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The New World Wrestling Entertainment

The New World Wrestling Entertainment

WrestleMania 24 has been and gone, along with the ECW brand as Kane became the last ever ECW Champion. What will the fallout be? How will the former ECW superstars find a new home on the other brands? And what chaos will ensue?

Monday Night RAW

General Manager: William Regal
Announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia
Backstage Interviewers: Todd Grisham and Maria

WWE Champion: Randy Orton
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly
Women’s Champion: Beth Phoenix

Ashley Massaro
Beth Phoenix
Brian Kendrick
Candice Michelle
Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho
Cody Rhodes
DH Smith
Hardcore Holly
Jeff Hardy
Jillian Hall
Jim Duggan
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
John Cena
Katie Lea Burchill
Lance Cade
Mickie James
Mr Kennedy
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Robbie McAllister
Ron Simmons
Rory McAllister
Santino Marella
Shawn Michaels
Super Crazy
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H
Val Venis

Friday Night SmackDown

General Manager: Vickie Guerrero
Assistant General Manager: Theodore Long
Announcers: Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewer: Josh Matthews

World Heavyweight Champion: The Undertaker
United States Champion: Montel Vontavious Porter
WWE Tag Team Champions: The Miz and John Morrison

Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chuck Palumbo
CM Punk
Curt Hawkins
Elijah Burke
Eve Torres
The Great Khali
Jamie Noble
Jimmy Wang Yang
John Morrison
Kenny Dykstra
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Michelle McCool
The Miz
Montel Vontavious Porter
Ranjin Singh
Rey Mysterio
Shad Gaspard
Shannon Moore
Shelton Benjamin
Torrie Wilson
The Undertaker
Zack Ryder

Unassigned Talent
Armando Estrada
Balls Mahoney
Bam Neely
Big Daddy V
The Boogeyman
Colin Delaney
Joey Styles
Kelly Kelly
Kevin Thorn
Kofi Kingston
Layla El
Matt Striker
Mike Knox
Stevie Richards
Tommy Dreamer

Pay-Per-View Schedule
Backlash: April 27th, 2008 | 1st Mariner Arena; Baltimore, Maryland
Judgment Day: May 18th, 2008 | Qwest Center; Omaha, Nebraska
Vengeance: June 15th, 2008 | American Airlines Center; Dallas, Texas
The Great American Bash: July 20th, 2008 | Nassau Veterans Memorial Center; Uniondale, New York
SummerSlam: August 17th, 2008 | Conesco Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, Indiana
Unforgiven: September 7th, 2008 | Quicken Loans Arena; Cleveland, Ohio
No Mercy: October 5th, 2008 | Rose Garden; Portland, Oregon
Cyber Sunday: October 26th, 2008 | US Airways Center; Phoenix, Arizona
Survivor Series: November 23rd, 2008 | TD Banknorth Garden; Boston, Massachusetts
Armageddon: December 14th, 2008 | HSBC Arena; Buffalo, New York
Royal Rumble: January 25th, 2009 | Joe Louis Arena; St Louis, Missouri
WrestleMania 25: April 5th, 2009 | Reliant Stadium; Houston, Texas



Yes, new thread. I don't like the old one, plain and simple, so here I am with a new one instead. You'll notice some things are a little different, such as the PPV schedule. That will be explained, as will the demise of ECW (well, in a better way than me just saying I think that it was a waste of time). This will probably take some time to get cooking because it's been a while, but I'm constantly editing what I've already written to try to make it better. Hopefully it works. Time to find out, I guess.

And yes, the creative thread title is based on the extremely creative title of my last thread. Marvel at my creativity, folks.

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Re: The New World Wrestling Entertainment

eww @ modern day WWE, but good luck I guess


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Re: The New World Wrestling Entertainment

I have a good feeling about this.

P.S., those rosters back then were STACKED!

^New bae

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- Edgeheadstingerfan

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Re: The New World Wrestling Entertainment

Well I decided to go with a time that wasn't littered with attitude era jobbers, Reney.

The first show is done, minus a few changes that have to be made. Expect it soonish. There won't be any previews because they're a waste of time to write and they're generally a waste of time to read.


WWE News and Notes

- It has been privately confirmed that Paul Heyman has signed to rejoin WWE and play a major part in the creative department. It is thought that Heyman will provide a different perspective, which has quite often been lacking in WWE creative.

- There have been a few sticking points in Heyman’s arrival. It is thought that ECW ending was partially out of respect to him, although it is known that WWE have been very disappointed with the reception ECW has received as a brand. ECW’s closure was considered to be a grapevine to Heyman, after the bastardisation of the company that Heyman made famous.

- It is worth noting that with the abolition of ECW, WWE have changed pay-per-views back to single brand affairs, with the exception of the big four. It is thought that the new talent arriving from ECW will beef up the rosters, while it will also allow more talent to feature. Some dates have also been shifted, perhaps to fit in with the new schedule.

- Expect to see more emphasis on tag team and women’s wrestling on television from now on. Both divisions have been treated as afterthoughts, and it is something WWE have wanted to rectify for some time. While RAW is set to feature more prominent women’s angles, SmackDown may also welcome the Cruiserweight Title back to give it a point of difference from RAW.

- It is thought that the women’s division in particular will become more ‘adult’ in a bid to become more serious, while SmackDown will once again become more of a wrestling show.

- WWE are said to be looking out for new talent, with glances at Japan having been cast. The Naturals have appeared as jobbers recently and may be in line for a contract.

- There has been discussion about using Heyman as an on-screen character in the future, but WWE and Heyman don’t have any actual plans for it yet. The door is certainly ajar for him to become a manager again, or perhaps even a commentator.

- Expect superstars to be given more time off this year as WWE looks to keep bodies fresh. John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, Big Show and The Undertaker are just a few names that are expected to be given time off throughout the year. It is thought that undercard superstars will not be afforded the same luxury, as they know time off could be regretted in the future should they miss an opportunity.

- One man who requires some time off currently is Chavo Guerrero. It is thought that he will still appear on television to hold La Familia together, but don’t expect to see him wrestling. Chavo has been struggling with a back injury, which is why his match at WrestleMania was so quick.

- As always, expect some post-WrestleMania changes. Matt Sydal and Colt Cabana are rumoured to be on the verge of being called up to the main roster, while some former ECW superstars are expecting their release. A draft is expected to be in the works too, as usual.

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Re: The New World Wrestling Entertainment

Don't know how I managed to miss this a couple of days ago, but new thread / old thread - it doesn't matter. I'm pleased to see you back booking again. Post-WrestleMania is the ideal time to start a new project, with essentially a blank canvas to work with, and a lot of unassigned talent that can fill the rosters nicely.

One question though; with ECW disbanded, I get that the ECW title would be retired, but are the WWE Tag Team Titles (held by Morrison & Miz I think) retired too? Just noticed they weren't mentioned.
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Re: The New World Wrestling Entertainment

"The Great" Mickie James is in this thread, which automatically makes it a great thread. Paul E. taking over creative, leads me to believe we can see some of his signatures throughout. Not necessarily the extreme stuff, but the emphasis on wrestling, and the highlighting of wrestler's strengths instead of weaknesses.

Your last thread was quite enjoyable, so the best of luck to you, brother.
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Re: The New World Wrestling Entertainment

I enjoyed your previous thread so hopefully this will be no different. The news and notes were all pretty standard and the OP is nicely presented, the potential reasoning for ECW being disbanded is quite an interesting one too.

Like I said, I enjoyed your previous thread, so good luck with this one.
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Re: The New World Wrestling Entertainment

oh look, a dig at the Attitude Era when wrestling was exciting, unlike the time period you've gone with, shocker

I guess I'll read RAW whenever you get the show posted


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Re: The New World Wrestling Entertainment

Flair-centric show. He's probably earned some nobody on a forum giving him his due.

Expect some rust. It gets better over the next few. I didn't want to gut the show and do it again entirely because I didn't have the motivation for that, so it's not going to be the best.

Originally Posted by Wolf Beast View Post
Don't know how I managed to miss this a couple of days ago, but new thread / old thread - it doesn't matter. I'm pleased to see you back booking again. Post-WrestleMania is the ideal time to start a new project, with essentially a blank canvas to work with, and a lot of unassigned talent that can fill the rosters nicely.

One question though; with ECW disbanded, I get that the ECW title would be retired, but are the WWE Tag Team Titles (held by Morrison & Miz I think) retired too? Just noticed they weren't mentioned.
I meant to mention that in the first post. They'll go wherever Miz and Morrison go, although it's pretty obvious where that will be at this point.


March 31st, 2008 | Orlando, Florida

The show opens up with a highlight package of WrestleMania 24, featuring John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield defeating Finlay in a brutal Belfast Brawl, CM Punk scaling to the top of the ladder to capture the Money in the Bank briefcase against six other superstars, Batista proving himself the superior beast in the Battle for Brand Supremacy, Kane stunning Chavo Guerrero and becoming the final ECW Champion, an emotional Shawn Michaels putting an end to the greatest career of all-time, Beth Phoenix and Melina taking out the trash, Randy Orton shocking the world and retaining his WWE Title, Floyd Mayweather sneaking one over Big Show, and The Undertaker extending his streak and becoming World Heavyweight Champion.

We now cut straight into the arena to hear …


The crowd comes alive with an initial pop, although the love-in is short lived as it is only boos by the time the WWE Champion, Randy Orton steps out onto the stage. A pensive Orton stops at the top of the stage to stare deeply into the title that sits so comfortably on his shoulder, before glancing out to the masses and resuming his stroll to the ring.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, we are just twenty-four hours removed from one of the biggest events of all-time, WrestleManaia 24, coming to you live for Monday Night RAW from Orlando, Florida! I’m good ol’ ‘JR’ Jim Ross, joined here at ringside by my colleague Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: And what better way to start the show ‘JR’ than with our WWE Champion, a man who was victorious last night at WrestleMania to retain that WWE Title, Randy Orton!

Jim Ross: Randy Orton undoubtedly shocked the world last night, beating both Triple H and John Cena in a Triple Threat Match, and putting ‘The Game’ out of action indefinitely following a punt kick. I’m sure he’s come out here to tell us all about it too.

Orton climbs into the ring slowly, heading across to grab a microphone, before standing calmly in the centre of the ring, waiting as all noise starts to die down. A small “Randy! Randy! Randy!” chant comes from a corner of the audience, but that, along with the boos, drops out as the crowd wait in anticipation.

Randy Orton: They said it couldn’t be done. They said that I couldn’t win. They said that I would walk in here tonight without my WWE Title.

~ Orton looks down at the gold with a smirk on his face.

Randy Orton: “They” were a lot of people … from the announcers, sitting there at that announce table. Hey Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, you didn’t think I could win, did you?

~ Orton leans over the ropes as Ross remains quiet, but Lawler tries to pretend he always believed in Orton. (Note: Yes, I am going with the heel Lawler. It’s for my sanity as much as anything else. He’s the worst thing ever if he’s not a heel.)

Randy Orton: They guys in the back thought I was on death row. No one would say a word around me … silence followed me. And it wasn’t the usual silence. It wasn’t just because they were afraid that if they looked at me wrong, that I could end their career with just … one … kick.

~ Orton pauses to look down at his own boot and then smirk.

Randy Orton: Triple H knows what I’m talking about.

~ The crowd does not react kindly to that, booing Orton quite heavily.

Randy Orton: No, they were quiet around me because they thought I was done. The clowns in the interview area, Todd Grisham and Maria, they would ask me about how I could possibly beat both John Cena and Triple H. They would ask me how I would do the impossible. They were asking the wrong person though. They weren’t asking John Cena or Triple H how they could beat Randy Orton like they should have been.

~ A few more boos as Orton pauses again, before looking right into the hard camera.

Randy Orton: But most of all “they” … refers to you people … you … disgusting … disbelieving … people.

~ The crowd boos heavily again, while Orton now fires up and points to the crowd.

Randy Orton: You people are the ones who most of all thought it would be one of your heroes, John Cena or Triple H, who walked out of WrestleMania as the WWE Champion. It was you people who thought you would get your happy ending.

~ The crowd continues to boo as Orton pauses briefly once again.

Randy Orton: All I heard about before WrestleMania was how John Cena is a three-time WWE Champion … the man that had held the title for thirteen whole months before forfeiting it, the longest reign of the modern era … the Royal Rumble winner … the man around these parts who never lost … that he never lost the title in the first place and that he wasn’t going to lose an opportunity at it now … ‘The Champ’ they said …

~ A derogatory s...... indicates Orton disagrees with that.

Randy Orton: I heard about how Triple H was an eleven-time WWE Champion … the winner of the Elimination Chamber … one of the greats of the modern era … ‘The Cerebral Assassin’, ‘The King of Kings’ … the man who supposedly taught me everything that I know …

~ TLK shoots another cocky smirk after that last remark.

Randy Orton: I saw their entrances. I saw the pomp, the pageantry they were given. I saw that they were treated like champions, unlike the real champion. I wasn’t given a marching band like John Cena … I wasn’t given full stadium pyrotechnics like Triple H. I wasn’t given anything by the WWE machine, the machine that I have represented so well for so long now. No, I wasn’t given anything … not even a chance.

~ Orton pauses to shake his head, before continuing.

Randy Orton: I saw the polls. Before the match, ninety-two percent of you – NINETY-TWO PERCENT – said that either Triple H or John Cena would walk out of WrestleMania 24 as WWE Champion.

~ A bit of an ironic cheer is heard, almost mocking Orton.

Randy Orton: Forget that I had held this title since October; forget that I am a third generation superstar; forget that I am the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history … ninety-two percent of you thought I couldn’t win. Triple H and John Cena are the superstars of this decade after all … they are the future legends of this business … they are the biggest names in the industry this side of the millennium … but not anymore.

~ It’s only a few boos from the crowd, while Orton pauses briefly.

Randy Orton: There’s always been that comparison between John Cena and myself. People saw us both come in to the WWE around the same time and they said that both of us were the future of the WWE. And while I struck first, while I won a world title before John Cena to become the youngest ever World Heavyweight Champion, since then, everybody has proclaimed that I had fallen behind, that I wasn’t on his level … including John Cena.

~ Again, some boos for Orton stretching the truth a little bit and showing the chip on his shoulder.

Randy Orton: You see, John Cena, as good as he has been, has told us all along that he’s the man, that he’s ‘The Champ’ … well not only have I put him out of commission, not only did he have to spend four months on the sidelines after trying to keep the WWE Title from me … but I’ve now proven who the real champ is, haven’t I?

~ There are a few cheers for Orton disrespecting Cena, but it’s mostly heat that comes in for the WWE Champion.

Randy Orton: As far as Triple H goes, I’ve been there with him and seen it all. I’ve seen what he had to do to be a world champion, how he had to rely on people like me to carry him. I’ve seen what it’s like when Triple H realises you’ve passed him by, and I’ve seen everything that Triple H has to offer. Triple H likes to say that he taught me everything I know, and that he didn’t teach me everything he knows, but the truth is that I’ve shown by beating Triple H time and time again that already, I know more about this industry – because I have LIVED in this industry – than he’s ever seen.

~ It’s only heat for Orton when he disrespects the very popular Triple H.

Randy Orton: When it comes to Triple H and his obsession with the WWE Title … his need to take the WWE Title, no matter who he has to hold down … the game … is over.

~ Some immediate boos for that, but Orton continues on talking over them.

Randy Orton: And maybe after I kicked him in his skull last night … maybe his career is too.

~ The heat gets more intense as the smug WWE Champion smirks away. He takes a moment to enoy it all, before getting a bit more serious again.

Randy Orton: I told you people all along. I’ve told you for the past six months since I won this title that we aren’t living at a time when I’m holding Triple H up at the top anymore. We aren’t living in John Cena’s time, because his time is up and my time is now … … … we are now living in the ‘Age of Orton’.

~ This draws more heat for the arrogant champion, who isn’t too interested in pausing to cater for the crowd.

Randy Orton: I’ve walked out with this title after facing Triple H alone and I’ve walked out with this title after facing John Cena alone, but now, now after beating them both at the same time, I have reinforced, I have proven without a shadow of a doubt that this is my time, that my reign is permanent, that my destiny has been fulfilled, and that I am … a ‘One Man Dynasty’.

~ Yet more heat for Randy, who just plain talks over it.

Randy Orton: And mark my words … this … is just … the beginning. Ask yourselves this … if your heroes, if the mighty Triple H and John Cena can’t stop me, even when working together, even when wrestling me at the same time … then who can?

~ The crowd boos again, but Orton simply holds the microphone up to his lips and waits.

Randy Orton: Tonight is a chance to farewell Ric Flair, the greatest of all-time …

~ The crowd immediately breaks out into huge cries of “WOOOOOOOOO!”

Randy Orton: … But while tonight might be about Ric Flair, the next decade will be about Randy … Orton.


It’s heat that sounds throughout the arena as Randy Orton drops his microphone and holds his title up in the air proudly.

Jim Ross: That’s a mighty big statement from Randy Orton, although I guess that’s what we’ve come to expect from our WWE Champion.

Jerry Lawler: But he can make big statements now, ‘JR’, because he backs them up! You saw last night – like Randy said, I was the only one to believe in him, and he went out there and did it! Randy beat both ‘The Game’ Triple H and John Cena in the one match.

Jim Ross: You’re stretchin’ the truth a little there, ‘King’, but while Orton’s victory was big, what was bigger was the end of the career of ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. Tonight Ric Flair gets the chance to say farewell live here on Monday Night RAW, and until then, we’ll be counting down Ric’s greatest moments, starting with this one.

We cut away to see our first great Ric Flair moment of the night, when he defeated Dusty Rhodes on September 17th, 1981 to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion – his first of sixteen world title wins.

Commercial Break

We return to see the WWE Champion, Randy Orton walking down a corridor, with numerous nameless faces not facing up to him, perhaps as a reaction to what Orton just said about them not rating him. Orton continues to walk until he finally comes across someone who steps up and goes face-to-face with him … John Cena. The crowd breaks out into a huge mixed reaction, as Cena and Orton look one another in the eye.

John Cena: Y’know Randy, for once you were right … tonight is about Ric Flair. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing you said that was right. I haven’t forgotten what you’ve done to me. Out of respect for Ric, I’m not turnin’ tonight into you versus me, but after tonight … I’m comin’ for you Randy.

~ Orton stands his ground, looking at Cena confidently, before speaking.

Randy Orton: Everything I said? You mean … I didn’t pin your shoulders to the mat last night to retain my WWE Title?

~ Cena goes to speak, opening his mouth, but he decides better of it, perhaps out of respect to Flair, as he said before.

Randy Orton: That’s what I thought.

Orton and Cena continue to stare each other down, before Orton smirks and brushes past Cena, not sticking around.

Back to ringside …


A smattering of heat, but honestly not that much as Carlito and Santino Marella make their way out, ahead of a golden opportunity for the duo.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to a special Monday Night RAW, where we’re not just dealing with the fallout of maybe the biggest WrestleMania of all-time, but we also have the potential arrival of ECW superstars, plus we’re about to see the World Tag Team Titles on the line as Carlito and your good friend Santino get a huge chance, ‘King’.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know about Santino and me being good friends, but I will tell you that stopping him from ruining the Bunnymania match was one of my WrestleMania highlights!

Carlito and Santino climb into the ring, with Santino eyeing off Lawler while Carlito tells him to focus.


The World Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly make their way out to a decent pop, with both raising their arms up for the crowd.

Jim Ross: The unlikely duo of Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly have held the World Tag Team Titles for almost five months now, dating back to the RAW Homecoming late last year. This will be a good test for them though against formidable opposition.

Jerry Lawler: Both of their Santino and Carlito won the Intercontinental Title on their very first night on Monday Night RAW, and, as much as I hate to admit it, we all know the potential they have.

Rhodes and Holly show their titles off to the crowd, before the bell for this one sounds.

1 – World Tag Team Championships – Tag Team Match – Carlito and Santino Marella vs Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly (c)

Cody kicks the match off against Carlito, and despite Cody showing some amateur wrestling prowess, Carlito is able to take control with a surprising knee to the midriff. The control goes back to the champions when Santino tags in however, with the goofball posturing and allowing Cody to pull him over so he can tag in Hardcore Holly. Holly wails on Santino for a while, with Santino trying to beg off, only for Holly to kick him in the head anyway for a two count.

Control now firmly in his grasp, Holly bounces off the ropes … but Carlito knees him in the back! Holly staggers into a side Russian legsweep from Santino now, allowing Carlito and Santino to start to dominate the match. Holly is isolated from his partner, with Santino and Carlito trying to wear him down. Holly eventually starts to regain some momentum when he escapes Carlito’s grasp in a cravat, but Carlito cuts him off with an elbow that knocks him down.

Carlito now tags in Santino, who heads up to the second rope … but he misses the diving headbutt! Santino flops around on the mat comically, as Hardcore Holly starts to pull himself towards his corner … and he makes the tag to Cody Rhodes!

The second-generation superstar bursts into the ring full of energy, taking it to Santino with a series of right hands. A few clotheslines follow, with Cody now signalling for the bionic elbow to get the crowd excited … but Carlito turns him around, kicks him in the gut and then takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker!

Carlito climbs back to his feet looking around cockily … only to turn into a flying clothesline from Hardcore Holly from the top rope! Holly and Carlito roll from the ring, Holly kicking and clawing at Carlito the whole way, leaving the ring clear for Santino and Cody to go at it.

Santino is the first one up, and he slowly picks Rhodes up, before whipping him into the corner. Santino then chases Cody in … but Cody skips out of the way, leaving Santino to crash into the turnbuckle. Santino reels back … right into an elbow to the top of the head! Dazed, Santino staggers around … right into a DDT from Rhodes! Cody drops down on to Santino … and the referee counts to three!

Winners (and still World Tag Team Champions): Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly via pinfall @ 06:08


Cody climbs back to his feet and is quickly met by Holly, who congratulates him on picking up the fall as the referee hands the pair their titles.

Jim Ross: Another good victory for the World Tag Team Champions, and that boy Cody Rhodes, the son of son of a plumber, seems to look better each and every week.

Jerry Lawler: And a lot of credit for that has to go to Hardcore Holly. Ever since he took Cody under his wing last year, Cody has gone from strength to strength.

Cody and Holly head up the ramp, leaving Santino to recover in the ring …


Carlito strikes, sending his (former?) tag team partner rolling around in agony. Slowly, Carlito heads across to pick up his apple, takes a bite … then spits it out on to Santino!

Jim Ross: Oh come on! That’s just too damn far! It’s bad enough that Carlito has attacked his own tag team partner, but to spit on him is just plain despicable.

Jerry Lawler: As much as I don’t like Santino, you don’t like to see that type of thing happen to anybody. You can’t say this isn’t without precedent from Carlito though. There’s a reason he calls that move the Backstabber!

Jim Ross: And maybe I’m just naïve, but I wish he’d have grown out of this type of thing by now.

A deadly serious Carlito continues to stare down at Santino, before skipping out of the ring and heading up the ramp alone.

We cut away, continuing to look back at Ric Flair’s career, this time with a brief video highlighting his final match of a best of three series against Ricky Steamboat at Wrestle War 1989. Ultimately Flair would be victorious, claiming his sixth world title.

Commercial Break

We return in the arena to immediately hear …


A nice pop for the popular Maria, who walks out and blows kisses to the crowd, trying to put on a brave face but looking nervous.

Jim Ross: Maria has had the biggest past few months of her career, posing for the cover of Playboy and competing at WrestleMania, but as last night showed, Beth Phoenix may be a little out of her league.

Jerry Lawler: Maria’s a fiery one though, ‘JR’, and that’s just the way I like to see divas! She’s not going to go down without a fight – she’ll kick and claw to the end!

Maria now climbs into the ring, posing for the audience, whose cheers have grown stronger since that great moment in her wrestling career – posing for Playboy.


It’s the Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix who steps out now, supported by Melina. Phoenix raises the gold as she strides down the ramp, with Melina in tow.

Jim Ross: Beth Phoenix won the Women’s Championship almost six months ago at the No Mercy Pay-Per-View, and since then it has been a dominant reign at the top of the division for ‘The Glamazon’, capped off last night with a victory at WrestleMania.

Jerry Lawler: I just don’t know who’s going to be able to stop her, ‘JR’. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more dominant diva than Beth Phoenix!

Phoenix climbs into the ring without Melina, disappointing every guy in the crowd that wanted to see the most amazing ring entrance ever. Beth stares down Maria intensely, who isn’t trembling, but certainly doesn’t look overly confident.

2 – Singles Match – Maria vs Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix w/Melina

Maria shows she’s going to put up a fight, immediately charging at Beth and stunning her with a series of right hands and kicks. Feeling the momentum, she goes for an Irish whip … but Beth simply refuses to budge! She chooses to send Maria running off to the ropes instead … and Maria comes back with a flying crossbody block … two!

Stunned, Phoenix launches to her feet and immediately takes Maria down with a big clothesline to put her back where she belongs. This starts the methodical beatdown from the Women’s Champion, who takes her time and seems to enjoy what she’s doing. She eventually invites Maria back into the match when she starts to mouth off, calling her a slut for appearing in Playboy (we’re not PG here, folks) … when Maria launches into her with some slugging blows.

This takes Phoenix aback, allowing Maria to bounce off the ropes and nail the champion with a flying clothesline! A couple of more clotheslines and Maria has Beth cornered, allowing for her to climb onto the second rope and get the crowd to count along as she punches … but Beth stops her at six and just carries her from the corner! A terrified Maria shakes her head … but Beth drops her down onto the mat hard!

Done with the messing about, Beth quickly goes about picking Maria up and pinning her arms back … so she can nail the Glam Slam! The three count from there is academic, handing the Women’s Champion the victory.

Winner: Beth Phoenix via pinfall @ 03:22


The victorious champion climbs back to her feet, and is handed her Women’s Championship by Melina. The two march around the ring, yelling out to the crowd that they’re real wrestlers, not skanks who sell out to Playboy.

Jim Ross: Beth Phoenix made one helluva statement in that ring, and she’s making another statement after the match, telling everyone exactly what she thinks of Maria’s recent choices.

Jerry Lawler: We heard it before WrestleMania too, and if you ask me, I think Beth and Melina are just jealous of Maria’s success. Beth shouldn’t be though, as she just showed in the ring!

Content her work is done Beth now leads Melina out of the ring and heads up the ramp.

We’re allowed to cut backstage now, with the camera peeking through a crack in a door to show at least a bit of the General Manager, William Regal on his mobile phone (cell phone for the Yanks).

William Regal: Yes, everything is all set up … … … yes, it’s going to be bloody big … … … I can’t wait to see you on RAW next week either, Mr DiBiase … … … I’ll fax it over. Okay, bye.

Regal hangs up the phone, then takes a deep breath and looks around his office to see that there’s a camera at his door. Frazzled, Regal rushes over, prompting the cameraman to make a break for it (or so we assume from the footage we get), the sound of the door shutting being heard in the background.

We quickly cut back to ringside, with the cameraman seemingly having gotten the footage he was looking for.

Jerry Lawler: Did you hear that, ‘JR’?! ‘The Million Dollar Man’ is coming back to Monday Night RAW!

Jim Ross: I sure did, ‘King’, and I’m sure he’s going to have something huge to say too. His wrestling days might be behind him, but ‘The Million Dollar Man’ still knows how to create a stir. However, while we welcome another veteran back next week, tonight we’re saying farewell to the greatest of all-time as in this ring, Ric Flair will say goodbye and sign off on a career that has had to be seen to be believed.

And with that we see another snippet of Ric Flair’s career, this time as he enters at number three in the 1992 Royal Rumble and still manages to go on and win it, capturing the WWF Title.

Commercial Break

We return from the break to see Todd Grisham standing by in the interview area.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time … he is the Intercontinental Champion, ‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho!

A good pop as the camera zooms out to show the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho standing next to Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Chris, last night you failed in your quest to become the holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase after coming so close, but tonight you’re right back in action against John Cena. What are your thoughts on your match tonight?

Chris Jericho: Well I guess first of all, I’d like to thank you for so kindly reminding me of me losing last night. Really, it was real nice of you kid.

~ Poor Todd shifts uncomfortably, undone by his own incompetence.

Chris Jericho: My thoughts are simple. My thoughts are on John Cena. Y’know, I saw earlier tonight when John Cena told Randy Orton that he wanted to be WWE Champion. I saw John Cena tell Randy Orton that he wants Orton in the ring. And do you know what that told me?

Todd Grisham: Uh … no.

Chris Jericho: It was a rhetorical question, assclown. That told me that John Cena is already looking past me … John Cena is looking at Randy Orton. And lemme tell you, that’s the biggest mistake John Cena can make. You see this title around my gorgeous waist? That tells you that I’m the Intercontinental Champion. That tells you that John Cena’s focus should be right alongside everybody else’s, on the king of the world baby! I don’t even know how John Cena could possibly look past this sexy beast!

~ A pop sounds for the sudden burst of enthusiasm from Jericho.

Chris Jericho: John Cena and I have a history. Hell, he was the man who sent me packin’ from this company three years ago. I remember what John Cena is all about, but if John Cena has forgotten what ‘Y2J’ is all about, what I can do in the ring, then I’ll have no problem reminding him.

~ A small cheer as Jericho pauses for a brief moment.

Chris Jericho: Tonight’s not about the past though. Tonight is about the future, and as you so kindly reminded me, Todd, last night, I lost. But just because I lost one opportunity to earn a shot at the WWE Title, it doesn’t mean I can’t win another one. I beat ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and The Rock in one night to become the first ever Undisputed Champion, and if I win the WWE Title to go along with my Intercontinental Title … nobody is going to be able to dispute anything about that.

~ Jericho smiles, as another small bunch of cheers sounds from the crowd.

Chris Jericho: John Cena, tonight my focus is on you, and let me promise you, that if your focus isn’t on me, then you’ll NEVER … EEEEEEVER be the same AGAIN!

~ Big cheers come in for that, with the crowd having said the popular catch phrase alongside Jericho.

Chris Jericho: Tonight, John, I’m going to remind you that RAW … is … Jericho.

Jericho smiles briefly, before walking off.

We’re then back into the arena to hear …


It’s boos that are heard throughout the arena, as the classic limousine pulls up, the chauffeur climbing out to open the door for John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.

Jim Ross: This man ‘JBL’ is someone who I used to have a lot of respect for, and he showed why in his victory over Finlay last night at WrestleMania in a Belfast Brawl, but his actions before WrestleMania were disgusting to say the least.

Jerry Lawler: But you wouldn’t know it looking at him. Look at the smile on the face of JBL! He feels like he was right all along, and while we mightn’t agree with his actions, you have to respect with what he can do in that ring.

JBL climbs into the ring sporting his ever-present toothy grin, while the jobber he’s about to face – who ROH fans might recognise as Colt Cabana – heads out to the floor. Eager to gloat about his victory last night, JBL beckons for a microphone.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: America … you’re welcome.

~ The American crowd don’t exactly sound appreciative, immediately booing that.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Last night at WrestleMania, I finally put an end to one of the biggest lies, to one of the biggest shams in professional wrestling history. I ended the myth … that Finlay is the toughest SOB in this company, because there is not a tougher SOB on this planet than me, J … B … L!

~ The crowd groans, knowing what is about to come from JBL, having said his own name.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: J – B – L! J – B – L! J – B – L! JBL! JBL! Come on people!

~ There’s certainly no chanting, but rather boos that can be heard from the crowd.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Last night I protected the values of this country when I beat that lying foreigner, who was trying to take advantage of one of the greatest Americans to ever live, our esteemed boss Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

~ McMahon hasn’t appeared on-screen since the Hornswoggle awkwardness ended, but it’s still boos that sound thanks to the obvious sucking up from JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And in doing so, I proved once again that not only what I say I am, and that is A ‘WRESTLING GAAAAWWD’ … but I am also a true AAAAMERICAN HEEEERO!

~ It’s more guaranteed boos for JBL, who clearly has no problems running through his usual lines.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: So what next for the greatest American hero of all-time? Simple … I want the Dubya Dubya E Championship. I was the greatest Dubya Dubya E Champion of the past decade, the longest reigning champion in the HISTORY of SmackDown … and now, haha, now it’s time for me to do it all again on Monday Night RAW!

~ The crowd continues to boo, as JBL turns his attention to Colt Cabana on the floor.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: So get this poor sap into the ring, and let’s get this procession over and done with.

JBL throws the microphone towards the corner, while the jobbing Cabana climbs up into the ring.

3 – Singles Match – Colt Cabana vs John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

Layfield smiles cockily at Colt, before getting his game face on. ‘The Wrestling God’ walks over and proves his superior size, pressing up against Cabana … who comes out with a knee to the midsection! Stunned, Layfield doubles over and allows Cabana to hit some clubbing blows, backing JBL up to the ropes. Cabana then tries to send JBL off with an Irish whip, only for the ex-Texan to reverse it. He misses a clothesline on the rebound though, allowing Cabana to bounce back … right into a big boot!

JBL takes control of the match, manhandling Cabana as he throws him around the ring. Strangely, the jobber does get some offense in, catching Layfield off guard every now and then. JBL, however, looks to be closing in on victory when he sends Cabana sprawling across the ring with a massive fallaway slam.

With the match firmly in his control, JBL raises his arm, signalling he’s about to finish it … but Cabana ducks the Clothesline From Hell! JBL turns around into an arm drag then gets up to see Cabana pointing to the roof. Surprised, JBL looks up … when he’s suddenly rolled up … and Colt Cabana somehow gets the three count!

Winner: Colt Cabana via pinfall @ 03:58

JBL kicks out, but it’s too late as Colt Cabana springs from the ring! JBL tries to dive after him unsuccessfully, with Cabana having outsmarted the self-made millionaire!

Jim Ross: My God, what an upset! JBL thought he had the match won, but this youngster Colt Cabana has outsmarted him and caused the upset of the year!

Jerry Lawler: Look at JBL! He can’t believe it! He just declared himself the number one contender to the WWE Title before the match!

Jim Ross: I think it’s safe to say that JBL will be very lucky to find himself in a title match now.

JBL continues to look furious in the ring, as Cabana slaps hands with some fans as he heads up the ramp.

We now cut away to see another Ric Flair moment, this time when he made his return to the WWE following Survivor Series 2001, having led a consortium that bought Shane and Stephanie McMahon’s stock in the company. Flair stuns Mr McMahon, announcing himself as co-owner after McMahon thought he had regained control of the company.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, we once again see John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, backstage now, kicking and yelling at equipment following his loss.

From there we cut back to ringside to hear …


There’s not much of a reaction for Charlie Haas, who makes his way down the ramp by reciprocating with very little acknowledgement of the crowd.

Jim Ross: JBL is still certainly far from happy, following his shock loss to Colt Cabana.

Jerry Lawler: Of course he’s unhappy, JR – he just saw his potential title shot go up in smoke!

Haas climbs into the ring and briefly raises his arms up into the air, before setting himself for action.


There’s some decent heat as the newcomer, Paul Burchill makes his way out, accompanied as always by his sister Katie Lea Burchill.

Jim Ross: This man Paul Burchill has been on a roll since arriving here on RAW a couple of months ago, and tonight it’s gonna be a tough match for Charlie Haas up against him.

Jerry Lawler: Burchill isn’t just good – he’s dangerous! I’ve never seen anyone take such pleasure in hurting people as him. Even his sister seems to enjoy it!

Paul climbs up into the ring while Katie Lea slinks down to ringside, pressing eagerly up against the apron.

4 – Singles Match – Charlie Haas vs Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea Burchill

Burchill and Haas slowly lock up, with Burchill powering Haas back, only for Haas to quickly swing behind him and apply a waistlock. Haas takes Burchill down and outwrestles him for a moment, but Burchill shows his brutishness by elbowing his way out, and then just plain assaulting Haas in the corner. Burchill backs off, before charging back in … right into a boot to the head.

Haas then charges out and ducks behind Burchill, thinking German suplex … but Burchill counters by throwing his elbow back … which Haas ducks, allowing him to take down Burchill for a northern lights suplex that gains a two count. Burchill springs back up, but he’s immediately taken down with a back suplex that gets another two for Haas.

Wanting to keep his momentum going, Haas hits the ropes … but he bounces back right into a big belly-to-belly suplex from Paul Burchill! Burchill absolutely wails on Haas for the next few minutes, showing the unrelenting style that has made him a feared superstar on RAW already. However, when throwing Haas out of the ring, Burchill is stopped by the referee from chasing after him, allowing Charlie Haas to crawl under the ring, then, for some reason, emerge wearing a mask. (Note: This was his gimmick at the time. Don’t blame me.)

Haas goes back to climb into the ring, but Burchill cuts him off, clubbing him across the back so he can drag him back. Burchill then tries to send Haas off with an Irish whip, but Haas reverses, then begins a series of arm drags. Dazed, Burchill staggers right into a dropkick, gaining Haas a two count. Haas then heads up to the top … and nails a flying crossbody block for only two again.

Fired up, Haas shouts out to the crowd, before thinking German suplex for a second time … but Burchill executes a standing switch, then pushes Haas off to the ropes … before catching him with a saito suplex!

Haas is all but done now, allowing Burchill to stand over him … the crush his head into the mat with the devastating Curb Stomp! The three count is academic, with Haas completely out of it.

Winner: Paul Burchill via pinfall @ 05:53


There’s a smattering of boos for Paul Burchill as he climbs to his feet victoriously. Quickly joined his sister Katie Lea, the dastardly duo sneer down at the fallen Haas.

Jim Ross: We’ve said it before, but Paul Burchill is dangerous. That Curb Stomp is one of the most brutal moves I’ve seen here in my time in the WWE, and lemme tell you, I’ve seen a lot.

Jerry Lawler: It’s not the only way Paul Burchill can beat you either! I’m sure he could have had the win after that saito suplex, but Paul Burchill was intent on sending a message not just to Charlie Haas, but also to everybody in the locker-room.

The crowd starts to boo now, as we see that Burchill has received a microphone, while the Brit continues to stand over Charlie Haas.

Paul Burchill: Consider that a statement … THAT is the damage I can do to a man with ease, but I could make it so much worse if I wanted.

~ The crowd boos again as Burchill sneers.

Paul Burchill: Unless I’m given the opposition I deserve, I promise you, I will literally rip through my so-called “competition”.

~ There are a few more jeers as Burchill continues to hold the microphone up to his mouth.

Paul Burchill: Just watch me.


Burchill drops the microphone and leaves the ring, leaving Haas to continue to lie limply in the ring.

We now cut backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Mr Kennedy!

A few cheers, but the boos quickly drown them out as Mr Kennedy steps into shot, eyeing off Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Mr Kennedy, last night at WrestleMania 24, you declared that you would be the first man to win the Money in the Bank briefcase twice, but that didn’t-

Mr Kennedy: What’s your question, Todd?

Todd Grisham: Well my question is where-

Mr Kennedy: Y’know what? It doesn’t matter what your question is. It just doesn’t … matter.

~ Kennedy looks down at the floor, stroking at his face.

Mr Kennedy: Last night … last night was just a mere blip on my radar. Don’t you get it, Todd? Don’t these buffoons in Miami get it?

~ It’s a cheap heat tactic from Kennedy, and it definitely works for him.

Mr Kennedy: All day I’ve had people coming up to me and telling me that last night I failed. They’re telling me that I failed to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and that I failed to win the world title that I promised after winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Ironic, huh? A bunch of failures telling me that I failed!

~ Cheap heat again, with Kennedy seemingly trying to erase the small number of cheers he originally heard.

Mr Kennedy: I didn’t fail. All that happened was that the inevitable … was delayed. Because mark my words, I will be holding gold soon enough. I was BORN to wear gold. I’ve been so freakin’ close to the top of the mountain before, and believe me, I’m gettin’ there. While last night may have been a delay, rest assured, I’m still taking over Monday nights. I’m still the next face of the WWE. And I’m still the best freakin’ thing to happen to this company since the first WrestleMania. Else my name isn’t MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR KKKEEENNNNNNEEEDDDYYY!

~ KK leans into Todd’s ear to whisper.

Mr Kennedy:Kennedy.

The unusually intense Kennedy quickly turns from the shot, leaving a nervous looking Todd to stand alone.

We now cut away to our final Ric Flair moment of the night, seeing highlights of his epic encounter with Shawn Michaels from last night, in which the narrator talks about the stipulation Mr McMahon put on all of Flair’s future matches, and reels off all of the names he beat. Unfortunately, Shawn Michaels was one man that he just couldn’t get the better of.

Commercial Break


We return from the break to see a wide shot of the Citrus Bowl from WrestleMania.

Narrator: The showcase of the immortals has come and passed.

Randy Orton is shown holding the WWE Title aloft.

Jerry Lawler: Randy Orton has done it!

Narrator: Champions have made a name for themselves.

Shawn Michaels is shown telling Ric Flair “I’m sorry … I love you.”

Jim Ross: Sweet Chin Music … connects!

Narrator: Men have done the unthinkable.

Ric Flair is shown looking around the Citrus Bowl, tears in his eyes.

Jim Ross: The career of ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair … is over.

Narrator: Careers have been ended.

Triple H enters, with pyrotechnics shooting off around the arena.

Narrator: We’ve seen the spectacle.

John Cena enters through the sea of his marching band.

Narrator: We’ve had the pageantry.

Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair embrace one another.

Narrator: But will the actions of all … be forgiven?

We start to see action shots of various RAW superstars.

Narrator: Or will there be …

The action shots continue, before we focus in on a sombre looking Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 24 again.

Narrator: A backlash?



Back into the arena …


It’s a great pop that greets the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho. Jericho throws his arms out as always, before shouting out to the crowd and firing them up on the way to the ring.

Jim Ross: Last night Chris Jericho battled manfully in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and he looked to have it won, only to fall just short to the winner, CM Punk. Tonight he renews acquaintances with an old foe, and even without the briefcase, Jericho could put forth an argument for a WWE Title match to try to add to that Intercontinental Championship with a victory here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Jericho said it earlier, ‘JR’. He and John Cena have a history, but tonight that history isn’t what he’s focused on. Tonight, his focus is on doing all he can to earn a shot at the WWE Title and become a double champion!

Jericho fires the fans up on the way up to the apron, before climbing in the ring and showcasing his Intercontinental Title. With his music dieing down, Jericho now waits …


The crowd erupts into a huge mixed reaction as John Cena charges out onto the stage. Cena says a few words to the camera, before jogging down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Last night John Cena came up just short in his pursuit of the WWE Title, but he obviously hasn’t given up hope of regaining it, having not had a proper one-on-one opportunity end without controversy since he had to forfeit the title due to injury back in October.

Jerry Lawler: But as Chris Jericho warned Cena earlier, his focus had better be on Jericho, else he won’t be earning a shot at the WWE Title any time soon.

Cena slides into the ring and poses for the fans briefly, before indicating that his eyes are firmly on Jericho. The referee is then set to call for the bell …



The crowd boos as Mr Kennedy strides out, chewing away on his gum as he walks down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Aww, now what does Mr Kennedy want?

Jerry Lawler: You heard him before – he said he’s going to be a champion soon. Maybe he just wants to take a look at the competition.

Kennedy takes up a seat at ringside, motioning for the two in the ring to get started. The referee obliges, calling for the bell.

5 – Singles Match – Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho vs John Cena

Both men look at Kennedy, before turning their attention towards one another, with Cena telling Jericho once again that all of his focus is right here tonight. Jericho nods, with the two circling around before locking up. It’s Cena who overpowers Jericho, forcing him back into the corner, before backing away and giving a clean break.

Jericho comes out and engages in another lock up, with Cena once again proving his superior power. Jericho, however, swings things around when they reach the corner, before thundering a knife-edge chop off the chest of Cena. Stunned, Cena staggers along the ropes after Jericho didn’t offer Cena the same courtesy that Cena offered Jericho.

Jericho looks to take advantage and seize control, grabbing a side headlock to wear Cena down. Cena tries to pick the pace up and power out, but Jericho resists, taking him over. With the match slowed right down, Jericho keeps the headlock on for some time, before Cena finally pushes him off and runs through the smaller man with a shoulder block.

Cena speeds the pace of the match up, taking Jericho down with some more tackles, before laying some elbows into Jericho on the mat. Feeling the momentum swinging his way, Cena charges at Jericho by the ropes … but Jericho drops down and pulls the top rope with him, leaving Cena to tumble to the floor.

Cena struggles back to his feet right next to Mr Kennedy, who doesn’t react, instead allowing Cena to head to the apron. Cena doesn’t get any further though, with Jericho springboarding to wipe him back out to the floor with a springboard dropkick! It’s a good pop for Jericho, with Cena down as we head to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Back from the break and Cena is fighting back up, currently finding himself in a sleeper hold. ‘The Champ’ who isn’t a champ throws some elbows, escaping from the grasp of the IC Champion and doubling him over … so he can bounce off the ropes and take him down with a blockbuster!

Jericho’s face bounces off the mat, sending him into a daze as he staggers right into a fisherman suplex that gets Cena two. Cena looks to be feeling it … setting up for the F-U … but Jericho slips off, then bounces back to nail Cena with a bulldog! Cena’s down in the centre of the ring … allowing Jericho to nail the Lionsault! Jericho covers … but only two!

Clearly feeling it’s in his best interests to slow Cena down, Jericho grinds the match almost to a halt again as he grapples Cena around the mat. Cena struggles to fight back for a while, but the energetic drawcard can’t be suppressed for too long. With Jericho having pressed him into the corner, Cena is able to avoid a chop, ducking out of the corner so he can push Jericho back and unload on him with right hands.

Full of momentum, Cena drags Jericho away from the ropes and goes for an Irish whip, ducking a clothesline attempt from Jericho so he can charge off himself. A surprised Jericho turns around … and is taken down by a jumping shoulder tackle! Cena nails a couple of more, before ducking a wild clothesline attempt from Jericho and nailing the Protoplex!

To a massive mixed reaction, Cena tells Jericho “You can’t see me” … then nails the Five Knuckle Shuffle! Jericho looks out of it as he climbs back to his feet … F-U … no! Jericho fights free with elbows, then takes Cena down … and locks in the Walls of Jericho!

Cena is caught in the middle of the ring, knowing he must get to the ropes, else the match is as good as done. Cries of “Tap! Tap! Tap!” come from the crowd, but Cena fights on, refusing to give it away. Bit by bit, ‘The Champ’ inches his way closer to the ropes … before finally getting there!

Jericho doesn’t release the hold straight away, taking a moment to punish Cena before trying to drag Cena off the ropes … but Cena pushes him off with his legs. Jericho then charges back … right into a drop toe hold … STF-U! Cena now has Jericho at his mercy, as Jericho has to try to pull himself to the ropes with 245 lbs on his back! Like Cena, Jericho seems to have no intentions of quitting, taking the punishment as he reaches for the ropes … and he makes it too!

Cena releases the hold quickly, pulling himself away before kneeling down and waiting. Jericho isn’t up so quickly, feeling at his back … before turning right into the F-U … but he escapes again! Jericho slides down behind Cena … then turns him for the Codebreaker … but Cena pushes Jericho away now! The two charge at each other … and hit simultaneous clotheslines!

Both men are down now, forcing the referee to start his count. Both men struggle up, climbing to their feet at about seven when they hear …

Mr Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, the NEXT Intercontinental Champion, MMMMIIIIISSSSSTTTTEEEERRRR KKKKKKENNEDY!

This takes Jericho’s attention, who turns towards Kennedy, before refocusing and charging at Cena … right into the F-U! Cena hooks the leg … and gains the three!

Winner: John Cena via pinfall @ 14:37


Cena climbs to his feet and shoots Kennedy a look, not happy at him having gotten involved. Cena doesn’t do anything about it though, leaving the ring and heading to the back.

Jerry Lawler: Well, I guess we know what Mr Kennedy was doing out here now.

Jim Ross: We sure do, and Kennedy just ruined what was a great match. Take nothing away from John Cena, he didn’t do anything wrong, but Mr Kennedy knew that he would take the attention of Chris Jericho there, and damnit it sure did.

Kennedy climbs onto the apron with the microphone still in hand and looks down at Jericho, as he struggles to try to roll around the mat.

Mr Kennedy: Kennedy!

Happy with his work, Kennedy drops the microphone and heads for the back …

… But we cut out to the parking lot now, to see a limousine roll in. There’s a crowd of workers around waiting … to see Ric Flair climb out! The crowd of workers erupt into applause for ‘The Nature Boy’, who looks set to head to the ring.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, ‘The Nature Boy’ is in the building, and we’ll say goodbye to him – next!

The ovation continues as an overwhelmed Flair walks out of shot.

Commercial Break

I’m not going to write this out in full, as what happened for real is sufficient. Ric Flair gets a chance to say farewell to everybody. There’s no angle here. Flair has, to say the least, earned the chance to go out in a respectful way. He’s the greatest of all-time.




April 27th, 2008 | 1st Mariner Arena; Baltimore, Maryland


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Re: The New World Wrestling Entertainment

Solid promo from Orton. If you really are going with Randy as the centerpiece of the show from here on in, then this was a nice way to do it, by not having him interrupted by Cena or someone else. I think it ran a little long, considering at time Orton may not be the most charismatic or exciting speaker in the world. But the promo did it's purpose. With Hunter out, I suppose we can look forward to Cena vs. Orton as the next big title match.

Not a big role for Cena speaking wise, but I guess he had to get some words in on the show somehow. Love the arrogance of Orton so far. He shouldn't ever play an over-the-top scared heel. He's a bad ass, and that's what I love about him. Well done.

The tag team division of RAW is clearly a work in progress as neither the champions nor the challengers are going to wow anybody. Nice choice to have Carlito split away from Santino after the match. Carly's better by his lonesome and Santino has potential as a repackaged character, or he has a nice little role as a comedy act. Either way, this feud should be short and succinct.

Beth squashing Maria? Fair enough. Mickie plz. Million Dollar Man? Probably has something to do with his son, or at least I would imagine. Ted, Jr. could use the help.

You run into the same problem with Jericho that I do with Rock. It's hard not to go "valid point, catchphrase, point, catchphrase...". They're just too easy to get in. But hey, it works, as this was a solid enough promo from Y2J. Cena vs. Jericho tonight should be a solid contest, but I expect a screwy finish.

Interesting, Cena, Layfield and Jericho have all made overt or subtle references to wanting a shot at the title. Four way? Anyway, Cobana gets the roll up win, which always seems to happen to JBL. I suppose that knocks him out of contention as the announce team alluded to. That's a nice way to get Cobana started and a feud between he and JBL could most certainly lead to entertaining exchanges on the mic.

Paul Burchill as the Ripper? Your card seems to be loaded with a fair enough of people you're gonna try to get over. It definitely feels like a reset show with Burchill, Cobana and Carlito. Hopefully, Burchill can find himself an opponent that he can really sink his teeth into.

KENNEDY! "THE GREAT" Nothing much to say here. It's about the same we got from Jericho early in the night, which lets me know you're relatively high on KK. Poor Todd though.

ocrap. KK's having himself a seat. This = ratings and we can most definitely expect to see Kennedy getting involved in this one. I would imagine with Jericho, considering Cena and Orton appears to be on deck. Solid match with Jericho and Cena and do like the fact that you wrote them as relative equals. I hate when a secondary champion is treated secondary. I've done it at times myself. Glad you didn't fall for that trap. Anywho, KK costs Jericho the match and we've got ourselves quite a few nice feuds set up for Backlash and beyond.

Outside of the Women's Title picture and the Tag Title picture, everything else seems to be falling into place quite nicely. It's nice to have you back, as you produce quite the lovely reading material.
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