining the older talents high status.

My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB): I have a lot, but i'm really in to ROH at the moment, but I watch all three promotions religiously, and I watch as much indy as possible. I don't watch puro as... well I just don't like it that much. But definitely ROH at this moment. And favourite wrestler? HBK, WCW Sting and Lionheart Chris Jericho.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: Cobra T Washington.
Name & Age: Matthew Jessup, 18
Live: Beavercreek, OH
My Thread: SCW
My Favourite Thread(s): N/A
What I Like Most About Booking: Writing things without being tied down by limitations or deadlines.
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB): WWE & Daniel Bryan

-The Colorful Side of Pro Wrestling-

Mark for: Daniel Bryan, Goldust, John Cena, Kofi Kingston, The Motor City Machine Guns, Kurt Angle, and Mr. Anderson
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Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Booker Profiles

Sorry I didn't realize this was here and don't know that I ever really introduced myself.

Username: KatManDo

Name & Age: Kris, 34

Live: Mountain Home, ID (it's close to Boise, ID)


My Favourite Thread: I don't currently have a favorite, I do like to check in on fellow TNA writers threads though, and periodically on some of the WWE threads. I think the thread that caught my attention most recently, and is one of the most original I've seen, is CSW.

What I Like Most About Booking: I've always loved to write, whether it be short stories, fantasy/fiction, so naturally my interest in professional wrestling and discovering these forums led me to BTB.

My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler: I currently prefer TNA not for the quality of their writing (because we all know it isn't that great, and not for their non PG approach but simply for being the underdog. I have to cheer on the underdog!

My favorite wrestler was HBK, I do not have a current favorite but I enjoy Mr Anderson, I believe MCMG are the best tag teams in the industry and feel that AJ Styles is a great worker in the ring and is underappreciated.
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The One Who Knocks
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Re: Booker Profiles



Last edited by Cynic; 05-20-2014 at 08:30 AM.
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Bowing down to the BEAST INCARNATE
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Re: Booker Profiles

Username: LegendofBaseball
Name & Age: Alex Ames (23)
Live: Montreal, QUEBEC
My Thread: NWA: Respect, Honor & Glory
My Favourite Thread: TNA: Learn to Love It & ASCS Shock Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution
What I Like Most About Booking: Creativity & Reality
My Favourite Promotion & Wrestler (Non BTB): Original ECW, ROH & Dragon Gate + Shawn Michaels, Sting, Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles, MCMG & Ric Flair.

WWWF is Coming...
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