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Learning to break kayfabe
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BACKSTORY: Well just to give you some insight of where I am coming from. I have been following this website for a LONG time, BTB's have always intrigued me. Like many people here my ULTIMATE DREAM JOB would be to be a writer for WWE unfortunately that's not happening but at least this site gives me a alternative.

I have read many BTBs and seen some GREAT stuff. I totally want to be a student of the game and learn the craft from all you vets all there. I know at first my stuff might not be jaw dropping but I am willing to put in the work, the patience and the effort to be among the elite bookers here. I am open to ANY AND ALL criticisms, feedback, suggestions and anything else you can throw at me. As I mentioned I want to be a student of the game and maybe one day, one day I too can be a teacher.

I respect each and every one of you from taking time a way from your schedules to provide quality reads for our entertainment, especially for someone like me who hasn't contributed much to the site. I actually JUST signed up for a account after checking this site out for over a year maybe more.

I am ready to do my first BTB. Since it's my first BTB I am not going to have a HUGE roster like some of you vets and I am also going to keep it one show, RAW.

Again please feel free to help me in anyway you can. I know there is a lot of resources available on the site and I plan to read every one of them. I am putting my first BTB up in a few minutes because I don't want to go after the real-time RAW. I just came to the realization today that I truly want to do this and am ready. I have lots of things planned and am pretty excited to be a part of this great and knowledgeable community. Again feel free to add whatever you like.

Thank you all and I hope and pray this brings enjoyment and entertainment to at least one of you!

My name is Jay...and this is WWE 2013: THE J WAY!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2013: THE J WAY


Wade Barrett
Big E. Langston
Bray Wyatt
Big Show
Curtis Axel

Daniel Bryan
Kofi Kingston
The Miz
CM Punk
Dolph Ziggler
Randy Orton
Cody Rhodes
Mark Henry (Injured - out a few weeks due to Shield attack)
Kane (Injured - out a few weeks due to Wyatt Family attack)

Chris Jericho
The Rock
Triple H
The Undertaker
Brock Lesnar

Real Americans - Heel
PrimeTime Players - Heel
Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns - Heel - WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS
Erik Rowan/Luke Harper - Heel
Jimmy and Jey Uso - Face
Zack Ryder/Alex Riley (Team RYRY) - Face
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Re: WWE 2013: THE J WAY

Good luck man! This looks good and I'll help you out if you ever need it, I'll be following this! I think the number 1 rule in this section that is quite often undermined is to just have fun!

Have a serious crush on Elisha Cuthbert.

R.I.P El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo

Marking for

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2013: THE J WAY

Thank you I really appreciate it and will appreciate any help as well!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2013: THE J WAY


JULY 22, 2013

RAW opens to the roaring crowd. The camera pans around to the jam packed arena as the fans wave their favorites merchandise and signs. Michael Cole, JBL and The King welcome the crowd and tell us the action planned for tonight. They announce a Daniel Bryan and John Cena contract signing. They also mention Bray Wyatt will be in action tonight against RVD and on a more serious note CM Punk will not be in attendance tonight due to the brutal beat down by Brock Lesnar last week. Just as they finish we hear "I HEAR VOICES" as the crowd pops and Randy Orton makes his way down the ramp and to the ring. The Viper has his MITB briefcase in hand as he enters the ring and raises his microphone. He begins in his usual calm collective way.

RANDY ORTON: The question around the WWE Universe seems to be when I am going to cash in this briefcase. I will bide my time and wait for the most opportunistic moment. If I have to cash it in tonight, a week from now or even months from now I will do it on MY terms on my OWN time. There is absolutely n-

Suddenly RYBACK's music hits as the big monster makes his way down the aisle. ORTON looks at him umamused as he enters the ring.

RYBACK: ORTON! SHUT UP! The only reason you have that damn briefcase is because I wasn't in the match! You know it, I know it and these morons out here know it! Management kept me out of the match for a reason and I am sick of them holding me down. It's time RYBACK paves his own way! I am tired of seeing you soft waste of spaces in a spot that I should be in! You are going to find out why RYBACK RULES!

ORTON gets into the face of RYBACK as the two face off. Suddenly BRAD MADDOX music plays as he walks atop the stage.

BRAD MADDOX: Gentleman, gentleman. Please let's be civil about this. It looks like you two have some tension. I can fix that. My goal is to give the WWE Universe what they want and I think they want to see you two go at it right here tonight!


BRAD MADDOX: Done, tonight our Main Event will feature RYBACK versus RANDY ORTON. Thank you.

MICHAEL COLE: Whoa blockbuster Main Event tonight on RAW! We'll be back after this!



The match is a good back and forth. The MIZ took early advantage but towards the end DAMIEN SANDOW had the edge. SANDOW looks to finish with his patent Silencer when CODY RHODES comes down to ringside. He distracts SANDOW which leads to a Skull Crushing Finale by MIZ for the pinfall victory. SANDOW upset after the match back pedals up the ramp not wanting to engage with CODY RHODES. RHODES asks for a mic and cuts a promo.

CODY RHODES: The way I look at it is pretty simple DAMIEN. We can do this each and every week. You screwed me out of the Money In The Bank briefcase and I am going to make it my number 1 agenda to screw you each and every way possible. I will NOT allow you to cash in that briefcase and you will have to constantly look over your shoulders.

The Crowd starts chanting 'CODY, CODY, CODY!' and RHODES grins.

CODY RHODES: That's one option, or option two is...give me a match...AT SUMMERSLAM...For THAT briefcase....IN A LADDER MATCH!

The crowd POPS as DAMIEN SANDOW vigorously shakes his head NO.

CODY RHODES: The choice is yours DAMIEN.

Cody Rhodes drops the microphone as the crowd continues to cheer. His music plays up as we go backstage.



THE SHIELD cut a promo talking about attacking Mark Henry and to remind everyone that just because there has been a few bumps doesn't mean they have lost sight. They wanted to remind everyone that THE SHIELD are still a force to be reckoned with and the attack on the World's Strongest Man proved just that. They close by saying the hounds of justice are just getting started! With that we cut to a commercial break.


We are back as DOLPH ZIGGLER and WADE BARRETT make their way down to ringside. The match begins and we have another great matchup tonight on RAW. Towards the end of the match AJ LEE comes down and attempts to distract DOLPH ZIGGLER. WADE BARRETT tries to gain a advantage but ZIGGLER is too smart and quick, he reverses BARRETT's attempt and hits the Zig Zag for the
1-2-3. Post match BIG E. LANGSTON runs down the aisle but ZIGGLER runs outside and grabs a steel chair and waits for him in the ring. BIG E. LANGSTON makes the right decision and does not step foot into the ring. He smirks at DOLPH as DOLPH begs him to make a move.


The camera cuts backstage to PAUL HEYMAN who is by himself. He looks at the camera and smiles.


PAUL HEYMAN: Last week was a monumental week. It was a week that will forever be penciled in as a historic night. It's the night that, MY CLIENT, BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK LESNARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR finally put a end to C..M..PUNK. You see I warned PUNK this would happen. I told him without my guidance he would be put in harm's way and he saw it first hand. I think it's the last time we will be seeing ole Mr. PUNK. PUNK you THINK you are the Best In The World but you fail to understand my client IS A BEAST! I hope you stay home, in your recliner, where you belong. But JUST, JUSTTTTT incase you have a inkling or some crazy notion and want to come back, remember this....


Afterwards the camera cuts back to HEYMAN who is sobbing, obviously faking and trying to make light of the situation.

PAUL HEYMAN: I mean it's just true art, everytime I see that it's just a masterpiece. So now that I have addressed that onto my newest protege. CURTIS AXEL the reigning Intercontinental Champion OF THE WORLDDDDDD!


PAUL HEYMAN walks off camera and a few moments later CURTIS AXEL walks down the ramp with PAUL HEYMAN as he is set to take on CHRISTIAN in a non-title bout. A good 10 minute match, the end came when PAUL HEYMAN grabbed the legs of Christian triping him up and distracting him, AXEL took advantage and planted a beautiful Perfect Plex for the W! The scene cuts to a commercial break afterward.



When we are back from break ALBERTO DEL RIO's music hits and he walks down the ramp taunting the audience as they boo. He steps into the ring with his World Heavyweight Championship belt around his waist. He grabs a microphone and speaks.

ALBERTO DEL RIO: You people don't know greatness when you see it! I am the cream of the crop in the WWE and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me. I have beaten every man in my way. I have done it all, there is nothing that can stop me. This.. (points at the World Heavyweight Championship) THIS is what makes me the best. THIS is what makes me untouchable. I am SO confident that I am issuing a open challenge. To any man in the back who thinks they have what it takes...ALBERTO DEL RIO will take on YOU for the World Heavyweight Championship at SUMMERSLAM...Who has the cajones? Huh?

The crowd pops awaiting for someone to come down, but nothing.

ALBERTO DEL RIO: Nothing...As I said there is no one who wants to step foot into the ring with greatness. No one would dare make such a BIG mista-

IT'S THE BIG SHOWWWWWWWWW...blares over the sound system as the Big Show makes his return to RAW! He slowly walks down the ramp smiling and walks into the ring. ALBERTO DEL RIO tries to attack him but BIG SHOW receives him with a big foot. BIG SHOW raises his hands to the audience as they give a great pop to the returning giant. Suddenly ALBERTO rushes him again this time he is met with a KNOCKOUT punch by the BIG SHOW which immediately floors ADR. He is laid out unconcious as BIG SHOW walks over to him. He looks at the World Heavyweight Championship and smiles. He picks it up and holds it high in the air as the fans all cheer. We cut to a commercial break as the fans all chant 'BIG SHOW, BIG SHOW, BIG SHOW!'


As we are back we are all set to see RVD take on BRAY WYATT. Both men are in the ring and before the bell rings the entire WYATT FAMILY begins to attack RVD. This reults in a no contest. The three men hand out a extreme beating on RVD. Picking him up several times and slamming him. They set up a table and ERIK ROWN slams him into it. The WYATT FAMILY stand in this mass destruction and smile. BRAY WYATT has a microphone.

BRAY WYATT: Don't you get it. Winning, losing, the top of the ladder or the bottom, it doesn't matter....We are here to right the wrongs. This (points at RVD) represents all that is wrong. Follow the buzzards.

With that BRAY WYATT throws the microphone on RVD.


The cameras turn to the announce table who comments on the attack by the WYATT FAMILY. JBL takes notice of the fact that these guys don't care about winning they just want to dish out pain and that can be very dangerous. The KING says they become more mysterious each and every week. MICHAEL COLE says they will update us on RVD's condition on WWE.COM later in the week as it doesn't look to good. With that being said RANDY ORTON and RYBACK begin their respective entrances for the final match of the evening.


RYBACK and ORTON go almost 20 minutes in a great match. RYBACK's strength is showcased well and RANDY ORTON's calculating ways and ring psychology shines. Toward the end RYBACK clotheslines ORTON as the two men topple over the top rope and onto the floor. They continue fighting all the way up the ramp and in the back. The match is ruled a double countout. We cut to commercial break for our final segment of the night as DANIEL BRYAN and JOHN CENA have their contract signing.



Back from commercial break both challenger DANIEL BRYAN and Champion JOHN CENA make their way out to ringside. The ring is dressed up in nice carpeting and the table is set with all the paperwork. Fans continously chant YES! YES! YES! Then a LETS GO CENA/CENA SUCKS chant begins. The DANIEL BRYAN fans clearly overtaking CENATION. JOHN CENA begins.

JOHN CENA: Well...yet another opponent in my way. This time it's a bit different for me though. I can't think of anyone more deserving then this man.

The crowd chants YES! YES! YES! as the scene fades to black with the WWE LOGO popping up. RAW goes off air PREMATURELY cutting the segment.


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Re: WWE 2013: THE J WAY

I thought I'd review it to help you along!

I really enjoyed the opening segment, it was slightly short but I'm sure you'll work on that and it got the point accross setting up a pretty neat main event I like the way you portray Ryback & Maddox in this keep it going! Good idea to keep the real life Rhodes + Sandow feud going so good job with that!

The review of the match was solid and the Cody Rhodes promo afterwards was nice too! Few grammatical errors but nothing too major I had tons of those blighters when I started out so it's good that your keeping them to a minimum!

Good match but the one thing i'd say is after each match say like |Winner - John Cena| or something It looks good for a reader and easier to follow!

The matches are good and I enjoyed the main event and the contract signing! For a first show this wasn't bad in the slightest and I really liked it, you have alot of potential to do well in this thread and I like your layout! Good job, keep it up!

Have a serious crush on Elisha Cuthbert.

R.I.P El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo

Marking for

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2013: THE J WAY



I know the matches were a bit short, I only displayed the endings but again I was trying to finish before RAW came on, maybe I might go with the same format of just showing the ending parts of the match rather then a whole long drawn out match, leave the longer full matches for PPV? Not sure, just gonna have fun with it. I hope you all LIKE!


Gonna go watch some RAW now, thank you all!

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Re: WWE 2013: THE J WAY


your match length is fine, but your promos seem rushed. they are good with character development somewhat, but they are so rushed that it doesn't reach its potential.

honestly this didnt feel like a raw to me, in fact, it felt like an episode of smackdown. hopefully you add a bit more to the promos and make things flow even better.

"I defeated your uncle Victarion and his Iron Fleet off Fair Isle, the first time your father crowned himself. I held Storm's End against the power of the Reach for a year, and took Dragonstone from the Targaryens. I smashed Mance Rayder at the Wall, though he had twenty times my numbers. Tell me, turncloak, what battles has the Bastard of Bolton ever won that I should fear him?" - Stannis Baratheon
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Re: WWE 2013: THE J WAY

What was up with the ending? Totally ruined the Raw, just one sentence from Cena and the show is over? Made no sense to me.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2013: THE J WAY

Thank you BOTH for your feedback. Yes the promo length were indeed rushed a bit as I tried to hurry and post it before RAW came on. I just made the decision to do a BTB yesterday afternoon. I had storylines and plans already in my head but putting it together was a bit rushed.

I assure you both that the segments will be way more detailed then that in the future as well as the overall look of things now that I have read a few helpful posts on the site.

As for RAW ending prematurely and just cut like that, there is some reasoning behind it that will be released later in the week.

Thank you all again for any feedback, suggestions, thoughts or concerns I am 1000% open to all criticism and hope you all give me another chance for next weeks RAW. I assure you it will be better then this week and more detailed.

A few quick questions:

1. Since I am doing present day WWE DO I HAVE TO follow the PPV schedule or can I modify dates/quantity of PPVs as I see fit or is that frowned upon?

2. What's a good length for a promo, word count wise, I know any length is okay as long as you get the full point across but what's a good measure in terms of word count?

Anyway to wrap things up as I said before I am a total noob to this BTB but more then willing to put the effort into becoming a entertaining BTB. Thank you all for the continuing advice!
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