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Re: The Era of Darkness

The Batista promo was pretty darn solid. If anyone can make their threats sound believable it’s a 300 pound Animal that looks like Batista. After the debacle of the Bash though (I don’t care that he was taking on Show, Dave is big and nasty enough to take him on head on), I think he needs to beat RVD in emphatic fashion if he is to remain a believable monster heel.

Beating Carlito was a formality, and while I still think he’ll need to beat RVD convincingly at Summerslam to keep his momentum, it was still a good idea for him to go low in their fight at the end of the show. At this point, I don’t think it would help sell RVD as a threat if he simply got his ass kicked by Batista without something like a cheap low blow for Dave to get the upper hand, especially when he‘s suffering a beat down for the second week in a row. Batista blindsiding RVD last week and cheaply taking him out this week calls for some payback next week. I expect to see a chair wielding Van Dam on Raw - ECW RVD - on Raw next week.

There’s a high number of British themed stables around the section at present, so you’ll need to do something to make them stand out. I know from previous conversations that this is something you’d planned for some time, but still, I’d like to see you do something with this stable to separate them from the BTB crowd. Maybe the eventual recruitment angle with Finlay - I’m assuming this is where it’ll lead - with the Irishman seemingly floundering as of late, could be the way to go. A stable headed by Finlay & Regal?? -

You do seem to love your triple threat matches. Unfortunately, I see the womens title match being nothing but an afterthought at Summerslam, a match that’ll likely be sandwiched between two much bigger matches. Not always a bad thing, but I’d hope some life is injected into the Womens division after the event. You gave me the impetus to put more focus on the womens division in my thread, so I’m confident you have something planned to spark the division into life … but clearly that time isn’t quite yet, as the set up for the triple threat was a little off. Victoria got a shot for walking out on Mickie?

The Vince/Show issue doesn’t feel major league to me, much at all. Like I said to you, Vince appears to be nothing more than a background player since Trips got turned into road kill, and while I accept that the story is being cooled off whilst the focus is on Summerslam, his role recently has been defined down to bit part player. If Shane is running the show, and Trips is out of the picture, what exactly is Vince hanging around for anyway? Just to be threatened by Big Show? I’m probably unfairly judging this angle on my utter disdain for the Big Show character in real life, but it’s not capturing my interest at all. If something on Raw needed a jolt, it’s this issue.

However, the JBL/Punk rivalry is one I’ve enjoyed quite a bit. Being such polar opposites in general makes them natural rivals, and while I think the natural end for the feud is Summerslam, it’s been an enjoyable ride. “I smell like smoke” line is a beauty of a catchphrase, and I always enjoy seeing JBL say it, whilst it was typical JBL to work in a few shoot comments, mocking Punk about his run in the indies.

I was surprised - in a good way - that Bradshaw would admit that one day Punk would be a star, as typically when he was an active wrestler, he’d generally put people down completely. It’s also interesting to look at this feud, with JBL probably on his way down, aiming for one last run at glory, whilst Punk is on the upswing wanting his first taste of glory - it just makes for a pretty compelling story that the WWE dropped the ball on at this same time period.

The Kane/Orton angle also feels like it ran out of steam pretty quick, resorting to a predictable run in already from Orton, and Orton sneak attacking Kane backstage … nothing to get excited about - it wasn’t even a decent beatdown. There was an opportunity here - as there is with such an ‘out there’ character like Kane - to go down a different route, but at this point, this feud feels very … fillerish.

As an aside, didn’t Kane request an Inferno Match last week? Banner says Street Fight.

Get the tag belts on Helms and MVP.

Also, Kennedy (& Punk) beat Cody (& JBL), but you’ve got the winners listed the other way around. Not sure what you’ll do with the Intercontinental Title going into Summerslam, that’s a feud that’s nicely poised, with Kennedy gaining a lot of momentum, and I’m not sure just how high you are on Cody as the champ at this point - but like I said, Summerslam will be the telling outcome. If Cody comes out of that with the belt still in tact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was to go on a long run as champion building some momentum of his own.

The booking thus far is solid, but underwhelming if I’m honest. While it didn’t seem that way initially when reading the show the other day, writing up this feedback just sort of pointed it out to me. You’re rapidly approaching Summerslam, but despite the line up being worthy of the show … a lot of the angles building to it just aren’t capturing enough attention. On Raw that is. Smackdown, to be fair, is building toward the show just fine. Raw needs an injection of something though, and I hope you do have one or two things up your sleeve before the PPV to get the red brand cooking.
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Re: The Era of Darkness

Yeah, it's been a while. Sorry about that. I'll post Smackdown in a few days. In the meantime here's some news and a preview, in case anyone wants some time to read over some shows before the next one arrives.

Quote: – August 17th, 2008
SummerSlam Gets Even Hotter

As if The Hottest Party of The Summer couldn’t get any hotter, has learned some huge news regarding next week’s extravaganza live from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Before SummerSlam goes live on pay-per-view, will host its first-ever pay-per-view Pre-Show, a thirty-minute web-exclusive broadcast that will lead into the main event of SummerSlam. The first of its kind, the SummerSlam Pre-Show will feature exclusive video packages surrounding some of the show’s biggest matches, as well as a special bonus match to help get the festivities underway.

The SummerSlam Pre-Show kicks off at 7:30 PT/4:30 ET, Sunday August 24th.


WWE Smackdown - August 15th, 2008
The Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia

*Last week's broadcast ended in dramatic fashion, with Undertaker being ambushed in a three-on-one assault by Edge, his masked ally, and a 'decoy' masked man. What will Edge have to say on Smackdown two weeks before Hell In A Cell - and just who is 'Sin Bowdee'?

*The road to the World Heavyweight Championship Match at SummerSlam continues - John Cena and Chris Jericho survived a tag team match together last week, despite Chris Jericho showing ever more signs of being uncomfortable at Cena's arrival on Smackdown. What will Eric Bischoff throw at them on this week's episode?

*Last week Kenny Dykstra wrestled the match of his career, albeit unsuccessfully against The Undertaker. Having lost out a World Heavyweight Title match at The Great American Bash and falling short of beating Chris Jericho and Undertaker in consecutive weeks - where does 'The Leading Man' go next?

*The war between Paul Burchill and The Hardys continues, with the announcement last week that at SummerSlam, it'll be Burchill, Miz & John Morrison against The Hardys and a partner for BOTH Burchill's United States title, AND The Hardys' WWE Tag Team Titles. Have the Hardys found their partner yet?

*TWO championships will be defended on Smackdown. Evan Bourne defends the Cruiserweight Championship against Evan Bourne, whilst Natalya defends the Divas Championship against Michelle McCool. Will we see one or two new champions on Friday night, or will both champions hold on to their respective gold?

All this and much more, this Friday night on Smackdown.

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Re: The Era of Darkness

Evan Bourne vs Evan Bourne should be epic.

Probably needs more Bourne though.

Bout time you posted something

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Re: The Era of Darkness

I also cannot wait for Evan Bourne vs Evan Bourne. Such a unique booking idea, looking forward to seeing how you play it out TKOW


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Re: The Era of Darkness

So many smartasses. -.-

I just hope Evan Bourne wins.

About time you wrote something btw.
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Re: The Era of Darkness

It was nearly midnight when I posted that preview you douches.

Anyway, on with the show...

WWE Smackdown: August 15th, 2008
The Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia

The show opens with a reminder of last week’s shocking ending, where Edge – with help from both an impostor “masked man” and the REAL “masked man” – was able to lay out The Undertaker in a three-on-one assault, which was topped off with Edge decimating The Phenom with a Con-Chair-To. The well-produced WWE recap video package fades out from the image of Edge standing tall over his SummerSlam opponent just two weeks before their encounter.

We then cut into the arena where Michael Cole and Matt Striker welcome the audience to the show. Michael Cole immediately condemns Edge’s actions from the previous week and brands The Rated R Superstar “a coward”, whilst Matt Striker, although not over-complimentary, claims that “all is fair in love and war.” Both commentators inform the audience at home that The Undertaker is NOT in attendance on this show, but speculate that it is “highly likely” The Phenom will make an appearance before SummerSlam to seek revenge – and explanation – for the ambush from last week’s episode.

Within moments “Metalingus” plays and the arena fills with boos as EDGE, accompanied by the now-unmasked, “impostor” masked man, heads to the ring. Far more jubilant than in previous weeks, The Rated-R Superstar walks side-by-side with his newfound ally, and as they enter the ring, Michael Cole claims to have “done some research” on “this guy” and says he thinks his name is Sin Bowdee.

“After last week, The Undertaker now knows why I am The Rated R Superstar!” Edge yells out. Quickly skimming back over the last few weeks and recapping how The Undertaker took out “the love of his life” Lita, Edge reveals that it was “bitter sweet” to successfully hatch his hoax against The Undertaker last week. He says that he knows The Undertaker “wasn’t able” to make it here tonight because of him, but then warns The Phenom that when he does return, he’ll be ready. Edge then wraps up his rivalry talk with the line, “Undertaker, at SummerSlam, when you step inside the Hell in a Cell, you won’t be facing the Edge ‘that reeks of awesomeness’ or ‘seduces General Managers’, you’ll be facing the Edge that speared Mick Foley through a flaming table, the Edge that speared Jeff Hardy off a ladder from twenty-feet in the air. Phenom, you’ll be facing The Rated R Superstar.”

“But now, now let’s forget about The Undertaker and let’s talk about this man – my friend – Sin Bowdee”, says Edge. Meanwhile, Bowdee stands beside his “friend”, his head slightly tilted, chuckling to himself for some unknown reason. Before he says any more, The Rated R Superstar claims to know what everyone is thinking: “How would somebody like Edge ever meet someone like Sin Bowdee?” Edge then goes into the history between the two, taking the audience back to their childhood, and mentions that they grew up on the same street. Edge says that Bowdee was “a weird-looking kid who even I thought was a complete wack at first” who usually kept himself to himself and didn’t hang out with the other kids in the neighbourhood. Edge says that whilst all the other boys were playing sports, Bowdee was “getting out his video camera and taping all sorts of weird stuff like flies caught on cobwebs.” Edge says that the ONLY thing they had in common was that one day, when Edge went to a local wrestling event, Bowdee was there too, and after a bit of talking, the rest is history. Edge claims that Bowdee is “misunderstood” and “not the freak that everyone else thinks he is.” The Rated R Superstar places a hand on his friend’s shoulder and says that for years, Bowdee has toiled on the independent circuit, doing what they both love to do but claims now “the time is right for Sin here to be with his friend” on Smackdown. Edge claims that Bowdee will “stick around for a while” on Friday nights and that the two “will work together to make sure that guys like Sin Bowdee have a place on Friday nights, and menaces like The Undertaker are eradicated from this company for good.”

With that, Edge motions to his friend for them to leave the ring, but before they can go anywhere “I’m Back” hits and the Smackdown General Manager ERIC BISCHOFF arrives in the building. His music quickly cuts out as the GM asks The Rated R Superstar, “Going somewhere, are we Edge?”
From the ring Edge says he is and goes to exit through the ropes, but after Bischoff’s line, “I don’t think you are”, The Rated R Superstar thinks twice and looks up at the GM with a look that questions his motives.
“Edge”, Bischoff begins, “last week; you were booked to compete in a tag team match, a match that was MY main event for my first night as General Manager of this show – and you no-showed. I’d expect that kind of behaviour from somebody like Steve Austin, but not you.” The GM goes to continue, but Edge cuts him off:
“Yeah I no-showed Bischoff, why don’t you tell someone who gives a damn?!” The crowd let out a collective “Oooh” at Edge’s response, but The Rated R Superstar isn’t done.
“Get this through your head, BOSS: I’m not just one of the ‘top stars’ on Smackdown – I AM Smackdown. And I don’t care about General Managers or authority figures supposedly ‘telling me’ what to do, I do what I want, WHEN I want. You see Eric, this thing with The Undertaker; it’s not just another rivalry for me. This is the most personal issue I’ve EVER had. So when I plotted my little plan to take out The Deadman last week, the last thing on my mind was wrestling in some little tag match.”

{Michael Cole: Edge, Edge has completely lost his mind.} Bischoff, silent whilst Edge rants, looks down at the entrance stage for a moment, and then turns back to the ring. “Edge, I know you’ve taken one too many chair shot to the head over the years, but if you honestly believe that I have no power over you, then you have truly taken leave of your senses” says the GM. Edge looks to interject, but Bischoff continues. “Let me remind you, Edge, that it was ME who put you in a Hell in a Cell at SummerSlam, so if you refuse any more direct orders from me, not only can I REMOVE you from your chance to end your blood-feud with Undertaker, I can do a whole lot more.”

Then, Bischoff throws down the punch line. "Edge, if you continually refuse to do what I say, I can make sure that you NEVER compete for your precious World Heavyweight Championship ever again.” The GM lets out an almighty smirk as Edge tugs at his blonde blocks whilst Bowdee claws against his own cranium with his nails. “And if that were to happen, Edge, although it would be a shame – I couldn’t see myself hanging on to a superstar who would be practically worthless for long.” Put in his place, Edge can only mutter to Bowdee beside him before Bischoff begins to wrap up. “Well then. Tonight, Edge, you WILL compete. As for your “friend”, no matter what YOU say, Edge, Mr. Bowdee there isn’t signed to an official Smackdown contract. However, I’m a fair man, and I know an opportunity to create cash when I see one. So next week, live here on Smackdown, I’ll give Sin Bowdee a chance to earn a contract on a match...against THE UNDERTAKER!” The crowd let out a roar, Bowdee giggles to himself like a madman, but Edge shakes his head and tells his friend “not to worry” because “he’ll be there.” With that, Bischoff quietly leaves the entrance stage and we fade away from the scene as Edge continues to talk to Sin Bowdee, who is still giggling after finding out he gets to face The Undertaker for an official contract next week.

A quick cut backstage shows MATT HARDY, accompanied by his brother JEFF, dressed to compete, making their way down a hallway, no doubt heading to the ring, before we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, WWE Tag Team Champs The Hardys have already entered the arena, and now it is JOHN MORRISON, accompanied by THE MIZ, who makes his way to the ring. We get a quick reminder from Cole and Striker of the prior week, where Miz and Morrison didn’t get their WWE Tag Team titles back, but that they will have the opportunity to at SummerSlam when they team with Paul Burchill to take on The Hardys and a partner of their choosing for BOTH the WWE Tag Team and United States titles.

MATCH 1 - MATT HARDY (w/Jeff) vs. JOHN MORRISON (w/The Miz)
So in the opening bout of the night, it’s Matt Hardy one-on-one against John Morrison, with their respective partners at ringside. Although Hardy takes the initial lead in the match with his greater technical ability, once Morrison can break out of the chain of shoulder blocks and headlock takedowns, he begins to utilise his speed and offence to take the fight to Hardy. Morrison goes for the pin numerous times, and gets close to a three after hitting his signature Corkscrew neckbreaker off of the second rope, but Matt Hardy ‘refuses to die’ and kicks out.

Eventually, Matt gets a break back into the match when Morrison goes up top for some sort of aerial attack, but gets caught on arrival with a Side Effect. From there, the one half of the Tag Champions is quick to mount a comeback, and it isn’t long before Matt knocks Morrison down and then gets a near fall with the Top Rope Leg drop. When he signals for the Twist of Fate, The Miz tries to cause a distraction, but Jeff Hardy counters by running around the ring and tackling Miz to the ground. With his ringside ally unavailable, Morrison goes for a Springboard Roundhouse kick off the ropes but fails to connect, after which Matt Hardy follows up with a Twist of Fate and picks up the pinfall win @ approx. 9 minutes.


Almost as soon as he reaches his feet, Matt is blasted from behind – yet again, by PAUL BURCHILL. The crowd boo with ferocity at the United States Champion as he relentlessly clobbers his rival on the mat, who in turn desperately tries to cover up. Having been preoccupied with The Miz outside, Jeff Hardy now slides into the ring to aid his brother and LUNGES himself at Burchill, CHOKING The Ripper from behind with a sleeper hold – but Morrison then gets back up, and with some help from The Shaman; Burchill quickly gets Jeff off his back. Once Miz is up too, a three-on-one attack begins as Michael Cole calls for help...

***BOOYAKA 619***

The crowd go wild as the familiar theme tune hits out of nowhere, everyone looks up at the entrance stage – and – IT IS, the returning, REY MYSTERIO!!! With no time to lose, Mysterio darts down to the ring, slides inside the squared circle, and instantly runs at John Morrison with a Hurricanrana that sends The A-Lister flying out of the ring! Mysterio then jumps on Miz as The Hardys works on Burchill. After Matt Hardy knocks the US Champion from the ring, Morrison is unfortunately the one to suffer the comeback move, as Mysterio gets The Shaman of Sexy set up on the middle rope – AND LANDS THE 619!!!

The crowd LAP IT UP as Miz and Morrison gather on the ramp, whilst Burchill stands a few steps further behind them, looking back at the trio in the ring. With a microphone Matt Hardy then speaks:
“With regards to our partner at SummerSlam – we knew we needed to find somebody who could fly high with us, somebody who could go to the extreme with us. So ladies and gentlemen, our partner at SummerSlam is this man, The Master of the 619, REY MYSTERIO!”

Mysterio’s music hits again and the staredown before the two teams continues. On commentary Michael Cole is beside himself, whilst Matt Striker claims that “Rey Mysterio has made himself some dangerous enemies by involving himself in The Hardys’ business.” As the two sides continue their stare down, it doesn’t take the WWE production team very long to flash up this graphic on the big screen.

Backstage, Eve Torres catches up with CHAVO GUERRERO before his Cruiserweight Championship match later in the night. Eve asks Chavo for his thoughts after last week’s show, where he was able to knock off Jamie Noble to earn his title match, but then lost out in the main event when he teamed with Burchill against John Cena and Chris Jericho.
Chavo is quick to put all the blame on the fact that he had to wrestle two matches for his defeat AND his partner walked out on him, but then quickly brushes past the subject and turns his attention to Evan Bourne. Chavo reminds Eve that he is a former six-time Cruiserweight Champion and claims that his seventh title run will begin later in the night. Chavo then focuses in on Evan Bourne and says that “of the six wrestlers I previously beat to become Cruiserweight Champion, all were still more worthy of holding the title than Evan Bourne.” Chavo dismisses the fact that Bourne won the returning title in a battle royal and claims that “to be champion doesn’t mean you get lucky in a battle royal, it’s to prove you’re the best by beating everybody else.” Chavo claims to have already beaten “every Cruiserweight that there is to beat”, INCLUDING Evan Bourne three weeks ago, and tops off the rant by saying, “Eve, taking the Cruiserweight Championship from Evan Bourne tonight is nothing more than a formality.”

Elsewhere, we cut to a locker room where THE HARDYS and REY MYSTERIO now sit. The three high-fliers discuss what happened at the start of the show, and The Hardys welcome Rey back to Smackdown and thank him for being their partner at SummerSlam. To cut the butt-kissing short, however, Matt Hardy throws his allies off by addressing a matter.
“Guys, as you both now, the rules at SummerSlam are simple. If we win at SummerSlam, Jeff and I retain the tag titles, and the guy who gets the pinfall or submission becomes the United States Champion. So I just want to make sure with both of you right now, that if Paul Burchill is in the ring, you’ll tag me in.” At this point Jeff and Rey both glance at each other, but then turn back to Matt.
“You really need to ask me that?” asks Jeff, whilst Rey says nothing. As the two brothers stare at each other and tension fills the room Rey, who has been sitting on a chair, gets to his feet.
“Listen Matt, don’t worry. I am a proud man and a wrestler, and I want to win a championship any time I’m in a title match. But on this occasion, I know this thing between you and Burchill is personal.” Matt thanks Rey and the two shake hands. Rey turns to Jeff, shakes his hand too, and then leaves the room quickly.
“The only reason I said that is because I know you want to get your hands on Burchill as much as I do, Jeff. Jeff-” starts Matt Hardy, but he can say no more as Jeff Hardy puts his hands up, grabs his WWE Tag Team Championship belt, and leaves the room.

Next, it’s time for action once more. This time, the WWE Cruiserweight Championship is up for grabs as Evan Bourne defends against Chavo Guerrero. The match starts off with Chavo basically doing a “Triple H @ WrestleMania 22” and outwrestling Evan Bourne. On several occasions, Chavo trips up Bourne or takes him down to the mat and then gloats about it, with several smarks at ringside choosing to side with The Mexican Warrior. Choosing to use the same strategy he used to beat Jamie Noble the week prior, Chavo works the leg, knowing full well Bourne needs full use of both to successfully hit his Shooting Star Press. So as we go to another commercial break, Chavo has just wrapped the leg of Bourne around the ringpost and slammed it against the instrument several times.

When we return from the break Chavo’s attack continues as he works the leg inside the ring, now with a single-leg crab applied on Bourne. When the current champion manages to break free, Chavo tries to bring him back to the centre of the ring, but Bourne kicks him away with his good leg. Bourne then hobbles up to a vertical base and begins to mount a comeback, and with the crowd’s support, somehow finds the strength to execute a few of his high-offense moves, albeit without full effect. Bourne knows he is in serious jeopardy and having grounded Chavo rushes to the top rope, but it isn’t enough and The Mexican is able to get up and knock Bourne off of the rope. With momentum back on his side, Chavo again gets cocky. He sets Bourne up in a Piledriver position, perhaps for the Gory Bomb, but as he hoists the champion up, Bourne is able to roll behind Chavo and bring him down to the mat for a pin, and gets a surprise win @ approx. 10 minutes to retain the Cruiserweight Championship.


As Evan Bourne’s music hits and the champion celebrates his win Chavo argues with the referee, claiming “a fast count”, and insists there was “no way” Bourne could’ve pinned him. Nonetheless, Chavo continues to handle the loss badly as Evan Bourne begins to head up the ramp with his title belt. From the ramp, Bourne taunts Chavo by holding up his championship, whilst Chavo mouths some trash talk at Bourne and claims that Bourne “got lucky, again.”

Next, it’s another locker room. JOHN CENA is lacing up his sneakers {Because hey, it’s a wrestling program, and even though we don’t know they’re wrestling yet guys always seem to be lacing up their boots in the backstage area.} The sight of Cena draws a mixed reaction from the live crowd, but within moments in walks World Heavyweight Champion CHRIS JERICHO, who gets even more of a mixed reaction upon arrival. The SummerSlam opponents take a LONG pause to simply stare each other down, with no words spoken. Finally, the silence is broken by Cena.
“ got something you want to say to me?” asks Cena, to which Jericho takes yet another pause and looks down at the title belt on his shoulder before he responds.
“The next time you and I are a tag team, I’d appreciate a little more teamwork and a little less showmanship on your part. So there, that’s what I had to say.” With that simple, one line Jericho turns to leave but Cena stops him in his tracks.
“Wait wait, that’s it? {Jericho again turns to leave} No don’t walk off; you’re not the only one who’s got something to say. First of all Chris, I don’t know what match you were watchin’, but in that tag match, it was ME who got OUR team the win, so feel free to thank me anytime. But besides that, you, YOU of all people, are lecturing ME about showmanship during a match? Really? Y-2-J? Ayatollah? Sexy Beast?”

Challenger and champion now stand face-to-face, eye-to-eye, with mere inches of air between them, one dead serious, the other with a big smirk. Again, the uncharacteristically quiet Jericho does not immediately fire a comic line back at his challenger. But then, the champ throws his response out.
“Make no mistake, Cena. Entertainer, showman aside, I’m a wrestler. Ever since I was a kid and I laid my eyes on Stampede Wrestling in my grandmother’s basement, I knew what I would become, a wrestler, and more importantly, the best wrestler in the world. So don’t think you’ve got it easy at SummerSlam because you’re against Y2J or The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla. When that bell sounds, you’re wrestling Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship. So I suggest you drop the act and get serious, because this is isn’t 2005, and you’re NOT the champion anymore. Now, I am the one with title gold, and-”

“-Well it might not be 2005, but Eric Bischoff is still the man around here!” cries out, unsurprisingly, the voice of ERIC BISCHOFF, who walks into the scene. Both Cena and Jericho look miffed at the arrival of Bischoff, but the GM doesn’t show any sign that he cares.
“Congratulations, gentlemen. You got past the first hurdle. But now, it’s time for our next stop on the road to SummerSlam. We now know that you can work together – but can you trust each other? Well we’ll find out later on...because tonight, John Cena, you’ll be in action. And choosing your opponent...will be... {points at Jericho} you, Chris Jericho!” The pot-stirring Bischoff grins at himself, and then leaves the two rivals to continue to absorb his little announcement. But before he leaves, Bischoff suddenly acts like he’s “remembered” something, and makes one final decree. “Oh – and by the way – there’s going to be a special guest referee for that match – and that guest referee, is the World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho!” Now, Bischoff takes his leave, and soon after Chris Jericho – now the one with the smirk, as opposed to Cena’s newfound grimace – leaves the room as well.

Back from the ad break, one HARRY SMITH, “The Canadian Bulldog” is already in the ring. With a microphone in hand, Smith cuts a very quick promo, merely consisting of a summary of how Santino Marella and Chuck Palumbo have caused him grief over the past few weeks, but that he is still undefeated on Smackdown. Smith says he’s had piece of both, but now, he wants to challenge both to a match.

The crowd don’t react well to Smith basically wishing upon a Handicap match, but within seconds “La Vittoria E Mia” hits and SANTINO MARELLA & CHUCK PALUMBO walk through the curtain. Hardly able to contain his laughter, Santino calls Smith “stupido”, and then accepts the challenge to a match. Santino then strides down confidently to the ring as Chuck Palumbo casually strolls behind him.

It’s one-on-tag rules, so it’s no surprise that Marella lets the Chuck Palumbo do all the work before he calls for the tag. Palumbo is more aggressive in this match than in any of his previous encounters with Smith and wears down The Canadian Bulldog in the early going. Yet when Marella gets in the ring, his cockiness and general clumsiness allows Smith to get back into the match. Smith begins to fire up and the crowd behind him as he begins to drop Santino with a big-time suplex, and then hits a few scoop slams and elbows. Smith makes sure to knock Palumbo off the apron before he stalks Santino for the Oklahoma Slam. Smith is able to hit the move, but before he can get the pin, Palumbo gets back in the ring and pummels his opponent. The referee warns Palumbo to leave, but he doesn’t care and neither does Santino as the duo then double-team Smith, causing a DQ @ approx. 5 minutes.

Smith tries to fight both off, but a Jungle (Super) Kick from Palumbo takes The Canadian Bulldog out. For the third week in a row Palumbo and Marella double-team Smith, but now things look to take a turn for the worse as Santino grabs a steel chair from ringside. When he returns to the ring, Palumbo drags Smith up to his feet as Marella taunts The Canadian Bulldog, soaking in the moment...

...But before he can go any further, a few scattered cheers break out as somebody runs down to the ring, jumps up onto the apron and then springboards into the ring, taking down Palumbo with a dropkick!!

{Michael Cole: I, I know this guy, that’s TJ WILSON from FCW!}

The crowd in Norfolk love it as Palumbo rolls out of the ring and Santino looks flabbergasted at the arrival of this new-found foe. Santino stupidly swings the chair at Wilson, who ducks, and causes Santino to hit the top rope and smack himself back in the face with the chair! Laughter echoes throughout the arena as Santino bounces back toward Wilson, who drops Santino to the mat, AND SLAPS THE SHARPSHOOTER ON MARELLA!!! Squealing like a baby Marella taps out immediately as Harry Smith rushes over to the ropes and knocks Chuck Palumbo, who tries to help his partner, back off of the apron. Having made his point, Wilson then breaks the Sharpshooter and rolls Marella out of the ring with his foot. As Marella and Palumbo head for the hills, “Rule Britannia Remix” hits again and Wilson and Smith embrace, bringing a smile to everyone in the audience. Michael Cole predicts that “Harry Smith’s troubles may be over” now that TJ Wilson is here on Smackdown.

Monday Night RAW 08-11-08 Recap Video Package

The words “LAST WEEK” fade in against a black screen.

Batista: First and foremost, R – V – D – I accept your challenge for SummerSlam.

The crowd cheer, but is it only brief, as Batista continues.

Batista: That is, if you can even make it to SummerSlam. See last week; that was just a taste of what I’m going to do to you if you face me on August Twenty Fourth.

The Hampton Coliseum fills with boos once more, but the WWE Champion doesn’t even bat an eyelid at the reaction.

Batista: I told you months ago, Rob; that this world is a nasty, dangerous place, and if you cross the wrong people, you’re going to get hurt. I thought you’d have taken the beating I gave you at Vengeance as notice to take your leave, but obviously you still haven’t fully absorbed everything I’ve said. So if you do manage to recover from what I did to you last week, and you still want this match at SummerSlam, don’t think for one second that you’re going to take the WWE Championship away from me. If this match is going to happen, what happened at Vengeance is going to pale in comparison to what I do at SummerSlam.

Heat again fills the arena at Batista’s threats, but the Animal still doesn’t react to the crowd’s hostility. Instead, he now leans in to the camera and addresses his next sentence directly to RVD.

Batista: Rob, you can kill yourself trying. But you won’t – you can’t – beat me. (Pause) I’m going to hurt you Rob. I’m going to hurt you worse than anything you’ve ever experienced in your life. And this time – you won’t have the option of coming back.

[COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]Fade out to black screen. Now the words “LATER THAT NIGHT...” fade in before the next footage.[/color]

DiBiase Jnr. is flattened, his father’s still on the apron, Van Dam’s had enough, he runs over, BAM, a right hand knocks DiBiase’s daddy off the apron at last, Van Dam heads up the ropes, he gets ready, he sets up, AND YES – VAN DAM NAILS THE FIVE-STAR FROG SPLASH!! Mr. Monday Night makes the cover and the crowd join in the count: ONE, TWO, AND A THREE!!!

Winner via pinfall: Rob Van Dam.

Van Dam wins – and Ted DiBiase Jnr. suffers his first loss in WWE! “One Of A Kind” hits the PA system and JR goes mad on commentary, screaming, “VAN DAM, VAN DAM, VAN DAM”, as Mr. Monday Night gets to his feet and gets a moment to celebrate. Jerry Lawler says that was an “impressive” victory, and JR then asks, “WILL ROB VAN DAM BE THE NEXT DUBYA DUBYA ‘E CHAMPION?”



Right on cue, the celebration is crashed, and HUGE heat echoes throughout the building as the WWE Champion BATISTA enters the arena for the second time on this night. Van Dam’s gaze instantly turns to the entrance stage, of course, as Batista, with the championship belt slung over his shoulder, STORMS down the entrance ramp. Ted DiBiase Jnr. quietly rolls out of the ring as Batista slides in and comes FACE-to-FACE with his arch-nemesis, Van Dam...

The two bitter foes, Batista and RVD, WWE Champion and number one contender, stare a hole through one another...



AND BATISTA FIRES THE OPENING SHOT! HAMPTON LOSES ITS NUT as Batista and Van Dam lay into each other, beating the holy HELL out of each, lefts, rights, who cares, they fire EVERYTHING THEY’VE GOT at each other – and it’s Van Dam who gains the upper hand!

Van Dam backs The Animal into a corner, he beats the crap out of the champion, and has him reeling! Van Dam, the normally so-laid back, fair-is-fair Rob Van Dam, without a second thought, grabs The Animal’s WWE Championship belt. With revenge on his mind, Van Dam storms toward Batista –


The title belt is dropped as Van Dam falls to his knees in agony. The Animal takes a moment to stand over his rival, watches as he tries to pull himself up – but instead, hooks him up – AND HITS A SICK BATISTA BOMB – ONTO THE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!!! For the second week in a row, Van Dam picks up a hard-fought victory, and Batista comes out to pick the bones. The number one contender lies on his back, lies out, cold, broken, and The Animal stands tall, with his WWE Championship safely in his possession...

“GOOD GOD, VAN DAM’S BEEN DESTROYED, AGAIN...” Monday Night Raw fades to black.
Following the video package, Michael Cole and Matt Striker discuss what they have just seen and how the Batista/Rob Van Dam feud has been developing. They then also mention another development we saw on RAW, which was this announcement:

Cole and Striker hype the fact that Stephanie is returning, but much like Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler on RAW, question just exactly why Stephanie is returning to the WWE.

Back to Smackdown matters, we have a brief shot backstage that shows one KENNY DYKSTRA, with his blue and silver trunks and white headband with the words ‘My World’ written on it, headed down a hallway. Michael Cole then reveals that apparently we are going to hear something from Kenny, as well as see him compete, next!

As we return from the break Kenny is already in the ring. Amidst boos from the crowd, Dykstra grabs a mic from ringside and prepares to talk, but first waits for the audience to grow quiet. Kenny says that last week, he had “the match of his career” when he faced The Undertaker in singles competition. He says he gave The Deadman “everything he had”, but that in the end, it just wasn’t enough to pick up a victory.
“Nonetheless”, says The Leading Man, “my performance in the main event last week was Oscar-worthy. In the WWE world, that equates to being World Heavyweight Championship-worthy.” Kenny continues to put himself over as “The Leading Man” on Smackdown, the face of the brand, and says that the ONLY reason he didn’t beat Undertaker “was because of those jealous ‘extras’, Kendrick and London” distracting him earlier in the night. Kenny goes as far as to say that Eric Bischoff HAS to make him the #1 contender to the winner of the Cena/Jericho title match after SummerSlam, and then claims that if he doesn’t, “it’d be like not casting Hugh Jackman as Wolverine!”

Michael Cole: ...Did he just compare himself to HUGH JACKMAN?

But before Kenny can go on any further with his rant...

“SOS” hits and one KOFI KINGSTON enters the building. Kofi slaps the hands of a few ringside fans and then makes his way to the ring to get set for singles competition.

The match is pretty much a rinse and repeat of their encounter from two weeks prior, although Kofi does seem more aggressive this time around. The Jamaican Sensation kicks off the bout, and utilises his speed and agility to get several near falls on Kenny, but doesn’t seem to keep him down for the three. Dykstra shows he’s no slouch, however, when he is able to knock Kofi off the top apron and take control of the match several minutes in. The finish sees Kenny prepare to hit Kofi with the Sky High Leg drop, but Kofi is able to move out of the way. As Kenny then thinks about hitting his other finisher, the rolling cutter, LONDON & KENDRICK appear at the entrance stage to watch the match unfold. Distracted by their arrival Kenny wastes time bickering needlessly, which then causes him to turn around into the Trouble in Paradise, and allow Kofi Kingston to pick up the win @ approx 7 minutes.

After the match, as Kofi celebrates his win and The Hooligans applaud him from the entrance stage, Dykstra throws a massive temper tantrum inside the ring. Matt Striker condemns London & Kendrick for ‘costing’ Kenny the match, whilst babyface Michael Cole claims that Kenny should’ve stayed focused rather than waste time yelling obscenities up at the pair.

SmackDown Promotional Video Package

After the promotional video package airs, Cole and Striker briefly discuss the return of “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters to Smackdown, and wonder what impact he will have on Friday nights upon arrival.

Next, it’s time for another interview as we head backstage to find Josh Matthews stood by with Divas Champion NATALYA NEIDHART. Matthews asks Natalya about her upcoming title defence against Michelle McCool, to which the Divas Champion says that she feels “more than ready” to take on Michelle again. Natalya reminds us that she was the one who walked out of The Great American Bash as the first-ever Divas Champion, not Michelle, and then predicts the same result for later tonight.
But before Matthews can ask anything else, we’re cut off as voices are heard in the background. Both Matthews and Natalya look over, and the camera turns to reveal HARRY SMITH & TJ WILSON walking down the hallway, in discussion, about to walk past the interview set. When they see Natalya, she smiles back at them. Wilson walks over and kisses her, and then the three begin to chat as Matthews walks out of the shot to leave them to it, with his interview apparently over.

Backstage, SHANNON MOORE talks with JIMMY WANG YANG in a hallway. The almost-forgotten tag team are seen for about three seconds before PAUL BURCHILL suddenly bursts onto the scene, and attacks both men! Having knocked Yang to the floor, Burchill focuses his attack on Shannon Moore, beating the hell out of Moore with kicks and punches. Yang gets back up and tries to help his friend, but The Ripper grabs the Korean wrestler and SLAMS HIS HEAD AGAINST A CONCRETE WALL!!

With Yang taken out, Burchill turns his attention back to Moore – AND APPLIES THE FUJIWARA ARMBAR TO MOORE!!! The Royal Mutilation is applied and Moore screams out in pain as Burchill looks to LITERALLY rip Moore’s arm out of its socket!!
Suddenly, a bunch of officials burst onto the scene and try to pull the United States Champion off of Shannon Moore. As Burchill is forced out of the attack by about six or so officials, a couple of medics tend to Yang and Moore. The camera focuses in on the officials with Moore, as one tells another, “I think he broke his arm.”
{Michael Cole: Is this some kind of sick message by Burchill to The Hardys?}

As the medics continue to tend to Yang and Moore, back in the arena “Not Enough for Me” plays and the crowd warmly welcome The All-American Diva MICHELLE MCCOOL. Shortly after Divas Champion NATALYA NEIDHART makes her entrance and we are set for the next match of the night.

The fifth match of the night, Michelle McCool vs. Natalya Neidhart for the WWE Divas Championship, is the shortest of the evening. Although many would think Natalya would dominate this match, McCool more than holds her own, and as the end approaches, looks to put the champion away and take the title. Natalya’s failure to apply the Sharpshooter proves costly as seconds later McCool is back up and plants an incoming Natalya with a belly-to-belly suplex. A little more offence, and McCool is ready to hit the Wings of Love facebuster finisher. Unfortunately for Michelle, she lifts Natalya in the air, but Neidhart is then able to land back on her feet, grabs the legs of McCool, and jump over to pin McCool with a Jackknife cover, and gets the 1-2-3 @ approx. 5 minutes.

After the match, the referee hands Natalya her championship and the Divas Champion proudly shows off her title belt for all to see. McCool, stunned by the clean loss, gets to her feet and watches Natalya celebrate - at first. But then, when Natalya climbs back from a turnbuckle and smirks at Michelle, The All-American Diva viciously kicks Natalya in the gut, and then plants her with the Wings of Love!
Michelle’s actions draw a strong mixed reaction from the crowd, leaning toward boos, before she takes her leave and walks up the ramp in a huff.

Backstage, we get another shot of someone walking down a corridor. {Sorry} This time, it’s World Heavyweight Champion CHRIS JERICHO – dressed in wrestling tights and a referee’s shirt. Cole and Striker speculate who Jericho has chosen as Cena’s opponent for their match – which is next!

As we return from the ads, we see CHRIS JERICHO has already made his entrance to the ring. Jericho’s music continues to play as the reigning World Heavyweight Champion greets the fans at ringside and awaits the competitors for this next match.

Unsurprisingly “My Time is Now” plays and it’s the usual mixed reaction for JOHN CENA, number one contender to the World Title. Cena makes a beeline for the ring and throws his hat and t-shirt out to the crowd, and then starts warming up for his match.

There is an awkward silence as Cena’s opponent doesn’t immediately come out. Cena and Jericho share an uneasy look, before Cena paces from rope-to-rope and Jericho rests against. As Cena awaits his opponent to appear after such a long pause, he glances at Jericho.

{Haven’t you worked it out yet?}


The crowd boo like mad as The Rated R Superstar EDGE makes his second appearance of the night – this time, for a match, as promised by Eric Bischoff – but also as Chris Jericho’s pick for John Cena’s opponent! As Edge sets off his pyros and makes his way to the squared circle, Cena smirks at Jericho, perhaps not surprised that Jericho has chosen of his greatest rivals of all time as his opponent. Edge’s ally, Sin Bowdee, is absent – and Michael Cole explains that Eric Bischoff has ordered Bowdee out of the building and off of Smackdown, until he earns his contract.

Alone, Edge enters the ring and comes face-to-face with Cena. The former long-time rivals take a moment to stare each other down whilst World Champion Chris Jericho simply observes. Suddenly, Edge launches a right-hand at Cena, who fires back, Jericho calls for the bell, and it is GO TIME!

MAIN EVENT - EDGE VS. JOHN CENA (World Champion CHRIS JERICHO is the Special Guest Referee)
So there we have it, the main event is set, both men are in action, it’s Edge vs. John Cena, and Chris Jericho is the special guest referee. The match kicks off fast and furious as the two hated rivals continue to fire right hands at one another. Cena gets the upper hand, tosses Edge to the ropes, who reverses, but Cena then counters that with a running tackle. Cena continues to power full-steam ahead against The Rated R Superstar as he picks him up, slams his head against the turnbuckle, and then rocks his opponent with punch after punch in the corner. Cena continues to toss Edge all over the ring for the next minute or so and makes sure Jericho sees it all, sending a message to his SummerSlam opponent. To escape the assault, upon being thrown to the ropes Edge tugs them tightly and escapes the ring under the bottom rope.

Cena follows him out, which then allows The Ultimate Opportunist to attack Cena and toss him into the steel steps. As referee Jericho begins to count, Edge smirks at the World Champion and continues to use the outside advantage, slamming Cena’s head into the steel steps, and then pummelling his foe against the barricade. At the count of eight Edge rolls back into the ring, and then rolls back out instantly to continue his attack.

Edge leads Cena over to the announce table where he again slams his opponent’s face into the chosen object. Edge tries it again, but Cena blocks it, elbows Edge in the gut, and then takes his turn to slam Edge’s head against something. Edge’s head bounces off of the announce table, but as Cena takes a moment to breathe, referee Jericho reminds him of the count. Cena takes a moment to argue with Jericho, which proves to be a big mistake as Edge grabs Cena from behind – EDGE O MATIC, ONTO THE FLOOR!!! Chris Jericho looks on with concern and breaks his count for a moment as Edge takes a moment to stand over Cena with a sick, twisted smirk on his face. {Michael Cole: Can Cena get back in this match when we return?}

After the break, both men have made it back into the ring, and Edge has Cena trapped in a rest hold. A quick clip shows how during the break, Edge rolled Cena back into the ring, Cena tried to fight back, but Edge quickly knocked him down again and applied the current rest hold. Back to the current action; Edge maintains control over the next few minutes. Before Cena can break out of the rest hold, Edge uses a knee to hit Cena in the gut, and then forces his opponent into the corner. Edge chokes Cena with two hands, which referee Chris Jericho immediately flags up and orders Edge to break. Jericho DOESN'T disqualify Edge, but he does pull The Rated R Superstar off of Cena and now, Edge and Jericho have a stare off as Y2J warns of a potential disqualification.

Edge turns back to Cena, but The C-Nation Leader grabs Edge, throws him into the corner, and unloads on The Ultimate Opportunist! The fans quickly rally behind Cena as he throws lefts and rights at Edge’s face, chest and abdomen. Now it is Cena who has Edge trapped in the corner, and so again, after counting to four, Jericho has to intervene – and pulls Cena out of the corner! The crowd let out an “Oooh” in anticipation as Jericho has to repeat his warning to Cena and tugs at his own t-shirt to make his point. As the two argue, Edge goes to clobber Cena – who dodges it – and Edge knocks Jericho, sending the referee through the ropes and out of the ring! Edge doesn’t show an ounce of remorse as he shrugs his shoulders and turns back to Cena, but Cena, with a kick to the gut, then grabs Edge and hits a big Fisherman’s suplex!

The match suddenly kicks into a higher gear as both men get back up, but it’s Cena who leads – with a running clothesline. The usual mixed reaction breaks out as the Five Moves of Doom become unleashed, and moments later, Cena has Edge down on the mat. Cena signals to the crowd, comes back in, and drops the Five Knuckle Shuffle on The Rated R Superstar. As he then stalks his opponent for the F-U, Cena also keeps an eye on Jericho, who now begins to come to on the outside. Cena calls out to check on Y2J, turns back to Edge, hoists him up, F-U time – NO – Edge breaks free, and nails Cena with a HUGE low-blow from behind! HUGE heat pours in on The Rated R Superstar, who now covers Cena as Jericho, now recovered, slides back into the ring, not having seen the low-blow, and makes the count, one, two, BUT CENA KICKS OUT BEFORE THREE!

Furious at the kickout Edge argues with Jericho, who does well not to lose his temper, especially after already being hit (albeit unintentionally) by Edge moments prior. Nonetheless, Edge pounds away at Cena with a few rights, and then backs into a corner. The crowd try to warn Cena with chants of “SPEAR”, but The C-Nation Leader is seemingly oblivious.

Cena gets up, Edge charges forward – BUT CENA LEADS EDGE INTO THE CORNER! Edge’s shoulder collides with the second turnbuckle, as Cena now the one to do the stalking. Edge comes out of the corner, Cena sets him up, another F-U attempt – BUT EDGE GRABS CHRIS JERICHO’S SHIRT BY THE COLLAR! Jericho breaks Edge off of him, CENA HITS THE F-U, goes for the cover...but referee Jericho DOESN’T make the count, and tells Cena he’s going to disqualify Edge!! Jericho turns to call for the bell, but as he raises his arm, IT’S GRABBED BY CENA – who spins Jericho around, and asks him, “What the hell are you doing?”

Jericho explains Edge’s antics, but Cena says, “No, I got him beat, make the count!” The two continue to argue feverishly as Edge stirs behind them.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” yells Jericho, “I call the match”, then points in Cena’s chest, “Not you!” Another “Oooh!” from the crowd as Cena looks down, trying not to lose his cool...

...But Cena CAN’T...he looks up – AND SLAPS JERICHO SQUARE IN THE FACE!!! STUNNED, Jericho holds his cheek and stares at Cena, not sure how to react, what to do, as Cena turns back round – INTO A SPEAR!!! EDGE HITS THE SPEAR ON CENA!!! The Ultimate Opportunist strikes again! Edge pins his opponent as Jericho, shocked at what has just occurred, grinds his teeth, but has to make the count as he never called for the DQ, he counts one

– and two –

and THREE!!! Edge pins Cena @ approx. 18 minutes.


EDGE HAS SHOCKED THE WORLD! “Metalingus” plays again as The Rated R Superstar quickly rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp with no desire to stick around the ring. Cole and Striker bicker about the finish as Edge continues to walk up the entrance ramp, a grin upon his face, knowing that not only has he gotten the best of a man he despises, but that his nemesis, The Undertaker, is nowhere to be found to ruin his celebration.

Back inside the ring; Chris Jericho leans against the corner, hands against the back of his head, eyes closed. The World Heavyweight Champion then watches as John Cena tries to pull himself up from the mat.

As the SummerSlam challenger begins to come to, Jericho brushes his hand across his mouth in thought, and then walks over to help the man up. Jericho zones in on Cena-



A HUGE mixed reaction of cheers and boos, applause and thumbs down break out as Cena, with NO smile, no trash talk, and no sympathy or pity, stares down at Y2J. Cena then looks out at the crowd, listens to the mixed bag of responses that he is receiving, and then turns back to the World Champion – and tells him, “You can’t see me!” – and performs his ‘U Can’t See Me’ gesture! “My Time is Now” hits again as Cena stands tall over Jericho, whilst Jericho’s World Heavyweight Championship belt glistens on the mat. Cena’s music continues to play as Michael Cole and Matt Striker wrap things up...

{Michael Cole: The first shot has been fired! Edge may have picked up a huge victory here tonight, but it is John Cena who closes this show with the biggest shock of them all!

Matt Striker: John Cena has gone behind enemy lines, Michael, what will the repercussions of this action be as we get ever closer to SummerSlam?

Michael Cole: Is this is a sign of things to come, is John Cena our next World Heavyweight Champion? Goodnight everybody!}

As Cena stands tall over Cena in the ring, we get a final shot of someone watching a monitor backstage...

It’s the General Manager, ERIC BISCHOFF...

...and he likes what he sees...



Confirmed for Next Week (08/22/08):

If Bowdee wins, he gets a Smackdown contract
Sin Bowdee Vs. The Undertaker

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Re: The Era of Darkness

I shouldn’t need to tell you how much I dig Sinn Bowdee being introduced to this thread - his real life WWE flop aside, if he’d been introduced better … like this he’d have been a much more interesting character to invest in. Something different to the cookie cutter plain as day faces that get brought up now - he could really shine and stand out in this thread. His association with Edge as a lackey is a perfect fit for the weirdo, and hopefully you play up his freakishness in the coming weeks and months - he’ll win his contract … just not next week obvs.

Anyways, it’s interesting that you’re playing up the more maniacal, crazy side of Edge - but in fairness it’s probably the best version of Edge there is. And, with the HIAC match looming, it’s the side of Edge that probably needs to shine through at this stage to give him a chance against Taker in that match. You really did a good job of emphasising the Edge/Taker hatred in this back and forth with Bischoff, and Edge making it clear that it isn’t just another rivalry.

His win over Cena here was big - for me anyway - without even taking into account the Jericho/Cena mix up (which I’ll get to later) this seems like a statement to remind us that Edge is the top heel on the brand - and with a win inside HIAC to come (calling it now) plus this one, he’ll be directly in line to jump right back into the title hunt post-Summerslam.

Perfect timing for Rey to make his comeback, and the thought of a Hardys/Rey team is pretty exciting. Whilst the story should be Rey coming back - the really intriguing piece out of the backstage meeting between the three was - well, what came across to me as - tension brewing between Matt and Jeff. After the Bischoff/Jeff thing last week, this was a nice follow up. Are you sowing seeds for a Hardys break up … and feud??

I would’ve preferred Bourne vs. Bourne. “The Bourne Identity” Hopefully you’ll do something to spark the CW division a little. It’s kinda just there at the minute.

A night of returns/debuts, huh?? Pairing up Smith and Wilson is the smart thing to do - you need more tag teams, and Smith would’ve eventually floundered on his own on Smackdown imo. A brief feud with the Italians should be a good starting point for the Hart Foundation 2.0.

Dykstra continues to entertain. You’re using him nicely, and the ‘Leading Man’ gimmick is awesome, with the quips about extras, and the Hugh Jackman bit. Lovely stuff. Him remarking that it was a prank by London & Kendrick that cost him last week was just ridiculous - in a good way. That said - they really DID cost him this week. I’m not opposed to seeing Dykstra feud with London and Kendrick, but it would suggest he’ll need a partner to help him out at some stage … potentially some kind of muscle/bodyguard? His character would fit the type to have a big guy to back him up. Guess we’ll wait and see on that one, eh?

Burchill snapping Moores arm … didn’t really seem necessary to me. Puts across the message that Burchill was pissed off … but to me, it just felt a bit out of place.

There’s a LOT going on in this show. Rey returns, Wilson debuts, and now McCool turns heel. Action packed edition of Smackdown. The means justify the end here, the Divas division is as weak as water, so having the two top divas of the division in a face role couldn’t last forever. Adds some spice to a potential McCool/Neidhart rivalry anyway. Nice job. Glad you also had the interaction between Nattie and the Harts before this match - that association is a no brainer.

As you might’ve gathered in PM’s, I was really fond of the Cena/Jericho tension throughout the night. As I said to you, it could've easily been corny/contrived, but for my money it was far from that. Enjoying the parallels being made to 2005 - history should never be forgotten, especially when things are eerily similar with Eric hovering around as GM. I’m a sucker for simmering tension in rivalries like this - and the fact it exploded with Cena firing the first real shot with the slap makes things a lot more interesting. Not something you’d expect from the squeaky clean Cena.

While Jericho turning heel seems the obvious conclusion, Cena could easily go the other way - in a complete role reversal of how things went in 2005. Setting a lot of groundwork for a big eventual turn either way. Enjoying the storytelling you’re doing with Jericho and Cena. A lot.

A very enjoyable show. A lot happened - which helped, I guess - but you’re doing a solid job of building issues in the mid card; Hart Dynasty/Italians, Dykstra/Londrick, feels like things are building nicely on Smackdown, whereas I’m still not quite loving Raw. Smackdown seems like a much more focused show right now. Jericho/Cena is a highlight particularly. Start building something with the CW division (or bin it even?) and Smackdown will be flying.

One other point, if you’re going to start doing the match times, just come up with a time - the ‘approx (5,7,11 - whatever) minutes’ got irritating.
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Re: The Era of Darkness


PWInsider – August 17th, 2008
WWE News & Notes

~ It was announced on RAW that Stephanie McMahon will return to WWE television on next week’s show. Stephanie has not been on-screen since the RAW 15th Anniversary Special in late 2007. Considering the segment prior to the announcement of her return involved her real-life father, Vince McMahon, and her brother, Shane, it is likely that Stephanie’s return is part of the ongoing storyline involving the McMahons and Stephanie’s real-life husband, Triple H. Although on-screen Stephanie and Triple H were “divorced” in 2002, behind the scenes, the two have been married since October 25th, 2003.

~ Following this past week’s episode of RAW, the card for SummerSlam is said to be all but confirmed. One final match that may be added to the card is likely to revolved around the World Tag Team Championship, as a number one contender’s match has been confirmed for the final RAW before SummerSlam. However, the match could just as easily be promoted for the night after SummerSlam, considering the tag team division is only just starting to get some focus again.

~ Ted DiBiase Jnr. suffered his first loss in WWE on RAW to Rob Van Dam. According to a source, original plans called for DiBiase to remain undefeated for a while longer, but those plans were nixed. The feeling is that DiBiase can still be pushed as a big deal without needing an undefeated streak, but as well as that, officials want Rob Van Dam heading into SummerSlam looking as strong as possible in his main event match against Batista for the WWE Championship.

~ Rey Mysterio returned to Smackdown this Friday night after being on the injured list for approximately three months. Mysterio had been “injured” due to a Punt Kick from Randy Orton and as such, original plans for SummerSlam had pitted Orton against a returning Mysterio, but when Orton was shifted over to RAW, those plans were abandoned. Mysterio now teams with The Hardys against The Miz, John Morrison and Paul Burchill in a Winner Take All 6-man tag team match. Speaking of The Hardys, WWE seem to be teasing a potential break-up as they have booked two segments now where Jeff Hardy has questioned his rise to the main event slowing down since reuniting with his brother.

~ Regarding Sin Bowdee, the ‘impostor’ masked man that helped Edge and the ‘real’ masked man two weeks ago on Smackdown to take out Undertaker; WWE officials are said to be high on Bowdee’s character and feel he has the potential to be “the new Mankind” of this era. That being said, in 2004 WWE are said to have had huge plans for a character named “Mordecai”, but the character only lasted a few months.

WWE RAW: August 18th, 2008
The Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois is the FINAL stop for the superstars of Monday Night RAW en route to the second biggest pay-per-view of the year, The Hottest Party of The Summer, the annual extravaganza known as SUMMERSLAM!

A feud that has been heating up week after week ever since the Vengeance pay-per-view back in June will come to a boiling point at SummerSlam when two bitter foes, two hated rivals, Rob Van Dam and “The Animal” Batista, collide with the richest prize in sports entertainment, the WWE Championship, on the line. Both men have looked equally impressive in in-ring competition over the past month, but for the past few weeks, the WWE Champion has gotten the better of Mr. Monday Night in their physical confrontations – albeit, just after Van Dam has competed in a match. Tonight, neither man will be in action, but there will still be plenty of drama as the Allstate Arena hosts the official Contract Signing for the championship match this Sunday in Indianapolis. What will the challenger and champion have to say? Who will have the last word six nights before their clash at the Conseco Fieldhouse?

Speaking of clashes, two of RAW’s most evil, sadistic and downright dangerous forces, “The Viper” Randy Orton and “The Big Red Monster” Kane, have done nothing but clash since Kane’s return to Monday Night RAW. The Demon has targeted Orton not just to settle the score from Vengeance, but for long-standing issues from years ago, when the seven-foot monster was forced by Orton to remove his infamous mask. Orton, on the other hand, having just come off being forced to rejoin the RAW brand and out of contention for the World Heavyweight Championship he oh so desired on Smackdown, wants nothing to do with the monster, and has vowed to ‘put Kane out of his misery’ this Sunday. How can this feud possibly get any more intense on RAW? With both men on the warpath will they even MAKE IT to Indianapolis?

Two other rivals that will meet at SummerSlam are two young men who both want the prestigious Intercontinental Championship: the current champion, Cody Rhodes, and his ever-confident rival, Mr. Kennedy. These two have played mind game after mind game: the brash but talented former Money in the Bank winner has branded the champion as “boring”, but the champion has been quick to point out Kennedy’s shortcomings on every meeting. The rivalry hit a new high last week, however, when in tag team action, Kennedy pinned the Intercontinental Champion. With just six nights until his first major title defence, Rhodes will go one-on-one with his former mentor and tag team partner, Hardcore Holly. Will Rhodes be able to regain some all-important momentum heading into SummerSlam? Or will Mr. Kennedy continue to roll full-steam toward the Intercontinental Title?

Kennedy won’t be able to get to SummerSlam too quickly, as he’ll have a tough opponent of his own to face – a former Intercontinental champion in his own right – William Regal. Whilst Kennedy comes off a big win over his SummerSlam opponent last week, Regal comes off yet another beating of his long-time rival Finlay. Regal’s assault was not a one-man effort, however, as the Englishman was aided in his assault of his U.K. counterpart by two young rookies, known as Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett from WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, but more importantly, another two superstars from the British isles. Will the two rookies be by Regal’s side once again in his battle against Mr. Kennedy? And what is the condition of Finlay after last week’s assault?

ALSO on RAW...

*As announced last week, STEPHANIE MCMAHON is returning to Monday Night RAW on this week’s show. Stephanie has not made an appearance on WWE television for quite some time – why is she back?

*Following the recent revival of the RAW tag team division, Raw General Manager Shane McMahon has booked a ten-man, five-team over the top rope battle royal for this week’s episode, with the winning team becoming the new #1 contenders to Elijah Burke & Shelton Benjamin’s World Tag Team Championships. Which team will emerge victorious with the next shot at the champions?

*Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk will face John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield at SummerSlam with his hard-earned Money in the Bank briefcase on the line, but first, he’ll go one-on-one with Charlie Haas on RAW. Will Punk be able to get some momentum before he faces “The Wrestling God” this Sunday?

*Following his first-ever WWE defeat to Rob Van Dam last week on RAW, how will “The Million Dollar Prodigy” Ted DiBiase Jr. respond against Van Dam’s close friend from the ECW days, Tommy Dreamer?

*The Women’s Championship will be defended in a Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam as Mickie James attempts to fend off challengers Victoria and Beth Phoenix. How will the ‘hate triangle’ develop between these three Divas on Monday night?

*The Big Show has been on a tear since returning from a brief suspension by Mr. McMahon and has fearlessly let the Chairman know that “he is coming for him.” Will The World’s Largest Athlete get his hands on the WWE CEO in Chicago?

All this, and more, LIVE from the Allstate Arena, this Monday Night, on RAW!


10-Man Tag Team Over The Top Rope Battle Royal #1 Contender’s Match

Cade & Murdoch Vs. Hawkins & Ryder Vs. D’Lo & Ron Killings Vs. Carlito & Primo Colon Vs. Gregory Helms & MVP

Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes Vs. Hardcore Holly (Non-Title Match)

Mr. Kennedy Vs. William Regal

CM Punk Vs. Charlie Haas

Ted DiBiase Jr. Vs. Tommy Dreamer

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