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The 2013 BTB Newsletter: Summer Blockbuster Edition


Greetings, BTBers, and welcome to another edition of the BTB Newsletter – unannounced and unadvertised. Due to many of the responses to the last Newsletter, I kicked around the idea of making this a semiannual event. And, well, here we are. This one was much easier to put together than the End of Year edition, mostly because I decided that the mid-year edition needs to be a little bit lighter than the End of Year cap off. But just because it’s lighter doesn’t mean it wasn’t lots of hard work – the guys involved in this and I put forth our best efforts for you guys.

There isn’t an overanalytical piece from yours truly, nor do we have a BTB Interview this time, but we have a trio of pieces from three of the most respectable names in the section that I think you’ll all enjoy anyway. Also, if you’re looking for Mega Standings results – those are here too. Here’s to hoping this one gets as great a response as the last.

Enough of the introductory babble. The King wishes not for his subjects to grow bored. KIRBY!! Roll tape!!

.:Breaking the Glass Ceiling:.
By cp954

The glass ceiling. A term that in short means breaking down or through the boundaries to the ‘big leagues’ so to speak. Around the BTB section, breaking through that glass ceiling over the years has been incredibly difficult to do and seems to be becoming increasingly harder. Only a select few have managed to smash their way through and reach the upper echelons of these parts. We need no reminding of just who those talented writers and bookers are, they need no mention, they’re the household names of this section. Instead this piece is going to take a look at why exactly others aren’t managing to break through and also look at just who is either on the verge of doing just that or who could potentially break that glass ceiling in the future.

So why aren’t more bookers breaking the glass ceiling? In my personal opinion there are several possible reasons. The first of which is patience. It’s incredibly rare that the very first show you write is going to be one that the whole section looks at and instantly goes ‘Wow’. Even some of the legends around this place will cite that their work in the early days of their time in BTB wasn’t anywhere near the level they’re now at and that it took lots of time, work and effort to reach the heights they’ve reached. Practice makes perfect and the more shows you write, the better you will become.

The next reason actually ties in nicely with the first and that reason is criticism. People may not want to admit it but a lot of bookers don’t take to criticism too kindly and that is NOT a good thing. If you receive feedback on one of your shows and it has criticism in it, don’t get down about it, don’t panic over it and don’t give up on your thread just like that. Criticism is vital in becoming better and instead you should take it on the chin, listen to what that review tells you and look to improve. I’m certain you’d see the benefits.

Look around. You can’t come into the BTB section without doing your research. Before you start your thread take a look at some of the Hall of Famers work, read their shows, look at their writing and learn from it. If you jump right into something, the likelihood is that you’ll fail to see exactly what level you aspire to reach in BTB.

And finally, be creative. In order to get recognized you need to be able to put your own stamp on things, make your own mark, be exciting with your writing as well as your angles. If you’re doing a 2013 thread and all we’re seeing is the same things transpiring as in real life, will the interest really be there? Do something unique and put yourself out there, make people take notice of your work.

I’m by no means a top guy around here so my word is most certainly not gospel but for those getting started or those looking to really launch themselves in the BTB section, I think these tips are certainly worth taking on board. With that out of the way, let’s now take a look at some of those bookers who can potentially break the glass ceiling.


Why he’s one to watch:

Flux is one of the better writers in the BTB section. All you have to do is look at his 2012 King of BTB work to see why he could most certainly hang with the big boys in the future. His match writing is very strong from what we’ve seen him produce in that tournament as well as the small flashes in his numerous threads. Flux also has a real creativity about him and again, going back to his KOBTB work, his promo involving Kane, Matt Hardy and Lita was one of the most gripping and shocking I’ve seen around these parts. If Flux can manage to find a thread that really suits him and manage to stick with it, there’s no doubting that he can potentially work his way up into the big leagues of BTB.


Why he’s one to watch:

As mentioned earlier in the piece, criticism as well as being able to learn from it and move forward is a key role in BTB and TWG is a real example of somebody who has continued to grow and improve thanks to taking on board helpful hints and tips in working on his writing. Having that will to get better and make his mark is a strong quality to have and in my eyes will see TWG continue to rise up the ranks around the section. Most famous for his thread Pushing the Boundaries, we have seen TWG bring us exciting character work from the likes of Mark Henry and Christian whilst build intriguing angles including the John Laurinaitis stable on his Raw brand. Following a brief stint away from Pushing the Boundaries, TWG has recently returned to that thread and can now hopefully continue to kick on and rise up the ranks.


Why he’s one to watch:

C3K’s produced some impressive work in his 2009 thread- The Fear That’s In Your Eyes and is another that has continued to grow the longer the thread has run. If you take a look at his first few shows compared to his most recent, the improvement is evident. C3K hasn’t been afraid to produce some really fresh and innovative ideas such as the Monarchy on his Raw brand, making them a real focal point of his thread and not to mention his push of Matt Hardy to become World Champion. A bold call but one C3K took and it’s proven to be one of the highlights of his thread. Another PPV is right around the corner for this booker and if C3K can continue giving us intriguing storylines to go with some fresh faces along with continuing improving his writing then he could certainly crack the big time.


Why he’s one to watch:

He’s had as many name changes as he’s had threads but there’s no doubting from the work we have seen that FandanGOAT is a more than capable writer. His best work came from his ECW thread ‘F**K The System’ which saw him showcase his writing ability as well as provide a simple, easy to follow format whilst producing some good storylines. FandanGOAT is much like FluxCapacitor in that he just needs to find that thread which sticks and he can most certainly start to climb the ladder in the BTB section. Having just returned to his WWF 2001 thread, I’m sure I’m not the only one who hopes he can stands firm with it and looks to build.


Why he’s one to watch:

A bit of a wildcard pick but from what I’ve seen Gaz has clearly done a lot of reading around the section and with a bit more time and work under his belt, he could well make the jump up. Gaz’s 2003 thread has only seen two shows which may be reason for me NOT to include him here but instead it IS the reason he’s included here. The fact that he’s only written two full shows and has managed to produce some real quality is credit to him. I’ve mentioned in this article how it’s incredibly hard to just jump right in and produce solid shows but Gaz has done that and if he can continue to produce that work over a longer period of time he’s sure to make people sit up and take note.


And now, fair BTBers, I introduce unto you a brand new concept. Where it goes from here or even if it goes anywhere at all and this is just a onetime thing, I’ll never know. In the place of the Interview, I decided to give something else go. The idea was supposed to be used in last year’s End of Year post, but we already had a full card, so to speak. I’m deciding to bust it out here.

With the Forum itself bringing back the once heralded Debate League, now just seemed like an even more opportune time. It doesn't work in the same way as the Debate League – this is not a competition, but merely a presentation of ideas and opinions – I instead went with the idea to not leave it up to a panel of judges to decide who ‘wins’, but leave it up to each of you individually because we're not all the same and this is for fun.

And what better topic to christen this potential flop of an idea with a notion that has been around BTB since it’s very inception: Are we writers? Or bookers? To help answer that, I assigned two of BTB’s biggest current names to each take a side to help us put it to rest…or perhaps stir up even more debate. Ladies, gentlemen, and Kirbys alike, I now present to you The BTB Debate I: Booker vs. Writer!!

Be The Writer – The Melvis Perspective
Are you just here for the wrestling?

Coming into the discussion, I spy an immediate issue. This is because the section itself is called Be The Booker, not Be The Writer. Still, it raises a valid question; do you sit down to write or do you sit down to book?

Okay, so that’s a little vague. Let’s draw a line in the sand between writing and booking – it may be that my definition of the two differs from iMac’s, or yours, but in my eyes, it’s about the context. A booker is someone who works with a running order; this man will go over this man, this match will last this long, this guy cuts a promo about this or that. At the end of the day, they have a message in mind for each of the feuds… but that’s where it ends. Some basic stories and some basic instructions. That’s how wrestling has always worked.

But the writer has a place too. People complain about how the modern WWE creative team is plagued by soap opera writers; while I’d argue that this isn’t wholly true, I understand the tentative attitude pro wrestling fans have towards the writer instead of the booker. That said, the writer is here for you, the wrestling fan who wants subtlety in storytelling rather than just “this man wants the title – now look how much they hate each other!” The writer is here for you, the wrestling fan who wants wrestlers with character, people who do things for reasons other than ‘heels are bad, faces are good’. The writer is here for you, the wrestling fan who might just ask for something beyond the fateful running order sheet, storylines beyond wrestling itself.

I fear this will bring cries of “but Melvis, not all bookers are single-minded” and it should be stressed that I’m not pitching that at all. I think the booker can create great storylines, build great matches and so on… but very often this is blinkered within wrestling alone. What the writer brings to the table is a wider array of tropes, of ideas about storytelling that aren’t just wrestling-related, revolving around titles or face/heel alignments or stables.

Of course, this isn’t always the answer – I remember once there was an interview with someone who’d been a runner for the creative team, and the guy said there had been a running joke calling Natalya ‘Natalya Neid-fart’, which then led to her farting gimmick because they thought it would be funny and provide some variety. Needless to say, just because a story is unique or beyond the wrestling environment itself, doesn’t make it good. When done well, however, the writer can bring some subtlety, some true meaning to proceedings.

In terms of BTB, I am under no illusions; I am a writer. I’d note that if you’re a booker, you have to do a little writing in the basic process of getting your point across clearly, and if you’re a writer, you have to do a little booking to set up your basic wrestling structure, so either way, the two are not mutually exclusive. I also don’t think one approach is universally ‘better’ than the other; it’s hard to suggest that for a second when the greatest ever, Wolf Beast, showed us how booking is meant to be done. A recent example is Christian versus Umaga at Summerslam, booking 101 at its finest. Determined champion takes on all comers, but huge monster heel tears through the field until you pull the trigger and have the massive collision between the two. Terrific angle with an unpredictable conclusion. Enough said.

But I raise you another point, and this goes back to the question of why you’re here. Though I can’t seem to shut up about it, let’s take a look at 619IDH’s Christian, and his ‘Man on the Moon’ promo. The reason I love this promo isn’t because of how the King was booking Christian, but how he was writing him – I’m talking about the subtleties in the character, the physical prose on paper that was so enticing to read. I bring this up because this isn’t setting up a wrestler to hit his finisher or win a title, this is the creation of a character – hell, a person – with real emotional resonance. Stories matter. Prose matters.

To me, anyway.

At heart, this is creative writing. I want to create characters who think beyond wrestling, who think like real people, not babyfaces and heels who only exist one night a week. Only then can you believe that these people have reasons for the bizarre things they do to one another, that they have hot blood running through them, that they’re genuinely capable of violence like this. Just saying ‘this guy walks to the ring and fights this guy’ isn’t enough to me. That’s why I write, more so than I book.

I know some people prefer recapped shows because it’s quicker, it’s easier. I understand that. Sometimes I wish I could just do that and maybe then I’d post more often, but if I did that I’d lose the essence of why I’m here, writing wrestling shows on the internet. It sounds ridiculous, but I don’t want to be the booker because this isn’t just fantasy booking, I could do that anywhere. I could go to the General WWE section and complain that the Nexus angle was terribly booked, say that I’d have done X differently or this. I’m here because in BTB I can describe the crazed look in Wade Barrett’s eyes and it makes a difference to the outcome of the angle. I’m trying to be entertaining, if only a little, in the hope that you all might enjoy the stories I tell, and the way I tell them. I hope to spend my entire life writing for a living; this is just one step of pushing the boat out and praying that someone cares about what stories I have to tell. That’s simple truth.

I don’t believe that being the writer is better or worse than being the booker, I think it’s personal preference. For me, it’s the distinction between being here to discuss and explore wrestling – and wrestling’s flaws – or if it’s bigger than that. For me, it’s not about the final card, or even the shows itself, it’s about the people you create. This isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. As a writer, I want you to enjoy every step of that, even if it’s imagery so miniscule you’ll barely even notice you like it.

Hope I didn’t ramble on too much. Until next time


Be The Booker – The iMac Perspective
“It’s the booking that makes them all worthwhile.”

So, you’ve went and got yourself a thread here in our little corner on the Internet. And now the question is, are you a writer or a booker? Well, if you ask me, if you’re in our forum, you’re a booker first and foremost. And I’ll tell you why.

Now, obviously at some level, we’re all writers. In a way, be it subconscious or not, by simply starting a thread, we’ve all got an interest in creative writing. But if that was all it was, a desire to let simply get your thoughts out in an creative manner, there’s plenty of other genres or forums to present our ideas on. There’s a reason, a fundamental ideal about this crazy thing called wrestling that means we’re more than just writers. And that’s why we’re bookers over anything else.

Wrestling is the perfect blend of action and drama, of sport and art that lends itself so well to writing. But what drives those storylines we all create? What is the ultimate aim of every feud we start? That one, glorious blow off match to end it all. We all enjoy letting loose, engrossing ourselves in the characters to deliver every word of their promos with conviction. But those words, those twists and turns in the plot, they’re mere sizzle to the stake that is the booking of your thread.

When considering my argument about this debate, I thought about a few things that define what being a good booker is all about. And for me, what makes a great booker is using your roster to its fullest ability. And especially when writing WWE or TNA threads, you’re working with characters that are already well defined. A writer can create all kinds of wondrous characters, suitable to their own world. But for me, that’s the easy route. Any writer can make any character in any style they want to simply suit their needs. The real challenge, the real skill in being a booker is taking wrestlers you don’t like or have any desire to use, and use them in an effective manner. It’d be easy to fire every WWE scrub you don’t like, turn John Cena heel in your first episode of Raw, and even bring in your favourite TNA superstar and have him win the Royal Rumble on debut. But one of the real strengths of this forum is its commitment to that sense of realism. And that’s where you need to be a booker. You work with what you’ve been given and make the best of it. It’s easy to book the top end of a card, but taking a lower card afterthought and taking him on a journey to the very top, that’s a real skill. And that’s done with good booking. The build, the key points along the way, the rise in stature and on the card, all that’s done with booking. You can write the greatest promos on earth, but if you follow that up with bad booking, all those pretty words mean not very much.

There’s also the way in which wrestling, and many of us in our threads, build towards gimmick matches. We can write the hate-fuelled promos expressing how much two characters want to tear each other apart. And of course, we all enjoy writing a gimmick match or two to end a feud. But gimmick matches need a reason for them to take place. To quote a recent example, let’s take a look at a match from the curator of this newsletter, 619IDH, and his Triple Threat Match for the AOW Championship. For anyone who’s had the pleasure to read it, you’ll know how emotional a moment it was when Christian Cage won the gold. But why did it tug on the heartstrings in such a way? It was the strength of the booking in the run up to the match. The way Christian was first introduced to the thread speaking of conspiracies, to being proven right in his words, then being removed from the company as Chris Jericho tightened his maniacal grip on AOW. Then there was Christian’s return, his earning a chance at the title, the twist with Shawn Michaels inserting himself in the match, and then finally, that triumphant moment when Christian took the title away from Jericho. By all means 619 is a great writer, a guy who can really use words to convey feelings and emotions in his work. But without good booking and such a strong story, that Christian victory would have been a real anti-climax. It was the booking and the journey to that point that made the payoff so worthwhile.

Or how about the truly epic booking that Szumi used during his feud involving the Four Horsemen and the nWo? Now, I won’t go into the detail of every step of that feud, as it was a pretty long rivalry, but I highly recommend you sit down and read it all if you ever get the chance. But anyone who ever read my BTB Interview with BKB Hulk knows there was one episode of Nitro Szumi wrote in particular that I just loved. This particular episode involved nWo members invading Ric Flair’s house while he was in the arena and attacking his family, leaving an emotionally broken Flair watching it all unfold in the ring. Absolutely there was some great writing on display that night, but it’s the booking that preceded and then followed that night which was so impressive. For much of the feud, the nWo had had the upperhand, running roughshod over the entire company. But Ric Flair led his Four Horsemen colleagues Shawn Michaels and Cal Anderson into a six man battle against Hogan, Hall and Nash at the Sin pay per view. After being oppressed by their foes for so long, the Horseman finally gained the advantage as the gained a much needed victory, cementing Michaels’ status as number one contender to the WCW Championship. And this is where the beauty lies in Szumi’s booking. Having finally scored that big win, the Horsemen were on a high, finally set to put an end to the tyranny of the nWo. There was light at the end of the tunnel, the good guys were all set to finish the bad guys off… and then on the very next Nitro, the heartache happened.

The nWo attacked Flair’s family, and just like that, the good guys were left a broken down mess. Heartache had followed triumph. And just when you thought Szumi had ruined any chance of saving WCW from nWo, there was one final twist left. A War Games Match at Superbrawl to finally settle the score. Having looked like the nWo had forced him out forever, Flair was revealed as the final member of team WCW, and it was he who scored the victory of all victories with the figure four leglock. It was an absolute booking triumph, a real rollercoaster of highs and lows. When you look at it, the nWo had actually suffered two straight defeats on pay per view. But the fact that the nWo were still such a threat, and still so hated by the time War Games rolled around is the real skill in the booking. Seriously, check that thread out if you haven’t already. You’ll be up and down, delighted and disgusted, and it’s all down to the way Szumi booked it.

As I’ve said, by starting a thread, we’re all writers of sorts. We’ve all got ideas and visions that we want to put into words. But for me, at the end of the day, great booking will always top great writing. It’s booking that makes the words we write appealing to others. There is a balance that has to be struck though between being a writer and being a booker. Great writing is of course a true art form, something very few in this forum can truly grasp. But for all the great writing we see, it’s backed up by great booking. For without that structure that takes us through the highs and lows of a wrestling feud, those creative words would be simply that…words. It’s the booking that makes them all worthwhile.

Compelling arguments from both gentlemen, but perhaps we can all heed true the words of Da Wolf Guy himself -

Personally, I don't think you can be successful if you are skilled in one area and not the other. Look at the crowded BTB Hall of Fame - all great bookers with excellent writing ability. Perhaps the argument can be made that booking is essentially more important in this forum - it is be the booker afterall - but it certainly makes it easier to earn acclaim and plaudits if you've got the writing skills to match.
Whoever has won this debate…is up to any and all of you

The 2013 BTB Mega Standings – Mid-Year Edition

First off, I just want to thank everyone to their contribution to the mid-season revival of the BTB Mega Standings. The final tally for the number of votes was an astonishing 17 ballots being cast, nearly double the 9 I was anticipating. To my knowledge, it’s the most participation of any single BTB event in this decade. So pat yourselves on the back for that. But alas, what you really want to pat yourselves for is how you ranked amongst your peers. Well, here they are, you impatient and vain bastards.

Honorable Mentions: JuulDK, Murph, Vault, Jimmy Darmody, CNew2, Gaz., Alec Pure

10. The Fourth Wall – WWE 2014: The Rise and Fall

In his very first Mega Standings, TFW just narrowly breaks into the scene ahead of Juul DK. A newer thread that recently seems to have found its footing, Fourth Wall takes us a year into the future as to what might possibly be the way things are. While he hasn’t written anything ‘breathrough’ as of yet, one of the bigger things in his thread is a very credible attempt to breathe life into the Diva division, which could be something we all need to try and do. With loads of potential, Fourth Wall could be on the way up.

9. Kintaro - WWF 1995: The New Generation

Co-Winner of the Most Underrated Award at last year’s EoY ceremonies, the “Mr. Consistency, Jr.” of the section has already looked to build on his impressive 2012. While Fourth Wall takes us to the future, Kintaro ships us back and takes it old school. Having posted two In Your House shows and a King of the Ring, Kintaro’s recap style shows how rapidly one can move and tell many stories. While he hasn’t been as active of late, he’s almost sure to pick up with his recently coroneted King Bulldog and go headstrong into the next six months

8. ThatWeirdGuy – WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Baaaaaarely making the qualifications on this list with a relevant news posting in this thread (which has since been curiously edited), ThatWeirdGuy springs back to the thread that got him notoriety in the section. While cp extensively went over what makes this guy a perfect candidate to break out with this particular thread, WeirdGuy’s work in his NXT thread earlier this year should not be forgotten. Pushing the Boundaries is, hopefully, back for the long haul after a very impressive Hell in a Cell PPV effort.

7. C3K – C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Another man highlighted in cp’s spotlight earlier, C3K is being highly regarded as one of the ‘hidden gems’ of the section. Still very much under the radar, but with the work he’s pumped out this year, he may not stay that way for very long at all. Everyone knows of his Matt Hardy push, but C3K spends a great deal of attention on his undercard, which, according to iMac above, could make him a wonderful booker to watch for years to come. With many in the section greatly (if somewhat secretly) anticipating The Bash, we may be looking at the Breakout Booker of 2013 if he keeps up.

6. cp954 – WWE 2005: Raising the Bar

The near unanimous Breakout Booker of 2012 has had no problem building off his monumental Summerslam from last year. Further gripping us with the tragic portrayal of Shawn Michaels and the rise of one Ken Kennedy and a great Unforgiven effort on the RAW side may have been enough to make the list, but his work on the Smackdown side with No Mercy is what almost got him to break into the top five. This student of the game was good last year and he’s been great this year. From the looks of it, he’s only gonna get better.


5. Nige™ - WWE: A Strong Response

The sire to Kintaro’s Mr. Consistency Jr. title, Mr. Consistency himself has been on a roll of his own in 2013. A perpetual mainstay in the BTB ‘main event’ scene, Nige could be poised for even further greatness as he gets ready to post his second Wrestlemania – which, to my knowledge, would make him second in ‘Mania posts to some guy named Wolfy. But perhaps even bigger is the notion that Nige will be the first booker to attain Wrestlemania 25 immortality. With many interesting storylines getting ready to intertwine, one of BTB’s longest tenured names prepares for our first 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania that could blow us all out of the water.

4. Melvis – WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Narrowly edging out Nige for the 4 spot, the normally dormant MelvisKnight has been no victim of inactivity in 2013. Taking his Best Match Writer accolade from 2012, Melvis is being true to his thread’s name and giving the spotlight to ‘new’ and previously unappreciated talents, making Melvis potentially one of the best undercard writers on the forum. But don’t sleep on his main event scene. Following an impressive showing by posting Over The Limit, Melvis posted what might be an early candidate for Best Non-PPV with the 2011 Draft show that set the stage for what could be his own twisted take on the Summer of Punk that involved physically threatening Vince McMahon. Get ready, BTB. Methinks a storm is coming…

3. iMac – WWE: The Evolution of Greed

How do you follow up cementing yourself as one of BTB’s elite by posting a Wrestlemania in 2012? You put up Backlash and Judgment Day in the first half of 2013 and keep blowing us away. While Shawn Michaels was his take-home character last year, iMac has summed up his 2013 thus far in two previously underappreciated characters – Chavo Guerrero and Claudio Cesaro. While Cesaro burst into the EoG and BTB lore with a series of matches against WWE Champion Rob Van Dam, it was iMac’s dark spin on Chavo Guerrero that gave us an early candidate for MOTY against Rey Mysterio. With War Games on the horizon after a shocking ending to Judgment Day, the Mac Daddy isn’t gonna slow down any time soon.

2. 619IDH – Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling – The Greatest Affair

Because even breaking 90 points by stuffing ballots, bribing voters, rigging the votes, killing opposition, and posting the potential created fed equivalent of Wrestlemania with The Outer Limits will only get you the #2 spot. *sigh* Still, it’s good to be the King. And hey, wouldn’t ya know it, this is my BTB Mega Standings debut. But I have no shame in falling one rung short against…

1. Wolf Beast – Being the Booker

This clown being on every ballot is no surprise, nor is it a surprise that Wolfy has set a BTB Mega Standings record for most points accumulated with an astonishing 97, thus breaking the mark of 95 set four years ago by his old partner in crime, Szumi. Further reminding us why he is the GOAT, Da Wolf Guy wowed us again with a pair of big PPV postings in Cyber Sunday and Nemesis. From those, we got a pair of potential MOTY candidates in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber and the epic Mask v. Medals encounter between Mysterio and Angle. And that’s not even counting the fact that now he’s just added Bryan Danielson to his ranks. Preparing to wipe the floor with us again as he revs up for Survivor Series, there will always be a reason why the Beast is the fucking best.

Well - that’s a wrap, folks. Big ups this go ‘round to cp who helped me out in a pinch and pumped out a great piece, our always endorsing Mod, Brye, and of course, iMac and Melvis for their absolutely incredible Debate pieces. But again, another huge thank you to everyone who voted in the Mega Standings to make this whole thing as great as it can be. This is King & Curator 619IDH - signing off.


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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Re: The 2013 BTB Newsletter: Summer Blockbuster Edition

Great effort here lads. Props to all of those involved.

I think the Standings are pretty much spot on; no surprise as to who the top five were. I'm just never going to hear the end of this from Calum.
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Re: The 2013 BTB Newsletter: Summer Blockbuster Edition

Was a really good read. I loved the debate part of the Newsletter, it was something new and was a really good read. I would argue which side I'd be on but I'll let someone else start that one As for the standings, no surprise as to who is #1. I'll make it my goal to be part of the end of the year Newsletter! But anyway, good job everyone, hope to see more stuff like this soon

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Re: The 2013 BTB Newsletter: Summer Blockbuster Edition

Major props to 619IDH for pulling this off again, done an excellent job. Really enjoyable read on all fronts, especially the Debate, no surprise with the two involved, great stuff gents.
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Re: The 2013 BTB Newsletter: Summer Blockbuster Edition

Awesome job guys, and congrats to everyone in the Mega Standings Ranking League Table thing. It's always cool to see stuff like this, and I definitely think there's a lot of room in the section for stuff like this to happen more often. Once again, great job to all involved.

For what it's worth, I think I'm leaning more on the side of Melvis despite iMac putting up a better debate. I'm stumped Ignore me.

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Making James Ellsworth GET MY BAGS
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Re: The 2013 BTB Newsletter: Summer Blockbuster Edition

Awesome to see I was included! Thanks to those who voted for me. Been busy lately but working on getting the next part of my BTB up.

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Chopped Liver
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Re: The 2013 BTB Newsletter: Summer Blockbuster Edition

I'd like to thank my famil-


What do you mean "it's not that kind of award"??

Can't help but feel I've stolen the top spot on this occasion from a few more deserving candidates given the nature of my recent recapped shows and a PPV with a bogus finish. However, if you're all dumb enough to give me the votes, I'll happily take the honour.

I don't actually ever remember topping the mega standings before, and I guess there have been other occasions in the past when I thought I perhaps deserved it a little more. So I guess I'll accept it on this occasion and shut up. Maybe I've become the BTB equivalent of The Undertaker & just show up for a brief spell at the vital times each year, taking in all kinds of accolades away from the guys that bust their ass for recognition all year round. :

At least all those fake accounts I made were worth it in the long run

Besides that, I am absolutely delighted that this made a welcome (and surprise) return. Great work all round, and hopefully 'the debate' is a regular feature in newsletters to come. Big pat on the back for 619IDH for putting this shindig together.

EDIT: I have topped them before. My bad.

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Re: The 2013 BTB Newsletter: Summer Blockbuster Edition

Holy shit, I got a mention? Like, actually? Never expected that since my track record for writing is nothing short of abysmal. Don't hold your breath for the WWF thread, updates for it are.... sparse and slow. I would have voted for the mega standings but I don't read enough threads to be eligible to give accurate votes. Good read, nice to see someone contributing to the section.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: The 2013 BTB Newsletter: Summer Blockbuster Edition

o.0 I got an honorable mention. Wasn't expecting that. But this newsletter was a really nice read, some good material from a lot of great writers.

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Re: The 2013 BTB Newsletter: Summer Blockbuster Edition

Shame that Kintaro's thread didn't get higher, guess I should've voted. Anyway, great newsletter.
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