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Re: NWA:TNA - Welcome to the Revolution

Hey, I was writing a full review for the show but then I lost it (battery died, in safe mode, etc.), so I'll give my general thoughts quickly. First and foremost, like how you're using EWR, just be prepared for Jeff Jarrett to go to rehab with a drug habit that is ruining his life.

Liked the first show, good that you included Cena, Orton and Batista (won't call him anything else!) in there, looks like you've got big plans for them, hoping to see Cena feud with TNC and Orton just keep doing his thing. Jarrett/Sting feud sounds exciting, like how you set it up with the legends putting TNA over and what not, assuming next week's match between them won't be the last we see of them. Tag team division is looking promising, Jindrak and O'Haire are the best choice for champs IMO unless they're going to be singles stars which you alluded to, in which case maybe not. No problem with Shamrock being the first champion same as IRL.

Looking forward to the next show, you've got a definite reader here. If you could check out my TNA thread that would be great.

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Re: NWA:TNA - Welcome to the Revolution

NWA News and Notes

-The premiere broadcast of TNA scored a .24 with 24,000 house holds buying the debut broadcast. This number is being seen as a success with the final WCW PPV only bringing in 10,000 buyers.

-The X Division Four Corner Tag match had everyone backstage on the edge of their seats and many knew they had to step up their game through out the rest of the night. Many feel the X Division is important to establishing the new NWA's identity.

- While stars like Rick Steiner, Konnan, Disco Inferno and Vampire Warrior appeared in the Rumble last week. Don't expect them to be full time roster members. Jeff Jarrett and Dusty Rhodes want to create new stars, not falling into the traps of the past. Expect more focus on guys like K-Krush, The X Division, Randy Orton and Sean O'Haire. O'Haire is one that Rhodes is high on, so expect a big push for him.

- However the need to get attention is not lost on those behind the scenes. Currently Jarrett is in talks with some of the top free agents not working with the WWE about appearing on the weekly PPV series.

-Buff Bagwell suffered an injury to his knee during that tag match pitting himself and Lex Luger against Scott Hall & Rey Mysterio Jr. He is going in for surgery to repair his knee however he is looking at a year plus on the Inactive List. This is making many speculate that Marcus Bagwell will retire. Jeff Jarrett is keeping Bagwell on pay roll as Bagwell was injured on the NWA:TNA broadcast. Backstage roles are being considered for Bagwell.

-Lex Luger already has heat on himself for his no-selling in the tag match following Bagwell's injury. His role in the company is up in the air as Totally Buff was expected to play a part in the Tag Division. If it weren't for his friend Sting being key to the NWA-TNA deal, its said Luger would have been fired.

-NWA:TNA will be moving from Huntsville, Alabama to the City Auditorium in Nashville, TN for a few live broadcasts until its permanent home at the State Fairgrounds in July.

Total Non-Stop Action Preview

Hot off the heels of its debut broadcast the stars of the National Wrestling Alliance return for the 2nd edition of Total Non-Stop Action! Two hours of wall to wall in your face high impact wrestling only on Pay Per View!

Return of an Icon!

This week the main event is set as The Man Called Sting will make his in ring return with the NWA after a decade absence. He'll go one on one against Jeff Jarrett in the main event. Jarrett and Sting crossed paths on the inaugural PPV when Jarrett attacked NWA-TNA Director Dusty Rhodes in ring. Sting made the save, and later that night Rhodes made the match official. Who will walk out the winner, the man obsessed with being NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett or the enigma known as Sting?

Crowning a New X Champion

The NWA Championship Committee has determined that the four men being placed inside the four way elimination match to determine the first ever X Division Champion will be AJ Styles, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, Low-Ki and Jerry Lynn. These four men stood out during their tag match last Wednesday and it was determined they personify what the NWA wants the new X Division to be...its not about weight limits, its about no limits.

Dawn of the New Church

Minister James Mitchell made it clear, his New Church were here to spread fear and dominate the National Wrestling Alliance. But this coming Wednesday he promises to unleash the center piece of his congregation...someone he calls the Messiah of the New Age. Who is this Messiah he claims destine to lead his Church into power? All will be revealed on Total Non-Stop Action.


Sean O'Haire snapped on his former partner and long time friend Mark Jindrak and this Wednesday the'll lock up one on one, in a match that is personal...K-Krush ticked off a lot of people last week, none more so than Road Dogg. This Wednesday Road Dogg will go face to face with K-Krush, and country superstar Toby Keith will be ringside to make sure K-Krush doesn't get out of line...Steve Corino will lead his team of Simon Diamond and CW Anderson against the young and talented Randy Orton and his team of Wildcat Chris Harris & James Storm...The Rock-N-Roll Express will make their return in the NWA ring to face off against the controversial Rainbow Express...This plus NWA World Champion Ken Shamrock's first interview since winning the title!

06/26/02 - NWA Total NonStop Action Card

Main Event
Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

Grudge Match
Road Dogg vs. K-Krush
Special Guest Enforcer - Toby Keith

Four Way Elimination Match: For X Division Championship
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Low-Ki vs. Christopher Daniels

Sean O'Haire vs. Mark Jindrak

Qualifier for NWA World Tag Team Tournament
The Rainbow Express w/Joel Gertner vs. The Rock-N-Roll Express

Six Man Tag Team Action
Steve Corino, CW Anderson & Simon Diamond vs. Randy Orton, Chris Harris & Cowboy James Storm

Plus NWA World Champion Ken Shamrock and more!!!

WEEK 2 should be up this weekend.

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Total Non-Stop Action #2 (06/26/02)

NWA's Total Non-Stop Action | June 26, 2002
Von Braun Center | Hunstville, AL

Commentary Team: Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrera

The 2nd edition of Total Non-Stop action kicks off with a highlight video from "Last Week…" featuring the Gauntlet for the Gold, Shamrock winning the title and Sting and Jeff Jarrett going face to face. The clip ends with Sting pointing the bat at Jarrett.

***Opening Video***

Earlier Today - Dusty Rhodes was coming into the building when he is cut off by Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Steamboat warns Dusty about getting involved tonight and that he should take the night off. Dusty laughs, offended that he would be sent home yet Jarrett gets to main event. Steamboat said he'll deal with Jarrett but asked Dusty to trust him and take the night off. Dusty reluctantly agrees turning around and leaving the arena.

Match #1 | Singles Match
Sean O'Haire vs. Mark JIndrak

The opening match on Total Non-Stop Action stems from O'Haire being inadvertently eliminated by his partner during the Gauntlet for the Gold, and attacking Jindrak. Footage is shown of O'Haire attacking Jindrak on the outside of the ring during the match last week. O'Haire is down first and is fully of anger, shoving the referee out of his way and posing for the crowd. Jindrak comes out next, looking reluctant to fight his best friend. Jindrak grabs the microphone and asks if O'Haire really wants to do this. O'Haire answers with a stiff slap to the face and the two begin trading punches. The commentary team talk about these two training in the WCW Power Plant together and holding the tag team titles together. How they traveled up and down the road together. Ed says Jindrak was just holding the far superior O'Haire down. Jindrak with a series of impressive arm drags followed by a standing drop kick sends O'Haire to the outside to collect himself, however Jindrak follows and nails his former friends with a series of clubs to the back before rolling him back in. However once inside O'Haire reverses a Irish whip and nails a standing side kick for a 2 count. O'Haire takes control of the match wearing Jindrak down and unleashing power move after power move proving that he is one of the strongest young athletes in NWA-TNA.

O'Haire controls the middle of the match but Jindrak fires back with a baby face shine as the crowd starts to get into the action. Jindrak gets lots of cheers, especially from the teenage girls in attendance as he unleashes a series of monstrous rights to O'Haire. Off the ropes comes Jindrak with a hard shoulder tackle and O'Haire feeds up into tilt-a-whirl slam. The crowd is hot as Jindrak looks to put away his former partner when out of nowhere The New Church hit the ringside area. Tempest, Kraken and Malice flanked by Minster James Mitchell surround the ring. Bad omens for O'Haire and Jindrak. Both men to their feet as they go back to back preparing for a war with the monsters. Its seems their personal war is over when faced with a common enemy…but its a swerve as O'Haire turns and nails Jindrak from behind setting up his finisher, the Reverse Thrown Death Valley Driver…for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner Via Pin-Fall: Sean O'Haire

Minister James Mitchell, laughing enters the ring as O'Haire's hand is raised by the referee. Kraken and Tempest continue to lay boots to Jindrak in the corner. On the outside Malice sets up a table ringside. Mitchell on the microphone says he proclaimed a new age in the NWA last week and unleashed his church upon the world. But every church needs someone to believe in, and thats why he has chosen Sean O'Haire to lead them into a new era of darkness. Sean O'Haire is his Messiah of the New Age, and will help them bleed the NWA dry, and recreate the landscape of pro-wrestling in his image! In the ring Malice and Kraken get Jindrak on the apron in position for the double choke slam through the table but before they do, O'Haire preforms last rights on his former friend. The New Church's monsters slam Jindrak down through the table breaking it in half. O'Haire then posses in the ring with his new teammates as "CHURCH MUSIC" plays on the speakers.

Backstage, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat instructs Ron & Don Harris that he hired them to make sure things didn't get out of hand in NWA-TNA. They'll lead their own squad of security. They have full authority to get physical with anyone getting out of line if need be.

Backstage, Goldylocks is standing with two of the four men facing off in tonights X Division Championship Match. Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles. She says they've been partners in the past, but tonight they'll be on the opposite side of things. Lynn says he respects AJ, knows AJ and likes AJ. He knows AJ respects him. But while they don't see eye to eye on many things, they both want to give the fans all they have. Lynn says he hopes the final two men come down to he and AJ. AJ smiles and says when he wins the X Division Championship tonight, no hard feelings. He pats Lynn on the back and walks away, Lynn just rolls his eyes and heads off in the opposite direction.

Who's Next in Line?

Back ringside "Hit Em Hard" plays as the crowd get to their feet and the NEW National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion Ken Shamrock makes his way to the ring. He holds up the 15 pounds of Gold, and says he is honored and humbled to be the new NWA Championship. He knows this belt has meant so much to so many over the years and he'll be a fighting champion. He says anytime, anywhere he wants to show the world why the NWA is the place to be and while Total Non-Stop Action is #1!

Ch-Ch-Chosen One, brings out Jeff Jarrett who is obsessed with becoming the NWA World Champion. Jarrett says he is tired of the disrespect shown to him by the old timers and the green behind the ears rookies. He says its only a matter of time before he has that title around his waist. Shamrock says Jarrett should worry more about Sting tonight than getting a title shot. Jarrett says tonight he'll send Sting back into retirement and then the title will be next on his check list. PERFECTION brings out Curt Hennig who blows right by Jarrett heading toward the ring where he gets into Shamrock's face. Hennig says last week Shamrock's win was a fluke, and that Jarrett's entire career has been a fluke. Hennig says no one in this company deserves to be NWA champion more than himself and if he got the title shot against Shamrock, Shamrock would have the shortest reign in NWA history.

HEY YO, sure enough Scott Hall is butting into things from up in the crowd on microphone. Hall throws his name into the title picture as well. Shamrock says why don't all three of you get in this ring and lets do this. This brings out Ricky Steamboat who says that this isn't sanctioned and informs the crowd that next week Shamrock will defend the NWA World Title on Total Non-Stop Action but they'll announce his challenger on www.nwa-tna.com this weekend. He tells everyone to disperse. Shamrock says he doesn't care about rules and sanctions, he wants to fight, and gets in Hennig's face. After a brief tense face off, Hennig smirks before rolling out of the ring and motioning for a title shot.

[COLOR="rgb(153, 50, 204)"]Backstage, Jeremy Borash is searching for Sting in the locker room area. He says no one has heard from or seen Sting, but he is determined to get an exclusive one on one before the main event tonight. Borash turns the corner and runs right smack dab into Veronica Caine who is dressed head to toe in the tightest most revealing business suit ever made. Tight in all the right places. Borash stops dead to rights his eyes locking eyes with Caine's breasts. She catches him stealing a peak and scoffs. Caine states this is just how women are exploited in this company. Just look at the atrocious way they introduced her fellow women warriors last week, all for a cat fight and some real T and A. She says she refuses to take part in the bikini contest tonight and that her high powered client won't step foot in this company until things are cleaned up. She walks off as The Rainbow Express' Bruce and Lenny walk by. Bruce just says "Gross".[/COLOR]

Match #2 | Six Man Tag
Steve Corino, CW Anderson & Simon Diamond (w/Swinger & Dawn Marie)
Randy Orton, Wildcat Chris Harris & Cowboy James Storm

Corino leads out his men first, Tenay says while many claim Corino is the leader of the group by Corino's own words they have no head to their collective. This leads Ed Ferrera to dub them The Headless Horsemen. Orton is out next flanked by Cowboy James Storm (six shooters and all) and Wildcat Chris Harris. The crowd is really into the baby faces tonight, as Orton gets a nice little pop as does the firing off of Storm's pistols. CW Anderson starts off the match against Orton. Orton wants Corino in the ring to prove himself but has to contend with his lackey first. CW proves he's more than just a follower with some awesome clothesline however Orton ducks a running clothesline, and Anderson turns into a textbook drop kick. Anderson tags out to Diamond before rolling out of the ring.

There all quick tags through out with out Corino and Orton crossing paths but finally Corino points to Orton and Harris tags in the young rising star and the crowd gets into seeing Orton and Corino lock up. They do and Corino quickly drops Orton down with a drop-toe hold. Corino almost gets a pin after a northern lights suplex but Orton kicks out. The finish comes when Harris and Storm start brawling with Diamond and Anderson on the outside, and Corino is left with Orton in the ring where he nails his Old School Expulsion for the win.

Winners: Corino, Anderson & Diamond when Anderson pinned Orton

Corino and team goes up the ramp with his crew, the Headless Horsemen, having taken a victory. Orton is joined by Harris and Storm in the ring burning a hole in Corino's skull.

Goldylocks is backstage with new NWA-TNA talent Gran Apollo. Apollo is put over as a huge star in his native Porte Rico, and is making his US debut with the NWA. Apollo says he just wants the opportunity to prove he has what it takes to be a big star in the USA. He is cut off by Lex Luger and Miss Elizabeth. They don't look great once again by the way. Luger mocks Apollo's accent and claims Apollo can't be a big star in America cause we can't understand the words coming out of his mouth. Apollo says he can prove his worth in the ring and challenges Luger to be his first opponent in NWA. Luger backs down faking remorse for jumping the gun. He apologizes saying he lost his tag partner last week, and the stress is getting to him. He offers his hand to Apollo saying they would make a hell of a team. Apollo goes reluctantly to shake Luger's hand but Luger sucker punches him and lays into him with a series of nasty punches. Luger whips Apollo into a closed door. Apollo comes back but NWA-TNA security headed by The Harris Brothers breaks them up. Luger screams over and over he is the Total Package God Dammit and will be respected. Luger came off looking like a complete nut here.

Match #3 | Grudge Match
K-Krush vs. The Road Dogg
Special Guest Enforcer: Country Music Star Toby Keith

Before the match gets underway, we are treated to footage of K-Krush's debut last week getting in the face of Toby Keith and destroying the band equipment in a brawl with Road Dogg. Footage of Entertainment Tonight and CMT all talking about it can be seen as well. Out first is K-Krush who cuts a promo on the way to the ring once again talking about how racist the NWA is and how he'll be the first ever black NWA World Champion. He throws his hat into the contender's consideration as well. Road Dogg and Toby Keith are out next, as Ed complains that the deck is being stacked against K-Krush here. K-Krush gets in Keith's face warning him about crossing into his yard. While his back is turned Road Dogg walks up behind him and spins him into a series of jabs and the bell rings. Left, right, left, right…wind up huge right! K-Krush staggers as Road Dogg hits the ropes and comes off with a running lariat for a 2 count. K-Krush rolls to the outside after a kick out but Keith grabs him and rolls him back in and Road Dogg begins putting the boots to K-Krush but the referee backs him up. K-Krush takes advantage of this by pulling an advancing Road Dogg into the turnbuckles face first. K-Krush takes over the match now and works over Road Dogg while taunting Keith on the outside.

K-Krush builds confidence, perhaps getting too cocky as he spends too much time focused on Keith on the outside that Road Dogg makes a comeback with three left handed jabs, winds up and nails a huge right…AKA the Shake, Rattle and Roll combo. K-Krush falls back into the ropes and enters off into a huge DDT that plants him down for a 2 count. K-Krush calls for his finisher…the Stretch Armstrong but K-Krush floats out and nails a sit out hip toss before exiting the ring and sliding back in steel chair in hand. This cause Toby Keith to come up from behind and pull the chair out of his hand which leads to Road Dogg rolling up K-Krush for the pin.

Winner Via Pin-Fall: Road Dogg

Toby Keith joins Road Dogg in the ring as they celebrate. K-Krush rolls to the outside and looks bewildered at what just happened. Toby Keith welcomes K-Krush to get in the ring and fight, but K-Krush backs up the ramp talking smack.

Still searching for Sting backstage, JB enters a locker room where Brian Christopher is sweet talking Goldylocks, putting the moves on her. She rolls her eyes but flirts back a bit. However JB continues on his search running into The Flying Elvises (Jimmy Yang, Sonny Siaki and Jorge Estrada). JB asks if they have seen Sting, but the Elvises talk only about being the kings of the X Division. Siaki complains about not being included in the title match. JB says thats great before walking off, leaving Yang and Estrada doing their best Elvis dances. JB turns the corner and runs right into Terry Taylor, who says why not look where everyone else would…the rafters. JB looks up the ominous stairs leading to the cat walk and lets out an audible gulp…

In the ring Ed Ferrera is ready for the Miss TNA Bikini Contest! Ed talks about how TNA isn't just for Total Non-Stop Action and tonight we get to see the hottest girls in all of wrestling oiled up, and in tight…and he means tight…swimwear! Out first is Crazy Lizzy Borden (XPW/Porn Star) in next to nothing, followed by equally skimpy Jasmine St. Claire and Elektra! Taylor Vaughn is out next in something a little more conservative followed by the cute Alexis Laree in a tight bikini…Daffney, Joni and Dawn Marie follow. The last one out is Francine. Ed nearly has a heart attack at the outfits before Francine and Dawn Marie get into one another's faces again. Winning the bikini contest comes at fan reaction…and this leads to Francine being declared the winner!

RAINBOW EXPRESS' music hits as Francine celebrates and out comes Joel Gertner leading Bruce, Lenny and Lodi to the stage. Gertner says while his clients may not enjoy what is going on in the ring, he 100% agrees that TNA is Tits and Ass in his books. Joel offers Francine, or hell, any of the hoes in the ring a chance at a Big Mac tonight and a Stud Mc Muffin in the morning. Francine gets on the microphone and says she's seen what Joel's packing and it doesn't stack up to a full course meal. She says he should head backstage and play ass grab with his girlfriends before the women of TNA show him what a real fight is…This causes The Rainbow Express to head toward the ring but they are cut off by Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson the Rock-N-Roll Express before they get in the ring and our next match is underway!

Match #4 } Tag Team Title Tournament Qualifier
Rock-N-Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)
The Rainbow Express (Lenny & Lodi w/Bruce & Joel Gertner)

The Rock-N-Roll Express is on fire out the gate whipping Lenny and Lodi off the ropes and nailing synchronized dropkicks together. The Rainbow Express up quickly into double synchronized arm drags and another round of drop kicks that send them to the outside floor where the women of TNA proceed to chop Lenny & Lodi, pulling hair. Francine leads the charge and is joined by Joni, Taylor Vaughn, Alexis Laree, Elektra, Lizzy and Daffney. The Rainbow Express are rescued by Bruce and Joel Gertner and sure enough the referee send the women to the back as Lodi takes his place on the apron and Lenny enters to face off against Ricky Morton. The match proceeds as Morton takes most of the heat working a majority of the match as Gibson isn't in condition to wrestle tonight. Lodi & Lenny make quick tags cutting off Morton from his partner and blowing kisses at Gibson on the apron. They take advantage of Bruce and Joel being ringside.

The finish sees Gibson getting the hot tag, but Gertner distracting the referee long enough for Bruce to nail Gibson with a chair shot and cut Morton off from the save so Lenny can cover the former NWA World Tag Team Champion for the 3 count.

Winners: Rainbow Express when Lenny pinned Gibson

The Rainbow Express continue their assault on the NWA Legends, Bruce joining in now as Joel Gertner has Francine by the hair, bad intentions in mind. From the back The Shane Twins flanked by Tylene Buck make the save running off the Rainbow Express. The Shane Twins help the Rock-n-Roll Express and Francine up as they motion for the Rainbow Express to bring it on. Gertner tells his boys they'll have the last laugh.

JB enters the catwalk backstage, obviously freaked out of his mind. Sting he calls, whispering for God to help him. Sting are you up here? Stinger? But no answer, after a few seconds JB says screw this and turns to leave running right into Minister James Mitchell and Kraken. Mitchell explains Sting isn't here, because his children of the night reside here. Mitchell tells JB to hurry on back to the world bellow and send a message to the suits in the NWA, his New Church will not be ignored and it would be easier for everyone involved if they give Sean O'Haire a title shot now instead of later. JB says sure before hurrying off as Mitchell laughs.

Match #5 | X Division Elimination Match (Round Robin Rules)
Low-Ki vs. AJ Styles vs. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn

The rules of the match are as follows: Two men start out the match, once one scores a pin fall or submission that person exits the match and another other four men enter to face the man with the winning pin fall. You are eliminated after you have been pinned or submitted twice. Christopher Daniels starts the match off with AJ Styles in the ring and it starts off lightning quick, lots of reversals and up and overs. Daniels ducks a huge clothesline and plants Styles with a spin wheel kick. Daniels with nasty chops to Styles, Daniels goes for a suplex but Styles floats out and nails the Pele Kick on Daniels and goes to the top rope and comes off with a top rope leg drop for only a 2 count. Styles picks him up calling for the Styles Clash, however Daniels knocks Styles off balance and rolls him through for a roll up but its only a 2 count. Both men to their feet and Styles throws a clothesline but Daniels ducks it and nails Styles with a kick to the stomach and his finisher ANGEL WINGS…1…2…3…AJ Styles has been pinned by Christopher Daniels.

Low-Ki rushes in the ring and nails Daniels with a few stiff kicks to the side of the head, there is no resting period in this math as Low-Ki whips Daniels out of the corner and nails a sick dropkick. Daniels feeds up into a japanese arm drag and back up into a enzugiri. Daniels works his way to the corner but Low-Ki rushes in with a cartwheel and kick to the side of Daniels head. Low-Ki applies the Dragon Sleeper up on the second rope, and brings Daniels off the ropes slamming him down to the mat with force and makes the cover. LOW KI Pins Christopher Daniels.

Jerry Lynn in and takes Low-Ki off his feet with a decapitating clothesline and hits the cradle-piledriver for 1, 2, 3…Lynn pins Low-Ki.

AJ Styles back in the ring and takes Lynn off his feet with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Styles goes to the second rope but Lynn meets him on the turnbuckles and hits a belly to belly over head suplex off the 2nd rope. Lynn back up and Styles meets him on their feet and they trade punches. Lynn off the ropes and ducks a back elbow and hits the ropes for a springboard cross body for only a 2 count. Lynn goes for a power bomb but Styles reverses it into a hurricanrana over the tope rope to the outside. Styles dives through the 2nd rope in a suicide dive on Lynn before rolling him back in the ring. Styles goes for the Styles Clash and nails it…Styles pins Lynn!

Christopher Daniels rushes the ring now and nails Styles from behind but Styles fights back. The two men trade fists in the ring, Daniels sends a few kicks to Styles leg, wobbling him. Daniels uses the ropes as momentum and comes off with a huge clothesline to Styles. Daniels calls for the Angel Wings, but Styles fights out. Back and forth, with action that even the commentary team can't keep up with…Styles nails Daniels with a huge pele kick and hits the tope rope coming off with a Spiral Tap for the pin. Styles Pins Daniels, Daniels Eliminated from the match.

Low-Ki comes in and goes for the Dragon Sleeper but Styles nails Low-Ki with some knees to the face, breaking the move. Style's momentum is killed by a series of stiff brutal kicks from Low-Ki. Styles with a forearm smash and they are trading matches. Styles is bleeding from his nose at this point. Lynn is on the outside watching, getting his breath back. Styles hits a huge back body drop and a series of clothesline on Low-Ki. Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Low-K rolls up and over the back of Styles. Styles turns into a kick to the gut and a tiger bomb for only a 2 count. The fans are on the edge of their seats as Styles tries to pick up Low-Ki. Styles and Low-Ki counter everything thrown at one another when out of no-where Styles locks on the Styles clash for the 3 count. AJ Styles pins Low-Ki eliminating him from the match.

Jerry Lynn into the match and Styles is blown up after all the action, while Lynn has had the chance to rest. However Lynn doesn't rush Styles like we've seen thus far. We are about 15 minutes into the match thus far. Styles gets to his feet as the crowd is hot. Lynn lets Styles get up and the two circle each other. The two are perfectly match, counter after counter. There is a series of near falls as the two men trade roll ups, nearly 7 2 counts in the span of under a minute. Both men up and there is a double clothesline. Both men down as the crowd is hot. Both to their feet and Lynn gets sent to the outside with a standing drop kick. Styles comes with a flying splash to the outside. Styles is on top of Lynn but Lynn reverses a whip and sends Styles into the guardrail over top into the crowd. Lynn dives over the rail into Styles. Style's breaks the count out and whips Styles into the ring. Styles with a kick to Lynn as he charges and Styles hops up to the apron nailing a moonsault off the apron. Styles rolls Lynn back in. Styles goes to whips Lynn off the ropes but its reversed and Styles ducks a clothesline attempt. Styles springboards off the second rope but Lynn catches the moonsault attempt. However, Styles floats over and tries a reverse DDT but Lynn reverses into a neck breaker. He covers, but only gets a 2 count. Both men back up as the crowd is counting along with the counts! This match is over with this crowd and the announcers who are basically giving the X-Division fellatio. Both men to their feet, both drained of energy, they continue to trade move after move, reversing everything. 2 count after 2 count. AJ Styles lifts Lynn up for a fireman's carry into a neck breaker. BUT ONLY A 2 COUNT! Lynn blocks a clothesline attempt into a brain buster…BUT ONLY A 2 Count! This match is over the moon, can you top the other. Lynn changes up his game plan and tries to ground Styles with a sleeper hold, however AJ fights out after a rest period. Styles with a jawbreaker breaking the sleeper hold. Both men are hard to their feet, but Styles gets to the top rope only for Lynn to meet him up high with a series of lefts and rights. Lynn goes for the super-pled from the top rope and nails it. He is slow to cover but he does…and Styles kicks out at 2. Lynn slowly to his feet. Exhaustion has taken both men. The finish comes when Lynn goes for the Cradle Pile Driver but Styles fights out and nails Lynn with a sick Brainbuster instead. One Spiral Tap later AJ get the win.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: AJ Styles

Pryo explodes as AJ is handed the belt. He celebrates his victory as Lynn rolls to the outside. The crowd gives AJ, and really all four men standing ovations for a hard fought match.

Backstage, Goldylocks has "Da Bad Guy" Scott Hall. Hall says he understands this may be his last shot at a big time wrestling gig as he has burnt bridges all over the industry. But what do you expect, he's the bad guy after all. He says it doesn't matter who is in his way be it Sting, Jarrett, Hennig or Shamrock...he'll be NWA World Champion, hopefully before he gets fired from here too.

Match #6 | Tag Team Title Tournament Qualifier
Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill (W/Alexis)

Already in the ring is Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway, making their NWA-TNA debuts since being released from their WWE/OVW contracts. Getting the jobber treatment which is fine as the crowd know next to nothing about the two men. Their opponents are out next with their new valet, the lovely Alexis Laree, leading Roadkill and Danny Doring to the ring. The match kicks off with Doring and Dinmsore exchanging lock ups and arm drags. Back and forth chain wrestling. They may have presented Dinsmore and Conway as jobbers in intro but the match is showing them on equal footing with the former ECW World Tag Team Champions.

The match doesn't go very long, but is very energetic with lots of quick tags giving all four men a chance to shine. The crowd still hot from the last match respond well to the action. The finish see's Doring super kick Conway off the apron into the guard rail. This allows Roadkill to lock on a bear hug on Dinsmore, and Doring to follow through with a lariat for the 3 count.

Winners: Danny Doring & Roadkill when Roadkill pinned Dinsmore

We cut backstage to see the Rainbow Express and the Shane Twins brawling in the locker room, its three vs. Two as TNA security rush to break it up. Mike Tenay says these two teams will open the NWA World Tag Team Tournament against one another next week

Main Event | Singles Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting

Jarrett is out first to a chorus of boos from the crowd, hoisting the guitar over his head. The lights go out and we get a light show as the crowd become unglued from their seats and its sheer pandemonium as Sting enters the Von Braun Center, pointing his trademark bat in Jarrett's direction. The announcements are made and Jarrett and Sting come nose to nose in what many feel is the first BIG Main Event in NWA-TNA history. The match starts off slow with NWA-TNA making sure there is planty of time in this week's broadcast for this match unlike last week.

After circling each other and a feel out period, they lock up with Jarrett coming out on top with a headlock. Sting shoots him off and Sting ducks a clothesline goes for a hip toss, but Jarrett reverses. Jarrett works Sting to the corner and hip tosses him out of the corner. Jarrett is all business in the early stages of the match. Sting gets the advantage taking the fight to Jarrett, knocking him off his palace with a series of lefts and rights, sending him to the outside. Sting lifts Jarrett up dropping him on the guard rail throat first. The crowd is eating it up as Sting suplexes Jarrett in onto the ramp. Jarrett reverses a whip to the ring posts and DDTs Sting on the outside. The referee wants them back in the ring but Jarrett shoves him away and slams the Icon face first into the guard rail before rolling Sting back in the ring. Jarrett works Sting over in the center of the ring. Sting ducks a back elbow but Jarrett latches on a sleeper only for the crowd to begin cheering for Sting. The referee checks Sting but he fights out thanks to some vocal support from the crowd. Sting ducks a series of clothesline barreling off the ring ropes and nails Jarrett with a cross body for a 2 count.

Sting gets the better of a in ring slug fest, and nails Jarrett with an inverted Atomic drop. Sting begins to take control of the match as the crowd starts to stir. Sting whips Jarrett hard in into the corner and goes for a Stinger Splash but Jarrett moves and nails a huge chop on Sting! Jarrett with an Irish Whip but Sting reverses and follows through with a HUGE Stinger Splash! Sting goes for a second and nails it. Sting comes off with a bulldog after the second one for only a 2 count! Sting back up and he and Jarrett chain wrestle a tad, With Jarrett getting him with a Stroke. The crowd can't believe it, Jarrett hit his finisher! Jarrett makes the cover..1…2…3…NO, only a 2 1/2! Jarrett can't believe he kicked out and starts to stomp away at Sting. Jarrett goes for a figure four and locks it in, but Sting reverses it refusing to give up. Jarrett reaches out and gets the ropes and the break is made. Both men up to their feet as Sting is favoring his knee. Jarrett sweeps him out and begins to work over the knee. Jarrett calls for the Figure Four again, but Sting rolls him up in a small package out of it for only a 2 count. Jarrett is back up and eats a clothesline. Sting is on fire now as the crowd cheers him on and he slams Jarrett's head off the turnbuckle…Irish Whip…GIANT STINGER SPLASH!!! Jarrett bumps out of the splash and Sting goes for the scorpion death lock and locks it on. Jarrett has no choice to to submit.

Winner via submission: Sting

The Icon has his hand raised in victory which doesn't sit well with Jarrett who grabs his guitar from ringside and re-enters the ring. Sting turns into Jarrett smashing it across his skull. Jarrett stomps away at Sting before going to the outside to grab a steel chair. This brings Scott Hall from the back who cuts Jarrett off. Hall and Jarrett trade punches as Sting pulls himself up inside the ring, only to be cut off by Sean O'Haire, Malice and Kraken. James Mitchell comes down the ramp instruction this men to destroy Sting. All hell breaks loose as some heroes from the locker room including Brian Christopher, "The Prototype" John Cena, Danny Doring and Roadkill hit the ring to save Sting. The announcers tell us we are out of time as Ricky Steamboat comes on to the stage flanked by the Harris Brothers and the security team, who rush to restore order...

Quick Results
  1. Sean O'Haire def. Mark JIndrak via Pin-Fall
  2. Steve Corino, CW Anderson & Simon Diamond def. Randy Orton, Chris Harris & James Storm in six man tag
  3. Road Dogg def. K-Krush
  4. The Rainbow Express def. The Rock-N-Roll Express
  5. AJ Styles def. Jerry Lynn, Low-Ki and Christopher Daniels in a Round Robin Elimination Match to become 1st X Division Champion
  6. Danny Doring & Roadkill def. Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway
  7. Sting def. Jeff Jarrett via submission

Thanks hope you guys enjoy.

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Re: NWA:TNA - Welcome to the Revolution

at Bagwell being out for a year plus. EWR, you rascal.

Oh man, completely missed the whole Jindrak/O'Haire altercation in the gauntlet last week. My bad. There goes them being tag champs. O'Haire is definitely the better of the two, so no qualms with him going over, and great swerve with O'Haire joining The New Church. Definitely the kind of guy who would fit in the group.

Nice hype for the X Division title match, maybe a heel Styles/Lynn feud?

Good promo with Shamrock, Jarrett, Hennig and Hall, a pretty solid main event scene when you add Sting in there too, hopefully they don't overstay their welcome at the top of the card and you use them to bring younger guys into the main event scene. I'm going to guess that Hennig is the first challenger to the title, tough to call though.

Like that Orton is mixing it up with veterans like Corino, CW and Diamond (obviously can't say that for AMW in 2002!). Orton was probably the right guy to be pinned in this match for the heels to win, sets up some good matches down the line like CW & Diamond/AMW and maybe Orton/Corino. That would be great for getting Orton over.

Can't imagine Apollo/Luger being a great match, especially on Luger's end, but it would be good for Apollo. Shame he didn't go as far as he could have IRL.

"Special Guest Enforcer: County Music Star Toby Keith" has TNA written all over it. Good spin to put on the match though after last week.

Liking the buildup for Sting's arrival, Borash looking up the rafters and gulping sounds hilarious.

Not much to say about the bikini contest, obviously isn't as great when it's in writing. Francine winning = good choice.

Thumbs up to Gertner's boys going over, definitely the better choice to advance in the tourney than the ageing Rock-N-Roll Express. Shane Twins/Rainbow Express final?

And the X title match comes down to Lynn and Styles, definitely think a feud should come of this. AJ is obviously a good choice for first champion.

Doring and Roadkill going over relative unknowns in Dinsmore and Conway was to be expected, solid team to have around. So much for a Shane Twins/Rainbow Express final, maybe one team costs the other the final leading to a feud?

Great note to end the show on, Jarrett managing to save some face with the guitar shot after the match, seemed to me like Sting recovered a little quickly from a guitar over the head after what I expect was a gruelling main event. Nice seeing The New Church get involved, they're probably what I'm most looking forward to in this thread.

Overall, another good show, liking O'Haire in TNC, tag team and X divisions are shaping up well and the show ended on a high. Full shows, anyone?

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Re: NWA:TNA - Welcome to the Revolution

NWA News and Notes

- The numbers for Total Non-Stop Action's PPV broadcast went up this past week from 24,000 house holds ordering the PPV to 25,000 house holds estimated.

- Backstage creative shake ups may be on hand as Vince Russo has been clashing with Dusty Rhodes over the direction of the PPV series. However neither have been sent home. Although the on screen Ricky Steamboat/Dusty Rhodes segment is said to be pulled from real life as Rhodes wants to be more physically involved in the NWA while Jeff and Jerry Jarrett (and many others) feel he should stay out of the ring.

- Expect Talent shake ups in the next few weeks. While many wrestlers that appeared in the Gauntlet the first week (and thus at the first round of tapings), they aren't expected to be back for the long haul. Sting himself wont be at the next few tapings, while he did tape segments to air.

- Jeff Jarrett while on air trying to gain the NWA World Title, is said to avoid holding the title for at least the first year of the promotion. They're looking for other names to carry the company and avoid the feeling that Jarrett got the title due to him owning the company.

- A feud between Curt Hennig and Ken Shamrock is expected to take place in the next few weeks. Hennig is said to be very over with the NWA management and could be penciled in for a run with the title. Shamrock was chosen to be the first champion due to him recently making headlines by planning a return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the next year. Sides are talking on if Shamrock will be able to do both MMA and continue with the NWA-TNA project.

-The creative team is building angles up until the end of August. The first two weeks of September will not air PPV broadcasts. So they want to go off air for that break with a bang! Several big name free agents are bing considered to come in for the month of August.

- Several undercard talent are being watched and essentially tried out for pushes up the card including Gran Apollo, Randy Orton, Low-Ki, Sean O'Haire and Mark Jindrak.

Total Non-Stop Action Preview

Tag Team Division Heats Up!

First the NWA World Heavyweight Championship was crowned when Ken Shamrock defeated Curt Hennig, along with 28 other men to win the title. Then AJ Styles defeated Low-Ki, Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn to become the 1st ever champion of the X Division. Now we turn our attentions to the Tag Team Division...

...Four Teams have been selected to enter the two week tag team tournament. This week we will see the first series of matches featuring The Shane Twins, The Flying Elvises (Sonny Siaki & Jorge Estrada), The Rainbow Express (Lenny & Lodi) and Danny Doring & Roadkill. Which teams will advance to next week's finals? Only way to find out is to watch Total Non-Stop Action this week.

A Challenger Chosen

The NWA Championship Commitee have announced that Curt Hennig will face Ken Shamrock in his first Title defense this coming Wednesday Night. Hennig is a former WCW US Champion and WWF Intercontinental Champion. He was also AWA World Champion in his early days. Shamrock a former UFC and WWF star claims to be a fighting champion and this will be his first defense.

A New School vs. The Old School

Randy Orton came up short last week when facing Steve Corino in a six man tag, however he'll go one on one against the King of Old School this week on Total Non-Stop Action. Will Corino's Headless Horsemen teammates get involved...


K-Krush will have a live microphone to air his grievances with the NWA...AJ Styles will defend the X Division Championship for the first time...Gran Apollo will seek revenge against Lex Luger...The New Church will continue its crusade on the NWA...and Dusty Rhodes returns, will he have words for Jeff Jarrett?

NWA Total Non-Stop Action 07-03 Card

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Curt Hennig vs. Ken Shamrock(c)

One on One
"King of Old School" Steve Corino vs. Randy Orton

Tag Team Tournament Matches
The Shane Twins (Mike & Todd w/Tylene Buck) vs. The Flying Elvises (Jorge Estrada & Sonny Siaki)

The Rainbow Express (Lenny & Lodi w/Joel Gertner) vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill w/Alexis


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NWA-TNA #3 - July 3rd, 2002

trying some more details here. Going to try to do something different each week until I find my grove. Lets see how this evolves.

NWA's Total Non-Stop Action | July 3rd, 2002
City Coliseum | Nashville, TN

Commentary Team: Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrera

USA rules is the theme to the opening of the July 3rd edition of Total Non-Stop Action on Pay Per View. America the Beautiful is played as we see shots of the flag, parades, military men and women doing patriotic things. Goldylocks opens the show singing our national anthem.

***Opening Video***

This goes right into a recap of last weeks insanity that ended the broadcast. Which sets up the first match well.

Match #1 | Singles Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Hall

Jeff Jarrett is out first claiming to the camera that he is the man who sent Sting back into retirement. Scott Hall enters the Coliseum to a huge pop and the announcer declare the winner of this match would be in line for a title shot in the coming weeks. The match starts off with them brawling out of the ring and into the crowd picking up where they left of last week. Hall sends Jarrett up the walk way toward the cage dancers around the arena, where Hall whips Jarrett into the structure. The announcers talk about how Hall and Jarrett have never liked one another through any locker room, this has been a long time coming. Jarrett tries to escape back to the ring but Hall clotheslines him over the guard rail to the concrete floor ringside. Jarrett is desperately trying to escape from Hall, who rolls Jarrett into the ring. The crowd is cheering wildly as Jarrett feeds to his feet and takes a huge discus clothesline. Hall covers for only a 2 count. Jarrett feeds up into the corner. Hall whips Jarrett off the ropes taking him down with a hard right. Jarrett quickly up where Hall sends him off the ropes again, Jarrett ducks a clothesline attempt and goes for a cross body but Hall catches him and just shakes his head before tossing him back for a fall-away slam.

Jarrett powders out and tries to escape up the ramp way however Hall follows unleashing a series of rights on Jarrett. This is not a technical match folks this is a straight up brawl. Jarrett turns the momentum on the outside reversing a whip into the guardrail and Jarrett slides back in the ring and nails a baseball slide on Hall as he tries to enter. On the outside Jarrett begins stomping away at Hall on the outside, rolling him back into the ring. Irish whip with Hall hitting hard, Jarrett focuses in on the back of Hall who is favoring his back. Another hard Irish whip and Hall grabs his back, still hurt from the whip into the steel guard rail on the outside. Tenay talks about Hall's history of back problems. The crowd begins cheering wildly for Hall as Jarrett tries another Irish Whip but Hall reverses and Jarrett hits so hard he flips upside down. Hall lifts Jarrett up crotch dropping him on the top rope. Hall saying he's going to finish it, calling of the Razor's Edge. Jarrett counters this by dropping to one knee before going up and hitting a low blow. The referee is on top of Jarrett but letting it slide, a clear violation of the rules. Jarrett slams Hall's head off the turn buckle then nails a deadly upper cut. Hall fires back with a few shots and whips him off the ropes, Jarrett reverses and Jarrett locks in the sleeper hold. He is wearing him down. However his arm won't go down, he gets his energy back and with the crowd starts to fight back. Jarrett counters with a belly to back suplex to cut off the momentum. Both men down as the 10 count starts. Jarrett up first and makes a cover but Hall kicks out at 2! Both men slowly to their feet trading punches. Jarrett comes off the ropes and takes three shots to the face then a discus punch. Hall with Irish whip following in with a huge clothesline as he whips him! He does it a second time and Jarrett stumbles out to a nasty clothesline. Jarrett feeds to his feet into a RAZOR'S EDGE…1…2…3! Scott Hall celebrates his victory as Jarrett sits up in the ring eyes wide about coming up short.

Winner Via Pin-Fall: Scott Hall

Backstage we get Pro-USA thoughts from some of the stars of NWA:TNA including Cowboy James Storm, Wildcat Chris Harris, Dusty Rhodes, "The Prototype" John Cena, Jerry Lynn and more.

K-Krush is already in the ring as we cut back to the live arena, microphone in hand. He leans against the ropes talking about the big laugh Road Dogg had last week at his expense. He figures everyone had a good laugh and he should just go back to tap dancing for all you nice white folks. He says he has been held down his entire career by fearful white people because everyone fears a successful black man. He says that nothing was ever given to him and thats fine by him, he'll just take it by any means nessesary. He says the old white men in the back want to keep him down but he'll continue his march on the NWA…speaking the truth for anyone to hear!

Oh You Didn't Know?!? Killing's opponent last week Road Dogg comes out with microphone in hand and begins calling K-Krush full of shit. Saying that the NWA is all about opportunity but K-Krush has never had to work hard for anything before, why start now. Road Dogg runs K-Krush down saying last week is indication of the future K-Krush will have in the NWA-TNA. Road Dogg gets in the ring and into K-Krush's face, who backs out of the ring after a brief tense nose to nose. Road Dogg just shakes his head and begins working the crowd, which lets K-Krush blindside Road Dogg from behind. He sits Road Dogg up and nails a Conviction on Road Dogg! K-Krush locks in a camel clutch and refuses to let go! This brings Brian Christopher to the ring with chair in hand coming to the aid of Road Dogg. K-Krush quickly rolls out of the ring and up the ramp as Christopher motions for K-Krush to get back in the ring.

NWA World's Heavyweight Champion Ken Shamrock stands by with Jeremy Borash. He has the NWA World Title over his shoulder. He simply says it doesn't matter who he steps in the ring with. Hennig, Jarrett, Hall or even loud mouth punks like K-Krush. They are all faced with a simple choice by the end of the match…tap or snap.

Match #2 | Semi-Finals NWA World Tag Team Championship Tournament
The Flying Elvises (Sonny Siaki & Jorge Estrada) vs. The Shane Twins (Mike & Todd w/Tylene)

The Flying Elvises are out first, sans Jimmy Yang who is over seas in Japan. Siaki and Estrada hit the ring with Estrada doing his best Elvis dancing in the ring. Siaki grabs the microphone saying NWA management is trying to keep the Flying Elvises out of the X Division, that fine, they'll dominate the tag division instead. The Shane Twins come out with the sexy Tylene Buck in matching outfit. The announcers talk about how the Shane Twins held the NWA World Tag Team titles up until the formation of the Total Non-Stop Action product and were stripped for this tournament. Don West says that doesn't seem right, the announcers agree this is the Twins' tournament to loose.

The match itself isn't a horrid tag team affair but the clash of styles makes it a little off. Siaki and Estrada tease some tension in their ranks as Siaki showboats a little too much through out the contest turning their momentum around placing the match square into the hands of the Shane Twins. Todd and Mike make quick tags using their size and speed to keep Siaki and Estrada off balance. Even the high flying of the X Division can't compete with the experience and just how well the Shane Twins work as a unit. The finish comes pretty quick about 6 minutes in when the duo hits the X-Trainer (A Double Arm Trap Neck Breaker) for the win on Siaki. The Shane twins move on to the Finals next week!

Winners and Adavancing: The Shane Twins when Mike pinned Estrada

Francine stands by with Goldylocks. Francine says she has always been known as the Queen of Extreme but has more to prove than what she did in the past. She considers herself Miss TNA and that fat pig Joel Gertner better watch his mouth or she'll show him what extreme is all about. Veronica Caine appears once again in a TOO tight, revealing almost painted on business suit. She says Francine gives women a bad name in this business. Her client knows the type of girls like Francine can do to a company, and until the trash is taken out, he isn't going to step one foot in this company. Francine naturally takes offense to this and

Back ringside, Gran Apollo hits the ring grabbing the microphone and in shakey english demands Lex Luger come out to face him like a man. However, there is no answer from Luger. Miss Elizabeth appears on the stage, and the announcers wonder where the Total Package is. Out of the crowd hopes Lex Luger who slides in the ring behind Apollo with a steel pipe in hand. Apollo turns as the crowd tries to warn him right into a shot to the gut. Luger goes for another shot to the ribs that take the big man to his knees. Luger begins choking Apollo with the steel pipe as the announcers beg for someone to stop this. The Harris Brothers hit the ring and Luger lets go of the pipe backing up. Trainers down to check on Apollo as Luger and Miss Elizabeth exit the ring. Luger is faking concern for Apollo's health asking "Is he Okay? is he going to be okay?" as Elizabeth drags him away. "Oh my lord, thats horrible."

Jeremy Borash stands with Steve Corino, CW Anderson, Simond Diamond, Dawn Marie and Johnny Swinger. Corino says last week proved the King of Old School and the Headless Horsemen were the future of the NWA not some punk kid who is only here because Daddy works in the office. Corino says tonight he'll put an end to this Randy Orton hype once and for all. When asked about the teams name, Headless Horesmen. He simply says that Horsemen ride together, but unlike other groups there is no leader, they work together for a common cause...to be the very best.

Match #3 | Grudge Match
Steve Corino (w/CW Anderson) vs. Randy Orton

Steve Corino is out first with CW Anderson in tow. The announcers talk about how he is the only man active in the new NWA-TNA project that has held the NWA World Championship with the exceptions of Lex Luger and Sting! Randy Orton comes out next to a nice pop and watching backstage is Cowboy Bob Orton who sits with Harley Race watching the match on a monitor. The bell rings and the two lock up. Corino controls the pace of the opening of the match, as Orton comes at him pumped up for a lock up and Corino quickly drops to the outside to talk to Anderson. Orton yells for him to get back in the ring, but Corino slowly gets on the apron making Orton get in his face which is exactly what Corino wanted and he hangs Orton on the top rope. Corino back in and he begins stomping away at Orton on the mat. Orton up and Corino hits his signature scoop brain buster for a 2 count. Corino locks in a STO and slams him down for another 2 count. Orton powders out this time dazed from the opening moments of the match. Corino is simply outwrestling Orton here. Orton back to the apron and there is a brief stare down with Corino before getting back in the ring. The two lock up again this time with Orton coming out the better taking Corino down with a headlock. Corino angles Orton back into a pin for a 2 count but Orton kicks out holding on to the headlock. Corino powers back to his feet and shoots Orton off into the ropes. Orton comes off and ducks a clothesline, bouncing off the other side and goes under a leap Frog by Corino. Corino turns and tries a hip toss but Orton counters and reverses nailing the hip toss. Corino feeds up into a standing drop kick that sends him out of the ring where CW Anderson helps him to his feet. Orton gets a nice pop from his display.

On the outside CW Anderson and Corino talk strategy until they are cut off by a suicide dive by Orton. Orton unleashes a series of big rights on Corino on the outside. Corino flees and Orton gives chase as Corino rolls back in the ring. Orton follows and is met by Corino. Corino unloads on Orton inside the ring. Orton is whipped off the ropes and eats a clothesline from Corino. Corino works Orton to the corner where he stomps away at him and chokes him with his boot. Corino screams at the crowd that he is the KING OF OLD SCHOOL while they boo him and the referee tries to break the choke. Orton struggles to his feet and Corino hits a Northern Lights Suplex, he covers for a 2 count. He is getting frustrated with his inability to put Orton away. Corino with some forearms to Orton backing him into the ropes. He hits the ropes looking for a Cactus Clothesline but Orton pulls the rope down sending Corino hard to the floor outside. Corino slowly to his feet to be met by a ax handle from the apron by Orton. CW Anderson gets into Orton's face as Orton rolls Corino back in the ring. Orton on the inside hits a swinging european upper cut. Orton nails a full nelson slam for another 2 count. Orton calls for his finisher the O-Zone (Overdrive). Corino cuts him off with a few hard rights, Orton answers and the two are trading punches in the middle of the ring. Orton gets the best of Corino. Orton goes back for momentum off the ropes but CW Anderson trips him up. Orton turns to talk shit to Anderson and turns back into a SUPERKICK by Corino. Quick cover…1…2…3! Corino celebrates his tainted victory with CW Anderson on the outside as Orton recovers in the ring. This isn't over between the two.
Winner via pin-fall: Steve Corino

In Dusty's office, Dusty gets off the phone with Bullet Bob after getting an update on Road Dogg. Ricky Steamboat asks what they're gonna do about K-Krush. Dusty says its not a problem because next week we will see K-Krush take on Brian Christopher one on one!
Match #4 | Singles Match
Rob Conway vs. "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown

Already in the ring is Conway, who gets jobber treatment again. The Announcers inform us that his parter Nick Dinsmore is out with a injury. Monty Brown is out next, he grabs the microphone and puts himself over as the most dominate wrestler in the NWA. He says he is the alpha male, and the hunt is on. Brown states that he has one goal and one goal only, and that is to take the NWA World Championship for his own. The match itself is essentially a squash match to get Brown over. Brown powers Conway out of a lock up showcasing his raw power. Conway tries to take Brown down with a series of chain wrestling and headlock take downs but Brown always pops right back up to his feet. Another lock up and Brown aggressively pushes Conway into the corner hard. Conway charges out into a snap power slam by brown. Brown starts slapping his chest, as the crowd starts to see what this guy can offer. Conway up to his feet and Brown nails a huge spear, followed by a nasty POWER BOMB!!! 1…2…3! Tenay calls that the Alpha Bomb! Brown celebrates his dominate and quick victory in the ring as the crowd gives him a warm cheer.

Winner via pinfall: Monty Brown

We get clips of Buff Bagwell's injury on the 1st episode of TNA, and then a pre-taped video of Buff Bagwell going into surgery on his knee. He says his Buff days may be over and to call him Marcus. He really is uncertain if he'll ever wrestle again. He thanks the fans and the boys for thoughts and prayers as the video.

"CHURCH MUSIC" fills the PA as Minister James Mitchell enters the Coliseum leading Tempest & Daffney (reunited once more), Malice, Kraken and the Messiah of the New Age Sean O'Haire to the ring. Mitchell explains that last week he sent his monsters, freaks and children to take Sting out because men like Sting have no place in their new world. Men like Sting represent the old way of life. The New Church forges a new way, a new era. He states that the NWA titles will be where they belong, in the New Church soon enough. In fact he says tonight Tempest will add the X Division Championship and soon the Weapons of Mass Destruction Kraken and Malice will become NWA World Tag Team Champions regardless of who wins the titles next week. And finally the Messiah himself will be the next NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Shamrock he warns count the days because soon enough the championship commitee won't be able to deny O'Haire deserves a shot at the belt.

O'Haire on the microphone says he proved he has no heart last week, sending his former best friend to the injured list after their match. He proved he fears no men taking the fight to Sting himself, and tonight he'll prove he has no limits in his blood lust. Mark his words, before tonight's broadcast ends he'll have someone's blood on his hands.

Backstage, Goldylocks stands by with Curt Hennig. The man who will challenge for Ken Shamrock's World Title in tonights main event. Hennig says the last time they locked up, it was a fluke. Tonight it'll be a perfect ending to Shamrock's reign as champion…with himself the new NWA World Champion!

Match #5 | Semi Finals NWA World Tag Team Championship Tournament
The Rainbow Express (Lenny & Lodi w/Bruce & Joel Gertner) vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill (w/Alexis Laree)

The controversial tag team of Lenny & Lodi come to the ring first led to the ring by Joel Gertner and Bruce. Danny Doring & Roadkill head to the ring next with their cheerleader Alexis Laree). The match starts off with Doring and Roadkill brawling with both Lenny and Lodi around the ring. Once that has ran its course, the match starts out officially with Doring and Lenny in the ring. Lots of chain wrestling early on with Doring getting the upper hand. Doring works Lenny to the corner where they trade chops and Doring nails a few back elbows before hitting the opposite turnbuckles for momentum and coming in with a running elbow smash. Tag to Roadkill who unleashes a series a huge clotheslines on Lenny. Lodi in the ring now charging Roadkill as well and he too eats nasty clotheslines. Both Lodi and Lenny up in the corner where Roadkill hits a HUGE Avalanche on both men. The Rainbow Express powder to the outside where Joel Gertner comforts them as Bruce yells obscenities at Doring and Roadkill inside the ring. Roadkill and Doring pose for the crowd who give them a nice pop.

Back in the ring the match gets on pace as Lenny and Lodi take control cutting Doring off from Roadkill. The Rainbow Express once again proving they are more than a gimmick and controversy but are capable wrestlers as well. Lenny nails doting with a gut wrench power bomb with Lodi coming off the second rope nailing a leg drop for a very close 2 count. However mayhem erupts in the match when the referee is bumped and Bruce gets involved in the match. Its Three on two until Alexis Laree climbs the corner post, diving off with a sick hurricanrana that has the crowd going nuts. Another Referee hits the ring just in time for Doring and Roadkill to retake control of the match and whip Lodi into Lenny in the corner. Doring with an Irish Whip on his own partner, sending Roadkill into the Rainbow Express. Lodi powders out as Lenny eats a side walk slam. Roadkill lifts Lenny up into a bear hug causing Doring to hit the ropes and connect with a running lariat. Doring makes the cover. 1…2…3!

Winners and Advancing: Danny Doring & Roadkill when Doring pinned Lodi

Jeff Jarrett is backstage, fuming over his loss at the hands of Scott Hall earlier tonight. Jeremy Borash approaches him asking him for his thoughts on the NWA World Title Match between Curt Hennig and Ken Shamrock tonight. Jarrett just stares at JB like he had two heads and walks off.

Match #6 | X Division Championship
Tempest (w/Daffney and Minister James Mitchell) vs. AJ Styles(c)

Tempest with Daffney and Minister James Mitchell is out to the ring first. We see footage of the New Church's path of destruction in recent weeks and this is Tempest's first chance in ring to prove himself to the New Church. AJ Styles is out next to a nice ovation. Jerry Lynn follows him down the ramp joining the commentary crew for the match up. Lynn denies any hard feelings or tension between Styles and himself after last week. The match starts out with a lock up with Tempest coming out the better, as the devilish X Division wrestler takes the champion to the mat. Quickly though AJ counters and the two trade a series of lock ups and take downs and chain wrestling that is lightning fast. AJ with a go behind, but Tempest with a hard elbow and he goes behind taking AJ to the mat. AJ out floats over into an arm bar, however Tempest fights him off and kicks him in the gut and tries a body slam but AJ Slides down Tempests back. Tempest turns into a hard arm drag, feeds up and gets a sick kick to the side of the head. AJ with a series of kicks then Tempest catches the kick and AJ nails a enzugiri. 2 Count. AJ grabs a wrist lock, but Tempest rolls through and kips up into a hip toss. AJ up and gets nailed with a running clothesline. Tempest slaps AJ across the face, which fires AJ up. Both men up trading punches. Tempest whips AJ off the ropes, where AJ comes off and leap frogs tempest. AJ spring boards into a flying cross body but Tempest scouts it nailing the flying Aj with a Drop Kick. Tempest whips off AJ and goes for a titl-a-whirl back breaker however AJ lands on his feet and shoots Tempest off the ropes and drop toe holds Tempest near the ropes which sends him to the outside. Tempest up and AJ rushes toward Tempest who braces for impact but it was a PSYCH OUT by Styles to cartwheels into the ropes back flips and lands on his feet in the center of the ring showboating for the crowd. On the commentary Lynn says its that kind of Showboating that will eventually get AJ in trouble in the ring.

On the outside, James Mitchell and Daffney confer with Tempest as Daffney screams at AJ. Tempest back up on the apron, AJ rushes in and Tempest cuts him off with a shoulder block through the ropes and sling shots himself over into a splash for a 2 count. Tempest with a series of nasty chops to AJ in the corner of the ring. The announcer talk about how Tempest has no worry about his own safety and will do anything to win a match, can't say the same thing about Styles. AJ returns the chops. AJ reverses a Irish Whip but Tempest gets the boot up on a charging Styles. Tempest attempts a power bomb but AJ lands on his feet, Tempest with a kick to the gut and goes for it again but AJ nails a head scissors take down out of it. Both men up, AJ with hard kick to the gut going for a Styles Clash but he can't get him up. Back body drop on AJ to the apron on his feet, where he springboards off the top rope and nails Tempest with a flying clothesline! Only a 2 count on the pin though! Tempest rolls to the outside where AJ this time does fly over the top rope nailing Tempest with a plancha! AJ rolls Tempest back in the ring, AJ goes to the top rope but is met up there by Tempest who unleashes a series of lefts and rights. Tempest goes for a SuperPlex but AJ fights him off. Tempest cuts AJ off again this time pulling AJ off the tope rope with a fireman's carry into a death valley driver! We have a new X Division Champion! 1…2…3! NO KICK OUT BY AJ! Tempest can't believe he didn't get the pin-fall he pounds the mat in frustration! Tempest calls for another one but AJ slides out and hits PELE!!!! Styles up the turnbuckle in lightning speed and sails off with SPIRAL TAP! 1…2…3!

Winner and Still NWA X Division Champion: AJ Styles

Styles gets his hand raised by the referee but is cut off from behind as Sean O'Haire lays him out. Kraken and Malice appear coming down the ramp now as Tempest is back to his feet. Things look bad for Styles as Jerry Lynn stands up at the commentary table. But he doesn't act right away allowing O'Haire to stomp away on Styles in the ring. O'Haire has a spike! Styles has been busted open by O'Haire in the corner! Tenay pleads with Lynn to do something. Out of the back Rey Mysterio Jr. rushes the ring to cut off O'Haire until the monsters enter the ring which triggers Lynn to make the save. Mexican Stand Off! Mexican Stand Off! O'Haire wipes Styles blood on his chest laughing as the New Church gather up the ramp.

Cut to a "pre-taped" interview where Sting appears surounded by shadows. He says last week Jeff Jarrett crossed a line, and soon he'd be back and it would be showtime for the Chosen Chump! He turns his attention to The New Church warning them of the error of their ways. There is only one messiah boys, and there is only one Stinger, and if they stick their nose in his business on more time, he'd show them why they call him the Icon! Letting out an entergetic yell we fade to black...

Match #7 | NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Curt Hennig vs. Ken Shamrock(c)

Curt Hennig is out first and is all business. Shamrock out next and the two have a face to face. They have plenty of time this week and they are going to milk it. Both men have a nose to nose at the bell, some trash talking between the two. The crowd is very pro Shamrock, although there are some Hennig cheers. The two men circle each other to start out the match, with a lock up but Shamrock quickly grabs Hennig driving knees into his mid section, backing him up into the corner. Hennig reverses Shamrock and cuts his chest with a series of hard chops. Shamrock just screams at Hennig reversing him again and unleashing a series of nasty rights and lefts on Hennig who tries to guard his body. He focuses his fist on Hennig's mid-section! Hennig reverses an irish whip but Shamrock comes out of the corner with a sick clotheslines. Hennig powders out of the ring. Ringside we see NWA reps Harley Race and Jackie Fargo watching this match up. Hennig takes his time to get back in the ring and there is another circling of the two men with a lock up. This time Hennig takes a headlock on Shamrock. Shamrock pushes him off into the ropes, Hennig ducks a clothesline from Shamrock and comes off the other ropes into a leg lariat by Shamrock. Shamrock quickly up and hits Hennig with a bridging German suplex for a 2 count! Hennig up to his knees backing off into the corner as Shamrock screams for him to bring it on! Shamrock came for a fight. Hennig back up and he locks up with Shamrock again, this time he goes behind but the world's most dangerous man takes him down with a drop toe hold and hits him with a few forearms however Hennig rolls out and powders again to the outside. This time Shamrock follows and unloads on Hennig with a series of chops and forearms. Whip reversed by Hennig sending Shamrock into the steel post. Hennig breaks the count before returning to lay boots to the down Shamrock.

Back in the ring Hennig nails a snap mare on Shamrock, naturally following it up with rolling neck snap. Hennig on the attack begins working over Shamrock in the ring, controlling the pace of the the match now. The announcers say while Shamrock is a force of nature, Hennig may be the craftiest wrestler in the game today. Hennig hits a swinging knee strike and makes a cover for a 2 count. Hennig whips Shamrock off the rope into a sleeper hold but Shamrock quickly pushes him off into the ropes. Shamrock takes Hennig down hard with a shoulder block. Shamrock off the ropes and Hennig dives for the up and over. Shamrock off the opposite ropes and Hennig goes for a hip toss but its blocked and Shamrock reverses into one of his own. Hennig up and eats a drop kick from Shamrock. Hennig feeds up and takes a headlock take down from Shamrock but counters it with head scissors, which Shamrock kips out of. Both men to their feet and they charge one another with Hennig taking Shamrock down with a spinning toe hold. Front chin lock by Hennig, which Shamrock powers out of and shoots Hennig off the ropes. Hennig comes off right into a dragon screw. Shamrock up very intense now, he nails Hennig who struggles to his feet with a huge clothesline. Hennig feeds up into a belly to belly suplex. THATS IT, Shamrock calls for the ankle lock. However, out of the back comes Jeff Jarrett, chair in hand and he slides into the ring connecting with Shamrock's skull.

Winner and Still NWA World Champion: Ken Shamrock via DQ

Jarrett takes another swing at the Champion connecting with the steel chair. Hennig is up to his feet, his championship dreams crushed by Jarrett's interference. He too takes a chair shot from Jarrett. Jarrett has lost his mind here, he promised to make a statement and sure enough he is going to no matter the cost. Jarrett kicks away at Hennig on the mat, until TNA security comes out and he takes a few of them out as well. However Shamrock recovers and just snaps. He grabs Jarrett from behing and nails a german suplex on Jarrett. Jarrett feeds up into a killer belly to belly. Shamrock then belly to belly's a few members of the security staff and Hennig before grabbing Jarrett in the ankle lock. He refuses to let go even though referee's are pleading with him. Finally Ricky Steamboat gets in the ring and Shamrock sinks back into the corner realizing just what has happened at his own hands.

The crowd is going nuts for the "World's Most Dangerous Man" as Ricky Steamboat grabs the microphone and more security hits the ring getting between Shamrock and Jarrett on the outside, Curt Hennig is up on his feet holding his side a smirk on his face at what he just saw. Shamrock tries to compose himself but the crowd is chanting "LET HIM GO! LET HIM GO!". The Announcers talk about being out of time as we hear Steamboat trying to control Shamrock…is there anyone who can tam the beast?


Quick Results 07/03/02
  1. Scott Hall def. Jeff Jarrett via pin fall
  2. The Shane Twins def. Flying Elvises via pin fall to advance to the finals of the NWA Tag Team Title Tournament
  3. Steve Corino def. Randy Orton via pin fall
  4. Monty Brown def. Rob Conway via pin fall
  5. Danny Doring & Roadkill def. Rainbow Express via pin fall to advance to the finals of the NWA Tag Team Title Tournament
  6. AJ Styles def. Tempest to retain the X Division Championship
  7. Ken Shamrock def. Curt Hennig via DQ to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship

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