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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

- TNA Impact managed a 1.3 rating last night which people within the company are apparently very happy about. TNA usually struggles to draw a 1.3 rating for PPV quality shows so there is excitement in the office. One has to question whether Eric Bischoff can keep this number up for next weeks show though or if the 1.3 is simply because of Hulk Hogan wrestling in the main event

- It's rumoured that Eric Bischoff has began bringing in more wrestlers to fill the holes left by the 15 or so TNA Wrestlers that were released just a couple of months ago. TNA has seen the return of Alex Shelley, Dr Stevie and James Mitchell in recent weeks and Eric seems keen to bring more in. With free agents like John Hennigan and Chris Masters around one has to question who TNA will hire next.

- An inside source of TNA says after the match between Hulk and Bully on Impact it took Hulk over an hour to recover in the back and start moving around normally. Hulk only took 1 bump in the match but his back is so badly damaged that the 1 bump legitimately hurt him. Rumor has it that Hulk was convinced by Eric to do the match for the good of TNA and Hulk complied.

- Eric is said to be HUGE on Alex Shelley hence the victory of the X-Division Title and a major marquee match at Bound For Glory. Eric isn't usually into smaller wrestlers but Shelley had allegedly impressed Eric with the end of Hardcore Justice and Eric has rewarded him with a push. It's unknown how far Shelley will be pushed but at only 30 years old Eric could be grooming him to become a major star.

- We have the TNA Impact press release for next weeks show posted below for anyone who may be interested in it


TNA Impact returns to the Black River Coliseum for 2 hours of TNA wrestling action which is also set to air on Spike TV at 8/9c

Last week on Impact, Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan fought in a Street Fight which resulted in Bully Ray getting a victory over "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan. Bully Ray is confident from that victory and on this weeks Impact the TNA World Heavyweight Champion is set to team with his brother Devon to take on "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles and a partner of his choosing. AJ and Bully have become increasingly hostile towards eachother in recent weeks and it's all set to explode on this weeks edition of Impact.

This weeks edition of TNA Impact will also feature the final of the Bound For Glory series. The United Kingdom's Magnus is set to take on Christopher Daniels with the winner getting a title shot against Bully Ray next week. Magnus will be looking to win and put an end to Aces and Eights and to become the first British TNA World Heavyweight Champion. On the other hand Christopher Daniels will be motivated to win the only title he hasn't won in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling that being the TNA World Heavyweight Title. This match promises to be a massive one and fans will witness it on Impact

Hulk Hogan was stretchered out of the Black River Coliseum last week after being piledriven onto the ring board. Hulk won't be at the Black River Coliseum this week but we here at Total Nonstop Action Wrestling will have an update on the condition of Hulk for all of Hulk's fans out there.

This show promises to be a huge one with a massive double main event and someone receiving a TNA World Heavyweight Title match for next weeks Impact. This show CANNOT be missed so we encourage all fans to tune into Spike TV at 8/9c for TNA Impact.
- In other TNA news, Here is the results of Xplosion airing in multiple markets this week:


Petey Williams defeated Jay Bradley

Homicide defeated Robbie E
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

TNA Impact is airing tonight. We've been told we'll receive an update on Hulk Hogan we'll also receive the finals of the Bound For Glory series and AJ Styles (With a mystery partner) will take on Team 3.D in tag action. I've been impressed with Bischoff's shows lately so lets get to this weeks review.

TNA Impact Results

- The show starts with a recap of last week with Bully Ray defeating Hulk Hogan in a rather brutal way. Tenay says they'll have an update on Hulk's condition later as Brooke Hogan's music plays and out comes the daughter of Hulk. She looks serious and enters the ring before being handed a microphone. She waits for the small applause to die down before beginning to speak. Brooke says what happened last week wasn't fair and that her father is still in the hospital from the beating. Brooke says Eric Bischoff isn't around tonight so she is in charge of the show tonight.

Brooke says she has instructions from Eric and Hulk on how to run the show tonight but she won't be following them. Brooke tears up the paper (Presumably with instructions on them) and says tonight she's going to attempt to do what her father couldn't and that's end Aces and Eights. Brooke says tonight she's going to book Mr Anderson who is currently without a match into a match. Brooke says her Father is a big Chris Sabin fan so she says Mr Anderson will take on Chris Sabin later tonight which gets a decent reaction from the audience.

Brooke thanks the audience for coming before saying she loves TNA and will do her best to put on an entertaining show tonight. Tenay, Striker and Taz discuss this before coming to the conclusion that tonight will be a huge show and one for the record books. Taz says he isn't in favour of TNA trying to end Aces and Eights every week as we cut to the parking lot

- In the parking lot AJ Styles has left his car and is walking towards the doors. He is stopped by Jeremy Borash who questions him on who his tag partner will be tonight. AJ says usually he'd tell Borash but that'd be a bad idea because Aces and Eights could simply find his partner and take him out. AJ assures Borash that he has a partner and says he and his partner will easily beat Team 3.D tonight

TNA X-Division Championship Match:

Alex Shelley (C) Vs Greg Marasciulo

Marasciulo is out first with a generic rock theme he enters the ring and starts warming up as the announcers talk about how he's done well in TNA so far but hasn't been challenged on Impact for a long time. The new X-Division Champion Alex Shelley is out next with a camera and tripod in hand. He places the camera in the ramp way before taking the belt off and entering the ring before we cut to commercial.

We get back from commercial and Chris Sabin is now at ringside doing some announcing for the match. Alex Shelley is already on top of Marasciulo and has a head lock around the head of Marasciulo. Marasciulo fights out however hitting a number of hip tosses and even pulling out a Japanese Armdrag. Shelley rolls to the floor but Sabin stands up causing Shelley to immediately roll back in where he's met with a number of right hands from Marasciulo. Marasciulo whips Shelley off the ropes and hits him with a Rana causing Shelley to land on the mat and roll to the floor. Marasiculo bounces off the ropes and dives through the middle rope landing on top of Shelley who immediately drops to the floor.

Marasiculo gets up quickly as he soaks in the applause from the audience and throws Shelley back into the ring where he attempts a sunset flip but is stomped in the face as Shelley bounces off the ropes and kicks Marasciulo hard in the back. As Marasiculo winces in pain Shelley bounces off the ropes and hits a neck snap causing Marasciulo to roll around grabbing his head. Shelley locks in a full nelson but Marasiculo gets to the ropes quickly. Shelley breaks the hold at 4 before quickly lifting Marasciulo up and hitting a lifting DDT which got the X-Division Champ a 2 count. Shelley played to the crowd on the top rope a little before delivering a double foot stomp right to the chest of Marasciulo.

After the double foot stomp Shelley only managed a 2 count and began arguing with referee Brian Hebner. Shelley went back to work quickly however but was repeatedly hit and chopped by Marasciulo. Marasciulo hit a massive Superkick before climbing to the top rope. Marasciulo attempts a 450 Splash but Shelley rolls out of the way causing Marasciulo to land face first on the match. Shelley points to his head as the audience boo him. Shelley quickly hits Sliced Bread Number 2 and cockily pins Marasciulo for the one, two and three. Alex Shelley has retained the X-Division Title here on Impact.

Post match Tenay goes into hype mode for the Shelley/Sabin match at Bound For Glory. Striker says that could be the match of the card and is a definite match of the year contender. Tenay agree's as does Taz.

Alex Shelley defeated Greg Marasciulo to retain the TNA X-Division Championship

- Post match as Shelley celebrates on the turnbuckle with the TNA X-Division Title on his shoulder he stares at Sabin and encourages Sabin to enter the ring. Sabin enters the ring as he and Shelley stare down. Before anything can happen referees and other staff run down to break the 2 men up. Sabin gets a microphone and says now that Shelley is X-Division Champion he has a challenge for him. The staff continue to seperate the two men as Sabin says Shelley should have to prove himself. Sabin says over the next 3 weeks he'll bring 3 opponents from the history of the X-Division to wrestle Alex Shelley. If Shelley beats all three then Shelley can pick the stipulation for the match at Bound For Glory. However, If Shelley loses Sabin gets to pick the match. Shelley agree's as Sabin to prepare himself because it starts next week.

- Magnus is backstage with Jeremy Borash as Borash asks him his thoughts on his big match later on tonight. Magnus says it's been a struggle but he's happy to finally be just one match away from a shot at the most prestigious belt in the world. Magnus says when he beats Daniels later on tonight he'll focus on Bully Ray and will defeat him bringing the TNA World Title to the Main Event Mafia.

TNA Singles Match:

Frankie Kazarian Vs Manik

Frankie makes his way out first to some boo's from the audience. Tenay and Taz discuss how Kazarian would love to be in his tag partners shoes tonight and to be wrestling for a World Title shot. Manik is out next as he makes his way to the ring before climbing to the top rope and delivering a forward roll into the ring and immediately standing off with Frankie Kazarian who immediately pushes him and the match quickly begins.

Manik quickly whips Kazarian off the ropes before delivering a dropsault and quickly getting to his feet and back flipping getting a reaction from the audience. Manik plays to the audience as Kazarian recovers and throws Manik into the corner. Kazarian strikes away at him and starts chopping him also before hitting him with a back suplex earning himself a 2 count. Kazarian is vicious as he delivers a stalling suplex. After he delivers it Frankie poses for the audience soaking in the boo's from them. Frankie goes for a pin but Manik is out at 1.

Manik eventually got a come back going hitting a springboard tornado DDT but Kazarian kicked out at 2 and immediately got back on offense. Kazarian hits a slam and climbs to the top rope before hitting a legdrop from the top rope but again he only gets two. Kazarian is clearly frustrated at this point as he attempts to remove the turnbuckle pad but Manik rolls him up but Kazarian kicks out at 2. Manik hits multiple forearms to the back of Kazarians head before lifting him to the top turnbuckle and attempting a superplex. Kazarian knocks Manik down but Manik quickly climbs back to the top rope causing Kazarian to hit a powerbomb off the top rope and straight to the canvas

Manik and Kazarian are both out in the ring as referee Brian Stiffler counts. He reaches a 7 as Kazarian covers Manik but Manik kicks out at 2 to the shock of the crowd. Kazarian quickly lifts Manik up and hits the Fade To Black and quickly covers Manik for the three count and the victory.

Kazarian celebrates post match as he poses on the ramp. Tenay and Striker discuss the depth of the X-Division and how these two men just gave the national wrestling audience something that the competition simply cannot.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Manik

- We cut backstage where Joseph Parks is going nuts flipping the tables at catering. He throws a Security Guard into a nearby wall as Dr Stevie is on the scene and Superkicks him. James Mitchell is also on the scene now as Dr Stevie and James Mitchell inject Joseph Parks with some type of substance before leaving him on the floor

- Chavo Guerrero is backstage with Jeremy Borash as he is questioned as to who his partner is. Chavo says he'll reveal his partner next but says he'll give Borash a hint. The hint is that the team name for Chavo and his partner will be "Revolution X" Borash tries to figure it out as Tenay hypes that we'll see who Chavo's new partner is after the commercial

TNA Tag Team Match:

Latin Amercian Xchange (Hernandez and Homicide) Vs Revolution X (Chavo Guerrero and ??)

LAX are out first as Homicide and Hernandez walk down ready for the match. The two stand in their corner as Chavo Guerrero comes out with a microphone in hand and says his partner is going to be his best partner ever. "It's time" says Chavo as he points to the entrance way and out comes Anarquia. Tenay talks about Anarquia being a former member of the Latin American Xchange and says if anyone can beat LAX it's these two.

Chavo starts off against Homicide as Homicide quickly begins punching away at Chavo. Chavo gets whipped off the ropes and is hit with a Japanese Arm Drag. Homicide picks up Chavo and throws him into his own corner before pointing at Anarquia. Chavo tags to Anarquia as Homicide tags to Hernandez. Hernandez runs at Anarquia but Anarquia hits a clothesline and starts throwing wild punches at the downed Hernandez. Hernandez is pushed into a corner and choked by Anarquia as Chavo distracts the referee.

Anarquia and Chavo take turns beating down Hernandez as Chavo keeps yelling at Hernandez "DO YOU REGRET REPLACING ME" and slapping him. Hernandez got a half comeback going as he whipped Hernandez off the ropes but whilst attempting a back body drop he was kicked in the face by Chavo who quickly hit him with a triple suplex and posed for the audience causing them to boo him. Anarquia was tagged in and he quickly hits a double foot stomp before encouraging Homicide to get in the ring. Homicide does and is stopped by referee as Anarquia chokes away at Hernandez.

Hernandez finally gets the tag to Homicide as Homicide runs in throwing Chavo to the mat and throwing Anarquia to the floor. Chavo is grabbed by Homicide as Homicide picks him up in a Powerbomb position. Chavo pulls something out of his tights as Anarquia grabs at the refs leg distracting him. Chavo smacks Homicide in the head with the object from his tights before throwing it to the floor. Referee Brian Hebner turns around and counts to three as a rage filled Hernandez is just too late to break up the fall.

Post match Anarquia and Chavo dive out of the ring and retreat up the ramp and start celebrating like they have won the Superbowl. An angry Hernandez tends to Homicide as Anarquia and Chavo taunt him from a distance. Striker makes the comment saying that Revolution X has seemingly found a way to bring LAX down.

Revolution X defeated Latin American Xchange

- We cut backstage where Joseph Parks is somewhere in the bowels of the arena. He is clearly distressed and is frothing at the mouth. He constantly says "Abyss" to himself getting increasingly louder each time. "ABYSS!!!" he shouts as he throws a pipe he had in his hand at a nearby wall and goes back to rocking back and forth.

- Team 3.D are in their club house as they discuss AJ and his partner tonight. Bully says that Team 3.D is the greatest team that ever lived and nobody can beat them. Devon says AJ is on a role but tonight Team 3.D has his number. Bully says to the rest of Aces and Eights that if they want to help they can feel free. "Tonight is all about getting rid of Styles!" shouts Bully as each member puts their hand in the middle. Tenay says the match is next as we cut to commercial

TNA Singles Match:

Austin Aries Vs Kenny King

Kenny King is out first as he cockily walks to the ring and slides in. The audience boo's him as he poses on the turnbuckle. Aries walks out next looking focused as he stands on the turnbuckle and receives a bit of a mixed reaction. He is checked for weapons by Earl Hebner as Earl signals for the bell.

Aries and King lock up as Aries immediately breaks the lock up and dropkicks him in the knee. Aries knee's him in the head twice before hitting a Stump Piledriver right in the middle which gets him a 2 count. Aries climbs to the top rope as King rises and is hit with a top rope clothesline from Aries. Aries gets another 2 count before picking up King again and hitting him more knee's to the head. King collapses to the mat as Aries hits a running senton bomb.

King eventually starts fighting back after getting an advantage from poking Aries in the eyes and throws him into the corner striking him multiple times before lifting him onto the top rope and delivering a superplex right to the mat. King immediately gets an arm over Aries but Aries kicks out at two. King whips Aries off the rope and attempts a clothesline but Aries ducks and hits a rana. King is on the mat as he gets up quickly and is hit with an enziguri knocking him back down.

King is groggy in the ring as Aries kicks him in the stomach and signals that this match is over. Aries attempts a Powerbomb but King slips out the back of it and gets a small package. Aries kicks out quickly before kicking King in the stomach and delivering a Brainbuster out of nowhere. Aries pins King and hooks the leg for the three count and the victory.

Austin Aries defeated Kenny King

- Post match Aries celebrates in the ring he is facing the tron as he grabs a microphone and breathes heavily into it. He calls for Bobby Roode saying he's ready to fight him right now. Bobby Roodes music plays but Roode doesn't come down the entrance way instead he's jumped the rail and slides into the ring. Aries notices something is going on and turns around just in time as the two brawl in the ring. Aries gets the better of Roode knocking him to the mat. Roode rolls to the floor and retreats up the ramp as Aries challenges him to come back.

- We cut to a split screen of AJ Styles walking to the ring. In another part of the arena Team 3.D leave the Aces and Eights club house and begin walking towards the entrance way.

- AJ Styles is standing by with Jeremy Borash in the back. He has been stopped by Borash who says he knows he's focused for the match but asks about AJ's partner. AJ looks off screen and is joined by none other then Samoa Joe. Borash freaks out a little as AJ and Joe high five and begin walking towards the ring.

TNA Tag Team Match:

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe Vs Team 3.D (Bully Ray and Devon)

Aces and Eights music brings out Bully and Devon who are booed by the audience. They are clearly angry at AJ's choice of tag partner as they enter the ring they argue with referee Brian Hebner. Samoa Joe's music plays as he walks out pointing at Team 3.D he stops on the ramp and looks at the entrance way as "Evil Ways" brings out AJ Styles who joins Joe on the ramp. The two look at eachother and charge the ring as Hebner immediately calls for the start of this match

AJ and Joe take advantage early dominating the brawl with Team 3.D and knocking them out of the ring. Team 3.D talk on the floor as AJ and Joe high five and play to the audience to a big reaction from them. AJ encourages Joe to retreat to the apron as Devon slides into the ring and starts brawling with AJ again. AJ has full advantage however as he throws Devon into the corner, takes a little run up and delivers a flying forearm into the corner. Devon collapses face first onto the mat as AJ quickly picks him up, whips him off the ropes and delivers a dropkick.

AJ continued his dominance for a little bit until he got too close to Bully Ray on the apron. This allowed Bully to grab AJ and Devon took full advantage attacking the distracted AJ and working him over with a variety of strikes and illegal manevours. Devon eventually tags in Bully Ray who delivers a headbutt on AJ knocking him down and continues the illegal manevours. A scoop slam is delivered on Bully Ray who bounces off the ropes and attempts a Senton Bomb but misses. A tired AJ crawls to the corner and tags in a fresh Samoa Joe

Joe rushes in off the tag and immediately knocks Devon off the apron before turning his attention to Bully. Joe throws him into the corner and open hand chops him multiple times. AJ delivers a swanton bomb over the top rope onto Devon leaving Joe and Bully in the ring. Joe attempts the Muscle Buster but Bully kicks him in the chest causing Joe to fall back and knock over referee Hebner. Bully reaches into his shorts and pulls out a chain before diving off the top rope with chain in hand punching Joe in the face with it. Joe is bleeding as Bully wakes referee Hebner up. Referee Hebner counts to three and awards Team 3.D the victory.

Bully celebrates in the ring with the TNA World Heavyweight Title as AJ Styles enters the ring and kicks him in the stomach 3 times. AJ delivers the Styles Clash on Bully Ray before picking up the belt and posing with it. We cut to commercial with a tired AJ posing with the belt whilst Bully Ray is unconscious on the mat.

Team 3.D defeated AJ Styles and Samoa Joe

- We come back from commercial where a number of TNA Officials are surrounding James Mitchell who has been attacked. His attacker is nowhere to be seen but the barely conscious Mitchell tells Stevie that Stevie knows what to do now. Stevie says he'll handle it and tells Mitchell not to worry.

- A short hype video airs for the Christopher Daniels Vs Magnus match later on tonight. Narrated by Mike Tenay we go through who each man beat in the finals to be here tonight and receive highlights from each match

TNA Singles Match:

Jeff Hardy Vs Knux

Aces and Eights music brings out Knux who walks down to ringside looking angry. He grabs a microphone and immediately calls out Jeff Hardy. Knux says he and Hardy went to jail last week but this week he's sending Hardy to hospital. Hardy makes his way out slaps some high fives at ringside and dances on the ramp to cheers from the audience. He slides into the ring as Knux immediately attacks him and the match begins.

Knux hits a clubbing blow to the back of Hardy before picking him up by his hair and clubbing him back down again. Knux walks to the other side of the ring and raises his hands up as the audience boo's him. Knux turns around but is met with multiple right hands from Hardy. A fifth right hand knocks the big man down as Hardy immediately hits him with a baseball slide knocking him to the floor. As Knux recovers from the floor Hardy jumps to the top rope and delivers a clothesline off the top rope and onto Knux who was on the floor. Hardy takes his time to recover but does so before high fiving fans at ringside and throwing Knux back into the ring.

Hardy rolls in after Knux but Knux is ready and big boots Jeff in the face. Knux starts to go to work on Hardy's head throwing him into the turnbuckle and punching away at him. A Samoan Drop is performed on Hardy as Knux is really in control of this match and he knows it. Hardy begins punching away at Knux but Knux is too strong and delivers a massive clothesline on Hardy causing him to collapse to the mat. A Hardy chant breaks out whilst Hardy is in a camel clutch as "The Charismatic Enigma" begins fighting back. He hits Knux 3 times with elbows to the stomach before running to a turnbuckle and hitting a Whisper In The Wind knocking Knux down.

Knux attempts a big boot but Hardy ducks it and kicks Knux in the stomach. Hardy gets Knux in the Twist Of Fate position and nails it to the cheer of the audience. Hardy quickly rushes over to a turnbuckle climbs to the top rope and signals for the Swanton Bomb but as he does this Garrett Bischoff is on the apron and pushes Hardy off the top rope causing him to crumble in the ring. Referee Earl Hebner calls for the bell and awards Jeff the match via disqualification

Jeff Hardy defeated Knux via disqualification

- Garrett kicks away at Hardy in the ring and is soon joined by his partner in crime Wes Brisco. They double team Hardy as Knux recovers and makes it a triple team. A chain is smashed into the head of Hardy by Garrett as they continue to beat him down. Once they feel they're satisfied the trio leave. Hardy is out cold in the ring as we cut to commercial.

- As we return from commercial we're met by Tenay, Striker and Taz who says yesterday Eric Bischoff held a press conference to discuss the Hulk Hogan situation. Tenay says they are going to show this to us now.

The video airs as Eric Bischoff is standing in a small board room with a few reporters surrounding him. Eric says he visited Hulk in the hospital and that Hulk injured his back and was severely concussed in the match with Bully Ray and that Hulk won't be back in TNA for several weeks. Eric says that Hulk is talking and says the only thing on Hulk's mind is revenge against Bully and Aces and Eights. Eric says he won't be at Impact this week but will return next week.

We cut away from the video as Tenay and Striker discuss the injury. Taz seems to enjoy the fact that Hogan is hurt and laughs at him. Tenay says Taz probably shouldn't be laughing because "Aces and Eights won't last forever"

- Chris Sabin is walking towards the ring as Mike Tenay says that Chris Sabin Vs Mr Anderson is on the other end of this commercial break.

TNA Singles Match:

Chris Sabin Vs Mr Anderson

We return from commercial as Aces and Eights music brings out Mr Anderson who cockily struts to the ring and enters before being checked for weapons by referee Brian Stiffler. Sabin is out next as he walks down to the ring quickly but does take the time to high five fans at ringside before sliding in and being checked for weapons by Stiffler also.

Sabin and Anderson lock up as Sabin takes advantage early locking in an arm wringer. He turns this into a belly to back suplex and nails it earning himself a 2 count relatively early in the match up. Sabin continues on offense kicking Anderson in the gut before bouncing off the ropes and delivering a neckbreaker on Anderson. Sabin plays to the audience and soaks in the cheers from the audience before climbing to the top rope and waiting for Anderson to rise.

Anderson does rise as Sabin attempts a cross body from the top rope but Anderson side steps it causing Sabin to crash and burn in the ring. Anderson wipes his hands clean before punching away at the head of Sabin and locking in a chin lock. Sabin slowly works his way over to the ropes causing Anderson to break the hold at a 4 count. Anderson argues with referee Stiffler as Sabin dropkicks Anderson from behind causing referee Stiffler to be knocked down in the ring. Sabin picks Anderson up and delivers a All Hail Sabin right in the middle of the ring. He pins Anderson but there's no referee around to count.

Sabin tries to wake up referee Stiffler but as he turns around he's hit in the head with a chair by ALEX SHELLEY who had just ran down. Tenay questions where Shelley came from as Shelley leaves through the crowd an exhausted Anderson crawls over and puts an arm over Sabin but Sabin kicks out at 2. Anderson picks up a groggy Sabin and delivers a Mic Check. There was no kicking out for Sabin this time as referee Brian Stiffler counted to three and awarded the match to the Aces and Eights member.

Mr Anderson defeated Chris Sabin

- We return from commercial break as Dr Stevie is in the ring with a microphone in hand. He says he knows "Abyss" is behind the attack on James Mitchell and says enough is enough. Stevie says next week it's going to be Abyss Vs Dr Stevie in a speciality match. Stevie takes the time to discuss Abyss' family history stating that his dad used to whip him with a chain. Stevie says there will be a lot of reminiscing for Abyss next Thursday because they're having a Dog Collar match.

As Stevie says this the lights go out for approximately a minute. When they come back on Abyss is in the ring and before Stevie can do anything he is hit with a Chokeslam by ABYSS. Tenay can't believe Abyss is back as Abyss picks up Dr Stevie and hits him with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss glares down at Dr Stevie as Tenay, Striker and Taz are in shock that he's back.

TNA Bound For Glory Series Final Match:

Christopher Daniels Vs Magnus

Daniels is out first and this time he has no martini. He seems ready for the task at hand as he quickly rolls into the ring and argues with the referee. Magnus is out next as his music plays and he jogs down to ringside obviously pumped up for his match. He dives into the ring and immediately hits Daniels with a clothesline starting the match.

Daniels is down as Magnus quickly hits him with an atomic drop and clothesline him over the top rope. Magnus celebrates on the turnbuckle as we cut to commercial. We return from commercial to see Magnus still in control as he has Daniels locked in a weak looking ankle lock. Daniels get to the ropes as Magnus immediately breaks the hold but drops an elbow on Daniels before picking him up and hitting him with reverse suplex. Daniels lands right in the middle of the ring as Magnus quickly covers Daniels but referee Earl Hebner can only count to two before Daniels kicks out clearly hurt here.

Daniels in a desperation move kicks Magnus directly in the crotch and begins punching away at the back of Magnus. Daniels whips him off the ropes and hits a picture perfect dropkick. Daniels quickly rushes in and locks in a Gogoplata on Magnus. Taz talks about the move and says it's rare for Daniels to use it as Magnus begins to fade but uses all his energy to lift Daniels up into a powerbomb position and drop him down. Magnus collapses on top of Daniels but it's only a 2 count to the shock of Tenay, Striker and the audience. Daniels quickly recovers hitting an Angels Wings out of nowhere. Daniels climbs to the top rope and attempts a Best Moonsault Ever but Magnus rolls out of the way causing Daniels to crash and burn.

Referee Earl Hebner reaches a 4 count as Magnus is back on his feet breaking the count. He yells to the fans that this one is over as they cheer for him. Magnus attempts a Pumphandle Slam but Daniels gets out of it and attempts a dropkick but Magnus quickly ducks it and locks in a Cloverleaf right in the middle of the ring. Daniels is yelling in pain as Hebner asks if he wants to quit. Daniels refuses to quit as Magnus locks in it a lot more tighter causing Daniels to tap wildly on the mat. Hebner calls for the bell as Magnus collapses in a heap after the match.

Magnus gathers himself and gets to his feet as referee Earl Hebner raises his hand. Magnus rolls to the floor and hugs fans at ringside as Mike Tenay has the final words on this episode of Impact. His words simply are "Bully Ray, that's your next challenger. Good luck" we fade to black as Magnus hugs and high fives fans at ringside.

Magnus defeated Christopher Daniels to win the Bound For Glory Series

---End Show---

Show Rating: C+

Attendance: 4241

TV Rating: 1.1
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

- TNA has struggled to maintain it's 1.3 rating that was it's highest rating in a little while. This weeks Impact lost approximately 250,000 fans compared to last weeks episode which featured Bully Ray Vs Hulk Hogan. Rumor has it backstage at TNA that they are trying very hard to make those 250,000 or so fans regulars of the TNA product.

- Sonjay Dutt has left his pay per appearance deal and has signed a full time with All Japan Pro Wrestling who are looking to sign talent after the recent Wrestle-1 clear out of their roster. Sonjay was quoted as saying on a wrestling podcast "I was happy to get out of TNA, I feel they do absolutely zero for my career"

- Kurt Angle is still in rehab after a drink driving incident last month. There are worries within TNA that Kurt may not be able to make it to Bound For Glory which of course features his Hall Of Fame induction. TNA are apparently working on it but Kurt is allegedly in a "dark place" right now

- Hermie Sadler who hosted a YouTube show for TNA was released earlier this week. Joining him is long time TNA Ring Girl So Cal Val and TNA Gut Check winner Jay Bradley. These three were moved on under the excuse of "budget cuts" and TNA has removed the three from their website.

- The major release which has hit the wrestling world quite hard was Zema Ion who had a tumor on his bladder and was working towards an in ring return. Zema was allegedly released by TNA to clear out some roster space but a lot of wrestling fans on the internet are angry about it. Throw in the Jesse Sorensen situation from a couple of months back and TNA isn't looking good.

- We have this weeks TNA Impact press release and it's posted below for your viewing pleasure:


TNA Impact returns to Spike TV live from the Georgia State University Arena in Atlanta Georgia. This show promises to be huge and fans are encouraged to tune in and see what happens LIVE

The main event of the evening is the conclusion of the Bound For Glory series in which we'll witness the winner of the series Magnus getting his World Heavyweight Title shot against Bully Ray. Magnus defeated a lot of talented TNA Stars to get to this point and has said nothing will stop him. The dominant champion Bully Ray has defeated men such as Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan and Sting in his two title reigns and has dominated all of 2013. It's Aces and Eights Vs Main Event Mafia LIVE this week on Impact. Can Magnus take the gold? Tune in and find out.

In other action Abyss' Doctor, Doctor Stevie has said that this week it will be he and Abyss in a Dog Collar Match. Stevie has been out to punish Joseph Parks and make an example of him and prove he's Abyss. Last week Abyss returned but TNA still doesn't know if Abyss is Joseph Parks. What will Abyss do to Stevie in a Dog Collar Match? Can the maniacal James Mitchell impact the match and help Stevie pull the victory out? You'll only find out on Impact.

In other action, Hometown boy AJ Styles will collide with Robbie E, Gunner and James Storm will wrestle LAX in a non title match and we'll see Alex Shelley wrestle the first mystery challenger Sabin has for him.

This episode of Impact promises to be huge so make sure to tune in live, if you can't tune in live make sure you DVR the show at 8/9C
- Here are the TNA Xplosion results for people who follow that show:


Garrett Bischoff, Knux and Wes Brisco defeated Eric Young, Greg Marasciulo and Manik

Alex Shelley defeated Petey Williams to retain the TNA X-Division Championship
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

Tonight TNA Impact is coming to us from Atlanta and we're going to witness Magnus/Bully Ray and a Dog Collar match between Abyss and Dr Stevie. it sounds a tad uneventful but maybe I'll be shocked

TNA Impact Results

- The show opens up to highlights of last weeks match between Christopher Daniels and Magnus in the Bound For Glory Series final. It shows Magnus locking in the Cloverleaf and Daniels desperately tapping out as we open to the Georgia State University Arena and are greeted by Mike Tenay, Matt Striker and Taz. They run down the card saying we'll see Bully/Magnus, Abyss/Stevie and a number of others.

- Main Event Mafia music starts and out comes Sting, Magnus and Joe. Sting walks ahead of the pack before entering the ring as the other two also enter. Sting grabs a microphone and plays to the crowd a little. Says he loves Atlanta and a little company from Atlanta made him famous. The crowd pops at a WCW mention as Sting thanks the fans for coming out and hands off the microphone to Magnus. Magnus says he loves Atlanta getting another pop before talking about his struggle throughout the Bound For Glory Series. He says tonight is his night, he says he's worked hard for this and he won't let TNA, The Main Event Mafia or Atlanta down. "Tonight, Aces and Eights ends" says Magnus as he plays to the crowd a little more and swiftly leaves with the Main Event Mafia in tow as we cut to break.

TNA Singles Match:

AJ Styles Vs Robbie E

We come back from commercial as Robbie E's music plays. He walks out alone and is booed by the audience. He tries to play to them but again they boo him. The lights dim as "Evil Ways" plays and out walks AJ to a massive pop from his hometown crowd. He slaps high fives at ringside before sliding in as referee Brian Hebner calls for the bell to signal the start of the match.

AJ and Robbie lock up as AJ quickly locks in an arm wringer on Robbie E and hits a Japanese Arm Drag. Robbie E gets up quickly as AJ hits a regular arm drag and locks in an arm breaker on Robbie E. Robbie gets his foot onto the ropes as Hebner calls for a break. AJ breaks quickly before throwing Robbie into the corner and punching away at him. AJ jogs backwards before hitting a running clothesline into the corner on Robbie causing Robbie to collapse in the corner. AJ plays to the audience as they cheer him, he soaks in the cheers as he throws Robbie E to the floor before delivering a plancha over the top rope and right onto Robbie E.

AJ drags Robbie E back into the ring and forearms him multiple times but as AJ attempts the Pele Kick he misses and lands hard on his left leg. A groggy Robbie E takes advantage immediately stomping away at AJ's leg and pulling at the leg to try and injure it more. Robbie E quickly locks in a figure four leglock as AJ winces in pain and edges himself closer and closer to the ropes. When he notices an opening he starts kicking away at the head of Robbie E as Robbie is forced to release the hold. Robbie E rushes in but AJ gets a small package for a 2 count. Robbie E quickly rises up but AJ works through the pain and delivers a dropkick straight to the chin of Robbie

AJ is limping on 1 leg but forearms Robbie multiple times and this time connects with the Pele. He takes a moment to recover from the pain before picking Robbie E up, kicking him in the gut and hitting the Styles Clash out of nowhere. AJ rolls Robbie over and pins him for the three count and a hometown victory.

Post match AJ celebrates as Tenay puts AJ over as being a homegrown TNA talent and a master of the Junior Heavyweight style. Taz says he always thought AJ was overrated as Tenay and Taz argue.

AJ Styles defeated Robbie E

- We cut to the office of Eric Bischoff. Eric is typing on a laptop as he hears a knock on the door he tells whoever is on the other side to come in and he is quickly joined by Austin Aries. Aries and Eric shake hands as Aries says he has a request for Eric. Aries requests that Eric grants a match between him and Bobby Roode this week. Eric says that's a huge match and he can't just give it away for free on television. Eric says Bound For Glory is just around the corner and books the match for Bound For Glory. Aries is satisfied as he leaves. Eric goes back to typing.

- We cut backstage to Sting walking away from the catering area he goes down a hall but as he does he's met by Mr Anderson. Sting is ready to fight but Anderson puts both hands up and says he doesn't want to fight. Sting is confused but it's all a charade as a distracted Sting is attacked from behind by Knux. Anderson and Knux start beating down on Sting with a hammer as Anderson and Knux leave Sting passed out on the floor.

TNA Tag Team Match:

Gunner and James Storm Vs Latin American Xchange

LAX make their entrance first as they walk down to the ring looking pretty angry. They enter the ring and wait for their opponents and here they come. Gunner and Storm walk out looking confident and ready for a match. They are quickly checked for weapons by referee Earl Hebner. Earl doesn't find anything he checks that both teams are ready before calling for the bell to start the match

Homicide and Gunner start out as the two heavyweight competitors start trading punches right in the middle of the ring. Gunner gets the upper hand and whips Homicide into the corner. Gunner rushes into the corner but Homicide moves causing Gunner to land chest first into the turnbuckle. Homicide hits a belly to back suplex and pins Gunner but only gets 1 count. Gunner tags into Storm who quickly rushes over to Homicide and forearms him straight to the mat. He taunts Homicide a little before whipping him off the ropes and delivering a huge running clothesline to the LAX member. Homicide rolls to his corner and tags in Hernandez as the two fresh men face off.

Storm dominated for a little while longer until Hernandez cut him off and started outwrestling the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion. A Front Facelock was applied but as Storm started to recover within the hold he was hit with a DDT allowing Hernandez to get himself a nice 2 count. After the 2 count Hernandez locks the front facelock back in blocking the airway of Storm. Storm is fighting in the ring for energy as he somehow gets his foot under the bottom rope causing Hernandez to break the hold. As Storm recovers he is kicked in the back by Hernandez. Hernandez whips Storm off the ropes but Storm hits a clothesline causing both men to be out. Both men struggle for their corners as Hernandez gets the tag to Homicide first but Storm tags in Gunner just after.

Gunner has got the hot tag as he quickly knocks Homicide down and tosses Hernandez over the top rope. Gunner beats his chest before running in on Homicide who kicks him in the head. Homicide sets up for the Cop Killa but Chavo Guerrero has ran down to the ring with Anarquia behind him. Chavo has a chair in hand and swings the chair as hard as he can at the head of Homicide which leaves Earl Hebner no other option then to call for the bell.

Anarquia and Chavo bail out of the ring and back up the ramp as they slap high fives with eachother and walk behind the curtain. Hernandez slides into the ring and checks on his partner as we cut to commercial.

LAX defeated Gunner and James Storm via disqualification

- We come back from commercial to the backstage area of Bad Influences. They are sipping martini's as Kazarian consoles Daniels by telling him it's no big deal that he isn't wrestling Bully tonight. Kazarian says they can now focus on the plan of recapturing the tag team titles. Daniels says those belts should be around the waists of Bad Influences as Kazarian says they should go and talk to Eric about it. Daniels agree's and they leave the locker room.

- Alex Shelley is backstage with Jeremy Borash who asks him his thoughts on the challenge with Sabin. Shelley shrugs his shoulders and says Sabin is good but Shelley is the best X-Division wrestler that ever lived. He says he wants the challenge because it drives him to want to harm Chris Sabin more and more at Bound For Glory. Shelley says it doesn't matter who it is, he's making an example out of them tonight.

TNA X-Division Championship Match:

Alex Shelley (C) Vs ??

Alex Shelley's music plays and he walks out to the ring looking arrogant and smug. He enters the ring before handing referee Brian Stiffler the X-Division Title and warming up in a corner. "Hail Sabin" echo's over the PA system as Sabin walks onto the ramp with a microphone in hand. He tells Shelley that this match will really test him. Sabin says this is one of his favourite X-Division wrestlers of all time before revealing SHARK BOY! the worlds toughest son of a fish walks onto the ramp before shaking the hand of Sabin and entering the ring.

Shelley and Shark Boy lock up as Shark Boy overpowers the X-Division Champion throwing him onto the mat right away. Shark Boy climbs to the turnbuckle and does a Shark Boy salute which gets a nice reaction from the Georgia faithful. Shark Boy is pulled off the top turnbuckle by Shelley and is hit multiple times in the face. Referee Stiffler breaks them up but Shelley chokes Shark Boy in the corner and poses for the audience in which he receives many boo's from the crowd.

Shark Boy starts fighting back with right hands before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a Lou Thesz Press. He starts wildly punching away at the face of Shelley who attempts to cover up but can't. Shark Boy stands up and stomps a mudhole in him which gets a "I've seen this before" from Taz. Shark Boy lifts Shelley up and kicks him in the gut and attempts a Stunner but Shelley pushes him away and rolls him up hooking the tights getting himself a 2 count. Shelley turns this into an STF which causes Shark Boy to struggle to the ropes. Referee Stiffler asks if he wants to quit but Shark Boy gets to the ropes and Shelley is forced to break the hold.

Shark Boy makes his final come back attempting yet another Stunner but he's pushed into the corner and Shelley quickly hits Sliced Bread Number 2 on him. Shelley is breathing heavily as he very slowly crawls over to the knocked out Shark Boy. Shelley puts an arm over Shark Boy but Shark Boy kicks out at TWO. Shelley can't believe it and in his tired state starts arguing with the referee. Shark Boy spins him around and hits a Stunner but Shelley stays standing. Shark Boy attempts another but Shelley kicks him directly in the face and locks in a Shelley Clutch. Shark Boy taps out quickly.

Post match Striker talks about how the challenge for Shelley isn't as easy as Shelley may have thought it would be. A clearly exhausted Shelley rolls under the bottom rope and swiftly walks to the back as Tenay questions whether Shelley will get through the challenge.

Alex Shelley defeated Shark Boy to retain the TNA X-Division Championship

- We cut to the back where Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are arguing with Eric Bischoff. Daniels says they want a TNA Tag Title match at Bound For Glory. Eric says that's fine but they need to earn it first. Daniels asks how as Eric says next week he'll book them in a match. Eric says next week Bad Influences Vs Gunner and James Storm. If Bad Influences win they can have a title match at Bound For Glory. Daniels and Kazarian although looking scared slowly nod their heads and leave.

- We cut to another part of the arena where Garrett Bischoff is running away from someone. Behind him is a very angry Samoa Joe who has a chain with him and is using the chain to hit anything that is in his way. Joe yells at Garrett asking where Sting is as we cut to commercial

- We come back from commercial to Mickie James in the ring. She has a microphone and says the Knockouts Division is slim pickings. Mickie says she's beat everyone and it's getting boring for her. Mickie says she'll wrestle anyone in the crowd in a non title match tonight. Mickie says she's being nice and giving someone a shot at being discovered. A woman jumps the rail wearing a luchadore mask and a bad wig. Mickie asks for her name as the mystery woman replies with "Toolia Madisona" Tenay replies with "Does that name sound familiar to you, Taz?" as we go to the match.

TNA Singles Match:

Mickie James Vs Toolia Madisona

Mickie doesn't take Toolia seriously at first and slaps her in the face but Toolia is having none of that and headbutts her right in the face before delivering a couple of hip tosses. Mickie gets up and runs at Toolia hitting her with a running forearm and knocking her down in the ring. Mickie steps on the young luchadores face as Tenay and Taz discuss how talented young Toolia is. Toolia quickly strips Mickie and locks in a leg wrench. Mickie struggles but reaches the rope as Toolia is quick to break the hold.

Mickie tries to overcome the rookie but can't. Toolia hits a dropkick and even delivers a snap suplex on the Knockouts Champion. The announcers are shocked as Toolia goes to the top rope and delivers a top rope elbow drop off of it. This leads to referee Earl Hebner counting to two but Toolia isn't done yet, she bounces off the ropes and hits a basement dropkick right into the face of Mickie. Mickie rolls to the floor but is chased around the outside by Toolia and into the ring.

Toolia hits a clothesline off the top rope as Mickie is down and out. Toolia gets a 2 count but quickly stands Mickie up and hits a jumping facebuster. Toolia quickly jumps on top of Mickie in a pinning position. Earl Hebner drops down and counts to three to the shock of the audience.

Mickie rolls out as Toolia celebrates in the ring. She rips off the mask to reveal that she's actually VELVET SKY. Mickie is in shock as the wig comes off and is thrown into the crowd. Velvet Sky does the "I'm coming for the belt" motion as Mickie hugs her belt looking worried.

Toolia Madisona (Aka Velvet Sky) defeated Mickie James

- We cut to the parking lot where Samoa Joe with a chain in hand is looking for Garrett Bischoff. He searches behind some parked cars but doesn't see anything. He looks around some more but is suddenly jumped behind by three men. We're able to see it's Mr Anderson, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco. The trio start putting the boots to Samoa Joe as Anderson throws him head first into a truck. Joe is beaten down with his own chain until he is unconscious. Mr Anderson spits on Joe as he, Garrett and Wes walk away leaving Joe unconscious in the parking lot.

- We are backstage as Jeremy Borash is standing by with Dr Stevie and James Mitchell. Borash asks Stevie about Abyss' condition. Stevie goes into an explanation about dis sociative personality disorder before being cut off by Borash who says "But Stevie, I've known you for many years you aren't even a Doctor" Stevie glares at Borash before replying with "How dare you!" and walking away. Mitchell death glares Borash also before we cut away.

- Jeff Hardy is walking to the ring as Tenay says he hears the match between Abyss and Stevie will be for the TV Title. Striker says up next Jeff Hardy Vs Wes Brisco. Right after the break.

TNA Singles Match:

Jeff Hardy Vs Wes Brisco W/ Knux

As we come back from commercial Wes Brisco is making his entrance. He enters the ring as Jeff Hardy's music plays causing the building to go nuts. Jeff crawls down the ramp before jumping up and slapping high fives at ringside. He enters the ring but is immediately jumped by Wes Brisco.

Wes begins punching away at Hardy before getting to his feet and kicking away at Jeff. Jeff is clearly hurt early on as Wes and Knux high five allowing Wes to go back to choking Jeff. Jeff struggles to recover but eventually does so tripping Wes and hitting him with a leg drop. Jeff quickly climbs to the top rope and delivers another leg drop but this time, from the top rope. He pins Wes getting himself a 2 count this doesn't phase Jeff however as he locks in a leglock on Wes which Wes quickly escapes.

Hardy and Wes continue to brawl in the ring as Jeff is clearly dominating Wes. He hits a running kick into the corner but is quickly tripped by Knux. Referee Brian Hebner warns Knux but due to the distraction this allows Wes to kick Hardy low and hit a Twist Of Fate of his own. The crowd start booing as Wes hooks the leg but Hardy kicks out at only two. Hardy starts fighting back and hits a Whisper In The Wind causing Wes to collapse in a heap in the middle of the ring. This only gets Jeff a two count however.

The finish came when Jeff Hardy attempted a Twist Of Fate on Wes. Knux quickly climbed into the ring and attempted a running big boot but Jeff ducked it and Knux hit Wes. Hardy throws Knux to the floor before quickly climbing to the top rope and hitting a Swanton Bomb onto Wes. Jeff Hardy lands in a pinning position as referee Brian Hebner counts to three awarding the charismatic enigma the match.

Jeff Hardy defeated Wes Brisco

- Post match Wes and Knux struggle up the ramp as Jeff Hardy grabs a microphone. He says he's sick of Garrett, Knux and Wes getting in his and TNA's business. Hardy says it has to end and it will, Hardy says he spoke to Eric Bischoff and at TNA's Bound For Glory it's going to be Jeff Hardy and 2 partners of his choosing Vs Garrett, Knux and Wes. Wes and Knux freak out on the ramp as Hardy says he'll see them there and celebrates with the fans at ringside.

- We cut to the empty Main Event Mafia locker room. Magnus is warming up as Tenay says the big World Heavyweight Title match is not far away. Magnus squats multiple times as we cut away to another part of the arena

- We cut to a random part of the arena which looks to be a boiler room of some sorts. Abyss is sitting there on the floor in a huddled position rocking back and forth. He whispers "Destroy them, Joseph" to himself over and over. Eventually he gets angrier and begins shouting "DESTROY THEM JOSEPH" over and over again. He smashes his own head into a wall before marching away a chain dragging behind him/ Tenay says the Dog Collar Match is on the other end of this commercial break.

TNA Television Championship Dog Collar Match:

Abyss (C) Vs Dr Stevie W/ James Mitchell

Dr Stevie walks down to the ring looking happy. He casually chats to James Mitchell as Tenay questions why Stevie isn't nervous. Stevie enters the ring before being attached to a chain by referee Earl Hebner. The lights go out now and Abyss' music plays. Here he comes he walks out with his own chain letting it drag across the ramp. He takes the TNA Title from around his waist before throwing it in the ring and hooking his chain to the chain of Dr Stevie. Abyss pulls Stevie under the bottom rope and the match begins.

Abyss immediately starts attacking Stevie in the ring and throws him into the guard rail before punching him repeatedly in the face with his chain covered fist. Abyss throws Stevie into the announce table and starts choking him with the chain to the horror of James Mitchell who watches from behind. Abyss smashes the ring bell into the face of Stevie who is now bleeding and barely conscious. Abyss picks up Dr Stevie and delivers a Black Hole Slam right through the announce table. Stevie is out cold as Abyss drags Stevie back into the ring and covers him. Referee Earl Hebner drops down and counts to three awarding him the victory.

Abyss defeated Dr Stevie to retain the TNA Television Championship

- Tenay, Striker and Taz discuss how quick that win for Abyss was. Tenay can't believe it as James Mitchell is on the microphone. Mitchell says that's not the only challenge that Abyss has to overcome tonight. The lights black out and when they turn back on RAVEN! is in the ring

TNA Television Championship Dog Collar Match:

Abyss (C) Vs Raven W/ Dr Stevie and James Mitchell

Raven immediately attacks Abyss punching him in the face with a chain and choking Abyss over the ropes with the chain. Abyss struggles for air as Raven continues to pull back on the chain. Tenay can't believe Raven is back and calls him a "sadistic evil genius"

Raven and Dr Stevie are now double teaming Abyss as Raven uses the chain to choke Abyss some more. Raven is thrown a Trash Can by James Mitchell and he uses this against the head of Abyss who is trying to stand up. Raven does his pose as the audience boo's him. Raven goes back to work punching away at Abyss whilst Dr Stevie holds him and encourages more and more. Abyss collapses in a heap as Raven and Stevie hug and laugh at what they've done to Abyss.

Raven and Stevie pick Abyss up as Raven gets him in the Raven Effect position and delivers the Raven Effect DDT right onto the chain. Raven pins Abyss but Abyss kicks out at two! Raven can't believe this as he pushes Stevie. Abyss is up as Stevie superkicks him in the face. Raven quickly grabs him and this time DDT's him ontop of the Trash Can. This was too much for Abyss as Raven got the three count this time and won himself the TNA Television Championship.

A fresh Raven poses with a bloody Dr Stevie as Tenay, Striker and Taz all say that they would not want to be Raven, Stevie or Mitchell when Abyss wakes up.

Raven defeated Abyss to win the TNA Television Championship

- We cut to the back where Bully Ray is standing by with Jeremy Borash. Bully is angry about granting Borash an interview and starts yelling about how it's unfair he's had to defend his title so often and that Eric Bischoff is out to get him. Bully says tonight he's going to do to Magnus what he did to Hogan, Sting, Hardy and everyone else that crossed him. Bully tells Borash to get the ambulance ready. Magnus is joining his buddies according to Bully.

- We cut to the back where Magnus is in the Main Event Mafia locker room. He paces back and forth and is soon joined by Eric Bischoff. Bischoff says it's up to him tonight. Magnus asks where Sting and Joe are as Bischoff says Aces and Eights took them out. "This will be the toughest match of your career" Bischoff says "But, I believe in you. You'll take the gold" he and Bischoff shake hands as we cut to commercial

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Bully Ray (C) Vs Magnus

We return from commercial where Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He says this next match is for the World Heavyweight Title as the music of Magnus plays and out comes the British star. He walks down to the ring high fiving fans at ringside and slides into the ring before muscle posing on each turnbuckle before jumping down and allowing himself to be searched by referee Brian Stiffler. Bully Ray is out next as he walks down to ringside alone and enters the ring. Borash gives us a formal ring introduction as Stiffler calls for the bell and the World Heavyweight Title match is starting

Magnus and Bully lock up as Magnus immediately throws him down and poses in ring. Bully rises up quickly before power walking over and slapping Magnus in the face. Magnus grabs at his face as Bully yells at him Bully is met with a right hand and another from Magnus. Magnus whips him off the ropes and delivers a back body drop to Bully as the crowd cheer him on. Magnus lifts Bully up and delivers a Scoop Slam right in the middle. Magnus quickly climbs to the top rope and flys in the air attempting an elbow drop but Bully moves away and Magnus lands right on his arm in the middle of the ring. Bully quickly recovers and begins working down the arm.

Bully was relentless on the arm of Magnus constantly kicking away at it and even stretching it out causing Magnus to scream in agony. Bully locks in an arm bar but Magnus struggles to get to the rope causing Bully to break the hold. Bully goes back to working over the arm with an arm breaker right in the middle which results in Magnus being checked on by referee Stiffler and being asked if he wants to continue. Magnus obviously does as Bully continues his assault on Magnus but Magnus slowly starts working his way back and eventually hits a massive clothesline before rising to his feet and delivering a superkick right to the jaw of Bully Ray.

Bully is down in the ring as Magnus continues to beat away at him. Magnus plays to the ring and is attacked from behind by Bully Ray and is hit with a Bully Bomb before pinning Magnus. Magnus kicks out with such force that Bully Ray lands right on top of referee Brian Stiffler knocking him unconscious. A motivated Magnus quickly hits a suplex right in the middle before climbing to the top rope. Magnus plays to the crowd and hits an elbow drop right in the middle. Magnus pins Bully as the fans make a 10 count but Stiffler isn't recovering.

Magnus continues the pin as Eric Bischoff jogs down with a referee shirt in hand. Eric slides in and quickly puts on the shirt before encouraging Magnus to lock in the Cloverleaf. Magnus stomps Bully once before locking him in the Cloverleaf. Bully tries to make it to the ropes but out of nowhere Eric calls for the bell awarding Magnus the submission victory. "MAGNUS IS THE NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION" screams Mike Tenay as Matt Striker and Taz can't believe it and question the result.

Magnus defeated Bully Ray to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

- Post match Eric Bischoff hands Magnus the TNA World Heavyweight Title as the two hug. The baby face locker room make their way to ringside and put Magnus on their shoulders as he celebrates his victory. The show ends with more TNA baby faces entering the ring to celebrate the victory with Magnus. The final shot is an exhausted Magnus with the title raised over his head on the shoulders of Gunner and James Storm as we fade to black.

---End Show---

Attendance: 4500 (Sold Out)

Rating: C+

TV Rating: 1.4
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

WOW! What a big shocker! Loving this thread right now. Its not too out there and I can believe this all happening. Bischoff taking the reigns for TNA is definitely something that I feel is right. I like that Magnus won the World Title, But shouldn't there been the payoff at BFG? Just something I was thinking. Alex Shelley is back, So is James Mitchell and Dr.Stevie! This is something that if real TNA was doing I would be so excited to watch every week!
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

Sorry to break it too you, but Shaul is back with the WWE!
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

- TNA last night got itself a 1.4 rating with a main event that saw 26 year old Magnus win the TNA World Heavyweight Title live on Impact. In what was a pretty shocking development most fans are for this idea feeling this is the first TNA home grown talent to really receive a major push in a long while. A massive ratings increase will also help TNA decide whether or not he is good value as World Heavyweight Champion or not.

- Rumour has it that Bully Ray did not want to put Magnus over last night and that he and Eric Bischoff spent many hours discussing a suitable finish which is why we got what we got on Impact. Apparently Bully felt that he was being made to look weak via the Magnus title win which is why he was booked to look strong in the actual match.

- Raven and Stevie Richards who recently have returned to TNA have said in a recent podcast interview that they are not signed to written deals and simply get paid when they turn up. Neither would discuss how long the deals were but it's thought that it's relatively short term right now and that they've been hired simply because Abyss wanted to work with them again.

- Al Snow is scouring the independent scene when he isn't working down in Ohio Valley Wrestling looking for more talent for the TNA Development system. Al was quoted as saying "TNA really wants to build for the future, I'll suggest any young talent that has potential and Eric will usually sign them just off my suggestion" Al is mainly scouring Ohio indies but also watches every match on independent shows he's booked on which resulted in the signing of Ricochet just recently.

- Here is the TNA Impact Press Release for next week:


TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike returns to the GSU Arena in Atlanta for 2 hours of hard hitting wrestling action featuring all of your favourite TNA stars such as Sting, Magnus, Jeff Hardy and many more.

On the last edition of TNA Impact we saw Bound For Glory Series winner Magnus end the World Heavyweight Title reign of Bully Ray after Eric Bischoff took charge of the match and awarded the match to Magnus. The Main Event Mafia has announced publically that on this edition of Impact a celebration of Magnus' World Heavyweight Title victory will occur. What will our new TNA World Heavyweight Champion have to say to the millions of TNA Fans worldwide?

Last week Bad Influences requested a TNA World Tag Team Title match for Bound For Glory with Eric Bischoff saying they could have it but only if they met one requirement. That requirement? They have to beat Gunner and James Storm this week on Impact. With Bad Influences eager to prove their worth and get a spot on the biggest show of the year what lengths will they go to for a victory? Will they beat Gunner and Storm? Will Gunner and Storm show why they're so great? Tune into Impact to find out.

Apart from the great Tag Team match between Bad Influences and Gunner/James Storm TNA Impact fans will see a match that the world has been waiting for. Chavo Guerrero has been feuding with his old tag team partner Hernandez for months now, clearly upset about being replaced by Homicide. On this weeks edition of Impact, Chavo will finally have the chance to prove himself as he takes on Homicide in singles action. Chavo and Homicide are both established tag and singles wrestlers so one has to question who will win. Can Chavo prove Hernandez made a mistake? Can Homicide prove his worth?

Apart from those 2 great matches fans will witness Alex Shelley compete in the Chris Sabin challenge against another X-Division wrestler for the TNA X-Division Title. We'll see Samoa Joe take on Aces and Eights Wes Brisco and we'll also hear from Jeff Hardy who has an announcement in regards to one of his partners at Bound For Glory.

This episode of Impact promises to be huge so make sure to watch it as it happens on Spike TV! If you can't watch it as it happens make sure to DVR us at 8/9C.
- Here's the Xplosion results for all of you out there who follow this fun show:


Revolution X defeated Bromans

Gunner defeated Kenny King
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

TNA Impact Wrestling Results

- The opening video package plays showing Raven returning last week to fight with Abyss and winning the TNA Television Title. We then see highlights from Magnus/Bully last week which of course resulted in Magnus winning the TNA World Heavyweight Title. The video ends with Eric Bischoff raising Magnus' hand as we cut to the GSU Arena in Atlanta and are greeted by Tenay, Striker and Taz who hype up Gunner and Storm Vs Bad Influences and the Chris Sabin challenge. Striker says he's been looking around for the mystery opponent all day but hasn't had any luck.

Main Event Mafia music starts as Samoa Joe and Sting walk down to the ring dressed in suits. They enter the ring before Sting is handed a microphone by Christy Hemme. Sting immediately goes for a cheap pop talking about how he loves Atlanta which gets a pop from the audience. Sting says it's now onto business he talks about how the Main Event Mafia made an exception when they formed because they knew Magnus would be a future TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Sting says Magnus has now realized his true potential and the crowd cheers. Sting says he won't make them wait any longer and invites out Magnus.

A clearly banged up Magnus walks out with bandages on his forehead but the TNA World Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. He removes his sun glasses and looks into the crowd before shaking some hands at ringside and entering the ring. Sting hands him the microphone as Magnus shakes hands with both Sting and Samoa Joe. Magnus gets on the microphone before saying that last week his dream came true. Magnus talks about his time in England and how he dreamed of being World Heavyweight Champion and he is now. Magnus raises the belt over his head as suddenly Aces and Eights music plays.

The entire Aces and Eights group consisting of Bully, Anderson, Devon, Garrett, Wes and Knux all walk out and stand on the ramp. Also in tow is a man in a suit who stands right next to a clearly angry Bully. Bully has a microphone and begins telling Magnus how last week was unfair. Bully says Magnus "dreamed" of being World Heavyweight Champion and that it didn't happen. Bully points to the big screen as we see footage from the match last week specifically the Cloverleaf finisher. Bischoff calls for the bell as Bully claims he did not tap or give up. Bully says he was screwed and that the man next to him is an attorney.

Bully says Magnus is in possession of stolen property and if it isn't returned to him then there is 2 Cops in the back who will deal with it and his lawyer will deal with it also. Magnus looks hesitant in the ring as Sting and Joe tell him not to give the belt up. As confusion continues in the ring the music of Eric Bischoff starts as he walks down the ramp past Aces and Eights and enters the ring. He's handed a microphone by Magnus as Eric starts speaking.

Eric says Bully is speaking the truth and that Magnus will have to give up the World Heavyweight Title. Eric says he wasn't a sanctioned official and had no right to award the match to Magnus. Magnus and the rest of the Mafia are furious but hand the title to Eric to more boo's from the audience. Eric says that Bully Ray is still the World Heavyweight Champion and that the Magnus title reign "doesn't exist" which causes more boo's. Bully interrupts saying he doesn't want to hang around for corporate "B.S" and sends Garrett Bischoff down to collect the belt. Garrett stands on the apron as Eric says "Hold on, Bully you may want to stay for this one" Eric continues by saying that tonight there will be a match to decide who will challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound For Glory.

Bully smirks before asking which "sclubs" would be involved in that match. Eric says it'll be a Triple Threat match between AJ Styles, Magnus and...MR ANDERSON! Bully freaks out on stage as the crowd pops huge. Anderson has a smile on his face as Magnus is clearly pumped for another shot at the title. Eric says this will be a huge match on Impact and encourages Bully to enjoy his title reign while it lasts. Garrett is handed the belt and walks back to deliver it to Bully as Anderson and Bully glare at eachother. We cut to break with Tenay questioning if Anderson and Bully are on the same page.

TNA Singles Match:

Samoa Joe Vs Wes Brisco

We come back from commercial to see Samoa Joe warming up with his suit in the corner. Wes Brisco is high fiving Aces and Eights members as they leave him to walk down to the ring alone. Wes enters the ring and is quickly attacked by Samoa Joe starting the match.

Joe wasn't messing around in this match as he repeatedly kicks Wes in the legs before hitting him with an Enziguri to the head. Joe doesn't stop even for a second as he picks up Wes and throws him into the corner and repeatedly chops him. Wes can't handle it as his chest is now bleeding. Joe lifts him to the top rope and tosses him right off the turnbuckle and into the middle of the ring. Joe quickly goes for a pin but Wes kicks out at 2 and rolls to the floor. Joe isn't going to be stopped by this though as he follows Wes to the outside and tosses him head first into the guard rail knocking the Aces and Eights member out.

Joe throws Wes back into the ring but as Wes tries to roll away Joe grabs him by the arms and hits a curbstomp right onto Wes. Wes is seemingly out cold as Joe goes for a pin but Wes kicks out at 2 but is quickly thrown into the corner again. Joe kicks and punches away at Wes until Wes drops into the corner. Joe performs some face washes on Wes before running from the other corner and delivering a face wash right to the face of Wes. Wes grabs at his face as Joe picks him up and places him on the top turnbuckle.

The rest was by the book as Joe simply hit a Muscle Buster right into the middle of the ring and locked in a rear naked choke. Wes was already out cold as referee Brian Stiffler simply called for the bell and awarded Samoa Joe the match. Joe refuses to release the hold however as referee Stiffler calls for help from the back and the Hebner brothers run out and convince Joe to release the hold.

As Joe stands over Wes, Tenay questions whether or not Joe is still mad over last week. "Of course he is" replies Striker as Taz says that Joe really needs to be more respectable towards the Aces and Eights.

Samoa Joe defeated Wes Brisco

- As Joe continues to stand over Wes the crowd erupts into boo's as Garrett Bischoff has entered the ring. Garrett is quickly thrown to the floor but Knux is behind Joe and boots him in the face. Devon quickly rushes down also as all members of Aces and Eights have recovered. It's 4 on 1 as the crowd suddenly erupts into cheers as Jeff Hardy sprints down with a chair in hand. He enters the ring and wildly swings the chair causing Aces and Eights to scurry out of the ring. Hardy encourages them to enter the ring as Knux jumps up on the apron. Hardy swings at him but Knux dodges it and jumps down off the apron before scampering away. Jeff Hardy has a microphone as he says Aces and Eights should meet his first partner for Bound For Glory. SAMOA JOE! A hurt Joe raises to his feet with the assistance of Jeff as we cut away

- We cut to the back where Magnus is standing by with Jeremy Borash. Borash asks Magnus about his quest for the World Heavyweight Title. Magnus says he's won that belt before and even though it's been taken away from him he wants it back. He says he likes AJ Styles but tonight he's going down and so is Mr Anderson. Magnus says he wants revenge on Bully Ray more than he wants the World Heavyweight Title. Magnus says he'll see AJ and Anderson in the ring tonight before walking away.

TNA Singles Match:

Chris Sabin Vs Manik

Manik is on his way to the ring as Striker makes note that Manik has been on a losing streak as of late. Tenay makes note that it was announced earlier tonight on that Manik will collide with Greg Marasciulo and Petey Williams at Bound For Glory in an Ultimate X match to find a number 1 contender for the X-Division Title. "Hail Sabin" starts up as Sabin walks out ready for action. He high fives some fans at ringside before entering the ring ready for action.

Referee Earl Hebner calls for the bell starting the match as Sabin and Manik lock up. They chain wrestle equally at first but Manik eventually takes control hitting a side head lock takeover and wrenching in the head lock on Sabin. Sabin gets control back though locking in his own head lock but pushing Manik away. As Manik turns around he's hit with a drop kick causing him to fall to the floor. Sabin waits for him to enter back in the ring as Manik whips him off the ropes and delivers a Rolling Wheel Kick straight to the face of Sabin which gets Manik a quick 2 count but Sabin is still too strong to go down for the loss.

Sabin eventually gets his groove as the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion throws Manik into the corner and hits a back flip dropkick onto him. Tenay says he doesn't think he's ever seen something like that as Sabin hits a dropsault on Manik who was in the corner knocking him to the floor on the outside. Sabin climbs to the top turnbuckle and as Manik stands on the outside Sabin hits a shooting star press right onto Manik. The two take their time to recover on the floor as the crowd erupts into a "Holy shit" chant causing Sabin to rise with an adrenaline rush. He throws Manik back into the ring but as he enters the ring he's met with a Rana by Manik. Manik climbs to the top rope and hits a cross body onto Sabin getting himself a 2 count.

Sabin rolls out of the pin attempt as Manik sprints at him. Manik hits the turnbuckle chest first as Sabin hits a backcracker on Manik but refuses to break the backcracker position and now has Manik in a submission hold. Manik gets to the ropes as Sabin picks him up and delivers the Hail Sabin right in the middle of the ring. He pins Manik as Earl Hebner drops down and counts to three awarding Sabin the win.

Post match Sabin celebrates in the ring as Tenay goes into hype mode for the X-Division Title match at Bound For Glory saying it'll be one for the ages as we cut to commercial break.

Chris Sabin defeated Manik

- We come back from commercial with a video of Hulk Hogan at a Florida hospital working his way back to health. We see Hulk doing basic cardio and even some weights. An interview is held with Hulk as he says he feels good and he'll be back to work next week with a huge announcement that'll shake TNA to it's very core. Hogan asks what we're gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on us as we cut to the back

- In the back Mickie James and Velvet Sky are arguing over who the better wrestler is. Velvet is making the argument that she's better because she beat Mickie last week. Mickie says she's beat every Knockout in the back and that nobody can beat her. Eric Bischoff is on the scene as he tells the ladies to calm down. Eric says he thinks the Knockouts are extremely talented and says at Bound For Glory Mickie will have a chance to prove her worth. Eric says at Bound For Glory it will be Mickie James defending the Knockouts Championship against Gail Kim, ODB and Velvet Sky in a fatal four way match. Mickie is clearly upset as Eric wishes her luck and walks away.

TNA Singles Match:

Chavo Guerrero W/ Anarquia Vs Homicide W/ Hernandez

Chavo is out first with Anarquia as the duo called "Revolution X" walk out ready for the upcoming singles match. Homicide and Hernandez are out next representing the Latino American Xchange. Homicide enters the ring as he and Chavo have a stare down as referee Brian Hebner checks each of them for weapons and calls for the bell.

Chavo and Homicide immediately start brawling with Homicide dominating early on throwing Chavo to the floor and brawling out there. They use assorted ringside weapons on eachother which are met by a warning from Brian Hebner. Anarquia and Hernandez make sure to keep out of the way as Homicide throws Chavo over the announcers table causing Chavo to land in the announcers laps. Chavo tries to escape over the guard rail but is dragged back onto the floor and throw into the ring where Homicide continues his vicious assault choking Chavo with his boot. Referee Hebner warns Homicide about the choking but as Homicide is distracted Chavo hits him with a low blow that the referee doesn't see.

Chavo has the advantage now as he quickly hits a number of kicks to the back of Homicide and hits a neck snap right in the middle. Chavo holds it and tries to get Homicide to tap but Homicide breaks out of the hold and kicks Chavo away. Homicide delivers a huge lariat right to Chavo as the crowd cheers. Homicide quickly picks Chavo up and attempts a Cop Killa but Chavo is to close to the ropes and simply holds on not allowing Homicide to get any elevation. Chavo turns and kicks Homicide in the chest knocking him to the mat and attempts a basement dropkick but misses.

Homicide and Chavo continue fighting as referee Brian Hebner is quickly thrown to the mat by Chavo. Anarquia slides into the ring but Hernandez is there to stop him. The four men begin brawling as referee Hebner quickly calls for the bell signalling the end of the match. The four men continue to brawl around the arena and to the back as Tenay suggests that this feud is far from over.

Chavo Guerrero and Homicide wrestled to a draw

- We cut to the back as Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are standing by with Jeremy Borash. Daniels and Kazarian are asked how they'll deal with the successful duo of Storm and Gunner. Daniels says that Storm and Gunner are simply a make shift team and that he and Kazarian are a well oiled machine. Daniels mentions the multiple successes of the team and questions Borash on how he could doubt Bad Influences. Kazarian gets some mic time saying that it doesn't matter how big these guys are. Bad Influences is going for the tag titles at Bound For Glory and that's a fact.

- We cut to another part of the arena as Gunner and James Storm with the tag titles around their waists walk towards the ring. Striker says this match will be next as we cut to commercial break.

TNA Tag Team Match:

Bad Influence Vs Gunner and James Storm

We return from commercial as the music of Bad Influence plays and out they come cockily strutting down to the ring. Tenay says they're cocky for a reason and talks about their 2 World Tag Title reigns. Taz questions whether or not it could be three after Bound For Glory as James Storm's music brings out the duo of Gunner and Storm who walk down to the ring with intense looks on their faces

Gunner and Daniels start out as Gunner immediately isn't falling for any of Daniels stall techniques and kicks him in the gut before whipping him off the ropes and delivering a back body drop on him. A clearly scared Daniels tags in Kazarian who charges at Gunner but is hit with a massive clothesline knocking him down. Gunner grabs Kazarian and throws him into the corner before tagging in Storm who punches away at Kazarian in the corner. Storm hits a nice suplex right to the middle of the ring before quickly bouncing off the ropes and kicking a seated Kazarian right in the face. Kazarian grabs at his face before rolling to the corner and tagging in Daniels.

Daniels was dominated for a little bit by Storm that was until Daniels reversed one of Storm's irish whips and hit him with a hurricarana. This leads to Daniels kicking away at Storm and quickly tagging in Kazarian. The two hit a double suplex on Storm which gets Kazarian a two count. Kazarian tries to lure Gunner out and Gunner quickly tries to enter the ring but is stopped by referee Brian Stiffler. Kazarian chokes away at Storm with his boot directly in the throat of Storm as Gunner argues with Stiffler. As Stiffler turns around Kazarian is given until 5 to break the choke and does so at 4. Storm isn't looking good at all but manages a few punches to the stomach of Kazarian before hitting a side slam causing both men to be laid out. Gunner is begging for the tag as Storm tags him in but at the very same moment Kazarian tags in Daniels

Gunner is like a house on fire as he hits a huge kick to the face of Daniels and grabs Kazarian hitting a Samoan Drop. Gunner beats his chest as the crowd erupts into cheers. Daniels low blows him and rolls him up however as referee Brian Stiffler counts but Gunner kicks out at 2. Daniels and Kazarian hit a double DDT right in the middle of the ring as Christopher Daniels climbs to the top rope and hits the Best Moonsault Ever onto Gunner. Daniels would of had the three but Storm breaks up the count. Storm and Kazarian continue to brawl and whilst referee Stiffler is distracted by getting them both out of the ring Daniels reaches into his tights and has a pair of brass knuckles on. He punches Gunner three times in the face with the brass knucks and Gunner drops. Daniels quickly pins Gunner for the three count and the victory.

Post match an exhausted Daniels and Kazarian celebrate in the ring and hug eachother. Tenay says that will be a huge match at Bound For Glory as Striker questions if Daniels and Kazarian can beat Storm and Gunner cleanly. Taz interrupts saying any victory is a victory and that in the history books Bad Influence have defeated Gunner and Storm.

Bad Influence defeated Gunner and James Storm

- Eric is in the back talking on the telephone. He tells the other person on the phone that he'll send the contract through after the show tonight. "You can't show up until Bound For Glory?" asks Eric. "Fine, that's okay. I understand the whole 90 days thing. Went through it myself. I'll see you at Bound For Glory" says Eric as we cut away to commercial break.

- Another video for Hulk. Did you know he's back next week live on Impact?

- We cut to the back where a hand held camera is filming the outside of a building. Sitting on a bunch of crates is Raven who has the TNA Television Title next to him. Raven addresses Abyss and talks about Abyss regaining his sanity. Raven says he just wants whats best for Abyss and that is Abyss letting his anger out in healthy doses. Raven says the ultimate test will come at Bound For Glory. "How?" asks Raven "You'll see" he says as we cut away.

- We cut back to the arena where Chris Sabin is on the ramp. He talks about his Sabin challenge and says Shelley had a warm up last week and that this weeks challenger could very well be the one to beat him. Sabin says he won't make the fans wait any longer and reveals Shelleys opponent for tonight. His opponent is none other than Wrestle-1's KAZ HAYASHI. Hayashi walks down to the ring as Sabin walks to the back.

TNA X-Division Championship Match:

Alex Shelley (C) Vs Kaz Hayashi

Hayashi enters the ring and bows to referee Brian Stiffler before standing in his corner and warming up in the ring. Tenay goes into hype mode for Wrestle-1 talking about Muta and how Hayashi is one of their top Junior Heavyweights. Alex Shelley's music plays next and out comes the X-Division Champion looking worried. He enters the ring and hands the belt to Stiffler who calls for the bell.

Shelley and Hayashi lock up but Hayashi is adequately prepared as he locks in an arm wringer and wrenches it in until Shelley is on his knee's looking for the ropes. Referee Stiffler asks if he wants to give it up but Shelley says no and reverses it into a hammerlock. Hayashi drops down and rolls out of the hold and hits a drop toe hold on Shelley before baseball sliding Shelley to the floor. Hayashi gets the crowd to clap along with him as he bounces off the ropes and hits a suicide dive onto Shelley which gets the crowd into a frenzy. Both Hayashi and Shelley are hurt as referee Stiffler starts counting them out.

The two make it back into the ring at around the seven count as they start trading strikes in the centre of the ring. Hayashi is having none of it however as he slaps Shelley and hits him with an Enziguri to the face. Shelley is still standing as Hayashi bounces off the ropes and delivering a snap kick right to the head of Shelley knocking him to the mat. Hayashi pins Shelley but Shelley kicks out at 2 but Hayashi is having none of that and attempts a German Suplex but Shelley counters out that and hits an Electric Chair Drop on Hayashi. Hayashi quickly recovers though and hits a moonsault off the top rope and onto Shelley.

Shelley kicked out at two but was clearly tired as Hayashi attempted an irish whip but it was countered and Hayashi was sent into the corner. Shelley rushes in and quickly hits Sliced Bread Number 2 but Hayashi kicks out at 2. Shelley can't believe it as Hayashi is on his feet and kicking away at Shelley legs. Hayashi attempts a Tornado DDT but Shelley gets behind him and rolls him up. Shelleys feet are all over the ropes as referee Stiffler counts to three and awards Shelley the match.

Shelley stumbles back up the ramp as an angry Hayashi tries to explain in Japanese that he was robbed. Tenay says that he feels bad for Hayashi and that he put in a hell of a performance here tonight but just couldn't get it done. Taz questions who Sabin has in store for Shelley next week as Shelley poses on the ramp with the X-Division Title.

Alex Shelley defeated Kaz Hayashi to retain the TNA X-Division Championship

- We cut to the back where a pumped up AJ Styles is standing by with Jeremy Borash. Borash asks AJ about tonights main event and AJ says tonight it's a money match. It's all on the line and it's a huge main event. He says every wrestler wants to be in the main event of Bound For Glory. AJ says it's his dream, it's Magnus' dream and it's Mr Andersons dream. AJ says tonight he's going to win and he's going to be the man to end Bully Ray's title run.

- We get a hype video showing each mans journey. We see Mr Anderson as second in command to Bully Ray. We see AJ losing out on the Bound For Glory series and lastly we see Magnus and his great rise through the Bound For Glory series and even his title "win" over Bully Ray. The video ends with the question of who will go onto Bound For Glory.

TNA Number 1 Contenders Triple Threat Match:

AJ Styles Vs Magnus Vs Mr Anderson

We come back from a commercial break as Aces and Eights music brings out Mr Anderson who walks down to the ring looking cocky and ready for the match that is ahead of him. He enters the ring as "Evil Ways" plays bringing out AJ Styles who walks down to the ring and enters. He's checked for weapons by referee Earl Hebner as Main Event Mafia music brings out Magnus who is visibly still hurt but is clearly pumped up. He walks down to the ring slapping high fives at ringside and enters the ring. He's checked for weapons and does not have any so the referee calls for the bell.

AJ and Magnus immediately attack Anderson as he is thrown into the corner. AJ chops him as does Magnus. The two take turns trying to out chop eachother as Magnus and AJ hit a double suplex on Anderson right into the middle causing him to roll to the floor. AJ and Magnus now slap hands before facing off with eachother and locking up. AJ takes the advantage and works on Magnus' hurt arm with an arm bar. Magnus counters out though and hits a Death Valley Driver right in the middle of the ring. He pins AJ but the pin is broken up at 2 by Mr Anderson who stomps away at Magnus and throws him into the corner. Anderson lifts him to the top turnbuckle and is about to attempt a Superplex but AJ is now up there with them. AJ balances Anderson on his shoulders and drops Anderson with a back suplex. AJ gets up relatively quickly but is met with a flying forearm from Magnus who gets to his feet and starts celebrating before quickly attempting a pin on AJ which results in only a 2 count.

Mr Anderson then took advantage of the match keeping AJ on the outside at all times and working down on Magnus' hurt arm with a number of moves. Magnus' arm looked like it was hanging by a thread as Anderson used the ropes and pulled on it. Magnus couldn't bare it anymore and luckily for him AJ Styles hit a missile dropkick straight to the face of Anderson. AJ throws Magnus to the floor before quickly climbing to the top rope and hitting the Spiral Tap on Anderson but Anderson kicks out barely at 2. AJ quickly throws him into the ropes and as Anderson comes back off the ropes he's hit with a picture perfect dropsault. AJ hits a baseball slide on Magnus knocking him to the floor as AJ shouts "STYLES CLASH" to a big reaction from the audience.

The Styles Clash is what AJ attempted next but as he got Anderson in position for it Magnus was back in the ring and hit a clothesline with his good arm. Anderson quickly recovered locking in a solid looking arm breaker. Magnus is about to tap but AJ has recovered and throws Anderson into the corner and hits him with a flying forearm in the corner. AJ turns his attention to Magnus but Magnus overpowers him and hits him with a Powerbomb. AJ rolls to the floor as Magnus hits a Death Valley Driver onto Anderson. Magnus locks in his Cloverleaf as Anderson screams in pain and looks for the ropes. AJ slowly crawls into the ring as Magnus wrenches the hold in more. AJ quickly grabs Magnus from the Cloverleaf position. Kicks him in the stomach and delivers a Styles Clash right in the middle. An exhausted AJ is attacked by Anderson who throws him into the corner and places him on the top turnbuckle. Anderson attempts a Superplex but is hit with a Styles Clash off the top turnbuckle. The audience are going crazy as AJ pins Anderson for the three count and the victory.

Post match an exhausted AJ is out cold in the ring as are Magnus and Anderson. Tenay, Striker and Taz go into hype mode over the match saying it's amazing and of course plug AJ/Bully at Bound For Glory for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. AJ recovers in the ring as Magnus is also up and clearly hurt. The two shake hands and hug as they turn their attention to Anderson who is on his knees in the corner. AJ offers his hand to Anderson who takes it. AJ helps Anderson up as he and Anderson shake hands. Magnus reluctantly shakes Andersons hand also as we fade to black.

AJ Styles defeated Magnus and Mr Anderson to become the number 1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

---End Show---

Attendance: 4500 (Sell Out)

Rating: C+

TV Rating: 1.2

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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge

OH MAN!!! Things are getting even more interesting here in TNA! Looking at the way BFG is shaping up, We are going to get an awesome show.
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Re: TNA 2013 - A New Man In Charge


- TNA last night received a 1.2 rating suffering a 0.2 drop from last week. TNA Impact offered a match to decide a number 1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound For Glory and also offered an opening segment in which Magnus was to celebrate his World Title win. The 1.2 rating indicates that TNA fans just aren't into Magnus that much at all.

- An employee working at the Viejas Arena in San Diego California opened up to insiders during a phone call to the arena. According to the employee TNA is "going all out" for TNA Bound For Glory in terms of set up. Fans can expect a speciality set, fireworks, proper staging, proper trons, proper lighting and much more. Eric had said early on when he joined TNA that he wanted to make Bound For Glory more authentic and he has done just that allegedly.

- In other Bound For Glory news rumours are circulating that TNA Officials have contacted a number of legends to be involved with the show in a non wrestling capacity. We've heard some names thrown around such as Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Jake Roberts and many others. More info about this when we get it.

- In other Bound For Glory related news a number of celebrities have been invited to the event. Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette posted about it on Twitter saying he'd be there to catch up with old friends and watch the show. A number of San Diego Padres players were also invited to the show as were San Diego Chargers players.

- Eric Bischoff's phone call from last nights Impact in regards to a new signing has lit up message boards in the wrestling universe. We've heard that it could be a number of wrestlers with the most likely names being thrown around right now including Batista, Bobby Lashley and Goldberg.

- Mick Foley who's contract recently ran out with WWE spoke to Dean Chambers on the Hardcore Wrestling Podcast via telephone. Mick mentioned he was contacted by Eric Bischoff in regards to a colour commentating position but Mick turned TNA down. When asked why Mick explained that TNA just wasn't for him right now but could be in future.

- In contract news, Rubix (Also known as Jigsaw) wrote on Twitter that he and TNA had parted ways thus ending his Pay Per Appearance deal. He holds no ill will towards the company. Greg Marasciulo, Petey Williams and Rob Terry were announced as signing written deals on TNA's official website. Also in other surprising news Jeff Jarrett signed a 2 year contract extension. It's thought he'll work behind the scenes. TNA is searching for a replacement for Rubix which may open up a door for an X-Division style wrestler to debut in future.

- Here is the TNA Impact press release as posted on their website:


TNA Impact Wrestling returns to you live from the Reno Events Centre in Reno Nevada. This show promises to be massive and is our last stop on the Impact Tour before TNA Bound For Glory 2013.

The Impact Wrestling Main Event promises to be a massive one this week as we will see Alex Shelley take on his final opponent in Chris Sabin's challenge. Shelley has been tested for the past 2 weeks but has beaten 2 top X-Division stars to be where he is now. Sabin has told TNA Officials that the man who will wrestle Shelley is a main event calibre wrestler and should be in the main event. With nobody except Sabin knowing who the mystery opponent is it will surely be a massive surprise. Can Shelley retain the X-Division Title again? Can Sabin's challenger topple Shelley? You'll have to tune in and find out.

In news that has excited the professional wrestling world "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan will return to TNA Impact Wrestling on this edition of Impact! Hulk hasn't been seen on Impact since losing a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match against Bully Ray a month ago and has spent time recovering in a Florida hospital. Hulk told that he had words for Bully Ray and would confront him live on Impact this week and that it'd "Shock the world" what will Hulk have to say?

In other action we'll see TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James team up with Gail Kim to take on ODB and Velvet Sky. In X-Division action Austin Aries will compete against Greg Marasciulo and we'll also witness former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode take on the returning Rob Terry.

This episode of Impact is must-see television so we encourage all fans to tune into the show at 8/9c. If you're not able to watch the live presentation make sure you set your DVR.

- Xplosion results are posted below:


Knux defeated Manik

Chavo Guerrero defeated Robbie E

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