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WWE 2013 - Welcome to the Show

WWE Board Members & Staff
Chairman of the Board - Vince McMahon
Chief Operating Officer - Triple H
Chief Financial Officer - Stephanie McMahon
RAW General Manager - Brad Maddox
SmackDown General Manager - Vickie Guerrero
RAW Commentatory Team - Michael Cole, JBL & Jerry Lawler
SmackDown Commentatory Team - Josh Matthews & JBL
Backstage Interviewers - Josh Matthews & Renee Young
Ring Announcers - Justin Roberts & Lillian Garcia

The Champions
WWE Champion - Randy Orton
World Heavyweight Champion – Rob Van Dam
WWE Intercontinental Champion - Curtis Axel
WWE United States Champion - Christian
WWE Diva’s Champion - AJ Lee
WWE Tag Team Champions - Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins

Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Antonio Cesaro
Big Show
Big E. Langston
Bray Wyatt
Brock Lesnar
Brodus Clay
Chris Jericho (inactive)
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Curtis Axel
Damien Sandow
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
David Otunga
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler (injured)
Drew McIntyre
Erick Rowan
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
John Cena
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Luke Harper
Mark Henry
Mason Ryan
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Roman Reigns
Santino Marella
Seth Rollins
Sin Cara
Ted DiBiase
The Great Khali
The Miz
The Rock (inactive)
The Undertaker
Titus O'Neil
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

AJ Lee
Alicia Fox
Brie Bella
Natalya Neidhart
Nikki Bella
Rosa Mendes
Summer Rae
Tamina Snuka


NXT Management & Other Personnel
Match Coordinator - William Regal
Commishioner - Dusty Rhodes
Commentator - Jim Ross
Color Commentator - Tony Dawson
Color Commentator - Tom Phillips
Ring Announcer - Byron Saxton

The Champions
NXT Champion - Kassius Ohno
NXT Tag Team Champions - Adrian Neville & Corey Graves
NXT Women’s Champion - Emma

NXT Superstars
Adam Mercer
Adrian Neville
Aiden English
Alexander Rusev
Angelo Dawkins
Axl Keegan
Baron Corbin
Bo Dallas
Cal Bishop
CJ Parker
Colin Cassady
Conor O'Brian
Corey Graves
Danny Burch
Dante Dash
Enzo Amore
Garrett Dylan
J Bronson
Jake Carter
Jason Jordan
Judas Devlin
Kassius Ohno
Knuckles Madsen
Leo Kruger
Malik Omari
Mike Dalton
Mojo Rawley
Oliver Grey
Richie Steamboat
Rick Victor
Sami Zayn
Sawyer Fulton
Scott Dawson
Sylvester Lefort
Travis Tyler
Troy McLain
Xavier Woods

NXT Divas
Brittany Fetkin
Christina Vargas
CJ Perry
Erika Hammond
Eva Marie
Jo-Jo Offerman
Kendall Skye
Lexi Kaufman
Rebecca Knox
Rachelle St.Claire
Sarah Backman
Sasha Banks


Tag Teams & Stables
3MB - Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, & Jinder Mahal
The Bella Twins - Brie & Nikki Bella
Chicos de Barrio - Camacho & Hunico
The Funkadactyls - Cameron & Naomi
Los Colóns - Epico & Primo w/ Rosa Mendes
Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara
The Primetime Players - Darren Young & Titus O'Neil
The Real Americans - Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger & Zeb Coulter
The Shield - Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins
Tons of Funk - Brodus Clay & Tensai
The Usos - Jey & Jimmy Uso
The Wyatt Family - Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, & Luke Harper

Television Programs
Monday Night Raw 8/7CT on USA
Wednesday Night NXT 7/6CT on HuluPlus
Friday Night SmackDown 8/7CT on Syfy

Pay Per Views
Hell In A Cell - October 27 - Miami, FL
Survivor Series - November 24 - Boston, MA
TLC - December 15 - Houston, TX
Royal Rumble - January 5 - Pittsburgh, PA
Elimination Chamber - February 23 - Minneapolis, MN
WrestleMania XXX - April 6 - New Orleans, LA


WWE Presents Battleground
October 6, Buffalo, NY

Randy Orton© vs. Daniel Bryan w/ John Cena as Special Guest Referee
Randy Orton def. Daniel Bryan via Pinfall @ 23:11
John Cena caused a slight distraction before Orton delivered an RKO.

Alberto Del Rio© vs. Rob Van Dam
Rob Van Dam def. Alberto Del Rio via Pinfall @ 19:58

The Shield© vs. The Real Americans vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. The Uso’s
The Shield def. Real Americans, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara & The Uso’s via Pinfall @ 13:41
Seth Rollins pinned Jimmy Uso.

Bray Wyatt vs. Kane
Bray Wyatt def. Kane via Pinfall @ 9:51
The Wyatt Family assaulted Kane after the match, but were cut short by a loud GONG and Undertaker made the save.

CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel
Curtis Axel def. CM Punk via Pinfall @ 10:45
Brock Lesnar interfered and delivered an F-5 to CM Punk.

Dean Ambrose© vs. Christian
Christian def. Dean Ambrose via Pinfall @ 9:20

Big E. Langston & AJ Lee vs. Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn
Big E. Langston & AJ Lee def. Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn via Submission @ 8:22
AJ Lee forced Kaitlyn to submit via Black Widow

let's see if I can stay motivated for this. I've gotten storylines all the way through wm xxx, so hopefully so. my last one ended some time in june, I believe.


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Re: WWE 2013 - Welcome to the Show

wwe.com exclusive

WWE is said to be pleased with the Battleground pay per view and there were no significant botches or injuries to report. They are also pleased with the storyline involving Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and John Cena. With two singles matches occurring over the past two pay per views, WWE Creative is looking to have the three men compete in a Triple Threat Match somewhere down the line, possibly at Hell In A Cell.

Creative had been talking about taking the World Heavyweight Championship off of Alberto Del Rio for several months now because they feel it's time for a fresh face as the Champion. Alberto just isn't connecting with the crowd like a top heel should and they felt now was as good a time as any to have a title change.

The WWE has big matches planned for the Hell In A Cell and Survivor Series pay per views and with the return of The Undertaker at last night's Battleground pay per view, the WWE is looking to have him compete at Hell In A Cell before taking another hiatus until WrestleMania. But, look for the Brother's of Destruction to make a return to the ring as a team sometime real soon. Also in the works is yet another match between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar, considering how well received their match was at SummerSlam.


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Re: WWE 2013 - Welcome to the Show

Monday Night Raw

October 7, 2013 – Pittsburgh, PA


As the WWE does with almost every Raw following a pay per view, a video package highlighting the events of last night’s show are pieced together. Short clips that give the people who did not see it a quick glimpse of the action and to the ones that did see it, a refresher course are shown, focusing primarily on the bigger spots and the ending. Each individual contest is visited in the package and gets anywhere from two to four short clips, but the one that’s on everyone’s mind was the main event. Randy Orton, after successfully cashing in his Money in the Bank contract at SummerSlam, was in his second title defense and managed to successfully defend the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan. However, the focal point was the ‘slight’ and albeit accidental distraction from Special Guest Referee, John Cena. From there the video package had ended and Monday Night Raw was set to kick off on the road to ‘Hell In A Cell’. To kick off the show, Raw General Manager, Brad Maddox, was introduced by Lillian Garcia and he quickly made his way down to the squared circle, a bright smile on his face. He welcomed everyone to Raw, taking a couple of brief moments to try and attract some cheap pops by telling the crowd what a privilege it was to be in Pittsburgh, even referencing it as ‘The Steel City’ as well as acknowledging Pittsburgh’s steep tradition in sports. But, those were short lived as he followed it up with small jabs about how neither the Steelers or the Penguins could bring home their respective trophies last year, which brought boo’s from the crowd. Maddox digressed and ultimately shifted gears to tonight, with a bit of retrospect on last night’s events. He told the crowd that with WWE’s next pay per view, Hell In A Cell, just three weeks away and with both John Cena and Daniel Bryan coming up short in their quest for the WWE Title…


The theme music for the former WWE Champion rang out from the loud speakers immediately cutting Maddox off and sending the sold out crowd in Pittsburgh into a loud mixed reaction. The typical John Cena reception as he walked through the curtains and out onto the stage before he quickly headed down to the ring and entered. He told Maddox, once he retrieved a microphone, that the only reason he did not beat Randy Orton at Night of Champions was because of Daniel Bryan.


A thunderous ovation came from the crowd as Daniel Bryan made his way through the curtains. He did his infamous ‘YES’ chant down the aisle way before turning his focus and attention toward John Cena. He told John that he already apologized for what happened at Night of Champions and quite frankly, if it wasn’t for Cena, Daniel Bryan would be standing here right now as the WWE Champion. The two men mouthed words toward one another that weren’t caught by the microphones, Brad Maddox being forced to step in and calm the situation down. He told both of them that they were each at fault in the other one’s contest, but he didn’t feel like it would’ve made too much of a difference in the outcomes. Both Bryan and Cena looked toward Maddox, who grinned before telling the two men that he had a way that everyone would be happy. Since all three men had a bone to pick with one another, this time around, there wouldn’t be any Special Guest Referee to get in the way and this time they would truly find out who deserved to be the WWE Champion. At Hell In A Cell, it would be Randy Orton defending the WWE Championship against John Cena…and Daniel Bryan, inside Hell In A Cell! The crowd erupted at the announcement of the main event for the pay per view, John Cena and Daniel Bryan looking around at the sold out crowd, before looking toward one another as Maddox continued to flash a cheesy grin, Monday Night Raw fading to a commercial break.

—Commercial Break—

Opening Contest – Singles Match – Nontitle
Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman vs. Santino Marella

-Following his successful defense of the Intercontinental Championship twenty four hours earlier, Curtis Axel looked to continue his winning ways against Santino. With Paul Heyman in his corner shouting encouragement and instructions, Axel looked dominant against the, essentially, over-matched Santino. He put up a valiant effort, but in the end there was never really any question as to who was going to walk out victorious in this contest. Axel remained on his hot streak, getting the chance to show off his entire array of skills before finally finishing Santino off the Perfect Plex. He bridged up and got the three count, Paul Heyman immediately climbing into the ring to celebrate with his client.-
Winner – Curtis Axel

Paul Heyman stands in one of the corners and applauds at the performance as his client gets up to a vertical base and is handed his Intercontinental Championship. Almost as soon as he receives the title a loud, thunderous ovation of cheers rings out and the television cameras catch CM Punk as he slides into the ring and immediately takes down Axel, proceeding to throw wild haymakers down at him. The yells and screams of Heyman can be heard throughout as Punk quickly gets to his feet, which forces Heyman out of the ring. That small distraction allowed Axel to also escape the clutches of the Best in the World, CM Punk now pacing around the ring, with a look of clear hatred in his eyes. While Heyman helps his client back towards the entrance way CM Punk got a microphone and cut a quick promo. He told Paul Heyman that he thought he took down one of his clients, in Brock Lesnar, but apparently he was wrong. Apparently, Brock Lesnar wanted his ass beat one more time. Punk told Heyman to inform his client, if he wanted to step inside the ring again, so be it, but don’t expect any help from Heyman or Axel, because Punk planned on taking them down! Cult of Personality hit the P.A System as Punk continued to stare down the two men and Heyman and Axel headed into the backstage area with the cameras fading.

—Commercial Break—

Monday Night Raw returned from the commercial break with Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL recapping last night’s Battleground pay per view, this time focusing on The Shield. While Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns managed to escape still Tag Champions, managing to defeat three other tag teams, the same could not be said for Dean Ambrose. After barely escaping Night of Champion’s still the US Champion, Christian got a rematch and this time took full advantage of it, delivering a Spear to Ambrose and becoming the new Champion.

They also announced that tonight’s Main Event would feature the United States Champion as he teamed up with Daniel Bryan to take on the former champion Dean Ambrose and his partner, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton!

The cameras headed into the backstage area where Brad Maddox was shown walking down the corridor, the same cheesy smile on his face as before. Just as he’s about to head into his office he is quickly met by The Viper, the WWE Champion Randy Orton. Maddox’s smile quickly faded, Orton expressing his displeasure in Maddox’s announcement, asking Brad if he really thought this match would make Orton happy? Randy cut him off before he could answer, telling the Raw General Manager that he has already beaten both men one on one, in what universe would that mean that now he has to defend the WWE Title against BOTH men? Again Maddox tried to answer but this time Orton just stormed off, leaving Brad standing there a bit flustered as he adjusted his tie.

Match Two – Number One Contendership – Tag Team Titles
The Real Americans w/ Zeb Coulter vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

-The tag match to determine who would face The Shield at Hell In A Cell kicked off with Sin Cara and Antonio Cesaro locking up, Cesaro immediately overpowering the smaller Cara and pinning him into one of the corners. Sin Cara looked overmatched as Cesaro bullied him and then proceeded to slam several stiff right hands into his forehead and ribcage. Cesaro looked impressive as he dragged Cara around the ring, tossing him in various suplexes, showing off his immense strength. Sin Cara managed to get the momentum going, countering an attempted throw by Cesaro and arm dragging him to the ground before using his quickness to avoid Cesaro and land several high flying splashes and dropkicks. Tags are made by both men and the momentum stays on the side of high-flying masked men as Mysterio manages to squirm away from Swagger and land his wide assortment of moves, even connecting with a few stiff kicks to Swagger’s thigh for good measure. Finally, the high-risk moves didn’t pay off as Swagger caught Mysterio and planted him firmly into the canvas with a Spinebuster! Swagger and Cesaro tagged in and out, keeping Mysterio grounded to the dismay of the crowd. Anytime he tried to make the tag, he would always get halted just before making the tag, or Sin Cara would be knocked off the ring apron. But, that only lasted for so long and finally Rey made the tag to the fresh man, Sin Cara, who came in and started to clean house. Neither opponent had an answer for Cara until they both got inside the ring and started to double team him. But, that’s when Mysterio re-entered the picture and quickly charged Cesaro, crossbodying him, which sent both men over the top rope and tumbling to the floor. This left Swagger and Sin Cara and when Swagger booted Cara and went for the Gutwrench Powerbomb, Cara managed to hook his head and pull him into a Small Package; One…Two…Three!-
Winners & Number One Contenders – Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

The bell sounded and Sin Cara quickly rolled out of the ring, leaving Swagger sitting there in total shock. As Cara raised his arms in victory, Rey Mysterio joined his teammate and the two men celebrated as they would be receiving a Tag Team Title Shot, by themselves, against The Shield at Hell In A Cell.

—Commercial Break—

Match Three – Singles Match
Big E. Langston vs. Yoshi Tatsu

-Before the match began a backstage shot was shown of Dolph watching on a monitor. In another seemingly ‘squash’ match, Big E. Langston continued his winning ways. After successfully defeating Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam, very few had looked as impressive as Langston since that pay per view. He pressed onward, overpowering and man handling the smaller Japanese superstar. Langston could’ve ended the contest on several different occasions, but instead chose to punish Tatsu for no apparent reason, before finally delivering the Big Ending and getting the pinfall victory.-
Winner – Big E. Langston

After the match was over and Langston had his arm raised in victory the cameras headed to the backstage area where Josh Matthews was standing by with Dolph Ziggler. While Josh asked him about Big E. Langston’s impressive string of victories lately, including one over Ziggler himself, all Dolph did was continue to eye the monitor with great intent. He finally turned his attention back towards Josh, telling him that he had to hand it to Langston, what he was doing was indeed quite impressive, but that’s when AJ Lee popped up into the picture, causing Dolph to stop talking immediately. AJ looked around sweetly and innocently, a slight smirk on her face as she told her ex-boyfriend that Langston was one of the most impressive athletes she had seen, especially after he and AJ took down Ziggler and Kaitlyn at Battleground. The jab seemed to strike a chord with Ziggler, causing him to grit his teeth and show obvious angst as AJ continued on and ultimately changed the subject saying that while what Langston was doing was great, it paled in comparison to how dominant AJ had been as Diva’s Champion. She felt she would go down in history as the single greatest Diva’s Champion ever, especially after finally disposing of Kaitlyn once and for all. The Champion let out a psychotic-like giggle as she skipped away, leaving Ziggler standing there, still showing signs of frustration and anger.

A quick recap video was shown of the start of Monday Night Raw as Brad Maddox announced the Main Event for Hell In A Cell. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL all had their say on the matter before it showed John Cena interrupting and demanding another shot at Randy Orton and the WWE Championship. While Maddox did not give John Cena what he wanted, Michael Cole gave his thought that perhaps John Cena wouldn’t be too opposed with getting another shot at the WWE Championship, even if it was a Triple Threat Match, which was what Brad Maddox gave him.

Another vignette for ‘Total Diva’s’ which airs on E!

Match Four – Diva’s Tag Team Match – Normal Tag
The Bella Twins vs. Layla & Natalya

-Next in action were the Diva’s as three of the four competitors are cast members on Total Diva’s. This was the typical Diva contest, each one of the four women getting a decent amount of time on offense, Brie and Nikki using their ‘Twin’ gimmick to interchange and get the advantage and to garner heat from the crowd. Natalya and Layla, however, were not fazed by these tactics and each one of them looked rather impressive during the match. The finish saw Natalya lock Brie into the Sharpshooter in the center of the ring, forcing her to tap out as Layla held off Nikki from breaking the hold!-
Winners – Layla & Natalya

—Commercial Break—

Following the commercial break we see Triple H standing backstage in his office with his wife, Stephanie McMahon. The two of them continue their bickering over how Vince McMahon has reacted in recent months, Triple H having reached the boiling point. His wife does her best to calm him down but it seems as though Hunter has had enough, he tells his wife that if Vince continues down this path then someone has got to stop him and that someone will be him. HHH leaves the office, Stephanie McMahon staying behind and looking rather worried over her husband’s words.

Match Five – Nontitle Singles Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder

-Following his loss at Battleground Alberto Del Rio now went one on one with Zack Ryder. The two men locked up in the middle of the ring and went to work, a virtual stalemate in the beginning. Neither man could gain any kind of momentum as there was counter after counter made by both superstars. The former World Champion, Del Rio, was the first to gain a lengthy bit of offense, wearing down Ryder and gaining a couple of near falls along the way, but what was important is that he showed that ferocious and vicious side of him. The crowd was cheering heavily for Ryder and he in turn battled back and took the fight straight to Del Rio, but that only lasted for a couple of minutes before he was nailed viciously with a Superkick. Alberto wasted little time and quickly locked Ryder into the Cross Armbreaker, forcing him to immediately tap out!
Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio kept the Cross Armbreaker locked in well after the bell sounded, Ryder writhing in obvious pain as the referee demanded Del Rio release the hold. He finally did, spinning up to his feet as the crowd showed their displeasure in his antics. The former World Champion stared around angrily, yelling out toward the sold out crowd that he was coming for what was rightfully his and soon, he would have the World Title back around his waist.

—Commercial Break—

Match Six – Tag Team Match – Normal Tag
3MB vs. The Wyatt Family

-Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal were the latest superstars to step inside the ring with Luke Harper and Eric Rowan. So far, nobody had been able to defeat the tag team and with Bray Wyatt looking on, Slater and Mahal seemed overmatched from the start of the contest. Mahal started off against Harper, but while he got a couple of punches in at first, Harper quickly changed the tune of the match with a huge running big boot. The two estranged members of The Wyatt Family brutally assaulted their opponents, almost savage-like until finally Harper delivered a violent Spinning Discus Lariet, allowing Rowan to cover Mahal and get the three count!-
Winners – The Wyatt Family

Harper and Rowan immediately turn their attention toward their ‘leader’, Bray Wyatt, who continues to rock back and forth in the rocking chair at ringside. Finally, he climbs to his feet and joins his two family members inside the squared circle where they now have Heath Slater in their grasps. Just as Bray looks to hit Slater with Sister Abigail, he is once again interrupted by a blaze of fire erupting by the entrance way. The three men quickly turn their attention toward the stage, Bray Wyatt grinning in an odd way as Kane once more shows up on the TitanTron. Kane talks about how The Wyatt Family entered this company and tried to make a statement by taking Kane out, so Kane figured that he would make an even bigger statement, by taking out the estranged Wyatt Family, starting with its so-called leader! Bray continues to stand there and grin, almost enjoying what he’s hearing from the Big Red Machine. But, before Kane cuts off, he tells Bray Wyatt that he and his brother would be live next week on Monday Night Raw to issue an open challenge. Kane lets out a methodical laugh as the TitanTron cuts off, Bray Wyatt nodding his head with the same smile, belting out toward the TitanTron, liking what he’s hearing, apparently.

Josh Matthews stands backstage with CM Punk and asks him about what happened earlier in the evening. CM Punk tells Josh that it’s really quite simple, first Paul Heyman sent his beast after him and he put Lesnar down, so then he went after Heyman’s newest little pet project, Curtis Axel and because Paul Heyman saw that CM Punk was closing in on him and about to put down Axel, he brought his Beast back out of hiding. So, the ultimate prize for CM Punk is to get his hands on Paul Heyman and now he just has to put down The Beast once again. At SummerSlam, Punk continues, he issued that challenge for Brock Lesnar, so this time, Punk is issuing yet another challenge to Brock Lesnar, but this time, they settle the score inside Hell In A Cell! CM Punk walks off, the roars from the crowd being heard all the way in the backstage area.

—Commercial Break—

Main Event – Tag Team Match – Normal Tag
Daniel Bryan & Christian vs. Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton

-Before the match even began you could see the eagerness of Daniel Bryan to get his hands on the WWE Champion, Randy Orton, but The Viper stayed far away from Bryan, allowing Ambrose to begin the contest. When he went to lock up with Bryan he was immediately blasted with several kicks from Bryan. He then charged at Orton, but missed him when Randy dropped off the apron, that little distraction allowing Ambrose to take the upper hand as he grabbed Daniel from behind and nailed him with several forearms before sending him crashing down with a back suplex. Ambrose kept on Bryan, not giving him a chance to gain the offense back, driving various knees, elbows and forearms into his neck and ribcage. Christian finally managed to get into the contest after Bryan gave him the hot tag. He charged in and nailed Ambrose with several clotheslines, even hit Orton with an elbow to the temple before returning to Ambrose and nailing an Atomic Drop, followed by a huge Back Body Drop after bouncing him off the ropes. Captain Charisma was on fire, but was soon cooled down by the WWE Champion when he got the tag from Ambrose. The Viper went to work, methodically picking apart Christian with his unique offense. Bryan sat in the corner trying to get the crowd to rally behind Christian, who in turn fought back and managed to deliver a Spear to the WWE Champion, but was too beaten down to make the cover. Instead he slowly made his way over to Bryan and made the tag! Daniel came storming in and blasted Randy with several forearms, before irish whipping him into the corner and proceeding to nail him with two violent running dropkicks…however when he attempted a third one, Orton sprung out of the corner and delivered a dropkick of his own! Both Bryan and Orton traded offense from there, making tags in and out with their respective partners who in turn also gained some offense but as the match drew closer to the end, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins made an appearance at ringside, which allowed Ambrose to once again capitalize on a distraction and gain the momentum on Bryan. With the referee distracted but Rollins, Reigns quickly disposed of Christian with a violent Spear, to the dismay of the crowd, who booed heavily at what was happening. There spirits were soon lifted when John Cena came rushing down to the ringside area, forcing the two members of The Shield to back off to the other side of the ring. With Cena on the outside it was only a matter of time before an incident occurred and sure enough, with the action spilling to the outside, it gave Orton an opportunity to take a cheap shot at Cena, decking him to the floor with a clothesline. The finish to the contest had Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton battling back and forth, only to have John Cena quickly rush the ring and tackle Orton to the canvas, forcing the referee to call for the bell!-
Winners by Disqualification – Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton

John Cena threw wild haymakers down onto Orton who did his best to block them, Daniel Bryan looking on in confusion and frustration. Bryan then quickly grabbed ahold of Cena and pulled him to his feet, wanting an explanation as to why John Cena got involved. The two men bickered back and forth, which ultimately led to pushing and suddenly Cena lifted Daniel Bryan up and nailed him with an Attitude Adjustment! John popped back up to his feet, receiving a mixed reaction from the sold out Pittsburgh crowd, but then he was whipped around and nailed with an RKO by Randy Orton! The Viper slowly picked his WWE Championship up off the canvas. ’Voices’ hit the P.A System as he slowly lifted the WWE Title high into the air, posing for the sold out crowd as Monday Night Raw faded off the air.

—End of Show—


October 27; Miami, Florida
card subject to change

Main Event – WWE Championship – Triple Threat Hell In A Cell
Randy Orton© vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

WWE Tag Team Championships – Normal Tag
The Shield© vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara


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Re: WWE 2013 - Welcome to the Show

wwe.com exclusive


When Randy Orton cashed in his Money in the Bank contract at SummerSlam, the WWE had always had this matched planned down the line. All three superstars have significant build with one another that they decided to pull the trigger on this huge Triple Threat Hell In A Cell between the three men.

Next Week's Raw is already looking to be stacked with the return of The Undertaker. The Wyatt Family has received rave reviews from the WWE Universe and from the guys in the back. Creative is looking to go ahead and book a match involving The Wyatt Family and The Brother's of Destruction and Undertaker's return to Raw next week will be the kick start.

Brock Lesnar was absent from Monday Night Raw this past week, but look for him to be there next week with his manager, Paul Heyman to address the challenge issued by CM Punk. WWE wants to have three different contests inside the Hell In A Cell and this seems like it will be one of those three, when the match is set next week.

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Re: WWE 2013 - Welcome to the Show

Friday Night SmackDown October 11, 2013 – Columbus, OH


Friday Night SmackDown rolls into Columbus, Ohio for the fallout of Battleground. SmackDown had its own video package amped up to highlight some of the action from the superstars and divas that are featured more from the blue brand. While every match was shown, the primary focus of the video was on Rob Van Dam defeating Alberto Del Rio to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. When the video package finally finishes, the cameras cut to the announce team of Josh Matthews and JBL who welcomed everyone to Friday Night SmackDown. They told the viewing audience that they had a tremendous night of action this evening including Big E. Langston vs. Dolph Ziggler and A Diva’s Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender. On top of that, the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam, would be in action as well.


The arrival of the former World Champion was not the start the crowd was hoping for and they expressed their displeasure with a chorus of boos as Alberto Del Rio came walking out from the backstage area. He headed straight down to the squared circle, not wasting any time as he was handed a microphone so he could get straight to whatever point he was going to make. Del Rio started off by telling the crowd that at Battleground he lost something very precious to him and he will do whatever it takes to get it back out of the hands of that thief, Rob Van Dam. The crowd booed loudly once more, Alberto looking around before repeating himself, saying that Rob Van Dam stole the World Heavyweight Title from him and he demanded that Vickie Guerrero make things right and return the World Heavyweight Title back where it belongs, to Alberto Del Rio.


As if things couldn’t start off any worse for the SmackDown audience, now came the annoying ‘Excuse Me’ from the SmackDown General Manager as she made her entrance out onto the staging area. She looked around with a sour look on her face at the reaction she was receiving, as if she was expecting something different after all these years in the WWE. Vickie shook her head and turned her attention towards Del Rio, informing him that while it was regrettable what happened at Battleground on Sunday, Rob Van Dam, again regrettably, won the World Title fairly. Del Rio shook his head, not liking what he was hearing at all, but Vickie continued on by saying that luckily enough for Del Rio, he was entitled to a rematch. Vickie asked him when he would like to invoke his rematch clause and after a couple of moments of pondering, Del Rio told Vickie that he needed ample time to make sure that Rob Van Dam did not weasel away with HIS World Heavyweight Title, so he wanted that rematch to happen at the next pay per view! Both superstar and General Manager smirked, Vickie Guerrero then announcing it to the crowd; Rob Van Dam would be defending the World Title against Alberto Del Rio, as if they hadn’t already figured that out.

—Commercial Break—

Back from the commercial break ’Hallelujah’ is echoing across the arena loud speakers, Damien Sandow slowly walking down toward the squared circle, microphone in one hand, SmackDown Money in the Bank Briefcase in the other. Sandow tells the crowd that he didn’t even want to show up tonight in this cesspool of poverty and Neanderthals, but as their Intellectual Savior and future World Heavyweight Champion, he felt like it was his duty to come and teach the masses and grace everyone with his presence. Damien climbed into the ring and with a big grin on his face he finished by saying ‘You’re Welcome’.

Opening Contest – Singles Match
Damien Sandow vs. The Great Khali

-From the time The Great Khali made his entrance to the start of the contest, Damien Sandow was obviously displeased with who he had to face. Sandow ducked and avoided Khali from the start, nailing him with several right hands and boots to Khali’s knees before quickly moving out of the striking range of the large giant. Khali finally managed to get his hands on Sandow and quickly drilled with various right hands and headbutts before tossing him around the ring with relative ease. Damien used every dirty trick he could think of to regain control, but it was only for a short while before Khali used his size and strength to just over power Mr. Money in the Bank. Ultimately though, brains beat out brans as Sandow ducked an attempted Chop by Khali and quickly rolled him up, hooking a handful of tights and getting the three count!-
Winner – Damien Sandow

Once the three count was made Sandow quickly bolted from the squared circle and raised his arms in the air in victory. He was showered with boos from the crowd as the official handed him his Money in the Bank Briefcase. Sandow posed with the briefcase, mouthing words toward the booing crowd as he continued to flash that smug grin. As Sandow continued to celebrate the cameras went to the back.

In the backstage area we see Kofi Kingston standing there talking with a backstage worker before being interrupted by the Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman. The two men look Kingston up and down with a smirk on their face, Kofi eyeing them closely. Just as Curtis was about to say something Kofi abruptly cut him off telling him that it’s been a little while since he saw anyone challenge for that Intercontinental Championship, but before he could finish, it was Heyman who cut him off, telling him to show some respect towards his Intercontinental Champion. Paul told Kingston that it’s not every day you get to stand next to a walking, talking wrestling family legacy. That’s when Kingston cut back in and told both men that if he was a walking, talking family legacy then he wouldn’t mind stepping inside the ring with a first generation superstar and…teaching him a lesson. Heyman and Axel looked toward one another, Heyman then telling Kofi that if he wanted to be taught a lesson then there was nobody better to do that than his client right here. Both men walked off laughing, Kofi looking off before letting out a chuckle of his own, getting exactly what he wanted.

—Commercial Break—

Match Two – Singles Match
Justin Gabriel vs. Ryback

-After tormenting anyone he could in the backstage area for months Ryback finally had a fight with someone who would show some signs of fighting back. While Justin gave a valiant effort, Ryback was simply too much for him from start to finish. Barring a couple of kicks and forearms from Gabriel as the bell sounded, once the monster took control, he never looked back. He showed off his power and strength, taking his time to taunt the crowd who in turn gave him a pretty decent amount of heat. Finally he put Gabriel out of his misery, planting him with the Shell Shock and covering him for the three count.-
Winner – Ryback

Ryback stood tall in the center of the ring, glaring angrily toward the WWE Official, which in turn gave him the signal to quickly exit the squared circle. From there, Ryback picked the almost lifeless body of Gabriel up to his feet, before once again delivering the Shell Shock! The crowd booed loudly, Ryback standing back to a vertical base and screaming out ‘Ryback Rules’ as the cameras switched to the announce team.

Josh Matthews and JBL sat there and a quick recap from this past Monday’s Raw was shown where Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family were yet again interrupted by Kane, only this time he revealed that next week on Raw his brother, The Phenom The Undertaker, would be returning and they had a surprise in store. The two commentators speculated as to what that might be for a few brief moments, Matthews then plugging that whatever it was, it certainly made Monday Night Raw the must-watch telecast on Monday.

The World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam, was standing backstage with Renee Young who asked him about what transpired to kick off Friday Night SmackDown, involving Alberto Del Rio and Vickie Guerrero. RVD told Renee that he really didn’t care about Alberto’s whining and moaning, he was entitled to his rematch and at Hell In A Cell, just like at Battleground he’ll lose to Rob…Van…Dam. The crowd chanted along with him as he did his infamous taunt, Renee getting a chuckle out of it as SmackDown headed to a commercial break.

—Commercial Break—

Zeb Coulter and ‘the Real Americans’ stood backstage as SmackDown returned from the commercial break. With Swagger and Cesaro standing behind him, hands behind their backs, Coulter went into one of his usual rants about how America was going down the toilet thanks to the likes of people that were in Columbus, Ohio. The shot caused a massive amount of heat to come from the crowd, Coulter saying that it was time for the strong bodied and able to rise up and take back this beautiful country to make it into the strong superpower that it once was. He then finished things off by saying that one day the two men behind him would be on top of the wrestling mountain, just like one day the great country that is the United States of America would be on top. For those that truly believed that, Coulter asked that they put one hand over their heart and yell proudly (and he got quite a few of these from the crowd) ’WE THE PEOPLE’!

Match Three – Diva’s Battle Royal – Number One Contendership
Aksana vs. Alicia Fox vs. Brie Bella vs. Cameron vs. Layla vs. Naomi vs. Natalya vs. Nikki Bella vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Tamina

-All the divas stood inside the ring, except for Kaitlyn because of her stipulation from Battleground, with a tremendous opportunity to become the Number One Contender to AJ Lee’s Diva’s Championship. The action was chaotic as the crowd was trying to keep up with all the action and eliminations. Obviously a diva like Tamina would thrive in this kind of contest and she made her presence known early by eliminating Aksana and Rosa Mendes with relative ease. Next it was Alicia Fox who tried to take down Tamina, but in turn was quickly clotheslined over the top rope. While Tamina looked dominant early on, The Bella’s put a stop to that and used the numbers game to attack the larger female, and then The Funkadactyles, of all people, came and helped out as the four women disposed of Tamina. Six divas remained and the teams were obvious, but Natalya, Layla and The Funkadactyles turned their attention towards The Bella’s who had made their lives hell over recent months and quickly began to gang up on them to the delight of the crowd. Nikki and Brie did their best to fight them off and once the numbers dispersed Naomi was next to go thanks to Brie, only to see Brie get dumped out of the ring by Cameron. The four remaining divas continued to press on, looking for that coveted victory and number one contendership and it was Nikki who managed to eliminate Layla thanks to outside assistance from Brie. The bad blood escalated on the outside as the officials had to separate Naomi from Brie, who managed to slip inside the ring and the two women quickly took down both Cameron and Natalya. Brie exited the squared circle, Nikki strolling around the inside of the ring with an accomplished look on her face before she dragged Cameron up to her feet and dumped her out of the ring, leaving it down to Nikki and Natalya. The two women on Total Divas were very familiar with one another but it was Nikki who was in total control and looked on the verge of winning, only to see Natalya hold on when Nikki tried to eliminate her and when Niiki charged, Natalya low-bridged the top rope, causing Nikki to fall to the floor!-
Winner & Number One Contender – Natalya

Natalya celebrated inside the ring as Nikki and Brie looked on in anger. The crowd stood on their feet clapping and cheering as Natalya raised her arms high over her head with a huge smile on her face as she knew she was going to be next in line for a Diva’s Title shot.

—Commercial Break—

Friday Night SmackDown returned from yet another commercial break and this time the cameras were in the backstage area as Dolph Ziggler was standing by with Renee Young. She brought up to Ziggler that he’s had a bit of a tough stretch since losing the World Title, everything from losing his girlfriend to losing his bodyguard and subsequently having both of them come after him. When asked about the impressiveness of Big E Langston, Ziggler acknowledged it, but stated that he knew what Langston was capable of, hence why he hired him at one time to be his bodyguard. But, with that being said, Ziggler still felt that he was the better of the two men and would have no problem proving that later tonight.

Match Four – Nontitle Singles Match
Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman vs. Kofi Kingston

-Both men locked up in the middle of the ring, Axel quickly taking the advantage with a knee to Kofi’s midsection. Curtis went on the aggression as he looked to send a message to Kofi, not appreciating the so-called ‘disrespect’ he was shown by him earlier in the show. Paul Heyman stood on the outside barking orders towards Axel and taunts towards Kingston, which seemed to do nothing but fire up the former Intercontinental Champion, who came roaring back with his unique offense, flattening Axel to the canvas with various chops and kicks, before delivering a huge missile dropkick which sent Axel to the outside to collect himself. While the Champion and his manager were speaking to one another on the outside, Kingston took to the top rope and delivered a huge plancha onto the Champion, Heyman barely managing to get out of the way! Once back inside the ring the two men began to trade the offense and when Kingston hit him with a crossbody he was setting up for the Trouble in Paradise only to have Heyman climb onto the apron and with the distraction, Axel climbed to his feet and charged forward only to have Kofi move out of the way, client slamming into manager and stumbling around straight into the Trouble In Paradise! A loud ovation of cheers came from the crowd as Kingston rolled on top of Axel and hooked the leg, getting the three count!-
Winner – Kofi Kingston

Kingston has his arm raised in victory before climbing one of the turnbuckles and doing his famous ‘Boom’ clap to the delight of the crowd. Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel head toward the backstage area, Axel clutching at his head as the two men stare sternly toward Kofi inside the ring.

SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero stood backstage with the new Number One Contender to the Diva’s Title, Natalya. She tells her that she is an absolute fan of the show Total Divas and Natalya smirks and thanks her before seeing the Diva’s Champion, AJ Lee, skip into the picture. The two divas have a staredown, AJ grinning slyly before looking Natalya up and down asking if this was the new number one contender, the next diva in line to try and take this precious title away from AJ Lee? Natalya just simply nodded her head and told her that’s right. AJ then told her that at least she didn’t have to deal with that fat pig Kaitlyn anymore, so she looked forward to the new challenge. The Champion tilted her head and let out an odd chuckle before skipping off, leaving Vickie and Natalya standing there confused by her reaction.

Match Five – Singles Match
Big E Langston vs. Dolph Ziggler

-Two former friends now turned almost bitter enemies squared off once again and Langston, like most times, came out with brute force, driving several forearms into the spine of Ziggler to send him to the canvas. Dolph fired back with right hands and boots to slow the stronger Langston down, but when he went for a high risk moved, Big E. managed to catch him in midair and send him crashing to the canvas in some sort of brutal way, whether it be a Spinebuster or a Fallaway Slam. Dolph seemed over matched, Langston continuing his dominant ways, only to see Ziggler finally string together a decent amount of offense, dropkicking Langston into one of the turnbuckles before punishing him with several clotheslines. With Big E. trying to fire back at Dolph, he managed to jump on Langston’s back and locked in the sleeper hold to a roar of cheers from the crowd. The monster seemed to be fading fast, dropping down to one knee but then he snapped up to his feet and quickly hooked Ziggler by the head, dropping down for a huge Jawbreaker! Dolph stumbled around, allowing Langston to get to his feet and lift Ziggler up, connecting with the Big Ending! Dolph laid motionless on the canvas, Langston not going for the pin attempt, he instead slowly rolled out of the ring and took apart the steel ring steps, quickly pushing the lower half into the ring. The WWE Official yelled at Langston as he re-entered the squared circle and positioned the steel steps right beside a still motionless Ziggler. Big E. then pulled the straps of his singlet down and yanked Ziggler back up to his feet before quickly lifting him into the air, sending him crashing down violently onto the steel ring steps! The referee has no choice but to call for the bell.-
Winner by Disqualification – Dolph Ziggler

Langston stood there staring down at Dolph who once again lie motionless; this time sprawled out over the steel steps. The WWE Official did his best to get Langston away from Dolph, not wanting anymore damage done. Big E. never cracked a smirk, never changed his expression as he slowly exited the ring, leaving the official and medical personnel to attend to Ziggler. The commentary team sounded rather solemn in their analysis of the whole ordeal as different replays were shown, Josh Matthews commenting at just how vicious Big E. Langston is before returning to a live feed of Ziggler still being attended too by medical personnel, SmackDown heading to a commercial break.

—Commercial Break—

When the commercial break ended the SmackDown commentators tell everyone that during the break Dolph Ziggler was loaded up into a waiting ambulance and taken to a nearby medical facility. The video package that aired while Matthews was telling the audience that confirms it as medical personnel were taking great efforts to make sure they placed Ziggler into the ambulance carefully. The cameras returned to the commentators who said that they hope Dolph is alright and can come back soon from that vicious assault by Big E. Langston. They then turned their attention towards next week’s Monday Night Raw, again plugging the return of The Phenom, The Undertaker, to Monday Night Raw, as he and his brother look to send a message to The Wyatt Family. Also on tap would Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar accept the latest challenge from CM Punk for a fight at Hell In A Cell? All that and more is in store come Monday.

Main Event – Nontitle Singles Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Wade Barrett

-The crowd cheered heavily for the newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion as he faced off with the former Nexus Leader, Wade Barrett. Both men locked up to begin the contest and quickly went into a series of headlocks and arm locks, Van Dam showing off and nailing Barrett with several kicks. While the crowd was easily in the corner of the World Champion, Barrett knew what a victory here could do for his career, so that extra-added motivation was clearly there as he soon used that brawler mentality to take control over Van Dam and begin to bruise and punish the champion. Wade silenced the crowd for a good length of time, not allowing Rob to get into the match, but that ultimately ended when Van Dam managed to leap off the top rope and deliver a one-legged side kick to Barrett, before following it up with Rolling Thunder for good measure! From there Wade put up a valiant effort but tonight was all about Rob Van Dam and he soon ended any doubt of an upset by nailing Barrett with the Five Star Frog Splash and covered him for the victory!-
Winner – Rob Van Dam

RVD is handed his World Title as ‘One Of A Kind’ re-hits the P.A System, the crowd cheering loudly as he raises his arms in victory. Before he could celebrate any further Realeza hit the loud speakers and Van Dam quickly turned his attention towards the stage where Alberto Del Rio made his entrance. RVD ushered him to come on down to the ring, Del Rio simply staring sourly toward Van Dam, before switching his stance to that an evil grin and motioning that the World Title would be around his waist very soon. Friday Night SmackDown faded off the air with the two men continuing to jaw back and forth.

—End of Show—


October 27; Miami, Florida
card subject to change

Main Event – WWE Championship – Triple Threat Hell In A Cell
Randy Orton© vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship – Singles Match
Rob Van Dam© vs. Alberto Del Rio

WWE Tag Team Championships – Normal Tag
The Shield© vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

WWE Diva’s Championship – Singles Match
AJ Lee© vs. Natalya


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Re: WWE 2013 - Welcome to the Show

This is amazing so far. Keep up the good work.
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Re: WWE 2013 - Welcome to the Show


The following is an exert from a fan who attended the tapings.

NXT Tapings October 16 - November 6
October 16th
Sami Zayn & Xavier Woods bt. The Ascention
Emma bt. Paige to become the NEW NXT Women's Champ
Alexander Rusev bt. Richie Steamboat
Kassius Ohno bt. Bo Dallas to become NEW NXT Champ

just quick results, I hope to have a full write up review in sometime in the next day or so.
We didn't post the full results from all the tapings, instead we just focused on this particular one. Obviously the big takeaway from those NXT Tapings is that two new champions were crowned. It's expected to air sometime next week, but according to the results posted by several fans, Bo Dallas was defeated for the NXT Championship by Kassius Ohno and in a shocking event, Paige dropped the NXT Women's Title to Emma.

Usually when the WWE gives a superstar a title in NXT, it means their time to be called up is near. While we cannot confirm this, it would seem that the WWE could be looking to call up both Bo Dallas and Paige in the very near future, or maybe they just wanted new faces to hold the belts. We'll look to bring you more when and if anymore news becomes available.

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Re: WWE 2013 - Welcome to the Show

Monday Night Raw

October 14, 2013 – Kansas City, MO


Monday Night Raw kicks off with a video package highlighting last week where General Manager Brad Maddox announced that Randy Orton would be defending the WWE Championship against both Daniel Bryan and John Cena inside Hell In A Cell! The huge main event was well received by the WWE Universe and neither Cena nor Bryan seemed to mind. However, the same could not be said for The Viper, as the video package switched over showing Orton cornering the General Manager in the hallway and voicing his displeasure. It was only a matter of time before the three men would come to blows with one another and at the end of Raw, the Main Event Tag Match was interrupted when John Cena hit the ring and proceeded to assault The Viper inside the ring, forcing Daniel Bryan and Christian to be disqualified. The end of the contest forced Bryan to react in anger, only to receive an Attitude Adjustment for his trouble, which caused a mostly negative reaction from the crowd; Randy Orton then got the final say with an RKO to Cena, being the last man standing amongst the three men as Raw faded off the air.

This week’s edition of Monday Night Raw starts with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar standing inside the squared circle to a loud ovation of boo’s, with some cheers mixed in that are barely able to be heard. Paul Heyman cuts right to the chase as to why he and his client are out at the ring; that is to address the challenge issued by CM Punk to Brock Lesnar for a match at Hell In A Cell. Heyman says that after serious discussions with his client, Brock Lesnar has accepted Punk’s challenge, but only on one condition. The announcement of an accepted challenge brought cheers to the audience, but the added condition had them quieting down, a small amount of boo’s coming. Paul continued on, staring directly toward the camera and adding that Brock Lesnar will only fight CM Punk if CM Punk will lock himself inside Satan’s Structure and face Brock Lesnar inside Hell…In A Cell! The announcement caused Lesnar to start bouncing side to side as he normally did, a sadistic smirk on his face as the crowd cheered loudly at the potential blockbuster match that could be added to the pay per view card. Heyman finished his promo by telling Punk to think long and hard about his answer, because if he tries to be a hero and step into that structure with Paul’s client, it will be the end of CM Punk as we know it.

‘Here Comes The Pain’ hit the P.A System as the Raw telecast shifted to the commentary table where Michael, Jerry Lawler and John Bradshaw Layfield welcomed everyone to the show and briefly discussed what everyone just witnessed with Heyman accepting Punk’s challenge, but adding in a rather large stipulation. The commentary team then shifted their discussion to later on tonight where The Brothers of Destruction would be LIVE on Raw to, presumably, issue a challenge to The Wyatt Family for Hell In A Cell.

—Commercial Break—

Following the commercial break the cameras are in the backstage area where Brad Maddox is standing by with Vince McMahon. He looks a bit nervous as Vince glances down towards him, seemingly unhappy about something. Vince then asks Brad what on earth he could possibly be thinking with this main event at Hell in a Cell? Before Maddox could answer, Vince continues on, not liking the fact that either Daniel Bryan or John Cena could walk out as the new WWE Champion. Brad then responds by telling Vince that he felt it was what the fans wanted to see and Orton had beaten both of them one on one, so why shouldn’t he be able to beat them both in a triple threat? McMahon seems to be growing more and more frustrated, telling him that if anyone except Randy Orton walks out of that match as the WWE Champion, then perhaps Brad Maddox’s reign as Raw General Manager should be evaluated. Vince leaves the scene, Maddox standing there and running a hand through his hair, not liking what he just heard from the Chairman of the Board.

Opening Contest – Singles Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett

-These two men who squared off seemed to be heading in opposite directions. Kofi managed to defeat the current Intercontinental Champion last week, while Wade Barrett lost to the new World Champion, Rob Van Dam. As they locked up it was Barrett who took control and backed Kingston into a corner, before doing the same thing once the official separated the two and they locked up again. Wade smugly grinned, clearly being the stronger of the two men, but Kingston took the offensive quickly with several kicks and forearms, using his speed and quickness to take down Barrett. He looked to keep on his winning ways, but Barrett had other ideas and soon took full control, taking the crowd completely out of it as he took Kofi to the canvas and wore him out with his powerful holds. Soon, the crowd got back into the match, firing Kofi back up and he ultimately finished Barrett off by ducking the Bullhammer attempt and nailing him with the Trouble In Paradise. He rolled over and covered Barrett, hooked the leg and got the three count.-
Winner – Kofi Kingston

Kofi has his hand raised in victory, Michael Cole getting some ‘breaking news’ from the Raw GM’s Office that at Hell in a Cell, via his victory over Curtis Axel last week, Kingston has earned himself an Intercontinental Championship opportunity at the pay per view in two-week’s time. From there the commentators continue to plug Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar’s acceptance of CM Punk’s challenge, but with the added stipulation of making the contest inside Hell in a Cell. They expect CM Punk to respond sometime later in the evening; also later in the evening we will see The Undertaker’s return to Monday Night Raw as he and his brother Kane send a message to The Wyatt Family.

—Commercial Break—

A Video Package Highlighting the Hell in a Cell Structure.

Match Two – Tag Team Match – Normal Tag
Chicos de Barrio vs. The Real Americans

-Before the contest began, Zeb Coulter cut a short promo putting down the Hispanic and Latin American Communities, which brought extra heat to the team and added more fuel to the fire of the team of Hunico & Camacho. They started off on the right foot, Hunico blasting Swagger with multiple rights and lefts as he backed him into a corner, not giving him any room to maneuver. Even when Cesaro entered the fray, he was quickly introduced to the unique style of both Hunico and Camacho. But it was Cesaro who righted the ship for his team and seized control, using multiple massive European Uppercuts to his advantage, before showing off his strength by flinging Hunico all around the ring with various suplexes. From then on in it was an exhibition for The Real American’s who tagged in and out and each got a chance to inflict some punishment on their opponents. In the end it was Cesaro who delivered The Neutralizer to Hunico, Swagger putting Camacho out of commission with a Gutwrench Powerbomb. Antonio quickly pinned Hunico and got the victory.-
Winners – The Real Americans

Swagger joined Cesaro inside the squared circle as Cesaro dumped Hunico to the outside. The two men stood at attention as Coulter entered the ring, all three men placing their hands on their chests and belting out ‘WE THE PEOPLE’! A lot of fans echoed those sentiments, the cameras shifting away from the ringside area.

Now the cameras head into the backstage area where Triple H is now standing by with Brad Maddox. He informs the Raw General Manager that he heard what his father-in-law had to say when it came to Hell in a Cell’s Main Event and Triple H thought that it was an excellent decision on Maddox’s part. When Brad went to pat himself on the back for the idea, The Game cut him off and told him that whatever Vince is planning, he would put a stop to it. Triple H continues his ranting, telling Maddox that he’s sick and tired of Vince strutting around sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong, instead of just allowing things to happen as they may. HHH finishes by saying that if Vince thinks he will get away with this, then he has another thing coming. Maddox just simply nods his head, Triple H leaving without even allowing the Raw GM to speak, Brad looking around, a bit flustered with having to deal with the McMahon-Helmsley feud.

Match Three – Singles Match
Alex Riley vs. Ryback

-The result was never in doubt, it was only a matter of how long would it take for Ryback to dispatch of Riley. Alex put on a brave effort, but his return to Monday Night’s only laster a brief couple of minutes as Ryback toyed with him, drilling him with a variety of slams and clotheslines, which brought a large amount of boos from the crowd. Finally Ryback put Riley out of his misery, delivering the Shellshock and pinning him for the three count.-
Winner – Ryback

Ryback continued his winning ways, raising his arms into the air in victory, soaking up the heat he was receiving from the sold out crowd. He yelled out ‘RYBACK RULES’ one last time before flashing a quick, arrogant, smirk as Monday Night Raw faded to yet another commercial break.

—Commercial Break—

Match Four – Singles Match
CM Punk vs. Heath Slater w/ 3MB

-With so much on the mind of CM Punk, it would be easy for him to overlook Heath Slater and that seemed to be the case early on. Punk’s attention seemed to be elsewhere as he began the contest, Heath taking full advantage early on. It also helped that anytime Punk tried to mount a comeback; he was distracted or tripped up by a member of 3MB on the outside, which allowed Heath to maintain the offense. Slater looked rather impressive against Punk, but soon found himself on the other end of the spectrum, getting nailed with various kicks and forearms. Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre tried to intervene but got right hands and headkicks for their troubles, before being ejected from the ringside area by the official! 3MB protested the decision, Slater especially, because he knew that his only lifeline to a possible upset was being sent to the back. Sure enough, once Mahal and McIntyre went into the back, it was all CM Punk, who eventually nailed Slater with the GTS! However, instead of pinning him, Punk quickly synched in the Anaconda Vice and Heath tapped out almost immediately after the hold was put on!-
Winner – CM Punk

Slater quickly rolled out of the ring, CM Punk snapping up to his feet and pacing around the ring as his theme music hit the P.A System following his submission victory. Punk wasn’t much for celebrating this time as he instead demanded a steel chair and a microphone; the chair being placed in the middle of the ring. The Straight Edge Superstar sat down in the chair and when his theme music faded, he told the crowd that now was as good a time as any to discuss the stipulation that was added to CM Punk’s challenge to The Beast, Brock Lesnar. Punk told Heyman that if he thought that placing the added stipulation of Hell in a Cell was supposed to scare Punk out of the challenge, then his plan backfired because quite honestly, CM Punk said he couldn’t have asked for a better stipulation! He said that he planned on locking himself inside that structure with Brock Lesnar and only one man was walking out and when CM Punk was that man, it would mean that Brock Lesnar was out of the picture and soon, real soon, CM Punk would get his hands on Paul Heyman! ‘Cult of Personality’ re-hit the P.A System as Punk continued to sit there, staring sternly toward the entrance way.

John Cena stood in the backstage area with Josh Matthews and was asked about last week and his run in with both Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. John told Josh, as well as the WWE Universe that last week it was not his attention to screw over Daniel Bryan, or get in his way of revenge on Randy Orton, but what he fails to realize is that Cena wants revenge just as badly, if not more than Daniel Bryan does. Cena admits that he let his emotions get the best of him and when Bryan got physical, he did what came naturally to him…and that was fight. As for what Orton did, Cena simply calls that typical Randy Orton, a cheap shot that epitomizes the snake that he is. While Orton may have gotten the final say last week, it’s only a matter of time before he has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and he’ll have to face John Cena like a man!

—Commercial Break—

As Raw came back from the commercial break ’Ride of the Valkyries’ hit the P.A System, the crowd rising to its feet in cheers as Daniel Bryan stepped out into view from behind the curtains. He glanced around at the crowd with a smirk on his face before leading a chorus of ‘YES’ chants as he headed down the aisle way and climbed into the squared circle. Once he grabbed a microphone he told the WWE Universe that in two weeks, at Hell in a Cell, he was going to enter that diabolical structure and walk out that NEW WWE Champion! Bryan led yet another chorus of ‘YES’ chants, before being interrupted by Raw General Manager, Brad Maddox who came hustling from the back, telling Bryan to wait a minute. Maddox told Bryan that it was nice of him to have some positive goals as a valued superstar in this company, but perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to set such lofty and unable goals. Those comments had the crowd booing heavily toward the Raw GM who then told Bryan, somewhat regrettably, or at least he tried to play it off that way, that by way of the Chairman Vince McMahon, Daniel Bryan would be put in a match tonight. Daniel looked on a bit cautious as the crowd cheered, happy they got to see him in action. Maddox informed everyone that Bryan would be involved in a Elimination Handicap Match against all three members of The Shield! Daniel shook his head as a loud eruption of boos came from the audience, Maddox then shrugging his shoulders before telling Bryan that his match would be happening…right now!


—Commercial Break—

Main Event – Three on One Elimination Handicap Match
Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield

-Bryan started things off with Seth Rollins and knew the severity of getting off to a quick start, which he managed to, sending Rollins to his knees with several kicks to his chest and legs. Daniel took the fight straight to Rollins, who was being bombarded by the high octane, all-around game of Bryan, who used his lethal kicks to his advantage. Rollins managed to make the tag to Ambrose, who came in and quickly took control for his team, beating and stomping Bryan down to the canvas. The former United States Champion grounded Bryan with multiple scissor holds and headlocks, trying to wear him down, knowing the numbers game would ultimately get to him, if they could just continue to wear him down. Ambrose eventually made the tag to Roman Reigns who came in and gave up the offense to Bryan as he came out with a fury on the ‘muscle’ of The Shield. After a couple of minutes of sustained offense by Bryan, Reigns managed to regain control with some serious knees to Bryan’s midsection. When he went to irish-whip Daniel into the corner, he was reversed and drilled with a huge running dropkick! Bryan scurried to his feet and delivered a second running dropkick! However, when he scurried up for a third time, Reigns burst out of the corner and nearly folded Bryan in half with a Spear! He slowly made the cover on Bryan; One…Two…Th-Kick Out! To the shock of The Shield, the crowd, the announcers, hell practically everyone, Daniel managed to get his shoulder up! Reigns sat up in disbelief and while he was busy staring at the referee in shock, Bryan managed to roll over and quickly drag him down into the Yes Lock! Reigns held out for as long as he could before finally tapping out!-
Roman Reigns Eliminated

-Before Bryan even had a chance to release the hold Dean Ambrose flew into the ring and began to viciously stomp away at him. The quote-unquote ‘leader’ of The Shield violently and hectically assaulted one of the number one contenders for the WWE Title, quickly dragging him up only to be kicked several times for his troubles. Bryan began his famous ‘YES’-kicks, before finishing it off with one right square into Ambrose’s temple! Bryan quickly went for the cover; One…Two…Thr-Rollins makes the save! Seth managed to land a few stomps before being escorted out of the ring, Ambrose climbing to his feet and signaling Bryan’s end. But, instead, he saw Bryan counter his attempt at the finish, Daniel bouncing off the ropes and driving his knee straight into Ambrose’s head! Daniel rolled on top of him and covered; One…Two…Three!-
Dean Ambrose Eliminated

-All that remained was Seth Rollins, who climbed inside the squared circle and did the same as Ambrose, began to maliciously stomp and assault Bryan following the elimination of one of his Shield teammates. Bryan was clearly exhausted after having to deal with the constant barrage from The Shield and it allowed Seth to gain complete control and go to work on grounding and further wearing him down. Bryan slowly started to make a comeback, the crowd getting involved to urge him forward and pretty soon he had control, bashing Rollins’ knees with kicks that dropped him down, but when he tried for the head kick, Rollins ducked and then immediately laid Bryan out with a Superkick! He went for the cover; One…Two…Thre-Kick Out! Seth slowly rolled out onto the ring apron and set himself up for the flying knee; waiting for Bryan to get back up to a vertical base. When he did, Rollins springboarded into the ring, only to be met with a huge dropkick from Bryan! That’s when Ambrose and Reigns hit the scene, trying to climb back into the ring, albeit rather unsuccessfully as the official blocked them both. But, it turns out they were only playing as a distraction as the WWE Champion slithered into the ring, and with Bryan not looking, yanked him around and planted him with a huge RKO! Orton quickly left the ring, Rollins slowly crawling over and sprawling out across Bryan’s prone body and the referee spun around just in time to see the pin attempt; One…Two…THREE!-
Winners – The Shield

Ambrose and Reigns entered the ring and helped Rollins up to his feet, celebrating their victory. Rollins and Reigns were handed their Tag Team Titles as they stood tall over the fallen Daniel Bryan, Orton slowly climbing back inside the ring, eyeing Bryan with great intent. But, before he could do anything else, the crowd cheered loudly as John Cena quickly bolted from the backstage area, causing The Shield and Orton to evacuate the ring pronto as he slid inside. Cena stared down the WWE Champion, shaking his hand and mouthing out loudly that it wasn’t going to go down like that. Randy was seething with rage that Cena interfered in his plans; Cena checking on the fallen Bryan as Raw headed to a commercial.

—Commercial Break—

The sold out crowd in Kansas City, Missouri was being treated to a tremendous night of action with plenty more still in store. They had already seen and heard that two more matches were added to the Hell in a Cell pay per view; CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar inside the Hell in a Cell structure as well as Curtis Axel defending the Intercontinental Title against Kofi Kingston. Now, it was time for the moment a lot of the crowd had been waiting for as all of the lights inside the arena faded to darkness, the crowd standing on its feet with a mixture of screams and cheers. GONG! The roof nearly exploded off the arena when the gong sounded as the theme music for The Phenom, The Undertaker, began to play both he and Kane slowly making their way out from the backstage area, the ground they were walking on completely covered in that eerier, foggy mist. The two superstars headed down to the squared circle, The Undertaker ascending the stairs and lifting his arms to ‘summon’ the arena lights back on as soon after both men stood in the ring. Both men stood inside the ring, neither being able to speak because of the massive pops they were receiving from the Kansas City crowd. Kane is the first one to speak, telling the crowd that for months he has been in a battle, a struggle with The Wyatt Family and they spread their diseased-riddled words to the public like they’re gospel. Well now, Kane and his brother have some words of their own to share. As The Undertaker was about to speak the TitanTron switched over showing the infamous Wyatt Family opening, Wyatt lighting the lantern before announcing ‘We’re Here’ and blowing it out.


A mixed reaction came from the crowd as Bray Wyatt, followed closely by Luke Harper and Eric Rowan, walked out from the backstage area and set up on the staging area. The three men did not venture down toward the ring; instead Bray Wyatt took a seat in his rocking chair and blew the lantern out, the lights flashing back on as The Wyatt Family stood there on the stage, a stare down ensuing from the two teams. Bray Wyatt twirls a microphone in his hand before lifting it up and telling them to please continue, he just wanted a front row seat to the show. He wanted to listen to the gospel that they were about to spread to the masses, these lies, but Bray encouraged them to continue. That’s when The Undertaker stepped forward and told them that he had been away for quite some time, but when his brother Kane asked for this favor, asked if the Demon of Death Valley would help send some lost souls to hell, he couldn’t pass that up. Kane then added that the two of them were offering The Wyatt Family to step inside the Devil’s Playground, Satan’s Structure and face The Brothers of Destruction! Wyatt only laughed as he rocked back and forth in his rocking chair, before telling both Kane and Undertaker that there comes a time when you have to show everyone who the new face of fear is. He tells them that The Wyatt Family, and more importantly, Bray Wyatt, the Eater of World’s, accepts their challenge and he will show them the true meaning of fear and both men will be saved for all the wrong they have done. The crowd cheered at the acceptance of the match, Bray Wyatt laughing as Monday Night Raw faded off the air as The Wyatt Family and the Brothers of Destruction continued to stare one another down.

—End of Show—

I didn’t fully anticipate how hard that last scene was going to be. It’s extremely difficult to do any kind of promo involving these two, but it only helps you grow as a writer I suppose.

October 27; Miami, Florida

Main Event – WWE Championship – Triple Threat Hell In A Cell
Randy Orton© vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

Grudge Match – Hell In A Cell – Singles Match
Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship – Singles Match
Rob Van Dam© vs. Alberto Del Rio

Three on Two Handicap Match – Hell In A Cell
The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Wyatt Family

WWE Tag Team Championships – Normal Tag
The Shield© vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

Intercontinental Championship – Singles Match
Curtis Axel© w/ Paul Heyman vs. Kofi Kingston

WWE Diva’s Championship – Singles Match
AJ Lee© vs. Natalya


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Re: WWE 2013 - Welcome to the Show

October 18, 2013 – Columbus, OH


Opening Contest - Singles Match
Damien Sandow def. Mark Henry

-Before this contest, the WWE's Intellectual Savior issued an open challenge to any WWE Superstar in the backstage area to come out and face him one on one, so that he could prove why he was the uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion; that challenge was accepted by Mark Henry, who came out firing to a still shell-shocked, Sandow. Damien used every dirty tactic in the book to gain the upperhand but Henry kept trucking forward. Ultimately, Sandow managed to roll Mark up and put his boots on the ropes for extra leverage, getting the three count!-

Match Two - Singles Match
Big E. Langston def. Zack Ryder

-Ryder's first appearance on WWE Television in a couple weeks ended rather abruptly at the hands of Big E. Langston who continued to roll through anyone that was set in his path. Zack got in maybe a couple of boots and punches before doing the job and getting blitzed by the more powerful Langston. After a couple of minutes Big E. finally ended things with the Big Ending.-

Match Three - Tag Team Match - Normal Tag
Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara def. 3MB

-Pretty straight forward match to further progress the push of Mysterio & Cara. Slater was his usual entertaining self and McIntyre showed flashes of great work, but the match was ultimately all about the masked luchadors. The finish had Mysterio deliver the West Coast Drop on Slater to get the pin.-

Match Four - Singles Match
Natalya def. Aksana

-The Number One Contender for the Diva's Championship just kept on winning. Even with AJ Lee at ringside doing commentary, it didn't seem to faze Natalya. Aksana was simply over matched by Natalya and had no answer for her and soon was locked in the Sharpshooter and forced to submit! Both Natalya & AJ stared one another down after the contest was over.-

Main Event - Non-Title Singles Match
Rob Van Dam def. Jack Swagger

~Antonio Cesaro & Zeb Coulter were banned from ringside~
-With his tag team partner and manager banned from ringside, Jack Swagger looked as if he would have nowhere to turn too as he faced the World Champion. However, he held his own and gave RVD all he could handle in the Main Event. Halfway through the contest, with Van Dam seemingly in control, Alberto Del Rio made his way out onto the stage and looked on for the rest of the contest, which caused RVD to constantly look over his shoulder. But, the World Champion kept on his winning ways, landing the Five-Star Frog Splash for the win.-

Notable Segments
-Following his victory over Mark Henry, Damien Sandow had a backstage interview where he was asked a couple of different things. He took his time in explaining things, taking shots here and there about the intellectual shortcomings of everyone around him for the most part, however, when asked about the possibility of cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase, Sandow merely smirked and responded that he held all the power in this decision and that the World Champion would never see it coming.-

-The World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam, spoke backstage with Renee Young regarding his title defense at Hell in a Cell against Alberto Del Rio. Van Dam told Young that he earned that World Title and he beat Del Rio before, so there was no way he was going to allow anyone to walk out of Hell in a Cell the Champion other than himself; Rob…Van…Dam!-

-SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero was confronted by Alberto Del Rio in her office and the former Champion asked Vickie to put RVD in a match tonight, a warm up match, as he called it. Vickie and Del Rio talked back and forth, the GM finally agreeing and placing Van Dam against Jack Swagger, but to prove that she was always in charge of this show, she banned both Antonio Cesaro & Zeb Coulter from ringside.-

-After Mysterio and Cara won their contest, they were bum rushed by The Shield in the squared circle. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns assaulted the Number One Contender’s, much to the crowd’s dismay. However, the masked superstars showed their grit and determination and began to fight back, managing to clear the ring of all three men, sending them fleeing from the ringside area. The crowd cheered loudly as Mysterio and Cara celebrated, jawing toward their opponents at the upcoming pay per view.-

-Several different video vignettes played regarding the numerous matches scheduled for Hell in a Cell.-

-Alberto Del Rio made his presence known after Van Dam defeated Jack Swagger, viciously assaulting the World Champion. The sold out crowd booed Del Rio heavily as he stomped repeatedly into Van Dam as much as he could. Just when everyone thought that he was finished, he quickly charged back over and continued his assault, taking a steel chair to RVD’s shoulder and arm, for obvious reasons. Del Rio snatched the World Title and posed with it over the fallen Van Dam, jawing down at him as SmackDown faded off the air.-


Monday Night Raw

October 21, 2013 – Memphis, TN


Opening Contest – Singles Match
Antonio Cesaro def. Cody Rhodes

-Cody Rhodes and Antonio Cesaro kicked off Monday Night Raw, Cesaro looking to continue his winning form. Rhodes hadn’t truly been the same since the split of Rhodes Scholars, but he looked really impressive at the beginning of the contest. With Swagger and Coulter looking on, Cesaro had no answer for the Third Generation Superstar, who kept Cesaro off balance. Antonio ultimately got control and tossed Rhodes around the ring to the delight of his partner and manager, but not so much the crowd. He grounded Cody for several minutes, only to see him come roaring back, getting the crowd behind him, only to have Swagger and Coulter cause and distraction and allow Cesaro to deliver The Neutralizer to Rhodes and get the pinfall.-

Match Two – Tag Team Match – Normal Tag
PrimeTime Players def. Tons of Funk

-Titus O’Neil & Darren Young took on Brodus Clay & Tensai and the crowd seemed to be heavily in the corner of the PrimeTime Players. They used that crowd noise to fuel them in this contest, clearly being at a size disadvantage. Young used his speed and quickness to run circles around both men when he was in the ring with them, chopping them down with dropkicks and clotheslines. Meanwhile, O’Neil managed to match power and strength with them, even showing off and delivering a huge powerslam to Tensai. Frustration was clearly showing up on both Tensai and Clay’s faces, but they used that aggression to pummel Young when they did in fact go on the offensive. Clay splashed Young in the corner several times, showing his impressive athleticism for being such a big guy. In the end, it was Tensai who managed to miss O’Neil and nail Clay off the ring apron, that small distraction allowing Titus to deliver Clash of the Titus. He covered Tensai and got the victory for his team.-

Match Three – Diva’s Tag Team Match – Normal Tag
The Bella Twins def. Kaitlyn & Natalya

-With just one week until Hell in a Cell the Diva’s once again were in the ring, in tag team action. The commentators continued to plug ‘Total Diva’s’, in which three of four diva’s in this contest were a part of. The Number One Contender to the Diva’s Championship looked to keep building momentum heading into the pay per view, but that proved difficult with the Champion at ringside on commentary. AJ Lee proved to be a distraction for Natalya who always shifted her attention from the contest towards the Champion, which allowed The Bella’s to gain and regain control throughout the match. Kaitlyn would be tagged in and shift the momentum back in her teams direction, only to have Natalya come in and continue the attack, before again being distracted. Ultimately it would prove costly as Nikki took one of the distractions and planted Natalya with a DDT, before covering her for the victory.-

Match Four – Singles Match
Big E. Langston def. The Big Show

-Nobody seemed to be on a more impressive roll than Big E. Langston, as of late. Ever since breaking off from being Dolph Ziggler’s bodyguard he’s been on a torrid streak, even putting Ziggler in the hospital and out of action. Now he took on his toughest and certainly his biggest test to date in The Big Show. Langston no longer had the size or strength advantage and the two men started the contest by testing the strength of the other. Just when it seemed as though Show was going to win the ‘test of strength’, Langston shot a knee straight into his midsection to take control. This was never going to be anything more than two powerhouse superstars slugging away at one another, but the contest did bring some bright spots with Langston managing to suplex Big Show on multiple occasions to the shock of the crowd and the commentators. Big Show brought some impressive moves of his own, ascending to the middle rope for a mammoth diving shoulder block that resulted in a near fall. The finish Big Show set up for the KO Punch, only to have Langston duck underneath and then impressively lift Show up and connect with the Big Ending! Nobody could believe the insane power that Langston possessed as he slowly covered the Big Show for the three count!-

Match Five – Singles Match
Bray Wyatt def. Santino Marella

-This seemed like a tune up match for Bray Wyatt before he and The Wyatt Family stepped inside Satan’s Structure at Hell in a Cell to face off against The Brothers of Destruction. Wyatt toyed with Santino for the limited time that he was in the match with him, almost acting like he couldn’t be harmed by Santino whatsoever. While Marella tried his hardest to fight off Wyatt, he was just too strong and eventually splashed Santino in the corner before dragging him out and connecting with Sister Abigail! Bray slowly sprawled out on top of Santino and got the victory, smiling sadistically as the bell sounded.-

Main Event – Eight Man Tag – Normal Tag
Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara def. Randy Orton & The Shield

-The blockbuster Main Event for the final Raw before Hell in a Cell pitted the three superstars who would square off inside the Hell in a Cell structure for the WWE Title, as well as the four superstars who would be competing for the Tag Team Titles. It was an action packed main event which saw each man get to show off his skillset, but while the first half of the contest was dominated primarily by the tag team specialists, the end was all about Orton, Bryan and Cena. Everyone was looking for solid momentum heading into their huge pay per view contests. Orton took it to both Cena and Bryan when he was inside the ring with them, but the finish saw him in the outside of the ring in a brawl with John Cena and when Reigns went for a Spear on Bryan, he was quickly countered into the Yes Lock! The rest of his team was corralled on the outside, Reigns being forced to submit!-

Notable Segments
-Daniel Bryan kicked off Monday Night Raw explaining how it was his time to rise up and become the new WWE Champion at Hell In A Cell, which promptly brought out John Cena to disagree. The two men bickered back and forth, Cena then telling Daniel that there was only one man walking out of that structure as the Champion and it was going to be John Cena. Right on cue, the current WWE Champion made his way down to the ring to inform both men that he had beaten both of them before and this Sunday would be no different. Before the three men came to blows the General Manager was quick to rush out and clam the situation as best he could. He then announced the blockbuster Eight-Man Tag Main Event, which seemed to settle everyone down for the time being.-

-After Natalya was pinned and beaten by Nikki Bella in the Diva’s Tag Match, AJ Lee entered the squared circle and skipped joyfully around her challenger for the Diva’s Title at the upcoming pay per view. Natalya, still showing the signs of the match, looked at her with a strange look, before seeing her exit the ring laughing crazily in her direction. The commentators plugged that perhaps AJ wasn’t all there, upstairs, but that she would have a tough time with the daughter of Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart.-

-The night appeared like it was going from bad to worse for Santino because following the contest, Rowan and Harper quickly entered the squared circle and began to viciously assault him. They attacked him like rabid dogs, Rowan then retrieving the steel steps and bringing them into the squared circle; it was at that moment that the lights went out and the GONG sounded. The entire arena erupted in cheers and when the lights shot back on there was Kane and The Undertaker, but The Wyatt Family were standing at the staging area. From there, Bray Wyatt told both Kane and Taker that while this may be called Satan’s Structure and the Devil’s Playground right now, after Hell in a Cell people will know it as his playground, where all his brothers and sisters go to worship The Eater of World’s! The five men stared down one another, Wyatt laughing almost psychotically as Taker and Kane glared angrily.-

-CM Punk cut a promo in the backstage area on his now broken relationship with Paul Heyman. He talked about all the glory days they used to have, but now that Heyman chose to screw him over and decided to send all of his dogs after him, it was now time to go all out and put an end to all of this. Punk wasn’t sure when, but someday really soon Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel weren’t going to be there to stop him and when that day comes, Paul Heyman would feel CM Punk’s wrath. Taking Brock Lesnar out of the picture was the obvious first step and that first step would happen this Sunday inside Hell in a Cell!-

-Heading into Hell in a Cell this Sunday, it was John Cena who was the last man standing. Following the eight-man tag team victory alongside Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara, Cena found himself, yet again, in a brawl with the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. The brawling continued after the contest was finished, Orton sending Cena into the barricade viciously before turning his attention to Bryan inside the squared circle. Both he and Bryan then began trading shots, Daniel getting the best of him but as soon as he bounced off the ropes he was met with a huge dropkick from the Champion! From there Orton dragged him to his feet and quickly planted him with an RKO for good measure! Randy went to pose yet again only to see John Cena re-enter the ring and abruptly deliver an Attitude Adjustment to the Champion, leaving himself as the last one standing. Cena’s theme music blared over the P.A System as Raw faded off the air.-


October 25, 2013 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Opening Contest – Singles Match
Ted DiBiase def. R-Truth

-SmackDown pulled into its final destination before Hell In A Cell and kicked the show off with the return of ‘The Fortunate Son’ Ted DiBiase. He looked fresh and smooth in his return to the ring and the crowd figured out really quickly that R-Truth was just there to do the job. While Truth got in a bit of offense here and there, DiBiase managed to finish things off in the end with Dream Street! Ted covered him and got the pinfall victory in his return.-

Match Two – Nontitle Singles Match
AJ Lee def. Layla

-The Diva’s Champion saw a return to the ring in a somewhat ‘warm up’ match for her Diva’s Title defense at the upcoming pay per view. What seemed like it should’ve been a cut and dry contest turned into a rather physical one, AJ having to spend a lot more time that she would’ve liked inside the ring with her opponent. Layla knew full well the opportunity that was presented to her and used that to put everything she had into this contest. After several near falls from Layla, however, the Diva’s Champion found her grove and ultimately locked her in the Black Widow submission hold, forcing her to submit.-

Match Three – Nontitle Tag Team Match – Normal Tag
The Shield def. Los Colóns

-Primo and Epico gave a valiant effort but The Shield was just too powerful. The tandem of Reigns and Rollins had torn through the tag team division for several months and they weren’t about to let up here. The two Colons had a small amount of offense where they got to flash their array of moves, but other than that, they were completely and maliciously picked apart by the Tag Team Champions. With Roman Reigns occupying Primo on the outside by delivering a Spear and folding him in half, Rollins had Epico inside the ring and deliver the Flying Knee to his temple, before covering him and getting the victory.-

Match Four – United States Championship – Singles Match
Christian© def. Fandango

-Captain Charisma was in his first defense of his newly won United States Championship and it came against Fandango, who seemed to be more concerned with showing off his dance moves in the early going, than possibly capturing the US Title. Christian was all business as he was always one step ahead of his challenger early on, building frustration up in Fandango. The challenger finally got a lengthy bit of offense in, grounding Christian, who tried to fight out of it, but each time would be abruptly stopped by Fandango. After a few minutes, the crowd finally rallied Christian back into the match and just as it looked as though he was going to put Fandango out for the count, the challenger rolled out of the ring and quickly left the ringside area with his dancer, Summer Rae. The referee began his count but Fandango did not care, ultimately being counted out, Christian retaining his championship.-

Match Five – Singles Match
Kane def. Drew McIntyre

-Unfortunately for Drew McIntyre, the recent months for Kane hadn’t been all that great and he had been looking to take his anger and frustration out on something, or somebody. While he would’ve loved for a member of The Wyatt Family to be inside the ring with him, McIntyre would just have to do and the Big Red Monster proceeded to beat the holy hell out of his opponent to the delight of the crowd. He did not stand a chance against Kane who finally ended things with a huge Chokeslam and covered him for the pinfall.-

Main Event – Tag Team Match – Normal Tag
Alberto Del Rio & Curtis Axel def. Kofi Kingston & Rob Van Dam

-These four men had two very important matches come Hell In A Cell, which meant this last episode of SmackDown before the pay per view was exceptionally vital for the last bit of momentum heading into this Sunday. Van Dam and Kofi started off fast and quick, having all of the offense early on and forced both Del Rio and Axel to roll out of the ring and get a breather. But, it was only a matter of time before the heel tag team took the advantage and it came when Kofi went for a high-risk move that did not pay off, resulting in a lengthy spout for both Axel and Del Rio. Once the World Champion came in, all things changed. Van Dam was firing on all cylinders, taking the fight directly to Del Rio, before seeing him scurry away and tag in Axel, who received the same treatment. Just as it seemed Van Dam and Kingston were on their way to victory, Del Rio seized the World Title belt and bashed RVD in the back of the head with it when the referee’s back was turned, forcing him straight into the Perfect Plex by Axel! The official slid down and counted the three, none the wiser as to what had transpired.-

Notable Segments
-SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero kicked off Friday Night SmackDown announcing the Main Event of the evening; a tag match involving RVD & Kofi Kingston taking on Alberto Del Rio & Curtis Axel. She also announces that next week on SmackDown there will be a victory celebration for Alberto Del Rio, celebrating his triumphant victory to once again become the World Heavyweight Champion.-

-More vignettes of the Hell In A Cell structure are shown, including the grueling punishment it puts on everyone involved in it.-

-Renee Young holds an interview, backstage, with Natalya discussing her Diva’s Title chance at the pay per view. She tells Renee that she was very fortunate to hold that Diva’s Championship once before and come this Sunday, she will have the pleasure of being a Two-Time Diva’s Champion.-

-After Kane’s victory over Drew McIntyre the familiar opening entrance video for The Wyatt Family played and while everyone expected and anticipated the three men to make their way out, that was not the case. Instead they appeared on the TitanTron, Wyatt rocking back and forth in his rocking chair, a wide grin spread on his face. Hardly any words were spoken; Bray just simply looking toward the camera and telling Kane, ‘We’ll see you Sunday.’ And then the feed cut off.-

-Following the Main Event, Alberto Del Rio closed the show by standing at the staging area with a big grin on his face, Rob Van Dam clutching at the bottom rope, still feeling the effects of that World Title shot to the back of his head. While Del Rio continued to grin, Van Dam just glared, grimacing occasionally as SmackDown headed off the air.-



Main Event – WWE Championship – Triple Threat Hell In A Cell
Randy Orton© vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

Grudge Match – Hell In A Cell – Singles Match
Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship – Singles Match
Rob Van Dam© vs. Alberto Del Rio

Three on Two Handicap Match – Hell In A Cell
The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Wyatt Family

WWE Tag Team Championships – Normal Tag
The Shield© vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

Intercontinental Championship – Singles Match
Curtis Axel© w/ Paul Heyman vs. Kofi Kingston

WWE Diva’s Championship – Singles Match
AJ Lee© vs. Natalya

I had these shows written out and then my laptop crashed and lost it all, as well as some of my PPV which I had started on. So yeah, not in the mood to re-write it all, so quick results for this and I will just have to rewrite the PPV.

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Re: WWE 2013 - Welcome to the Show

Hell in a Cell Predictions

For the WWE Championship, in the main event, inside Satan's structure inside Hell in a Cell, you have a Triple-Threat Hell in a Cell Match with Orton the WWE Champion defending his title inside the Cell against both John Cena the former WWE Champion and against Daniel Bryan the other former WWE Champion, but as for who wins, I am calling it, Orton retains his title inside the Cell but as for who will get pinned, I predict Cena will be the one who gets pinned taking the fall with Bryan being the one who doesn't get pinned

Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk inside Satan's structure inside Hell in a Cell, SummerSlam re-match, both of these men have experience inside Satan's structure inside the Devil's playground and both of these men want each other so bad in the worst way and the perfect way for this rivalry to end once and for all should be in the Cell but as for who wins, I see Punk beating Lesnar this time around

For the World Heavyweight Championship, RVD defending his title against Del Rio, I see RVD retaining his World Heavyweight Championship only to be attacked after the match by Del Rio which sets up Sandow to cash in on RVD and before we know it a new World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned and as for who will be champion after all is said and done I say it will be Sandow

3 on 2 Handicap Hell in a Cell Match, The Wyatt Family taking on the Brothers of Destruction, I see The Wyatt Family winning this match and how? I see Kane turning heel with Kane turning on The Undertaker leaving The Undertaker to be destroyed by The Wyatt Family or Kane joins in on the attack with Kane joining The Wyatt Family, either way I see this being the last time we see Taker until the Road to WrestleMania 30

For the WWE Tag Team Championship, Reigns and Rollins defending their titles against Rey and Cara, I predict Reigns and Rollins will retain their titles beating both Rey and Cara because The Shield they are actually bringing back prestige to those titles and I can't see them dropping the titles any time soon

For the WWE Intercontinental Championship, Curtis Axel defending his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Kofi, I see Axel retaining and why? Because he has Paul Heyman with him at ringside and not to mention Paul Heyman is quite the difference maker so I can see him somehow getting involved or Kofi winning by DQ but not winning the title since the title can't switch hands on a DQ

And as for the WWE Divas Championship, AJ defending her title against Natalya, I see AJ retaining her title but as for when AJ drops the title, I see her dropping the title by either Survivor Series or by Tables, Ladders and Chairs but I can't see her dropping it now especially against Natalya
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