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Smackdown 2nd week after Survivor Series.

Stephanie comes out.

Steph: I have many things to discuss about. I am first talking about RVD. That little SOB hit Vince with the Van Daminator and set us up with the return of a Austin. Unfortunily he won't be back and thank god neither will Rob Van Dam.

The crowds boos

Steph: I hate to inform you this but Rey Mysterio hurt himself in a match against Tajiri. He will be on reserve 6 to 9 months.

The crowds boos louder

Steph: And finally I announce two matches for Armageddon. First since the Rock has abandoned the WWE and its title. The title is now vacant and the new champ will be determined at the PPV. It will be a six man elimination match featuring Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Chris Beniot, and Kurt Angle.

The crowd cheers

Steph: Now you know the WWE is in trouble. And now because of it their will be some wrestler cuts. That why at Armageddon there will be two 15 man battle royal. One for Raw and one for Smackdown. The Smackdown one will feature Albert, B2, Bill Demott, Chris Kanyon, Rikishi, Big Bossman, Crash, Funaki, Jamie Noble, Mark Henry, Nunzio, Ron Simmons, Shannon Moore, Spanky and Tajiri. 15 will walked in 1 will walk out still employed.

The crowd boos.

Match 1
The Returning Chris Kanyon vs Rikishi
Kanyon wins with interference from John Cena and B2.

Kurt Angle says the title means more to him then anything.

Match 2
Matt Hardy Version 1 vs. Shannon Moore #1 Contenders Match for Crusierweight Title.
Matt Hardy wins with a Low Blow.

Chris Beniot gives a promo saying why he deserves the Title.

Match 3
Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero
Brock wins with an F5. Big Show attacks Brock after the match.

Eddie gives his promo on why he deserves to win.

Match 4
Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri (Crusierweight Title)
Billy Kidman wins with Matt Hardy Interference. He knocks them both out with steel chairs.

Matt grabs the mic.

Matt: Billy thats what you get for holding my precious Crusierweight Title. And Tajiri thats what you get for being to stiff lately.

Edge's turn for the promo on the title.

Match 5
Los Guerreros vs. Billy and Chuck
Billy and Chuck win thanks to interference by Angle, and Beniot.

Aftermath: Three Minute Warning interferes and beats up Billy and Chuck.

Brock Lesnar says how much the title means to him.

You see RVD arrive with a ticket.

Big Show vs. Beniot and Angle in a Handcap Match
Angle and Beniot win with interference from RVD knocking them all out and putting Beniot over Big Show and forcing the ref to count. RVD raises there hands in unity without Beniot and Angle knowing what happened.

Stephanie comes out in disbelief as Kurt and Beniot look at RVD and knock him down.

Steph: Beniot and Angle you better watch who you align yourself.

Angle and Beniot in disbelief try to figure out what happened in the match.

RVD grabs the mic

RVD: Lets face it you let the fucking Big Show hold the belt, but not either me or Beniot. Now Beniot no matter what the Bookers say your walking out the WWE champ.

The camera focuses on Beniot.

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Just to note: Thanks for all the compliments keep them coming.

With 10 days left Armageddon has eight matches on the card.

World Heavyweight Title
Booker T. vs Shawn Michaels

WWE Title
Six Man Elimination
Edge vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Beniot vs. Big Show vs. Eddie Guerrero

15 Man Battle Royal (Raw). Winner keeps job
Al Snow
Raven (I know Jeff is suppose to be in i just need to edit)
D-lo Brown
Johnny Stamboli
Justin Credible
Mark Jinsak
Sean O'Haire
Spike Dudley
William Regal
Big Bossman
Brooklyn Brawler

15 Man Battle Royal (Smackdown) Winner keeps job.
Bill Demott
Chris Kanyon
Big Bossman
Jamie Noble
Mark Henry
Ron Simmons
Shannon Moore

Crusierweight Title
Matt Hardy vs. Billy Kidman

Shoot Fight
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

TLC Match World Tag Titles
Dudleyz vs Christian and Lance Storm vs. Jeff and ????

Women's Title
Victoria vs. Molly

If you have a request on who should stay under contract in the battle royal. PM me under the subject SAVE ME.

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hehe,ur good man./ I write too wwe-ish,but that's the way I write,but I like ur style,it's sort of like reading a book./ we all know seeing a movie is different than the book.,and u write sort of thrilling,it's kinda weird,but pretty good man.


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Still keep 'em coming.
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Two weeks away from Armageddon on Raw.

Eric Bishoff enters the ring

Eric: Now I guess it is my turn to announce my men that will be fighting for their careers. Al Snow, Bradshaw, , D-lo Brown, Jeff Hardy, Johnny Stamboli, Justin Credible, Maven, Mark Jinsak, Goldust, Rico, Sean O'Haire, Spike Dudley, William Regal, Big Bossman and (laughing) Brooklyn Brawler. That means that soon enough we will have 14 men unemployed. And that said...

Break Down the Wall hits

Jericho: I am first glad to say that I have my Jerichoholics back.

Crowd Cheers

Jericho: But there one problem where is my match against Hunter.

Bischoff: Well I haven't decided to sanction it.

Jericho: Well if you want the WWE to be back on top this will be a start. Won't it.

The crowd erupts

Bischoff: Fine.

Match 1
Kane vs. Raven
Kane wins with a chokeslam.

Kane grabs the mic.

Kane: All these years I have hidden behind a mask. And now tonight I will show you.

He takes off the mask.

Kane: This mask can represent you fans right here.

The crowds boos.

Tommy Dreamer comes out

Tommy: Why disrespect the fans they have loved you Kane. You know just because the WWE is going down doesn't mean you should blame the fans.

Kane: But the fans are responsible for my future unemployment.

Tommy: But so are mine and they are the best fans I could ask for.

Kane attacks Dreamer with mic and continues to attack him. He flips off the crowd

Match 2
Trish vs. Victoria (Women's Title)
Trish wins by Disqualification. Victoria attacks hit repeatly with a chair. Then Molly comes to save her.

Victoria: You want this title so bad why not at Armageddon you and me go for the title.

Molly: Ok. And guys don't worry the old Molly's back.

Match 3
Goldust vs. William Regal
Goldust wins with a Curtain Call.

Goldust grabs the mic.

Goldust: If this is my last few weeks here in the WWE I think I spent it well.

Match 4
HHH vs. Test
Test wins thanks to interference by Y2J. As Jericho walks away he is saying hard to not put someone over in a shoot.

You see Christian and Storm talking with the Dudleyz.

Christian: Seriously Man I love to see us wrestle in a good tag match. We never have.

Storm: Heck we have been in the business for a long time and we want to entertain the fans out to the bitter end. How about a match for the tag team titles. Just for the fans at Armageddon.

Dudleyz: Okay find one more team and will do an old fastion TLC.

Christian I'll get Jeff.

Match 5
Booker T. vs. Bautista
Booker loses thanks to accidental inference by Shawn Michaels. Booker looks pissed.

Christian finds Jeff.

Christian: Jeff how about you me, Lance Storm, the Dudleyz have an classic TLC at Armageddon.

Jeff: Sure I will bring a mystery partner.

Christian: And dude seriously take off the paint. Your not six.

Chris Jericho vs. Rhyno
Rhyno wins with Triple H's interference.

HHH runs into Jericho face and yells at him.

HHH: You will job to me just like you always do you piece of shit. Shoot or otherwise.

Before they close.

Booker T. catches up with HBK.

Booker T.: Whats wrong you are still going to job to me right.

Shawn Michaels: I am not sure you worthy enough yet.

Booker T.: Come on Shawn you know the ratings need a shake up.

Shawn: What you blame me you useless piece of crap.

They start brawling with Michaels super kicking Booker to the ground.

Shawn: I doubt that I will job to you. I will decide whether your worthy by Armageddon.

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3rd Smackdown

Vince McMahon comes out and grabs a mic.

Vince: Yes all of you should know that Vince McMahon is feeling better after that attack by Rob Van Dam on Raw a couple of weeks ago. I have something to say. Chris Beniot come out here right now.

Chris Beniot music hits.

Chris Beniot: What the hell do you want Vince.

Vince: Don't believe for a minute I didn't see what happen last week on Smackdown. I refuse to give you a title shot if you even relativity invovled with RVD.

Chris Beniot: You know what I might be. Cause RVD made a good point. You never gave us a chance at the title cause of our size. You know what I maybe involved someway but I guess you will find out sooner or later.

Chris Beniot punks out Vince McMahon.

Rob Van Dam hits him from the back. Rob Van Dam and Beniot start to double team McMahon. RVD offers Beniot a handshake but he Beniot refuses.

Match 1
Billy and Chuck vs. Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy (Tag Team)
Match ends in a disqualifcation with the interference of Three Minute Warning and Kidman. Stephanie changes the match into a handicap match.

Match 2
Bily and Chuck and Kidman vs. Shannon, Matt Hardy and Three Minute Warning
Matt teams wins with a Body Splash from Jamal.

Match 3
Chavo and Eddie vs. Beniot and Angle
Chavo and Eddie win because of Vince's interference.

Angle and Beniot grab the mic.

Angle: What the hell Vince. Just because your company has been going to hell doesn't mean you should screw me out of a tag match. You want to know something Vince I will have no problem screwing you out of this company.

Beniot: You want back at me. Why not face to face.

Vince: I am a great businessman and there is no chance in my company going to hell because of a few loose cannons. Thats is why I will be the guest referee in teh elimination match and I will make sure neither of you win. If its the last thing I do I will not left my company be taken over.

Angle: But we will be taking over. We will. Come on out RVD. Come out Edge. Come out Eddie. One of us will win the title at Armageddon with the help of RVD.

Match 4
Chris Kanyon vs. Funaki
Chris Kanyon win via the Flatliner

Chris Kanyon: I just came back from the injury that almost ended my career. NOW I AM NOT GOING TO LET MY CAREER GO DOWN THE SHITTER IF I DON'T HOLD ON TO MY DREAM OF BECOMING A WWE CHAMPION. Now this is not fixed like the rest of the matches we will fight for our careers litteraly. Til the last breath I will keep my job.

Match 5
Noble and Nunzio vs. Tajiri and Spanky
Noble wins via feet on the ropes.

Edge and Brock vs. Big Show
The match never gets started because Big Show and Brock Lesnar attack Edge.

Big Show: If you even think of screwing out this great man. Your gonna get your ass kick.

Beniot, Angle, and Eddie Guerrero comes and attacks the two giants. But they are quickly silenced.

Big Show: If the antongonists think they will beat us they got another thing coming

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pcwcubs1=genious!!! This is great stuff, I cant wait to see how you top it off at the climax of this great story.

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