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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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TNA Wrestling: SOLD

September 10, 2013
Dixie Carter confirms that she has officially sold a majority of TNA Wrestling Entertainment, but would not reveal the buyer. Speculation is that WWE may be the new owner, but Carter does confirm that it was not sold to WWE. When asked about the future of the company; Carter did confirm that the company was secure and will be around for a long period of time.

October 1, 2013
TNA Wrestling announces a new contract to bring their product to a broader demographic by signing a television deal with Turner Broadcasting Systems to bring Professional Wrestling back to their stations. Starting October 21, 2013 TNA Wrestling will debut a new 2hour live program on TBS. The show will debut at 8:05 PM EST. Impact Wrestling will remain on Thursday Nights, but will be taped following the live Monday Night shows.

Bound For Glory Fallout
-Aces and 8s are defeated and are forced out of TNA.
-Austin Aries wins the X Division Championship.
-AJ Styles becomes the new TNA World Champion.
-E.G.O become the new Tag Team Champions.
-Kurt Angle is inducted into the Hall of Fame and is announced to square off against AJ Styles tomorrow night on TNA Adrenaline Rush.
-Dixie Carter screw Hulk Hogan over by introducing the new owner, Shane McMahon.

October 21, 2013
As of midnight tonight, TNA announces the release of the following superstars:
Garett Bischoff
Jay Bradley
Jessie Godderz
Joseph Park
King Mo
Mike Tenay
Rampage Jackson
Rob Terry
Robbie E
Rockstar Spud
Sam Shaw

TNA Management:
Owner: Shane McMahon
President: Dixie Carter
General Manager: Hulk Hogan
Creative: Eric Bischoff, Shane McMahon, David Lagana, Matt Conway

TNA Roster:
AJ Styles *TNA World Heavyweight Champion
Austin Aries *TNA X Division Champion
Bobby Roode
Bully Ray
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Sabin
Chris Daniels *TNA World Tag Team Champion
Eric Young
Gail Kim
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Kazarian *TNA World Tag Team Champion
Kenny King
Kurt Angle
Mickie James *TNA Knockouts Champion
Miss Tessmacher
Mr. Anderson
Samoa Joe
Sonjay Dutt
Taryn Terrell
Velvet Sky
Wes Brisco
Zema Ion

Broadcast Team:
Christy Hemme
Hector Guerrero
Jeremy Borash
Willie Urbina

Brian Hebner
Brian Stiffler
Earl Hebner

*First Show will be posted tomorrow at the latest.
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Stealing the Show
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bah....good ideas, until you brought shane o'mac into the equation
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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TNA Wrestling
Adrenaline Rush
Live from Sacramento, CA

Highlights from 2013 BFG with Shane McMahon being announced as the new owner of the company

“Adrenaline Rush” from Bushnut serves as the TNA Theme Song as a video package airs featuring Velvet Sky, Hulk Hogan, Shane McMahon, Zema Ion, Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Mickie James, and AJ Styles.

The Pyro goes off in the Sleep Train Arena as 8,000 fans chant “TNA”. A new simple throwback to the original TNA Wrestling set is lit up as Jeremy Borash and Taz welcome fans to the most historic night in this company’s illustrious history. They hype the main event featuring AJ Styles defending the World Title against Kurt Angle.

“Here Comes the Money” remix plays with Shane McMahon coming down to the ring. McMahon, dressed in a suit and tie stands in the middle of his ring.

Shane – Welcome to the New TNA Wrestling. This is the night I have been waiting to see happen for a very long time. Tonight is the night McMahon finally goes head-to-head with another McMahon in two different wrestling organizations. Tonight it’s TNA and RAW once again in the Monday Night Wars, but this time history is going to be different.

Shane pauses as fans chant “TNA”

Shane – When I decided to come back to the world of professional wrestling; I decided the best thing to do was to start fresh and get involved with a company that had the potential to go all the way to the top with a little more of a push. That’s why I’ve decided to come to TNA Wrestling. This place has the best crop of mainstay talent, but now with the right support, and the right backing TNA Wrestling can be the very best promotion in the world. It all starts tonight with the main event being Kurt Angle and AJ Styles for the World Heavyweight Championship. That’s not the only thing happening with TNA that’s new. Tonight’s the night you’re going to see a lot of surprises; a lot of wrestlers you’ve forgotten about may return, and a lot of shocking moments will have you all wondering what the hell just happened. This is what TNA is all about now... TOTAL ...NONSTOP...ACTION!

Shane is interrupted by Bully Ray who comes down to the ring. Ray gets a microphone and gets in the face of McMahon.


Shane – Yes, you are the man who lost the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, was forced to disband the Aces and 8s, and lost his girl friend all in one night. You’re BULLY RAY!

Ray – I don’t appreciate that tone coming from you McMahon. I am the greatest thing to happen to TNA Wrestling since the doors opened here 10 years ago.

Shane – Well, no longer are you the best thing to happen because as of right now I’m kicking you to the curb; that is unless you win a match tonight.

Ray – You seriously want me to wrestle tonight? You think I will honestly lose my job in a match. That’s funny. I’m still the best freakin’ wrestler in this damn company. You put me up against anyone and I’ll prove to you that I’m still awesome.

Shane – This is the deal Bully. You find a tag team partner tonight. Anyone who you have the guts to want to be your partner tonight, and we’ll see if you can come out on top and save your job. One shot to get it right Bully. Good Luck.

“Here Comes The Money” plays as Shane leaves the ring. JB and Taz hype the arrival of Shane McMahon as Bully Ray stands in bewilderment.


Christy Hemme introduces the opening contest for TNA Wrestling Adrenaline Rush

Match One:
Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Still unpopular with the knockouts, Brooke is forced to square off with the person who is arguably the face of the Knockouts division; Velvet Sky. Brooke comes out strong in an assault on Velvet; forcing her out of the ring. Tessmacher goes out after Velvet and slams her face first into the ring steps before whipping her into the ring post. Velvet is rolled back into the ring and is visibly hurt; favouring her right arm. Brooke starts working on the shoulder of Velvet inside the ring; weakening her even more. An arm bar submission attempts to put Velvet out, but she manages to break the hold before tapping out. Velvet gets a chance to regain her breath as Brooke is flipped over the top rope with a back body drop. Velvet nails Brooke with a baseball slide through the bottom rope and rolls Tessmacher back into the ring. Velvet starts building momentum in the match and drops her with a body slam before climbing to the top rope. Velvet dives off with a cross body and covers Brooke for a near fall. After several more exchanges Velvet nails Brooke with the In Yo Face and covers her again. Earl Hebner is about to get the three when Velvet is struck from behind by Mickie James. Hebner throws the match out.
Result: Velvet Sky wins via DQ *6:40*

Mickie and Brooke double team Velvet Sky in the middle of the ring; with Brooke holding her up as James nails her with the Knockouts Championship across the skull. After Earl attempts to get order, fans jump to their feet when Angelina Love returns to TNA and saves Velvet Sky from the double team.

Bully asks Mr. Anderson to be his tag team partner tonight; but Anderson turns him down telling Bully that he never liked him and thought he was a piss poor leader of the Aces and 8s. Anderson tells Bully that had he been the President of the Aces, they would still be running the joint instead of McMahon.


Shane McMahon meets with Abyss, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, and the Sandman. He welcomes them back to TNA Wrestling and tells them that he’s looking to them as the flag bearers of the new Hardcore Division that will be exclusive to TNA Impact Wrestling on Thursdays. McMahon informs the crew that this Thursday they will have a hardcore tournament to crown the first ever TNA Hardcore Championship. He wishes all of them well.

Inside the arena, JB and Taz talk about debut of the Hardcore Division in TNA happening this Thursday on Impact.

Christy Hemme introduces the next contest for TNA Adrenaline Rush

Match Two:
Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt

X Division Superstars square off in the middle of the ring for high flying, high risk action. Dutt kicks off the match with a huge advantage over Sabin; taking him out with an Enzu Giri. Dutt immediately starts work on the legs of Sabin; removing any possibility for an air assault later on. Dutt remains in control over much of the contest with Sabin only managing a few jabs periodically. Dutt hits a drop kick that sends Sabin immediately over the top rope. Sonjay springboards off the top rope and nails Sabin with a Bombay-Rana on the arena floor. Sonjay rolls Sabin back into the ring and covers him for a near fall. Sonjay argues with the referee over the speed of the count then continues to attack Sabin. The former world champion finally manages to get a decent attack going after dropping Dutt with a jaw breaker. Sabin jabs Sonjay with a series of forearms before climbing to the middle rope and diving off. He drops Dutt with a Diving Bulldog then starts getting the fans in Sacramento hyped up. Chris Sabin starts a huge offense of high risk manoeuvres on Dutt that get the fans chanting “This Is Awesome.” After hitting the Cradle Shock on Dutt. Sabin covers him for a near fall. Sabin and Dutt fight back and forth in and around the ring for several moments until Dutt slams Sabin into the ring steps. Sonjay rolls Sabin back into the ring and hits him with the Indian Summer neckbreaker. Dutt climbs to the top rope and dives off with a 450 splash before covering him with the 1...2...3.
Result: Sonjay Dutt wins via pin *6:22

Sonjay celebrates his win before grabbing a microphone and addressing the TNA Wrestling Fans. Sonjay tells Sabin to find a partner for next week because he’s got a great tag team partner in mind to take the former world champion out. Sonjay introduces his new partner...Sheik Abdul Bashir.

Bashir returns to TNA Wrestling and slaps the Camel Clutch on Sabin in the middle of the ring as Sonjay taunts him. The referee finally gets Bashir to remove the hold and the two of them leave the ring together.

A limousine pulls up behind the back door of the arena. Hulk Hogan gets out of the back and proceeds into the building. JB and Taz hype Hogan’s arrival and what Shane McMahon might have in store for the General Manager.


Hogan’s music plays and the red and yellow smoke filters through the arena as 8000 fans jump to their feet and chant “Hogan”. Finally, after about 30 seconds Hulk Hogan appears from the entrance. Hogan walks down to the ring and rips his shirt off for the crowd before asking for a microphone.

Hulk – So, after being the man in the back running the show for TNA, pouring my heart and soul into this company; Dixie Carter finally decides to sell out and blindsides Hulk Hogan and the entire TNA fans. Last night at Bound For Glory Dixie stabbed me in the back by kicking me to the curb and introducing Shane McMahon as the new owner of this company brother. Shane and I haven’t had any problems in the past, we could have worked together once again and built TNA into a huge empire. I’ve busted my ass in this company working backstage and helping to build the new stars of TNA Wrestling, and this is the thanks I get Dixie. Why don’t you get your ass out here?

Hogan waits for Dixie Carter to come out, but isn’t surprised when Shane McMahon comes out instead. McMahon enters with a microphone already in his hand as he climbs into the ring. McMahon and Hogan look each other in the eye before either of them speak.

Hulk – Well, I’m not surprised you decided to get down here instead of Dixie.

Shane – Hulk, you may be yet to realize it, but I now run the show here in TNA. Dixie is still the President of the company; but her role is to oversee the operations at head office. I’m the boss now Hulk. And furthermore, screwing you over last night at Bound For Glory; that was all my idea Hulk. I’m the one who set everything up for Dixie to make the announcement just as you watched TNA get back into your control once and for all. I’m the one you should feel stabbed you in the back... BROTHER!

Hulk – Why did it all go down the way it did Shane?

Shane – Because for years, I’ve sat back and watched as my father worshiped the ground you walked on Hulk. I’ve spent my entire life trying to get the attention of the great and powerful Vince McMahon, but he only cared about doing business with Hulk. Since I decided to purchase this company, I wanted to make it my personal mission to shut you out just like you and my dad did to me.

Hulk – Why Shane? You and I can take this company to the moon if we worked together brother.

Shane – I will never work with you Hulk. I don’t like; in fact I hate your guts Hulk. That’s why I’ve decided to replace you with my own General Manager; a person I feel can take care of my interests when I’m not here and be in charge of Impact Wrestling on Thursday Nights. Allow me to introduce the new General Manager...Eric Bischoff

Easy-E makes his first appearance since losing at Lockdown 2012. Bischoff struts down to the ring and shakes the hand of Shane McMahon before addressing the fans in Sacramento.

Eric – Well Hulk; fancy the two of us working together once again. You know Hulk. I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to screw you over in this industry and now’s the time. I am very happy to have the chance to work with a man like Shane McMahon once again. The two of us working together could lead to a whole new wrestling revolution; a revolution that doesn’t include the Immortal Hulk Hogan. We’re going to take TNA by storm and leave all your little Hulkamaniacs choking in the dust.

Hogan grabs the collar of Bischoff when Shane McMahon stops him.

Shane – I wouldn’t do that if I were you Hulk. The Federation has a new insurance policy for dealing with people like you.

Dave Bautista comes down to the ring and stands in between Hogan, Bischoff, and McMahon.

Shane – This is the era that the Federation returns to control and dominate professional wrestling once again Hulk. So you be check yourself at the door because if you don’t I might be tempted to use two little words on you... “You’re Fired”

“Here Comes the Money” remix plays as Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff head out of the ring. Bautista slowly walks out behind them; eying Hogan as he escorts them to the back. Hogan looks pissed off in the middle of the ring.

Bully Ray is asked whether he’s found a partner for tonight. Bully says sometimes when you’re back is against the wall you have no choice but to turn to family; and that’s exactly what he’s going to do.


Bully Ray comes down to the ring and introduces his partner; Brother Devon. Team 3D reunites in the ring for the upcoming match as Eric Bischoff returns; Bischoff announces that on behalf of the new Owner of TNA; Team 3D will have the opportunity to fight not one, but two teams in a Full Metal Mayhem Match with Bully’s contract suspended over the top rope. Eric proceeds to introduce the two teams in Full Metal Mayhem.

Match Three:
Triple Threat Full Metal Mayhem Match
Bully Ray’s Contract on the Line
Team 3D vs. Hardy Bros. vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team

Fans in Sacramento erupt as all three fan favourite teams reunite for an amazing Tag Team contest. Team 3D fights in the opening moments to fight off both teams, but the numbers game proves to be too much for them as the Hardys, Benjamin, and Haas take the Dudleys out of the ring. The Hardys and the WGTT then start striking each other with jabs back and forth. The Hardy boys gets the upper hand on Haas and Benjamin, taking them out of the ring. Bully Ray and Devon return in the ring with chairs; cracking the backs of the Hardys before nailing Matt with a Con-Chair-To in the middle of the ring. Devon is asked to climb to the top rope for the “Wazzzup” head butt off the top rope on Jeff. Team 3D leads the match for several moments with Devon and Ray putting Haas through a table on the arena floor. Finally after about three minutes of action; the first ladder is finally brought into the ring. JB and Taz talk about how important this match is to the career of Bully Ray as he starts climbing the ladder. Benjamin races up the other side of the ladder and nails Bully with a Frankenstiener off the top of the ladder. Fans start chanting “Holy Sh*t” as a replay is shown. Jeff Hardy then starts setting up 3 tables outside the ring one on top of the other as Devon is teamed by Haas and Matt. Jeff rolls Bully Ray onto the bottom table. Devon fights off the other two and grabs Jeff on the top rope. Devon powerbombs Jeff through all three tables and onto Bully Ray. JB assesses the carnage while Devon starts climbing the ladder for the contract. Devon is close to the top as Matt Hardy starts climbing the ladder after him. The two of them start exchanging rights back and forth at the top while Haas grabs the ladder and tips it over, sending both men out onto the floor. E.G.O. comes out with lawn chairs and mojitos as they watch and make commentary on the match. Following commercial break, the WGTT seem to be in control of the match as they starts strangling the Hardys with chains in the middle of the ring. Shelton Benjamin ends up handcuffing Devon to the ropes leaving Bully Ray alone for a huge amount of punishment. Haas holds up Ray as Benjamin cracks a steal chair across the skull of Bully Ray; knocking him out cold in the middle of the ring. Haas and Benjamin assess the damage around them before they grab a ladder. Haas starts climbing the ladder as Benjamin watches on. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian run down to the ring and knocks Benjamin out with their TNA Tag Team Title Belts. They push Haas off the ladder, onto the floor then start poking at Bully Ray; waking to bloody wrestler up. Daniels helps Bully Ray climb to the top of the ladder and grab a hold of his contract.
Result: Team 3D win *10:01

Bully Ray falls in disbelief that anyone would help him retain his contract with TNA. Eric Bischoff comes out clapping his hands before stopping and addressing what just happened.

Eric – Allow me to make one thing very clear. I don’t like when people interfere in my matches; so this Thursday’s Impact is going to feature Daniels, Kazarian, and Roode against The World’s Greatest Tag Team, and Mr. Anderson. Good Luck!

Bischoff drops the microphone and heads to the back.

JB and Taz highlight Thursday’s edition of Impact Wrestling with the start of the Hardcore Championship Tournament kicking off. Abyss will be in action against Rhino while The Sandman wrestles Wes Brisco; plus just announced the 6-man tag team match featuring E.G.O vs. The WGTT and Mr. Anderson.

A split screen shows Kurt Angle and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles getting ready for their upcoming match.


Hulk Hogan is viewed going into the locker room of the Main Event Mafia. Hogan shuts the door behind him as JB and Taz question what Hogan could want with them.

Match Four:
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles (c)

The Hall of Famer and the Phenomenal One lock up in another classic confrontation on TNA Adrenaline Rush. Angle gets the early advantage as the Cyborg drops AJ with a series of suplexes before finally throwing him across the ring. AJ slowly gets back up and the two lock up again. This time AJ back Angle into the corner and knees him repeatedly before kicking him over the top rope. AJ climbs to the top rope and dives off with a splash on Angle outside the ring. AJ and Angle fight on the outside for a bit before bringing their match back into the ring. The pace stays fairly steady with both men aware of the other one’s next move. JB comments on how well they know each other as AJ sidesteps Angle. Kurt is kicked in the back of the head with a pelee kick and falls to the ground. AJ climbs to the top rope and dives off with a moonsault on the former champion. The match continues with AJ dominating Kurt Angle. Styles nails Angle with the Styles Clash, but refuses to pin Angle; instead AJ climbs to the top rope and dives off with a moonsault. AJ covers Angle for a near fall before Angle kicks out. After a moment of shock, AJ pulls Angle up and backs him into the corner. Styles beats the living hell out of Angle before climbing the top rope and diving off with a Frankensteiner on Angle. AJ covers Angle again for a near fall. Angle finally starts making a comeback after clotheslining AJ to the canvas. The two of them battle back and forth until Angle drops AJ with an Olympic Slam. Kurt drops a couple of elbows before sitting on the Champion and nailing him with stiff right hands right into the side of AJ’s head. When Angle is finally removed from AJ, JB points out the fact that Angle has cut the top of AJ’s left eye open. The Champion is starting to bleed as Angle hits a far away slam. Angle pulls down the straps on his shoulders then slaps the Ankle Lock on AJ in the middle of the ring. AJ struggles to get to the ropes, but Angle pulls him back to the middle then lies on the ground to apply more pressure. AJ finally manages to break out of the hold, but the Cyborg is relentless on the attack of AJ’s ankle. Angle keeps AJ isolated in the corner as he stomps away on the Ankle. The Olympic Gold Medalist heads to the outside and wraps AJ’s leg around the ring post. After the assault leaves the champion with the use of one leg, Angle heads back in and slaps the Ankle Lock on him once more. AJ struggles to the ropes and Angle lets go of the hold. The match continues in Angle’s favour, but the former champion is unable to finish off the Champion. Frustrated, Kurt goes outside and grabs the TNA World Title and brings it back into the ring. Angle is about to use the championship belt when Brian Hebner pulls the title away. Angle, momentarily distracted is subject to an inverted DDT by AJ Styles. The Champion covers Angle for the 1...2...3.
Result: AJ Styles wins via pin *12:56

Brian Hebner hands AJ the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Belt, but the champion’s victory is short lived as Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner returns to TNA. Steiner takes the champion out with a lead pipe. Then uses the pipe to choke AJ out as Adrenaline Rush goes off the air.
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