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Unlimited Wrestling: There Are No Limits

I've had this project set up somewhere in 2012 but I lost interest. Then I regained interest this summer, so I started writing/booking again. Ultimately, this is what I love to do. Create something new and have little restrictions, other than my fascination with realism. This will probably be my last hurrah, so I better make it count (aka at least get one show in )
Spoiler for Backstory some would label as "pointless":
March 10th 2012: Two good friends did what good friends usually do: go to a bar and grab a beer. Those two friends were Mick Foley and Terry Funk. Funk was in Long Island and decided to pay Foley a visit. They discussed wrestling, among other things and found that they both share a dream of leading their own wrestling promotion. The conversation took an interesting turn as both men looked to have very similar ideas on how the ideal pro wrestling promotion should be run. The logical conclusion of the night at the bar was that Mick Foley and Terry Funk would investigate the possibilities of joining forces for an all new pro wrestling project.

March 16th 2012: The two good friends, Mick Foley and Terry Funk, met again, this time, at Foley’s house in Long Island. Much to each other’s surprise, both men had worked out some advanced plans for a future wrestling promotion. Both men agreed that the two of them by themselves would not manage to cope with the workload of promoting and managing an entire promotion. They needed to assemble a group of trustworthy former colleagues and friends that would manage the new promotion as a team. Names being mentioned were Al Snow, Shane Douglas, Dave Finlay, Diamond Dallas Page and of course, Paul Heyman.
Both men also realized that to be able to start a decent Pro Wrestling promotion with a certain viability, they would need significant starting capital and partners who would know how to run a successful business. The name of Paul Heyman again was brought up, but Mick Foley also dropped the name of Kevin von Erich. Von Erich runs a family investment business and would, if willing, be able to insert a decent amount of starting capital into the promotion. Naturally, Foley and Funk would insert some personal capital into the promotion as well.
Foley and Funk agreed they would, from now on, meet on a weekly basis to work further on “project Funk ‘n Foley”.

March 23d 2012: The contours of Foley’s and Funk’s very own, brand new professional wrestling promotion, were beginning to take form. Foley and Funk met once more, bringing each other both good and bad news. The bad news, Paul Heyman wasn’t interested in taking part in a pro wrestling promotion at this time. The good news, Kevin von Erich was! Kevin von Erich was prepared to offer financial and promotional help to the new promotion, by means of his investment company. Three other interested former colleagues were Al Snow, Dave Finlay and Shane Douglas. Foley and Funk decided it was best to bring all these people together for a roundtable meeting about what would hopefully become the newest pro wrestling phenomenon.

March 30th 2012: A special meeting was held at a restaurant in Long Island, between Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Al Snow, Dave Finlay, Shane Douglas and Kevin von Erich. The talks between the six men were difficult, but progressed in a positive manner nonetheless, as all six men were as enthusiastic as ever to start their very own professional wrestling organization. Kevin von Erich formally approved of providing the majority of the starting capital, while Mick Foley would inject a significant share as well. Being a relatively small starting company, the corporate structure would be that of a privately held company, with Kevin von Erich having the majority share, while Mick Foley and Terry Funk would have a minority share. The other three men would be granted key positions in the promotion and assist with creative, talent relations and development, production and promotion. With the corporate structure roughly panned out, the men would again meet up in the very near future, to start with the real work, producing wrestling shows.

April 4th 2012: It was time to come up with a name as well as a game plan for the new promotion. Tons of ideas were being tossed around, like “No Limit Wrestling”, “Wrestling Unlimited” and “Pro Wrestling Alternative”. But eventually, everyone agreed on the name “Unlimited Wrestling”.
How to successfully introduce the promotion though? Mick Foley suggested they take a route similar to TNA’s early days. That is, request to be taken under the wing of the NWA and try to produce pay-per-view televised shows, as opposed to live, non-televised events. The NWA would assist in promoting the shows and it would provide the new promotion a decent amount of exposure from the get-go. It would restrict the newly found promotion in some areas, but the cons didn’t outweigh the pros in a time where starting a successful brand new wrestling promotion was increasingly difficult. Mick Foley would contact NWA Executive Director, Robert Trobich, to inquire about a collaboration between the National Wrestling Alliance and Unlimited Wrestling.

April 10th 2012: Another batch of good news for the Unlimited Wrestling, the promotion that would soon storm the wrestling scene. Robert Trobich, the Executive Director of NWA, was said to be very interested in working with Mick Foley and start a new promotion under the NWA banner. Even though NWA usually doesn’t take brand new promotions under its wings, Unlimited Wrestling could be an exception, due to the, in Robert Trobich’ words, “extremely high potential and wide appeal of the names behind the project”. Because of the potentially high appeal of the new promotion, Trobich would allow the NWA World Heavyweight Championship to be defended on Unlimited Wrestling shows.
Also, Kevin von Erich confirmed that the new promotion was only a couple of permits and signatures away and that the company could effectively see the light in less than two weeks.

April 22nd 2012: The big day had finally arrived. Unlimited Wrestling, the newest professional wrestling promotion, had officially been founded. All founders, Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Kevin von Erich, Dave Finlay, Al Snow and Shane Douglas, came together to celebrate this historic day. Now all that was left was to sign the co-operation contracts with the NWA and the team could start focusing on the scheduling and production of shows.

April 25th 2012: Another big day for the newly founded Unlimited Wrestling. On this day, all the contractual agreements with the National Wrestling Alliance were signed and Unlimited Wrestling was officially an NWA promotion. Both entities agreed on a term of 5 months at most for Unlimited Wrestling to produce its inaugural show. Foley and friends were confident that the first ever NWA Unlimited event would go on the air (whether television and/or internet) before the summer was over.

May 6th 2012: All the members of the newly founded Unlimited Wrestling organization were working hard to get the inaugural NWA Unlimited event in place as soon as possible. Foley and Funk reached out to professional wrestlers worldwide to participate in the event, hoping their international connections and reputation would attract bigger names than those that wrestle in the average independent show. Meanwhile, a date for the event was being discussed, as well as potential venues. As it would seem, Wednesday20 June would be the ideal date to hold the inaugural NWA Unlimited show. This would give the organization, as well as the NWA, enough time to properly promote the event. Mick Foley expressed his desire to hold the inaugural Unlimited Wrestling event close to his home on Long Island, so arenas in New York, New Jersey or even Connecticut would be the most likely to host the show. On top of that, Foley realized it was impossible to launch his new promotion in a big arena of 10,000+. A starting promotion with moderate financial means, Foley understood, would have to settle with a smaller arena initially.
Kevin von Erich, in the meantime, investigated what would generate more revenue, Pay per View via the classic cable and satellite providers, or iPPV via the internet. He also took on the responsibility to attract sponsors and advertisers to the new professional wrestling project.

May 14th 2012: The date for the NWA Unlimited inaugural event was now set in stone. The debut show would take place on Wednesday 20 June at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, New Jersey. On top of that, Robert Trobich agreed to have the NWA World Heavyweight Championship defended on Unlimited’s debut event! This meant that the first name on the card was that of NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Colt Cabana!

May 21st 2012: A press conference was called in East Setauket, New York, the residence of Mick Foley, to formally introduce NWA Unlimited Wrestling to the general public. Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Kevin von Erich and Robert Trobich presented the newly created organization to the public and made their ambitions clear, to be a true alternative in the world of professional wrestling. Foley confirmed that Unlimited Wrestling’s inaugural event would take place on the 20th of June at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton and it would be named Trouble in Trenton, as a way to ease the promotion process. He added that they had signed a deal with the venue for two extra shows in the following weeks. Thus, there would be a total of three shows, all televised, emanating from Trenton, New Jersey. Kevin von Erich then clarified that all three events would be on air via iPPV, through WWN Live (World Wrestling Network) at wwnlive.com.
Robert Trobich, Executive Director of the National Wrestling Alliance, confirmed that the NWA World Heavyweight Champion would be appearing at the event and would in fact put his NWA World Heavyweight Championship on the line against an opponent yet to be determined. Foley and Funk said that national and international stars from the past, present and future, would be featured on the inaugural NWA Unlimited Wrestling match card. Foley promised a full match card would be made public before the actual event would take place.
The press conference concluded with Kevin von Erich saying that advertising for the inaugural iPay Per View would start effectively after the press conference regionally, in the New York/New Jersey area and nationally, via social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Mick Foley ended the press conference by saying: “We want to be the first NextGen company in professional wrestling. We want to take the art of professional wrestling into the next generation. We want to be innovative, fresh and we want to really make a difference. We want to be a true pro wrestling alternative! Thank you very much!”

May 29th 2012: The first Trouble in Trenton show was less than a month away and everyone in the newly created Unlimited Wrestling was working round the clock to make sure they’d be able to deliver the best show possible come June the twentieth. The Unlimited Wrestling company had already hired a professional camera crew to preserve the iPPV broadcast, as well as a director and other production-related personnel. This staff wasn’t hired on permanent contracts, but rather they were contracted and paid per show. The company also hired a somewhat familiar face to be the lead play-by-play commentator during the events(provided the first goes well), that face being Jack Korpela. A ring announcer had also been signed: former WCW and TNA ring announcer David Penzer will come out of retirement uniquely for this new promotion. Meanwhile, NWA Unlimited were reaching out to numerous pro wrestlers all around the world to participate in any of the three events at Trenton. Foley sent out a tweet on twitter that a full matchcard and announcements regarding the two extra shows in Trenton would be made public in the following week.

June 2nd 2012: Mick Foley announced the first confirmed match-up of the NWA Unlimited Trouble in Trenton event via his twitter account. And it wasn’t a small time match either! Foley announced the main event for the inaugural NWA Unlimited Wrestling show! The main event would feature the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Colt Cabana, put his championship on the line against former WWE Superstar John Hennigan (formerly known as John Morisson). He added: “Stay tuned for more announcements! Bang Bang! #NWAUnlimited”. (Let’s forget the Best of 7 series that was happening around this period of time between Cabana and Pearce, it wasn’t very relevant anyway)

June 3d 2012: Merely a day after the announcement of the main event for Unlimited Wrestling I, a second and third match were already booked. “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce, a mainstay in various NWA promotions, would do battle with “The Masterpiece” Chris Mordetzky (fka Chris Masters), while Blue Demon Junior, an NWA legend would take on Carlito Colon, in what was billed an “International Spectacle”. The entire card would be made public in the next days leading up to the very first NWA Unlimited Wrestling showcase.

June 5th 2012: Unlimited Wrestling’s home website had finally gone live.
www.unlimitedwrestling.com was the domain for all things NWA Unlimited! The website would serve as a sort of platform for all media outlets that had to do with Unlimited Wrestling. It would connect Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, photos and videos from past shows and would provide direct links to both WWNLive to order iPPVs, as well as events promoters such as LiveNation or Ace Ticket, for live tickets to Unlimited’s shows.

June 10th 2012: The match card for the inaugural NWA Unlimited Wrestling Event started to take shape. 7 matches had been booked and it was rumored that a final 8 match would be added soon. This match was rumored to be “a big one”. Besides the three matches already announced, others include a sixway match featuring Hurricane Helms, Pac, Matt Cross, Shawn Daivari, Jimmy Yang and Amazing Red; Sonjay Dutt vs. Rhino; The Young Bucks vs. The S.A.T. and a legend’s match pitting Dave Finlay against the Hardcore Legend Terry Funk. According to sources close to Mick Foley, the atmosphere within the group of friends heading Unlimited Wrestling was top notch, with everyone feeling excited about the project as it went along.

June 12th 2012: The final match was added to the Unlimited Wrestling I card, in Trenton, New Jersey. And it was a big one alright. Two mega-stars from across the Pacific would fly in and do battle. It would be a revisiting of a classic, in which Jushin “Thunder” Liger will take on Keiji Mutoh, also known as The Great Muta. Foley tweeted fanatically about the match and dubbed the match a “co-main event”.

June 14th 2012: A final announcement about Unlimited’s first ever show, Trouble in Trenton, was made via Mick Foley’s Twitter account. Unlimited Wrestling would invite a special guest to the show: none other than NWA Hall of Famer and UFC Hall of Famer Dan “The Beast” Severn! He would not be competing at the event though, but he will most likely make an appearance of some sort. In other news, Foley communicated that over 2,500 tickets had already been sold for Unlimited Wrestling’s first ever showcase.

June 15th 2012: With NWA Unlimited Wrestling I approaching in a hurry, details have surfaced about the coalition that was formed between the National Wrestling Alliance on one hand and Unlimited Wrestling on the other. While no official information about the deal is being disclosed by any party, sources confirm that it is not your typical “territory” set-up. The contract is set up so that the NWA receives an undisclosed percentage of ticket and pay per view revenue per show from Unlimited Wrestling (rumored to be between 3% and 7.5%), while Unlimited Wrestling will receive help from NWA’s established distribution network to advertise their shows. The most likely scenario is that Unlimited’s shows get advertised with flyers, posters and maybe even mentions at other NWA sanctioned events. Unlimited Wrestling was also given the opportunity to showcase NWA World Championship matches. In fact, rumor had it the NWA saw Unlimited Wrestling as its last chance to regain some of the national pride and recognition it once had. Some sources speculated that the NWA World Heavyweight Championship may even become exclusive to Unlimited Wrestling. There was no word on other NWA championships being used in Unlimited Wrestling.

No wrestler is signed to a permanent deal, so there is no official roster of competitors. After three shows, a roster of "regulars" will be drawn up.

Coming Up

NWA-Unlimited Wrestling: Trouble in Trenton
06-20-2012 Sun National Bank Center, Trenton, New Jersey

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Colt Cabana © vs. John Hennigan(w/Melina Perez)

Winner receives NWA WH Championship Match at Trouble in Trenton II
“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce vs. “The Masterpiece” Chris Mordetzky

Rhino vs. Sonjay Dutt

International Spectacle Part II
Keiji Mutoh vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger

Special Attraction: Legends Match
Terry Funk vs. Dave Finlay

The Young Bucks vs. The S.A.T.(Joel and Wil Maximo)

International Spectacle Part I
Blue Demon Jr. vs. Carlito Colon

Sensational Six-way Match
Hurricane Helms vs. Pac vs. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross vs. Shawn Daivari vs. Jimmy Yang vs. Amazing Red

Special appearance by NWA and UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn
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Re: Unlimited Wrestling: There Are No Limits


The Unlimited Wrestling showcase is finally here and it promises to be explosive! June 20th in Trenton, New Jersey, Mick Foley and Terry Funk will present professional wrestling’s newest promotion to the entire world! 8 matches have been signed, headlined by a match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, pitting the reigning champion Colt Cabana against the hottest wrestler on the independent scene, John Hennigan! Below we break down every match on the card.

Sensational Six-Way Match: Hurricane Helms vs. Matt Cross vs. Shawn Daivari vs. Jimmy Yang vs. Amazing Red

Kicking off the show will be a wild, unpredictable and truly sensational six-man match, where the first man to gain a pinfall or submission will pick up the victory. With this match containing six seasoned high-flyers, it is virtually impossible to forecast a winner, but what we can foresee is high-speed, high-octane action and all wrestlers involved putting it all on the line, including their bodies, to get the W!

International Spectacle Part I: Carlito Colon vs. Blue Demon Jr.

Unlimited Wrestling, with the help of the National Wrestling Alliance, wants to present itself as an international promotion, not just showcasing American talent, but indeed stars from around the globe. The inaugural card for NWA Wrestling Unlimited features an International Spectacle, a two-parter involving four household names from three different countries! In part one, Mexican legend Blue Demon Junior will take on the Puerto Rican sensation Carlito Colon. Blue Demon Jr. is a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion and has been touring the world since 1985, while Carlito Colon is a former WWE Intercontinental, US and Tag Team Champion and is the son of the iconic Puerto Rican promotor Carlos Colon. Can Blue Demon Jr. prove he can still go toe to toe with the best, or will Carlito’s youth and talent ultimately prove too much to overcome?

The Young Bucks vs. The S.A.T. (Joel and Wil Maximo)

This tag team match promises to bring fireworks, as one of pro wrestling’s hottest tag teams, Nick and Matt Jackson, the Young Bucks, takes on the Spanish Announce Team, the S.A.T., consisting of brothers Joel and Wil Maximo. The Maximos are most notable for winning the World Wrestling Council World Tag Team championships earlier in 2012 and they are notorious for combining their size with agility. But perhaps the favorites for this match are the Young Bucks, who’ve been sweeping tag team divisions and wowing fans all around the world since 2004, having beaten some of the top teams in Dragon Gate USA, Chikara, Ring of Honor and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Will we get more bang for our buck? Or will the S.A.T. score the upset win?

Special Attraction: Legends match: Terry Funk vs. Dave Finlay

Although his debut was almost 50 years ago, the Hardcore Legend Terry Funk is still going at it today! Sure it’s not as smooth, fast or impactful as it used to be, but when Funk hears that bell toll, something snaps in his mind and he goes all out. Dave Finlay on the other hand is as hard-nosed as they come. He wasn’t given the nickname “the Belfast Bruiser” for nothing. Finlay will bust people up and as he says so himself, he LOVES to fight! And that’s exactly what we’re gonna get, a fight between two of Unlimited Wrestling’s founding fathers! But the question is, which founding father will get the honor of gaining a victory on the very first show they created?

Rhino vs. Sonjay Dutt

This bout will be a clash of styles. Sonjay Dutt, the highflyer, the risk taker, the lightning fast lightweight. Rhino, the war machine, the brawler, the powerhouse. On paper Rhino should be considered the odds on favorite, but never count the Original Playa from the Himalaya short. He can come out of nowhere with a move that will dazzle the fans and his opponent alike!

Number 1 Contender’s Match: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce vs. “The Masterpiece” Chris Mordetzky

This will be an all or nothing match for both competitors. The winner gets a guaranteed shot at the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion on Unlimited Wrestling II. The loser goes back to the end of the line. For Adam Pearce and Chris Mordetzky, formerly known as Chris Masters, this is their first encounter. And the stakes couldn’t be any higher! Mordetzky, nicknamed “The Masterpiece” has a physique that knows no equal, as he looks chiseled out of stone. But he is more than just a body, as Mordetzky has the size, the strength and the near unbreakable “Masterlock” that can put away just about anybody. “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce on the other hand, the Scrapdaddy, is a seasoned veteran who’s been in the game for almost two decades. Pearce is a household name in the National Wrestling Alliance and has held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship 4 times. This match is truly anyone’s ballgame, but one thing’s for certain, these two men will leave it all in the ring for that coveted championship opportunity!

International Spectacle Part II: Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. Keiji Mutoh/The Great Muta

Part two of the International Spectacle is a true classic. Nearly 16 years ago, on October 20th 1996, Jushin “Thunder” Liger and The Great Muta clashed in Kobe, Japan, in what was a legendary match-up. This Wednesday, Unlimited Wrestling will revisit history as perhaps two of the biggest stars in Japanese wrestling will travel to Trenton to do battle once more. Although both men are veterans of the sport and have been through many wars, they can still go with the best and they can still tear the house down inside the squared circle. We do not know whether it will be Keiji Mutoh showing up, or if it will be his evil alter-ego Great Muta going to war, much like 16 years ago. What we do know, however, is that these two Japanese icons will give it everything they’ve got and they will try their very best to deliver another classic like they did in 1996. Will Mutoh (or Muta) knock off Jushin Liger once more, or will the innovator of the Shooting Star Press be able to overcome one of his oldest rivals in his career?

NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Colt Cabana © vs. John Hennigan (w/Melina Perez)

The headliner of Unlimited Wrestling’s inaugural show is a huge championship contest between two of the most recognizable wrestlers on the independent scene. Colt Cabana has held the NWA World Title since April 8th and will be looking to extend his title reign some more. But he may be facing his toughest challenge to date, as John Hennigan, formerly known as John Morrison, flies in from Los Angeles, California for his big World Championship opportunity. Hennigan has been an ECW World Champion, a WWE Intercontinental Champion and a WWE Tag Team Champion and he’s notorious for his unorthodox but very effective style of wrestling. On top of that, Hennigan isn’t coming alone, as he brings his girlfriend, Melina Perez along. What will her role be in Unlimited Wrestling’s first ever main event? Will Colt Cabana be able to overcome his biggest challenge yet or will Hennigan prove to be worth the hype and become NWA World Heavyweight Champion for the first time in his career?

On top of all this thrilling, no-nonsense action, Unlimited Wrestling will have a special guest in the house, none other than NWA and UFC Hall of Famer, Dan “The Beast” Severn! NWA Unlimited Wrestling’s inaugural event, Trouble in Trenton, will go live on iPay Per View, on World Wrestling Network Live! Visit wwnlive.com and order today!
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Re: Unlimited Wrestling: There Are No Limits

Originally Posted by Writer's Note
It's been an awfully long time since I've done this, so if this is in any way uneasy on the eyes, please do notify me so I can make adjustments for future shows.

Trouble in Trenton
06-20-2012, Sun National Bank Center, Trenton, New Jersey

Before the start of the actual event, the NWA Unlimited Wrestling logo flashes the screen, while a deep voice says: “This is the NWA Unlimited Wrestling, live from Trenton, New Jersey! Tonight, there are NO limits!”.

We now go inside the Sun National Bank Center, as a large round of pyro goes off above the ring and on the entrance stage. The arena looks, on first sight, nicely filled. It’s not a sellout, but one could estimate there are 4,000 plus surrounding the squared circle. We get a glance of the entrance stage as well, where we see some steel frames set up, holding up a big screen (not a titantron or jumbotron though) and underneath the screen the entrance curtain. Yes, an old school curtain. The stage is obviously nothing fancy or expensive, but it’ll make do. As different cameras pan the arena, with “Wherever I go” by Buckcherry playing over the P.A. system, we see tons of excited fans, who have brought a plethora of signs along with them. As various shots of the insides the arena, both close-up and up high, follow one another, a somewhat familiar voice welcomes us to the show.

Jack Korpela: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the inaugural event of NWA Unlimited Wrestling! This is Trouble in Trenton!

The camera shifts to ringside, to the announce table, where Jack Korpela and Al Snow are on hand to do the commentary duties for the night.

Jack Korpela: Welcome again, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jack Korpela and I’m joined ringside by the legendary Al Snow! We are coming to you live via iPayPerView at WWNLive.com and if you haven’t done so already, call up your friends, text ‘em, tweet them, because nobody will want to miss this! Al, tonight we make history! The debut show of NWA Unlimited is finally here! Al, are you excited?

Al Snow: Excited? Korpela, I can’t begin to describe the adrenaline that’s flowing through my veins right now! You and I both put our shoulders under this project and now finally tonight it is happening right here, right now and tonight, we are taking professional wrestling into the next generation, baby!

Jack Korpela: And now let’s send it to the middle of the ring, to our esteemed ring announcer, David Penzer!

The camera shifts to the middle of the ring, where Unlimited Wrestling’s ring announcer, David Penzer, is standing by, microphone in hand.

David Penzer: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this NWA sanctioned event, NWA Unlimited Wrestling presents: Trouble in Trenton!

Pop. These fans are red hot!

David Penzer: May I introduce to you at this time, the two gentlemen who turned a dream into reality. They are true hardcore legends. They traveled the world and became champions everywhere they went. These gentlemen are two of the most decorated legends in the history of professional wrestling. Please, put your hands together for Terry Funk and Mick Foley!!!


The Sun National Bank Center comes unglued for the arrival of the two fathers, sort of speak, of NWA Unlimited! The duo steps out on the fairly generic looking stage –without titantron- as they look around the arena and smile, obviously liking what they’re seeing. Foley is wearing a bad attempt at a suit, without tie, while Terry Funk is sporting the wrestling tights and T-shirt, as he’s in action tonight. Funk and Foley slap some fans’ hands while they make their way to the ring, before entering the squared circle and greeting the crowd to another big pop.

Mick Foley: Wow… Funkster, is it me, or is it really, really LOUD in here?

A huge pop tells Foley it isn’t just him.

Terry Funk: All I can say is…holy mackerel… what a crowd!

Another big pop forces the two legends to take a break from their promo.

Mick Foley: I’m saying this from the bottom of my heart and not just for the sake of a cheap pop, but it is a true honor to have the premiere NWA Unlimited show RIGHT HERE, IN TRENTON, NEW JERSEY!

Foley gives his signature thumbs up as the crowd explodes into another huge pop.

Mick Foley: Just like Mr. Penzer said, we are realizing our dream, but right now we’d like to take this time to thank a few people, without whom this company would’ve remained just that, a dream.

Terry Funk: First of all, we wanna thank four guys that have put their heart and soul into this project with us from day one! Al Snow, who’s sitting at the announce table right there… thank you, my man! Come on, stand up, brother! You deserve it!

Al Snow stands up from behind the announce booth, looking humble and somewhat uncomfortable, as the fans in the arena give him a big round of applause. Mick Foley, inside the ring, does the same thing.

Terry Funk: The Franchise, Shane Douglas! *small pop* Your revolution is coming, my man! We’re gonna realize that dream together.

Again a round of applause rolls off the stands, as Foley joins in again as well.

Terry Funk: Dave Finlay, also known as the Belfast Bruiser…that’s definitely true… thank you, my man!

A surprisingly big pop follows for Dave Finlay.

Terry Funk: Finally, we wanna say thank you to Mister Kevin Von Erich…

A nice pop immediately breaks out. These fans know their wrestling history.

Terry Funk: Mister Von Erich not only gave us huge financial help, but he has worked day and night to help us promote this debut show and to be honest, he is the main reason why we have so many great wrestling fans in the building tonight!

A big pop now rolls off the stands. Fans are people too, they like getting complimented.

Terry Funk: Mister Von Erich…Kevin… you deserve a standing ovation!

The fans comply to Terry Funk’s wish and stand up to give Kevin Von Erich, though not in the ring at the moment, a well-deserved round of applause.

Mick Foley: We would also like to thank the executive director of the National Wrestling Alliance, mister Robert Trobich!

The crowd gives a minor ovation.

Mick Foley: Mister Trobich took a big risk by taking Unlimited Wrestling under the NWA wing. But rest assured, mister Trobich, with the help of the NWA and with the help of these great wrestling fans *small pop*, we will take professional wrestling into the new generation!

Another small pop.

Mick Foley: You can trust mrs. Foley’s baby boy!

This familiar sentence gets a significantly bigger pop!

Terry Funk: Let’s not forget all the fine men and women who helped build this wrestling ring, the stage, the set and those backstage who are helping to make our debut show run as smoothly as possible. And of course, the fine cameramen and women around the ring who make sure everyone can see just how old I really am.. hah…

The fans laugh, as do Foley and Funk themselves.

Terry Funk: Seriously, guys and gals, you deserve all the praise, because without you, there wouldn’t even be a show here tonight! Thank you!

Another pop from the fans in attendance.

Mick Foley: And finally, and I’m gonna sound incredibly cheesy, but hey, that’s what I do… finally, we wanna thank all you great wrestling fans who came out to this arena here tonight!

Big pop. Cheap, but big nonetheless.

Mick Foley: You support us tonight and we’re gonna support you, by giving you guys a real professional wrestling alternative!


Mick Foley: But I think us old geeks have talked long enough. I think we should give you guys what you came for and that’s some action!


Mick Foley: Tonight, you’re getting an NWA World Title match! *small pop* You’re getting two of Japan’s biggest legends squaring off! *small pop* AND… this guy over here *points to Funk* is gonna wrestle Dave Finlay tonight!

Big pop as Funk takes the ovation in with a big smile.

Mick Foley: You look excited, Terry!

Terry Funk: Excited?! I’m gonna take that Irish sun of a gun back to school, is what I’m gonna do!

Oh yeah! Terry’s confident!

Mick Foley: We’ll take your word for it, crazy, old man! That’s it for us, folks. Enjoy the show and HAVE A NICE DAY!

“Back in black” starts playing over the P.A. system again as Foley and Funk wave to the fans one more time, before exiting the ring. As they walk up the ramp, the fans shower them in cheers and applause, respecting and, to be sure loving, these hardcore legends.

Jack Korpela: Al what a unique way to kick off the show, these two legends showing their gratitude for everyone involved in NWA Unlimited!

Al Snow: You know these two gentlemen, Korpela, are not just legends. After what they did tonight, coming out in the center of that ring and showing their gratitude for everyone involved in the project, they are without a doubt ICONS of this business. These guys showed so much respect for guys like you and me, Korpela, for the fans and for the entire business! That’s why I think, no, I BELIEVE, these two legends can take professional wrestling into that next step, that next generation, that next level, Korpela!

- - Ding Ding Ding - -

We switch back to David Penzer inside the ring.

David Penzer: This first ever contest in NWA Unlimited Wrestling history is a sensational six-way match!!


David Penzer: The rules for this match are as follows. All six competitors will start in the ring at the same time. There are no countouts and no disqualifications. There is a fifteen minute time limit. The first man to score a pinfall or a submission will be declared the winner!


The fans come to their feet for the arrival of a very familiar face, or in this case, mask, as Hurricane Helms, in his latest Hurricane costume, comes out on the stage to a nice pop from the fans. Hurricane Helms does his usual superhero antics as he “flies” down the ramp and into the ring.


The next man out is Pac, the “man that gravity forgot”. The British high-flyer only gets a minor reaction, but a respectful one at that.


Next up is “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. Only the true indy wrestling fanatics know this guy, although he was once featured on WWE Tough Enough as well. He gets a nice reaction from the couple of hundreds that know him, as he slaps hands with some fans along the entrance ramp. Hey, maybe he can sell a T-shirt or two here tonight!


Out comes Shawn Daivari, who’s honoring his Iranian descent by wearing a white robe and a traditional kufiya, to a mixed reaction. Apparently, only the sound of Arabian music gets some fans to go into xenophobe-mode. Those fans quickly turn to cheers however when Daivari reveals a big American flag he was carrying along, as Daivari raises the flag in the air with both hands. He quickly lays the flag in front of him on the floor, however, before emphatically stepping on it! The fans shower Daivari in heat after this incredible act of disrespect to the US country flag, as Daivari struts to the ring shouting: “I don’t care about that! I don’t care about that stinkin’ flag!”. Daivari gets in the ring and does a throwaway gesture, indicating he does not care one bit about what any of these fans think or shout.


The fifth entering wrestler is Jimmy Yang, going back to basics, impersonating his idol Elvis Presley, eccentric white costume and all! Jimmy Yang notices the American flag Daivari left on the stage, picks it up and puts it around his shoulders, to a big pop from the fans in attendance! Yang shouts something incomprehensible to Shawn Daivari, before getting into the ring as well.


The last man to enter the building is the Amazing Red! Red doesn’t spend a lot of time on the stage though, as he sprints to the ring and slides in. As the last man to make his entrance, however, Red is allowed to take some time to climb the turnbuckle and do his signature pose, to a mediocre pop from the fans.

All men are now in the ring and as the bell tolls, the very first match in NWA Unlimited history is underway!

Sensational 6-way match: Hurricane Helms vs. Pac vs. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross vs. Shawn Daivari vs. Jimmy Yang vs. The Amazing Red

Well if this opener wasn’t gonna get the fans warmed up for the rest of the event, no match was. It was anything you expected from a so-called “sensational” six-way: high-flying, high risks, crazy spots and crazy bumps! Halfway through the match, at about the five minute mark, Shawn Daivair was in the middle of the ring, trading blows with Matt Cross. By this time, Daivari had eaten more knees, boots, hands and forearms than the law should allow, as it seemed as though every other competitor was gunning for the athlete with Iranian roots. This time, though, Daivari got the upperhand over Cross and nailed him with a dropkick to the knee, before driving Cross’ head into the matt with a snap DDT! Daivari looked to have the match won, but of course, four other wrestlers were looming somewhere in or around the ring and as Daivari went for the cover, Jimmy Yang came sliding into the ring to break it up! Yang picked Daivari up and took it to the “nightmare of the Middle-East” with a couple of clotheslines. Yang followed it up, trying to whip Daivari into the ropes, but Daivari countered it halfway through, only for Yang to counter it once more and send Daivari flying over the top rope and onto the arena floor!

This initiated a sequence of amazing, death defying moves by all athletes involved, who really put their bodies on the line, no exceptions! Jimmy Yang started it off, by doing a little dance in the middle of the ring, before bouncing off the ropes and do a suicide dive to Shawn Daivari on the outside! Matt Cross was the next in line, as he had gotten up and saw the two wrestlers on the outside struggling to get up. Cross saw his opportunity and launched himself onto the two men outside with a nice over the top rope crossbody! Hurricane Helms was the next wrestler to try his luck from the top. He climbed up the turnbuckle and launched himself high into the air and did a “superhero” splash on Daivari, Cross and Yang! Of course, when a couple of guys fly through the air, Pac can’t miss that party. Pac stood in the middle of the ring, doing the “I’m crazy” gesture, before bouncing off the ropes, jumping up on the top rope on the other side of the ring and delivering a breathtaking SPRINGBOARD CORKSCREW SHOOTING STAR PRESS to the four wrestlers on the outside!!! And just when everyone, from the announce team to the fans, thought this couldn’t be topped, the Amazing Red climbed to the top turnbuckle. Red shrugged, almost telling the fans that he didn’t have another choice, as he scouted his targets and leaped into the air for his signature INFRARED, A 540 CORKSCREW SENTON!!! The fans cheered for all the deathdefying moves, especially the last two, as outside of the ring, right in front of the entrance ramp, laid six competitors, all out cold, like a bomb just went off underneath them.

After a while, two men managed to craw inside the ring, those men being Hurricane Helms and Pac. Pac took it to Helms with a series of right forearms, before hitting a nice Northern Lights suplex, but Helms managed to kick out at two. Pac looked in control, but didn’t notice Matt Cross closing in on him behind his back. Cross turned Pac around, kicked him in the gut, picked him up for a fireman’s carry and nailed him with a devastating fireman’s carry neckbreaker! Now Cross thought he was the man in charge, however, Hurricane Helms was back on his feet by this time and surprised Cross with a clothesline. Cross stumbled back up, only to walk into a vintage HurriChokeslam! Hurricane Helms put his thumb up, much to the pleasure of the crowd, but Helms’ moment of glory wouldn’t last long, as the Amazing Red came flying through the air out of seemingly nowhere to take Helms face first to the mat with a beautiful springboard bulldog! Red got up and did his signature taunt, but that didn’t last all that long, as Jimmy Yang, the final piece of the puzzle, came back in the ring and took it to Red with some hard rights. Yang lit Red up, whipped him in the ropes and nearly took his head off with a picture perfect dropkick. Yang got all fired up, as he picked up Red and drove him into the corner. As Red was dazed in the corner, Yang climbed up on the ropes and started delivering punch after punch to Red’s forehead! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, … 10! Yang got the crowd chanting with his punches, but he didn’t see Pac approaching him from the ring apron. Yang eventually noticed the British risk taker, but it was too little, too late, as Pac jumped up on the top rope, flew towards Yang and nailed him with an astounding hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle! The fans cheered heavily as both Yang and Pac were out in the middle of the ring, as the Amazing Red collapsed in the corner and even fell through the ropes and to the arena floor!

Soon, Pac would crawl towards Yang for the cover, but Shawn Daivari came in, just in the nick of time to break it up. Daivari picked a still dazed Red up gave the impression of slitting his throat, signaling the end for the Amazing Red. Daivari picked Red up in a back-to-belly position, before finishing Red off with his WMD Driver, a cradle belly-to-back piledriver! Surely this was the end for the Amazing Red, as Daivari went for the cover. However, there was one man who didn’t want the match to end this way. Hurricane Helms, as the referee’s hand was coming down for the three, just barely pulled Daivari off Red, saving the match-up! Helms took advantage of the surprise effect to kick Daivari’s teeth out with a superkick! Helms now smelled victory and underhooked his arms under Daivari’s, before lifting him up and blasting him with the lethal VERTEBREAKER!!! None of the other athletes were in any condition to react, as Hurricane Helms covered Shawn Daivari for the ONE…the TWO…and the THREE!!!!


Jack Korpela: Hurricane Helms is the first ever winner of an NWA Unlimited contest! And what a way to win! Helms outlasted five other athletes and he can go forward as the first ever man to get his hand raised at an NWA Unlimited event!

Al Snow: Congratulations are in order, Korpela. That was an impressive victory by Hurricane Helms! Six guys in there who all want that one pinfall and he’s the man who got it. Very nicely done!

Jack Korpela: I think and I hope, Al, we get to see more from Hurricane Helms here in NWA Unlimited in the future! But right now let’s send it to the interview area, where our esteemed colleague, mister David Marquez, is standing by! Take it away, David!

As Hurricane Helms does his usual superhero antics in the middle of the ring, celebrating his victory, we switch to an interview area near the stage, where a large NWA Unlimited logo is hung up in front of a black screen and where the camera is zoomed in on the interviewer for the night, David Marquez.

David Marquez: Thank you very much, Jack. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is David Marquez and right now I have a very special guest, he will be featured in our main event tonight…Mister John Hennigan!

The camera zooms out and John Hennigan, along with Melina Perez, takes a step closer to David Marquez, as the crowd pops for the appearance of Hennigan.

David Marquez: Mr. Hennigan-

John Hennigan: Imma stop you right there, David Marquez. This may be your first day on the job, but you’re one sentence in and you’ve already made two mistakes! One, there’s two of us here and you failed to introduce my LOVELY girlfriend…miss Melina Perez!

The camera focuses on Melina for an instant, who clearly enjoys the attention, as David Marquez is taken aback by Hennigan’s arrogance.

John Hennigan: Behind every great man is a great woman, David Marquez and behind this great man is the greatest woman of all!

Some boos can be heard from inside the arena.

John Hennigan: The second mistake you made, was not introducing me by my FULL name. Standing before you is not just John Hennigan…Nope… Standing before you is John Hennigan…the Hollywood Hitman!

Hennigan smiles from ear to ear, as Melina strokes her man’s arm ever so lovingly.

John Hennigan: Now, David Marquez… please continue.

David Marquez looks very nervous after the arrogant corrections by Hennigan, but continues the interview nonetheless.

David Marquez: Ehm… Well, Mr. Hennigan, ehm…Mister Hollywood Hitman, tonight you challenge Colt Cabana for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title. Do you think you have what it takes to beat Colt Cabana tonight and emerge victorious?

Hennigan frowns and sighs, before answering the question.

John Hennigan: You CLEARLY need to get better at this, Marquez. Do I THINK I have what it takes? I KNOW I have what it takes, David Marquez! Look at me and tell me I don’t have all the tools to become an outstanding champion!

Hennigan flexes his muscles and shows off his impressive physique, as Melina strokes his abs.

John Hennigan: I’m the Hollywood Hitman, bro. I’m from Hollywood! You know what that means? I come from the glitter and glamour, David Marquez. I’ve seen the stars and I’ve lived the grandeur. Hollywood is big time, Marquez. And tonight is big time as well! And I…I’m big time, David Marquez!

Minor heat can be heard from inside the arena.

John Hennigan: Tonight, the NWA World Title is on the line and I’m gonna make a lot of people happy tonight! Because let’s be honest, and I mean no disrespect to him, but Colt Cabana…he’s small time! I mean he’s an okay guy and an okay wrestler, but frankly, he’s a disgrace to the NWA World Title! But tonight, I’m taking this championship back where it belongs… on top! The NWA title is gonna be in an environment that it should always be! It’s gonna be surrounded by celebrities, by stars, by fortune and fame, by glitter and glamour, by style and by grandeur! Colt Cabana, you had a nice little run, but now it’s time for that championship to be restored to its rightful level of prestige and I’m the ideal star to do that!

David Marquez: Wow… You sound very confident, mister Hennigan. I understand you don’t perceive Colt Cabana as a threat to you…at all?

Hennigan smiles as he puts his arm around David Marquez’ shoulder, who looks at Hennigan in a very insecure way.

John Hennigan: And I understand that you need to get a LOT better at this, David Marquez, I can’t stress it enough! I AM confident and you know why? I’m the Hollywood Hitman, Marquez. They don’t call me that for no reason. It’s because I am just as good, if not better, than the original hitman…than Bret Hart!

Loud boos immediately come from inside the arena, as the fans clearly disagree with Hennigan’s statement.

John Hennigan: I’m as talented, I’m as technical, I’m as intelligent… I can fly, I can ground, I can mat, I can do it all! I can do everything the Hitman could…and more! Cause I add style, I add fashion, I add charisma. In short… the Hollywood Hitman is the total package! So it’s very simple. Tonight I’m gonna beat Colt Cabana. And tonight, I become the new NWA World. Heavyweight. Champion! This interview is done!

Hennigan flips his hair back like a diva, before he walks off with his girlfriend Melina Perez, as David Marquez looks at the duo with a confused look on his face.

We then cut back to the ring, where David Penzer is seemingly ready to introduce the next match.

Jack Korpela: Wow…I’ve never seen John Hennigan quite like that, Al! He sounded extremely confident!

Al Snow: A little too confident, Korpela! That Hollywood air must’ve messed with his brain or something, because he was totally out of it right there! Let me tell ya, overconfidence kills, Korpela and if I were a betting man, I’d put my bucks on the champ, Colt Cabana, tonight after hearing that interview!

Jack Korpela: It’s gonna be a most interesting World’s championship match, ladies and gentlemen and later this evening, we will hear from the champ, Colt Cabana, as well! Right now, however, it’s time for more in-ring action and it’s gonna be huge, folks, because up next is part one of our very special international spectacle! Al, we’re gonna go south of the border and see two huge stars of Latin America compete!

Al Snow: Oh man, two stars indeed, Korpela! We’re gonna see the son of the Puerto Rican legend Carlos Colon, Carlito Colon, square off with perhaps one of the greatest luchadores of all time, Blue Demon Junior! I’m telling, ya, Korpela, this match has everything to turn out into a classic!

Jack Korpela: And right now I’m gonna let David Penzer do the honor of introducing these two international superstars!

David Penzer: This next bout is part one of the two-part International Spectacle and it’s one fall to a finish with a fifteen minute time limit!


David Penzer: Introducing first. He hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico, weighing in at 230 pounds. CARLITO COLON!!

Out first is the son of the legendary Carlos Colon and former WWE United States and Intercontinental champion, Carlito Colon. Carlito is juggling around an apple as he comes down the aisle and he looks happy to be on the show, carrying a smile from ear to ear. As is always the case with the Caribbean Bad Apple, it’s more of a cocky smile than anything else, but the fans greet him with a nice ovation anyway. Carlito gets in the ring and places his apple in the corner, as he awaits his iconic adversary.

*ON FIRE* (by P.O.D)

David Penzer: And his opponent… From Mexico City, Mexico, weighing in at 194 pounds…He is BLUE. DEMON. JUNIOR!!

The crowd, who’s clearly indy-loving, comes to life for one of the true Mexican legends in the business! Blue Demon Jr., blue cape and all, runs down the aisle towards the ring, but not without slapping the hands of a couple of lucky fans along the entrance ramp. Demon slides in the ring and rids himself of his cape as he is ready to lock horns with Carlito Colon!

International Spectacle part I: Carlito Colon vs. Blue Demon Jr.

Carlito didn’t want any sort of studying round in this match, instead he went right after Blue Demon Jr. with a swift forearm and a series of kicks. This preluded a stretch of dominance by Carlito over Demon. Carlito kept Demon grounded with headlocks and bodyscissors to neutralize his dangerous combination of speed and strength. Eventually, Demon broke loose and asserted himself back into the match-up. Demon took the upperhand by lighting up Carlito’s chest with a series of chops, before taking him down with a powerslam. Now it was Demon’s turn to ground Carlito with a series of armlock and armbar variations. The pace was rather slow at the beginning, but it would soon pick up as Carlito freed himself from yet another armbar, got up and whipped Blue Demon Jr. into the corner, before launching himself at his adversary with a devastating dropkick. Demon stumbled out of the corner but had no time to recover, as Carlito immediately took him down with a nice bulldog. Carlito decided the time had come to go for a first cover of the match, but as was the case, Demon quickly kicked out after one. Carlito wanted to go on another period of dominance, but Demon prevented that with a quick elbow, followed by a nice dropkick! Now Demon went for the cover, but like his adversary, he could only get a one count.

After a couple of back and forth exchanges, Carlito finally managed to regain the upperhand with a quick but impactful spinebuster! After a two-count, Carlito got up and out of nowhere, he started to strut around the ring like Ric Flair! ‘Lito stopped and let out a big “WOOO” which got the crowd responding with loud “WOOO’s” of their own! Carlito smiled and proceeded to lock in the Flair signature Figure 4 Leglock on Blue Demon Jr., which got a huge response from the fans in attendance! Carlito had it locked in good, but Demon wouldn’t give up just yet and eventually, he used his strength to struggle towards the ropes. Carlito tried to resist, but Demon ultimately powered his way to the bottom rope and forced Carlito to break the hold! Carlito paced around the ring, seemingly frustrated, as he was contemplating his next move. Carlito had decided that it was time to finish the Mexican legend off, as he approached Demon for what would undoubtedly be a devastating move. But as he went to pick up Demon, the Mexican luchadore suddenly retaliated with a series of hands to the stomach. Demon fought back to the middle of the ring and ultimately planted Carlito with a swift DDT! Demon tried to get the crowd involved, as he pointed to the air before climbing up the turnbuckle. He pointed up in the air once more and launched himself towards the mat, drilling Carlito with a huge flying headbutt! Demon thought he had the match won and went for the cover, but Carlito kicked out at two! The son of the legendary Blue Demon thought that his moment of truth had now finally come, as he approached Carlito for what was undoubtedly another devastating move. But as he got close to the Caribbean Bad Apple, Carlito took a hold of Demon’s trunks and yanked him through the ropes and onto the arena floor! Carlito followed him to the outside and bounced Demon’s head off the steel barrier, before rolling him back into the ring. Carlito then jumped up on the apron and launched himself from the outside to the inside onto Blue Demon Jr. with a nice heelo! ‘Lito stalked his opponent and as Demon got up, Carlito put him in an inverted facelock, before nailing his adversary with a deadly rolling cutter! Judging by the smile on his face, Carlito thought this one was surely over, but as he covered Blue Demon Jr., the legendary man of blue kicked out at 2 and 7/8th!

Now Carlito really got frustrated and he immediately picked Demon up and whipped him into the ropes, only for Demon to duck the attempted clothesline, bounce off the ropes and take Carlito down with a nice clothesline of his own! Carlito quickly got up, but as quickly got hit with another clothesline! Carlito stumbled to a vertical base, as Demon scouted him and took him down with a picture perfect hurricanrana! The crowd was now firmly behind Demon as he went for his ultimate finishing maneuver, El Pulpo, his version of a Sharpshooter! Blue Demon Jr. locked Carlito good as the Caribbean superstar was screaming in pain! Everyone thought Carlito would have to tap out, but the Puerto Rican reached deep into his reserves to fight his way to the side of the ring and grab a hold of the ropes, to free himself! Now it was Blue Demon’s turn to get frustrated, as he felt he couldn’t get any closer to victory than he had been. Demon picked Carlito up and put him in another front facelock, looking for a vertical suplex. But as he hoisted Carlito up in the air, ‘Lito spun out and dropped on his feet behind Demon, before blasting him with a surprise BACKCRACKER! It took a few seconds for Carlito to regain his composure, but he finally did and covered Blue Demon Junior: ONE… TWO…THREE!!!!


Jack Korpela: Carlito picks up the win in this first International Spectacle! And how! By defeating the Mexican legend Blue Demon Junior! Al, are you impressed?

Al Snow: Impressed doesn’t even come close to what I am, Korpela! Carlito took on one of the best luchadores of all time and he beat him fair and square! That is an amazing achievement, Korpela and I am so proud of that man, Carlito Colon! What a win!

Carlito is celebrating inside the ring, as Blue Demon Jr. has gotten up and is approaching Carlito. ‘Lito turns around and stares Demon directly into the eyes as it looks like the two may lock horns again, even after the match is over! However, none of that happens and instead, Demon offers Carlito to shake his hand! Carlito looks around, before accepting Blue Demon’s offer. The two opponents briefly shake hands as the fans give them both a standing ovation for this gesture of ultimate respect! Demon applauds Carlito, who goes up on the turnbuckle and continues his celebration.

Jack Korpela: And what a show of respect between these two international legends! You gotta love that, Al!

Al Snow: I certainly do, Korpela, especially when it’s between two great champions like these two gentlemen! What a show we’ve already seen, man, and we’re like half an hour underway!

Jack Korpela: You can say that again, partner!

The image now switches to a backstage area, seemingly near Mick Foley’s improvised office. (this is obviously pre-taped to smooth production) As Foley steps out of his door, he bumps into Sonjay Dutt.

Mick Foley: Sonjay Dutt! What’s up man?

Sonjay Dutt: It’ s a good thing I ran into you, Mick. I gotta ask you something.

Mick Foley: Go right ahead, Sonjay, that’s what I’m here for!

Sonjay Dutt: Well… ehm… Mick, why am I facing Rhino tonight?

Mick Foley: Excuse me?

Sonjay Dutt: I was watching the sixway match earlier, Mick and…that’s where I belong, man. I’m one of the best high flyers around, man. I should’ve been in that match, not put up against a guy twice my size! Why?

Mick Foley: Hmm… Sounds to me like we got ourselves a classic case of complainin’! Look, Sonjay. I put you against Rhino, because I like your style and I think you two can have a great match that the people are gonna wanna see. It’s called being the booker, Sonjay (wink to all readers ;-)). Yea, you’re a great highflyer. I know that. But what I need you to do, is go out there, have a fantastic match and show me why I invited you here in the first place! Have a nice day!

Foley confidently walks off, as Dutt is left behind with a confused and rather unsatisfied look on his face.

Back in the arena, we are ready for our third match of the night.


We are treated to tag team action next, as the S.A.T. walk onto the stage to the hip hop tunes of Gang Starr.

David Penzer: This next match is a tag team contest, with a time limit of fifteen minutes, set for one fall! Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York, at a combined weight of 378 pounds… Joel and Wil Maximo…The S. A. T!

Jack Korpela: Ladies and gentlemen, strap yourselves in, because we are set for thrilling tag team action! The S.A.T, also known as the Spanish Announce Team, will take on the high flying Young Bucks in what promises to be a spectacular match-up!

Al Snow: Oh I agree, Korpela. And as far as these Maximos go, as long as they don’t come over here to the announce booth and take my job, I’m all in favor of these guys!

Jack Korpela: Oh you didn’t go there!

Al Snow: I just went there, Korpela!

As Wil and Joel Maximo get in the ring, they await their high octane opponents for tonight.


A small pop comes from the crowd as this familiar pop song brings out Matt and Nick Jackson, better known as The Young Bucks! They look fired up and ready to go as they sprint to the ring and slide in, not looking to waste any time before this match.

David Penzer: And their opponents, from Montebello, California, at a combined weight of 350 pounds, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks!

The Young Bucks quickly acknowledge the cheering fans before regaining full focus as this match is about to get underway!

The S.A.T.(Wil and Joel Maximo) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

This was the only tag team match of the night, but it would definitely not be just a random tag match, as these two teams fought their butts off against one another. It was the S.A.T that was able to dominate the early goings of the match-up, managing to neutralize the Young Bucks’ quickness early on. The Maximos had decided that grounding these faster-than-lightning highflyers with submissions was the right gameplan and they seemed to be proven right in the first couple of minutes, as Joel Maximo was able to apply several locks to Nick Jackson, keeping him away from his corner and flat on the mat. Nick was fresh enough however, to counter his way out of a front facelock and jump toward his brother, who came in like a spitfire. It was too early into the match-up to call it a hot tag, but Matt Jackson cleaned house anyway, taking down both Joel and Wil with swift hits and quick clotheslines. Jackson dominated for some time afterwards, as the roles were now reversed, with Wil Maximo being singled out and kept away from his corner. Eventually, Wil would will (pun intended) his way out of the predicament and get his brother involved once more. The back and forth exchanges continued until the S.A.T. decided to stretch the rules a bit. While Joel was in the ring with Matt Jackson, Wil joined his brother in the ring, against the referee’s plea, and both Maximos blasted Jackson with dual superkicks! Nick got in the ring to help his brother, but he got treated to a double superkick as well, sending him all the way out of the ring and onto the arena floor! This ushered in a stretch of dominance by the S.A.T., who continued to test the referee’s tolerance level, as they locked Matt Jackson in a Boston Crab/Camel Clutch combination! They kept the double hold locked in for as long as the referee would allow and after it was broken up, Joel thought he would seal the deal with a low dropkick to an already prone Matt Jackson! Maximo went for the pin, confident that he had sealed the deal, but Jackson managed to kick out at two!

Even though Maximo couldn’t believe that Nick had survived, the Spanish Announce Team quickly regained their composure and continued a methodical attack on the isolated Jackson. Frequent tags kept the agile young man down, but after a while, he managed to fight his way out of the predicament, hitting a picture perfect enzuigiri! Joel bounced back up though and quickly hoisted a struggling Nick Jackson up in the air, but Nick, in a swift act of instinct, countered into a thunderous snap DDT!! Joel Maximo was down and out, but Jackson wasn’t where it’s at either, as he was crawling on the canvas, seemingly not entirely knowing where he was. Nick finally started to crawl towards his corner, but there was nobody there, as Matt was still recovering from the double superkick on the outside! Matt was struggling onto the apron though, and was slowly making it, as Nick was ever so slowly staggering towards his corner. Meanwhile, Joel Maximo was slowly coming to his senses as well, although he had a long way to go to reach his respective corner, where Wil was growing more and more impatient as he saw the Jackson brothers finding their way to one another. As Matt Jackson finally pulled himself up on the ropes in his corner, Nick Jackson had made it and made one final leap towards his brother to tag him in, just as Joel finally managed to tag his brother in! Hot tag time! Nick flew into the ring and towards Wil Maximo with a quick lariat, followed by another lariat and topped off with a spinning heel kick! At this time, Joel Maximo had recovered and came into the ring to help his brother out, but the Jacksons had him scouted. Matt came rushing into the ring and dropkicked Joel all the way through the ring ropes, as he hung on, skinned the cat and pulled down the top rope, allowing Nick Jackson to suicide dive over his brother and into a defenseless Joel Maximo! The fans popped loudly, as Nick acknowledged the pop before sliding back into the ring to finish the job. Nick tagged Matt back in, as he kicked Wil in the gut before he exited. Matt saw his chance and hoisted Wil up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, before hitting a fireman’s carry slam, as Nick had gone up the top turnbuckle in his corner. The indy fans knew what was coming and they roared in excitement, as Nick Jackson flew off the top turnbuckle, nailing a picture perfect 450 slam onto Maximo! His punishment was not over yet, however, as Matt followed it up with a beauty of a moonsault! MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! The fans cheered, as Matt covered a near lifeless Wil Maximo for the ONE, the TWO and ultimately THREE and the victory!


Jack Korpela: An amazing double team move secures the victory for the Young Bucks! What a performance!

Al Snow: Whoa… That’s all I can say, Korpela! Wow!

The Young Bucks celebrate in the ring, on the turnbuckles, giving the fans some photo-ops, as the commentators blabber on.

Jack Korpela: What a dynamic duo those two are, Al! I hope to see much more of them in the future, here in Unlimited Wrestling!

Al Snow: Oh you bet! They may be one of the most promising tag teams in the world right now and right here, in NWA Unlimited, is where they can shoot straight to the top, Korpela!

Jack Korpela: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, in one of our co-main events of the show, we will revisit history! We are treated to a rematch of a monumental encounter that took place in Kobe, Japan, now almost 16 years ago! I’m talking about the legendary battle between two of Japan’s most iconic wrestlers ever, Jushin “Thunder” Liger and Keiji Mutoh, known back then as the Great Muta!

Al Snow: This match is an absolute classic and I feel privileged that I can witness it again right here in front of my very eyes. And you know what? We may be sixteen years later, but these two legends can still go, man, and this match is gonna be awesome!

Jack Korpela: And I understand, Al, that right now our colleague David Marquez is standing by with another legend of the ring to give his insights on this blockbuster main event!

We switch back to the interview area, where David Marquez is indeed on hand again for interview duties.

David Marquez: Thanks, guys! Ladies and gentlemen, standing next to me is a legend in his own right and he knows all about the classic match that we are going to revisit right here tonight. I’m talking about the Canadian great, Lance Storm!

The camera pans out and Lance Storm is indeed standing next to David Marquez and is received with a nice pop from the fans. He is in casual clothing as he’s wearing jeans and a relatively plain orange shirt. Storm looks his vintage serious self, but still cannot suppress a little smile upon hearing the appreciation from the crowd.

David Marquez: Mister Storm, 16 years ago you witnessed this historic encounter. What do you think will happen in the rematch here tonight?

Lance Storm: If I can be serious for a minute…

A tongue-in-cheek moment here from Storm, who takes the fans back to his heydays in WCW.

Lance Storm: I heard Al say he’s privileged to watch this match and I feel the exact same way. I am honored that you guys, Mick and Terry invited me over to come witness this match from the first row. It’s a thrill, man, I gotta tell you. I was actually wrestling in Japan at the time of this match. Not for New Japan, but for another promotion, but I had met Keiji Mutoh a few times and Jushin as well and I was in awe of these guys. They were so good! Not a lot of people know this, but Keiji was kind of my behind the scenes mentor in Japan and he invited me to come see this match and my god, I wasn’t disappointed. I knew right there and then that I was witnessing history in front of my very eyes and I’m telling you, all of you here tonight, these two men are gonna leave it all out there tonight and put on an unforgettable show!

David Marquez: You’re making us even more excited now, mister Storm! Could you tell us what it was like being in that arena, in Kobe, Japan, and seeing that historic match-up?

Lance Storm: I can hardly describe the feeling, David. The arena wasn’t really big or anything, it wasn’t the Tokyo Dome, but those 10,000 somewhat fans that were there, they were crazy, man. They made you feel like there were a hundred thousand people there! And then you had those two icons, Liger and Mutoh, tearing the house down. Let me tell you, as a wrestling fanatic, that was one of the greatest nights of my life! And I’ll say it again, but I trust these legends to repeat history and I trust these fans to blow the roof off when it happens!

The interview is interrupted for a moment by a loud pop that stems from Storm’s confidence in the New Jersey crowd.

David Marquez: One final question, Mr. Storm. Who do you think will win tonight’s co-main event?

Lance Storm: Ooh, that’s a tough one. I’m a fan of both guys, but if I had to pick one, I’m gonna say Keiji will take it home again!

David Marquez: Thanks for your time!

Lance Storm: My pleasure.

As Storm waves to the fans who can see him, we cut back to ringside.

Jack Korpela: Lance Storm, one of the all-time greats, predicting a win from Keiji Mutoh, just like 16 years ago, Al!

Al Snow: And who are we to doubt the great Lance Storm, Korpela? I’m going with Mutoh too!

Inside the squared circle, David Penzer is ready to guide us into the fourth match of the evening.

David Penzer: This next contest…is a LEGEND’S MATCH!


Jack Korpela: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our special attraction of the evening! Two of wrestling’s greatest legends will step into the ring to do battle. One of those legends in the Belfast Bruiser, perhaps one of the greatest wrestlers ever to come out of Northern Ireland… Dave Finlay!

It is indeed the Belfast Bruiser who comes from behind the curtain to a nice pop from the fans! He has his trusty shillelagh with him, as he slaps hands with some of the fans along the entrance way. Finlay gets in the ring quickly and awaits his even more legendary opponent.


David Penzer: And his opponent. From the Double Cross Ranch, weighing in at 247 pounds, the hardcore legend… TERRY FUNK!

The crowd turns out a standing ovation for one of wrestling’s living legends, Terry Funk. Terry is wearing a T-shirt to wrestle, obviously, as his body isn’t in the shape it was in… 40 years ago.

Jack Korpela: And here he is, ladies and gentlemen, one of the founding fathers of Wrestling Unlimited and truly a wrestling icon! Terry Funk has been wrestling since the mid sixties, folks, and he still wants put on an unforgettable show for all his loyal fans! He looks good, doesn’t he, Al?

Al Snow: Saying he hasn’t lost a step would be a bit too much, Korpela, but this living legend right there is so admirable. He may have lost his speed and agility, but he can still go, man! Whenever that bell rings, he becomes that deranged lunatic we all know and love and you know what? Give him a weapon in his hands and he can still cause some serious damage!

Funk gets into the ring, but before the referee can call for the bell, Funk demands a microphone to address the crowd.

Terry Funk: Folks… I’ve been to a couple of medical check-ups lately and all the doctors told me the same thing. They said Terry, it’s best that you don’t wrestle anymore…

Boos roll off the stands, seemingly for the mysterious doctors.

Terry Funk: Well I told ‘em, Doc, there ain’t no way in hell that Terry Funk is not gonna wrestle on the debut show that I created!


Terry Funk: So here I am, standing toe to toe with the Irish bad boy Dave Finlay! But Dave, there’s something I need to tell you. These people deserve something special tonight. Cause we’re not in some ordinary town tonight. We’re wrestling in TRENTON!

Cheap pop.

Terry Funk: And I wanna give these people a NO DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH!

Big pop from the fans. They wanna see weapons tonight!

Terry Funk: Whaddaya say, kid?

Finlay looks around him, seeing all the rabid fans, and has no choice but to nod and agree! Funk is elated and we now have ourselves a NO DQ match, as the referee calls for the bell!

No Disqualifications: Legends’ match: Dave Finlay vs. Terry Funk

As soon as Terry Funk heard the bell ring, something snapped inside of him. Crazy Funk was back. However, Crazy Funk was also, unfortunately, old Funk and his agility and speed had long left his body by the time this match got underway. This allowed Finlay to quickly gain control of the match, using simple headlocks and armbars to play around with Funk. However, Funk wouldn’t take too kindly to the “toying” of Finlay. As Finlay had him in a wrist lock, Funk remembered this was a No DQ match and quickly kicked Finlay square in the groin to break out of the hold! Finlay fell down, heavily favoring the testicular area, as Funk went out of the ring and decided it was time to go all out and bring out the steel chair! Funk quickly (well, as quickly as he could) got back into the ring and was ready to swing away at poor Finlay! Finlay was still holding his groin, as Funk came at him and sure enough, blasted Finlay over the head with the steel chair! Finlay collapsed and the crowd cheered, as Funk had a deranged look in his eye. Funk dropped the chair and went for the pin, thinking this match was his:


Finlay kicked out just in the nick of time much to the disbelief of the crowd and especially Terry Funk! Funk quickly went back to the steel chair in the ring, but by the time he got back to Finlay, the Belfast bruiser was to his knees and punched Funk right in the mid-section! Finlay fought himself back into the match and followed up with more hits to the mid-section and to the face of Funk, who had to back up. Finlay topped his momentum off with a nice dropkick, sending Funk through the ropes and all the way to the outside! Finlay left the ring pretty soon thereafter, but decided to bring his shillelagh into play, to inflict more damage to Funk, but as he approached the hardcore legend, Funk yanked Finlay face-first onto the guardrail that separates the fans from the ringside area! Funk gained another burst of enthusiasm, as he confidently marched over to the timekeeper’s table and took the ring bell of the table! Funk had lost it once more as he made his way over to Finlay with the ring bell firmly in his hands. And just as Finlay turned around, still dazed, Funk literally threw the ring bell into the face of the Belfast brawler! The fans, specifically those close to the scene, went “oooh”, as Finlay just collapsed, with Funk looking on with a sadistic smile on his face. Funk raised his fist in the air, to a nice pop, before going over to Finlay and trying to lift him up from the floor. As Funk struggled to get Finlay up, we could see that Finlay had a pretty nasty gash over his left eyebrow and it looked legit. Funk finally managed to somewhat get Finlay to his feet as he directed him into the ring again, with Funk following soon after. Funk was confident he had the match won and covered Finlay once again:


The commentators, as well as the fans went “OMG” as Finlay kicked out at two and seven eighths! Funk went near ballistic as he got up and went back to the steel chair, that was still lying in the ring. He wanted to smack Finlay, who was still grounded, as hard as he could, but Finlay managed to roll out of the way, probably avoiding some broken bones. Finlay, driving on adrenaline upon seeing his own blood, got up and just smacked the chair, with his opened palm, out of the hands of Funk! Finlay proceeded to kick Funk in the gut, which apparently had more impact on an older man, and hoisted him up in the air, setting Funk up for a kneeling reverse piledriver (aka Tombstone Piledriver). The crowd got excited, as Finlay backed up in the corner, before running toward the middle of the ring and delivering the piledriver with elevated impact and damage!! Funk was completely out, as Finlay covered the hardcore legend:


Winner @4:59 : DAVE FINLAY!!

Jack Korpela: What an emphatic ending to this brutal match-up! A kneeling piledriver from Finlay puts Terry Funk out of commission!

Al Snow: Absolutely nobody gets up from that, I can tell you that! But what a valiant effort by Funk, Korpela! There were several times where I thought he could win!

Jack Korpela: Indeed a tremendous show of heart and willpower by Funk, even busting Finlay wide open! I think both men deserve a ton of credit here, Al!

Al Snow: They sure do, Korpela!

As “Belfast Child” blares through the speakers, Finlay remains in the ring, waving to some fans who cheer his victory. Finlay doesn’t exit the ring, but instead waits for Funk to get back to a vertical base. Funk is struggling, still selling the effects of the piledriver, as he needs the ring ropes to get back onto his feet. As Funk got back up, he held up his fists, almost to defend himself in another fight, but Finlay answered by extending his hand, as an ultimate show of respect! Funk lowered his arms, but instead of shaking Finlay’s hand, he flat out hugged the Belfast brawler, to a great ovation from the fans! Funk raised Finlay’s hand and both men were in the center of the ring, with their hands in the air, looking victorious, as we switched back to the announce desk, where Jack Korpela and Al Snow were clapping their hands, also showing their respect for these two legends.

Jack Korpela: What great respect these two men have for each other, Al! This is what wrestling should be about!

Al Snow: That’s what these men stand for, Korpela, you bash each other’s heads in but when that match is over, you show respect to your opponent and maybe have a couple of beers afterwards! I’m looking at two absolute legends in that ring right there!

Jack Korpela: And from two legends in the ring to another legend at ringside! Ladies and gentlemen, David Marquez isn’t our only broadcast colleague doing interviews tonight. We’ve got another interviewer… The Franchise, Shane Douglas and he’s got a very special guest with him!

The camera switches to ringside where indeed Shane Douglas is standing by with a microphone. He’s wearing an oldschool franchise t-shirt, along with a pair of sunglasses and his long, dyed hair in a ponytail, as he’s looking quite slick tonight. The fans greet him with a nice pop and a ton of respect, something The Franchise clearly enjoys.

Shane Douglas: Good evening, folks, it’s your boy Shane Douglas, the Franchise on interview duty tonight! After seeing two legends knock each other’s brains out in the ring, I now have an absolute legend with me here at ringside! He is an NWA icon. He’s a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, an NWA Hall of Famer and in my eyes, he’s the best crossover MMA, professional wrestling superstar of all time! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for THE BEAST, DAN SEVERN!!

Severn, wearing a nice shirt for the occasion, stands up from his seat in the first row and waves to the fans, who give him a roaring ovation!

Shane Douglas: Mister Severn, you are an exclusive invitee here, in first row, to the inaugural Wrestling Unlimited event! What are your thoughts on the show so far?

Dan Severn: Let me first say, Shane, what an honor it is to be invited to this great show. I’ve always loved NWA and it’s great to see legends like Mick Foley and Terry Funk, two good friends by the way, keeping the great tradition alive! And the show so far, Shane, it’s been tremendous! This crowd is hot tonight and eh, I’ve seen some great matches already!

Nice pop from the fans who appreciate Severn acknowledging them.

Shane Douglas: Any particular wrestler you’ve been impressed by the most so far, Dan?

Dan Severn: Well that tag team, the Young Bucks, they’re quite impressive, but the man that impressed the hell out of me, Shane, is Carlito Colon. He went toe to toe with a seasoned competitor like Blue Demon, a former NWA World champion like myself, Shane, and he came out on top and looked great! I’m telling you right here and now, Shane, this kid is gonna be a World Heavyweight Champion one day!

Shane Douglas: Wow, that’s a bold prediction, Dan. I like it! Now there are a couple of matches left on the card tonight, what are you most looking forward to?

Dan Severn: Of course there’s still a world heavyweight championship match left, so I’m obviously stoked for that match, Shane, but the match I’m most interested for and I think I’m not alone, Shane, is Mutoh vs. Liger! I’ve met both men and to this day they are just two outstanding competitors! So yeah, I guess you could say for me, the best is yet to come!

Shane Douglas: One final question, Dan, on a personal note. You announced late last year that you wanted to retire from pro wrestling and MMA, though you have yet to have your retirement match. Is that match imminent at all?

Severn takes a deep breather. This is obviously a sensitive topic.

Dan Severn: I’m actually glad you pose that question, Shane. Because it’s true, I did announce my retirement and I still plan on going through with it…

Several fans scream “nooo” as Severn nods to them, almost indicating he’s not changing his mind.

Dan Severn: But it won’t happen just like that. I’m only retiring under one condition and this is a clear message to the fans, to bookers all around the States and to one person in particular… I’m not the beast that I was twenty years ago, I know that. But I also know that I have one great match left in me, whether in MMA or wrestling! I know that with proper preparation and focus, I can still put on one heck of a performance!


Dan Severn: And that’s why I want to have one last match, one last fight, against a very special opponent. We have fought each other in the past. He has beaten me and I have beaten him and quite frankly, we’ve beaten the crap out of each other several times. We fought in the cage and we fought in the squared circle. I consider him one of my greatest opponents and one of the best athletes of all time! And you know what? Both of our careers are in decline and we both are past our prime. But put us in the ring together one last time and we’ll put on one hell of a fight!

The fans cheer in anticipation for who Severn is talking about! (although most will know by now)

Dan Severn: I hope the man I’m talking about hears about this, because I want my retirement match to be a match against… the world’s most dangerous man, KEN SHAMROCK!!

The fans explode into a big pop, obviously supporting this choice for Severn’s final opponent!

Shane Douglas: WAUW! That is huge, Dan! Oh man, I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope that match happens and if I may be opportunistic here, I hope that match happens right here in Wrestling Unlimited! Thank you for this great interview! Ladies and gentlemen, DAN THE BEAST SEVERN!!!

The fans break out in cheers once more as Severn greets them all by waving at them, with a big smile on his face, as he’s gloating over the fact he still seems relevant in 2012.

The camera goes back to David Penzer, who is about to introduce us to the next match.

David Penzer: This next match is scheduled for one fall and has a fifteen minute time limit!


David Penzer: Introducing first of all, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 270 pounds.. THE WAR MACHINE… RHINO!!

Jack Korpela: Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to see a manbeast in action next! This man, Rhino, is as dangerous as they come and I have a feeling he’s gonna feast on poor Sonjay Dutt in a few minutes!

Al Snow: Your feeling might be right, Korpela, Rhino can tear men apart twice his size, so imagine what he’ll do with men half his size!

Rhino gets in the ring as he’s greeted with a ton of respect from these fans. They’ll applaud a talented veteran when they see one, that much is true!


David Penzer: And his opponent, from Mumbai, India, weighing in at 187 pounds… SONJAY DUTT!!

Dutt steps out on the entrance stage, but he is in no mood to wrestle tonight, that’s for sure. He lets out a deep sigh, before gingerly making his way to the ring. Dutt doesn’t want this match and if it has to happen anyway, our only guess is he wants this over as quickly as possible. This crowd may have never seen a man engage in a fight with as low a spirit as Sonjay Dutt right now.

Jack Korpela: Look at this man, he is nearly frozen by fear! I have never quite seen something like this take place, Al!

Al Snow: Me neither, Korpela! I mean, I’ve seen some scared and demotivated men in my career, but Sonjay Dutt gloriously beats all of them! Damn!

Dutt at long last gets into the ring and sighs deeply once more, as this next match (squash?) is ready to begin.

Rhino vs. Sonjay Dutt

This match went as we had all thought. A total domination by Rhino. Clubs and blows and clotheslines and kicks, mixed with throwing Dutt around like a rag doll. Dutt had no answers, as Rhino laughed from time to time at the lack of competition. But the laughing would soon end, as Dutt suddenly connected with a pele kick, borrowed from his longtime friend AJ Styles! Rhino was dazed, as Dutt followed up with a number of elbows and kicks, further startling Rhino! Dutt looked around, as some of the fans were firmly behind him, favoring the underdog, and finally found some confidence, as he jumped up on the top turnbuckle, before nailing a picture perfect Tornado DDT! The crowd started to rally behind Dutt, who got up and had a look of pure disbelief on his face. He started to think he had a chance of winning, as he went to the top turnbuckle once again. Dutt pointed towards the skies, before executing his beautiful moonsault double foot stomp!! A big pop followed, Dutt thought he had won and he covered Rhino…


It seemed like Dutt had given it his best shot and it wasn’t good enough to keep the manbeast down, seemingly sending Dutt back to his demotivated state. Dutt went back to the top turnbuckle, but didn’t seem to put his heart into it and sure enough, when he flew towards Rhino, the war machine met him with a furious clothesline! Rhino let out a primitive roar, as he picked Dutt up, whipped him into the ropes and as Dutt bounced off the ropes, Rhino launched himself at his prey with a thunderous GORE! GORE! GORE! Rhino covered Dutt and of course, that was all she wrote!

Winner @6:02 : RHINO!!

Jack Korpela: Rhino has broken Dutt in half! And we didn’t expect anything else, partner!

Al Snow: No, we didn’t, but man, I don’t think Dutt will be able to reach the locker room by himself! That was as nasty a gore as I ever saw!

Jack Korpela: But Rhino showed that he’s still got it, Al! He may be a dominant force here in Unlimited Wrestling!

The dominant Rhino is standing tall on the top turnbuckle, as he raises both his arms into the air, to a nice pop from the fans.

Jack Korpela: Ladies and gentlemen, we have just learned some thrilling news. The people from the Sun National Bank Center, the great venue where we are holding this inaugural event, have just told us that tonight, there are 4,322 people in the building for our show! WHAT A NUMBER!

Al Snow: WHOA! That is HUGE!

Jack Korpela: We would have never guessed, folks, that you would come out to watch us in such great numbers, and judging by our Twitter feed, a fair crowd has found its way to iPayPerView as well! This can only mean one thing, NWA Unlimited Wrestling is here to take the world of professional wrestling into the next generation!

Al Snow: Prepare for a revolution, baby!

Jack Korpela: And as you know, ladies and gentlemen, we will be returning to the Sun National Bank Center for two more thrilling events! You can see the dates appearing on your screen: We will be returning on Wednesday July 11th and Wednesday August the first and tickets are available via the website of the Sun National Bank Center and unlimitedwrestling.com! Or naturally, you can order the iPPV via World Wrestling Network Live! To all the great wrestling fans watching us from iPPV, THANK YOU!

Al Snow: You guys are awesome!

As the dates for the two future shows fade out, we return to the middle of the ring, where David Penzer, once again, is standing by.

David Penzer: This next contest is one fall to a finish, with a twenty minute time-limit, and will give the winner an NWA World Heavyweight Championship match at our next event here in Trenton, New Jersey!

-Even Penzer gets a cheap pop-


David Penzer: Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 245 pounds… SCRAP IRON, ADAM PEARCE!

Jack Korpela: But let’s stop talking about our future shows, folks, we got another three huge matches left on this show! Beginning with a number one contender’s match for the NWA World’s Championship! Al, this contest was authorized by the NWA, allowing us to install a match-up to determine a new number one contender for the NWA World title, as opposed to the NWA picking a contender like they usually do!

Al Snow: Yeah, nice gesture by the NWA, but they know that the NWA World Title scene is in good hands here in Unlimited Wrestling! And that guy right there is my favorite to win, Korpela! He’s big, he’s strong, he’s a former 4-time NWA World champion and he’s one of those old school jerks, I love this guy! He’s gotta be the hands down favorite! 4-time champion, Korpela!

The guy Snow is talking about is “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce, out of San Diego, California. Pearce is wearing a black and blue glittery robe as he moves towards the ring very slowly, not acknowledging any of the fans’ reactions, although honesty compels to say that there aren’t a lot of reactions to begin with. Pearce wipes his feet on the ring apron, before entering the ring, showing he’s really an old school professional wrestler. It’s kinda cool.

Jack Korpela: Al, for Adam Pearce this is a must-win situation. He has lost the NWA World Championship to the now-champion Colt Cabana twice and he feels he needs to get one more shot at the so-called “ten pounds of gold” that Pearce claims he restored to its former glory!

Al Snow: And he’s right! The NWA World title is prestigious again because of Pearce! He was a great champion and no doubt, Korpela, NO DOUBT, will he be a champion again!


David Penzer: And the opponent, weighing in at 265 pounds, out of Los Angeles, California… THE MASTERPIECE… CHRIS MORDETZKY!

This man gets greeted with a lot more cheers (and reaction overall) than Adam Pearce. He is the man formerly known as Chris Masters, the Masterpiece, Chris Mordetzky!

Jack Korpela: Talking about big and strong, Al, this man right here looks like he is chiseled out of marble or concrete! Look at the size of Chris Mordetzky!

Al Snow: Yeah, this kid knows a thing or two about size as well, Korpela! He’s known around the world as The Masterpiece and he’s got that one move, that one lock, that is damn near unbreakable, the Masterlock! If Pearce wants to win this match, he’s got to stay clear of that move!

Jack Korpela: This is gonna be a meeting of two pouwerhouses, ladies and gentlemen and the winner will challenge whoever is NWA World Heavyweight Champion after tonight for the title at our next show on July 11th, right here in Trenton!

No fancy fireworks for Mordetzky in his entrance (this is no WWE), but fireworks nearly spark off Mordetzky’s impressive muscles, as he flexes them all frequently on the entrance stage, the ramp and on the turnbuckles in the ring. Now the showboating is over and we can get down to business. Number one contender’s match right now!

The winner receives a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce vs. “The Masterpiece” Chris Mordetzky

This wasn’t your typical flashy match-up with nice moves, fast paced action and “OMG” moments. Instead, we got an old school brawl between two powerful athletes. The pace of this match-up was rather slow, especially at the beginning, where we saw a ton of lock-ups, tests of strength and games of one-upmanship. This wasn’t a match to appeal to all the fans, as we heard a couple of dormant “boring” chants throughout the arena. After a while, Chris Mordetzky gained an advantage when he hit Pearce with a nice Samoan drop. Mordetzky got Pearce up immediately and drove him into the corner with some knife-edge chops, before whipping Pearce to the other side and following up with a huge splash. Mordetzky built a ton of momentum as he nailed Pearce next with a big spinebuster! Mordetzky clasped his hands, signaling he wanted to end this deal right here and now with the Masterlock, which gained approval from the fans. However, as soon as Pearce felt an arm going under his armpit, he started to wriggle and brawl his way out of the predicament. Mordetzky was strong though and ultimately almost locked the Masterlock entirely in, as the referee got right in front of Pearce, already asking him if he wanted to give up. Pearce wanted nothing of it and instead, he used one of the dirtiest tricks in the book, as he kicked Mordetzky straight in the nuts, while the ref was entirely focused on him! The fans booed heavily, as Mordetzky staggered back. Pearce then bounced of the ropes and finally gained some control in this match as he nearly took the Masterpiece’s head off with a fierce clothesline!

The pace of the match again slowed down, as Pearce was in control, grounding Mordetzky and sometimes even slapping him around, disrespecting his opponent entirely. Pearce kept on dominating with a couple of European uppercuts, capping the domination off with a nice tiger suplex, which surprisingly only got Pearce a two count. Pearce then went back to his old school roots, looking for a figure four leglock on Mordetzky. Pearce actually managed to lock it in, which garnered a surprise pop, but Mordetzky quickly wriggled and shook his way towards the ring ropes, freeing himself from the dangerous predicament. From here on out, the match got even again and went to brawl-mode, with both men getting offense in and both men failing to keep the other down for a three count. The finish of the match saw Mordetzky gaining an advantage again, hitting an inverted atomic drop and several leaping shoulderblocks consecutively. Mordetzky was again building up towards the Masterlock, but this time Pearce would have nothing of it and hit a thumb to the eye, before looking for his match-finishing piledriver. Mordetzky battled out of the initiating hold, however, and hoisted Pearce up in the air with a Military press! The crowd got excited, but the cheers would soon turn to jeers, as Pearce somehow slid off Mordetzky’s hands and fell behind him on the mat. Pearce quickly rolled Mordetzky up and grabbed the bottom rope for extra leverage, without the referee seeing!!


Winner @15:33 and number 1 contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship: “SCRAP IRON” ADAM PEARCE!!

Jack Korpela: Pearce steals it! Pearce steals it, Al!

Al Snow: Ah, stole it, or he outsmarted Mordetzky and the referee! You gotta do what you gotta do to make it in this industry, Korpela and look where it just got Pearce… He’s the number one contender! A future world champion, maybe!

Jack Korpela: To me this is just highway robbery, Al and no sign of a champion. At all.

Al Snow: Well to me you’re still a rookie, Korpela, but you don’t hear me shouting about it!

We see a delighted Adam Pearce back up on the ramp, smiling and celebrating, while Mordetzky is on his knees in the ring, with his hands on his hips, still not understanding how he could not have kicked out of that roll-up. Pearce throws both arms up in the air, accompanied by a smile from ear to ear, as the crowd shower him in boos and Mordetzky continues to look on in disbelief.

Jack Korpela: Ladies and gentlemen we will now go to our interview area for the final time, where our colleague David Marquez has one last, very special guest with him. David…

We indeed switch to the already familiar interview area, where David Marquez is smiling away.

David Marquez: Thanks, Jack, I do indeed have a very special guest with me right now. He’s a guest of honor, sort of speak! He is, the executive director of the National Wrestling Alliance, Mister Robert Trobich!

Bob Trobich steps into the shot and hardly gets any reaction.

David Marquez: Mr. Trobich, tonight is a very special night, not only for us here at Unlimited Wrestling, but for you and the NWA as well. What are your thoughts on the show so far?

Bob Trobich: Well it’s been nothing short of spectacular, David. I know you very well and you know me very well, David, and I’ve seen a lot of different NWA shows lately but this one had it all! Great matches, big stars and a tremendous atmosphere with a great crowd!

Small pop.

David Marquez: And there is still a double main event left on the card, Bob, you must be extremely excited about the NWA’s partnership with Unlimited Wrestling!

Bob Trobich: Oh I’m very excited, David. You know from the moment Mick Foley contacted me, I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon and get the NWA involved, because if I wasn’t gonna do it, someone else would. And just look at this place, David! There are thousands of fans here and I’m sure there are thousands more watching on the internet, there’s a great atmosphere here and it just shows to me that I made the right move! So yeah, I think we all cannot wait to let this partnership evolve and to take this to the next level!

David Marquez: Mister Trobich, thank you very much for your time.

We immediately return to the announce table.

Jack Korpela: Ladies and gentlemen, you know what time it is: it is now time for part one of our double… MMMAIN EVENT! Up next, we will revisit a true classic! Al, two of Japan’s most decorated and legendary stars will square off in the ring one.more.time!

Al Snow:[/B] Words cannot begin to describe the respect I have for these two men! They were innovators in their home country, they stole the show in ours! These two gentlemen will be lights out tonight, I guarantee you, Korpela! And you know what, for all the hype we’ve given this match tonight, I think we’ve waited long enough, let’s do this!

It’s as if production has understood Snow, as we immediately switch to the ring announcer waiting in one of the corners of the ring, David Penzer.

David Penzer: This next match is part two of the International Spectacle and it is the co-MAIN EVENT of the night! This contest will have NO time limit!


First one to enter the arena is Jushin “Thunder” Liger, perhaps one of the greatest junior heavyweights of all time and innovator of the Shooting Star Press!

David Penzer: Introducing first of all, from Hiroshima, Japan, weighing in at 210 pounds… JUSHIN THUNDER LIGER!!

The fans get up on their feet and greet him with a great pop, as Liger acknowledges the crowd’s response with what looks like a salute. Liger comes down to the ring, as the pop endures, before stepping into the squared circle, bowing to the fans around him, who greet that gesture with another big pop and with a ton of streamers, in a variety of colors, thrown into the ring, as a show of respect for the Japanese legend.


Oh this entrance theme is so good, it sends chills down the spines of the commentators, the fans and the writer alike! But more chills are to be had, as Keiji Mutoh steps out on the entrance ramp as THE GREAT MUTA, completely in his classic ominous black attire that he wore 16 years ago in these men’s first encounter!

David Penzer: And his opponent, from the land of the rising sun… THE GREAT MUTA!!

An equally (perhaps even bigger) pop than Liger’s rolls off the stands as Muta slowly makes his way to the ring. While his theme is eerie and evil, professional wrestling isn’t like it used to be 20 years ago and the fans just cheer this badass son of a gun on, because they like him! The Great Muta finally gets into the ring, reveals fear-inducing face paint as he takes off his mask and this clash of the legends can officially begin!

International Spectacle part II: Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. The Great Muta

The fans were quite hot throughout this entire match, the first time tonight they were continuously hot for the entire span of a match-up. It may not have had the pace, the atmosphere or the intensity that this contest had 16 years ago, but these two men left it all in the ring once more, even at their ‘blessed’ ages. Just like 16 years back, Liger tried to surprise Muta with a spitfire of quick offensive moves. However, Muta’s size and strength advantage proved too much in the early goings, as he brushed Liger off with a multitude of suplexes everytime he made another attack. Muta just overpowered Liger in the beginning, but couldn’t put the fierce junior heavyweight away. Liger kept fighting and after a while he tried to use his speed advantage over Muta, which resulted in some semi-succesful offensive flurries, where Muta was reeling, but was never taken down. Muta wasn’t a big fan of the speed game, however, and he tried his best to keep Liger grounded with a variety of submission moves, from a front facelock to a bow and arrow that all had the intention to take the speed away from “Thunder” Liger.

Liger finally broke out of the domination well into the match-up with a series of palm thrusts, strikes he calles Shotei. Muta backed down and Liger proceeded to hit him with a pretty wheelkick that finally took the Great Muta down! Liger climbed to the top rope next and hit Muta with a nice frogsplash, looking for the win, but only getting a two count! Although this didn’t usher in a period of domination by Liger, the junior heavyweight did manage to churn out a couple of submission holds, trying to put Muta away. Liger managed to lock in an Indian Deathlock on Muta, but while he got Muta to scream in pain, the man from the land of the rising sun didn’t tap out! This battle of legends raged on and neither man was able to gain a clear advantage from hereon out. The fight eventually spilled to the outside, after Liger launched himself at Muta who was on the ropes, causing both men to fall to the outside. On the outside, it was Muta who took control and bounced Liger’s head off the guardrail multiple times, as well as intrudocing his masked face to the ring apron. Muta then rocked Liger’s body with a vicious snap suplex to the arena floor! Referee Jim Korderas tried as long as he could to not count out these men, so as to not ruin the outcome of this match, but eventually, he had to interfere as he started a ten count. Muta realized the danger and picked up Liger to throw him back into the ring, but Liger surprised him by driving him head-first into the ring apron, before sliding into the ring to break up the count. Liger quickly left the ring again, though and ran off the ring apron, performing a beautiful rolling senton on Muta, who was still teetering on the outside! The match now took back to the inside of the ring, where Liger intended to end the match and his long-time rival the Great Muta! Muta was still not a hundred percent, as Liger hoisted him up and nailed him with his signature BRAINBUSTER! Liger went for the pin:


The fans cheered, as this match continued! Liger couldn’t believe it, but he didn’t hesitate long before going back on the attack, looking for his patented Liger Bomb. But Muta would have nothing of it and in a true flashback to history, The Great Muta spit out a giant cloud of ASIAN MIST all over Liger’s face (aka his mask) !!! We cannot revisit history without the good ole mist now can we? Liger fell to his knees, clutching his face, as Muta ran off the ropes and delivered a shattering SHINING WIZARD, nearly taking Liger’s head off! Muta was confident in his victory and covered Liger nonchalantly:


Muta was flabbergasted, as referee Korderas made it clear, repeatedly, that the match would continue. Muta was irate, as he picked Liger up by the hair and dragged him towards the corner by his hair. Liger suddenly retaliated though, as he looked reinvigorated, the mask still green from the mist, connecting with several right hands and elbows to the jaw. Liger made Muta fully back down with a dropkick, before quickly climbing to the top turnbuckle. The fans got excited, as Liger flew through the air for a crossbody, but Muta caught him and held on! Great Muta then powered him up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, possibly looking for a gutbuster of some sort. Muta initiated a move, but in mid-air, “Thunder” Liger put the shift on and countered with a SMALL PACKAGE:


Winner @18:01 JUSHIN “THUNDER” LIGER !!

Jack Korpela: Liger did it! He actually did it, Al! He has knocked off The Great Muta and has reversed the roles from 16 years ago!

Al Snow: And in what way, Korpela! These two legends left it all in the ring, like I said they would and they put on an awesome match!

Jack Korpela: An awesome match indeed. Jushin Liger has truly scored a win for the ages, Al! This was an outstanding effort by both men and congratulations once more to Jushin “Thunder” Liger!

Liger is celebrating his big win in the ring, on the turnbuckles, as the fans eagerly take photos and videos of the international star. Muta meanwhile, is making his way back to the stage, but before he leaves behind the curtain, he turns around and applauds Liger (breaking character and kayfabe in the process), congratulating his old nemesis on the win and the great match they just had. The fans who pick it up, respond with a loud ovation and bowing gestures towards Muta, while the other fans continue to show their respect to the winner of tonight’s International Spectacle, Jushin “Thunder” Liger!

Jack Korpela: Ladies and gentlemen, from one main event to the next. Up next is our final match of the night, folks, but it’s a big one! The NWA World Heavyweight Championship is on the line as the champion Colt Cabana takes on the very cocky “Hollywood Hitman” John Hennigan.

Al Snow: This should be some match, Korpela. Hennigan, a guy we thought was a fan-favorite everywhere he went, suddenly gained a ton of confidence and arrogance and in that interview earlier, he put us all on notice.. he’s gonna be game tonight!

Jack Korpela: He may be game tonight, but don’t count out Colt Cabana, Al. This man has held the championship since April 8th and he defeated Adam Pearce, who was victorious earlier, to do so!

Al Snow: Oh I’m not counting him out, Korpela. I’m just saying, Hennigan has sent out a very strong message tonight. He’s only in this for himself and he’s only focused on winning that championship. Imagine this, Korpela, on the very first show of Unlimited Wrestling, we get an NWA World Title change, how big would that be?!

Jack Korpela: That would be huge indeed! Now ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a look at the tale of the tape between these two competitors…

A graphic appears on screen with the NWA World championship at the top and the information about both competitors depicted below. On the left is the champ, Colt Cabana and on the right is obviously his adversary, John Hennigan.

Jack Korpela: And as you can see, ladies and gentlemen, both men are the same in size, both 6 foot 1, but there is a clear weight difference, with Hennigan weighing in this morning at 209 pounds, while Colt Cabana almost adds 30 pounds to that! But the style difference is there, Al, isn’t it?

Al Snow: Oh man you talk about a clash of styles, this match is a big a clash of styles as I ever saw, Korpela! You’ve got Hennigan, who’s a high-flyer, a phenomenal athelete, who will dish out some of the most incredible moves faster than lightning! And then you have Colt Cabana, the NWA World Champion, who’s more of a traditionalist, Korpela. He will take you to the mat, ground and pound, bust you up with that nasty elbow of his and he will try to make you tap, that’s his MO! But hey, for a guy with his physique, he’s got some speed as well! Don’t count Cabana out in the agility department, I’ll tell ya!


“Colt Cabaa-na! Colt Cabaa-na! Colt Cabaa-na!” Out first is the NWA World Heavyweight Champion himself, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana to a big pop from the fans! Cabana quickly makes his way to the ring, albeit not without high-fiving some of the fans along the entrance ramp, and he grabs a microphone, as he has something to say apparently.

Colt Cabana: Okay, okay, I’m gonna make this as quick as possible, I don’t wanna bore you with endless rambling! I listened to the interview my opponent gave me earlier and ehm…I found it quite interesting. See, I thought John Hennigan was this laid-back, fun-loving guy who I could enjoy a couple of drinks with! And who knows, maybe we could hit on some chicks afterwards, but ehm, then again, looking at that… thing on his arm, I guess not! What do they call that these days anyways? A… Melina or something?

Loud laughs echo throughout the arena.

Colt Cabana: Turns out he looks down on quite a lot of things. He looks down on me, he looks down on this city and he looks down on the great people here in Trenton, New Jersey!


Colt Cabana: That was just blatant gimmick infringement, sorry Mick! I..I really like it here, don’t fire me!

Another round of laughs as Cabana’s jokes keep coming.

Colt Cabana: You see, I don’t really mind that John Hennigan was insulting me. I get it, it’s an NWA World Title match! The biggest match of our lives, perhaps! You wanna get me rattled, gain an advantage. That’s cool. That’s all cool! But one thing you said did get to me, John. There’s this one thing you said that I really took offense to and I’m being serious here… by the way, I said I would not bore you, people, but I’m doing it anyway… My bad!

A few laughs followed by a spontaneous round of applause from the appreciative fans.

Colt Cabana: You gave yourself a new nickname, John. You call yourself the “Hollywood Hitman”…

Boos ensue.

Colt Cabana: That’s so disrespectful to the greatest technical wrestler of all time!


Colt Cabana: Hey, but, John, I got to thinking and I’ve found a way that you can rectify your mistake! All you need to do to right your wrong, is adopt a NEW nickname! It’s not hard, John, I’ve done the thinking for you. And the people won’t even notice, because, you know, you only had THIS nickname for about 2 hours! I’ve found a nickname, John, that is not disrespectful, that is not offensive to anyone and that is just the absolute perfect fit for you and that… hairy ornament you have with you tonight!

More laughs as Cabana smiles himself.

Colt Cabana: Ladies and gentlemen, show your appreciation for John Hennigan, HOLLYWOOD WHOREMAN!!!

A big pop fills up the Sun National Bank Center, as Al Snow goes “oh noo” at the announce table and Cabana forms a huge grin on his face. He hit it out of the park right there.


The challenger finally makes his way into the arena and he looks livid! Melina Perez has to hurry to follow her furious boyfriend to the ring, as Hennigan is practically storming towards Cabana! He is shouting all kinds of insults along his way, like “SAY THAT TO MY FACE YOU SON OF A BITCH” among others, before sliding into the ring and immediately throwing away his furry robe. Hennigan has no time to waste, he wants to get his hands on the champion immediately! But first, as is traditional in a championship bout, David Penzer will introduce both competitors as they are in the ring.

David Penzer: This final contest is scheduled for one fall, with NO time limit and it is for the NWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD!


David Penzer: Introducing first of all, the challenger. He weighed in this morning at 209 pounds.. From Hollywood, California… JOHN HENNIGAN!!

Some heat showers down on Hennigan, although quite a few fans still cheer for him as well. Hennigan doesn’t strike a pose, however, and just continues to stare a hole directly through his opponent.

David Penzer: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 233 pounds… He is the current reigning NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion… COLT CABANA !!!

Cabana does strike a pose, as he waves to the fans who cheer him on and there are a lot! Cabana hands the championship over to the referee, who holds it into the air, signaling to everyone this is what it’s all about tonight, as the main event finally gets underway!

NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Colt Cabana © vs. John Hennigan

From the very first ring of the bell, Hennigan stormed at Cabana, trying to unleash all his anger after hearing that derogatory promo by Cabana before the match. But Hennigan’s blind rage made him vulnerable for the intelligent tactics of the much more focused Cabana, who managed to hold off and even toy around with Hennigan in the early goings. Cabana seemed to have succeeded in his strategy of infuriating Hennigan, as the self-proclaimed “Hollywood Hitman” tried to his a lot of his signature stuff early on, but missed on all occasions. The mental advantage didn’t result in Cabana dominating Hennigan, though, as instead it was a back and forth affair. After a while, Hennigan did finally get a good shot in, as he nearly took Cabana’s head off with a superkick. Hennigan tried to end the match quickly thereafter, hitting a signature standing shooting star press, followed by a cover… but only getting a two count! Hennigan then tried to go on a more villainous approach, as he too realized that you can’t get fans to hate you if you continue to perform those flashy moves. Hennigan stomped and kicked and pounded away on Cabana, who was scrambling to find some shelter. Hennigan then resorted to tactics he almost never used before, as he locked in an STF! Cabana managed to get out of it fairly easily and countered with a pin attempt but failed to get a three count.

After another round of back and forth grappling it was Cabana this time who got the upperhand with an airplane spin (that made Cabana hobble around as well), followed by a cradle DDT, a move he calls the CABANARAMA! Cabana went for the cover:


This wasn’t enough to put away Hennigan just yet, but Cabana stayed on the offensive, and got quite an offensive barrage in, as he hit a legdrop followed by a crossface submission hold! But Hennigan would not quit here and now and it was now his time to counter a submission hold into a pin cover, however without catastrophic consequences for Cabana. Both men got up and things got very heated when Hennigan slapped the taste out of Cabana’s mouth from out of nowhere! Cabana didn’t take too kindly to that and went for a clothesline, but Hennigan ducked and hit an STO backbreaker, transitioned into a neckbreaker! But instead of going for the pin, Hennigan went to the top, wanting to end this match here and now. Hennigan flew through the air for a shooting star press, but Cabana moved out of the way, sending Hennigan crashing into the mat! As Hennigan stumbled up, Cabana set him up for the Colt.45, his finishing maneuver. But as Hennigan was in the modified torture rack, he spun out and countered with a deep armdrag, sending Cabana underneath the bottom rope to the outside! The fight now continued on the outside, as Hennigan drove Cabana back first into the ring apron, then back-first into the guardrail then back-first into the ring apron again! Hennigan went back inside, to break the count, but more importantly, to distract the referee, as his girlfriend, Melina Perez, made her way over to Cabana to SLAP HIM RIGHT IN THE FACE! This only woke Cabana up, as he immediately grabbed Melina by the hair, threatening to snap on her! Melina screamed, as her man quickly got to the outside again, looking to save his damsel in distress, but Cabana shifted his focus in a heartbeat and gave Hennigan a taste of his own medicin, SLAPPING THE TASTE OUT OF HIS MOUTH! Cabana hopped on the ring apron and flew through the air delivering a flying clothesline to Hennigan, right on the arena floor! This match got ugly, as Cabana wasn’t through with Hennigan on the outside just yet (thank god the referee, Rudy Charles, didn’t want to stop this match). Cabana was ready to attack Hennigan once more, but this time, Hennigan used one of the dirtiest tricks in the book… HE USED HIS GIRLFRIEND AS A HUMAN SHIELD! Taking advantage of the situation, Hennigan raked Cabana’s eyes from behind Melina, before throwing him head-first into the steel ring post! Cabana scrambled into the ring, but it was Hennigan who was in full control, as blood began to trickle from Cabana’s slightly split open forehead.

Hennigan was now in full control as he jumped up on the second rope and balanced on it for a short while, as Cabana was stumbling to a vertical base. But as soon as he was up, Hennigan launched himself from the second rope and hit his signature FLYING CHUCK to take Cabana’s head off! Hennigan was 100 percent certain he had won the title, as he covered Cabana in a nonchalant way:


Hennigan’s jaw dropped, as he could not believe Cabana just kicked out. Hennigan regained that viciousness from the beginning of the match and started to kick the crap out of Cabana while the champ was still on the mat. Hennigan threw Cabana in the corner and continued the onslaught. But when Hennigan sprinted at Cabana for a shoulder tackle, Cabana moved out of the way, sending Hennigan shoulder-first into the steel ring post! Cabana took advantage and rolled Hennigan up, but got a very close two and a half count! Cabana found his second breath, sort of speak, as he started to unload on Hennigan with lefts, rights and vicious knife-edge chops! Hennigan had no defense for these vicious chops, as he collapsed to his knees. Cabana then took it to Hennigan’s head with his right elbow, unloading on the Hollywood Hitman with a series of often outlawed BIONIC ELBOWS! Cabana kept connecting with elbows to the forehead, six, seven, eight, nine… and after firing up and getting the crowd firmly behind him, hitting a TENTH VICIOUS BIONIC ELBOW straight to the skull of the challenger! Hennigan just fell down like a house of cards, as Cabana went for the cover:


Hennigan, acting purely on instinct, kicked out, but was still selling the effects of those vicious elbows, as, Cabana picked him up and forced him into the corner. Cabana measured his opponent and then flew at him with his rear end first, connecting with the FLYING ASSHOLE! Hennigan fell to the mat, as Cabana jumped up on the second turnbuckle and connected with a picture perfect moonsault! This had to be it, Cabana thought, but even after enduring all this Hennigan still found the strength to kick out at two and 7/8s! Now Cabana got frustrated, as he paced around the ring, thinking about his next move. While Hennigan was slowly getting up, Cabana approached him, looking for the next line of offense, but Hennigan appeared to have played possum a bit, as he came out of nowhere with a nice Pele Kick! Cabana staggered back as Hennigan followed up with multiple lariats, each one more impactful than the last. Hennigan capped the flurry off with a powerslam, followed by a breakdance legdrop. Cabana was on his back and Hennigan saw his moment of truth, as he positioned himself in the corner, scouting Cabana for Hennigan’s signature Starship Pain! Hennigan signaled for it and leaped up on the top turnbuckle, going for STARSHIP PAIN… BUT MISSING!! Cabana had rolled towards the corner just in the nick of time, as Hennigan crashed and burned into the mat! Both men had trouble getting to their feet, but Cabana managed to climb to the top turnbuckle and blast Hennigan off his feet with a RAM-MAN, A MISSILE DROPKICK! Hennigan was down and out, lying on his belly, as Cabana saw the opportunity to finish the match, with his patented submission move, the Chicago Crab (Reverse Boston)! Cabana grabbed Hennigans legs, but just as he was about to fully lock it in, Hennigan, perhaps purely on instinct, flipped, rolled through and somehow, someway, reversed the attack into a JACKKNIFE PINNING COMBINATION:


The arena exploded, as Cabana ALMOST lost his championship, but kicked out with just a nanosecond before the referee’s hand hit the mat! Hennigan is infuriated, but somehow channels it all into an amazing focus, as he hit a low dropkick to Cabana’s shin, which forced him on his knees. Hennigan bent towards Cabana and screamed in his face: “IT’S ALL OVER NOW!!”, before bouncing off the ropes and attempting the HIGH KNEE… BUT MISSING!!! Cabana bent backwards, Matrix style, and quickly swiped Hennigan’s legs, dropping him on the mat, before LOCKING IN THE CHICAGO CRAB!! AND NOW IT WAS FULLY LOCKED IN! Hennigan was screaming in pain, as he was in the middle of the ring, with absolutely nowhere to go! Cabana was screaming himself, but more like a war scream, pumping himself up more, as he locked the Chicago Crab in deeper and deeper! Hennigan was folded up like a pretzel and he literally could not maneuver himself out of this predicament in any way, shape or form and after almost a minute in the hold… HE FINALLY TAPPED OUT!!!

Winner and STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion @26:45 : COLT CABANA !!!

Jack Korpela: He tapped! He tapped! My goodness, Al, Hennigan tapped!

Al Snow: What a match! What a winner, Colt Cabana! And what a way to close out this show, Korpela! I LOVED IT!

In the ring, Melina Perez immediately gets to her man and helps him roll out the ring, as Cabana falls to his knees, receives the NWA Championship and holds onto it like it were his baby. Cabana is almost moved to tears by this amazing victory.

Al Snow: That is a true champion right there, Korpela! We saw a top class performance from two top class wrestlers, but Colt Cabana proved he is a worthy World Champion! He sweat and he bled, Korpela, but he is standing tall! I’m giving this kid a standing ovation, THAT WAS GREAT!

Jack Korpela: Indeed it was, Al and I’m joing the ovation. Colt Cabana made John Hennigan submit and I think everyone will agree that he rightfully takes home the ten pounds of gold tonight!

Colt Cabana now lifts the championship as high into the air as he can, as the fans shower Cabana in cheers and applause! Cabana goes to all four turnbuckles and poses for the fans, celebrating his hard fought victory. On screen here is a delighted NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Jack Korpela: Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you have enjoyed this show as much as we did. If tonight proved anything, it’s that Unlimited Wrestling debuted with a bang and it is here to stay! I want to thank all of you great fans that watched this show live on iPay Per View and I want to invite you to join us again, July 11th, on World Wrestling Network Live! For Al Snow, I am Jack Korpela. Goodnight everybody!

The show closes out with the NWA World Champion, Colt Cabana, in the middle of the ring, raising his hands high in victory, a little blood still on his face, as the fans around him are standing up and giving him a well-deserved standing ovation!

Screen fades to black.

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Re: Unlimited Wrestling: There Are No Limits

Ken Shamrock responds!

After Dan Severn laid down the challenge to Ken Shamrock at the inaugural show of Unlimited Wrestling, of facing him in the final fight of his career, "The World's Most Dangerous Man" has responded via a video message on Youtube! The video can be found via www.unlimitedwrestling.com, Unlimted Wrestling's official Twitter account as well as Unlimited Wrestling's official Youtube account.

Originally Posted by Youtube/Twitter/Unlimitedwrestling.com

We see Ken Shamrock standing in what looks like a training room, surrounded by weights, dumb-bells and other training material. Shamrock appears to be in work-out-mode, as he’s wearing a black tank top and shorts and even though he’s 48 years old, the man still looks ripped. Shamrock is looking calm and collected, as he talks directly into the camera that’s filming him.

Ken Shamrock: Dan Severn…

Shamrock grins for a moment before continuing.

Ken Shamrock: You’re in luck, Dan. Some of my friends told me there was a new NWA show debuting. Called it NWA’s last shot at glory. So obviously I was interested and I saw the show… And then I saw your interview…

Again, Shamrock grins.

Ken Shamrock: Now you know me, Dan, I’m a man of few words. So I’m gonna make this short and sweet… I dunno…

Shamrock shrugs his shoulders.

Ken Shamrock: I dunno, Dan, you put me on the spot there. I don’t like to be put under pressure, Dan. But some would say you’d have to be stupid to turn down a challenge like this. Some would say everyone would wanna fight you in your final match. I dunno…

As Shamrock finishes that sentence, a smile returns to his face.

Ken Shamrock: I’ll tell you this though, Dan. I called up Mick Foley and I’ll be at the next NWA Unlimited show, July 11th. Maybe you should come too, Dan. I might have a message for you there… I’ll see you on the 11th, Dan….

The grin returns to Shamrock’s face, as he continues to stare into the camera, before the Youtube message ends.

Next show is in progress.
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Re: Unlimited Wrestling: There Are No Limits

Kept telling myself I'd get around to this and I shall.

I've always been a fan of your works, and even though this isn't the created fed piece I was hoping from you (RIP GWE ), this still has the 'from the ground up' feel of any new federation. Can't go much wrong with the guys at the top in Foley and Funk. I also like the touch you have of using the NWA title for the time being, which I'm only assuming is a placeholder until the federation establishes itself (i.e. TNA's title situation). I also like the fact that there's no 'confirmed' roster, so to speak. It gives you a lot of access to a lot of things and doesn't really restrict you as far as realism on a roster, since most of these are regular, one-night shows or whatnot.

I do enjoy the way you present things; it’s so simplistic. There’s no bells or whistles, never much, if any, graphics, not much special font stuff or even bold or italics so much. In a way, especially for a project like this, the presentation matches and adds to the charm of the feel of the whole thing. I don’t believe you were ever a booker who did many extra things like that, and I’ve always enjoyed that in a stylistic way.

I don't have a full review of your first show, but it was quite the refreshing read with such heavy emphasis on booking and entertainment as opposed to stories or characters, which is something I feel like you've always sort of emphasized (although the format is a tad bland). You've got your 'one show' out of the way. Plz stick around. Best of luck to you that this lasts a while, maan


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