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Smackdown 1st Week after Armageddon

Eric Bischoff greets us to WWE Smackdown

Eric Bischoff: Hello and welcome to WWE Smackdown!!! Now I sit here as the owner of the WWE. Now if you ask me in 1997 that I would own the WWF and had tryed to save it from Vince McMahon I would had sayed to get the F out. Now we are entering a new era of sports-entertainment. First we had the Hogan era, then the Federation Years, then Attitude, and most recently Get tbe F out. Now welcome to the era of get real. As first agreement that my board members agreed with was the rehiring of all the crusierweights Vince hire and have given then a core 30 minutes of Smackdown. Just pure wrestling no commericials just wrestling. The rest of the show will be dedicated to the rest of Smackdown's talent filled roster that includes a tag match between Edge and Eddie Guerrero vs. Angle and Lesnar. And the champion we be in action tonight against returning superstar Rob Van Dam in a ladder match. Enjoy.

Welcome everyone to Crusierweight Action on Smackdown.

Match 1
Tajiri vs. Noble w/Nidia
These battle it out in a great 6 minute match. Cousin Nunzio comes in and interferes costing Tajiri the match

Match 2
Super Crazy and Hurricane vs. Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy
Super Crazy wins once again with a Triple Moonsault on Matt Hardy 1-2-3 in a 10 minute match.

Match 3
Billy Kidman vs. Ultimo Dragon
Billy Kidman wins with a shooting star press. Him and Ultimo Dragon hug and celebrate victory.

End of Crusierweight Portion on Smackdown.

Welcome to the Revampped Smackdown

First Match
Three Minute Warning vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin
TMW wins with interference from Rikishi.

The beat the two rookies until DDP comes in and saves Shelton and Charlie Haas

Second Match
Chris Kanyon vs. The Big Show
Chris Kanyon wins with the Flatliner and then Big Show hits him with a chokeslam

Third Match
Edge and Eddie Guerrero vs. Brock and Kurt Angle
Angle wins an ankle lock.

Eric runs up to Rikishi and yells

Eric: What in the hell are you doing here your fired.

Rikishi: Really what if I.

Rikishi whispers to Eric.

Eric: If you get that done your hired.

Fourth Match
John Cena vs. Billy w/Chuck
John Cena wins with rolling up of the tights.

Eric Bischoff announces the Ladder Match is now.

Main Event
Chris Beniot vs. Rob Van Dam (WWE Title Ladder Match)
A lot of back and forth action between the two. Beniot puts the ladder up and does the diving headbutt. He misses as RVD climbs up the ladder and is pushed off by Beniot. Beniot locks in the Crossface. Rob Van Dam passes out and the ref calls for the bell.

The crowds boos.

Eric Bischoff: What the hell. The fans don't want to see a piss poor ending continue the match.

Rob Van Dam recovers consciences and returns stack him on a barricade. He sticks a chair on him. He climbs up the ladder and delivers the Van Terminator from on top of the ladder in the inside of the ring out to the barricade on to Beniot. RVD reaches for the belt and then Triple H nails RVD with a sledge hammer. Beniot unknowing of what just happened grabs the belt and wins after a near thirty minute main event.

Eric yells at Triple H.

Eric: Hunter your fired.

HHH: No you see Eric you got it all wrong. You see you may think you control Raw, but let me tell you something. Vince McMahon wanted to kill the WWE and quiet frankly so do I. So I bought with Steph and Vince's money some of the WWE stock and with the power I had under Vince and Steph I ran the show. So Vince gave me the power and he had the title. So you see I ran Raw all along so now your stuck with Smackdown. I will continue Vince's Dream to destroy the WWE on Raw. So now your power has been destroyed by 50%. So half of everything is mine and that includes Pay Per Views. You see I WILL RULE THE WWE BECAUSE I AM THAT DAMN GOOD AND I WILL DESTROY SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT FOREVER.

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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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2nd Raw after Armageddon

A clean dressed Triple H is standing in front of a camera.

HHH: Hello everyone and welcome to WWE Raw Hunter style. I am here to tell you that I will be your host to the end of wrestling as we know it. Now Eric Bischoff has decided to dedicate a half hour to the crusierweights well who needs crusierweight action when you have me Hunter Hearst Helmsley on Raw and the returning Hardcore Title. Now there is an issue between some of my buddies and a certain Chris Jericho. Well here is the issue. Jericho wants to enter the Royal Rumble. And I do not. So now Jericho will face Batista, Kane, and Kevin Nash in a gaunlet match. If he wins then he may enter.

Match 1
Test vs. Lance Storm
Lance Storm wins thanks to interference on Christian.

Match 2
Dreamer vs. Dudleyz Handicap Table Match
Due to Jeff's sudden departure Dudleyz 3D Dreamer thru the table.

HHH comes out and says.

HHH: Tommy you need to get Jeff back or else I will have no choice but to strip you of your title.

Match 3
Hurricane vs. ???? for Hardcore Title

HHH comes out again.

HHH: And your opponet just hired back Raven.

Raven wins with a Raven Effect.

Scott Steiner debuts on Raw and calls out the Kliq.

Steiner: I want to deal some business with the Kliq and you too Jericho

Steiner: What in hell do you think your doing Hunter. Jericho needs to be the man around here besides me so why don't you has-beens let us get the torch passed to us.

The Kliq then beats up Jericho.

Steiner: So I have a thing to do you to you guys.

He hits Jericho with the mic.

Steiner: To push down the losers hahaha. And now there is a fourth person to your gaunlet match.

Match 4
Sabu and Rhyno vs. Booker T. and Shawn Michaels

Michaels never gives Booker the chance to tag in. As Michaels lets Booker get squash with a Gore.

RVD comes out and stands face to face with Shawn Michaels.

Match 5
Jackie vs. Victoria (Women's Title)
Victoria wins with her Widow's Peak.

Jericho vs. Kane/Batista/Nash/ and Steiner. (Gaunlet Match)
Jericho starts out facing Batista. He battles back and forth with Batista until he hits the lionsault for the win.

Jericho moves on to Kane. He fights Kane with intense fury and kicks out of the choke slam. Jericho hits the flashback for the win.

Jericho gets beaten by Kane after Kane loses. And puts him through the announcer's table with a chokeslam.

Next up Nash comes in and quickly pins Jericho but he kicks out. Nash goes for the Jackknife but Jericho quickly rolls him up for the pin.

Then finally Stainer comes before Steiner fights he is disqualified as the Kliq, Kane, Steiner, and Batista attack him. Then RVD, Booker T. and Dreamer come in too save him, but it is too late.

End of Show

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more, I NEED MORE!!!

You cant spell World Wrestling Entertainment without A.N.G.L.E!
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As the Sea Captain would say from the Simpsons: Aarrgh.....that's a good tale.
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2nd Week after Smackdown

Welcome to Smackdown's Cruiserweight Action

Match 1
Shannon Moore vs. Nunzio
Nunzio wins with an Arrivederci at 6:34

Match 2
Funaki vs. Crash
Funaki wins with a Diamonddust in 8:26

Billy Kidman and Super Crazy vs. Chavo Guerrero and Matt Hardy
Super Crazy pins Chavo in 15:00 via Triple Moonsault

End of Crusierweight Action

Match 1
Chris Kanyon vs. Rikishi
Rikishi wins via cheating from TMW. There is a three on one attack until Benjamin and Haas come to save Kanyon.

Match 2
John Cena vs. Edge
Edge wins via spear. Big Show comes out of nowhere and chokeslams Edge.

A vignette for Sean O'Haire is played on Smackdown.

Match 3
Billy and Chuck vs. TMW (WWE Tag Team Titles.)
Billy and Chuck win via disqualification by Rikishi. So still tag team champions TMW.

Eric Bischoff comes and makes a brief announcement.

Eric Bischoff: Welcome tonight we will have a number 1 contender's match for the WWE at the Royal Rumble. It will feature Eddie Guerrero and thanks to Rikishi, the Undertaker.

The Undertaker church bells music hits as the Deadman returns.

Undertaker: It's good to back in the WWE. So if you don't mind Eric. You can go to hell. You and all the fans. I am in it for the belt and nothing more.

Beniot comes in with an eruption from the crowd.

Beniot: Shut up Taker, no one wants you around anymore. Our brand was doing a lot better without you in it. You have been holding the fans back from brillant main event matches. And for the fans. These fans love you and now you are going turn your back. I don't think s....

Undertaker knocks him down and delivers the tombstone and a rather stiff one at that.

The paramedics rush Beniot to the hospital.

Match 4
Brock Lesnar vs. Ultimo Dragon
Brock Lesnar wins via F-5.

Brock: I hereby enter myself in the Royal Rumble.

Undertaker vs. Eddie Guerrero (#1 Contenders Match)
Undertaker wins via tombstone piledriver. Taker no sells everything

Eric Bischoff: Well if I see anything of that no selling again Taker your title shot is gone.

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If HHH wanted to kill wrestling, why would he put on such a good show?
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Muy Bueno!

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Thumbs up

Damn I like itttttttttttttttt thats good shit!!!!!!
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