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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Final Raw before Armageddon

HHH comes out for an interview

HHH: I have a confession to make. I am a bitter man who would do anything to win. I sleep with the boss's daughter to get my way to top. And I refuse to lay down for anybody. And that goes for Jericho. That small athelitic piece of shit. Can hold up to me in the ring and thats why shoot or other-wise HHH will win the shoot fight to prove that I am the best and Jericho is a nobody who has no future in this industry.

Shawn Michaels comes out to meet Hunter. He hugs him.

Shawn: Thank you Hunter. I have great news for you. You don't wanna job and neither do I. I hate Booker T. he is no more then a WCW bastard. So I thought you hate Jericho and I hate Booker. I thought you and me could beat these people to a bloody pulp. But then I got to thinking. What if the Kliq beat the crap out of them.

The nWo music hits and Kevin Nash comes out to the ring.

Shawn: O yeah baby. The Kliq is back to push down the careers of future superstars. And we start on Sunday with Big Kev in our corner.

They raise there hands all together.

Match 1
Tommy Dreamer vs. Kane (Hardcore Rules)
Kane wins with a chokeslam and flips off the crowd. Then Kane's former partner the Hurricane attacks but gets chokeslammed as well.

Match 2
Test vs. D-lo Brown
D-lo wins with a Sky High.

Jericho is interviewed by Coach

Coach: How do you feel about the Kliq unity going into this Sunday.

Jercho: You know how I feel. I known the Kliq. They held down my push when I was Undisputed Champion. So I will hold them down and beat all there asses.

Match 3
Triple H vs. The Dudleyz
HHH pins them with a Pedgree thanks to the Kliq. Then Storm, Christian, and Jeff come out to help the Dudleyz up.

Christian: Don't worry about that just be ready for the great TLC match we are all going to do for you great fans out there.

Match 4
Chris Jericho vs. Raven
Jericho wins with Walls of Jericho. The Kliq comes and attacks him. Booker comes in for the save.

Booker: You think you so big. How about you two against us in tag team cage match.

HHH: Yes.

Match 5
Goldust vs William Regal
The match ends in disqualifcation as the rest of the 13 men enter the ring fighting it out. William Regal is the last man standing in that brawl and says his career is not over yet.

Match 6
Molly vs. Ivory
Molly wins with a Molly Go Round. She gets attack from behind from Victoria. Victoria preceeds to put her through a table.

Match 7
HHH/Shawn vs. Jericho/Booker T.
HHH wins with a Pedigree thanks to Big Kev hitting both Y2J and Booker with the belt.

HHH: Don't worry about the job Jericho. And Booker with me and Kev on top your never gonna see that belt ever around your waist

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this is so good
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Final Smackdown before PPV

Vince comes out with Big Show and Brock Lesnar

Vince: Angle, Edge, Beniot, Guerrero you think this funny what you did against us. I will make this short and sweet there is a traitor in your group and you will have a six man tag featuring these two and your traitor vs the remaining members of the group.

Match 1
Kanyon vs. Mark Henry
Kanyon loses by dq as Rikisi and Noble beat up both members. They start a mini battle royal. Henry wins the royal.

Match 2
Jamal/Rosie vs Wiggaz vs. Shannon Moore and Funaki (#1 Contenders for WWE Tag Titles
Jamal and Rosie win with Super Neckbreaker.

The antagonists start argueing over who is the traitor.

Match 3
Chavo vs. Crash
Chavo wins with Gory Bomb.

Chavo grabs the mic

Chavo: I want the Crusierweight Title.

Stephanie comes out and grabs a mic.

Stephanie: How about you face my new crusierweight I just signed in a match for a title shot at the Crusierweight title at the Rumble

Chavo: Fine by me.

Match 4
Matt Hardy vs. Billy Gunn
Billy wins from interference from Billy Kidman.

Kanyon is interviewed

Josh Mattews: Well I want to ask you something

Kanyon grabs his mic.

Kanyon: I hate what Vince has done I have given everything to this company and I could be fired. I will not let this happen.

Match 5
Chuck vs. Bill DeMott
Bill Demott wins with interference from 3 Minute Warning. They continue to assult him until Billy Gunn comes in. Chuck is holding his ribs as he leaves.

Match 6
The Antigonists vs. Big Show, Traitor, and Brock
The Antigonists come out all of them.

Brock and Big Show enter.

Vince comes out.

Vince: And there partner Kurt Angle. With these 3 on my side none of you will ever have the title in your life.

Brock pins Beniot with an F5

The 3 men attack the antagonists

End Show.

Note: I will write detailed matches for the PPV and your opinons of it will determine will I do it another month or just stop.

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I like...

pcwcubs- check your PM's for the site that works for your banner, if you still want that banner....
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Armageddon Final Card

World Heavyweight Title
Booker T. vs Shawn Michaels

WWE Title
Six Man Elimination
Edge vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Beniot vs. Big Show vs. Eddie Guerrero

Shoot Fight
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

15 Man Battle Royal (Raw). Winner keeps job
Al Snow
D-lo Brown
Johnny Stamboli
Justin Credible
Mark Jinsak
Sean O'Haire
Spike Dudley
William Regal
Brooklyn Brawler

15 Man Battle Royal (Smackdown) Winner keeps job.
Bill Demott
Chris Kanyon
Big Bossman
Jamie Noble
Mark Henry
Ron Simmons
Shannon Moore

Crusierweight Title
Matt Hardy vs. Billy Kidman

TLC Match World Tag Titles
Dudleyz vs Christian and Lance Storm vs. Jeff and ????

Women's Title
Victoria vs. Molly

WWE Tag Titles
Billy and Chuck vs. Three Minute Warning

#1 Contender for Cruiserweight Title at Royal Rumble
Chavo Guerrero vs. ?????

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Good card, but when are you going to finish it? I cant wait to see whats going to happen.

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it will take a while i have to write it up

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You should be hired as a WWE writer.
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Listen because of lack of time i will not write the ppv in complete form and just give normal details that i usually do.

Match 1
Three Minute Warning vs. Billy and Chuck (WWE Tag Titles)
TMW wins thanks to interference from Rikishi. The TMW and Rikishi have formed an alliance.
TMW wins at 12:24

Match 2
RAW battle royale for survival of there careers
Here is the order of elimination
1. Johnny Stamboli
2. Justin Credible
3. Maven
4. Mark Jinsak
5. Rico
6. Spike Dudley
7. William Regal
8. Sean O'Haire
9. Goldust
10. Bradshaw
11. D-lo Brown
12. Al Snow
13. Raven
14. Brooklyn Brawler
and your survivor Kane at 9:32

Match 3 #1 Contender for Crusierweight Title
Chavo Guerrero vs. Super Crazy
After some intense crazy action Super Crazy wins with a Triple Moonsault from the Top Rope. Super Crazy wins at 10:23

You see Vince is backstage with Steph and Eric Bischoff.

Vince: We cannot have the antonganists win the title. We can't have someone who hates wrestling entertainment have our title.
Thats why I am the referee tonight. And if there is any trouble I want both of you to help the WWE.

Match 4: Molly Holly vs Victoria (Womens Title)
Victoria wins with her feet on the ropes.
Victoria wins at 7:02

Match 5: Matt Hardy vs. Billy Kidman (Crusierweight Title)
Matt Hardy wins via Twist of Fate and interference from Jamie Noble. Matt Hardy wins at 9:34

Match 6: TLC World Tag Team Titles
Dudleyz vs Christian and Storm vs. Jeff Hardy and DREAMER
Jeff Hardy gets slammed through 5 tables. Dreamer DDTS both Dudleyz from the top of the ladder on to steel chairs. Christian hits Dreamer with Barb Wire. Christian gets speared by Edge. And Matt Hardy hits Storm with Twist of Fate. Dreamer gets up and grabs the belts.
Winners: Dreamer and Jeff Hardy at 26:12

Match 7: Smackdown Elimination Battle Royale
Order of Elimination
1. Albert
2. B2
3. Bill Demott
4. Big Bossman
5. Crash
6. Mark Henry
7. Ron Simmons
8. Nunzio
9. Jamie Noble
10. Shannon Moore
11. Funaki
12. Spanky
13. Tajiri

Then Rikishi and Kanyon both eliminate each other at the same time.
Here are your winners: Kanyon and Rikshi. 9:43

Match 8
HHH vs. Chris Jericho (Shoot Fight) No DQ
Both wrestlers are bleeding incredibly bad as the beat the crap out of each other. A couple of near falls. HHH hits Jericho with a few clothes fists and a sledge hammer but Jericho won't go down. Nash and Michaels hold Jericho while Triple H nails him with the sledge hammer. Jericho is bleeding from the mouth. The referee says he calling for the bell but Jericho tells him to fuck off and continue the match. Nash hits him with a stiff Powerbomb. With Michaels hitting a stiff superkick. And HHH with a pedigree. Rob Van Dam runs in and beats up Nash and Michaels. HHH finally deals with Rob Van Dam thanks to Vince McMahon. HHH covers Jericho but he kicks out. Then Triple H kicks a hard Walls of Jericho. Jericho bleeding over his face and his mouth refuse to go down after the move is locked for 3 minutes. Then Jericho reverse the move into another Walls of Jericho. Triple H has no choice but to tap out. But then Michaels and Nash come back as they Triple Team Jericho. Jericho refusing medical assistance leaves on his own.

Your winner Chris 22:32

Match 9: World Title
HBK vs. Booker T.
HBK is about hit his sweet chin music, but Booker kicks out. Booker goes to hit the scizzor kick. But HHH and Nash distract the referee as Michaels hits him with the belt. Michaels then wins the match with the belt shot. Michaels wis in 16:32

Match 10: WWE Title Elimination Match
Big Show vs. Eddie vs. Chris Beniot vs. Edge vs Brock Lesnar vs Angle
Big Show gets eliminated from a spear a frog splash and a crossface at 2:30 in the match. Eddie gets eliminated from a Vince Quick Count as well 5:23. Edge gets eliminated from the F-5 from Lesnar at 9:33. Beniot eliminates Lesnar thanks to Rob Van Dam and the Frog Splash at 20:35. Beniot and Angle are all thats left. They clash and attack each other for another classic between each other. Big Show and Lesnar come in and do there finishing maneuers. Beniot still doesn't go down. Edge and Guerrero and Rob Van Dam come in save Beniot but Vince kicks them thanks to security. Angle hits the Ankle Lock but Beniot refuses to tap out to the hold. Brock Lesnar accidental hits McMahon. Beniot Hits a cross-face Angle taps, but there is no ref. Bischoff comes out with a referee attire. Beniot breaks the hold, and Angle hits the Olympic Slam. Bischoff refuses to count. Angle is yelling at Bischoff. Bischoff pushes Angle into a roll-up by Beniot 1-2-3. Beniot wins at 35:32. Bischoff fingers McMahon. And raises Beniot hand.

End of Show

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