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TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is the current number 2 promotion in the United States Of America. Owned by Panda Energy for the past 10 years the company has always been a distant number 2 and many industry experts claim that it will always be a distant number 2. In the eyes of the fans it's the number 2 and mostly a joke. As a matter of fact there is a website dedicated to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Oddly enough it's labelled "lol@TNA" the website is insanely popular and talks about humurous errors that the TNA company makes yearly.

Someone who did not find TNA's standing humurous was President Dixie Carter. Dixie was the daughter of the Carter Family and TNA was her baby. Dixie was not a "wrestling person" and was simply a big fan growing up which resulted in her jumping at the opportunity. Dixie's background was in Public Relations for Musical Acts and their affiliated projects. This meant that Miss Carter always had to rely on "Wrestling People" to run the creative side of her company for her and to her credit she never tried to meddle in creative affairs of TNA Wrestling.

Dixie was desperate to compete with the World Wrestling Entertainment a company that had been around since the 1960's and built such legendary stars as Hulk Hogan, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock and in recent years John Cena. This lead to Dixie hiring many creative and talented individuals which included names like Bruce Pritchard, Dusty Rhodes, Dutch Mantell, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Scott Da'More and Vince Russo. Some of these were flops creatively and some had success but regardless Dixie never even got close to the level of WWE with her TV Show "TNA Impact"

In 2011 the head of creative was announced to be Bruce Pritchard. Bruce was a former WWE Road Agent and played the role of "Brother Love" in the early 90's for the then WWF. Bruce was a nice guy but had never run the creative of a wrestling company but surprisingly he had some success and many fans spoke of how amazing the World Title run of both Bobby Roode and Austin Aries were. In July 2013 it was announced publically that Bruce Pritchard was released from his creative position and released from TNA entirely. Many fans suggested this was because of a number of TNA issues he had made in regards to contracts but that was never confirmed or denied by TNA Officials

In late July, Dixie Carter announced that staff member Jeremy Borash would be the Head Of Creative and Talent until someone more suitable could be found. Dixie was actively looking for people within the company or outside of it to bring TNA up to what she felt the company should be. Little did she know that the answer was under her nose and on August 1st 2013 at a TNA Impact episode she announced who the new head of Creative and Talent for TNA would be. She also announced this on her official Twitter page.

Jeremy Borash was set to book the August 1st and August 8th TV Tapings before becoming an assistant to the new man in charge who would start on August 15th. He was eager to prove himself to Dixie and would attempt to book the two best shows he could in this situation. Regardless of the Borash situation, TNA had a new man in charge. Was he the one to finally bring TNA to the "promised land"? Would he flop like the rest of TNA's "promised men"? Dixie Carter, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and the rest of the world was about to find out...
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

Returning your comment from my thread. Very interested in seeing how you do with this, I'd like to see you sort through the mess that is the Aces and Eights.

Push Roode, Aries, Storm and Magnus and I'll be very satisfied.

Good luck!

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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

- TNA Wrestling has allegedly found their man to take them forward but Jeremy Borash is the man who will book the next 2 Impact episodes. Borash has booking experience but mainly with the short lived World Wrestling Allstars promotion in Australia and Europe. Borash usually plays assistant to the men in charge so it'll be interesting to see what comes of Impact with him in charge

- Borash booked a decent show for August 1st although the Tito Ortiz reveal was not received well by fans at all. I'm willing to give Borash a chance to redeem himself next week though.

- Rumour has it that the man who will take charge of TNA Creative is either Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan or Vince Russo. Dixie hasn't seemed to learn her lesson already with these guys already failing but we'll see if she manages to get anyone decent by August 15th.

- Here are the quick results from the first Borash booked Impact for anyone who may have missed the show


Bobby Roode defeated Hernandez

Joseph Park defeated Jay Bradley

Chris Sabin defeated ManiK in the Champion Vs Champion Match

Gail Kim and ODB wrestled to a count out draw

Austin Aries defeated AJ Styles

- Tito Ortiz was revealed as August 1 warning and the audience didn't care.
- TNA Impact on Spike TV got a 1.3 last night with the ratings being highest in the last 30 minutes of the show for the AJ/Aries match and the reveal of August 1. This is no different then the Destination X show held a couple of weeks back.

- Kurt Angle was arrested for driving whilst intoxicated returning from the Wichita Falls Impact Tapings. Kurt said on Twitter he would be checking into rehab but one has to ask the question. What will happen with the 10 man tag at August 15th with Kurt in rehab?

- TNA's One Night Only "10 Reunion" Pay Per View has began airing. Here are the results of that card.

Quick Results for TNA One Night Only: 10 Reunion

Kenny King defeated Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt

Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim

Matt Morgan won a Gauntlet Match

Team 3.D defeated Bad Influence and Latin American Xchange

Jeff Hardy defeated Austin Aries

Bobby Roode defeated James Storm

Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe
- TNA has released a new preview for it's upcoming show held in Wichita Falls Texas on August 8th. The preview is below


TNA returns to Spike TV for another 2 hour edition of TNA Impact live from Wichita Falls Texas. This show promises to be must see TV so be sure to tune in to witness it all.

Last week Bully Ray and Chris Sabin brawled after Sabin managed a victory over Manik. The two were evenly matched until Bully bailed out of the ring and up the ramp. There will be no escape for Bully Ray on this edition of Impact though as General Manager Hulk Hogan has ordered that Bully Ray and Devon team up to take on Chris Sabin. Sabin will have a choice of anyone he wants from the Main Event Mafia to be his partner. Who will he choose? Can Sabin and the MEM get a victory over two of the strongest members of the Aces and Eights?

UFC Hall Of Famer Tito Ortiz debuted on last weeks edition of Impact during a brawl between Aces and Eights and the Main Event Mafia. Tito is the man behind the August 1st viral video's and will talk on this weeks Impact. What will this former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion have to say? What has he come to TNA for?

The people wanted it and this week they'll get it. The Bound For Glory series block of matches elected by the TNA Fans on will be shown this week on Impact. Matches include:

Jeff Hardy Vs Samoa Joe

Magnus Vs Mr Anderson

Christopher Daniels Vs Kazarian

You will see all this and much more from Wichita Falls Texas when Impact airs this Thursday on Spike TV at 9/8c
- Here are the TNA Xplosion results for fans of that show:


Hernandez defeated Robbie E

Aces and Eights (Garrett Bischoff, Knux and Wes Brisco) defeated Chavo Guerrero, Eric Young and Rubix
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

TNA Impact is taped tonight from Wichita Falls. Main Event is Sabin/MEM Member Vs Team 3.D and we have a block of BFG Series Matches also. Lets see how the show goes.

TNA Impact Results

- The show opens up as Tenay and Borash welcome us to Wichita Falls Texas for TNA Impact. Borash notes that Hulk Hogan has denied Taz access to the arena tonight. Tenay runs down the main event and wonders who Sabin will elect to be his partner on the show

- Aces and Eights music plays bringing out Bully Ray who has Garrett, Knux and Wes with him. Bully enters the ring and is handed a microphone. Bully gets down to business immediately discussing the Main Event at Hardcore Justice next week. Bully says this will be the end of Chris Sabin and the odds are definitely in his favour.

Chris Sabin came out to dispute this asking why Bully would attempt to jump him last week if the odds were in his favour. Sabin says he's beaten Bully once already and will beat him tonight and at Hardcore Justice. Sabin says he's not giving up the TNA World Heavyweight Title up without a fight.

Brooke Hogan's music plays as she comes walking out with a contract in hand. Brooke says Bully should of read the fine print of the contract instead of just signing it. Brooke says that if Bully loses at Hardcore Justice he will never receive another TNA World Heavyweight Title match ever again. Bully is raging in the ring as Garrett attempts to calm him down. Brooke says that's not all, she says that if any member of Aces and Eights interferes in the main event they are not only gone from TNA but are going to be arrested by local Police. Bully is irate in the ring as Garrett and Wes Brisco have to hold him off as he tries to run at Brooke Hogan.

Sabin says the odds are now firmly in his favour. He says he'll see Bully in the main event tonight and that Bully will get just a taste of what Sabin can do in tonights main event.

Bound For Glory Series Match:

Jeff Hardy Vs Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is out first to Main Event Mafia music. He looks focused on the goal at hand as Tenay hypes his achievements and mentions his TNA World Title run. Hardy is out next and the crowd is going nuts for him. He slaps some high fives at ringside before getting into the ring and being checked by referee Brian Stiffler.

Hardy and Joe lock up in the centre of the ring but Joe quickly over powers Hardy throwing him into the corner. Hardy quickly gets to his feet as Joe puts his hand out which Hardy slaps. Joe and Hardy lock up again and start chain wrestling which ends when Joe hits a belly to belly suplex on Hardy to the other side of the ring. Joe follows this up with a quick kick to the face that gets him a 2 count over Jeff.

Joe continued his dominance with a variety of suplexes and event attempted a Muscle Buster but Hardy kicked him away. Hardy leapt at Joe but Joe caught him and delivered a sick German Suplex in the middle of the ring. Eventually Hardy got his come back going hitting a drop kick from the top rope and even a leg drop from the top rope.

The ending came as Joe attempted another Muscle Buster. Hardy fell out the back and kicked Joe in the stomach. Hardy hit the Twist Of Fate before quickly climbing to the top rope and delivering the Swanton Bomb. Hardy pinned Joe and got the three count and 7 points in the Bound For Glory series.

Post match Hardy and Joe shake hands as Borash puts them over as two of the top wrestlers in the world. Joe leaves as Hardy celebrates in the ring.

Jeff Hardy defeated Samoa Joe

- Backstage a camera is following Kurt Angle who is asking people for the whereabouts of Tito Ortiz. Nobody knows where he is so Kurt says he'll wait until later.

- We cut to the club house of the Aces and Eights. Bully tells Mr Anderson to go and get some points in the BFG series tonight for Aces and Eights. Anderson says he shouldn't need anyones help but says if he signals he wants Garrett and Wes to help him. Garrett and Wes agree as we cut to commercial

BFG Series Match:

Magnus Vs Mr Anderson

Anderson is out first as he walks down to the ring and yells at some fans at ringside. He enters the ring before arrogantly posing in the ring receiving some boo's from the Texas audience. Magnus is out next as he walks down and enters the ring and the two immediately start brawling

Borash hypes the Aces and Eights Vs MEM Feud as Magnus smashes Mr Anderson head first into the announce table. Magnus kicks Anderson in the gut and suplexes him onto the table which doesn't break. Magnus raises his arms as the crowd cheer for him and a small Magnus chant breaks out. Anderson is thrown back in the ring where he low blows Magnus and starts beating away at him.

Anderson punches away at Magnus in the corner and delivers an Electric Chair Drop in the middle of the ring on Magnus. Anderson struggles but rolls Magnus over and pins him for a 2 count. The crowd get behind Magnus as Anderson whips him off the ropes and attempts a nice Drop Kick on Anderson but Magnus dodges it and quickly scoops Anderson up hitting him with a double powerbomb but he's too close to the ropes so Anderson manages to get a hand on the ropes.

As Magnus beats away on Anderson in the corner Anderson throws a sign up as Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco sprint down to ringside. Magnus turns his attention to Wes who is arguing with referee Brian Sitffler. Garrett enters the ring and as Magnus turns around he is hit with a hammer in the head. Garrett quickly escapes the ring as Anderson slowly crawls over and puts an arm over Magnus for the three count and the victory.

Post match the three members of Aces and Eights pick Magnus up as the hammer is handed to Anderson. Suddenly Samoa Joe runs down to ringside and slides into the ring. Anderson and Wes bail out of the ring but Garrett is met with a massive Enziguri and is thrown ringside. Joe challenges Aces and Eights to get into the ring but they leave.

Mr Anderson defeated Magnus

- The White Hummer from last week arrives as Tito Ortiz gets out of the back seat. Tenay hypes Tito and says he's set to speak after this commercial break. Borash questions what Tito has to say as Tenay sends us to commercial

- We return from commercial with Jeremy Borash in the ring. Borash says the world has been waiting for Tito's explanation after the shock return to TNA last week. Borash calls Tito out as Tito's generic music plays bringing the UFC Hall Of Famer out. Tito cockily enters the ring and receives a handshake from Borash

Tito orders Borash out of the ring as he gets the microphone and begins talking about how last week he shocked the Mixed Martial Art and Pro Wrestling world. Tito says all week his phone has been blowing up with people asking why he came to TNA.

Tito says he came to TNA for 2 reasons the first reason is because TNA is the greatest wrestling company in the world and the second reason is because he wants to scout Rampage Jackson in preparation for their Bellator MMA Fight. Ortiz says he is not here to cause any trouble.

After he says that Main Event Mafia music brings out Kurt Angle who walks down to the ring looking focused. He enters the ring and shakes the hand of Tito. Kurt talks about how much respect he has for Ortiz and his accomplishments. Kurt says that Rampage Jackson is "his guy" and tells Ortiz that if he interrupts family business that the Main Event Mafia will have no problem taking out Ortiz.

As Tito attempts to convince Kurt that he isn't going to interrupt family business the Aces and Eights music plays and out comes Bully Ray with a microphone in hand. Bully says he's sick of Kurt and Tito showing eachother love on television. Bully calls them both pathetic and says he doesn't respect anyone except himself and his brothers in the Aces and Eights. Bully says his boys are going to end Angles career on August 15th. Bully then says he'll be after Tito Ortiz after that.

Angle challenges Bully to come down to the ring and fight him but Bully simply leaves as we cut to commercial break.

TNA Six Person Tag Team Match:

Gunner, James Storm and ODB Vs Bro Mans and Mickie James

We return from break for a Mickie James entrance. The Knockouts Champion enters the ring and shakes the hand of her two partners for tonight. Next Gunner, ODB and Storm come out looking focused. They slap some high fives and enter the ring.

Match starts out with ODB locking up with Mickie James who tosses Mickie down a few times causing Mickie to tag to Jessie. ODB tags to Storm as the two begin brawling. Storm takes advantage early but Jessie cuts him off with a low blow and begins stomping away at him. Jessie tags in Robbie E and the two hit a double suplex on Storm until referee Brian Hebner gets Jessie to his corner.

Storm couldn't seem to get going in this one as Jessie and Robbie E took turns tagging in and out and working him over. Jessie locked in a nice STF that Storm only just escaped. Storm attempted a tag to Gunner but was quickly cut off by Robbie E who stomped him in the groin whilst the referee was distracted by Jessie.

Storm eventually started fighting back as he punched away at the stomach of Robbie E and tagged in Gunner who sprinted in. Gunner delivered a running big boot to the face of Jessie as ODB and Mickie brawled on the outside. With Jessie out cold Gunner turned his attention to Robbie E before yelling "GUN RACK!" to a small reaction from the crowd. Gunner hits the Gun Rack and covers Robbie E for the three count and the victory.

Post match Gail Kim runs out and attacks ODB and leaves her down and out. Mickie takes some cheap shots at ODB and poses with her belt as we cut to the back.

Gunner, James Storm and ODB defeated Bro Mans and Mickie James

- We cut to the back where Taz is being held by security at the door after trying to force entry to the building. Hulk Hogan is there telling Taz if he doesn't drop his allegiance with Aces and Eights there will be a replacement next week. Taz says he'd never leave Aces and Eights as Security carts him off the property.

- We cut to the back where Kazarian is warming up. Daniels enters the room as the two shake hands and bro hug. Daniels wishes Kazarian luck out there and tells him not to forget the plan. Kazarian says he hasn't forgotten the plan and says he'll see Daniels out there. We cut to commercial with Kazarian going back to warming up.

TNA Bound For Glory Series Match:

Christopher Daniels Vs Frankie Kazarian

Christopher Daniels makes his entrance first sipping on an Apple Martini and not looking worried about his upcoming match. Borash points out that Daniels should be worried. Kazarian is out next as he looks focused on the task at hand. He enters the ring and stares down Daniels

The two slap hands as they both immediately fall down and rise to their feet. Daniels pokes Kazarian in the chest and he falls down. Daniels quickly goes for a cover and gets a 2 count. The two stand off again but this time Kazarian pokes Daniels in the chest and quickly pins him for a 2 count.

Referee Earl Hebner has no idea what's going on as Kazarian goes for a roll up but gets a 2 count. Daniels gets a small package on Kazarian who kicks out at two. The two start laughing in the middle of the ring and roll out of the ring and leave.

Earl Hebner looks around confused and begins counting them out. He reaches the 10 count and calls for the bell as Christy Hemme declares this match as a draw. Daniels and Kazarian laugh on the ramp and drink a Martini together as they go to the back.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian "wrestled" to a draw.

- Chris Sabin is standing backstage with the World Heavyweight Title on his shoulder. He is asked who his partner tonight will be. Sabin says it was a tough choice but he has made it. He says he can't tell us yet but we'll find out in a few minutes. He says he's confident of a victory over Team 3.D tonight.

- Team 3.D are walking towards the ring. Tenay hypes the match which is coming up next. Borash mentions the 25 World Tag Title reigns that Team 3.D has had and says they'll be incredibly tough to beat. We cut to commercial.

TNA Tag Team Match:

Chris Sabin and ?? Vs Team 3.D

Team 3.D are out first and they do not look happy. Borash mentions the match next week and says the odds are stacked against Bully massively. Chris Sabin is out next as he points to the entrance way and is joined by KURT ANGLE. Bully bails out of the ring as Team 3.D start brawling with Sabin and Angle on the ramp.

The match starts viciously as Sabin is thrown head first into the ring post by Bully Ray and throw into the ring. This gets Bully a 2 count but Bully quickly grabs Sabin and hits him with a massive suplex. Bully tags into Devon who kicks away at Sabin and hits him with a Neckbreaker getting himself a 2 count. Devon and Bubba keep tagging in and out and dominate Sabin as Sabin desperately tries to get the tag.

Sabin starts his come back going as he hits a drop kick on Bully Ray and puts him on the top rope and hits a giant frankensteiner. Unfortunately for Sabin the damage he has taken allows Bully Ray to quickly crawl and tag in Devon who prevents a Sabin tag. However Sabin quickly locks Devon in a small package getting himself a 2 count.

Sabin eventually hits Devon with a number of back elbows and bounces off the ropes hitting a Hurricarana. Sabin has the crowd behind him as he struggles over and tags in Kurt Angle who rushes in and immediately belly to belly suplexes Devon. Bully rushes in but is kicked in the stomach by Angle and hit with a snap suplex causing him to roll to the floor.

Angle grabs Devon and hits the Olympic Slam on him. Angle rushes over and tags in Sabin who quickly scoops Devon up and hits the Hail Sabin on him. Kurt deals with Bully on the outside as Sabin pins Devon and gets the three count and the victory.

Post match Sabin and Angle celebrate as Team 3.D signal to the back as all of Aces and Eights run out. It's 6 on 2 as Angle and Sabin try to battle back but get swamped.

Chris Sabin and Kurt Angle defeated Team 3.D

- Borash talks about how this disgusting this attack is but as he says that the Main Event Mafia lead by Sting run out. Aces and Eights bail out of the ring immediately. The Main Event Mafia challenge Aces and Eights to come back into the ring but they refuse.

- As the two stables taunt eachother the lights in the arena go out and we get a similar video to the August 1st video. The mystery man apologizes for not being able to be there last week and claims he just wanted to mess with everyone by making them think it was Tito Ortiz. The mystery man says he's coming to TNA for Chris Sabin and Chris Sabin only. "August 15...The beginning of the end for Sabin" he says as the show finishes with a puzzled look on the face of Chris Sabin

---End Show---

Attendance: 3888

Rating: B-

TV Rating: 1.1
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

- TNA ratings are in and it's a 0.2 drop from the August 1st show. This is seen as a disappointment but was expected since the August 8th show wasn't nearly as hyped. TNA will look to improve ratings with the Hardcore Justice TV Special.

- Kurt Angle has entered rehab and will not be appearing August 15th at TNA Hardcore Justice. This has caused TNA to scramble to find someone last minute but right now it's not known if they will. As of right now TNA is still advertising Kurt for the match.

- Last week we posted news about Jeff Jarrett of TNA meeting with Keiji Mutoh of Wrestle 1 about a possible talent trade. Still no news on if this is going ahead but Mutoh is interested in using huge TNA names such as Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle and Sting for "International Dream Matches" more on this as we get it

- TNA released the Press Release for the upcoming Hardcore Justice event. We've posted it below for you.


TNA returns to Spike TV with 2 hours of hard hitting wrestling action for TV Special "Hardcore Justice" featuring all of your favourite TNA Wrestling Superstars.

Hardcore Justice promises to be huge as Bully Ray looks to become a 2 time TNA World Heavyweight Champion within the confines of a Steel Cage. Aces and Eights have been on the back foot recently but a World Title win for Bully Ray at Hardcore Justice could make all the difference. Standing in his way is Chris Sabin who has proven time after time that he is for real. Who will come away with the World Title in the Steel Cage?

In other action TNA fans will witness a 5 on 5 Tag Match between the Main Event Mafia and Aces and Eights. This feud has been going on for weeks and the Mafia look to end it all at Hardcore Justice. With the losing member having to leave TNA forever there is all the motivation in the world for both teams to pull out the win. Will the Main Event Mafia weaken Aces and Eights or will Aces and Eights continue their dominance of TNA?

In other news the August 15th warning has declared he will arrive in TNA at Hardcore Justice and he's after Chris Sabin. What does he have in store for the World Heavyweight Champion? Who could it be?

Along with that we'll see a number of high action matches that no wrestling fan will want to miss. Don't forget to tune into TNA Impact and if you can't watch it live DVR the show on Thursday night at 8/9
- Xplosion results for those of you who care:


Greg Marasciulo defeated Rubix

Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco W/ Knux defeated Chavo Guerrero and Eric Young
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

It's TNA Hardcore Justice time another TV Special from TNA Wrestling. This one features Bully Ray Vs Chris Sabin in a cage. A return match from last months Destination X show. We've also got a 5 on 5 between Aces and Eights/Main Event Mafia. Sounds like a good show.

TNA Impact Results (Hardcore Justice edition)

- A black Limousine arrives out the front of the Constant Centre as Hulk Hogan emerges. A small group of fans start a small Hogan chant as Taz confronts Hulk. Taz tells Hulk he hasn't been let into the building again this week. Hulk asks if Taz has turned his back on Aces and Eights. Taz says no and that he would never do that. Hulk says he can't help Taz then and walks inside. Taz starts yelling at the fans that he'll find someone to deal with this.

- We cut inside the building where Mike Tenay is sitting with a debuting MATT STRIKER. Tenay welcomes Striker to TNA as Striker says he can't wait to see some great TNA action here tonight in Virginia. Tenay says they'll jump right into the nights first match as Striker quickly agree's.

TNA X-Division Championship Match:

Manik (C) Vs Petey Williams

Petey Williams is out first as Tenay says the new man in charge of TNA has made the triple threat X Division rule obsolete. The title will go back to how it used to be. Manik is out next as he quickly enters the ring and poses to the crowd to a small pop from the audience.

Petey plays to the crowd a little as Manik and Petey lock up with Manik immediately locking in a side headlock and transitioning into a side headlock takedown. He wretches the hold in as Petey quickly gets out of it and delivers a dropkick to Manik. Petey follows the dropkick up with a quick Irish Whip to the ropes and connects with a big body drop causing Manik to roll to the floor in shock. Petey bounces off the ropes and hits a Tope Con Hilo threw the ropes to cheers from the audience.

Manik and Petey make their way back in as Manik starts punching away at Petey and throws him into the corner before hitting a Tornado DDT getting himself a 2 count. Manik quickly bounces off the ropes and hits a shining wizard to the face of Petey Williams getting himself another 2 count. Manik starts clapping as the crowd gets behind him. Manik climbs to the top rope and delivers a crossbody but Petey rolls through with it and hooks the leg for a 2 count.

Petey quickly stands up as Tenay hypes the Canadian Destroyer. Petey attempts it but Manik gets out of it and puts Petey in a pinning predicament for a 2 count. Manik quickly kicks Petey in the gut and delivers a Manikbuster (Brainbuster) in the middle of the ring. He climbs to the top rope and connects with a Senton Bomb off the top rope for the three count and the victory.

Manik celebrates post match as Striker talks about TNA being the only place to see the best Junior Heavyweights on earth. Tenay hypes Manik as a star as Striker does his best to get over the X-Division.

Manik defeated Petey Williams to retain the TNA X-Division Championship.

- Hernandez is backstage with Chavo Guerrero. The two are arguing as Homicide stands nearby watching. Hernandez is trying to calm Chavo down saying Homicide came back and it just "made sense" to team with him again. Chavo says that he's going to find his own partner to compete with the newly reformed L.A.X Hernandez encourages this as Chavo storms away.

- Mr Anderson, Knux, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco are outside of a locker room labelled "Kurt Angle" they are armed with hammers. Mr Anderson counts to three as the four enter the room. "He's already down" yells Anderson as we hear a lot of crashing and smashing but don't see anything. A minute later Anderson screams into the locker room "SEE YA TONIGHT KURT!" before laughing and leaving with the rest of his Aces and Eights stable mates.

TNA Singles Match:

Jeff Hardy Vs Kenny King

Kenny King comes out cockily before quickly sliding into the ring and being checked for weapons by Brian Hebner. Jeff Hardy is out next as he dances and walks down to ringside slapping high fives with the fans around ringside. He enters the ring and is checked for weapons as Tenay puts Hardy over.

King and Hardy lock up as the two try to over power eachother. Hardy quickly transitions into an arm wringer and hits an arm wringer take down and simply holds King there. King quickly gets a foot on the ropes as Hardy breaks the hold. King quickly gets to his feet but is thrown into the corner by Hardy and hit with multiple chops. Hardy hits a monkey flip sending King into the middle of the ring as he plays to the crowd.

King eventually started to get the advantage going hitting Hardy with a spinning heel kick and a number of neckbreakers working Hardy's neck over. King hits a Springboard Clothesline as Striker says he feels King could come away with a victory here tonight. King attempts a Rolling Wheel Kick on Hardy but Hardy dodges it causing King to kick the turnbuckle.

With Kings leg hurt Hardy quickly kicked away at it before climbing to the top rope and hitting a top rope dropkick straight to King's leg. Hardy picked King up and attempted a Twist Of Fate but King got out of it. King attempted an Enziguri but Hardy ducked that. A limping King turns around straight into the Twist Of Fate as Hardy goes up top. Hardy shrugs his shoulders and delivers a Swanton Bomb off the top rope right ontop of King. Hardy hooks the leg for the three count and the victory.

Post match Hardy celebrates as Tenay and Striker put Hardy over huge as being one of the top TNA stars.

Jeff Hardy defeated Kenny King

- We come back from commercial where Jeff Hardy is now backstage drinking a water. Suddenly he is jumped from behind by Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco who are quickly joined by Knux, Anderson and Devon. The five beat Hardy down leaving him a bloody mess.

- We cut to the parking lot where 2 Police Officers are talking to Joseph Park. They inform Joseph Park that he is not to enter the building tonight and that he is to come with them. Joseph is handcuffed and taken into a nearby Police car as Mike Tenay questions what is going on.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match:

Bromans Vs Gunner and James Storm (C)

As Bromans make their entrance to the ring Mike Tenay says that both Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle have gone to the hospital and won't be back tonight. Gunner and Storm come out focused on the task at hand as they enter the ring and are checked for foreign objects by referee Brian Stiffler.

The match starts with Gunner and Robbie E locking up as Gunner very quickly throws Robbie E to the floor causing the "bro" to roll out. He and Jessie are on the outside as referee Stiffler reaches a 5 count. Jesse and Robbie try to blind side Gunner but Gunner realizes what is happening and disposes of Jesse knocking him off the apron. Robbie E is hit with a massive belly to belly suplex.

Eventually the cheating ways of Bromans began to work for them as the two got the better of Gunner and started stomping away at him and hitting a number of tag team moves such as a double neckbreaker and even somehow managing a stalling suplex on the massive Gunner. James Storm began clapping his hands on the apron as the fans get into it and get behind Gunner. Gunner slowly gets his second win as he hits a double clothesline on the Bromans after another illegal double team attempt.

The crowd is right behind Gunner as he crawls over and quickly tags James Storm who runs in and starts dominating the match. Jesse goes down as does Robbie E is hit with a Superkick. James Storm quickly pins Robbie as Gunner takes care of Jesse. Referee Stiffler counts to three as Gunner and Storm retain the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

Gunner and James Storm defeated Bromans to retain the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

- We cut backstage where we see Hulk Hogan angrily walking towards the ring. Tenay says Hulk will be out after commercial.

- We come back from commercial as Hulk Hogan's music plays and out comes Hulk. He doesn't play to the crowd at all and power walks to the ring. He enters and immediately is handed a microphone.

Hogan says Aces and Eights have taken it too far this time. Hulk talks about how Aces and Eights took out Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle because they are cowards. Hulk says tonights match will still be a 5 on 5 and that he will find a partner that is more than suitable.

Hogan says this war is far from over and that it is only just beginning. He tells the Aces and Eights that they won't win this war before walking away to the back as we cut to commercial.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match:

Mickie James (C) Vs ODB

ODB is out first to a small reaction from the crowd. She enters the ring and waits as Mickie's music plays. Mickie walks out with the Knockouts Title on her shoulder and slides into the ring

ODB and Mickie lock up as ODB simply hip tosses Mickie. Mickie quickly runs at ODB but is hit with another hip toss. Mickie rolls to the floor but quickly rolls back in being hit with yet another hip toss. ODB plays to the crowd as Mickie backs off in the corner begging for a time out. ODB runs in but Mickie is waiting for her and lets ODB run into the corner.

Mickie began her domination by choking ODB in the corner and even strangling her on the middle rope. Mickie stands on ODB's back as the referee counts to 4 before Mickie jumps down and taunts the audience who boo her. Mickie taunts ODB as ODB tries to grab at Mickie but Mickie kicks her in the face and hits a DDT in the middle of the ring for a quick 2 count.

ODB got a comeback going as she hit Mickie with a number of clotheslines and a big boot to the face. She grabbed Mickie attempting a DDT of her own but Mickie quickly turns this into a roll up and hooks the erm...tights for the three count and the victory

Mickie bails out of the ring as Tenay talks about it being cowardly. Striker chimes in with saying it might be cowardly but Mickie is still champion. Tenay says there's no denying that.

Mickie James defeated ODB to retain the Knockouts Championship

- We cut backstage to Austin Aries who is talking with Hulk Hogan. Hogan says he knows Aries doesn't particularly like anyone in TNA but that TNA needs his help tonight. Aries says he'd help out but tonight he's focusing on showing Bobby Roode who is boss and wouldn't want to let team TNA down. Hogan says he understands and walks away.

- A white hummer arrives in the parking lot as Tenay and Striker question who it could be. The driver gets out and opens the door as he does Tito Ortiz gets out of the car. Taz quickly approaches him and asks him to help Aces and Eights tonight. Tito smirks and says he has no idea what Taz is talking about before entering the arena. Taz tries to enter with him but is stopped by security. Taz freaks out again as we cut back to the arena

TNA Triple Threat Match:

Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode Vs Chavo Guerrero

Chavo is out first as he quickly rolls into the ring. Tenay questions whether Chavo is out to prove that Hernandez made a bad move earlier. Roode is out next as he jaw jacks with some audience member and stays on the outside. Aries is the final entrant as he enters and slides into the ring immediately slapping Chavo in the face thus starting the match.

Aries quickly begins dominating Chavo hitting him with multiple forearms and whipping him to the ropes hitting him with a dropkick. Aries quickly picks Chavo up and delivers a backbreaker. Aries quickly stomps Chavo out of the ring and encourages Roode to get into the ring. Roode cautiously enters the ring as he and Aries lock up. Aries pushes Roode away and delivers a dropkick causing Roode to drop to the floor. Aries runs and dives over the ropes to the top of Roode as the two fall to the floor.

The two get into the ring but Chavo hits a missile dropkick on Aries knocking him down. Roode quickly picks up Chavo hitting him with a scoop slam and dropping a knee directly on his head causing Chavo to write around in pain. Roode quickly follows this up with a double powerbomb to the mat but the pin attempt is broken up by Aries who Enziguri's Roode in the head causing him to fall. Aries climbs to the top rope and hits a senton bomb for a 2 count on Roode.

The finish of the match came when Aries hit Chavo with an enziguri causing him to fall off the top turnbuckle and to the floor. As Aries turned around he was quickly kicked in the gut and hit with a Pay Off. Roode gets a quick three count as he quickly bails out of the ring and goes to ringside.

Roode enters the ring again with a chair in hand and starts going to town on Aries with it hitting Aries in the leg with it. Roode continues this beat down as TNA Security rushes to the ring to break the two up. Roode tries to fight them off also but there is way too many and they quickly subdue him. Tenay and Striker question why Roode flipped out like that after winning the match as we go to commercial.

Bobby Roode defeated Austin Aries and Chavo Guerrero

- We come back from commercial to see members of TNA staff assisting Ambulance Personel load Austin Aries into an ambulance. Tenay says that the local hospital must be getting pretty full with TNA Wrestlers tonight.

- The Main Event Mafia are backstage as they begin talking to the camera. Sting does the talking saying that tonight despite the odds being against them they'll beat the Aces and Eights and even up the odds. Joe says it's time to end the Aces and Eights once and for all. Striker says the 5 on 4 is next as we cut to commercial.

TNA 10 Man Tag Team Match:

Aces and Eights (Devon, Garrett Bischoff, Knux, Mr Anderson and Wes Brisco) Vs The Main Event Mafia (Sting, Samoa Joe, Magnus and Rampage Jackson)

Aces and Eights are out first as the five members all make their entrance and enter the ring focused on the task at hand. The Main Event Mafia come out next as they slap some high fives and enter the ring. Just as referee Earl Hebner is about to start the match Hulk Hogans music plays and out comes Hulk. Hulk says he isn't here to wrestle tonight but he found someone in the back to even this match up. "It's been so long...Those long hard days" starts up as Hogan starts applauding. A focused looking AJ Styles walks out as Tenay goes nuts stating that AJ has evened this all up.

AJ enters the ring as the rest of the Mafia are told to go to the apron by AJ. Anderson stands across from AJ as AJ walks right up to Anderson and slaps him in the mouth before going to school on him. AJ hits a snapmare and locks in a front face lock whilst yelling at the Main Event Mafia that he's "Team TNA for life" he stands Anderson up and drags him into the corner before tagging in Magnus who beats away at him in the corner with a number of strikes.

The Aces eventually got control of the match with Magnus being dominated by all 5 men as they took turns tagging in and out and working Magnus over. In particular his leg. The Main Event Mafia stand on the apron looking worried and begging for a tag but the Aces and Eights continue to control the match. Magnus eventually works his way over to the corner tagging in Rampage Jackson but the referee doesn't see it. The referee holds Rampage back but the match breaks down with 5 on 5 brawling around ringside. Inside the ring Rampage brawls with Mr. Anderson taking him to town.

AJ Styles does a shooting star press off the top turnbuckle onto the other 7 competitors as Rampage takes Anderson to school and drops him with an amateur takedown. Rampage begins punching away at the face of Anderson as referee Earl Hebner is on the outside trying to maintain order. As the mayhem continues on the outside someone comes from the crowd as Mike Tenay is quick to note that it's Tito Ortiz. Ortiz jumps into the ring before removing a pair of Brass Knuckles from his pocket. Rampage is hit twice in the back of the head with the Brass Knucks as Tito quickly bails out of the ring. Anderson calls referee Hebner in but only gets a 2 count!

Anderson is shocked but quickly hits Rampage with a mic check right in the middle of the ring and hooks the leg for the three count and the victory. Tenay says that's a horrible way to end a TNA Wrestling Career. The brawling continues between the Main Event Mafia as Anderson joins the brawl.

Aces and Eights (Mr Anderson, Devon, Garrett Bischoff, Wes Brisco and Knux) defeated AJ Styles and the Main Event Mafia (Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe and Rampage Jackson)

- The brawling continues backstage with the Main Event Mafia getting the upper hand with AJ helping out. The brawl ends up in the parking lot as the Aces and Eights slightly get the upper hand before quickly getting on their bikes and escaping the Constant Centre. Main Event Mafia try and give chase on foot but soon give up. Tenay says this feud is far from over and wonders what will happen next week.

- We cut to the back where Chris Sabin is warming up. Tenay says the big World Title match is next as suddenly a knock on the door is heard. Sabin opens the door and is greeted by Hulk Hogan. Hulk says he's here to wish Sabin luck tonight. Hulk says TNA is now 1 man down in their war against Aces and Eights and it's extremely important that Sabin wins tonight. Sabin says he was born ready and that he won't let the team down. The two shake hands as we cut away

- We get a video package showing Chris Sabin's struggle to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion. The video ends with an ominous message questioning whether or not this is the end for Sabin.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match:

Bully Ray Vs Chris Sabin (C)

The Steel Cage is already set up when we return as Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the formal ring introductions. Aces and Eights music brings out Bully Ray as he stares into the crowd before motioning that tonight the belt will be his. Sabin is out next as he cautiously makes his way to the ring and high fives fans at ringside before entering the cage. Borash does the formal ring introductions and mentions the only way to win this match is via escaping the cage.

The bell rings as Bully immediately runs at Sabin but Sabin moves and begins throwing wild punches at the head of Bully. Sabin immediately throws Bully into the cage as Striker puts over how dangerous the structure is. Sabin traps Bully in between the ropes and cage before delivering a dropkick causing Bully to bounce off the cage wall and over the top rope into the ring. Sabin attempts a quick escape but Bully recovers in time to hit a belly to back suplex off the cage wall and into the middle of the ring.

Bully eventually gets the better of Sabin throwing him into the cage wall and shoving his face right into the cell. Sabin screams in pain as Bully taunts the audience before delivering a huge samoan drop on Sabin leaving Sabin unconscious in the middle of the ring. Bully continues the beat down but Sabin starts a small comeback hitting Bully with multiple dropkicks and flapjacking him into the cage wall. As Bully hangs on the wall of the cage Sabin delivers another dropkick to Bully causing him to drop down. The camera man gets close enough to see that Bully is bleeding as Tenay is quick to point that out.

The finish came when Sabin hit a massive bulldog and signalled to the crowd that it was over. Sabin attempted the All Hail Sabin but was unable to get Bully up for it so hit him with a Tornado DDT instead. Sabin begins scaling the cage wall but the lights go out as "August 15th" appears on the screen and begins flashing. The lights in the arena turn on as a man is seen scaling the cage. Sabin almost reaches the top but the man wearing a hooded sweat shirt smacks Sabin directly in the face with a chain causing him to fall right back into the ring. The recovering Bully Ray quickly takes advantage of this and goes through the door earning himself the victory and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Bully Ray defeated Chris Sabin to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

- Post match the man in the sweat shirt removes his hood and the mask he is wearing to reveal himself to be ALEX SHELLEY. Shelley throws his mask at Sabin and begins beating away at him with the chain punching him directly in the face. Shelley holds up the bleeding Sabin's head for the audience to see as Tenay questions why Shelley would do this. Impact goes off the air with Alex Shelley standing over Chris Sabin, one foot on his chest.
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

- Word has it that Eric Bischoff was the man in charge of things last night at Impact and was responsible for what in general was an okay show. Not ground breaking but it was decent.

- TNA has released approximately 12 talents in the past 2 months and this has continued today with the promotion announcing that development talents such as the Blossom Twins, Lei D'Tapa, Rockstar Spud and Sam Shaw have all been released.

- TNA terminated contracts of all of their development talent today (Except King Mo) they have announced new signings for Ohio Valley Wrestling though. These talents include:


Isis The Amazon: At an amazing 6'9 Isis managed to net herself a TNA deal. She had one in the past but was released due to apparent attitude issues. She has been given a final shot at wrestling stardom but we have to question whether she will ruin it for herself

Katsuhiko Nakajima: Was a regular in NOAH and always had an eye kept on him by Samoa Joe. Joe suggested Nakajima to TNA officials and he was signed for OVW.

Matt Milan: Good looking babyface who wrestles for the 2CW Promotion. Not many people know about him but he does a somewhat entertaining Pilot gimmick and is nicknamed "Maverick" from, you got it. Top Gun.

Marker Dillinger: A former ROH Trainee that nobody saw potential in. Many industry experts are surprised that he managed to get a deal

Noam Darr: A man from Scotland who has been impressive against international talent. Having worked for multiple promotions in Europe he has managed to wrestle such talents as Jerry Lynn, John Morrison and Sami Calihan. Most impressively though he went 25 minutes with AJ Styles in 2012. When TNA officials discussed bringing Noam in AJ Styles put in the good word and Noam was signed instantly. At only 20 years old this man is a future star of the X-Division.

Ricochet: A man well known to independent wrestling fans and has quite the fan base in the USA and in Japan. Is known for his insane spots. Seen by many as a spot monkey but brings a lot more to the table then that.

Rich Swann: Another man well known to independent wrestling fans around the world. Only 22 years old but was a regular in CZW and PWG. At 22 he's toured the world and has now settled for a TNA deal. Industry experts have said that Swann has everything it takes to be a future star in the professional wrestling industry

Satoshi Kajiwara: Young Japanese talent who was discovered by Magnus and Samoa Joe in their 2010 tours of Japan. Kajiwara has been in the NOAH feeder system for many years but recently found himself unemployed. He was trained by Ultimo Dragon and will work down in OVW. Only problem is he doesn't speak English

Shaul Guerrero: Daughter of former WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero left NXT for unknown reasons last year. Known as a fantastic talker Chavo and Hector Guerrero convinced her to sign with TNA. She has been moved to Ohio Valley Wrestling to work on her ring skills but has all the potential in the world.

The Giant Titan: Trained by Dory Funk Jr and was seen as one of the guys who was going straight to WWE by Dory Funk. At 7'0 and 350 pounds if Titan gets proper training he could be a serious star somewhere in the world of wrestling. Former WWE Development Talent.
- In other TNA news we've got the Press Release for next weeks TNA Impact. Here it is in it's entirety


TNA returns to Spike TV this Thursday with the aftermath of Hardcore Justice. Fans last week witnessed the Aces and Eights prevail over the Main Event Mafia and Bully Ray defeat Chris Sabin to win the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Can TNA get one over Aces and Eights this Thursday on Impact?

In Tag Team news, last week Gunner and James Storm managed to successfully retain the TNA World Tag Team Titles against the team of BroMans. This week Gunner and James Storm will grant the BroMans another shot at the TNA World Tag Team Titles this Thursday night.

Hulk Hogan has said to TNA Officials that he will have a huge surprise for the Aces and Eights on Thursday. Will this be something to sway the pendulum back in TNA's favour? Only the Hulkster knows for sure.

Fans that tune in will witness a number of great matches as we will see the TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James defend against Gail Kim. We'll also see Japanese competitor Kai collide with ManiK for the X-Division Title. Samoa Joe and Magnus will also wrestle Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco of Aces and Eights.

This Impact promises to be huge and can't miss TV. Be sure to tune it at 8/9c and if you can't watch the show when it airs make sure to DVR it!

- For anyone interested here is the results for TNA Xplosion which airs in foreign markets:


Greg Marasciulo defeated Jay Bradley

The returning Latin American Xchange defeated Bro Mans
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

It's Thursday night which means it's time for Impact. Last week we saw Alex Shelley return to TNA. Aces and Eights dominated Impact and Bully Ray regained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I wonder what this show has in store for us.

TNA Impact Results

- We get the show opener and we are greeted by Matt Striker, Mike Tenay and Taz. Taz gloats about Bully being champion and says it's what got him his announcing job back. Tenay hypes Gunner and Storm Vs Bromans and the Hulk Hogan announcement. As soon as Tenay mentions Hulk his music plays and out he comes.

- Hulkster comes out to big cheers from the crowd here at the Constant Centre in Norfolk Virginia. Hogan cups his ear as the crowd continues cheering. The cheers die down as Hulk enters the ring and grabs a microphone. He says last week the Aces and Eights dominated TNA and left TNA reeling. Hulk says it shouldn't of happened and he apologizes to the wrestlers in the back for letting it happen.

Hulk says tonight is where TNA starts building itself back up. Hulk says Angle, Hardy and Sabin aren't here tonight but he'll fight with who he has. Hulk says he won't be in charge of this war alone though and says he has a surprise for Aces and Eights. Hulk does the nWo finger point to the entrance way as ERIC BISCHOFF walks out. He gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as he struts to the ring with his trademark black hair.

Bischoff enters the ring as he and Hulk hug. Hulk gets on the mic and says he and Bischoff a couple years back were fierce enemies but claims Bischoff is here to save TNA now, dude! Bischoff gets on the microphone and thanks the audience for being here tonight. Bischoff says he has a huge announcement and it concerns the Bound For Glory series. Bischoff says he loves the idea but because of the war between Aces and Eights and The Main Event Mafia they won't be continuing it. Bischoff says that the challenger for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship will be decided by he and Hulk in private meetings with TNA staff.

Bischoff says that the Bound For Glory series wasn't for nothing though. He says the top 6 in the Bound For Glory series will compete in a play off series with the winner receiving a title shot on a future Impact. He says the men who finished 3, 4, 5 and 6 will compete tonight whilst Magnus and Samoa Joe have a bye into next week. Magnus and Joe will fight the men who win tonight next week.

Bischoff hands the microphone back to Hulk and says that's not all for tonight. Hulk says Aces and Eights need a little pay back tonight. Hulk says in tonights main event Sting will wrestle Devon in a no disqualification match. Hulk says if Bully interferes he'll take care of him himself.

TNA Tag Team Match:

Magnus and Samoa Joe Vs Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco W/ Knux

Aces and Eights are out first with Knux. They are looking pretty arrogant as Tenay makes note of the arrogance and says they shouldn't be against the former tag champs. Joe and Magnus come out looking focused on the job at hand and slide into the ring ready for business.

Joe and Garrett start the match as Joe immediately forearms him in the head and throws him into the corner. Joe chops away at Garrett until referee Earl Hebner breaks it up. Joe pushes him away though and kicks Garrett stiff in the chest and goes back to chopping him. Joe hits a Fisherman Buster out of the corner earning himself a 2 count. Garrett is whipped to the corner of Magnus/Joe as Magnus tags in and begins beating away on Garrett.

Garrett eventually got the better of Magnus with a number of kicks to the stomach and a DDT which got him a 2 count. Wes Brisco was tagged in quickly and the two took turns beating on Magnus as Joe begged for a tag in the corner. Wes and Garrett would occasionally distract referee Hebner as Knux took shots on the outside. Knux at one stage even used a chain to floor Magnus but this only netted the young Aces and Eights members a two count.

Magnus finally got the tag to Joe who ran in hitting Wes Brisco with a big clothesline. A tackle was performed on Garrett knocking him down in the middle but it was only a 2 count. Magnus recovered grabbing Wes as Garrett was propped on the top turnbuckle. Joe hit a Muscle Buster and quickly locked in the rear naked choke as Magnus locked in the Cloverleaf. With nowhere to go Garrett and Wes quickly submit causing Magnus and Joe to break their respective holds.

As Magnus and Joe celebrate their victory Knux quickly slides into the ring hitting Magnus in the face with a chain. Joe quickly grabs Magnus but is attacked from behind by Garrett and Wes. Garrett and Wes hold Joe upright as Knux hits Joe 3 times in the head with the chain. Garrett, Wes and Knux take a moment to pose before they leave the ring.

Magnus and Samoa Joe defeated Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco W/ Knux

- We return from commercial break as Mike Tenay, Matt Striker and Taz discuss what happened with Joseph Parks last week. Tenay says they have more information on it and say that Joseph was admitted to a mental hospital to deal with a mental disorder. They say TNA has received video tapes that they will show right now

- The video airs on screen as Joseph Park is indeed in a Mental Hospital with a Psychiatrist. The Psychiatrist is telling Joseph that he has a rare neurological disorder called dis-sociative personality disorder. The Doctor says this makes Joseph think that Abyss is his brother. The Doctor reveals that Joseph Parks is Abyss. Joseph denies it as the Doctor says that next week Joseph is free to return to TNA but he will be under strict care from a registered Psychologist who has some "out there" methods. The Doctor encourages Joseph to try them though as they could fix his dis-sociative disorder. The video cuts out as Tenay and the announce team speculate if Joseph Parks is really Abyss. "It'd explain a lot" says Taz as we go to our next match

TNA X-Division Championship Match:

Kai (Wrestle-1) Vs Manik (C) (TNA)

As Kai makes his way down to ringside Tenay enters hype mode hyping Wrestle-1 as the premier company in Japan. Kai slides into the ring as Manik's music plays bringing the masked man out. He slaps some hands at ringside and rolls into the ring as Striker hypes him as one of the best Junior Heavyweights in the world

Kai and ManiK lock up in the middle of the ring as ManiK quickly outchains Kai and kicks him in the ribs. This allows ManiK to headlock takeover Kai to the mat and wrench in the headlock. Kai counters however and quickly rises to his feet hitting a lariat getting himself a 2 count. Kai follows this up with a Superkick attempt but misses. ManiK quickly follows this up with a Tornado DDT for a 2 count though. He bounces off the ropes and hits a Basement Dropkick as the crowd start to get behind him.

Kai gets the advantage with a number of kicks to the body before hitting a karate kick to the jaw of ManiK this nets the Japanese Star a 2 count. This doesn't bother him though as he simply hits a Rolling Wheel Kick to the jaw of ManiK and gets another 2 count. Kai seems frustrated now as he climbs to the top rope but ManiK quickly jumps up with him and delivers a Hurricarana from the top rope to the mat. The crowd applaud heavily as ManiK takes his time in recovering.

ManiK and Kai recover at the same time as ManiK starts forearming and chopping away at Kai. Kai hits a mid range slam and climbs to the top rope attempting a double foot stomp. He misses however as ManiK hits a Superkick of his own and climbs to the top rope hitting a 630 Splash. He pins Kai but Kai kicks out at 2. ManiK can't believe it but quickly hits an Elevated Double Chicken Wing and pins Kai. ManiK gets the three count and the victory this time as he quickly gets up and celebrates with his championship.

ManiK defeated KAI to retain the TNA X-Division Championship

- Sting arrives at the arena in a limousine. He's in full Main Event Mafia attire. As he starts entering the arena Jeremy Borash is on the scene and asks Sting about how he feels in regards to tonights match against Devon. Sting says he's focused on ending Aces and Eights. He says he stands for what is good in TNA and Aces and Eights is what's wrong with it. He explains that beating Devon tonight is just the beginning of the plan to end Aces and Eights for good.

- We get a video hyping that Alex Shelley will indeed talk to the live audience tonight about his actions last week. Tenay and Striker say it was sickening and that the man has no excuse. Taz says he enjoyed it and that his boy Bully is now TNA Champion again because of it.

TNA Bound For Glory Series Play Off Match 1:

Austin Aries (6th) Vs Christopher Daniels (4th)

Christopher Daniels is out as he walks to the ring and slides in. Aries is out next as he is looking extremely motivated. He high fives a couple of girls at ringside and slides into the ring. Both competitors are checked for weapons by referee Earl Hebner as he calls for the bell starting the match.

The feeling out process is rather slow as Daniels and Aries trade a few holds but always end in a stand off. Daniels whips Aries to the ropes but Aries reverses and hits a dropkick. He immediately climbs to the top turnbuckle and plays to the audience as they cheer him. Aries turns around quickly and hits a missile dropkick on Daniels getting himself a quick 2 count. Aries doesn't slow down as he whips Daniels to the ropes hitting a back body drop and quickly bouncing off the ropes hitting a Senton Bomb getting himself yet another 2 count.

Daniels quickly cuts Aries off with an eye poke and goes on offense striking away at Aries and working down his leg with a variety of submission holds. Aries is clearly in pain as Daniels locks in a one legged Boston Crab but Aries refuses to give up rolling onto his back and using his good leg to kick Daniels into the corner. Aries tries to get a run up but midway into the run his leg gives way and Daniels quickly climbs to the top rope and delivers a dropkick to the knee of Aries

Aries started fighting back even with the injured leg throwing multiple strikes at the head of Daniels. Aries locked in an STF but just as Daniels submits the referee is distracted by Frankie Kazarian who has ran down and is on the apron. Austin Aries confronts Frankie but as he turns around BOBBY ROODE is in the ring and hits Aries in the head with a chair. Referee Hebner is still distracted by Kazarian as an exausted and hurt Daniels crawls over and pins Austin Aries for the three count.

Post match Bad Influence and Roode take turns beating down on the unconscious Aries. Tenay makes note that there will be hell to pay when Aries regains consciousness

Christopher Daniels beat Austin Aries to move onto the Semi Finals next week.

- We return from commercial as a much happier AJ Styles and Hulk Hogan are talking backstage. AJ says he's glad to finally getting the respect from the TNA fans. Hulk says AJ is and always will be TNA's golden boy. Hulk says the match later tonight against Mr Anderson is vital though. Hulk tells AJ to win it for TNA as the two shake hands and AJ begins to warm up.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match:

Gunner and James Storm (C) Vs Bromans

Bromans are out first acting cocky and broing it up as Taz put it. Gunner and Storm are out next as Gunner sprints to the ring.

Gunner quickly enters the ring as James Storm takes his time getting to the ring. Gunner hits Jessie with a Spinebuster and delivers a Scissor Kick to the head of Robbie E. Gunner picks Robbie E up and tosses him into the corner before delivering multiple shoulders into the corner and delivering a picture perfect suplex right into the middle of the ring. Gunner tags to Storm who forces Jessie to tag in on Robbie E.

Bromans could never get into the match as Gunner and Storm basically squashed them. Gunner would hit a number of power moves and tag immediately into Storm who would work them down with a number of technical moves. Robbie E did manage to attempt a Hurricarana but that was countered into a Powerbomb from Gunner which got Gunner a two count from referee Earl Hebner.

The finish came when Gunner simply hit Robbie E with a Spinebuster. Jessie ran at him but was hit with a belly to belly suplex to the floor. Gunner delivered the Gun Rack on Robbie E and quickly pinned him for the three count and the victory.

Gunner and Storm celebrate post match as Striker questions who can beat the pairing of Gunner and Storm. Taz suggests that Team 3.D could which Tenay scoffs at.

Gunner and James Storm defeated Bromans to retain the TNA World Tag Team Titles

- We return from another commercial as Alex Shelleys former Paparazzi Productions theme plays and out he walks looking very arrogant. He struts down to ringside and even poses for a female fan at ringside. He enters the ring and is handed a microphone by Christy Hemme.

Shelley plays to the crowd a little as they boo him. Shelley questions the crowd as to why they're booing him. Shelley claims he is a big star and that the audience should be happy he's graced them with his presence tonight. Shelley says he's the single greatest wrestler in the world

"Now onto business..." says Shelley as he talks about what happened last week. He says he's been sitting over in Japan watching TNA. Sabin wins the belt and doesn't call Shelley. Shelley claims he's a big reason why Sabin won the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Shelley says he was always better than Sabin and that he's come to TNA to prove it.

As Shelley says this the video tron starts up and Chris Sabin is on live from a nearby hospital. Sabin talks about he didn't expect Shelley last week. Sabin calls Shelley a loser and says if he wanted to fight him why not pick up the phone and call.

As Shelley is focused on the video a small cheer from the crowd is heard as Chris Sabin in the ring revealing the video on screen was a tape. Sabin spins Shelley around punching him multiple times in the face and hitting him with the Cradle Shock out of nowhere. A clearly injured Sabin poses on a turnbuckle as we cut to commercial break.

TNA Bound For Glory Series Play Off Match:

AJ Styles (3rd) Vs Mr Anderson (5th)

Anderson is out first and he's out alone. He walks to the ring and enters as AJ Styles music starts and the slow walk starts from the back for AJ. AJ doesn't play to the audience but slides in and takes his corner. Referee Brian Hebner checks him for weapons as AJ waits. Hebner calls for the bell and the match begins

AJ and Anderson lock up but Anderson quickly pushes AJ away and slaps him in the face. Anderson does a cocky strut but as he turns around he's hit with the Pele Kick from AJ and pinned for a quick 2 count. Anderson rolls to the floor grabbing at his head as he regroups on the floor. AJ takes this time to play to the crowd as he quickly leaves the ring and grabs Anderson on the floor. AJ attempts to ram Andersons head into the steel guard rail but Anderson kicks him low and smashes AJ's head into the rail instead.

Anderson continued the dominance on the outside of the ring throwing AJ into ring posts, rails and announce tables before throwing AJ back into the ring and working him over. Anderson hits a stalling superplex from the top rope which almost nets him a three count but the resilient AJ kicks out at 2 as Tenay and Striker beg for AJ to start fighting back for the benefit of TNA. AJ begins punching away at the stomach of Anderson before being cut off with a boot to the head. Anderson begins stomping away at AJ as a small "AJ" chant breaks out.

Anderson attempts the Mic Check but AJ reverses it into a Styles Clash attempt but Anderson is too close to the ropes and grabs hold of them Referee Brian Hebner is distracted by Garrett Bischoff on the apron as the crowd begin booing again. Wes Brisco enters the ring and smashes AJ Styles in the face with a chain. AJ collapses in the ring as Wes bails from the ring. Anderson picks AJ up and hits a Mic Check in the middle of the ring. Anderson unhappy with this picks AJ up again and hits another Mic Check for the three count and the victory.

Post match Anderson, Garrett and Wes begin beating down AJ Styles. AJ gets hit with a chain twice but Magnus and Samoa Joe quickly run down. Aces and Eights bail out of the ring as Magnus and Joe tend to AJ.

Mr Anderson defeats AJ Styles to advance to next week's semi final

- Mickie James is standing backstage with Jeremy Borash. Mickie says she's the queen of the Knockouts Division and that Gail Kim is just another notch on her belt. Brooke Hogan interrupts the interview and tells Mickie that she will be tested again next week. Mickie asks Brooke "How so?" and Brooke says next week, regardless of the result tonight it'll be Gail Kim Vs Mickie James Vs ODB next week on Impact. Mickie tries to dispute it but Brooke is having none of it and walks away as we cut to commercial.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match:

Gail Kim Vs Mickie James (C)

As we return from commercial ODB is at ringside sitting on a chair. Tenay notes she'll be the spectator for this upcoming match. Gail is out first as she cockily walks to the ring and taunts a fan at ringside. She enters the ring and starts arguing with ODB already. Mickie is out next looking worried but still enters the ring confidently and is checked for objects by Brian Stiffler

Gail and Mickie lock up but Mickie quickly breaks the lock up. Mickie and Gail enter the lock up position again as Mickie trips Gail and locks in an armbar which Gail tries to escape by reaching to the ropes but she's too far away. Mickie keeps it locked in until Gail finally reaches the ropes causing a rope break. Mickie stomps away at the arm as referee Stiffler tries to get her to stop working over the arm.

Mickie continued working down the arm occasionally looking over at ODB who seemed rather impressed by Mickie. Mickie hit an arm breaker causing Gail to roll around in pain on the mat and Mickie once again locked in the armbar. Gail screams in pain as Mickie wrenches it in. Gail rolls out of it however and starts fighting back with her good arm whipping Mickie off the ropes but Mickie kicks Gail in the bad arm and continues working it over.

The finish came when Mickie attempted another armbar but Gail Kim rolled out and hit a suplex. Mickie quickly recovered however hitting 5 kicks to the arm of Gail Kim and locking in the third armbar of the match. Gail Kim passes out as Brian Stiffler calls for the bell signalling the end of the match.

Post match Mickie seems likely to attack Gail but ODB simply stands up and Mickie thinks better of it and leaves. ODB checks on Gail as we cut away.

Mickie James defeated Gail Kim to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship

- We cut to the Aces and Eights locker room where the group is hyping Devon for his match which is next. Bully says to kick Sting's ass for Aces and Eights and to finish the group off once and for all. Anderson says the Aces and Eights brothers will be there if Devon finds himself in a particularly tough spot.

- In another part of the arena Sting is walking towards the ring looking focused on the task at hand tonight. Tenay informs us this match will be on the other end of the commercial break. Striker says stay tuned as we cut to commercial

TNA Singles Match:

Devon Vs Sting

Devon is out first as Tenay says Devon shouldn't be underestimated tonight. Devon enters the ring and stands in his corner pushing the referee away. Sting's music starts and out comes "The Icon" as he enters the ring and is ready. He obliges to a check from referee Earl Hebner who calls for the bell.

Devon immediately jumps Sting and starts beating him down in the corner with multiple punches. Devon kicks Sting in the gut until Sting collapses in the corner which causes Devon to continue his dominance. He turns his back and yells some abuse at the crowd but as he turns around he's met with a right hand by Sting who whips him off the ropes and delivers a back body drop. Sting plays to the crowd this time as Devon is hit with a vertical suplex and Sting quickly follows this up with a knee drop.

Sting was cut off by Devon after attempting the Stinger Splash and hitting the corner. Devon hit a belly to back suplex on Sting which got him a 2 count. At this point Devon pointed to the back and jogging down to the ring comes Garrett Bischoff with a hammer in hand. Garrett climbs onto the apron and tosses the hammer into the ring. Garrett distracts referee Hebner as Devon smacks Sting in the head with the hammer. Devon pins Sting but only gets a two count!

Sting eventually started fighting through the pain knocking Garrett Bischoff off the apron and fighting back against Devon. Sting throws Devon into the corner and hits a Stinger Splash. Wes Brisco sprints down and enters the ring but is quickly launched over the top rope. Sting backs up and hits Devon with another Stinger Splash. Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting pins Devon but before referee Hebner can count the three Knux is in the ring and knocks Sting off of Devon. Referee Hebner calls for the bell giving a disqualification victory to Sting

Sting defeated Devon via disqualification

- Post match Aces and Eights recover at ringside and all enter the ring. Bully Ray and Mr Anderson also make their way to ringside as Sting is held up and pumelled. Suddenly Magnus and Samoa Joe rush down to the ring with HULK HOGAN walking behind them. Magnus and Joe manage to fight off some members of Aces and Eights. Hulk enters the ring and immediately guns for Bully Ray punching him multiple times in the face. The Aces roll out of the ring and start arguing with Team TNA as Eric Bischoff's music plays and out he comes.

Bischoff has a microphone and says enough is enough with the Aces and Eights acting like criminals every week. Eric says if they want to act that way they can do it within a sanctioned match. Eric says next week Sting will team with the returning Jeff Hardy and Chris Sabin to take on Knux, Garrett and Wes in the Parking Lot. Bischoff says he isn't going to sanction it but he'll provide a referee and the TV time for it. He just doesn't want to be responsible for any injuries these six men may have occur.

Bischoff mentions he hasn't forgotten about Bully Ray. Eric says next week he really wants to challenge Bully Ray. He wants Bully Ray to really struggle and wants a lesson to be taught to Bully. Bischoff announces that it's going to be Bully Ray Vs "The Immortal" HULK HOGAN for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a Street Fight next week live on TNA Impact.

The crowd cheers this announcement as Bischoff leaves the ringside area. Main Event Mafia and Hulk stand tall in the ring as Aces and Eights look worried at ringside. The show finishes as Tenay says next weeks Impact will be one not to be missed.

---End Show---

Show Rating: C+

Attendance: 4103

TV Rating: 1.2
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

- TNA Wrestling last night got a 1.2 rating for a TV show featuring Sting and Devon in the main event. This isn't bad for TNA but is also not good. Fans have said the reveal of Eric as the new head of creative is "unsurprising and predictable" I don't hold much hope for ol Uncle Eric but we'll see how he does.

- The thought process of having Hulk main event next weeks Impact is that he will draw a massive rating for a free TV match. Hulk has had 2 TV matches in the past and both have been ratings flops and I can't see it being different this time but I guess we will see next week on Impact.

- Eric Bischoff hosted a press conference after Impact which has now been uploaded to TNA's official website. We have copied and pasted it below it's a long read but definitely worth it.


New head of TNA Creative Eric Bischoff revealed himself last night immediately getting to work making the Bound For Glory series 2013 obsolete and booking 2 huge matches for Impact next week. After the TNA Impact show in Virginia TNA held a conference at the Arena in a small function room. Select members of the media were invited to ask Eric questions. We here at have selected the X best to post here on our official website. Word for word.


Media: Eric, Some would say World Championship Wrestling died under you and that you could do the same for TNA. How would you respond to those claims?

Eric: Listen, The people who say Eric Bischoff or Hulk Hogan or Vince Russo or anyone within the WRESTLING business killed WCW has no idea what they're talking about. I'm not going to explain how WCW died here tonight but no, TNA will not fall like WCW did. Not while I am in charge anyway

Media: Eric, James Owen from I'm curious about your intentions of having 60 year old Hulk Hogan wrestle next week live on Impact

Eric: James, You're from a wrestling site so you must know the power Hulk Hogan has over the wrestling business. Hulk is legitimately the biggest star in the industry today apart from maybe The Rock. The idea of having him wrestle Bully Ray next week is simple. I feel it's what the fans want to see. They love Hulk, He gets huge reactions every week and I think a match between him and Bully will be a real ratings winner and a classic TNA moment

Media: Eric, A lot of fans love the X-Division and are hoping you can really do something to make that division stand out. What are your intentions with that part of TNA?

Eric: You know, I love the X-Division and what it brings to the table. TNA has a lot of talented guys within the X-Division and I feel they offer something different that the competition doesn't currently. What we're hoping to do with the division is bring in the very best Light Heavyweights from around the world and showcase them. This will include wrestlers from Canada, Japan, Mexico and right here in the United States. We've actually recently signed a few very entertaining X-Division type guys to our development territory Ohio Valley Wrestling and when they're ready they'll make it onto an Impact or Xplosion taping.

Media: Eric, what exactly is your current role in TNA? I mean, what do you actually do?

Eric: I'm basically in charge of everything and everyone you see on television. I work side by side with TNA President Dixie Carter and a number of other talented individuals to book the shows and write them. I'm also in charge of all talent signings you see from August 15th onwards, That was my first show I was responsible for the signings of Alex Shelley and Matt Striker

Media: Eric, Speaking of talent. Ohio Valley Wrestling works closely with TNA right now. You signed a number of talents this week including some well known talent and some not so known talent. How vital do you feel Ohio Valley is to TNA and what type of talent will you send down there?

Eric: I love Ohio Valley. We currently have Al Snow down there who is someone I've always admired and respected. I feel it's incredibly vital for guys to learn how to work to the camera and a number of vital other things that Al and the OVW staff can teach. As for what talent we'll send down there, basically anyone who we feel can one day be marketable. We have Isis The Amazon down there right now who is a 6'10 woman bare feet. It's amazing and TNA has her on a 2 or 3 year deal she's definitely going to be a star as is everyone else down there. We'll also send current main roster members down there for an occasional show or two just to teach our guys a little more and give back to Danny Davis and his guys.

Media: What's the idea for Pay Per Views? Are you happy with the One Night Only concept or will that be changed?

Eric: I'm a fan of the One Night Only concept but we'll be replacing that after Bound For Glory. The pre existing One Night Only PPV's we have recorded will be sold on DVD. We'll be going back to a PPV a month after Bound For Glory 2013 though.

Media: Eric, Jackie Waller from You competed with WWE back in WCW and even beat them for 83...Was it 84? ...Weeks in a row. How do you plan to do this with TNA and will you be using any similar tactics?

Eric: You know, my tactics against WWE might be called "Dirty" or "Unprofessional" but THEY worked. Will I use those tactics or similar tactics in TNA? Of course I will. We're in a war against the WWE and we want to compete. Right now we're not seen on there level but we will be. I want to be number 1 and I will be. Just like I was in WCW. This is in TNA's future

Media: Eric, You used to try and raid ECW of it's talent and some have said you tried to kill ECW. Will you do this to similar promotions such as PWG, ROH or promotions in Japan?

Eric: What? I never "raided" ECW I saw talent in ECW I felt I could use and hired them. Will I do the same with ROH? I'm unsure, I've got a guy who watches there show and if he suggests someone we'll definitely look at them for either OVW or the main roster. Are we competing with ROH and trying to end them? Well, It's a war I want TNA to be number 1 if that means hurting other companies I'm not against it. You need to be ruthless in this business.

Media: Compared to WrestleMania, Bound For Glory is seen as the smaller show of the year by a fair margin. Will you be doing anything to change that this year or in future years?

Eric: I actually agree with you, Bound For Glory is our biggest show but it isn't apart of Pop Culture like WrestleMania is. We ARE looking to change it this year and Bound For Glory this year will feature a 50,000 dollar set, Some Celebrities and we're looking into having a major musical act also. Of course you'll see the best TNA has to offer on that show also we're really coming out guns blazing to try and compete with WWE. Myself, Hulk Dixie and everyone else in TNA are sick of being number 2.

Media: What about the Tag Team division, Eric? There isn't a lot of teams right now will you be trying to add more?

Eric: I'm a fan of Tag Team Wrestling. We've got a lot of good teams right now. Bad Influence, Bromans, Garrett and Wes, Gunner and Storm, LAX. Will we be looking to add a couple more? I think so but we'll never be a company that has 10 tag teams at once.
- Away from that interview TNA also posted the preview for the upcoming TNA Impact episode. Here's the preview


TNA Wrestling returns to Spike TV with 2 hours of LIVE professional wrestling action from the Black River Coliseum in Popular Bluff, Missouri. Fans will see their favourite TNA Superstars including "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan, "The Icon" Sting, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and many many more.

This edition of Impact promises to be huge with Eric Bischoff announcing at the end of last weeks show that this week we'll see Bully Ray defend his newly won TNA World Heavyweight Championship against "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan in a Street Fight. Hulk has been against the Aces and Eights since it's inception and has a chance to sway the momentum towards Team TNA. Can he do it?

Also announced by Eric Bischoff last week was a six man parking lot brawl. Eric has said this match is not sanctioned by TNA but he'll simply provide a referee and the TV time. This match will see Sting team with Chris Sabin and Jeff Hardy to take on the Aces and Eights trio of Garrett Bischoff, Knux and Wes Brisco. Can team TNA get one over Team Aces and Eights? Will Aces and Eights continue to dominate TNA? You need to tune into find out!

In other action we'll have 2 Semi Final matches to see who will fight for a TNA World Heavyweight Title match next week. The 2 Semi Final matches will feature the Main Event Mafia's Magnus taking on Aces and Eight's Mr Anderson. In the other Semi Final we'll see Samoa Joe also of the Main Event Mafia take on 1 half of Bad Influence Christopher Daniels. Who will fight in the final next week?

In Knockouts action the arrogant Mickie James was told last week by Knockouts General Manager Brooke Hogan that she will wrestle against 2 Knockouts this week. Those Knockouts? Gail Kim and ODB who are both hoping to knock Mickie down a peg. Despite it being non title these three Knockouts are motivated and ready to rumble

This episode of TNA Impact promises to be HUGE. You need to tune in to Spike TV at 8/9c and if you can't watch it live make sure to DVR it!
- Obligatory TNA Xplosion results for those of you who care:


Kai (Wrestle-1 Japan) defeated Rubix (TNA)

Eric Young defeated Jessie W/ Robbie E
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

It's TNA Impact time. This week we have Bully Ray Vs Hulk Hogan fighting over the TNA World Title and a Six Man Tag Team Parking Lot match. Lets get to it

TNA Impact Wrestling Results

- TNA Impact opens up as Tenay, Striker and Taz welcome us to the Black River Coliseum in Popular Bluffs Missouri. Tenay says they have a crowd of 4000 strong to see Hulk Hogan win the TNA World Heavyweight Title tonight. Taz says Hulk has absolutely zero chance against his boy, Bully Ray.

- Aces and Eights music brings out the entire group as they are looking rather confident. They walk down to the ring and enter it as Bully Ray is handed a microphone and immediately begins to speak. Bully says TNA makes the absolutely worst decisions in trying to get rid of Aces and Eights. Bully uses the example of putting 4 members of Aces and Eights in matches they excel in tonight. Bully calls Eric an idiot and says Anderson is going to win the title shot also.

Bully says in regards to Hulk he's going to end his career tonight. Bully mentions Hulk's recent 60th birthday and says Hulk shouldn't even be challenging for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Bully says he doesn't mind though as it will be the easiest title defense he will have as TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Bully says tonight he and his boys are going to finish the night as winners and that NOBODY in TNA can stop them. Bully leaves with Aces and Eights as Taz and Tenay argue about who will be leaving as champion tonight. "I've seen Hulk Hogan do some amazing things, Taz" Tenay says as we cut to commercial break.

TNA Tag Team Match:

Bromans Vs Latin American Xchange

Bromans are out first and they "bro out" on their way to the ring. They high five eachother when they get in the ring as LAX music plays and out comes one of TNA's favourite tag teams. LAX enter the ring and as they are being checked for foreign objects Chavo Guerrero walks down to ringside and joins the announce team. Chavo says he's here watching LAX as Striker asks Chavo how his tag partner search is going. "Good, He'll be here next week" says Chavo as the bell rings

Homicide locks up with Jessie and immediately throws him to the mat and locks in a one legged boston crab immediately but Jessie gets out of it almost instantly. Homicide throws Jessie into the corner and delivers stiff shots before tagging into Hernandez who also stiffs Jessie before delivering a Death Valley Driver in the centre of the ring getting himself a quick 2 count.

Chavo says he's impressed by LAX as they delivered a double DDT on Robbie E. Hernandez eventually gets cut off by Robbie E who locks in a front facelock and refuses to let go but referee Brian Hebner forces the break. Hernandez gets worked over a little more with double team manevours from the bro's before he gets the hot tag to Homicide.

Homicide runs in immediately tossing Jessie over the top rope and focusing on Robbie E. A swift fly kick to the head knocks Robbie E over as Homicide quickly grabs him and kicks him in the gut. Homicide sets him up for the Cop Killa and nails it right in the middle of the ring. Robbie E isn't kicking out of that as Brian Hebner counts to three and awards LAX the victory.

Post match Chavo says that was great and leaves. Tenay, Striker and Taz put over LAX and say they could be future challengers for Gunner and James Storm.

Latin American Xchange defeated Bromans

- A Black Limousine arrives in the parking lot as Hulk Hogan exits and is approached by Jeremy Borash. Borash asks Hulk about his match tonight with Bully Ray as Hulk begins talking about how this match is for all the Hulkamaniacs and for TNA. Hulk says he doesn't wrestle much anymore but that it's time to end Aces and Eights once and for all. Hulk says tonight he knows he can get the job done against Bully Ray.

TNA Triple Threat Match:

Gail Kim Vs Mickie James Vs ODB

Gail is out first as she cockily walks down to ringside and slides into the ring before yelling at a fan at ringside. Mickie is out next looking rather arrogant and confident as she enters. ODB is finally out next as she power walks down to the ring and enters.

Mickie immediately slides to the floor as ODB runs right over the top of Gail Kim knocking her over. ODB picks Gail up and locks in a bearhug but Mickie is quick to enter the ring and attack ODB from behind. Mickie kicks away at ODB's leg but ODB has had enough and clubs Mickie down to the mat. ODB turns her attention to Gail Kim clubbing her multiple times before whipping her off the ropes and hitting her with a boot to the face.

Mickie and Gail eventually started untrustingly working together with the two always keeping one eye on the other. A double suplex was delivered onto ODB as Mickie went for a quick pin but Gail quickly stomped Mickie. Mickie stood up holding her head and pushed Gail as Gail pushed Mickie back. The two started brawling in the middle of the ring with Gail getting the upper hand and throwing Mickie to the floor. Gail was hit with a clothesline as she turned around by ODB who after hitting the clothesline played to the crowd.

ODB threw Gail Kim out of the ring as Mickie James entered the ring and took ODB down before trying to lock in some type of Submission but ODB kicked Mickie from behind. ODB kicks Mickie in the gut and picks her up delivering the Firemans Carry Cutter right onto Mickie. ODB looks around for Gail Kim who is nowhere in sight and climbs over to Mickie James hooking the leg and getting a three count on the Knockouts Champion

Post match ODB celebrates as Mickie staggers up the ramp with the Knockouts Title in hand. ODB makes the universal "I'm coming for the belt" motion as Mickie James looks worried on the ramp.

ODB defeated Gail Kim and Mickie James

- We return from commercial to a video of Hulk Hogan from his early days of wrestling. We see still images of Hulk's territories days. Hulk discusses his territory days saying it was a great start for him and that his early days helped him become what he is today. Hulk says he paid his dues like everyone else and mentions having his leg broken during his wrestling training. He says this toughness gives him the edge in his match with Bully tonight.

- Magnus is backstage with Jeremy Borash as Borash asks about the upcoming semi final with Anderson. Magnus says he's in TNA for 2 reasons and that's ending Aces and Eights and for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. He says in tonights match he has a shot at getting a step closer towards both of those goals. Magnus slaps Borash on the back and says he won't let the team down tonight.

TNA Bound For Glory Series Semi Final Match 1:

Mr Anderson Vs Magnus

Anderson is out first as he walks down looking angry as usual. He gets into an argument with a fan at ringside before sliding into the ring and awaiting his opponent. Magnus is out next and has a lot of energy he walks down the ramp slapping some high fives before quickly entering the ring and making a bee line for Anderson right away.

Anderson and Magnus begin brawling in the middle of the ring with Magnus getting the clear advantage and quickly taking Anderson down and immediately working his leg with a number of stomps and even dropping an elbow on the leg. Magnus kept working it over until Anderson quickly took the advantage by eye gouging Magnus and throwing him into the corner before chopping away at him. Magnus is left seated on the top rope as Anderson attempts a Superplex but a forward suplex leaves Anderson down on the mat.

Magnus jumped off the top rope but Anderson quickly small packaged him getting a 2 count. Anderson hits Magnus with a low blow and is warned by referee Earl Hebner not to fight dirty in this match. Anderson throws Magnus to the floor before smashing his head into the announce table a few times before throwing Magnus to the floor. Anderson slid in looking for a count out victory but Magnus made it back into the ring by the 8 count. Anderson hits a Mic Check before cockily signalling to the crowd it's over but Magnus kicks out at 2 but only barely.

Magnus got the crowd behind him as he started fighting back. He hits Anderson with multiple right hands before irish whipping him to the ropes and delivering a back body drop getting the crowd pumped up and ready for action. Magnus hits a few clotheslines and hits a Fishermans Buster getting himself a 2 count. Magnus uses all his power to hit a Triple Powerbomb on Anderson but Anderson kicks out with a split second to spare causing Hebner to only count to two. Magnus quickly turned this into a Cloverleaf and dragged Anderson to the middle of the ring. Anderson tried to manevour himself to the ropes before collapsing in the ring. With nowhere else to go he submits right in the middle of the ring sending Magnus to the finals next week.

Post match Magnus celebrates posing on the turnbuckles and playing to the crowd. Mike Tenay goes into fan boy mode hyping Magnus as a future TNA World Heavyweight Champion and someone the fans should definitely get behind. Taz says Magnus wouldn't last a day in the Aces and Eights.

Magnus defeated Mr Anderson

- We cut to the back where a newly freshly shaven AJ Styles is with Eric Bischoff in his office. AJ says he's motivated by team TNA taking the fight to Aces and Eights tonight and says he wants to be involved. Eric takes a second to ponder before saying that Devon isn't involved in anything. Eric asks if AJ wants to face Devon later on tonight. AJ says he'd love nothing more then to do his bit tonight. Eric says he'll grant AJ's request. AJ says he won't let the team down and shakes Eric's hand before leaving.

- We cut backstage to the Aces and Eights clubhouse. Standing by is everyone except Anderson. Devon is going nuts having just seen the AJ and Eric discussion on a nearby monitor. Garrett and Wes try to calm Devon down but he pushes them both away. Devon is grabbed by Bully Ray who gets in his face. Bully tells Devon to stop being a "bitch" and to fight for the Aces and Eights tonight. Devon says he isn't sure if he can beat AJ. Bully slaps him and says he WILL beat AJ. Devon obviously intimidated by the situation nods his head as Bully gets out of his face and shakes his hand.

- We get another Hulk Hogan video package. This time it's Hulk sitting down discussing his WWF days. He mentions WrestleMania 1 and claims that Mr. T was amazing to be friends with and was an amazing tag partner. Hulk discusses tearing his back apart when slamming Andre in front of 93,000 fans and talks about how he's still hurt from that move today. He makes mention of being the biggest star in wrestling and says it was a "Crazy but fantastic time"

TNA 2 on 1 Handicap Match:

Joseph Parks Vs Eric Young and Rubix

We return from commercial where Eric Young and Rubix are already in the ring warming up. Joseph Parks makes his entrance to his regular theme but midway through the lights go out. Abyss music plays and as the lights come back on Joseph Parks is in a trance and quickly enters the ring.

Rubix and Young immediately attack Parks and begin beating him down but Parks is having none of it and tosses Rubix right to the floor. Eric Young is hit with a big boot and a double arm slam causing him to roll to the floor. Rubix slides back in as Parks throws him into the turnbuckle and punches away at him. Referee Brian Stiffler attempts to stop this but he can't and is pushed away.

Parks is getting angrier and angrier as Rubix is hit with a Gorilla Press Slam right to the floor. Eric Young strikes Joseph Parks twice but is hit with a Gorilla Press Slam in the middle of the ring. Eric Young is whipped off the ropes and hit with a Black Hole Slam right in the middle. Joseph kicks him to the floor before tossing Rubix back into the ring.

Rubix backed off in the corner as Parks ran in and delivered a massive clothesline before kicking Rubix stiff in the chest. Rubix is picked up, whipped off the ropes and hit with the Black Hole Slam. Joseph Parks picks up the victory and the win.

Post match Joseph Parks celebrates in the ring as Tenay, Striker and Taz discuss the possibility of Joseph being Abyss. Taz makes mention that Joseph just wrestled an awful lot like Abyss would just then. Tenay and Striker aren't sure though.

Joseph Parks defeated Eric Young and Rubix

- Post match as Joseph celebrates in the ring the lights go out. We see nothing at all as the lights come back on JAMES MITCHELL is in the ring with Abyss mask in hand. Joseph Parks freaks out grabbing the mask and quickly throwing it to the ground. He grabs Mitchell by the throat as Mitchell begs off. Someone is in the ring and hits Abyss in the back with a Kendo Stick. He strikes Abyss again as he turns towards the camera we're revealed that it's none other then DOCTOR STEVIE RICHARDS! Stevie helps Mitchell to his feet before bailing out of the ring with Mitchell beside him.

Stevie and Mitchell walk up the ramp as Stevie says to the camera "Next week, Next week is when Abyss returns" Stevie sarcastically smiles as we cut to commercial with a view of Joseph Parks slowly rising to his feet clearly in pain.

- We come back from commercial with a fully suited Manik walking through the backstage area. Alex Shelley is sitting on a box as Manik walks past Shelley speaks telling Manik to keep the X-Division belt warm for him. Manik gets in Shelleys face asking what he just said. Shelley repeats it and asks if Manik has a problem with it. Manik says he wasn't planning on wrestling tonight but says he wants to kick Shelleys ass 1 on 1 right now. Shelley says his back hurts from his "ex partner" Sabin attacking him last week. Manik says he'll put the X-Division Title on the line causing Shelley to thoughtfully nod and accept the match.

TNA Singles Match:

AJ Styles Vs Devon

Devon is out first as he struts down to the ring cockily. Tenay notes that Bully has obviously got into the mans head as Devon enters the rings and waits for AJ Styles to make his entrance. "Get Ready To Fly" pumps through the arena as AJ Styles walks out, slaps his chest and poses on the ramp. He walks down the ramp and slaps multiple high fives at ringside before entering the ring and allowing referee Brian Hebner to check him for weapons

Devon puts his knuckles out for AJ to fist bump him but AJ simply pushes Devon. Devon pushes AJ back as the two get in eachothers faces and start arguing. Devon throws the first punch but AJ ducks it and starts throwing nice swift punches at Devons face. AJ irish whips Devon off the ropes and hits him with a picture perfect dropsault landing on his feet. Devon is on the ground grasping at his jaw as AJ Styles quickly grabs a hold of Devon and forearms him multiple times and really taking the fight to him. AJ hits a nice Hurricarana which got him a 2 count. AJ attempts the Styles Clash early but Devon quickly escapes and slides out of the ring and onto the floor but as he waits AJ launches himself over the top rope and onto Devon

Eventually Devon got AJ back into the ring and managed to get an upper hand using his brawling and cheating tactics to get an advantage over "The Phenomenal" one. AJ was hit with multiple chops and whipped off the ropes and hit with a spinning elbow by Devon. Devon yelled at the crowd as they booed him for his dominance over AJ. Devon made a pin attempt but referee Brian Hebner caught him with his feet on the ropes but this didn't bother Devon who just began choking AJ releasing the choke at a 4 count and repeating the same act again before quickly standing up and arguing with Brian Hebner who threatened him with a disqualification.

After a few more minutes of domination by Devon, AJ Styles finally got a come back going on when Devon attempted an Electric Chair Drop but AJ Styles countered it into a Tornado DDT. AJ quickly climbed to the top rope delivering a rare Spiral Tap. AJ pinned Devon but only got a 2 count. A motivated AJ quickly picked Devon up and got him in the Styles Clash position before quickly hitting the finishing manevour on Devon. AJ breathed heavy a few times before turning Devon over and getting him in a pinning position. Referee Brian Hebner drops to his knee's and counts to three awarding AJ Styles the victory over Devon.

AJ celebrates in the ring as Tenay and Striker put him over massively as the face of TNA and the man to lead them to even greater heights. As they discuss AJ we get a split screen to the back where an angry Bully Ray is standing with the World Title on his shoulder. He yells at Mr Anderson that he's going to the ring as we cut to commercial

AJ Styles defeated Devon

- We return from commercial as AJ still remains in the ring. Devon is standing on the ramp as Aces and Eights music brings out Bully Ray who isn't looking pleased at all. Bully straightens the World Title on his shoulder before checking on Devon who is recovering at the top of the ramp. Bully begins his promo by telling AJ he is the luckiest S.O.B in the world that Bully isn't running down there to kick his ass. Bully says he has to save himself for later on tonight with Hulk but says he hates AJ Styles for what he did to Aces and Eights and everything AJ stands for. Bully says he wants to challenge AJ to a match for next week. Bully continues by saying next week Bully will team with Devon to take on AJ Styles and a partner of his choosing. AJ gets on the microphone and says he's sure Bully will live to regret this decision but accepts the match anyway and says he has a partner in mind already. AJ plays to the crowd as we cut to commercial.

TNA X-Division Championship Match:

Alex Shelley Vs Manik (C)

Shelley is out first and cockily walks to the ring. He arrogantly taunts some fans before entering the ring and being checked for weapons by referee Brian Stiffler. Next Manik wandered out looking prepared for his match he high fives some fans at ringside before climbing to the top rope, pointing at Shelley and doing a forward roll from the top rope into the middle of the ring which causes Shelley to back up a little into his own corner.

Shelley jumps Manik as the masked man turns his back and begins kicking away at him in the corner. Shelley pats himself on the back for his good work and delivers a running facewash straight to the face of Manik before quickly pushing him under the bottom rope and baseball sliding him onto the floor. Tenay takes the time to hype Manik as Shelley gets out of the ring and throws Manik into the guardrail. An angered Manik turns this around though and throws Shelley into the rail before chopping away at Shelley. Manik climbs into the ring and delivers a springboard moonsault from the middle rope right onto Shelley who was on the guardrail. Manik lands in the audience as the crowd begin a "Holy shit" chant

Taz takes the time to put over the X-Division as Manik and Shelley recover. Manik is up first and slaps a few hands at ringside before hopping the rail and throwing Shelley into the ring. Shelley tries to roll to the other side of the ring but Manik delivers a running Shooting Star Press and pins Shelley. Shelley kicks out at 2 barely and starts grabbing at his back clearly in pain. Manik takes advantage of this kicking away at Shelleys back and attempting a backbreaker but Shelley counters the attempt by simply punching Manik in the face. Shelley hits a snap DDT before slowly grabbing at his back and getting a pin attempt netting himself a 2 count. Shelley picks Manik up in a Tiger Bomb position and lifts him up but Manik counters into a Hurricarana pinning situation which almost gets Manik the three count.

The finish came with Manik attempting a Sliced Bread number 2 but Shelley dropped Manik face first onto the turnbuckle which had previously been untied by Shelley. This knock out blow was followed up with Shelley hitting his own Sliced Bread Number 2 onto Manik before slowly recovering and putting an arm over Manik for the three count and the victory. Alex Shelley is your new X-Division Champion as he slowly rises up and raises the belt over his head receiving boo's from the audience.

Alex Shelley defeated Manik to win the TNA X-Division Championship

- Post match as Shelley celebrates in the ring Chris Sabin appears on the tron trying to get Shelley's attention. Shelley finally realizes Sabin is on the tron as Sabin says he isn't going to fight with Shelley tonight. Sabin congratulates Shelley on his X-Division Title victory and says it's a great achievement. Sabin says he's been thinking about the reasons Shelley came back to TNA and that he's put it all into perspective. Sabin asks Shelley if he wants the chance to prove he's better then Sabin. Shelley now has a microphone and says he knows he's better then Sabin already but wants a chance to prove it to the world.

Sabin chuckles at Shelleys arrogant attitude before saying that Bound For Glory is just 6 weeks away and no matches have been signed yet. Sabin tells Shelley that he wants the match to be held at Bound For Glory and he wants a shot at regaining HIS X-Division Title. Shelley says he'd take great pride in kicking Sabin's ass on TNA's grandest stage. Sabin says he'll see Shelley there.

Tenay, Striker and Taz hype this match up saying it should be amazing. Tenay questions if the two will make it to Bound For Glory with the hatred between the two. Taz says both men are "bad ass" and that they will easily make it to Bound For Glory. "Buy the Pay Per View now" says Striker as we cut to a new Hulk Hogan video.

- Another Hulk Hogan video airs this time Hulk is sitting down discussing his WCW days. He talks about what he did for the company early on and mentions beating Ric Flair for his first World Title. "The nWo was great brother. I wasn't sure it'd work but Eric Bischoff is a genius"

TNA Bound For Glory Series Semi Final Match:

Christopher Daniels Vs Samoa Joe

Daniels is out first looking very confident and ready for his upcoming match with the Samoan Submission Machine. Daniels enters the ring before arguing with referee Brian Hebner. Joe is out next as a "Joe" chant breaks out for the Samoan native. He walks to the ring and enters the ring immediately allowing himself to be checked for weapons. Brian Hebner signals for the bell as the two get ready for the match.

Daniels refuses to lock up wanting to warm up first. Joe stands in the corner looking into the crowd as they encourage him to go after Daniels. Joe shrugs his shoulders and charges at Daniels throwing all his weight into Daniels knocking him to the canvas. Joe drags him to the corner and hits a running facewash on him as the crowd continues their "Joe" chant which leads to Joe hitting an Enziguri and continuing his beat down on Daniels. Joe attempts another face wash but Daniels bails out of the ring causing Joe's leg to go through the ropes. Daniels without missing a beat grabs ahold of the leg and smashes it into the ring apron before pointing to his head and doing it twice more before smashing Joe's leg into the ring post.

Daniels continued his vicious assault on Joe's legs dragging the Samoan Submission Machine out and stomping his injured leg onto the floor of the arena. Daniels taunted Joe who was unable to stand up before propping Joe's leg on the ring steps and dropkicking his leg right into the steps. Joe rolls around on the floor in pain as Daniels pushes the ring steps over causing them to fall on the injured leg of Joe. Daniels continues the taunting of Joe and locks in a figure four around the ring post but the referee forces Daniels to break the hold. Tenay notes that the damage may be done as Daniels gets a 2 count on Joe and argues with referee Hebner that it was a three count as the match continues on.

A very injured Joe continues being assaulted but the fans rally behind him and he begins hitting multiple right hands to the head of Daniels and whips him to the corner. Joe hobbles over to Daniels before lifting him to the top rope and getting him in Muscle Buster position. Joe hits the Muscle Buster although his leg had given out midway through. Joe goes for the pin but referee Hebner isn't able to count because he's distracted by Frankie Kazarian who is on the apron. Kazarian is grabbed by Joe but as referee Hebner is distracted by Daniels, Frankie smashes a Martini Glass into the leg of Joe. Daniels quickly rushes in for a pin but only gets a two count. Daniels go nuts before climbing to the top rope and delivering a Best Moonsault Ever onto the leg of Joe. Daniels climbs to the top rope and delivers yet another B.M.E Daniels looks around and hits another one before pinning an unconscious Joe for the three count and the victory.

Post match Taz puts over Bad Influence and say although their methods may be questionable they are successful in what they do. Tenay questions if they were successful with what they did to Aries last week. Taz says they are as Tenay mentions that Aries will be back soon and then, Bad Influence will have hell to pay.

Christopher Daniels defeated Samoa Joe to advance to the finals of the Bound For Glory Series

- We get yet another Hulk Hogan video. This time he discusses his time when he returned to WWE. We get a still photo of Hulk posing with the Undisputed Title next to Jimmy Hart as Hogan discusses how he loved returning. Hulk says he fought a lot of talented individuals there and name drops Triple H, Undertaker, Randy Orton, The Rock and Shawn Michaels. Hulk discusses winning the WWE Undisputed Title and the World Tag Title before saying "It was a highlight, one of the best times of my career was facing off with The Rock at the Skydome"

- We cut to the back where Garrett, Knux and Wes enter the Parking Lot. Tenay says that the Parking Lot Brawl is next. Taz says Aces and Eights are going to end a career tonight as Striker says he isn't sure if that's entirely true.

TNA Parking Lot Brawl Match:

Sting, Jeff Hardy and Chris Sabin Vs Garrett Bischoff, Knux and Wes Brisco

Aces and Eights exit to the Parking Lot where Sting, Hardy and Sabin are waiting. Around the parking lot are a number of vehicles and even a production truck they 2 teams immediately start brawling around the parking lot. Garrett attempts to throw Sabin into the production truck early but Sabin is having none of that and whips Garrett into the truck before wedging him in the drivers door and kicking it. Hardy and Wes also brawl but they are more tame with Wes choking Hardy with a chain and slamming him into a car. Sting and Knux are brawling around the lot with Sting throwing Knux into an industrial bin, locking him inside it and tipping it over with Knux inside.

Jeff has got the better of Wes as he throws a catering table on top of Wes and constantly hits it with a Steel Chair. Jeff gets a small run up and delivers a leg drop onto the table crushing Wes. Meanwhile Garrett Bischoff has got the better of Chris Sabin and is grinding his head against the wheel of the production truck. Sting is seen chasing Knux back into the arena as the match continues with Jeff throwing Wes into a car and smashing the window. Hardy pushes Wes into the vehicle and runs off to assist Sting who is brawling with Knux in the parking lot again. Knux gets rid of Hardy relatively quickly.

As the match continues Security rushes to the scene in an attempt to break things up with Tenay suggesting Bischoff must of seen enough. 4 Security Guards attempt to stop the match but are quickly pushed to the side as the six men continue to brawl. The Security Guards radio in for back up as the six men continue to brawl. Within a minute or so sirens are heard in the distance as POLICE are now on the scene. The Police exit their cars in full riot gear as they attempt to break the six men up. We cut away from the scene with a Police Officer attempting to hold Jeff Hardy off.

Sting, Jeff Hardy and Chris Sabin wrestled to a no contest with Garrett Bischoff, Knux and Wes Brisco

- We return from commercial to Mike Tenay, Matt Striker and Taz. Tenay mentions that both Knux and Jeff Hardy are spending the night in jail tonight. He mentions that Sting, Sabin, Garrett and Wes were also taken into the station for questioning.

After mentioning that he says it's main event time and we get the final video for tonight. The video shows clips of Hulk Hogan in TNA and Hulk talks about what TNA means to him. "It's my home now" he mentions with a casual smile on his face "I've done everything I can to make this place better. And I've been successful" he continues. He mentions that he's only been able to have 2 matches in TNA but says "Third times the charm" as we cut away to commercial.

- We return from commercial to see Hulk Hogan walking down the hall as he walks Jeremy Borash stops him for a quick word. Hulk is in full Hulk mode as he talks about what the World Heavyweight Title means to him. He says he wants to be champion once more and claims he is the man to end Aces and Eights. Borash says the wrestling world is behind him on this one as Hulk continues his walk and we cut to the ring.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Bully Ray (C) Vs Hulk Hogan

Aces and Eights music starts as Bully Ray casually walks down to the ring with the TNA World Title on his shoulder and a Trash Can lid in his other hand. He enters the ring and starts arguing with Earl Hebner before pushing him. Bully poses with the World Title and soaks in the audiences boo's as the lights go down and Hulk Hogan's music plays and he marches out in full ring gear. He points at Bully and charges the ring causing Bully to bail out. Hulk cups his hand to his ear for all 4 sides of the audience before tearing his shirt off and standing in his corner. Bully slides in as Jeremy Borash has entered the ring for the formal ring introductions. Borash introduces both competitors and says this match is for the Heavyweight Championship of the world. Earl Hebner lifts the belt in the air and signals for the bell.

Hulk plays to the crowd as Hulk and Bully lock up. Hulk overpowers Bully throwing him into the mat and immediately doing a double bicep curl causing the audience to go crazy for him. Hulk waits for Bully to rise to his feet before Bully runs at Hulk but Hulk was ready for it and throws Bully over the top rope. Hulk follows him to the floor quickly throwing Bully into the ring post and pushing him into the guard rail. Hulk clothesline Bully over the guard rail and into the crowd as the two men begin brawling through the crowd. Bully starts fighting back hitting Hulk with a fans chair and throwing a drink at him. Bully climbs up a small ladder onto a small platform as Hulk follows him up. The two brawl on top of it as Hogan gets the upper hand punching Bully off the platform. Bully falls into a number of ringside seats as Hogan poses and climbs down the ladder to continue his brawl with Bully.

The two eventually make it back to the ring with Hogan tossing Bully over the guard rail and into the ring. Hogan enters as Bully begs off but Hogan puts the boots to him and whips him off the ropes delivering a big boot. He cups his hand to his ear as suddenly the crowd erupts into boo's as Mr Anderson is in the ring. He rushes in and is swiftly thrown over the top rope by Hulk. Devon is now in the ring and is punched by Hogan twice and hit with another big boot. Hogan turns his attention to Bully but is repeatedly punched in the face and worked into the corner. Bully begins kicking Hulk who slowly drops down into the corner. Bully orders Anderson and Devon to do something as referee Hebner is forced out of the ring. The ring canvas is ripped up and the mat underneath is moved to one side to reveal the wooden board underneath.

Tenay can't believe this is happening and says Bully did the same thing to Sting at Slammiversary. Hulk is grabbed by Bully who drags him over to the exposed ring board and delivers a Piledriver right on the board. Anderson and Devon celebrate throwing Hebner back in the ring who rushes over to Bully who is pinning Hulk. Not even Hulk Hogan can get out of this one as Earl Hebner counts the unconscious Hulk Hogan and awards Bully Ray the victory and the right of being TNA World Heavyweight Champion

Bully Ray defeated Hulk Hogan to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

- Post match Bully, Anderson and Devon celebrate the victory as Earl Hebner signals for the back. EMT's rush out as do other TNA officials. Tenay and Striker cannot believe what Bully has done as Taz attempts to justify the actions. Tenay says he'll have an update on Hulk's condition next week as we fade away with a slightly bleeding Bully celebrating his victory in the entry way.

---End Show---

Show Rating: C+

Attendance: 4241

TV Rating: 1.3
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