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Bah Gawd - Good Ol' JR's Impact Wrestling

I'm basically hitting the reset button on TNA/Impact Wrestling and putting JR in charge. Been a while since I've done one of these so hopefully you all enjoy!

Timeline of Events

- After feeling like he's been disrespected by Dixie Carter and TNA management, A.J. Styles announces his intention to not resign with TNA Wrestling and officially become a free agent. A.J. once again shocks the wrestling world by signing a deal with WWE, less than 24 hours after he became a free agent. Already doubting her leadership, the TNA locker room all but turns on Dixie Carter.

- A major dispute erupts between Bob Carter and Dixie over Dixie's insistence that despite all of TNA's financial problems, they still resign Hulk Hogan. Bob steps in and cancels Dixie's deal with Hulk. When Dixie calls him out on it, he removes her as president of TNA, putting himself in charge temporarily.

- Having had enough of the wrestling business, Bob Carter announces that after Bound for Glory 2013, TNA will be taken off the air and put up for sale. Rumors quickly spread throughout the internet and the wrestling world that WWE is preparing an offer.

- Not wanting to see one of their higher rated shows be taken to another network or eliminated all together, Spike TV/Viacom begin preparing an offer of their own, similar to their takeover of Bellator. After a brief period of deliberation, Bob Carter accepts Spike TV/Viacom's offer with the rumor being that WWE's offer was very small.

- Spike's first order of business is finding a new president to run TNA. Their first choice, Eric Bischoff, turns them down, citing other business ventures as well as a lack of desire to run a wrestling company full time again. They are then left with very few options until a name presents itself that most would have never thought of. That name being Good Ol' JR Jim Ross. Most would have never thought to offer the position to JR due to the belief that he was a WWE lifer but beneath the surface JR had a bitter falling out with Triple H and Vince McMahon which resulted in his "retirement" from WWE and the desire to "stick it to them" was there for him. After meeting with Spike officials for a couple days, JR accepts their offer and becomes TNA's newest president.

- JR gets to work right away. His first major decision was to announce that he was dropping the name TNA entirely and replacing it with Impact Wrestling as the promotion's official name. His next order of business was to find a new home for Impact Wrestling since it was agreed that remaining on the road permanently was just too expensive. Their first choice, Las Vegas, proved to be too expensive. Returning to Orlando was also out of the question due to the Impact Zone being converted into something else. The only option left that made sense was to return to Nashville. After deliberating, JR decided on returning Impact Wrestling to Nashville and the Asylum, pending major renovations.

- Next JR needed to fill out his management team. Returning to a role of prominence in the company that he founded, JR named Jeff Jarrett Vice President/Head of Talent Relations. JR also named Dave Lagana as temporary Head of Creative. Dave had previously worked as part of the creative team in TNA but JR felt that Impact Wrestling needed one voice so he consolidated the team into one position who now will only report to JR and Jeff Jarrett. With the management team pretty much set, JR can begin to remake the roster.

- To nearly everyone's amazement, JR made very little changes to the roster. His biggest changes were the release of Taz (a simple cost cutting move) and the demotion of Sam Shaw, Rockstar Spud, and King Mo from the main roster page back down to OVW. He made no further signings, opting instead to leaving any wrestlers he signed as secrets.

- Once the reformation of Impact Wrestling was complete, all that was left was to announce a return date to television. Due to budget cutting and only having a limited amount of talent currently, Impact Wrestling would be returning to a one hour show on a temporary basis until they could prove that things were on the up and up. Impact Wrestling's return to television was scheduled for Thursday January 2nd at 8 P.M. on Spike.

- More news coming soon...

Bully Ray - Heavyweight Champion
Since: 2/13/2014
Defeated: Jeff Hardy & Magnus

Alex Shelley - Television Champion
Since: 2/13/2014
Defeated: Chris Sabin

James Storm - Tag Team Champion
Since: 3/13/2014
Defeated: D.O.C. & Knux

Jeff Hardy - Tag Team Champion
Since: 3/13/2014
Defeated: D.O.C. & Knux

- X Division Champion

Abyss - On Assignment to AAA in Mexico
Alex Shelley
Austin Aries
Bobby Roode
Brooke Tessmacher
Bully Ray
Chris Masters
Chris Sabin
Eric Young
Garrett Bischoff - On Assignment to OVW
James Storm
Jay Bradley
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Jessie G
Karen Jarrett
Kenny King
Kurt Angle
Robbie E
Samoa Joe - On Assignment to W-1 in Japan
T.J. Perkins
Ultimate Tiger
Velvet Sky - Storyline Suspended
Wes Brisco - On Assignment to OVW

Jim Ross - President
Jeff Jarrett - Vice President/Head of Talent Relations
Dave Lagana - Head of Creative
Al Snow, Devon - Agents

Mike Tenay, Jeremy Borash - TV Commentators
Hector Guerrero, Willie Urbina - Spanish TV Commentators
Christy Hemme - Ring Announcer
Taryn Terrell - Backstage Interviewer

Christopher Daniels - Impact Online General Manager
Christopher Daniels, Jeremy Borash - Impact Online Commentators

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Re: Bah Gawd - Good Ol' JR's Impact Wrestling

Major Impact Wrestling News - Knockouts Division no more, Status of TNA veterans, Preview for January 2nd & More

- The status of the Impact Wrestling Knockouts division had been the subject of much discussion over the past couple of weeks as the company re-grouped. Some felt it should stay but there were others who felt that with the lack of Knockouts on the roster and with Impact Wrestling trying to cut budget, the division should go until it can be brought back. Well it appears that the decision has been made to eliminate the Knockouts division for now as the only full time wrestling Knockouts were removed from the roster page today, those being ODB and Gail Kim, leaving Brooke Tessmacher, Taryn Terrell, and Velvet Sky as the only females left on the roster. It should be interesting to see what Impact Wrestling decides to do with them going forward.

- Another area of the Impact Wrestling roster that many were interested in seeing what happened with them was the big named talent, such as Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, and Sting. With the budget cuts that Impact Wrestling had already made, what would happen to them? Well Jeff Hardy has already reaffirmed his desire to stay, resigning a long term deal that he had signed before the company was sold. Kurt Angle, who had his return to the ring from rehab ruined by the sale of the company, did sign a new deal but refused to sign a long term one. Sting's status is much less certain. It is well known that Sting and Dixie Carter had a very close relationship and now with Dixie gone, Sting has not said one way or the other whether he plans to come back or not. Sting reportedly turned down yet another deal from WWE just recently so that could be a sign that he would like to stay but only time will tell.

- Currently, Impact Wrestling has no plans to hold any pay per view events. The game plan currently is to build the T.V. show back up, then possibly run T.V. specials similar to the way they were doing before, and then once things get back going, start planning pay per views.

- Regarding the T.V. show taping schedule, Impact Wrestling will retain the same formula as before, holding one show live, and then taping the next week's show. Some wanted to tape more than two shows at a time as yet another way to save money but JR stepped in and overruled them, saying that taping so many at one time would hinder their ability to write compelling T.V.

- Hyping their return to television, Impact Wrestling announced via their official website and Facebook page that their first main event back would involve former world champion Bully Ray taking on another former world champion, the longest reigning world champion in company history, Bobby Roode. Also, Kurt Angle finally makes his return, saying that he has a major announcement to make.
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Re: Bah Gawd - Good Ol' JR's Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling
The Asylum
Nashville, Tennessee

The show begins with no pyro or anything really special. The camera simply pans over the capacity crowd as they cheer loudly. Eventually the camera settles on Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash who welcomes everyone to tonight’s broadcast. The company has hit the reset button and now tonight we start from square one and what better way to kick things off than by an address from Impact Wrestling’s new President, Good Ol’ JR, Jim Ross.

Ring announcer Christy Hemme introduces JR who gets an unbelievable reaction from the crowd in the Asylum. JR pauses briefly at the top of the ramp to acknowledge the crowd but he doesn’t waste time, he soon heads straight for the ring. Once in the ring, Christy hands him a microphone.

JR starts off by welcoming everyone who’s in attendance tonight as well as those who are watching at home. He thanks them for their patience over these last several months as this company regrouped. It’s been a long and bumpy road for everybody involved and he can’t thank the fans enough. The crowd once again erupts in applause. He says that Impact Wrestling has not given up on its goal of becoming the biggest and most successful wrestling company in the world, they are just going to do it a different way now, by not trying to recreate the past. JR continues on but eventually he is interrupted by the music of Bully Ray.

Oddly enough, Bully Ray comes out to the ring to the old Aces & Eights music instead of previous theme song. Bully also still has his woman, Brooke Tessmacher, firmly in tow.

Bully gets in the ring and gets right into the face of JR. Bully tells him how dare he come in and ruin what Bully had. Bully was the world champion, running the show with his gang Aces & Eights, and now that JR comes in, all that goes right out the window. Before Bully can do anything, he is stopped by the music of Bobby Roode. JR, Bully, and Brooke all turn around to see Bobby Roode and his E.G.O. stable mates Chris Daniels and Kazarian, standing at the top ramp. Bobby says that yes, all of what Bully said was true, he was the world champion, he did run the show, but that was all in the past. Now that the Aces & Eights are no more, the Main Event Mafia is no more, Dixie Carter is gone, Hulk Hogan, everybody, there’s no one to stop the Extraordinary Gentleman’s Organization from taking their right place atop Impact Wrestling as well as the entire wrestling world. Bobby finishes his statement by saying that he can’t wait to go through Bully Ray to get it either. Bully then tries to taunt E.G.O. to come and face him in the ring but they don’t and the segment ends with a stare down between the two parties.

Transitioning away from the ring area, we go backstage where new Impact Wrestling backstage interviewer Taryn Terrell is standing by with the Bro-Mans, Robbie E and Jessie G.

Taryn starts off the interview by simply asking the Bro-Mans what they hope to accomplish in this new Impact Wrestling? Robbie E says it’s the perfect opportunity for underdogs such as themselves to gain a footing and make a mark because everybody is on the same level. Jessie G then steps in and says no, not everyone is on the same level, the Bro-Mans are on a different level, a level only for them, a level of total awesomeness. Robbie E agrees and the two begin hyping each other up by telling each other just how awesome they are, etc., etc. Taryn tries to get a word in but can’t before the Bro-Mans step off camera.


Match #1: Bro-Mans (Robbie E & Jessie G) vs. D.O.C. & Knux

Coming back from commercial, already in the ring are Knux and making his return to Impact Wrestling, D.O.C. The Bro-Mans come out to the ring all excited until they turn and see who they have to face. They attempt to run away but D.O.C. and Knux chase them down and drag them back into the ring.

D.O.C. and Knux first choose to pick on Robbie E, while Jessie G cowers in fear in the corner. D.O.C. and Knux wisely keep Robbie E in their corner, away from Jessie G because they know the first time he gets an opportunity, he’s running and tagging in Jessie G. They were proved right. The smaller Robbie E is able to squeeze out of D.O.C. and Knux’s grip and run to his corner to tag in Jessie G. As expected, Jessie doesn’t want to enter the match anymore than Robbie does, so the two begin arguing. The arguing ends when Knux grabs Jessie and tosses him to the other side of the ring. Jessie fares a little better in the ring against these two monsters due to his slight strength advantage over Robbie E but it’s not enough to save him or the match. Jessie tries to fight back but it’s ultimately too much, eventually succumbing to a power bomb and the 1, 2, 3.

Winners: D.O.C. & Knux

An impressive showing by the two former Aces & Eights enforcers and a less than impressive showing by the Bro-Mans who argue with each other all the way back to the locker room.

Transitioning away from the ring area, the cameras go to the back where we see a car pulling up. Out of the car steps the returning Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle. The world is waiting to hear what major announcement Kurt has and how it will affect himself as well as Impact Wrestling going forward. Stay tuned.


Coming back from commercial, the lights go out in the Asylum as Kurt Angle’s theme music begins to play. As Kurt makes his way out of the entrance tunnel the lights come back on and the crowd goes wild. Faint chants of “welcome back” are heard. Kurt, who’s return from rehab was postponed due to the sale of the company, is finally coming back and with an important message too. He steps into the ring and is immediately handed a microphone.

Kurt waits for the crowd level to go down before he begins to speak. Kurt basically parrots what JR said earlier about Impact Wrestling, except this time it’s about himself. Kurt thanks his fans for supporting him through his time in rehab as well as well as continuing to wait patiently as his return to the ring got pushed back. Kurt then shifts gears and talks about how when he was in rehab, the realization hit him that he’s getting up there in age and that he may not have much time left in the ring, at least at the level that he’s become used to. He says the last thing he ever wants to do is become another one of those wrestling legends who is forced to wrestle in front of ten people at some high school gym. He’s going to continue wrestling at his best, until “the time comes”. Once it comes, it’ll be over for him. Kurt then drops the microphone and exits the ring.

An odd promo from Kurt Angle for sure. He gave no real announcement other than when the time comes; it’ll be over for him. Whenever “that time” is only Kurt knows.

The show then quickly transitions away from the ring area to a video package of “The Cowboy” James Storm. The Cowboy talks about how he’s been one of the toughest people in the wrestling world for a long time now but it’s now time to prove it. He’s officially on a mission to prove that he is indeed the toughest S.O.B. in the wrestling world, past and present and it all starts tonight when he takes on Hernandez.


Match #2: Hernandez w/ Chavo Guerrero vs. James Storm

Coming back from commercial, we see Hernandez and his tag team partner Chavo Guerrero making their way to the ring. The crowd doesn’t seem too interested in these two, only giving them a luke warm reaction. That all changes when “The Cowboy’s” music begins to play. The crowd again erupts when James Storm steps out of the entrance tunnel, beer in hand. He downs the beer and proceeds to make his way to the ring to face Hernandez.

Early on in the match both men appear very evenly split. Each is about the same size and although Hernandez might be the strongest, it’s not by a whole lot. The match very quickly transitions into more of a stiff, psychical style, each man trying to out-muscle the other. Hernandez does have the slight advantage, having Chavo Guerrero in his corner, giving him tips and advice. Hernandez uses his slight strength advantage to slowly but surely wear down James Storm. This proves to be an effective strategy for him, since it appears that Storm is losing strength by the second. He ends up misjudging his opponent however. Once he feels he has Storm down enough, he decides to try and put him away. Hernandez lines him up for the Border Toss. But when he gets Storm up, Storm begins to fight his way out. Storm gets back on his feet and the match is back to begin even again. After a brief back and forth, Hernandez turns around for just one second and when he comes back, Storm hits him out of nowhere with the Last Call super kick, knocking him out right away. Storm covers him and gets the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: James Storm

Storm chooses to celebrate his victory with yet another beer. As Chavo helps Hernandez out of the ring, Storm enjoys his beer as the crowd cheers him on. Once Storm is done he begins heading towards the back. However, before he completely reaches the back, the lights mysteriously begin flickering on and off, and not by accident either. Nobody, including Storm, seems to know what’s going on so he simply shrugs it off and finishes heading towards the back.

Before the commercial break and the main event to follow, we get a backstage segment in the E.G.O. locker room. Bobby Roode is warming up for his match against Bully Ray and Chris Daniels and Kazarian are trying to cheer him on. As they are offering tips, Roode stops them. He tells them that they better not ruin anything for him or there’s going to be hell to pay. This match is about him, not them. Afraid, Kaz and Daniels promise to not screw anything up. Roode then finishes lacing up his boots and heads out the door. Kaz and Daniels soon follow after.


Match #3: Bobby Roode w/ Chris Daniels & Kazarian vs. Bully Ray w/ Brooke Tessmacher

It is now main event time. Tonight’s main event features two former TNA World Heavyweight Champions in Bully Ray and Bobby Roode. Both are looking to establish themselves as the top guy in the new Impact Wrestling by getting a win tonight. First out to the ring was the last TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bully Ray, followed as always by Brooke Tessmacher. Next up is Bobby Roode, who steps out of the entrance tunnel alone first but he is soon followed by his E.G.O. partners, Chris Daniels and Kazarian.

Once the bell sounds, both men explode, trying to gain that first strike. Bully gains the advantage first but it doesn’t last long as Bobby fights his way out. This match goes back and forth, switching off between Bully dominating and then Bobby dominating. This doesn’t change until the match spills out to the outside. On the outside of the ring, trying to babysit Kaz and Daniels while fighting off Bully Ray proves to be too much of a challenge for Bobby Roode. Bully uses everything on the outside to his advantage, from the steel steps to the guard rails, to even his girlfriend Brooke, distracting Kaz and Daniels so they didn’t try to interfere. Bully is very much in the zone as well as in the driver’s seat. However, once the match goes back into the ring, things start to turn differently. No longer able to exploit the outside, Bully loses his grip on the match, allowing Bobby to fight his way back in. Although Bobby fights his way back a little, he’s still not able to gain back control of the match. This makes Bully feel a little cocky. He decides prematurely to try and attempt a Bubba Bomb. He gets Roode up but Bobby has some fight left in him, and he wiggles his way out. After yet another back and forth, Bobby tries to hit his own finisher, the Double R spine buster but he also fails. It now appears that whoever can hit their finisher first will win. Bobby tries, and fails, Bully tries, and fails, neither can seem to get it. Bobby Roode then gets an idea. When the two are on the ground, he quickly latches in a crossface on Bully, directly in the middle of the ring. Bully fights to get to the rope but with all his mite, Bobby pulls him back. Bully reaches and reaches but he can’t quite get to it. He is forced to tap.

Winner via Submission: Bobby Roode

Bobby quickly exits the ring and is joined in celebration by his E.G.O. friends, Kaz and Daniels. Brooke checks on her man who staggers to his feet. The show fades to black as each man once again stares each other down.
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Re: Bah Gawd - Good Ol' JR's Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling News - Backstage Reaction, YouTube show possible?, Spike's Influence, & More

- The feeling backstage following Impact Wrestling's return to television was very positive. The talent who were meeting JR for the first time commented on how refreshing it was to have someone in charge who actually seems to know what they are doing. There is still some uneasiness amongst those on the lower level of the roster about not having enough room on the show now to fit them in but as of right now they're OK with waiting and seeing.

- Speaking of not being able to fit all the talent on TV, there have been serious talks amongst Impact Wrestling management about launching a second show, possibly on YouTube or someplace online, since being able to add a second hour onto the current show is a ways away. Although the feeling is that it is way too early to be thinking about it, they would like to be able to do it sooner rather than later to give the younger/lesser known talent a little bit of exposure.

- The rating for the first show came in at 0.7. Although that is lower than what they were getting before, considering that they were off T.V. for a couple months, it can't be considered too bad.

- Ever since Spike/Viacom bought Impact Wrestling, there have been legitimate concerns amongst not only the fans but Impact Wrestling officials as well over how much control Spike/Viacom would wield over the company. Most do not want to see what happened to WCW when the Time Warner/AOL people began micro-managing. Although the network still has to approve all major financial moves, the day-to-day operations including television story lines, etc, will remain in the control of Impact Wrestling management.

- Regarding when Impact Wrestling will begin the process of crowning new champions, look for that to begin at the next set of tapings on January 16th. In a controversial move, Impact Wrestling has decided to replace the X Division championship with the Television championship. Officials wanted to put as much separation as possible between the former TNA and the current Impact Wrestling and by eliminating the X Division title, they've done that.

- The preview for next week's Impact Wrestling...Jeff Hardy returns to Impact Wrestling! "The Charismatic Enigma" makes his return to the ring this week when he takes on former TNA world champion and multiple time X Division and Tag Team Champion Chris Sabin...James Storm declared that he is out to prove he is the toughest S.O.B. in wrestling today and got one step closer to proving it last week when he defeated Hernandez. Now this week he faces an even tougher challenge when he goes one on one with "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe...After embarrassingly tapping out to Bobby Roode last week in the main event, Bully Ray will look to get some revenge as he takes on Chris Daniels in this week's main event. Can Bully even the score or will E.G.O. go up 2-0?...Also, will we get more clarity regarding Kurt Angle's announcement last week? Tune in to find out.
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Re: Bah Gawd - Good Ol' JR's Impact Wrestling

Great way to kick off the JR era of TNA. Very sad that AJ Styles is gone, but what a great opportunity to make this really believable. The show itself is nothing special; your typical TNA matches at this time, but you did a great job setting up the atmosphere for the show and future TNA shows. Great post.

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Re: Bah Gawd - Good Ol' JR's Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling
The Asylum
Nashville, Tennessee

The show begins this week with a backstage segment. The camera zooms in on Bully Ray, who is on his phone, talking to someone. Bully never really says who it is but we can guess by what Bully is saying, it’s someone that he has history with. Bully asks this person if he has any plans later and if not, would he be willing to come by and help Bully out later tonight? The mystery person’s response must have been no because Bully gets visibly upset after he asks for help. Bully eventually says screw you to the person on the other side and hangs up. Brooke Tessmacher then appears and tries to comfort her man. Bully won’t have any of it, he says he needs to find help and fast. They both then walk off camera.

Now that the backstage segment is over, the actual show can begin. The camera pans over the entire Asylum as the crowd goes nuts. Eventually the camera settles down on the announce desk where Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash welcome everyone. They give the rundown of the show, including tonight’s main event between Bully Ray and Christopher Daniels. Once they are finished, Samoa Joe’s theme music begins to play.

Match #1: James Storm vs. Samoa Joe

The crowd is very excited to see Joe back. Chants of “Joe, Joe, Joe” begin filling the arena. That lasts until “The Cowboy’s” theme music hits. Two crowd favorites are about to go at it, it will be interesting to see who the crowd sides with.

Out of the gate Joe explodes and takes down Storm, gaining the early advantage. It becomes clear right away what Joe’s game plan is for this match; keep Storm down thus taking away most of his offense. The two men roll around down on the mat for quite a while before Storm manages to fight to his feet. Although he’s back to his feet, he’s still not in any better shape than he was before. Joe came to win tonight and it shows. Despite having lost the ground battle, Joe keeps the pressure on with kicks, punches, anything he can think of to wear Storm down. Joe targets the legs of Storm, hoping to take away the very dangerous Last Call super kick that won Storm the match last week. He is successful in getting Storm hobbled but not down and out. Despite being in control for nearly 90% of the match, Joe is still unable to put Storm away. Joe’s temper slowly starts to get the best of him and he becomes reckless, taking his focus away from Storm’s legs, allowing Storm to rest up for a potential super kick. Storm waits it out, knowing that the perfect opportunity will soon present itself and it does. After waiting for quite some time, as soon as Joe turns his back, Storm sets up. As he comes around, boom! Storm nails Joe with a perfect Last Call Super Kick. Storm follows it up with a pin and the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: James Storm

James Storm gets another hard fought victory. He chooses to celebrate the way he celebrates all of his victories, with a beer. As Storm is enjoying his beer, the lights begin flickering on and off just like they did last week. Unlike last week though, James seems to get legitimately pissed at whoever is behind it, yelling and screaming for whoever it is to come out and face him like a man. Nobody answers Storm’s call so eventually he gives up and starts heading to the back.

Before Impact Wrestling goes to commercial, we go backstage quick for a brief interview segment with backstage interviewer Taryn Terrell. Taryn is with Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky. Taryn tells everyone that it was Chris Sabin who called for this interview so she hands him the microphone. Chris keeps it short and sweet. Chris says he’s tired of being overlooked. In TNA or in Impact Wrestling it’s all the same, no one ever takes him seriously. Even this week, Impact Wrestling chose to promote the return of Jeff Hardy when they should have promoted the return of Chris Sabin. Where was the hype for him? He says he’s done complaining after tonight because when he beats Jeff Hardy, management will have to take notice and give him the spot he deserves, a spot at the top of the company. Both Sabin and Velvet then walk off camera as the show goes to commercial.


Match #2: Chris Sabin w/ Velvet Sky vs. Jeff Hardy

Coming back from commercial, Impact Wrestling goes straight into the second match of the evening. This match features two of the most popular wrestlers on the roster in Chris Sabin and “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy. Chris Sabin is the first man out to the ring, coming down with his girlfriend Velvet Sky by his side. Just a little bit ago, Chris made his feelings known that he didn’t take too kindly to Impact Wrestling officials not promoting his return to the company but deciding to promote Jeff’s instead so it’ll be interesting to see how he responds to that. Jeff Hardy soon makes his grand entrance. The crowd is split like most nights, the girls and younger kids love him while the men boo. Hardy enters the ring and soon after the match begins.

Both men begin the match by trying to get a feel of what the other guy has planned. Both seem to be waiting for the other guy to do something so they are very cautious with their move set, at least early on. Jeff is the first one to break that pattern, deciding he’s had enough of waiting. This sets off a chain of back and forth wrestling between the two, one man dominating the match for a while and then the rolls reversing. For wanting to prove that he should have been the one hyped, Chris Sabin sure doesn’t seem to be trying very hard though. There are several points in the match where Sabin had a clear opening to get a shot in but for whatever reason, he chose not to. As a result of this, Hardy begins taking more and more control of the match but despite that, Sabin still manages to hang on but just by a thread. Hardy moves to set Sabin up for the Twist Of Fate but Sabin manages to wiggle out. After a few more seconds, Hardy tries again but just like before, Sabin gets out. Hardy tries for a third time but as he is doing it, out of nowhere Sabin explodes, countering Hardy’s attempted move by rolling Hardy up. The referee notices that Sabin has Hardy pinned so he begins the count…1, 2, 3! Sabin pulls an upset!

Winner: Chris Sabin

Following the match, Sabin quickly exits the ring, trying to avoid an angry Jeff Hardy. Hardy and the audience are stunned that Sabin was able to come out of nowhere to steal a victory. Although upset, Hardy doesn’t let it get to him very much. He just shrugs it off and starts heading to the back.

Switching away from the ring area, Impact Wrestling cameras go backstage where we see Garrett Bischoff and what appears to be Wes Brisco who is wearing some sort of Leather Face like mask. Bully Ray and Brooke Tessmacher soon walk in. Garrett and Wes are a little uncertain about what their former Aces & Eights president might have to say but they’re willing to listen anyway. Although he doesn’t come right out and say it, Bully is clearly there to ask both Wes and Garrett for help in the main event. Bully sweet talks them and pulls out the “for old times’ sake” card but Garrett and Wes don’t seem to be buying it. Once Bully is done giving his pitch, Garrett simply tells him that they’ll think about it. The three men shake hands and Bully walks off, still not feeling too good about his upcoming match.


Before Impact Wrestling cameras go to the ring area for the main event, we are drawn backstage, to the parking lot area specifically where Kurt Angle appears to be getting ready to leave the building. Before he can get into his car and drive away, Taryn Terrell and the camera crew stop him. Taryn pushes Kurt for more information on his “announcement” from last week. Kurt doesn’t say much, other than he can’t talk about it now, he has to leave. Taryn continues pressuring him so Kurt gives in and says that he promises that next week, things will become clearer. Kurt then gets into his car and drives away.

Match #3: Bully Ray w/ Brooke Tessmacher vs. Christopher Daniels w/ Bobby Roode & Kazarian

Before the main event can begin, Christopher Daniels is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone. Daniels basically begins taunting Bully Ray for having to basically beg for help because he’s too scared of the handsome gentlemen known as E.G.O. Bobby Roode and Kazarian, who are joining Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash at the broadcast booth, cheer him on. With no Bully Ray in sight, Daniels continues the taunting, baiting Bully to come and face him. Daniels turns his back and faces the entrance tunnel which turns out to be a big mistake. Running in from the crowd, Bully Ray jumps Daniels from behind and the match begins.

Bully Ray obviously has the early lead as a result of his jumping Daniels from behind and he does not seem like he intends to give that advantage up. Bully makes sure to keep Daniels down for as long as he can because he knows once Daniels gets back up; it becomes an even fight again. Fearing for their friend, Bobby Roode and Kazarian leave the broadcast booth and go ringside to offer any sort of help they can to their struggling partner. Having Roode and Kaz at ringside does seem to help Daniels, at least helping him to get to his feet. Now that he is upright, Daniels begins chipping away at the lead that Bully has developed in the first half of his match. Bully soon begins to struggle keeping the advantage he had built up now that Roode and Kaz are at ringside. He knows that at any time Roode and Kaz could interfere and it would cost him the match so he must be vigilant at all times. This constant watching of all three takes its toll. Slowly Bully begins losing grip. Things aren’t looking good for him at all until both Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco begin making their way down the ramp. Just their presence is enough to make Roode and Kaz back off a little. Garrett and Wes come down and observe the match right at ringside. Having his former Aces & Eights partners with him doesn’t seem to help however. Despite this, Daniels still has pretty much taken over control of the match. Now more worried than ever, Roode and Kaz begin directly interfering in the match, all behind the ref’s back of course. This allows Daniels to build up an even bigger lead than he had before. Desperately seeking help, Bully pleads with Garrett and Wes to help him but they don’t seem interested. Feeling like he has the match won, Daniels begins acting cocky. Every move he hits he has to celebrate after. After one such move, he takes his eyes off Bully for just a few seconds. During these few seconds, Garrett approaches Bully and slips him what appears to be a hammer. When Daniels turns around, Bully nails him in the head with the hammer, in direct view of the referee who is forced to end the match.

Winner Via Disqualification: Christopher Daniels

Garrett and Wes enter the ring and join Bully in beating down an already injured Daniels. Roode and Kaz attempt to save him but they are outnumbered and are quickly tossed back out of the ring. The show ends with Bully, Wes, and Garrett standing over a motionless Daniels as Roode and Kaz look on in horror.

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Re: Bah Gawd - Good Ol' JR's Impact Wrestling

Double post by mistake.
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Re: Bah Gawd - Good Ol' JR's Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling News - Championship Tournament Details Announced, Jeff Jarrett Interview & More

- Impact Wrestling released details regarding their upcoming championship tournaments today on Each tournament will be a "mini-tournament" with six competitors in each. The first round will consist of three matches and then the winners of those matches will go on to face each other in three different triple threat matches, scheduled for February 13th, where the winner will become the new champion. Those competing in the tag team tournament are: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian, Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez, D.O.C. & Knux, Garrett Bischoff & Wes Brisco, Jessie G. & Robbie E., and James Storm & Gunner. Those competing in the television tournament are: Chris Sabin, Eric Young, Jay Bradley, Kenny King, Manik, and Rob Terry. And finally, those competing in the world title tournament are: Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Magnus, and Samoa Joe.

- Two notable names missing from the tournaments are Abyss and Kurt Angle. Kurt's absence is said to be related to his upcoming "announcement". Abyss' absence is a little more of a mystery. Officials have been trying to figure out a good way to bring him back as "The Monster" once again but so far have yet to think of a good idea. There is no telling when/if he will be back.

- On a business meeting with JR, Jeff Jarrett was asked a few questions about his current role in Impact Wrestling. Most notable was the question about whether or not he plans to return to the ring...

"I think right now my days of being a full time wrestler are over. I have a lot of new responsibility now getting this company back to where it needs to be but hey, never say never regarding one more match. You never know, it might be right around the corner..."

- Last week's episode of Impact Wrestling once again got a 0.7 rating, with the overall viewer total down slightly.

- Preview for next week's Impact Wrestling...Championship tournaments begin. In the first match of the tag team title tournament, Gunner & James Storm look to regain the gold when they take on the Bro-Mans. Also, in the first round of the T.V. title tournament, "Showtime" Eric Young takes on Kenny King...Kurt Angle refused to give more information regarding his big "announcement" other than to say that this week, things will become more clear. Hopefully Kurt decides to shed some more light on the situation...Last week, Bully Ray re-aligned himself with old Aces & Eights buddies Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco, attacking Christopher Daniels with a hammer in the process. Now this week in the main event, the three members of E.G.O.(Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, & Kazarian) face off against the three former Aces & Eights members in the next chapter of their growing feud.
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Re: Bah Gawd - Good Ol' JR's Impact Wrestling

You have yourself a nice little scenario going. I try to give most BTB's a try and this was one. So, therefore, I wanted to give a mini review of your second Impact Wrestling Show. So, with AJ Styles gone, the Knockouts division scraped, the X Division replaced and the name, venue and any sort of Total Nonstop Action related items, there is only a foundation and a dream to start off with. SO with that being said, lets get onto your first show. I observed the way you put your matches and I must say, it is a pretty well way to do a recap. I don't know whether its the lack of more content or the realistic time constraints, some things such as the main event I want more, and with the future title matches, one hour for each seems like a stretch but lets see how that goes. All of your matches are very well written considering the length you put them in nonetheless. I am personally interested in the flickering lights and the progress of Sabin. I hope you do well in those because like Robbie said, everyone is on the same level. Additionally, I wonder why those people get instant title shots, Kenny was not on a show as of yet and with the gap, I am sure there is and will be people with more momentum but I won't argue, that is just my two cents. So without further ado, welcome your first full reviewer to Good Ol' Jr's Impact Wrestling. I will be reading further by the way, and I wish you good luck on your BTB because hard work pays off in the end, my friend.


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Thanks to this post, I laughed my ass off twice in this thread. Thanks for that.
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Re: Bah Gawd - Good Ol' JR's Impact Wrestling

Lil_Dro’s Impact review

Backstage – Interesting that Bully’s request was denied by the mystery person. I can only assume that he is asking for help to win a big match and/or make a big statement. We will find out later. Solid way to open the show as not too many people cut right to a backstage segment.

James Storm vs. Samoa Joe – Let me start off by saying, having a 1 hour show is good for Impact, because there is some solid talent to spread around and pretty much no room for fillers. You could even possibly stretch it to 90 minutes and have another solid match or two on your show each week, the possibilities are endless. Onto the match, Joe looks strong throughout, however Storm is a tough one to put away and picks his spot and gets the win. The booking for this match is Grade A because not only did you book both men to look strong, but they can now both ride their own momentum. The lights flickering is strange, another mystery I guess.

Chris Sabin – Solid interview, Sabin feeding his own ego all while hyping his match with Jeff Hardy. Phenomenal writing.

Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy – Let me just point out that your match writing is above average for a booker, I can’t even write like that (I’m not that good anyway). The flow of your matches are all really well, explaining the whole match, but not certain moves they apply to break the flow. You just tell the whole story in a paragraph and it works well. Sabin is conservative during this match, while Hardy is the aggressor and Sabin after a few missed opportunities, gets the win with a roll up. That’s a big surprise, I’d never think I’d see a main even guy lose to a roll up, but so far, you’re doing the unexpected. It’s truly intriguing. Hardy seems to facepalm himself at the end, he’s like “How did I fucking let that happen,” but doesn’t go after Sabin. Pretty cool.

Bully/Wes/Garrett – Interesting that nobody really seems to want to help Bully Ray. I’d figure someone around the Asylum would want to help, maybe we will get to that. Anyways, I figured it’d be for the main event match up later on. Good segment though, the objective was understood right away and there was purpose to this. Well written, again.

Kurt Angle – I’m going to have to go back and read Angle’s announcement once I’m done with this review, unfortunately there was no brief explanation of what the announcement was and that’s a bit of a turn off because not everyone is going to read every show and a quick sentence or two giving a summary of the announcement would have gone a long way. Also it’s a shame that Angle wasn’t even in the show this episode, but was only caught while leaving. (Probably picking up dat paycheck). Good segment though, if I knew what they were talking about.

Bully Ray vs. Christopher Daniels – Main event time, love the trash talk from Daniels before the match and Bully coming out from the crowd in rage. The thing I love most about your matches are the flow, it’s amazing, I can just read the entire thing without stopping to check back on what I just read and it all comes together in a beautiful little story. But the build to this match was good, as was the contest itself. Shame, Kaz and Roode left the announce both cause that would have been must see tv. I like how you mentioned that Roode and Kaz just being there is tedious task in itself to handle, because that’s how it really is (in fake pro wrestling). Good to see Bully actually has friends in the back and unfortunately he had to take the disgraceful way out. But it’s Bully Ray for crying out loud. Solid main event here buddy, great way to end the show with Bully, Bischoff, and Briscoe standing tall, showing their manpower.

-The flow of the matches, all of them were great
-The storytelling in the matches, wonderful
-Short and sweet segments, not bulky or too long. Just about perfect for a summary.

-The Angle segment and me not knowing what the announcement is about. (Very small con)
-AJ Styles no longer, 

Overall- One of the better BTB’s around, you nailed everything on the head and it was a very entertaining read. I didn’t like the title of the thread at first, but don’t judge a book by its cover. I will definitely be reading from now on, sir. Congrats man, this was extraordinary and the potential you have is stuff of prodigy. The match flow is what really got me, I have never seen match flow written that well.

And I will say, it's hard to get emotionally vested in a summarized BTB, this one though, this is special.

Lil_Dro’s Rating System (If this was a taped event and I read the spoilers, would I still watch it)
Yes, from start to finish, it had everything you needed in just a short hour.

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