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TNA 2013: Post Hogan Era


Read TNA 2013: Post Hogan Era- TNA Bound For Glory IX Results here

Panda Energy Announces the Acquisition of Sports Arena.

Nashville, TN-
Panda Energy the parent company of professional wrestling company, TNA Wrestling, has announced today the acquisition of the Nick Gulas Sports Arena, commonly known as the TNA Asylum, in Nashville, Tennessee.

The complex will serve as both the new corporate offices of TNA Wrestling, and as the new home of TNA Wrestling’s flagship program; TNA Impact Wrestling, which airs every Thursday night at 9pm on Spike TV.

TNA Wrestling will begin producing televised events from the complex, following minor renovations, with the first event scheduled for Thursday December 5th, following TNA’s Turning Point Pay-Per-View event.

TNA Wrestling will continue to hold Pay-Per-View events, as well as select television events from various locations, with the TNA Asylum serving as a home base.

Panda Energy plans to offer the arena for rent, when not in use by TNA Wrestling, for concerts and other events, including wrestling. TNA President Dixie Carter stated that this will allow for additional revenue to be produced through the TNA Brand.

TNA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS- The Sanford Boys (Mark & Jay Sanford)*new*


AJ Styles
Samoa Joe
Austin Aries
Joseph Park/Abyss
Eric Young
James Storm
Kenny King
Rhett Titus
Chavo Guerrero
Jeff Jarrett

Magnus (Manager: Desmond Wolfe)
Chris Sabin
Jay Lethal
Petey Williams
Sonjay Dutt
Christopher Daniels
Robert Roode
Franklin Kazarian
Jay Sanford (Jay Briscoe)
Mark Sanford (Mark Briscoe)
Bully Ray

Awesome Kong
Brooke Tessmacher
Gail Kim
Velvet Sky

Tag Teams:

The Sanford Boys/Aces In The Hole Mark and Jay Sanford (The Briscoes)
Bad Influence Franklin Kazarian & Christopher Daniels
All Night Express Kenny King & Rhett Titus
S.O.B.S. (Sick of Being Screwed) Wes Briscoe & Garrett Bischoff
James Storm & Gunner
Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez


Dixie Carter
Jay Lethal
Petey Williams
Sonjay Dutt

The Aces and Eights
Bully Ray
Brooke Tessmacher
Jay Sanford (Jay Briscoe)
Mark Sandord (Mark Briscoe)

Extraordinary Gentleman's Organization
Christopher Daniels
Franklin Kazarian
Robert Roode

S.O.B.S.(Sick of Being Screwed)
Wes Briscoe
Garrett Bischoff
Robbie E.
Jay Bradley

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Re: TNA 2013: Post Hogan Era

TNA IMPACT 9/19/2013

Impact opens with video footage of Abyss outside of the arena.

Mike Tenay welcomes us to Impact and says “You are looking at footage taken earlier today, Abyss has been spotted lurking around the arena, we do not know why he is here, we tried to reach Joseph Park for comments, but he is nowhere to be found.”

Bully Ray and the Aces and Eights (Wes Briscoe, Garret Bischoff, Knux, and Brooke) come down to the ring. Bully says he needs to know who he can trust going into Bound For Glory, he says he has arranged for Wes Briscoe and Garret Bischoff to have a match for the Tag Team Titles, and since Abyss is in the arena, Knux will challenge him for the TV Title.

He says that if any of them fail to get the job done, their spot in the aces and eights will be in question.
Briscoe and Bischoff immediately become worried and plead for Bully to change his mind; Knux however, remains stoic and appears ready to fight.

Mike Tenay wonders how Bully Ray has arranged title shots for the members of Aces and Eights.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Jeremy Borash is shown looking around the arena for Abyss, asking people if they have seen him.
A vignette airs with Chris Sabin explaining why he attacked Manik. He says he is too good for TNA, he says that Manik is good but he’s no Chris Sabin, he says that he is the X division.

Manik vs Kenny King
A match that goes back and forth, as Manik mounts a comeback against King, Sabin hits the ring, and beats Manik down. King attempts to join in, and Sabin beats him down as well. Velvet Sky runs in and attempts to stop Sabin, and he eventually calms down, but not before hitting the cradle shock on Manik.

Sabin walks away to a chorus of boos, holding his arms above his head with a crazy look in his eye, screaming repeatedly HAIL SABIN! HAIL SABIN! HAIL SABIN!

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, a video package airs with the title ‘AJ Deserves Better’ showing AJ Styles debuting on the first night of TNA, with Jeff Jarret, Jerry Lynn, and Mike Tenay weighing in with their thoughts on AJ Styles.

Briscoe/Bischoff vs. James Storm/Gunner- TNA Tag Team Championship
Wes and Garret attempt to cheat throughout the match, each time being stopped by the referee. Storm hits the Last Call superkick for the win. Storm and Gunner celebrate with beers, and leave the ring.

Wes and Garret left in the ring, slowly come-to. The Aces and Eights music hits, and Bully Ray and Knux come out looking pissed off.

Bully enters the ring and just stares Wes and Garret down. Wes and Garret plead and say they’re sorry, as Bully screams at them. As they continue to plead, Bully screams at them to get up, he beats them down as Knux watches, looking disappointed.

Bully rips each of their vests off, and beats them with their own vests, as he screams at them that they don’t deserve it. Bully and Knux leave the ring.

As they leave the ring, Bully does not look back, instead taunting fans, and flirting with Brooke, Knux however does look back at Wes and Garret with a look of sympathy on his face.

-Commercial Break-

The Main Event Mafia of Magnus, Samoa Joe, and Sting come out to the ring. Sting has the mic first and talks about Magnus’ performance in the BFG finals; he says that while Magnus was defeated this time, he is the future of TNA.

Sting puts over AJ Styles, and he says that the Main Event Mafia is behind him in his match with Bully Ray at BFG. Sting hands the mic to Magnus, who talks about AJ Styles, and that he knows AJ can beat Bully Ray, he says he wants a shot at the title after AJ brings it home to TNA.

The Extraordinary Gentleman’s Organization of Robert Roode, Christopher Daniels, and Frankie Kazarian come out to the ramp. Roode talks about how he was screwed out of the finals by Magnus, he says that he is the ‘it factor of professional wrestling’ and that he could have beat AJ in the finals.

Samoa Joe grabs a mic and talks about how Magnus beat Roode cleanly, and that he knows AJ Styles better than anyone, and at the rate he is going he is unstoppable.

Daniels then grabs the mic and says that he knows AJ better than anyone, and that not only could Roode beat AJ, he says he could beat AJ, and adds that he could beat Samoa Joe here tonight.

Joe drops the mic and motions for to him to bring it. Daniels runs down and a referee comes out, and we have an impromptu match.

Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels

Somoa Joe and Daniels wrestle a solid back and forth match. Throughout the match Kazarian and Roode attempt to get involved, only for Sting and Magnus to fend them off. The bell rings, and Christy Hemme announces that the match has reached the TNA Television time limit of 15:00 minutes. Causing the result of the match to be a time limit draw.

A brawl ensues following the match, with Sting, Magnus, and Joe gaining the upper hand and EGO running away, having been beat down. Roode yells back “this isn’t over yet” as he walks to the back.

-Commercial Break-

Knux vs. Abyss- TNA Television Championship
Knux comes out and awaits the arrival of Abyss, Abyss’ music plays but he does not come out, it plays again but he does not come out. Knux takes off out of the ring, walking up the ramp to find Abyss, when suddenly Abyss appears at the top of the ramp and starts walking towards Knux, making Knux quickly back track.

Knux gets into the ring, and Abyss follows. Abyss controls most of the match, during the match Abyss accidentally strikes the referee, knocking him out of the ring. Abyss starts transforming into Joseph Park, worrying about the referee and checking on him on the outside, Brooke comes out of the crowd, and hands Knux the hammer while the referee is still down.

Knux, looking surprised, takes it and hits Abyss with it, and starts beating him down, he throws Abyss back into the ring, and pins him as Brooke brings the referee back into the ring. The referee counts, and Knux wins the match.

Bully Ray comes out and celebrates with Knux and Brooke.

Knux is the new television champion. Knux, happy to be the new Television Champion, but suspicious of what Bully Ray is up to, keeps his distance from Bully Ray.

Austin Aries is backstage with Jeremy Borash, he talks about AJ Styles winning the BFG series, he says that AJ has a chance to show that he is the man at BFG, and a chance to bring the TNA World Championship back to home to TNA. He says that next week he takes on AJ Styles, and he proves why he deserves a shot at the TNA Championship following BFG.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, A recap is shown of the AJ Styles storyline throughout the BFG series, from his comeback and trusting no one, to his transformation in assisting the Main Event Mafia, his ‘pipe-bomb’ and finally defeating Magnus in the finals of the BFG Series.

Bully Ray, Brooke, and Knux are shown in the Aces and Eights clubhouse, talking about how everyone seems to think he even has a shot of loosing at BFG, he says that he has a few tricks left up his sleeve, and TNA won’t know what hit them.

AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy is out first, followed by AJ Styles.

AJ wins a great back and forth match with lots of false finishes. Following the match Jeff Hardy leaves the ring to AJ Styles. AJ Styles grabs a microphone and talks about how Dixie Carter has been screwing him, he says he deserves better. He says that whether she likes it or not, he earned his spot at Bound For Glory, and he will be TNA Champion.

Quick Results
TNA X Division Title Match: Manik (c) def. Kenny King by DQ via interference by Chris Sabin
TNA Tag Team Title Match: James Storm & Gunner (c) def. Wes Briscoe & Garret Bischoff via pinfall
Samoa Joe draw. Christopher Daniels via time limit
TNA Television Title Match: Knux def. Abyss (c) by pinfall
AJ Styles def. Jeff Hardy via pinfall

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Re: TNA 2013: Post Hogan Era

Just some odds and ends

- Matches really need to be a little longer. I personally enjoy the shorter matches but 10-15 lines is what should be short.

- News should be elaborated on. You don't need to write a legitimate article but an excuse as to why TNA has released their biggest star would be good since it realistically wouldn't make sense.

- Joe and Daniels wrestle to a time limit draw but I as a reader don't know how long they went for. It could of been 90 minutes for all we know although I can only assume it was 30.

- Basically the entire show seems rushed. I'm sure you'll be able to work on it though. Good luck
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Re: TNA 2013: Post Hogan Era

Thanks for the feedback.

Matches for big events will be much longer than matches on Impact.

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Re: TNA 2013: Post Hogan Era

TNA IMPACT 9/26/2013

Impact opens with the members of the main event mafia in the ring. Sting has the mic first, he says that despite not winning the BFG series, Magnus deserves the first shot at the world title, following BFG.

EGO comes out to the ramp, Robert Roode has the mic first, he says that no one deserves a shot at the title more than the longest reigning TNA champion in history Robert Roode.

Magnus reminds him that he defeated him in the semi-finals of the BFG series. Samoa Joe grabs the mic and puts over Magnus, saying he and Magnus go way back and that he thinks Magnus deserves a shot, Daniels interrupts and insults Samoa Joe, Joe fires back causing the members of EGO run to the ring, EGO and the MEM begin to brawl.

With MEM gaining the advantage, the members of EGO run away, Daniels grabs a microphone and challenges Samoa Joe for later tonight. Joe accepts.

Mike Tenay announces that tonight, there will be an X Division Invitational, with four competitors competing for a chance to compete at Bound For Glory for a guaranteed contract.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, a video package airs showing the recent actions of Chris Sabin. Manik is interviewed and says that he can’t explain what is going on with Sabin, he says that if Sabin thinks he better than him, that he should prove it at Bound For Glory, in a ladder match.

Chris Sabin vs. Chavo Guerrero
Early on in the match Chavo lands wrong following a move from the top rope, favoring his knee.

Sabin immediately begins to work on the knee, relentlessly targeting it, similar to how Bully Ray worked Sabin’s knee in the match where Sabin won his first TNA World Championship.

The ringside doctor interrupts the match, trying to check on Chavo, but Sabin shoves the doctor away and continues the assault on Chavo.

After attempting to check on Chavo for a third time, with Sabin stopping him, the referee calls for the bell. Sabin becomes enraged, he grabs the referee and hits the cradle shock on him, and then continues to try and get at Chavo with a crazed look in his eye, Velvet Sky comes out to try and talk Sabin down, but he doesn’t listen, finally Manik runs out to the ring unmasked, for the save, hitting Sabin with some offense, before Sabin runs away, holding his arms above his head with the crazed look in his eyes, screaming repeatedly HAIL SABIN! HAIL SABIN! HAIL SABIN!

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, a video package airs with the title ‘AJ Deserves Better’ showing AJ Styles winning his first World Championship with Jeff Jarret, Jerry Lynn, and other wrestling legends weighing in.

X Division Invitational- Four-way elimination match
Winner will earn a spot to compete at Bound For Glory for a guaranteed TNA contract
Rich Swann vs. Ricochet vs. Rubix vs. Amasis
The elimination match reaches the 15:00 minute television time limit, with no one having been eliminated. The match features tons of back and forth action, false finishes, and classic X Division highspots. The four men all exchange handshakes after the match.

-Commercial Break-

Mike Tenay announces following the match that the four men have left such an impression with TNA management, that they will all compete at BFG in an Ultimate X match, with the winner receiving a contract and a future shot at the X division title.

Joseph Park (with Eric Young) is interviewed backstage, he is asked where he was last week, and he says that he must have gotten hit in the head or something, because he has no recollection of the last week, and his head has been hurting him.

He is asked about his brother Abyss, and Joseph Park starts shaking violently, and Eric Young tells Jeremy that Joseph does not want to answer any more questions, and he walks him away.

Knux vs. Hernandez- TNA Television Championship
Knux wins the match by pin fall, without the help of Bully Ray or Brooke, and without cheating. Following the match, as Knux is having his hand raised by the referee, Joseph Park runs out of the crowd and attacks Knux, beating the crap out of him, and hitting him with a Black Hole Slam, as he continues the violent beatdown, Eric Young runs down to the ring, and Park accidentally knocks him down, immediately Park calms down, and looks confused at why Young is down, he helps Young to his feet, yelling “what happened? What happened?” Young tells him that it is ok, and they walk to the back.

Backstage, Austin Aries cuts a promo talking about how he wants a shot at the TNA World Championship following BFG. He says tonight he and AJ are going to tear the house down once again, and he will show why A-double is A+.

-Commercial Break-

Daniels vs Samoa Joe
The match once again ends in a time limit draw, reaching the 15:00 minute television time limit, as Samoa Joe is mounting his comeback. Following the match, Daniels puts his hand out for a handshake, Joe looks confused but goes to shake his hand, Daniels pulls his hand back and laughs at Joe as he walks away. Samoa Joe shakes his head in disgust.

-Commercial Break-

AJ Styles vs Austin Aries
AJ wins another great match that nearly goes to the time limit, by pinfall. Following the match AJ grabs a microphone and begins to talk about Dixie Carter again, when the lights go out, they come back on and two men, dressed in Aces and Eights gear, with the masks that the original members of Aces and Eights debuted in, the two men beat the crap out of AJ and leave him lying. Austin Aries attempts to make the save, but he is beaten down as well. The two men throw Aries out to the floor, and stand over AJ Styles. As the two men stand over AJ, the Aces and Eights music hits, and Bully Ray, Knux, and Brooke come to the ring. Bully and Brooke walk down to the ring smiling and clapping obnoxiously, while Knux remains stoic, blatantly hiding his true feelings.

Bully grabs a microphone, and says “Let me introduce to you AJ, and the rest of the world, the Aces in the hole of the Aces and Eights, these two men, these two brothers, are the most ass-kicking pair of brothers I have ever seen”. Bully says that these two men are the newest members of the Aces and Eights and his “new insurance policy” the two men remove their masks to reveal Mark and Jay Briscoe, Bully introduces them as Mark and Jay Sanford, The Sanford Boys. Bully Ray, Knux, Mark and Jay, and Brooke stand over a fallen AJ as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
Chavo Guerrero def. Chris Sabin via DQ when Sabin looses control
X Division Invitational: Rich Swann, Ricochet, Rubix, Amasis ends when the time limit expires
TNA Television Championship: Knux (c) def. Hernandez via pin fall
Christopher Daniels draw. Samoa Joe via time limit
AJ Styles def. Austin Aries

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Re: TNA 2013: Post Hogan Era

The Bound For Glory card as of the second episode:

TNA Presents Bound For Glory IX
Live from the Viejas Arena in San Diego, California.

TNA World Championship Match
Bully Ray (c) vs. AJ Styles

TNA X Division Championship-Ladder Match
Manik (c) vs. Chris Sabin

Ultimate X Match-Winner receives a guaranteed TNA contract
Richochet vs. Rich Swann vs. Amasis vs. Rubix

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Re: TNA 2013: Post Hogan Era

TNA IMPACT 10/3/2013

The show opens with Mike Tenay welcoming us to Impact. He says tonight the so called ‘aces in the hole’ of the Aces and Eights, Mark and Jay Sanford will be in action tonight.

As he begins his next sentence, Dixie Carter’s music hits. Tenay looks surprised, he says to Taz ‘This isn’t in the rundown, what’s going on’ There is dead air from the announce booth, as Dixie makes her way into the ring, she asks for a microphone.

Dixie looks angry, and as she asks for a microphone, the ringside attendant is slow to provide her one, and she berates him for not moving quick enough.

Dixie: As you all know, Hulk Hogan is gone from TNA.

She waits for a few moments as the crowd responds. She then takes a pause before saying:


This elicits a negative response from the crowd.

Dixie: Hogan, you thought you were bigger than wrestling; you thought you were bigger than TNA, just like a certain other person, THAT I MADE A STAR! And I think you all know who I am talking about…

As she goes to say the name of AJ Styles, his music hits to a huge pop.

AJ grabs a microphone.

AJ Styles: Dixie, I am not going to sit back there and listen to you say that you made me, you DID NOT make AJ Styles, AJ Styles made AJ Styles.

Dixie: Wah Wah Wah, Allen, all you do is complain, and I’m sick of it.

AJ looks shocked, he cuts her off.

AJ Styles: FINALLY! FINALLY! The real Dixie comes out, Dixie you have brought in supposed ‘solution’ after ‘solution’ and none of them could turn this ship around, when is it time that you realize that IT IS YOU THAT IS THE PROBLEM!

Dixie looks shocked, drops her microphone, walks to the edge of the ring and motions to somebody to cut AJ Styles microphone. Although she is not speaking directly into the microphone, you can hear her say, “I’ve had enough of him, cut it, cut it now, I’m done”.

AJ goes to speak, but his microphone gets cut off, he immediately becomes enraged, screaming profanities at Dixie, which are bleeped.

This pisses off Dixie even more, she walks over and picks her microphone back up and says quickly in a matter of fact type of way “Tonight AJ Styles takes on Bully Ray and Knux in a handicap match, no disqualification”.

AJ becomes livid, he starts walking toward the ring; Dixie calls for security.

Suddenly two masked men walk toward AJ from the back, with shirts on that read ‘Dixie’s Personal Security’.

They try to grab AJ, but he fights back, as he brawls with the first man he counters a full nelson, and hits a Pele kick on the second man coming up behind him.

AJ walks to the back, with Dixie freaking out in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, there is dead air for a few moments while a recap airs of what just happened. Mike Tenay comes back:

Mike Tenay: Fans, I apologize for what just happened, we are being directed to not discuss what has just happened, and to carry on with the show as best as possible, as you heard tonight’s main event will be a 2 on 1 handicap match pitting the Phenomenal AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray and Knux of the Aces and Eights, as of this time, this match is still scheduled to happen, we will update you throughout the show, now let us get back to the action.

The Aces and Eights theme hits the speakers before turning into ‘Give Me Back My Bullets’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd mid-way through, and Mark and Jay Sanford walk down to the ring from the crowd, without Bully Ray and Knux. Mike Tenay puts over the Sanfords, saying that despite their affiliation with the Aces and Eights, they are one of the best tag teams today, he puts over their various championships in other ‘wrestling organizations’. He says that the Sanfords very well could be that last piece of the puzzle for total dominance by the Aces and Eights.

The Sanford Boys (Mark and Jay Sanford) vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

Jay Sanford and Hernandez begin the match in the ring. Jay begins beating Hernandez down violently, cutting the ring in half, tagging Mark in and out, they dominate Hernandez, as he repeatedly attempts to reach Chavo for the hot tag.

Finally as Jay sets up for the J-Driller, Hernandez reverses it into a back body drop, and Jay goes down hard, Hernandez reaches Chavo, and Chavo goes right after Mark on the apron, dropkicking him down to the floor. He goes after Jay, dropkicking him twice, before going to the top rope to attempt a frog splash, as he climbs to the top rope, Jay comes to his feet, and grabs Chavo placing him on his shoulders, suddenly Mark jumps from the apron to the top rope quickly and hits a Springboard-Doomsday Device, Jay quickly pins Chavo, as Mark stops Hernandez from breaking the count. The Sanfords win.

Winners by Pinfall: Mark and Jay Sanford

-Commercial Break-

After the break, a quick replay is shown of the Sanfords winning their debut match, Jeremy Borash is backstage with the Sanfords, and they cut a quick promo:

JAY: We dun came to TNA for one reason, and one reason only, tell ‘em chicken..


JAY: To all the so called ‘tag teams’ in TNA, it’s time to MAN UP. Hashtag ‘Dem Boys

Manik vs. Kenny King

Mike Tenay reminds us this is the match that was supposed to happen two weeks ago before Chris Sabin interfered and brutally attacked Manik and Kenny King.

Manik dominates the match early on, Chris Sabin comes walking out from the back with a steel chair in hand, with that crazed look in his eye, he walks slowly down to the ring, ad Velvet walks behind him, pleading with him to stop. As he walks toward the ring, Manik notices his presence, he goes to the edge of the ring, and stares Sabin down, as he stares him down, Kenny King attempts a roll up, to which Manik kicks out of, Sabin slowly approaches the ring, getting closer and closer as Manik fights King off, finally Manik dropkicks King out of the ring, and runs off the ropes, and hits a somersault-plancha onto Sabin, causing Sabin to drop the chair.

While King remains down, Sabin and Manik continue to brawl, the referee counts to ten, resulting in a count out. Sabin gains the upper hand during the brawl, and throws Manik into the ring. He grabs the steel chair he brought with him and puts it around Manik’s ankle, attempting to Pillmanize him.

As Sabin goes to the top rope, Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt, run out of the crowd and knock him from the top rope, and help Manik to his feet.

Dixie’s personal security from earlier come to the ring, and forcibly remove Dutt and Williams.

Sabin leaves the ring with Velvet crying, once again holding his arms above his head, repeatedly screaming HAIL SABIN! HAIL SABIN! HAIL SABIN!

Result: Double Count-out

-Commercial Break-

Austin Aries is backstage with Jeremy Borash, he is asked about his triple threat match tonight with Samoa Joe, and Robert Roode.

He says that while he had something prepared to say about his match tonight, there is certain other thing that is currently on his mind, and it is the mistreatment of one of TNA’s hardest working talents, one of TNA’s originals, he says the way AJ Styles was treated tonight, was a disgrace.

As he says that, Dixie Carter approaches him, with the two masked men from earlier, wearing ‘Dixie’s Personal Security’ t-shirts, she asks him how he is doing, he does not say anything, and puts his head down, she tells him to mind his business and that instead of worrying about AJ, he should be worrying about his match tonight.

Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries vs. Robert Roode

Roode comes out to the ring accompanied by Daniels and Kazarian. Throughout the match, repeated attempts to interfere by Daniels and Kazarian and thwarted by either Aries or Joe. The match goes back and forth with Joe and Aries teaming up throughout the match.

Toward the end of the match, Aries is thrown into the referee by Roode, knocking him out, immediately Daniels and Kazarian attempt to take advantage, coming into the ring and brawling with Joe and Aries, this causes Sting and Magnus to run down to the ring.

An all-out brawl ensues, Magnus knocks Roode out of the ring, and Joe double-clotheslines Daniels and Kazarian out of the ring, and Aries dives to the outside on all three members of EGO.

Joe walks to the outside and throws Roode back into the ring, Aries gets in to the ring while on the outside, the brawl between Joe and Daniels escalates. In the ring, Aries hits the brain buster and pins Roode for the win.

Joe and Daniels continue fighting back and forth and Daniels finally retreats, as Joe, Aries, Magnus, and Sting stand in the ring, Daniels grabs a microphone:

Daniels: Joseph, Joseph, this is getting out of hand, two weeks in a row we wrestled to a time limit draw, and we could fight all night tonight, but I have a proposal for you Joseph.

At Bound For Glory, hows about you and I have ourselves a 30 minute Iron Man match, to finally prove that I am better than you.

Samoa Joe grabs a microphone:

Samoa Joe: Daniels I enjoyed kicking your ass right now, and I damn sure would enjoy doing it for 30 minutes, you got yourself a match.

Christopher Daniels laughs maniacally as he walks to the back.

Winner by Pinfall: Austin Aries

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Mike Tenay welcomes us back to impact, he says it is now official, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels will square-off in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match, at Bound For Glory.

He says another blockbuster was just announced, Robert Roode, Magnus, and Austin Aries will fight to see who is the number 1 contender for the TNA World Championship, in a triple-threat elimination match at Bound For Glory.

Handicap No DQ Match- Bully Ray & Knux vs. AJ Styles

The Aces and Eights music hits and TNA Champion Bully Ray, and TNA Television Champion Knux, make their way to the ring, accompanied by Brooke. Bully Ray grabs a microphone:

Bully Ray: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? *Points to Knux* Do you know who he is?

AJ Styles, if you come out here, we will hurt you, do not come out here AJ, you are going to get hurt.

AJ if you think what Dixie has been doing to you is bad; you do not want to know what we are going to do, to you, here, tonight.

AJ Styles music hits, he walks down to the ring, slowly, and methodically.

As he enters the ring, he is immediately ambushed by Bully Ray and Knux, who beat him down.

With AJ down, they begin to taunt the crowd, Bully sends Knux to grab a table.

With Bully and Knux setting up the table, AJ gets to his feet, fighting back against both Bully and Knux.

He gets Knux down, and starts brawling with Bully Ray.

Suddenly Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring, with her masked security guards, she tells them to attack AJ.

They enter the ring, and AJ fights them both off, as he fights them off, Bully Ray and Knux get back to their feet, and gang up on AJ, the four men begin beat down on AJ, and Bully Ray makes the pin.

Winners by Pinfall: Bully Ray and Knux

After the bell, the four men continue the assault. As AJ is down, Dixie enters the ring, she orders the security to pick up AJ, and they hold him as she goes to slap him in the face.

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits.

Jeff Jarrett runs down to the ring with a microphone in hand, and Bully Ray, Knux, and Dixie’s personal security scramble out of the ring, dropping AJ where he was, leaving just Jarrett, Dixie, and a fallen AJ Styles in the ring. Jarrett helps AJ to his feet, and begins to talk:

Jeff Jarrett: Dixie, I am sick of this. For too long I have sat, in the back and watches as the company I built, has been run in to the ground. For too long, I have kept my mouth shut, but now I don’t have to.

Dixie looks confused; she can be seen asking what he is talking about.

Jeff Jarrett: Dixie, you were so quick to get rid of Hogan, that you forgot about a certain clause in his contract.

You forgot that in his contract he was issued a certain amount of stake in TNA, 50% to be exact…

A state of shock visibly comes over Dixie as she seems to know what Jarrett is about to say.

Jeff Jarrett: Well Dixie, Hogan did something with that stake, you see he and I made a deal, he and I made a deal, and now I, I Jeff Jarrett, FOUNDER OF TNA, have regained 50% control of this company, and I will not stand by as you try to take out my guy, TNA’s guy, AJ Styles.

Dixie, choke on that, slapnuts!

Dixie looks pissed, and she storms out of the ring, as Jarrett helps AJ to his feet, and they shake hands in the middle of the ring as Impact comes to a close.


Quick Results
Mark & Jay Sanford def. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez
Manik vs. Kenny King ends in Double Count-out
Austin Aries def. Robert Roode, Samoa Joe
Bully Ray & Knux def. AJ Styles

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Re: TNA 2013: Post Hogan Era

The Bound For Glory card as of the third episode:

TNA Presents Bound For Glory IX
Live from the Viejas Arena in San Diego, California.

TNA World Championship Match
Bully Ray (c) vs. AJ Styles

30 Minute Iron Man Match
Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels

Triple Threat Elimination- Number 1 Contender TNA Championship
Magnus vs. Robert Roode vs. Austin Aries

TNA X Division Championship-Ladder Match
Manik (c) vs. Chris Sabin

Ultimate X Match-Winner receives a guaranteed TNA contract
Richochet vs. Rich Swann vs. Amasis vs. Rubix

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Re: TNA 2013: Post Hogan Era

TNA IMPACT 10/10/2013 - Live from Tulsa, OK

TNA Impact begins with a cold open with the Main Event Mafia standing in the center of the ring pandering to the buzzing crowd as they chant ‘TNA TNA TNA’.

Sting stands in the center of Samoa Joe and Magnus, with a huge smile on his face, exuding a sense of excitement.

Sting, with a microphone already in hand begins to speak:


*crowd pops*

Sting: You see last week something happened, that has all of us very, verrry excited. You see, Dixie Carter has been running amok here in TNA, for far too long, and last week a certain somebody returned to save TNA, a certain somebody that let’s just say, has a lot of ‘stroke’.

* The crowd begins to chant THANK YOU JEFF! THANK YOU JEFF! THANK YOU JEFF! *

Sting: Well, I guess you guys are pretty excited too?

*Crowd cheers*

Sting: Well, I guess you guys want to hear from the man himself, so without further ado, ladies and gentleman; TNA Founder, TNA Stakeholder, Double J himself, JEFF JARRETT!

Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring to a huge pop. As he enters the ring, Magnus and Samoa Joe await his arrival and they both shake hands with him. Sting shakes his hand last, and hugs him as well, handing him his microphone.

Jeff Jarrett says it’s good to be back. He says Dixie has ruined his vision for TNA, he said he wanted TNA to go against the grain, to be the alternative, and to not just do what every other company was doing.

He says that now he is back in TNA, he will do his damndest to see his vision through.

He says that the main event at BFG is the most important match in TNA history; he says that since Senior Referee Earl Hebner has a history of screwing people over, he cannot allow him the chance to screw AJ Styles over in the biggest Main Event in TNA history.

So to ensure that nothing goes awry at Bound For Glory, he is using his executorial capacity to make Sting the guest referee. He says that Sting will call the match right down the middle, and his history with Bully Ray will not affect the match, because he says Sting is better than that.

The Aces and Eights music hits, and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray comes on the microphone immediately screaming for the music to be cut, with Brooke at his side, and TNA Television Champion Knux, and the ‘Aces in the Hole’ of the Aces and Eights, The Sanfords behind them.

Bully Ray begins by saying “Listen here ah duuble jay” (mocking his southern accent) to a chorus of boos.

He says this is the kind of crap that Dixie has put a stop to. He says that sting has a major bias, and cannot perform the duties of a referee fairly. Bully Ray sarcastically suggests that Knux be the referee, or maybe that he himself can referee the match.

Sting fires back and says that he will call it right down the middle, and Bully Ray does not have to worry. He says that Bully Ray, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Dixie Carter and the world have his word that he will call it right down the middle.

Dixie Carter, accompanied by her mask team with t-shirts that read ‘Dixie’s Personal Security’, come out to the top of the ramp with a microphone.

Dixie ridicules the decision, claiming that Sting does clearly have a bias. She says, however, that she has always known Sting to be a man of his word and since Sting is not yet on the card for the biggest Pay-Per- View in TNA history, that she will allow the decision to stand. She adds however, that since Sting will be at ringside, she will have a ‘Big Surprise’ that will be at Bound For Glory, to be at ringside for the main event to make sure nothing goes wrong.

She tells Sting that if he does not call the match right down the middle, he will be fired. Dixie then tells Jarrett not to worry about booking a main event tonight, because she has already booked tonight’s main event to be the team of TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray, and TNA Television Champion Knux, taking on AJ Styles… and his partner…. Joseph Park… In a no disqualification match. Dixie laughs as she walks to the back.

Mike Tenay, visibly upset, talks about how unfair of an advantage Bully Ray and Knux will have over AJ Styles, with the inexperienced Joseph Park as his partner. Mike Tenay says that AJ Styles will need a miracle tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, the TNA World Tag Team Champions James Storm & Gunner are with Jeremy Borash.

James Storm announces that next week there will be a four-way tag team match called the ‘Gunner and Storm invitational’.

James Storm says that he and Gunner will put the TNA Tag Team Championship on the line at Bound For Glory against the winner of the ‘Gunner and Storm’ invitational.

Gunner chimes in saying they welcome any challenge, from any tag teams in the world. He says that for all the tag teams thinking about entering, ‘Just make sure you know what you’re getting yourself in to’.

James Storms wishes good luck to any teams attempting to enter, but says for the team that ends up winning ‘Sorry, about your damn luck!’

Manik vs. Richochet vs. Rich Swann vs. Rubix vs. Amasis – Non Title

A small video package is shown highlighting the four men competing in the Ultimate X Match at Bound For Glory.

Manik wins the match, which showcases all five competitors, with classic x division style highspots.

For the finish, Manik lifts Amasis into an elevated double Chickenwing, and drops it into a double knee gutbuster, for the win.

Mike Tenay says that Manik refers to that move as the ‘Mood Stabilizer’, and it has won him many matches.

Manik shakes the hands of all four competitors following the match.

Result: Manik wins via Pinfall

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, the Sanfords are shown from the Aces and Eights Clubhouse, saying that they will be competing in the ‘Gunner and Storm Invitational’ next week. They tell Gunner and Storm that it’s time for them to ‘MAN UP’.

A video package is shown, highlighting the ongoing feud between the Main Event Mafia, and the Extraordinary Gentleman’s Organization.

Austin Aries vs. Franklin Kazarian

Austin Aries dominates most of the match, with Kazarian getting in very little offense.

Austin Aries makes Kazarian tap with the Horns of Aries.

Following the match Kazarian attacks Aries. Christopher Daniels and Robert Roode run out from the back and assist Kazarian in the assault.

Quickly, Samoa Joe, Magnus, and Sting run out to the ring to make the save, clearing-house on the Extraordinary Gentleman’s Organization.

Result: Austin Aries wins via Submission

-Commercial Break-

Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Christopher Daniels & Robert Roode

With Magnus and Roode as the legal men, and Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels on the apron, they exchange words, from across the ring.

Samoa Joe eventually has enough, and runs to the opposite side of the ring to attack Daniels.

This causes the referee to lose control as Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels brawl around the outside of the ring, while Roode and Magnus brawl out of control, inside the ring.

The brawl between Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels spills out into the crowd, and the two men brawl to the back. Meanwhile, Roode has Magnus down in the ring. Roode continues to beat him down, as he slowly makes his way over to his corner, looking to tag in Samoa Joe. Roode hits the Payoff for the win, pinning Magnus in the ring, near the corner where Samoa Joe should be standing.
Mike Tenay suggests that Christopher Daniels taking the brawl with Joe in to the crowd could have been the strategy of EGO going into the match.

Result: Robert Roode & Christopher Daniels by Pinfall

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett approaches Joseph Park and Eric Young. He asks Young for some privacy with Park. Young says no problem, and Jeff Jarrett shakes Young’s hand before he walks away.

Jarrett tells Park that tonight he needs Abyss to come out. Park says Abyss is not here tonight, and he says he has been looking for him, but he can’t find him.

Jeff Jarrett tells Park that he needs Park to find Abyss, because tonight AJ Styles needs to be protected from the Aces and Eights, he says he knows they will try to destroy AJ Styles, and that Joseph Park may not be able to stop them.

Joseph Park looks concerned, and Jarrett reminds him that Knux took the Television Championship from Abyss, and how Knux used the hammer to do it. Park becomes enraged, and starts shaking violently.

Jeff Jarrett tells him that tonight; he needs Abyss, TNA needs Abyss, and AJ Styles needs Abyss.

-Commercial Break-

Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy

Before the match, a video package is shown highlighting the feud between Chris Sabin and Manik.

Throughout the match, Sabin beats Hardy down violently, relentlessly targeting Hardy’s knee.

As Hardy begins to finally mount his comeback, Sabin reverses and pins Hardy, using the ropes for leverage.

Following the bell, Sabin runs to the outside of the ring, and grabs a steel chair. He beats Hardy down with it.

As Hardy is down, Sabin puts his knee through the chair and climbs to the top rope, signaling for a pillmanizer.

As Sabin stands on the top rope, he raises his arms slowly above his head, screaming ‘HAIL SABIN, HAIL SABIN, HAIL SABIN!’ repeatedly. As Sabin does this, Velvet Sky is crying, screaming ‘CHRIS PLEASE STOP!’

Manik, unmasked, comes bolting down to the ring.

As Sabin sees Manik coming, he jumps down immediately on Jeff Hardy’s knee.

As Manik enters the ring, he and Sabin stare each other down, before Sabin rolls out of the ring, once again screaming repeatedly ‘HAIL SABIN! HAIL SABIN! HAIL SABIN!’ as he walks to the back.

Manik rushes over to Hardy, he calls for help.

EMTS come rushing to the ring, as Manik stays with Hardy; he is stretchered out of the ring, to an ambulance.

Result: Chris Sabin by Pinfall

Backstage Wes Briscoe and Garrett Bischoff are with Jeremy Borash, Wes and Garrett say that they are entering into the ‘Gunner and Storm Invitational’ next week.

They say that they have to take advantage of opportunities like that, because they do not receive any from TNA Management. They say that they have been getting screwed over by TNA management, and they are sick of it.

Jeremy Borash suggests that maybe they wouldn’t be getting screwed, if they and their former club had not try to destroy TNA.

Garrett says that they only joined the Aces and Eights, because with TNA management screwing them, they had nothing else to turn to.

Wes says that he and Garrett will be starting their own club. He says that anybody that has been getting screwed over by TNA management is invited to rise up with them and fight the machine.

They end by saying they’re ‘Sick Of Being Screwed!’

Jeremy Borash laughs at them as they walk away.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Gail Kim’s music hits and she comes out to the ring. She grabs a microphone.

Gail Kim asks what happened to the Knockouts division. She asks, in the past three weeks, where have they been?

Gail Kim says she will not stand for the Knockouts division taking the back burner to anything.

Mickie James’ music hits, and she interrupts saying Gail Kim is taking all of the champions television time.

Gail fires back that if Mickie wants some television time; why not put her Knockouts Championship on the line, right now. Mickie James accepts.

TNA Knockouts Championship- Mickie James ( c ) vs. Gail Kim

Gail Kim wins a back and forth matches, with the Eat Defeat.

Gail is the new TNA Knockouts Champion, as she celebrates the lights go out.

The lights come back on and AWESOME KONG is standing in the ring across from Gail.

Gail and Kong stare each other down, Gail motions for her to bring it. Kong motions back at Gail to bring it.

Gail runs at her, as Kong just puts her arm out, causing Gail to run into it. Kong picks Gail up and hits her with the Implant Buster.

Kong picks the Knockouts title up off of the mat, and carries it away as Gail just lays in the ring.

Result: Gail Kim wins by Pinfall

-Commercial Break-

Bully Ray & Knux vs. AJ Styles & Joseph Park- NO DQ

Aces and 8s are out first, followed by AJ Styles.

Joseph Park’s music hits but he does not come out. After waiting for a few minutes, the referee calls for the bell, and the match begins.

With the no disqualification match stipulation, Bully Ray and Knux stay in the ring and beat down AJ Styles.

AJ holds his own early on, taking on Bully Ray and Knux for most of the match 1 on 2.

As Bully Ray and Knux have AJ down, Bully motions for Knux to pull out the hammer.

Bully holds AJ as Knux comes in to the ring with the hammer. As Knux goes to hit AJ, Abyss’ music hits to a huge pop.

Abyss runs out to the ring and clears the ring of both Bully and Knux, screaming as the crowd goes wild.

Bully Ray and Knux retreat to the outside of the ring, as Abyss tries to help AJ to his feet.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, we see the four men, brawling wildly on the outside of the ring.

AJ Styles takes Bully back in to the ring, as Abyss and Knux continue brawling, with Abyss beating Knux down with the hammer, which busts Knux open.

As AJ and Bully continue the match in the ring, Abyss lifts the lifeless body of Knux, and throws him over his shoulder, as he carries him to the back.

With just AJ Styles and Bully Ray let in the ring, Bully Ray grabs the TNA title, and attempts to hit AJ with it. AJ reverses, causing Bully to drop the title to the mat.

AJ Styles locks the Calf Killer on one of the ‘largest calves in the world’ in the center of the ring, Bully Ray attempts to reach the ropes, to no avail.

As Bully is about to tap, as he lifts his hand to put it back down to the mat, the Sanfords hit the ring, and AJ fights them off.

AJ sees Bully Ray down, and climbs to the top rope, and hits the Spiral Tap for the win.

Mike Tenay: AJ Styles has pinned the TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

Result: AJ Styles & Abyss by Pinfall

As Bully Ray rolls out of the ring, AJ walks over to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, lying in the ring. He picks the championship up, stares at it, and holds it over his head as his music plays. He points to the Bound For Glory logo on the Carter Tron, screaming aloud ‘I BUILT THIS HOUSE, AJ STYLES BUILT THIS HOUSE!’ as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results:
Manik def. Richochet, Rich Swann, Rubix, Amasis in a non-title X division match
Austin Aries def. Franklin Kazarian by Submission
Robert Roode & Christopher Daniels def. Samoa Joe & Magnus by Pinfall
Chris Sabin def. Jeff Hardy by Pinfall
Gail Kim def. Mickie James(c) in a Knockouts Championship Match by Pinfall
AJ Styles & Abyss def. Bully Ray and Knux

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Re: TNA 2013: Post Hogan Era

Next week on TNA Impact:

It’s the final Impact before what is being called the biggest event in TNA history, TNA Bound For Glory IX.
Jeff Jarrett has challenged Dixie Carter to handpick an opponent for AJ Styles, with TNA Bound For Glory IX just days away, who will Dixie choose?

Last week Joseph Park was able to find his ‘brother’ Abyss. What will Abyss have in store for the man that stole his TNA Television Championship, Knux?

New TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim has been outspoken over the way the Knockouts division has been ‘pushed to the backburner’and last week Awesome Kong returned following Gail Kim’s victory over Mickie James, and took out Mickie and Gail. Will Gail have words for Kong?

The feud between the Main Event Mafia and the Extraordinary Gentleman’s Organization, has reached a boiling point. With Roode and Kazarian in action against Magnus and Aries, can two great individuals beat a great team?

Chris Sabin in recent weeks has gone off the deep end in his quest to prove that he is the X divison. What will Sabin do next? How will Manik respond?

Plus, TNA World Tag Team Champions James Storm and Gunner have set the ‘Gunner and Storm Invitational’ a four team elimination match to determine their opponents for TNA Bound For Glory. The Aces in the Hole of the Aces and Eights, Mark and Jay Sanford, and the S.O.B.S. have already signed, but what other teams will answer the challenge? Kenny King has stated his intentions to enter into the invitational, but would not reveal his partner.

All this and more next week on Impact.

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