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Re: WWE: Through Tragedy and Triumph

Just seen this thread pop up, i've had a read and it looks really good! Nice backstory! Nice rosters.

I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for this one!
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Re: WWE: Through Tragedy and Triumph

Friday Night SmackDown!
April 12, 2013
TG Garden - Boston, Massachusetts

A Video package of WrestleMania 29 plays, featuring mostly the SmackDown superstars action.

*Shield defeating Orton, Sheamus and the Big Show
*Mark Henry defeating Ryback
*Team Hell No defeating Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston
*Fandango defeating Chris Jericho
*Alberto Del Rio defeating Jack Swagger after a cross arm breaker

Pyro displays as the camera pans throughout the TG Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, as we are welcomed to Friday Night SmackDown! by Michael Cole, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.

Cole: Hello and welcome to the Post-WrestleMania edition of Friday Night SmackDown! We have an electrifying evening planned for you, with plenty of action. My name is Michael Cole and I’m alongside former WWE Champion turned color commentator, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.

JBL: Michael Cole speaking the truth, who’dha known.

Cole: Ladies and gentleman, in the days following WrestleMania 29 the WWE universe has seen multiple reports on twitter, the WWE app, and WWE.com about a new General Manager taking over for SmackDown!, who is it ya ask? Just buckle up now because we are all about to find out!

JBL: And no, it’s not me, I had to deny Vince McMahon’s request because I love it out here!

Cole: No I’m sure you were the first person on Vince’s list.

JBL: I was and y’ know it Michael Cole

Lillian Garcia is standing front and center with a microphone, sporting a lovely sky blue dress glimmering in glitter as she begins to speak.

Garcia: Ladies and Gentleman, without further ado, your NEEEEWWWWWW Friday Night SmackDown! General MANAAAAGEEHHRRRRRRRRR!

"I’m Back" hits over the PA to a generally positive/stunned reaction as Eric Bishoff walks out with his trademark smirk and grey buzz cut as he walks down the ramp in his tailored suit, presumably fresh from the drycleaners. The former General Manager of Monday Night Raw takes a moment to soak it all in before finally climbing the steel steps, usually reserved for punishing superstars, step by step and returning to the ring that he has so long been away from.

He meets Lillian Garcia in the middle of the canvas as he wraps an arm around her shoulder, giving her a passive hug as he raises his other arm, politically waving his hand to the crowd with the smirk of triumph. An animated Bischoff takes the microphone from Lillian before holding said mic up to his mouth as he lets out a quick sigh, before regaining control of his emotions and begins speaking.

Eric: 11 years…

--Eric begins choking on his words, before muttering “Damn…” and continuing

Eric: 11 years ago, I was standing in the middle of a ring, just like this one, in front of a passionate crowd, just like this one, on a show, just like this one. Telling you all how I was going to turn Monday Night Raw into a ratings powerhouse and how I was going to pit the best talent in sports entertainment against one another and turn Raw into the A-show. Well I was not wrong, was I?

--Crowd gives out a small pop

Eric: My name… my name is Eric Bischoff, I was the most successful Raw general manger in its 20 odd year history. Also on my impressive resume, I ran a sports entertainment company that was the utmost cutting edge show on Monday Nights by doing what I do best, innovating. Hell, my middle name is innovating. But, not only in World Championship Wrestling was I innovating, but here in the WWE. I’m the guy you can thank for the Elimination Chamber!

--The crowd pops for the mention of the Elimination Chamber.

Eric: No, not the whacked out gimmick pay per view in between two of the WWE’s biggest shows, I created the match. The 6 man, everybody for themselves, grueling, Elimination Chamber match. And don’t forget, also to my credit- I oversaw the Triple H and Shawn Michaels rivalry of 2002 through 2004. I gave Randy Orton the status he has today and I paved the legacy of Dave Batista.

--Massive pops for both superstars

Eric: I shot The Rated R Superstar, Edge, into the main event and I continued to innovate and give opportunities, innovate and opportunities so on and so forth. I made Monday Night Raw what it is today, you see, there would be no “A-show” if it weren’t for me, Eric Bischoff.

--Mostly a positive reaction

Eric: And when I finished making Raw the best sports entertainment show on television, Vince McMahon did what he does best, he cut me out. Took all the credit and shoved me back into the little tiny black hole I came from. Well now, now it is 2013 and I am back, ladies and gentleman!

--Good pop

Eric: You see Mr. McMahon called me about a month ago, apologizing for treating me like scum and shutting me out. He had an opportunity for me and so I listened. He wanted me to come in and in one single fowl swoop, flip SmackDown! upside down!! Now, initially, I just wanted to hear him beg, which he in fact did, but after a few days of tossing and turning at night, I thought it over. I watched SmackDown a few times and let me tell you, it was good… It just wasn’t Eric Bischoff good.

--The crowd starts to get anxious

Eric: I saw holes everywhere, small holes, but holes nonetheless. From the talent, to the champions, to the story telling, it just didn’t have that cherry on top, which is why I am here; I’m going to innovate and give opportunities again and again!

--The crowd is gleaming with curiosity as Bischoff begins strutting around the ring as he talks

Eric: So I explained to Mr. McMahon that the only condition I have for coming to turn this show into a Friday Night powerhouse is. Complete. And total. Control. So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am not your Friday Night SmackDown! General Manager, I am your Friday Night SmackDown! Commissioner!!!!!!!

--Cheers as the camera cuts to the crowd reacting, as it focuses on a man face palming himself.

Eric: And my very first order of business in power around here is Kane, the big red monster, one half of the tag team champions. Well Mr. tag team champion, you are a SmackDown! exclusive talent and your partner is nowhere to be found. And here on my show, that is purely unacceptable. So tonight, Kane, you will be defending your WWE tag team championship against a real tag team…. 6 of them as a matter of fact. In a tag team turmoil main event for your TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!

--real good reaction from the crowd as Commissioner Bischoff soaks it in.

Eric: So, Kane. You better find yourself a partner or you have a real big problem on your hands.

--Gives a Bischoff smirk

Eric: Now, onto another pressing issue needing attention, Alberto Del Rio, your World Heavyweight Champion.

--Surprisingly good pop for the World Champion

Eric: You are a nothing short of a disgrace to that championship I spent years building!

--The crowd quickly and ferociously turns on Bischoff

Eric: Do you even know the likes that have held that championship? Triple H!! John Cenaaa!! EDGE!! The UnderTAKER!!! And Shawn Michaels!!!

--huge pops for each respective superstar

Eric: Alberto Del Rio, I watched you week after week, cheating and lying your way to that championship. Tying the Big Show’s feet to the ropes in a last man standing match? Using Ricardo Rodriguez’s crutches to defeat Jack Swagger this past Sunday at WRESTLEMANIA!!!

--Crowd cheeeeeeers, although that isn’t what happened.

Eric: Your reign will be short lived under my ruling, but not because I’m an unfair ruler, but simply because I’m going to give opportunities. Under my reign, you haven’t proved anything yet.

--Crowd starts to give more heat

Eric: So anyone in that locker room who has the ‘balls’

Eric glares around, before muttering into the microphone “Can I say that?”

Eric: Anyone in that has the balls to take the Big Gold Belt off Alberto Del Rio, you come and find me. I’ll be in my new office hanging some old pictures.

-Bischoff gives the crowd a smirk before tossing the microphone as “I’m Back” plays again and the new SmackDown! Commissioner makes his grand exit out of the ring and onto the ramp waving and smiling.

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we may be witnessing Eric Bischoff’s first night of tyranny.

JBL: Look at it anyway ya’ want Michael, he is our new Commissioner and boy, I bet ya he’s going to turn this place upside down!

Cole: I think that’s what these people are afraid of!


Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown! and if you’re just joining us, then count your blessings, because the first night of Eric Bischoff’s reign is here.

JBL: Y’ better watch it Cole, he’s probably got ears everywhere.

“I’m Awesome” hits to a mixed reaction as The Miz makes his way down the ramp, sporting his shiny new Intercontinental Championship he won Sunday on the WrestleMania 29 pre-show. The Miz enters the ring with his patented upside down WWE logo microphone and begins to cut a promo claiming how it’s funny how time changes things and one superstar can go from main eventing WrestleMania to not even being on the main card. He vows that his reign as Intercontinental Champion will change the landscape of SmackDown! and will bring back the elite status that the championship once had. The Miz then calls for an open challenge to any superstar who wants a crack at the title and that’s when…

“Whassup” hits and R-Truth unconventionally bounces around the ramp yelling ‘whassup’ into the microphone getting the crowd involved and even Miz shouts into his mic ‘whassup’ sarcastically. R-Truth begins rapping as soon he enters the ring, only to be cut off by The Miz. The 2 Friday Night SmackDown! exclusive superstars get into a quick argument over who has the better catchphrase, using the crowd as their leverage. R-Truth begins getting louder chants, aggravating The Miz to the point of assault as the referee calls for the bell and the two superstars begin the opening contest.

Opening Contest
Intercontinental Championship
The Miz © vs. R-Truth

The match is back and forth, with momentum changing sporadically as Miz begins the contest with the advantage before R-Truth steals it. With it being tightly contested throughout, The Miz begins using the cheap tactics he is known for to gain the advantage. Miz starts using the referee’s ‘break up’ counts to its fullest as he stands on R-Truth’s body, using the ropes as leverage and waiting for the referee to jump between them.

As The Miz continues his assault, he finally locks in the Figure 4 Leg lock with ease and begins yelling “I’m Awesome,” as R-Truth struggles in his search for the ropes. The Truth soon begins to hear the crowd behind him with thoughts of reversing the hold as he starts shifting his weight. However, half way reversed, The Miz uses one last boost of adrenaline to shift all the weight to his side leaving R-Truth with no other options as he taps out.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion at 8:02 – The Miz

JBL: Impressive, what else can be said about that?

Cole: Even though The Miz was bending the rules a little bit, he comes up big against R-Truth.

JBL: He’s a damn good champion, Cole! He’s putting SmackDown! on notice!

Cole: Up next, Ryback will be in action.


*Cuts backstage to Eric Bischoff’s office where we see the new Friday night SmackDown! Commissioner hanging a picture of his first handshake with Vince McMahon back in July 2002. He sighs in relief after he gets the picture perfectly straight before we hear a loud knock on the door. Eric turns towards the door and mumbles the word, “finally,” before shouting, “Come in.” The camera turns to the door as it opens and Jack Swagger, who is already wearing his in ring singlet, walks in alongside his manager Zeb Colter.

Almost immediately a smile is across Commissioner Bischoff’s face as he extends his hand to both men introducing one another. After the obligatory introductions, Bischoff rhetorically asks what he can do for both men. Colter begins speaking respectfully, for a change, to Bischoff admitting his full admiration for the man who used to successfully run WCW and Monday Night Raw. After the quick brown nosing, Colter gets down to the nitty gritty and asks from one real American to another, for a World Heavyweight Championship match against Alberto Del Rio.

Eric seems to fully appreciate the two men as he claims that the big gold belt would look superb on a superstar of Jack Swaggers caliber. However, Bischoff is cut off by another knock on his door only to delay answering by informing the culprit that it’ll be, “just a minute.” The Commissioner begins speaking highly of Swagger once again before a more demanding knock is heard, forcing Bischoff’s hand as he calls the knocker into his office.

Eric: Well, well, Y2J himself, Mr. Chris Jericho!

--Huge pop for Jericho

The two begin having an animated conversation, Jericho claiming he is more able to take the belt from Del Rio than anybody else in that locker room. Swagger interjects, informing Jericho that he couldn’t even take out a guy who is a better dancer than wrestler. The confrontation begins to escalate from words to shoving before Eric makes a self-proclaimed, brilliant decision in allowing the 2 superstars to duke it out tonight on SmackDown! to decide the number 1 contender for Del Rio’s championship, with the winner given the right to go toe to toe with Alberto Del Rio at Backlash. The 2 superstars get face to face as we cut ringside.

*Cut ringside
Looks like w’ got ourselves a number one contender’s match, Michael!

Cole: That’s going to be a good one, but ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to turn our attention to WrestleMania 29 just a mere 5 days ago, when Ryback and Mark Henry faced off one-on-one. Let’s take a look.

*A quick video package showing pieces of the match plays, showing how ‘The World’s Strongest Man' fell on Ryback, crushing him in the process and getting the pinfall. Then it shows actual footage of Ryback preforming a ShellShock to Mark Henry immediately following the match.

“Meat on the Table” hits as a hungry looking Ryback comes out from the back. He immediately starts the ‘feed me more’ chants, while a few ‘Goldberg’ chants are also heard, but mostly edited out by WWE’s magical production crew.

“The Rising” plays next as Ryback’s opponent, Justin Gabriel makes his way out, not looking very intimidated, but at the same time looking uncomfortable knowing he has to go up against Ryback, who just recently was embarrassed on the grandest stage of them all.

Match 2
Ryback vs. Justin Gabriel

Ryback controls all of the action inside of the ring, tossing Gabriel around like a rag doll, clearly seeking retribution for his loss at WrestleMania on somebody who wasn’t even involved. Gabriel shows signs of offense and a comeback after countering an irish whip into one of his own. Ryback lays against the turnbuckles in the corner as Gabriel charges and springs into him looking for a flying elbow, but no! Ryback catches him on his shoulders and brings him into the center of the ring, stomping around before falling backwards and connecting with a Shell Shock! Ryback covers and gets the 3!

Winner at 4:02 - Ryback

Ryback stands tall in the center of the ring after his victory over Gabriel, raising both hands before chanting along with the crowd to, “Feed me more.” Michael Cole and JBL begin hyping up Ryback, claiming that nobody is going to want to cross paths with this monster for a damn good while as we cut to commercial.


*Cut backstage
Renee Young is standing right next to the Viper, Randy Orton who seems a bit disappointed. However, the crowd gives out a big pop, seemingly cheering up Orton whom begins the interview. Young’s first question is what went wrong against the Shield last Sunday, to a sarcastic response from Orton who claims that he would have had a better shot at beating the Shield by himself then with the ‘help’ of his ‘partners.’ He goes on to lay blame on the Big Show for standing there and watching, while Sheamus did nothing but get in the way the entire time.

Orton goes on to claim that if it hadn’t been for Sheamus trying to be the hero, he could have had his hand raised once again on the biggest stage of them all. After a few more stabs at the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus appears right behind Orton to another big pop from the crowd. It takes Orton only a moment to sense the Celtic Warrior standing over his shoulder, breathing down his neck. Sheamus’ first remark is along the lines of “now fella don’ go off waggin’ yer finger in d’rections it don’t need’a be pointin’” leading to a heated conversation between the two men.

Renee Young soon puts her petite hand over her radio piece in his ear acting as if somebody is talking to her(delusional), only to find out that Eric Bischoff is speaking directly to Renee. Ms. Young then looks towards both men interrupting their confrontation and informing them that Commissioner Bischoff has announced that both men will participate in tonight’s main event tag team turmoil as partners! And if they do well enough as partners then they will be granted a one on one match next week on SmackDown!

--huge pop from the crowd as both men stare each other down before slowly walking away.

*Cut Ringside
“Patriot” hits over the PA, getting a strong negative reaction from those in attendance in Boston, while the All-American, American, Jack Swagger makes his way to the ring looking almost as focused and motivated as he’s ever been, before “Break the Walls Down” blares and Y2J, Chris Jericho comes out to a massive ovation, putting everyone on their feet as he is introduced next by Lillian Garcia.

Match 3
#1 Contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

The match showcasing two of SmackDown!’s top talent does not disappoint as both men throw everything at each other for a solid 10 minutes. Both men clearly possess the talent and determination to be worthy of a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, completely even match throughout.

Nearing the end of the tightly contested number one contenders match, Swagger has to exit the ring not only to catch his breath but also to regroup and switch to plan B as Jericho’s versatile offensive attack has him cornered. As Colter begins informing Swagger of the new gameplan, Jericho is seen flying through the ropes. However Cotler has the instincts to push Swagger out of the way, only to be taken out by Jericho himself. Swagger capitalizes on the fallen Jericho by stomping on him to ensure Y2J stays on the ground. The All-American, American picks his challenger up only to grab him by the neck and throw him directly into the barricade, separating fans from superstars. Swagger continues his assault by throwing rights and lefts at Jericho until he is completely helpless.

Soon, the voice of Zeb Colter can be heard by Swagger who turns his attention towards his fallen mentor and notices him pointing to the referee who is counting both men’s absence from the ring. The referee is all the way to 6 before Swagger darts to the ring and stealthily slides under the bottom rope hoping to join the referee in the count out. The referee’s count is at 7 before Jericho begins stirring to his feet and starts stumbling towards the ring. The referee count 2 more times before Jericho ducks under the bottom rope ending what would have been a cheap win by the All-American, American. As soon as Jericho gets to his feet, Swagger charges him, taking him back down with a chop block to his right kneecap. Swagger then gets to his feet all while screaming ‘We the People,’ before lifting a groggy Jericho up and firmly placing his arm around Jericho’s waist and taking him for a ride as he connects with a Gutwrench Powerbomb! Jack Swagger goes for the cover and gets what he was looking for 1……2……..3! Swagger is the number 1 contender to Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship!

Winner and new #1 Contender at 13:20 – Jack Swagger

Swagger stands over Jericho with a look of evil as our new number 1 one contender seems to have the desire part down. The all-American, American just picked apart Chris Jericho and put on a hell of a match to earn his shot at Alberto Del Rio. Cotler comes into the fold and congratulates Jack Swagger as he raises his hands before the mantra “We The People”

JBL: The All-American, American is the new number 1 contender and he is going to give Mexico’s greatest export, Alberto Del Rio a run for his money at Backlash!

Cole: Just like he did at WrestleMania, John?

JBL: That was a fluke and y’ know it was!


*Cut Backstage
Kane is seen standing against a loud speaker backstage, seemingly concentrating on his big match-up tonight against 7 other tag teams. The camera is focused on his daunting mask; however, somewhere near him a distracting noise can be heard in the distance. Kane at first seems unaware until the noise of laughter and shenanigans becomes increasingly louder forcing the Big Red Machine to finally look around. What he sees is unsurprising, 3 superstars bullying and hazing a guy, probably a rookie superstar. Kane finally loses complete focus and begins to angrily stomp towards the superstars only to sneak behind one of them, Heath Slater, by the looks of it.

The rest of 3MB stops the taunting as they eventually see Kane, Slater though continues until the Big Red Machine turns Slater around and slams his open hand around Heath Slater’s throat as he begins threatening him to leave the area. Slater pleads for his life before Kane tosses the leader of 3MB into some backstage equipment. The others grab Slater and pull him away as fast as they can as the young rookie stands in shock, thanking Kane for helping him. He introduces himself as Sami Zayn, however Kane has absolutely no interest in introductions as he just walks away.

*Cut ringside
Alberto Del Rio’s music blares to a great ovation from the SmackDown! crowd as his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to introduce him as Del Rio comfortably situates his World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. After the introduction, Del Rio and Rodriguez make their way to the ring being cheered along the way. Once inside the ring Del Rio is given the microphone and begins thanking everyone for supporting him not just at WrestleMania but throughout his entire World Heavyweight Championship reign.

Alberto Del Rio then goes on to profess that he couldn’t have done it without their help cheering him on and almost instantly gets serious, claiming that he would defend his title 100 times against Jack Swagger if it means the support of the people(Just being a total babyface right now). After his claim, he calls out Bischoff for being up to his same old M.O., always trying to bend and break the good guys, but that it won’t faze Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio’s next point of conversation goes onto claim that although he won’t be wrestling tonight, he got together with some of the divas earlier and planned a little Alberto Del Rio celebration, pitting two of SmackDown!’s hottest divas against one another, while Del Rio referee’s. The crowd eats it up.

The World Heavyweight Champion then calls the divas to the ring as both Alicia Fox and Layla make their way to the ring using some cheap Jim Johnson entrance music made for such an occasion. They come out to a seemingly positive reaction, wearing typical diva ring attire, hand in hand before climbing into the ring and giving Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez hugs and kisses.

Match 4
Alberto Del Rio special guest referee
Alicia Fox vs. Layla

This is more of a beauty contest as the two divas seem to have no interest in hurting one another. However, they do begin to tussle with flashy moves and quick pace, using roll ups and cradles to keep the near falls coming. After a few minutes Alberto Del Rio calls the match a draw and informs the crowd that everybody wins when celebrating Alberto Del Rio.

Winner at 3:20 – Everybody!

A bunch of hugs and kisses ensue as Del Rio and the two divas hold all their hands high, smiling and laughing in such an innocent moment in such a violent sport when out of absolutely nowhere the Number 1 contender to Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship bull rushes the Champion.

Swagger begins assaulting him from behind as the divas scurry away out of fear, leaving the champion to fend for himself against the aggressive Jack Swagger. The All-American, American manages to lock in the Patriot lock as we cut to commercial.


Cole: We welcome you back to Friday Night SmackDown from Boston, Massachusetts. Folks, if you are just tuning in you have missed a hell of a show so far as we just witnessed the number 1 contender to Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship unnecessarily assault the champion.

JBL: Swagger is just getting in the mind of Del Rio, call it like it is Cole! You’d do the exact same thing.

Cole: Debatable John!

*Cut backstage
In the locker room Team Rhodes Scholars are talking back and forth about their game plan for the tag team turmoil match that is up next when Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre approach them about as sketchy as they possibly could. The 2 superstars representing 3MB begin to openly express their willingness to join forces with Team Rhodes Scholars during the turmoil match to gain the advantage.

However, Rhodes and Sandow want nothing to do with the “jokes of the tag team division,” and promptly run them off. 3MB then start flowing towards the Usos, when Jey and Jimmy immediately get annoyed and start shoving them away. The 2 members of the 3 Man Band travel around the locker room, going from team to team, until they have exhausted all of their resources. Then they come upon a closed door that apparently one tag team is in.

They begin knocking and banging on the door before an angry Kane opens it and stares them down, possibly thinking of murder. Drew and Jinder run like the wind being laughed at by all the superstars in the locker room, as Kane slams the door shut and we cut to commercial.


Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, we are getting set for our main event of the evening, a tag team turmoil for the Tag Team Championships.

JBL: That’s right and boy are the odds stacked against the current champion, Kane!

Lillian Garcia begins explaining the rules for the tag team turmoil match, informing the Boston crowd that 4 teams will start the match and 1 superstar representing each team will be in the ring at all times. When one team is eliminated another will join until it is down to 2 teams, the winning team will be the WWE Tag Team Champions. She also informs the crowd that Kane is allowed to have 1 partner during his match.

“So Close Now” plays as the main event is about to get under way, Jimmy and Jey Uso come out at the top of the ramp doing the Samoan Haka dance before making their way to the ring. “More than 1 Man” hits next as the lowly 3MB rock their way down the ramp, trying to draw in as much excitement as they possibly can. ”Somebody Call my Momma” blares next as Brodus Clay, Tensai, Naomi, and Cameron dance their way to the ring, just like all the others. This main event is beginning to look like ‘So you think you can dance. “Respeto” hits following the not so serious entrances from 3MB and TOF, however Hunico and Camacho come out with a look of solemnity, as they are not looking to play around today.

Match 5
Tag Team Turmoil for the WWE Tag Team Championships
Kane vs. The Usos vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Hunico and Camacho vs. Tons of Funk vs. Sheamus and Randy Orton vs. 3MB

First Fall: The first team eliminated happens very quickly, while Jey Uso and Hunico are in their own corner tussling, Drew McIntyre happens to roll up on Brodus Clay, leaving Tons of Funk frustrated enough to destroy McIntyre, allowing Jey Uso to quickly cover the member of 3MB

Eliminated at 4:20 - Tons of Funk
Eliminated at 5:20 - 3MB

Sheamus and Orton shortly followed by Mysterio and Sin Cara enter the match up next.

Third Fall: After a few minutes of a well-executed lucha libre high flying assault goes as planned, Mysterio and Sin Cara have all the momentum. Once they have the advantage, Mysterio trips Hunico into the ropes, to be followed by a beautiful 619 and as Hunico stumbles around, Sin Cara catches him with the “la mistica.” A cover is warranted.

Eliminated at 9:20 - Hunico and Camacho

Team Rhodes Scholars soon make their way to join the action, but are in no such rush.

Fourth Fall: It seems as almost an instant before the next fall, when Sandow had just joined the action and immediately catches Mysterio in mid-air after attempting a seated senton. Sandow poses for a second before smashing Rey into the ground with The Silencer. The cover is almost broken up by Sin Cara, unfortunately he runs right into a Disaster kick from Cody Rhodes.

Eliminated at 11:20 – Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

Kane finally makes his entrance into the match all by himself, to a roaring ovation carrying his tag team championship proudly.

Fifth Fall: Down to the final 4 teams, The Usos, Rhodes Scholars , Sheamus and Orton, and Kane. Sheamus and Orton have been seemingly on the exact same page all match, working quite well together all while Jimmy and Jey Uso have been relatively quiet, trying to make it this far. The fifth fall comes after Kane had cleaned house on all 3 teams, not missing a beat or a partner. He then goes on the assault of Sheamus who is the last man to survive the attack, delivering uppercut after uppercut on the Celtic Warrior. Orton soon comes in to help his partner by turning around Kane as the two have a face off getting a roar from the crowd.

The two superstars go at it, trading blow after blow neither man giving edge before Orton connects with a vicious right hand that forces Kane to stumble backward. The next thing Orton sees is a massive boot right to his skull as Sheamus lands a Irish sized Brogue Kick. The Celtic Warrior can’t believe it as Kane had stumble out of the way leaving Orton as the only one standing to receive the finisher. Sheamus soon shakes it off and turns around to the Big Red Machine connecting with an over the top rope clothesline. However, inside the ring, Jey Uso manages to pull Orton away from the ropes and covers

Eliminated at 15:20 - Randy Orton and Sheamus

3 teams are left as the short lived duo of Orton and Sheamus are eliminated, Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes duke it out in the middle of the ring, providing well executed maneuvers to keep the crowd entertained. The crowd seems to be distracted watching Orton and Sheamus collide on the outside of the ring as both monster superstars battle in anger towards one another, slowly but surely making their way up the ramp and into the back.

Sixth Fall: In the ring, it seems to have turned into a tornado tag match of the greatest caliber, the fans “oohing and aahing” with chants of “this is awesome.” The Sixth fall soon comes when Jey Uso connects with a double underhook suplex to Cody Rhodes, who begins rolling out of the ring. Jey who is clearly suffering from exhaustion, walks to the ropes and begins hanging on them to hold him up all while taunting Rhodes on the outside, but when he turns around he is met by a giants hand around his throat. The big red monster delivers a fatal chokeslam to one half of the Usos before pinning him.

Eliminated at 19:20 - Jimmy and Jey Uso

Jimmy tries to come in and break up the pinfall but to no avail as the referee begins holding him back and forcing him to leave the ring. Soon enough, Kane finds himself in the finals with Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow who both come in and dismantle the big red machine, working as a beautiful tag team. Perfectly in sync with one another, Team Rhodes Scholars execute perfectly planned double teams to Kane. Both men seem to have this handicap match under control, impulsively getting cocky about it and taunting the big red machine.

Final Fall: Moments away from victory, Rhodes Scholars are having their way with Kane and both men have connected with their finishers with help from the other. Before going for the pinfall, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow do a bit of showboating, only to notice the crowd turning their attention towards the ramp, where a superstar is darting to the ring. Before either man even notice this superstar, he has already jumped in the ring and taken out Sandow over the top rope.

Michael Cole mentions on commentary that it must be the rookie Sami Zayn, whom Kane saved earlier coming out to pay back Kane. After Sandow had been dealt with, Zayn pulls Rhodes around and kicks him in the gut, before springing himself against the nearest ropes and executing a tornado DDT to the Dashing superstar. Zayn pulls Kane’s motionless body over Rhodes as the referee makes his count. 1……..2……….3!

Winner and STILL WWE Tag Team Champion at 24:20 - Kane

Zayn soon backs his way up the ramp pointing at Kane and nodding his head before fully turning and walking out as Kane stirs to his feet as the referee hands him his gold.

JBL: This is a travesty! Kane should be disqualified!

Cole: Kane was allowed to have a partner at any time during the match John!

JBL: Complete travesty!

-End Show-

Quick Results
-The Miz defeats R-Truth @ 8:20
-Ryback defeats Justin Gabriel @ 4:20
-Jack Swagger defeats Chris Jericho to become the #1 Contender @ 13:20
-Alicia Fox vs. Layla ends in a double win @ 3:20
-Kane defeats Team Rhodes Scholars, Mysterio and Sin Cara, Sheamus and Orton, the Uso’s, Tons of Funk, Hunico and Comacho, and 3MB to retain the Tag Team Championship(s) @ 24:20

Announced for Backlash - May 5, 2013
WWE Championship
The Rock (C) vs. The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (C) vs. Jack Swagger


Originally Posted by Dunmer View Post
The UFC is basically a bunch of jobbers compared to Cena. He beat brock, won matches after getting DDT on concrete, comes back from a life threatening injury in like 2 months, etc. No MMA fighter is as legit as Cena.

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Re: WWE: Through Tragedy and Triumph

Monday Night Raw Preview – April 14, 2013
Bi-Lo Center – Greenville, South Carolina

After methodically appearing following Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns main event match, The Undertaker and the Rock have renewed a 15 year old rivalry over the WWE Championship. The two high profile superstars will clash in 3 weeks’ time, but what lays in front of them on the next installment of Monday Night Raw? ‘Taker will be squaring off one-on-one with Seth Rollins, while the Rock studies his challenger from ringside along with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

CM Punk has made it abundantly clear that he wants a piece of the WWE COO, Triple H, after claiming the 2 have unfinished business. The Game threw the Big Show in the middle of it last week, will “the King of Kings” continue to evade the “best in the world,” or will he accept Punk’s challenge? We will know this Monday Night as Triple H is set to open the show.

The Shield appeared to be a 3 man team before WrestleMania 29, carefully hounding their way to the top until the surprise of the century unfolded and The Rock was revealed as the leader. But is this really only a 4 man stable now? Ambrose claimed last week that there are many more around the WWE and NXT and even in corporate. Is the young sensation bluffing? Or have the Shield only just begun their ‘Takeover’?

Make sure to tune in this Monday Night at 7 pm Central only on USA

Confirmed for Monday Night Raw
-The Undertaker vs. Seth Rollins
-Antonio Cesaro vs. Wade Barrett for the United States Championship
-Triple H speaks out
-Prime Time Players vs. Alex Riley and Zach Ryder

Originally Posted by PWInsider.com
The official promotional poster for Backlash was recently revealed with the Undertaker and the Rock taking the cover, as we already know the two will square off in the main event for the WWE Championship. The poster is at the bottom of the post.

Vince had a talk with Undertaker following WrestleMania 29 and pleaded for him to stay until Backlash, reports say the ‘Taker was reluctant at first but had warmed up to the idea on one condition and may even be staying longer than Backlash. However, take this with a grain of salt the WWE may just be shaking the internet so nobody knows if the Rock will hold onto his belt.

There have been talks of already ending the brand extension; however it may be a few months before it can be logically done. Expect a big angle to go down when it does though.

That’s all for this week, check back here following Monday Night Raw for the latest!


Originally Posted by Dunmer View Post
The UFC is basically a bunch of jobbers compared to Cena. He beat brock, won matches after getting DDT on concrete, comes back from a life threatening injury in like 2 months, etc. No MMA fighter is as legit as Cena.

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