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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

- After the introduction we get a shot of the Universal Studio lot as we hear "TNA" chants from around the building. Mike Tenay, Jeremy Borash and Matt Striker welcome us to TNA Showtime and immediately hype the mysterious wrestlers return to wrestling. Tenay says all will be revealed on the show tonight as he sends us to a video package which consists of Jeremy Borash walking around and talking to the fans earlier today. He asks them who they think is making their return as an obese man wearing a Hulk Hogan shirt yells "BRUTUS BEEFCAKE" before cheering for himself. Other fans suggest names such as Dave Batista, Monty Brown and Sting as we cut back to the arena where Tenay compliments the passion of the TNA fans

- As the announcers hype tonights event a little more the music of Ted DiBiase Jr hits as he walks out to a negative reaction from the audience. Behind him are Kenny King and Rhett Titus of The All Night Express as all three men enter the ring. Ted DiBiase Jr is handed a microphone by Christy Hemme as he looks out into the audience and is booed by them. DiBiase Jr tells the fans that they are dirty, disgusting, ugly losers and that if they don't shut up he will send King and Titus out there to kick all of their ass'

This gets a massive negative reaction as DiBiase Jr makes note of last nights episode of Impact and says he would have hurt Angle if it weren't for security. DiBiase Jr calls Angle a coward and says that at Genesis regardless of who is champion he's leaving TNA World Heavyweight Champion. This gets a negative reaction from the audience as Rhett Titus screams "It's true" at ringside fans.

Before Ted DiBiase Jr can continue the music of James Storm hits and out emerges James from the back. He hits the microphone a few times before asking the audience who wants to hear DiBiase Jr "Bitch and whine" about Kurt Angle. The crowd boo as James Storm says he's here to save the audience and is here to challenge the three men in a ring to a match.

Storm suggests that tonights main event be a six man tag team between he, Gunner and a partner of their choosing against Ted DiBiase Jr and The All Night Express. Ted laughs this off in the ring before saying he'd love the chance to kick James Storm's ass tonight at the Impact Zone. The announcers hype this "huge" main event as we cut to our first commercial break of the evening.

TNA Singles Match:

Anarquia Vs Magnus

We return from commercial as the music of Anarquia hits and he walks out ready for action. He yells at a couple of fans at ringside before yelling at Brian Stiffler for trying to check him for weapons. The music of Magnus hits next and he walks out with the TNA Television Title around his waist with a bandage on his head. We get clips from the Final Resolution match as Magnus poses on the top turnbuckle to a big pop. He hands the Television Title to Stiffler who hands it off to Christy Hemme and calls for the opening bell.

Anarquia and Magnus lock up in the middle of the ring as Magnus quickly locks in a front facelock and takes Anarquia down. Anarquia attempts to reach the ropes but he can't get there due to Magnus. Magnus eventually releases the hold and kicks Anarquia hard in the back before quickly scooping him up and delivering a scoop slam. Magnus bounces off the ropes and nails a big elbow drop right in the middle of the ring and earns himself a 2 count. Anarquia is breathing heavy at this point as Magnus picks him up and delivers a suplex right in the middle of the ring.

Anarquia struggles for air but as Magnus attempts to pick him up for another suplex Anarquia eye gouges him and goes on offense throwing punches to the head of Magnus and knocking him down in the corner. Anarquia chokes away at Magnus and uses a variety of dirty moves to get the better of Magnus. The fans begin a "Magnus" chant as Magnus starts fighting back with right hands before whipping Anarquia off the ropes and nailing him with a back body drop. Magnus is pumped up now as he picks Anarquia up and nails a belly to back suplex on him.

At this point Magnus picks Anarquia up and nails the Mag Daddy Driver right in the middle of the ring. Magnus covers Anarquia as referee Brian Stiffler drops down and counts the one, two and three. Magnus has won the opening match here on TNA Showtime.

Post match Magnus celebrates with the TNA Television Title but Anarquia attacks him from behind. At this point Chavo Guerrero races down with a chair in hand and attacks Magnus. Anarquia holds Magnus up right as Chavo swings the chair and hits Magnus in the head with it. Revolution X pose in the ring as a downed Magnus is left in the ring unconscious.

Magnus defeated Anarquia

- We cut to outside of Universal Studio's as we see Hulk Hogan emerge from a yellow limousine. The crowd cheer for Hulk as the camera man questions Hulk as to why he's here tonight. Hulk says he is here tonight to reveal who is coming back to wrestling at the big California special Impact episode to start the year. Hulk says this will be revealed after the six man tag team match tonight which he also is looking forward to.

TNA Singles Match:

Abyss W/ James Mitchell Vs Hernandez

The music of Hernandez hits as he emerges from the backstage area pumped up and ready. He walks towards the ring as JR mentions that we need to go to commercial break. Jeremy Borash quickly slips in that fans shouldn't change the channel because over on the "competition" Dolph Ziggler is about to beat Christian. After Borash says that we cut to commercial break and once we return Abyss is walking towards the ring with James Mitchell following behind him. Abyss slides into the ring and immediately begins brawling with Hernandez as referee Brian Stiffler calls for the opening bell.

Abyss and Hernandez trade right hands but eventually Hernandez manages to land 3 punches in a row which knocks Abyss down. Abyss is quick to his feet however as Hernandez attempts a kick to the head but Abyss ducks and tosses Hernandez into the corner. Abyss gets a run up and charges into the corner but Hernandez moves at the last second causing Abyss to run chest first into the turnbuckle. As Abyss turns around he's hit with a spin kick to the head which results in a pin attempt from Hernandez but Abyss kicks out at 2. Hernandez kicks away at Abyss and even manages a scoop slam.

Eventually Abyss just clotheslines Hernandez hard and knocks him down in the middle of the ring. He takes a moment to get his breath back before stomping away at the back of Hernandez and taunting the audience who boo him. Abyss doesn't care though and tosses Hernandez into the corner before rushing at him and nailing a clothesline. Abyss attempts a second one but Hernandez moves again at the final second causing Abyss to run chest first into the turnbuckle. Hernandez hits a German Suplex on Abyss and attempts the pin but Abyss kicks out at 2 as the crowd boo.

Hernandez repeatedly punches away at Abyss as Abyss falls back on the ropes and continues to take the punches. Hernandez attempts an irish whip on Abyss but Abyss reverses it and as Hernandez comes back off the ropes he is hit with the Black Hole Slam right in the middle of the ring. An exhausted Abyss takes a moment to get his breath back and covers Hernandez right in the middle of the ring. Brian Stiffler drops down and counts the three count awarding the match to Abyss. As soon as Abyss' hand is raised we cut to yet another commercial break.

Abyss W/ James Mitchell defeated Hernandez

- Once we return from commercial James Mitchell is in the ring with a microphone in his hand. Beside him is Abyss who stands by looking intimidating. James Mitchell pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket and says that in his hand is a cheque from Miss Melina Perez who has hired the duo to take out Jeff Jarrett. James Mitchell says that Abyss wants Jeff Jarrett at the January 2nd Impact one on one. James Mitchell mentions that he and Abyss will be eagerly awaiting Jeff Jarrett's response as we cut to the back

- We cut to the locker room of Noam Dar who is on the phone. He is obviously talking to Kurt Angle who is giving him advice for his upcoming match with Greg Marasciulo. Noam says he's hoping that Kurt is watching tonight and hangs up the phone seemingly happy with the advice he received.

TNA Singles Match:

Greg Marasciulo Vs Noam Dar

Greg Marasciulo's theme plays first as he walks out to the ring. He does some squats on the ramp and dives into the ring before posing on the turnbuckle to a nice reaction from the audience. He jumps down and goes over the rules with referee Earl Hebner as Noam Dar has his music hit. Noam walks out to a surprisingly big pop from the Universal Studio faithful. Noam high fives the fans on his way down to the ring and eventually enters the ring before posing on the turnbuckle. He gets a nice reaction as referee Earl Hebner calls for the opening bell.

The two men lock up as Marasciulo overpowers Noam and hip tosses him to the mat. Noam gets up quickly and charges at Marasciulo again but is nailed with an arm drag. Marasciulo wrenches it in a little but Noam gets to the ropes and Marasciulo breaks the hold quickly. Noam gets to his feet quickly as the two stand off which gets a nice reaction from both the announcers and the crowd. The two high five as Marasciulo shoots in and attempts a takedown but Noam is too smart for that and dodges it before nailing Marasciulo with a legdrop. Marasciulo rolls to the floor as Noam plays to the crowd.

Noam is now on the apron as Marasciulo rises and is hit with a rana from the apron. Both men are down as the audience are going crazy for both men. Noam is first to his feet as he groggily lifts his arms up and soaks in the audiences applause. He tosses Marasciulo back into the ring and climbs to the top rope but Marasciulo charges into the ropes crotching Noam on the top turnbuckle. An exhausted Marasciulo manages to gather enough energy to nail a top rope superplex on Noam. Both men are down and out as referee Earl Hebner begins counting. Marasciulo manages to get an arm over Noam Dar just before the 6 count of Earl Hebner.

Referee Hebner drops down as Hebner counts the one, two and thr-NO! Noam kicks out at the last second as Marasciulo can't believe it and grabs at his head in anger. Marasciulo grabs Noam and bounces off the ropes attempting a High Knee but Noam rolls Marasciulo up for a quick three count and the victory! Noam Dar immediately rolls out of the ring and celebrates on the ramp as Greg Marasciulo can't believe he lost a match which was seemingly his for the taking. We cut to commercial as the announcers put over Noam Dar as a special X-Division star.

Noam Dar defeated Greg Marasciulo

- We return from commercial as Alex Shelley is in the ring in casual clothes with the X-Division Title over his shoulder and a microphone in his hand. Shelley smirks into the camera before beginning to speak. Shelley talks about his dominance as X-Division Champion and mentions victories over Austin Aries, Chris Sabin, Kaz Hayashi and Petey Williams. Shelley complains that there is nobody left for him to beat in the X-Division and that he refuses to defend the title at TNA Genesis 2014 unless a suitable opponent is provided.

At this point the music of Hulk Hogan hits as Hulk emerges from the backstage area to a huge pop from the audience. Shelley waits as Hogan enters the ring and is handed a microphone by Christy Hemme. Hulk starts by complimenting Shelley on beating both Austin Aries and Chris Sabin at Final Resolution. Hulk says thats an impressive achievement for an impressive guy. Hulk says Shelley has defeated every X-Division wrestler that TNA has thrown at him and Hulk says he respects that. Shelley tells Hulk to get to the point as Hulk smiles and says he has news for Shelley.

Hulk proclaims that at the January 2nd Impact episode Alex Shelley will defend the TNA X-Division Title in a fatal four way match. Hulk says that Shelley will defend against Greg Marasciulo, Petey Williams and...SAMOA JOE. The crowd pop for this as Shelley is clearly angry in the ring. Shelley kicks the ropes and tells Hulk that isn't fair. Hulk tells Shelley to shut up because there is more. Hulk says the winner of the fatal four way will wrestle an "International X-Division star" at TNA Genesis 2014. "You wanted competition?" asks Hulk "You got it" he says before leaving the ring. An angry Alex Shelley chases after him as we cut to the back.

- Walking towards the ring is the team of Chris Sabin, Gunner and James Storm. Tenay informs us that the main event of Chris Sabin, Gunner and James Storm Vs Ted DiBiase Jr and The All Night Express is coming up next and then...The announcement!

TNA Six Man Tag Team Match:

Chris Sabin, Gunner and James Storm Vs Ted DiBiase Jr and The All Night Express

The music of James Storm hits as Gunner and James Storm emerge from the backstage area and walk towards the ring. They high five the fans at ringside and slide into the ring where they are checked for foreign objects by Earl Hebner. Next the music of Chris Sabin hits as he emerges from the backstage area ready for the match. He jogs down to the ring and joins his team as the crowd cheer for Sabin and start a small "Sabin" chant for him. Next the music of Ted DiBiase Jr hits as he and The All Night Express all walk out together and are booed by the audience. They yell at the fans from the ring and take their spots on the apron as we cut to commercial break.

As we return from commercial break the match is already underway with Chris Sabin nailing Kenny King with a dropkick off the ropes. Sabin hits a suplex on King as Sabin tags in Gunner who forearms King multiple times and tosses him into the corner before using his shoulder to the gut of King. King is desperate to get a tag but Gunner is having none of it and scoop slams him in the middle of the ring before tagging in James Storm. Storm immediately nails a running knee drop on King which earns the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion a 2 count. King is pushed into the corner but as referee Hebner tries to break them both up King kicks Storm low whilst the referee isn't looking.

Now Kenny King tags out as he and Rhett Titus nail a double clothesline on Storm earning themselves a 2 count. Rhett works over Storm a little bit as he and King tag in and out so that they remain fresh. When Storm is weak enough Ted DiBiase Jr is tagged in as he works away at the neck of Storm with clotheslines, neckbreaker and even a piledriver right in the middle of the ring which earned him a 2 count which was almost 3. Eventually DiBiase Jr whips Storm off the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Storm ducks it and nails a Superkick on DiBiase Jr from out of nowhere. Both men are down as Storm crawls over and tags in Chris Sabin whilst on the other side DiBiase Jr tags in Rhett Titus.

Sabin is as fresh as a daisy as he quickly nails Rhett Titus and tosses the interfering Kenny King to the floor. Sabin attempts the Hail Sabin on Rhett but DiBiase Jr breaks it up from behind. Gunner spears DiBiase Jr to the floor as Sabin nails Titus with an Enziguri. Sabin signals for the Hail Sabin but DiBiase Jr is in the ring with a Steel Chair. He swings it at Sabin but Sabin moves out of the way, grabs the chair from DiBiase Jr and nails him in the head with it right infront of Earl Hebner who immediately calls for the bell awarding a disqualification victory to Ted's team. Chris Sabin doesn't care however as he nails Rhett Titus in the head with the chair and then tosses it at Kenny King who is on the floor.

Sabin is joined by Gunner and Storm in the ring as DiBiase Jr and The All Night Express recover on the floor. Sabin poses by lifting the chair above his head which gets a huge reaction from the audience. A "Hail Sabin" chant breaks out as the announcers put that match over as being fantastic. Strikers wonders out loud what their retaliation will be as Borash says that an employee should never cross his boss.

Ted DiBiase Jr and The All Night Express defeated Chris Sabin, Gunner and James Storm via disqualification

- As Sabin, Gunner and Storm leave the ring we cut to the announcers who say they have just received word that Hulk Hogan is about to join us in the ring for the second time tonight. We view another video package, this time with a different set of fans. The fans are asked by Borash who is making their return tonight as one fan speculates that Sid Vicious could be returning as another suggests that Stone Cold could be joining TNA. Borash has a hearty laugh at that one as we cut back to the ring where the music of Hulk Hogan hits.

- Hulk receives another healthy pop from the Florida faithful as he walks down to the ring and plays to the crowd the entire time. Hulk enters the ring and cups his hand to his ear on all four sides as the crowd erupt into cheers for him. Hulk stands in the middle of the ring as Tenay proclaims "What a moment"

Hulk is handed a microphone by Christy Hemme as he says tonight is a great night for TNA because of what he has in his hand. Hulk lifts his hand up to reveal a video tape. Hulk says on that video tape is the person who is coming to TNA revealing who they are. Hulk hands this off to a production assistant at ringside and continues talking. Hulk says this person will make their debut in TNA and their return to the wrestling business on the January 2nd edition of TNA Impact live which is of course coming from California. Hulk says this person has cross over appeal and is known throughout Hollywood. Hulk mentions that he personally invited this person to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling to improve it.

Hulk stops himself and says he isn't going to wait any longer. Hulk says if the production people in the back are ready they can roll the tape right now and reveal who the surprise is. Striker proclaims that he cannot wait any longer and that he is too excited. Borash asks if Matt Striker is "marking out" in which Striker responds with "Don't go there. You'll get me in trouble"

Hulk points to the big screen as we see the silohuette of what looks like a woman who is walking down a red carpet. We see multiple camera flashes as the woman stops in front of a podium. The room lightens up to reveal none other than STACY KEIBLER the crowd at Universal Studio's are going nuts as Stacy smiles and says she's very happy to be back in the professional wrestling industry and that she can't wait to let everyone know why she's returned on the January 2nd edition of TNA Impact. Stacy says the fans will be impressed as the video cuts out and we cut back to the ring.

Hulk Hogan claps his hands in the ring as the crowd are cheering the announcement. The announcers can't believe that a star as big as Stacy Keibler is coming to TNA as Striker proclaims that TNA is the best wrestling company in the world and that Hollywood knows it. The show begins closing as we're thanked for tuning in as the show cuts away.

---End Show---

Show Attendance: 900 (Sell Out!)

Show Rating: C

TV Rating: 0.7
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

- TNA Showtime managed a 0.7 rating last night going up 0.2 points from last weeks episode. It's assumed this increase is because of the massive revelation that former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler will appear on the January 2nd edition of TNA Impact.

- Speaking of Stacy Keibler, it's currently unknown how long she will remain in TNA for. We have heard that it's a Pay Per Appearance deal and that Stacy Keibler is making approximately 15,000 dollars an appearance so one has to think she won't be around long. However, Stacy has already proved her worth with major media outlets such as TMZ picking up the story about Stacy's return to wrestling.

- The January 2nd Impact is being talked about within wrestling groups around the world as wrestling fans become more and more excited for the first major show of the year. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is going all out for this event which will come to you from the 12,000 seat Pauley Pavillion in California. The show currently will feature AJ Styles Vs Kurt Angle in a Cage, Alex Shelley defending the TNA X-Division Title, The return of Stacy Keibler and Abyss Vs Jeff Jarrett. shows that approximately 2500 tickets have already been sold for the event which is fantastic news for TNA.

- Here is TNA's press release for this weeks edition of Impact:


Total Nonstop Action Wrestling returns to the Smith Spectrum Arena in Logan Utah for 2 hours of Impact Wrestling. This event will feature all of your favourite stars such as Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Ted DiBiase Jr, Bobby Lashley and many more!

The main event of this weeks edition of TNA Impact Wrestling will be one that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat as former 10 time World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett challenges rising superstar Ted DiBiase Jr one on one. Ted Jr is a prominent member of Team Bischoff whilst Jeff Jarrett has been rumored to be linked with Team Hogan. What will happen when these two men with very different views collide in this weeks main event?

Mixed Martial Arts star King Mo has requested television time to openly discuss the incident he had with Bobby Lashley on last weeks edition of TNA Impact Wrestling. For fans who missed the program, King Mo broke the hand of Bobby Lashley putting the accomplished amateur and professional wrestler on the sidelines. With Bobby Lashley out of the picture what will King Mo have to say for himself? Will he have remorse for Lashley? Tune in and find out!

In other Impact Wrestling action we'll see Magnus team up with Chris Sabin to take on Revolution X consisting of Anarquia and Chavo Guerrero Jr whilst Alex Shelley will collide with Jessie in a non title match.

This edition of TNA Impact Wrestling cannot be missed so make sure you tune in and watch at 8/9c on Spike TV!

- Here are TNA Xplosion results:


Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco defeated 2 Florida Independent Wrestlers

Noam Dar defeated Anarquia W/ Chavo Guerrero
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

- We get the normal opening and a shot of the Smith Spectrum in Logan Utah as the announcers welcome us and talk about last weeks show. They talk about how King Mo has requested some time to speak tonight and has been granted it then we get some hype for tonights main event between Jeff Jarrett and Ted DiBiase Jr. The announcers say it will be a huge test for Ted DiBiase Jr as he faces a former 10 time World Heavyweight Champion in Jeff Jarrett.

TNA Singles Match:

Homicide Vs Noam Dar

The announcers say we're going straight into in ring action tonight as Homicide makes his entrance and walks towards the ring with a bandana covering his mouth. He enters the ring and poses on the ropes as the crowd cheer for him. Next out is Kurt Angle's new protege Scotland's own Noam Dar. He jogs down to ringside high fiving fans at ringside before diving into the ring and posing on the top turnbuckle. The crowd cheer for him as he jumps down and stands off with Homicide. Referee Earl Hebner calls for the opening bell and we are underway.

Noam and Homicide lock up with Homicide quickly tossing Noam to the mat and posing to some heat from the audience. Noam slowly gets up, brushes himself off and attempts a takedown on Homicide. Homicide moves but Noam kicks Homicides legs out from underneath him and immediately grabs the arm locking in an armbar. Noam really wrenches it in as Homicide stands up and tosses Noam over the top rope. Noam lands on the apron and quickly attempts a springboard dropkick into the ring but Homicide moves causing Noam to crash and burn right in the middle of the ring.

Homicide quickly scoops Noam up and delivers a scoop slam in the middle of the ring before bouncing off the ropes and nailing a legdrop on him. Noam kicks out at two as Homicide picks him up again and nails a belly to belly suplex on Noam. Noam is covered again but again he manages to kick out at 2 as he argues a little with referee Earl Hebner. The announcers take the time to hype the Cop Killa finishing move as Homicide attempts the Cop Killa but Noam rolls him up earning himself a 2 count. Noam quickly gets to his feet and charges at Homicide before nailing him with a huge clothesline.

The match rages on as Homicide gets to his feet and is quickly hit with a rana. Homicide gets to his feet quickly and is nailed with a snap suplex right in the middle of the ring. Homicide grabs at his back in pain as Noam climbs to the top rope and waits for Homicide to rise. Homicide takes his time to rise but as soon as he turns around he's hit with a one legged missile dropkick off the top rope knocking Homicide down and out in the middle. Noam takes a few seconds to recover before covering Homicide for the one two and thr-NO! Homicide kicks out as the crowd heavily boo. Noam Dar can't believe it but he has no time to argue as Homicide charges at him which causes Noam to duck. Homicide comes flying off the ropes and is hit with a spinning forearm straight to the head of Homicide. Noam pins Homicide in the middle of the ring as Earl Hebner drops down and counts the one, two and three.

Noam Dar jumps to his feet after winning the match as JR, Mike Tenay and Taz put him over as a future superstar. Noam helps Homicide to his feet as Homicide raises Noam's hand and the two men hug. The announcers proclaim that Noam has now earned Homicide respect as we cut away.

Noam Dar defeated Homicide

- We cut to the back as Team Bischoff have arrived at the building and are quickly stopped by Jeremy Borash. King Mo and The All Night Express keep walking as Ted DiBiase Jr is asked about his match tonight with Jeff Jarrett. DiBiase Jr sighs and says that TNA management has thrown everything they can at him and he's overcome it. DiBiase Jr mentions his victories over Ken Shamrock, Mr Anderson and Sting and says tonight he will add Jeff Jarrett to that list. DiBiase Jr says after he beats Jarrett he's coming for Kurt Angle and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. We cut to commercial as Bischoff and DiBiase Jr walk away.

- We return from commercial and get a recap video of the Stacy Keibler announcement that happened on TNA Showtime. They replay the video as the announcers talk about how next week Stacy Keibler will be on TNA Impact LIVE.

TNA Singles Match:

Alex Shelley Vs Jessie

We return to the ringside area as Jessie of the Bromans is warming up in the ring. Next, the music of Alex Shelley hits as he walks out with the TNA X-Division Championship around his waist and cockily struts towards the ring. Shelley takes the TNA X-Division Title off and poses on the top turnbuckle with it. The announcers take the time to put Shelley over and hype up his match for next week as the opening bell is called for by Brian Hebner.

Shelley and Jessie lock up in the middle of the ring as the two struggle for position. Shelley quickly locks in a front facelock as Jessie drives him into the corner and shoulders away at him multiple times. Shelley releases his grip as Jessie lifts him onto the top rope and attempts to climb up but Shelley kicks him in the face and dives off the ropes hitting him with a flying clothesline which gets a nice reaction from the crowd. Shelley attempts a pin but Jessie kicks out at only 1. Shelley quickly grabs a leg and locks in a leg lock as the crowd begins booing him for slowing the match down.

Shelley keeps the move locked in as Jessie eventually gets out of it and gets to his feet. He didn't remain their long however as Shelley kicked away at Jessie's leg until he collapsed in the ring. Shelley continued kicking away at the leg and working it over throughout the middle of the match with a variety of moves and holds. An STF was locked in as Jessie managed to crawl over to the bottom rope and break the hold. Shelley is in complete control of the match as Jessie cannot even stand up without the help of the ropes. As soon as Jessie gets to his feet he's hit with a chop block from behind by Shelley.

Shelley stomps away at the leg before quickly picking up the leg and locking in a One Legged Boston Crab. Jessie taps almost immediately as Shelley doesn't break the hold right away but eventually does. Shelley quickly grabs the X-Division Title, poses with it and rolls out of the ring before walking up the ramp as we cut to another commercial.

Alex Shelley defeated Jessie

- We return from commercial as the announcers talk about a video they have received from none other then "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles. The video airs as AJ is seated at home clearly injured. AJ starts by saying it's obvious he's still hurt from the Final Resolution match but that it won't stop him from fighting in the cage match at the January 2nd edition of Impact Wrestling. AJ talks about how he and Angle have been at eachothers throats for months now and come next Thursday night he will do WHATEVER it takes to regain his TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

- After the video we immediately cut to the backstage area where Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco are once again arguing with eachother. This time security storm the area before the two can fight eachother. Garrett Bischoff yells that he's going to talk to his dad about the two having a match at Genesis 2014. Brisco yells back that he'll kick Garrett's ass as we cut away.

TNA Tag Team Match:

Greg Marasciulo and Rob Terry Vs Team 3.D

We return to the ringside area as the announcers take a moment to discuss what just happened as Greg Marasciulo's music hits and he walks out along with Rob Terry. The two high five fans at ringside before entering the ring and posing to a small reaction from the audience. Next, the music of Team 3.D hits as Bully and Devon emerge from the backstage area. Mike Tenay immediately points out that both members of Team 3.D don't look happy at all as they enter the ring and casually warm up in their corner. Referee Brian Hebner calls for the opening bell and we are underway with this one.

Bully Ray and Marasciulo are starting this one as Bully immediately grabs Marasciulo and clubs him hard on the back knocking the young X-Division star to the mat. Bully kicks him in the head a couple times and yells at him before kicking him hard in the stomach. Marasciulo manages a tag to Rob Terry who gets a slight advantage over Bully Ray due to his size and scoop slams him in the middle of the ring but that success was to be short lived because Rob Terry attempted an elbow drop and Bully rolled out of the way managing to tag in his partner Devon who ran in and immediately attacked Rob Terry from behind.

Devon began working over Terry much like Bully did with a variety of strikes and moves that really limited what the big man could do. Terry did manage to fight back on Devon but whilst referee Brian Hebner was distracted Bully Ray entered the ring and knocked Terry down with a low blow. Devon attempted a cover but the Welshmen kicked out at just two to the joy of the crowd. Team 3.D continued taking turns working Terry over however using a variety of single and tag team moves to really exhaust Terry. The crowd were solidly against both Bully and Devon and came to life when Terry finally did knock Devon down and tag in Greg Marasciulo.

Marasciulo rushes in immediately hitting a shining wizard on Devon and attempting a pin but only earning himself a 2 count after Bully broke it up. Rob Terry begins delivering right hands to Bully Ray but Terry charges at Bully which ends up being a mistake as Bully lowers the ropes sending Terry to the floor. Referee Brian Hebner takes a moment to check Terry as Devon lowblows Marasciulo and lifts him up. Bully Ray is right there as Team 3.D deliver the 3.D right in the middle of the ring. Bully Ray rolls out of the ring as Devon covers for the one, two and three.

Post match Devon is clearly tired and rolls to the floor where he hugs Bully. The announcers talk about how fans can question the methods of Bully and Devon but they get the job done every time they step into the ring. Marasciulo and Terry recover in the ring as we cut to commercial break.

Team 3.D defeated Greg Marasciulo and Rob Terry

- We return from commercial as Jeremy Borash is standing by with Jeff Hardy and Manik. Borash asks Jeff Hardy about the heart break of losing their tag titles last week in the Impact Main Event. Hardy says it was rough to lose the World Tag Titles after just 4 days but that's how the business is. Manik begins talking about how Kazarian hit him in the head with the title belt and how everyone saw it. Manik says that he and Jeff are invoking their rematch clause for TNA Genesis 2014.

Jeremy Borash makes note that Team 3.D already have a match with Bad Influence on PPV as Jeff Hardy says he already spoke to Hulk Hogan about it and that at Genesis 2014 it will be Bad Influence Vs Jeff Hardy/Manik Vs Team 3.D in a triple threat tag match for the TNA World Tag Team Titles. The crowd cheer for this but suddenly Manik and Hardy are attacked from behind by none other then Team 3.D. The clearly infuriated Bully Ray and Devon yell about how this is an injustice as Manik gets tossed into the interview set. Team 3.D storm off as Hardy and Manik are left down and out backstage.

- We cut to the back where we find Chris Sabin warming up in the hallway of the arena. Suddenly on scene is TNA Television Champion Magnus. The two embrace and shake hands as Magnus says he wanted to just thank Chris Sabin for coming on board tonight and helping him out with his problem against Revolution X. Chris Sabin talks about how it's no issue because he respects Magnus and thinks he's "the present of the business" the two kiss eachothers ass for a little bit before we cut to the ringside area.

TNA Singles Match:

Mr Anderson Vs Robbie E

Robbie E's music plays as the other member of the Bromans walks out clearly annoying the audience who boo him and shout at him from their seats. Next, Kennedy's music hits and out he comes looking energetic and pumped up. He high fives some fans at ringside and charges into the ring but is immediately attacked by Robbie E. Referee Brian Stiffler calls for the bell and we are underway.

Robbie E stomps away at Anderson but Anderson soon manages to fight back using multiple right hands on the mid section of Robbie E and delivering a suplex on him. Anderson takes a moment to play to the crowd before locking in a camel clutch on Robbie E. Robbie eventually reverses this hold and charges at Anderson but is met with a clothesline knocking him down. Anderson again plays to the crowd and they cheer him whilst he stomps away at Robbie E and tosses him into the corner before nailing a slingshot suplex on Robbie. Robbie writhes around in pain on the mat as Anderson quickly looks to continue his dominance.

Robbie kicks Anderson low to a negative reaction from the audience. Robbie continues to work Anderson down using a variety of submission holds and dirty manevours. Robbie E knocks Anderson down with a superkick and taunts the audience as the announcers talk about how Robbie E should probably be trying to win the match instead of playing to the audience. Anderson gets to his feet as Robbie signals for the his neckbreaker finishing move. Robbie attempts the hold but Anderson fights out of it and starts delivering right hands to the face of Robbie E.

Robbie E ducks one of the right hands and attempts to deliver the Mic Check on Anderson but Anderson counters, kicks Robbie E in the stomach and nails the Mic Check right in the middle of the ring. Anderson covers Robbie as referee Stiffler drops down and counts the three count.

Anderson celebrates but JR immediately interrupts and says we have to cut to the back right now because something is going on in Hulk Hogan's office

Mr Anderson defeated Robbie E

- We cut to the back as a camera man rushes into Hulk Hogan's office. A table is turned upside down as security are holding back Team 3.D who are yelling at Hulk. Team 3.D yell something about "Tables, Ladders and Chairs" never being apart of the deal as Hulk sternly replies that he makes the rules. Hulk tells the team of security guards to get rid of Team 3.D as the announcers speculate on what exactly is going on.

- We cut to the back where the TNA World Tag Team Champions Bad Influence are giggling like little school girls after seeing what just happened on the monitor. Kazarian says to Daniels that Hardy and Manik are hurt whilst Team 3.D are way too angry to be able to concentrate on the match at Genesis. Daniels says that it will be an easy victory for them at Genesis and that they can continue to hold onto the World Tag Team Titles. We cut to commercial as the two members of Bad Influence sip a nearby martini

- We return from commercial as Austin Aries is backstage standing by with Jeremy Borash who asks him about the X-Division Title match at Final Resolution. Aries says it was tough to lose a big match like that and talks about how he would have loved to become the three time X-Division Title. Aries says he's looking at working his way back up the X-Division ladder and it all starts tonight with his match against Christopher Daniels.

TNA Singles Match:

Austin Aries Vs Christopher Daniels W/ Frankie Kazarian

The music of Bad Influence starts as both Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian emerge from the backstage area. The announcers go into hype mode for the triple threat tag team title match that we're going to see at Genesis 2014 as we get clips of Team 3.D running rampant through the backstage area tonight. Daniels enters the ring and plays to the crowd as they boo him. Austin Aries is out next as the crowd react for him in a big way with an "Aries" chant breaking out as he enters the ring and poses on the top turnbuckle. Referee Brian Stiffler checks both men are ready and calls for the bell.

The two immediately begin trading forearms in the middle of the ring as Daniels attempts an irish whip out of nowhere but has it reversed and is nailed with a flying forearm by Aries. Daniels rolls to the floor as Aries poses in the middle of the ring to a huge reaction from the audience. Kazarian encourages Daniels to go back in and fight and Daniels does but is quickly dropkicked down to the mat which causes him to roll out again. Aries stares down at Daniels on the floor as Daniels tries to call for time out but that isn't happening as Aries jumps to the floor and chases Daniels around ringside. Aries suddenly trips at ringside as the camera reveals that Frankie Kazarian stuck his leg out allowing Daniels to get the advantage.

Brian Stiffler threatens Kazarian that if anything else happens he's gone as Daniels smashes Aries head first into the ring post and tosses him back into the ring earning himself a 2 count. The crowd are solidly behind Aries here as Daniels nails a belly to back suplex on him earning himself yet another 2 count. Daniels tosses Aries over the top rope and distracts the referee as Kazarian drives Aries' head into the ring post. The match raged on with Daniels in complete control but after an attempted double team move goes wrong Daniels accidentally collides with Kazarian and knocks him off the apron as an exhausted Aries tries to get back into the match.

Daniels turns around as Aries nails him with multiple forearms and bounces off the ropes nailing him with a running forearm. Aries takes a moment to regain his composure and knocks Kazarian off the apron. Aries turns around as Daniels swings at him but misses. Aries turns Daniels around and attempts the Brainbuster but Daniels slips out and attempts a Death Valley Driver but Aries slips out the back and nails the Brainbuster out of nowhere. An exhausted Aries wasn't happy with just the Brainbuster though, he climbed to the top rope and nailed a 450 Splash for good measure and hooked the leg as referee Brian Stiffler counted the one, two and three.

After Austin Aries is announced as the winner he celebrates in the ring but suddenly the crowd erupt into boo's as Team 3.D rush down to the ring. Aries rolls out of the ring as Team 3.D grab Christopher Daniels and nail the 3.D on him. Kazarian enters the ring and is swiftly hit with the Bully Bomb as we cut to commercial break.

Austin Aries defeated Christopher Daniels W/ Frankie Kazarian

- We return from commercial break as Team 3.D are still in the ring with a microphone. Bully Ray begins speaking about how Team 3.D cannot sit around and deal with the injustice of being robbed of their tag team title match. Bully brags about taking out the other two teams and says he did it simply because he and Devon are mad. Devon now has the microphone and makes note that the Genesis match next month will be a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. He says Team 3.D don't want to compete in that match and that they should not have to but they will, because they're the greatest tag team in the world and nobody can stop them.

- We cut to the back and Revolution X are walking towards the ring. Their match against Chris Sabin and TNA Television Champion Magnus is next and the announcers hype that up.

TNA Tag Team Match:

Chris Sabin and Magnus Vs Revolution X

Revolution X have the honor of the first entrance as they both walk out with a Mexican flag waving it on the ramp. This gets them a lot of heat from the audience as they smirk and walk down to the ring. The flag is set down in the corner as the two members of Revolution X warm up. Next, Chris Sabin and Magnus emerge from the back with Chris Sabin waving a big American flag to a massive reaction from the audience. Both Sabin and Magnus charge the ring as referee Brian Hebner calls for the opening bell.

Both teams start the match by brawling with Chris Sabin and Magnus getting the advantage. Revolution X are very quickly thrown to the floor as they gather themselves in front of the announce table. JR says we're going to go to commercial and we do. Once we come back Chavo Guerrero has Chris Sabin in a head lock in the middle of the ring. Sabin struggles to get out of it as Chavo gets Sabin to his feet but immediately tags in Anarquia who climbs to the top rope and double axe handles Sabin to the mat. Revolution X are quite vicious in their approach as Taz points out they seem a lot more focused than usual.

Revolution X continued taking turns tagging in and out and working over Sabin who was fading quickly in the ring. A number of double teams including suplexes and slams really had Sabin fade but everything went badly for Revolution X after an attempt at a double clothesline was ducked by Sabin and he hit a double clothesline of his own on both men. With all three men down Sabin began crawling slowly over to Magnus who was clapping his hands to get the crowd behind Sabin. Anarquia grabbed the leg of Sabin stopping him from tagging in Magnus but Sabin quickly nailed him with an enziguri and tagged in the young TNA Television Champion.

Magnus races in nailing right hands on both members of Revolution X and hitting Anarquia with a huge Samoan Drop. Anarquia rolls to the floor as Magnus turns around and is hit in the head with the Mexican flag pole. Referee Brian Hebner is distracted by the unconscious Anarquia on the floor as Sabin is also nailed in the stomach with the flag pole. Chavo tosses the flag to the side of the ring and covers Magnus as referee Brian Hebner turns around and counts the three count for Chavo Guerrero and awards him the big victory here on Impact!

Revolution X defeated Chris Sabin and Magnus

- Post match Anarquia pulls out a pair of handcuffs and cuffs Sabin to the turnbuckle as Chavo punches away at Magnus. Chavo is soon joined by Anarquia as we get a vicious 2 on 1 assault by Revolution X on Magnus. Magnus has his cut from Final Resolution opened up as Chavo waves the Mexican flag in the ring to a lot of heat from the audience. Sabin has now recovered and is trying to get free as Revolution X drape the Mexican flag over Magnus and slowly leave the ringside area for the backstage area. Our final shot is of an unconscious Magnus being assisted by referee Brian Hebner.

- We return from commercial as the announcers say that Mike Tenay has just gone backstage to grant King Mo's request of television time tonight. They hype a couple of PPV matches before saying that Tenay is now with King Mo backstage. We cut to Mike Tenay who is sitting down with King Mo in a private lockeroom. King Mo cockily smirks at the camera as Tenay says he's going to cut right to the chase and ask point blank why King Mo did what he did last week to Bobby Lashley. Mo laughs a little and says Bobby Lashley is an MMA wannabe who only returned to TNA because he couldn't make it in MMA.

King Mo says that Lashley is a disgrace to both pro wrestling and mixed martial arts. Mo says despite the fact that Lashley is a disgrace he's still a great professional wrestler and that Mo was brought in by Bischoff to deal with Lashley quickly. Mo says the time for talking is done, Mo proclaims that at Genesis he wants to face Bobby Lashley 1 on 1 inside the confines of a Mixed Martial Arts Cage. Mo says this isn't going to be a pro wrestling match but instead it will be a Shoot Fight. Mo says he eagerly awaits Lashley's response as we cut away.

TNA Singles Match:

Jeff Jarrett W/ Karen Jarrett Vs Ted DiBiase Jr W/ Eric Bischoff

The announcers hype this huge main event as Ted DiBiase Jr's music hits as he walks out with Eric Bischoff behind him. DiBiase enters the ring and poses on the top turnbuckle as the crowd give him a negative reaction. Bischoff applauds DiBiase as the two wait in the corner for Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett's music blasts through the arena as he and Karen emerge from the backstage area to a big pop from the audience. Jarrett raises his guitar in the air as some pyro explodes from the ramp. He walks down to the ring and enters the ring as he threatens to swing his Guitar at DiBiase Jr who bails to the floor. Jarrett poses a little, is checked for weapons by Earl Hebner and the bell is called for as soon as DiBiase Jr enters the ring.

The two begin brawling immediately as Jarrett is dominating big time with right hands to the head of DiBiase Jr. DiBiase tries to escape but Jarrett hits him with an atomic drop and as DiBiase Jr turns around he's nailed with a clothesline. Jarrett plays to the crowd as JR says we will see more after the commercial break. We return from commercial break as Jarrett still has control with a surf board locked in on DiBiase Jr. DiBiase Jr manages to break the hold but Jarrett quickly stomps away at him not allowing him to get any kind of come back on him. DiBiase Jr rolls to the floor once more as Jarrett remains in the ring playing to the crowd.

Jarrett makes a mistake as he turns his back and has his leg grabbed by Eric Bischoff. As Jarrett tries to stomp the hand of Eric he is attacked from behind by Ted DiBiase Jr who knocks Jarrett down and chokes away at him in the corner. DiBiase Jr distracts Earl Hebner as Bischoff chokes Jarrett as well. The crowd are firmly behind Jarrett and begin chanting his name but DiBiase Jr keeps working him down. Eventually Jarrett got a come back going whilst holding the leg that DiBiase Jr had been working down. Jarrett nails a back body drop on DiBiase Jr before signalling for The Stroke.

Jarrett hits The Stroke on DiBiase Jr right in the middle of the ring and covers him but referee Hebner is distracted by Eric Bischoff who is on the apron. Jarrett rushes over and grabs Bischoff throwing him into the ring but now Kenny King has Earl Hebner distracted as Rhett Titus slides into the ring and nails Jarrett with Jarrett's own Guitar. Jarrett is upright but groggy as DiBiase Jr quickly takes advantage and nails the Dream Crusher right in the middle of the ring. Titus bails out of the ring as King gets off the apron and pulls Bischoff under the bottom rope. Earl Hebner turns around and counts one, two and three. That's it...Jeff Jarrett has lost to Ted DiBiase Jr here in the Impact Wrestling main event.

Ted DiBiase Jr defeated Jeff Jarrett

- Post match an exhausted DiBiase Jr stomps Jarrett out of the ring as Karen Jarrett checks on Jeff. DiBiase Jr is handed a microphone by Eric Bischoff as he begins taunting Kurt Angle. DiBiase Jr says that this is in Kurt Angle's future and explains that he is destined for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. DiBiase Jr yells that nobody can stop him or Team Bischoff and tosses the microphone as the show ends with an upset Karen Jarrett at ringside and Team Bischoff celebrating their victory in the ring. The announcers question who can stop Team Bischoff before JR thanks us for tuning in and encourages us to tune into TNA Showtime tomorrow night.

---End Show---

Show Attendance: 2342

Show Rating: C+

TV Rating: 1.1
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